his first appearance was in 100

What SVTFOE Season 2 has Done to our Sweet Children
  • Marco: Stepped her toe out the closet; it was a magical experience for everyone involved. Acquired 16 years of badassery training. Lost her best friend/source of summer fun overnight.
  • Ludo: Gained the father figure he always wanted for two entire days, and it only cost him his soul.
  • Star: Was slowly stripped of her capacity to chill and learned to access the Avatar State of Emotional Breakdowns on command in the process.
  • Jackie: Promoted from bland love interest with two lines to lesbian stereotype love interest and walking plot device. Wanted to try a go at the fabled childhood friend romance, but got roped into an angsty love triangle instead. 100% did not ask for her life to turn into a soap opera, what the hell, Cupid?
  • Tom: Got two (2) homoerotic episodes. Left the rest to the fanfiction writers.
  • Kelly: Made her first appearance and broke up with her boyfriend 6,784 times.
  • Janna: Lives and breathes off Marco being upset, but has discovered her one weakness: Star being upset.
  • Heinous: Took her boyfriend to a couple of /clubs/ last month. [90s laugh track]
  • Eclipsa: I was FROZEN today!
  • Moon: All_of_my_Friends_are_Dead.jpg
  • Toffee: ["The Boys Are Back in Town" plays on repeat for 10 hours]

headcanons of what its like when lance gets back home:

  • theyre done, the paladins have fixed zarkon’s shit and dealt with lotor and theyre done
  • lance demands they go to cuba immediately
  • no one argues
  • he takes a small ship down, wanting to see his family alone for a little bit
  • nothings changed, its quieter but its still the same house with the same family
  • he walks up to nervously knock at the door, unsure of how they would react
  • his little nephew is the first to open the door
  • his little nephew who was only a few months old when he left
  • “who are you?” the boy asks, nose scrunched up in confusion
  • before lance has the chance to answer, his older sister appears at the door, her hand flying to her hand
  • he’s given the biggest hug from her since the day his first cat died
  • it doesn’t take long for the rest of his family to show up and join the hug
  • there’s one person missing though- his mom
  • through tears his sister explained that she passed away from heartbreak
  • they all thought lance was dead and his mom couldn’t take it
  • no matter how hard lance fought to get back to all of his family, he couldn’t ensure the safety of all of them

Cosmo crunches the numbers, examines which of the top 100 actors working today have worked (or not worked) with women directors

Overall, it appears that leading men are generally less likely to work with female directors in their peak salary years. Mark Wahlberg hasn’t acted in a film with a woman director since Penny Marshall gave him his first film role in 1994’s Renaissance Man. Nicolas Cage hasn’t acted in a film directed by a woman since Martha Coolidge gave him his first lead role in 1983’s low-budget Valley Girl. Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, and Bruce Willis have not acted in a film directed by a woman in over two decades.


Physicist Create a Fluid With Negative Mass

Physicists from Washington State university have created a liquid with negative mass meaning that when you push it, instead of accelerating in that direction, it accelerates backwards.

Matter can have a negative mass much the same way that particles can be negatively charged. Newton’s second law of motion (F=ma) tells us that mass will accelerate in the direction of the force so we can deduce that matter with a negative mass would do the opposite and accelerate against the force.

To create the conditions for negative mass, Peter Engels and his team started by cooling rubidium atoms to a Bose-Einstein condensate meaning they reached very near absolute 0. The researchers used lasers to trap the atoms in an area less than 100 microns across and allow high energy particles to escape cooling them further. Then to create negative mass, the physicists applied a second set of lasers to change the way atoms spin back and forth. They then removed the first set of lasers causing the rubidium to rush out and appear to hit some sort of invisible wall; behaving as if it had a negative mass.

What’s great about this is the control we have over the negative mass without any other complications. This gives us a new tool we can use to engineer experiments in astrophysics looking at neutron stars, black holes, dark energy and a lot more.

Stress signals in dogs...and why they are important!!

I was watching a video the other day of a service dog in training. He was heeling beautifully beside his handler in a department store, sitting on command, performing a long distance down stay, and just being a really good dog. The handler wrote a short bit about how proud she was for how well her puppy was doing with his public access training. However, my heart truly breaks for this dog.

What the handler failed to realize is how completely uncomfortable her dog was to be there. Despite him behaving near flawlessly, his body language was screaming he’d rather be anywhere but where he was right then. Unfortunately many dog owners fail to notice subtle, yet key, signs of stress for their dog. Without knowing how to read subtle changes in body language, you can easily cause your dog to go from mildly nervous or uncomfortable, to a full on panic or rage in a matter of seconds. This is what happens when people say their dog “just had a meltdown,” or even snapped at someone, for “no reason.”  Ignoring stress signals is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved.

When out training with your service dog (or your pet dog for that matter), it is important to get into the habit of carefully watching your dog’s body language. It helps to write down in a training log exactly how your dog reacts to different stimuli. This way, you will be able to clearly see where your dog is solid, where your dog is not, where you are improving, and where you need more work.

Below are signs of minor stress signals for dogs.

When I say minor, this doesn’t mean you should continue what you are doing in hopes he will just “get over it.”  What I DO mean is that these are the signals which are almost always overlooked… when key stress signals are overlooked by the handler, it can lead to much greater problems.

  • Lip licking when no food is present
  • Yawning when he didn’t just wake up
  • Rapid sniffing of the air or ground
  • Stiff movement or tense muscles
  • Slowed movement or a laggy heel
  • Lowered tail
  • Hyper vigilance (rapidly moving eyes trying to scan the environment)
  • Hardened facial features
  • Dog stops taking treats/food
  • Dog starts taking treats in a more hard/bitey manor
  • Hard eyes (fast/sharp blinking)
  • Weight shift changes
  • Panting when it’s not hot out
  • Slightly roached (curved) back
  • Ears back
  • Not responding to handler’s commands
  • Looking away from handler
  • Whiney and uneasy
  • Nibbling on treats but not actually eating them
  • Leaning on the handler
  • Scratching themselves

Now here are some major stress signals for dogs.

If your dog is experiencing any of these, it is not only time to remove him from the situation ASAP, but to also rethink your training plan. Many of these signals will occur just shortly before a complete panic and/or bite.

  • Tightly tucked tail
  • Whale eye (dog’s eyes go wide and you can see the white rim around them)
  • Pulling towards an exit
  • Pulling away from the handler
  • Spinning on the leash
  • Not responding to the handler’s commands
  • Not responding to the handler’s voice
  • Shaking
  • Urinating
  • Low/tucked body position with a roached (curved) back
  • Sweaty paws
  • Whining
  • Heavy breathing when it’s not hot out
  • Teeth chattering
  • Tense lips and incisors (front teeth) showing while licking at the air
  • Laying down on the ground with their chin down and not wanting to move

Your service dog depends on you JUST as much as you depend on him. As your dog’s handler, you are 100% responsible for his mental and physical well-being at all times. No matter what situation you find yourself in, your dog’s needs should always come first.

Pushing a nervous dog into a situation where he is uncomfortable is one of the absolute worst things you can do for your SDiT, and creates the potential for much greater behavioral issues further down the road. Thinking your dog can “just get over it” is an extremely outdated training tactic. Just because your dog appears to stop fighting does NOT mean he is comfortable in that situation… it simply means he has shut down.  He’s still anxious and afraid, but he’s decided there’s no point in fighting anymore. This is one of the most dangerous situations your dog may find himself in. He appears “calm,” but a second later has the potential to lash out and bite.

I get it, we are all excited to start public access training! However, the goal for service dog training should always be to create a mentally sound and stable dog in all situations. Subjecting him to situations which cause him fear or panic is just NOT the way to do that.

Right, i was rewatching Mob Psycho 100 for the fourth time yesterday and i noticed something that flew over my head the first times

When Mezato takes Ritsu to MobDonalds to talk with him, there’s this poster…

… Right behind Ritsu

I don’t know if this had been pointed out already but nice foreshadowing

Harry Styles appears to be using his mobile phone while behind the wheel
The chart-topper could be breaking the law...
By James Draper

He is one of pop’s beloved bad boys.

And, to prove it, Harry Styles was spotted out and about on Sunday - where he appeared to be using his phone while driving.

The 23 year-old chart-topper - who rose to fame along 1D’s Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik - was seen at the wheel of a flash motor in north London.

Yet, instead of being pre-occupied with road safety, the Cheshire-born star appeared to be clutching a handset.

His eyes remain focused on the road - but fans could be forgiven for thinking he was trying to multi-task.

If true, the millionaire is certainly breaking the law.

Mobile phone driving laws were first enacted in December 2003 and, since 2007, the penalty has been three points on your licence and a fine (£60 at first, but £100 from 2013).

However, that was doubled from 1 March 2017 - meaning that if Styles is ever caught using his phone while driving he’ll face six penalty points and a £200 fine.

As the RAC note, the only exception is if it’s fully hands-free, but they must be fully set-up before driving, so you never need touch the handset.

According to the Office for National Statistics, recorded crime figures for 2014 show death by dangerous driving increased by a disturbing 38%.

The Mirror have contacted representatives for Harry Styles, but are yet to receive a response.

Ed Sheeran Tops Hot 100 for 12th Week, as Harry Styles Starts at No. 4
Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" rules the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated April 29) for a 12th week. Meanwhile, three songs enter the Hot 100's top 10, led by Harry Styles' first solo single, "Sign of the Times," the chart's top debut at No. 4. Plus, Future's "Mask Off" bounds from No. 11 to No. 7 and Lil Uzi Vert's "XO TOUR Llif3" leaps 16-8.

Styles’ “Sign of the Times” launches at No. 4 on the Hot 100, with the One Direction member’s solo debut arriving at No. 1 on Digital Song Sales (142,000). It bows at No. 18 on Streaming Songs (16.5 million) and sports 23 million airplay impressions in its first full week of tracking (after its March 7 release).

“Sign” marks Styles’ first solo appearance on the Hot 100 following 29 entries as part of One Direction. The boy band has scored six Hot 100 top 10s, charting highest with “Best Song Ever,” which reached No. 2 in 2013. In February 2016, following his exit from the group, Zayn became the first 1D member (past or present) to chart solo on the Hot 100, rocketing in at No. 1 with “Pillowtalk” (with 267,000 in first-week sales). The act’s Louis Tomlinson reached No. 52 in December with his first Hot 100 entry, “Just Hold On” (with Steve Aoki), and Niall Horan rose to No. 20 in January with his solo debut, “This Town.” […]

“Sign” previews Styles’ self-titled first solo album, due May 12 on Columbia Records. He performed the single, as well as the LP’s “Ever Since New York,” on NBC’s Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

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I majorly want a s5 parallel/similarity where Clarke is the one that finds Bellamy like he found her in 302 and she strokes his face while he looks at her in amazement when she appears to save him. 😌

To be honest, I really just want them to run into each other out of nowhere. I just can’t get the image of Bellamy’s face out of my head when he sees Clarke again for the first time in 6 years after thinking she was dead. I mean, this is his face after 3 months even though he knew she was alive:

Originally posted by bellarke

Just imagine his face when he realizes she’s not dead and she’s right in front of him? I am truly ready to D.I.E. and we still have 35 weeks until a possible premiere date (January 31st).  

the people talking about how joji got “wasted” for his first two shows and how he wasn’t acting “normal”….do you realize that we don’t know how he acts when he’s in a “normal” situation because we’ve never had the chance to interact with him under such circumstances and most likely never will. we have nothing to compare it to. he has 100% control over what goes online, so we only see what he wants us to see. you’re not going to have a good idea of what a person is “normally” like unless you get to know them. while he said he consumed some alcohol before performing, he doesn’t appear drunk. he looks NERVOUS. and that could be why he had a drink before performing in the first place! AND he was sick, which definitely affected his performance! criticizing his first performance because it wasn’t everything you expected is a bit childish. people hold joji to incredibly high standards, and when you’re under that much scrutiny, it’s stressful! think about how you would handle a similar situation, performing for the first time in front of a crowd AND in front of a livestream with thousands of people watching. i think he handled it quite well, and most of the problems were just technical ones that weren’t his fault. this post isn’t meant to call anyone out, it’s just like, he gave us something HUGE and y’all get right on with the complaining right after and it kinda sucks.

Lance could possibly be altean

Okay I know this is gonna be reaching but the possibility of lance and Keith Canon-Ly becoming a couple gave me some interesting ideas for where the show would be going with this. Now picture for a moment that they were used as an example. An example of an altean and a Galra finding peace.

Yes I know lance is said to be 100% human but I find it a little strange that most of lances family that we got a peak at were lighter skinned (not white mind you but definitely lighter) then him and that the very first thing allura said to lance was commenting on his ears. Plus one of the few things the show told of about altean’s was there ability to change there appearance to match people around them. The moment seemed just a little forced when we learned this little tidbit of info. And what happened directly after that? We got our first clue that Keith wasn’t all the way human.

Now I know this is all just speculation but wouldn’t it be amazing if lance was revealed to have been adopted/not all the way human and has been unconsciously been making himself look human? Wouldn’t it be the prefect way to show that alteans and Galra don’t have to fight? That yes they have there differences but they can get along and find common ground and maybe even find love in those differences?

I’m just saying that if done right it could be a beautiful metaphor that when you added in a little tolerance (cough cough the tolerance would represent the paladins) that everyone can get along and embrace each other’s differences (Galra Kieth/altean lance) plus I just think it would be cool to have an adopted paladin who not only found a family that wasn’t his own by blood but also a home that wasn’t his planet by birth)

EXO (OT12) Reaction: their s/o telling them they’re pregnant

Baekhyun would think you were pulling a prank on him at first. When he noticed you weren’t laughing however, waiting for him to react, he’d understand that you weren’t joking. He would become really flustered and probably just pull you into a hug to hide it, stuttering about how happy he was and how much he loved you.

Chanyeol would be ecstatic to not only become a father but to have a family with you as well. He’d be all smiles, probably choking back tears of happiness when you told him. He’d be really careful around you because he didn’t want to hurt you or the baby, so you’d probably have to remind him that you weren’t made of glass.

Although he hadn’t expected you telling him you were pregnant, he’d be 100% ready to be a father. Suho would want you to tell it to him over and over, a dumb grin appearing on his face every time he heard you telling him you’d be a family. He’d make sure you were comfortable at all times, treating you even more like a princess.

D.O wouldn’t believe you when you’d tell him at first, he’d think you were joking. When he saw your disappointed face when you thought he didn’t want a child, however, he’d realize that you weren’t joking. He’d be super happy and would have an immediate smile on his face, trying to stop himself from crying, as he pulled you in for a hug to tell you how much he loved you.

Kai would have the biggest smile on his face when you told him you were pregnant. He’d pull you in for a hug immediately, laughing out loud because he was just so happy. He wouldn’t shut up about it, telling whoever he was allowed to tell it to. That included him just randomly giggling and bringing it up when the two of you were alone, making you feel really sure of his happiness.

Before you telling him, Sehun might have his doubts about becoming a father already. When he heard you say it out loud, however, he wouldn’t even hesitate. His face would show nothing but happiness as he pulled you into a hug, kissing your forehead and telling you that he’d be honored to raise kids with you.

Xiumin would ask you how you felt about it before really allowing himself to show you how happy he was about it. Once you told him how happy you were yourself, he’d smile and hug you tightly, finally letting you know how much he’d love to raise the baby with you. He probably wouldn’t be able to stop telling you how much you meant to him, a smile permanently on his lips.


Luhan would ask you several times if you were sure that you were pregnant, not because he didn’t want to have kids with you but because he just wanted to be sure that it was real. He’d be really happy and would tell you that immediately, asking you to tell him whatever you needed. 

Lay would be so happy that you were pregnant. He’d walk around with the biggest smile for at least a few days, making sure to remind you how happy he was to have a child with you. He’d do his best to treat you even better than normal, bringing home gifts to pamper you and to let you know how precious you were to him.

Tao would be really excited when you told him the two of you were having a baby. He’d want to immediately look for things for the baby, you’d probably have to stop him from buying too much too early. He’d want to always be around you, preferably touching you to make sure you and the little baby were okay.

Kris would be so happy that you were pregnant. He’d try not to let it show to much but would fail miserably, he’d probably start laughing uncontrollably and pull in for a huge hug. He’d start being really careful around you as to not hurt you, making sure you were as safe as possible in any situation. 

Chen would look at you in disbelieve for a moment, making you unsure whether he’d even want kids with you, but then he’d start laughing. Between two breaths he’d exclaim how happy he’d was and how he just hadn’t expected it. He’d probably make you cuddle on the couch for a while so he could properly tell you how much he loved you and how happy he was.

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Hi ms Megan, love your comic! I was wondering, do you know of any other fairytale based webcomics or artists floating about the net that you would recommend? Thanks for your time!

Hey Anon!

Ohhhhh my gosh. Do I EVER know some fairytale webcomics! (and if you have any suggestions for others, do send them in, I’ll update the list)

Megan Kearney’s Beauty and The Beast: Shameless self promotion! A long-form adaptation of the classic tale

Erstwhile: an ongoing collection of shorter Grimm’s stories by a group of artists

No Rest For The Wicked: An unfinished fairytale quest story, featuring characters from many popular and lesser known stories

The Black Bull of Norroway: newly launched, and gorgeous. An adaptation of the fairy tale.

Namesake: A young woman journies through fictional worlds, most notably Oz, and encounters two mysterious organizations who both want to harness her strange abilities (Super bonus - the authors also masterminded the Valor Anthology, of which I am a part!)

Elise Oterlei’s Beauty and the Beast: an unfinished adaptation of the story, focusing on a young magician and the curse laid on her disfigured mentor and his servants

100 Days of Night: A snarky adaptation of the myth of Hades and Persephone

Sailor Twain: A riverboat captain becomes enchanted by a wounded mermaid who is sought by various passengers for a multitude of reasons. Now available in print from First Second (Super bonus - I appear as a background character on several pages, and even snag some dialogue!)

Blindspings: So pretty you’ll cry. More fairytale-flavoured than true fairy tale.

Emily Carroll: Author of a number of short, horror-tinged stories, many in the fairy tale vein. some recently collected in Through The Woods.

Blue Exorcist timeline

Information gathered from: Chapter 87, 86, 78, 76, 75, 74, 39, 10, a shit ton of theories when what book was written and when what thing was built, the wikia, Wikipedia, my shitty math skills, assuming time periods by staring too long at chapter 86, researching school starts and breaks in Japan, the drama Faust which I reread twice for Blue Exorcist, some more manga chapters and finally two  posts by @duskwitch about the age of the Ba’al!

Also, as duskwitch informed me, there is a poster in chapter 45 stating it’s the year 201X. For the sake of actual dates though, I used 2009 as the present because it’s the year Blue Exorcist got published.

This could be more detailed probably but I’m not gonna search through every panel of the manga now. Maybe next weekend though and then add whatever else I find. It’s a work in progress! Now then, let’s get started:

38.000 BC [first cave drawing]: Creation of the concept of Ba’als; all demons perhaps?
2300 BC [Tower of Babel] to 100 AD [bible]: Ba’als gained defined appearances; some time later first incarnated. Lucifer incarnated and died first after about 10 years.
9th to 10th century: Samael takes up the name of Loki
1000 AD: Amaimon’s first incarnation
Middle Ages: Lucifer convinces his siblings to fight against humanity
12th to 13th century [Order of the Temple]: Samael and some of the Ba’al (two others pictured) gave humans the knowledge on how to fight against demons; Beginning of True Cross Order
18th/19th century: Samael joins the order and takes on the name “Mephisto Pheles”. Assumed years by significant days for the drama Faust: 1772–1775, 1788–1790, 1797–1805, 1825–1831
Start 20th century: Mephisto tries to convince Lucifer to not blow up Earth; establishing of Section 13/Asylum
20th century: birth of Amaimon’s current body with adapting the clones of the 3rd strongest Ba’al
8th August 1982: Shura Birth
1991: Shura gets taken in by Shirou for about one to two years
March 1993: Gehenna itself incarnated/Satan gains an “Ego”; Blue Night; Research facility destroyed; Lucifer goes off on his own
27th December 1993: Rin and Yukio Okumura birth; death of Yuri Egin (which I don’t believe until you show me a body)
2000: Shirou tells Shura to live her life
March 2009: Shirou dies; age 45
1st April 2009: Start of True Cross Academy Arc
Start of summer break 2009: Training Camp Arc
Summer 2009: Kyoto Arc and Terror of Kraken Arc
8th August 2009: Shura turns 27
Autumn 2009: True Cross Festival Arc and Illuminati Arc
Autumn 2009: Exorcist Exam Arc
Winter/November/December 2009: Aomori Arc
December 2009: Lightning and Bon get information about the Ba’al from Mephisto apparently called ”Blue Night Investigation Arc”
27th December 2009: Twins turn 16

MCU CANONSSECTION: Why Steve is the Shield he wields

(Canonssection is where I take canon, open it, tear it into pieces, see all the gears and fine tuning then try to put some part together as to explain a part of the overall narrative great picture and why that part in particular is not only necessary and revealing but relevant)

During TFA, Steve, after having been given the command of a small task force, is taken apart by Howard Stark in order for him to choose a weapon with which to conduct his mission. On the table lots of experimental arm but the one that caught Steve’s eye is a shield. Not any shield either but a vibranium one, which absorb all force exerted upon it and nullify it and is as such a literal unmovable object.

This choice is interesting because this is not what one would think of at first when talking about weapon. Indeed a shield is primarily a defensive object and while Steve mastered the art of throwing it at improbable trajectories and make it magically come back, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a clumsy weapon at best and bullets would be more efficient.  

This choice is usually analyzed as the pinnacle of Steve’s character and I do agree with this conclusion but not for the reasons most would think of. This shield is always used to reflect Steve’s primary instinct to protect and never instigate, he will defend those that need it when needed. In my opinion only the “when needed” portion of this is relevant when discussing Steve’s (in the MCU at least) personality.
In truth, this shield is the ultimate proof that once set in a way Steve is rigid and unyielding, he will go at something with bull-headed doggedness but on the flip side of this if he is unsure of what course of action to take Steve won’t move of his own volition and instead wait for external circumstances to make the choice for him.

Indeed, Steve Rogers is first introduced to us as someone that has one idea and won’t budge from it, he want to enlist and fight on the frontlines. Nevermind all the refusal he got nor his own physical limitations nothing, not even his best friend will make back off from his goal.
He gets his chance and the super soldier serum but that’s where things go sideways. He is the only trace left of Erskine’s formula and the only guy in his corner is dead so he can’t go and fight in the war anymore. Faced with the prospect of spending the rest of his days as a lab rat he tries to find another solution and someone gives him one: being a propaganda tool. He accepts.

Even as he seems not to like this that much (at least by the time he gets to the frontlines) he follows without complaints because now that he is a soldier he doesn’t know what to do next and takes the first option he is provided with.

Then comes the decisive moment of Bucky’s capture that once again spurrs him into action by giving him a purpose AND a personal motivation to achieve his goal. He goes into enemy territory gun blazing without a plan out of sheer stubbornness to refuse to believe Bucky’s dead until every stone stands unturned. The mission is a surprising success and he gets a team and missions as a reward. Once again with his personal motivation gone of the equation he is content to just follow orders and take part of the war effort his way. Then Bucky dies before his eyes and once again Steve resolves to personally destroy the Red Skull and Hydra and nothing will deter him from that.

That’s why even after having won the battle and proceeding to sink the war plane into the ice he refuses to consider any option that could save his life (such as jumping a hundred mile above the sea, which he WOULD survive) because he needs to be sure without any shred of doubt that his mission has been carried to completion, even if it costs him his life.  

Thus the origin story of Steve Rogers proved to us how zero to 100 he is as a person like his shield when used unstoppable but the rest of the time purely reactive. The next movies he appears in only underlines this concept.

Indeed in the Avengers he is first seen as someone who’s lost all purpose in life and is content with living in the limbo in between the life he used to have and the time he woke up to. When Fury comes to recruit him even if he is bone-tired and weary he takes little convincing to join up as he is once agin given a purpose and this is better than brooding over all that he has lost. During the whole first half of the movie he is a model soldier following orders and respecting Fury’s authority.

He only takes initiative after Tony’s needling, allowing him to find the phase two weapons. When the Helicarrier is under attack he follows Tony’s lead and orders through everything and post himself as a guard. Once again Tony is the one that unfold Loki’s plan and moves ahead leaving Steve to go and fetch Widow and Hawkeye. Once they arrive and are all assembled for the first time Steve doesn’t take the initiative, at that point he knows Tony’s was right about Fury, about Banner coming and about Loki’s plan. Only at Tony’s prompting (“Call it, Cap) does he take the lead and starts giving out orders.  

Once his leadership is established we find back the Captain, the one giving orders, stubbornly fighting to the bitter end and making the hard choices (closing the portal on Tony).

The Winter Soldier also shows this pattern of Steve’s behavior. Once again at the beginning he works for SHIELD because this is the easy thing to do and not because of any personal desire to be there. He dodges all personal inquiries of Sam revealing that he is content to just go working and then come back home chilling alone and refuse all attempts Natasha makes to try and make him socialize more.

His mission is botched because of Fury and he confronts him on that and then on the Project Insight which he finds morally wrong. But he doesn’t go further than words and never really consider leaving SHIELD as is revealed during his talk with Peggy. He thinks the Project is wrong, doesn’t especially like working for SHIELD and doesn’t trust Fury, yet he refuses to take action since he doesn’t know what to do next (“I just want to do what’s right, I guess I’m not sure what that is anymore”).

Fury is the one that puts him on the path to resist SHIELD when he comes over after being attacked. And once again even as he doesn’t trust him, Steve follows since he doesn’t know what to do. Then the revelation: it was Hydra all along and while it destroys Natasha to learn this it brings Steve peace as he finally is given a clear enemy and goal with a bonus personal stakes that are only upped when the Bucky revelation comes.

That’s how we have the Steve that confronts Fury once again but this time doesn’t take no for an answer and impose his course of action, the one that rejects all attempts made by his allies to consider the possibility of having to neutralize Bucky and the one’s that refuses to fight once the Insight’s threat is over because he’s sure he can reach Bucky.

TL;DR: Steve’s a reactive person at his core and is content to be coasting through life without any real initiative most of the time. Then when something makes his way into his head he becomes an unmovable force that will power through everything or die trying and is focused on how to achieve his goal and not what comes after. 
In both modes Steve never worries about “after” and straight up refuses to consider it, he is the living embodiment of “crossing that bridge when it comes to it”. For him the future is at the bottom of his priority list. Like his shield always finds his way back to his hand, Steve’s always reverts to a reactive mindset when a goal his achieved.

  • That’s why he is so angry at Tony for Ultron because it crosses his inner psyche deeply, this is more him lashing out because he is profoundly unsettled than because of any true conviction on his part about lying. For Steve putting the future before anything is endangering the present and he refuses to take any decision that could results in unwanted consequences if he has not the insurance of an instant reward.
  • That’s why he dresses down Tony for Ultron but brushes off Lagos, as Lagos was an overall success despite the losses of life while Ultron was a failure with nothing to show for it except from Vision which seems like a meagre consolation for the destruction caused.
  • That’s why he refuses to consider any collateral damages as a fault of his own that can be corrected because if he stops for one second to consider the potential repercussion of his actions he’ll be unable to move or take a decision in battle again (“if you start running you’ll never stop”, rings any bell?).
  • That’s why he rejects the Sokovia Accords because they are not to his satisfaction, not caring about Natasha and Tony’s POV that we should take this deal instead of risking being given a harsher hand. For him if the Sokovia Accords failed then it was a victory and if something else is done he’ll fight it as well, he prefers to risk a more bitter loss to secure a victory instead of taking a mild loss without any reward.
  • That’s why the only moment he considered signing the Accords were when he was given a concrete instant bonus for it, ie. pardon for him, Sam and Bucky and care given to Bucky. 

anonymous asked:

opinion on Obi-wan or Anakin with hair tied back?

First of all: absolute 100% fuck yes.

Second of all: Anakin would prefer low ponytails, while Obi-Wan would probably have elaborate braids that he’s somehow always able to do in a manner of minutes. Yet despite that, there’s always that one floppy piece of hair that likes to break out and dangle in front of his eyes. It’s the same floppy piece that always appears when he’s getting the shit beaten out of him in the show. I call it the Distress Floppy.

Iron Fist-ing Part 2

Final thoughts after seeing the full first season…

I have never disagreed with reviewers more than I have with their reviews of Iron Fist. Flat out, full stop, 100% disagreement. I don’t know what show they were given, but it clearly wasn’t the one that Netflix released.

A lot of the hate in the reviews seems to stem from the fact that they cast a white dude to play Danny Rand. Which… is absurd. Danny Rand IS a rich white dude. He has been since his first appearance in 1974. That’s part of his character. You can say that his history has a “mighty whitey” or “white savior” aspect to it - and you’d be right, absolutely - but to trash a show so vehemently because they cast a white dude to play a white character seems… insanely stupid.

Like the Tilda Swinton casting in Doctor Strange didn’t get NEARLY the hate that this did, and THAT was some whitewashing bullshit. And yes, they could have cast an Asian actor to play Danny (though, that comes with the inherent “only Asians can be good at martial arts” stereotype, which is also racist as fuck), and it would have been fine. But they didn’t, and no show or movie is going to get heat from me for sticking to the source material. 

The fight scenes were fine - the more Colleen (and eventually Claire and Davos) got added to the, the better quality there was, but none of them were awful. The story was very much a “dude who’s been in isolation for fifteen years has to readjust to modern society” and while starting off slow, never got bogged down with some of the lows that DD S2, Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage had.

Overall, I’d probably rank them: Jessica Jones, DD S1, DD S2, Iron Fist, Luke Cage (just because there was SUCH a drop in quality after Cottonmouth died), and I’m hella looking forward to what the Defenders brings us.

The MCU has problems when it comes to casting people of color (except for AoS, anyway), and especially with casting women of color. And they absolutely need to do better with that. But it’s fucking ridiculous to hold up Iron Fist as the epitome of whitewashing and racism for sticking to the source material and casting a white dude to play a white dude.

Real talk, the Tilda Swinton thing, the erasure of Wanda Maximoff’s Jewish and Romani heritage, the lack of female leads, the relegation of people of color to the “sidekick” role (thank god for Black Panther), and focusing their movies on seven white dudes named “Chris” (love you, Chrises) are all bigger issues that need to be talked about and addressed before we come for Iron Fist as the most racist thing ever.

(I await the notes and messages proclaiming me to be racist now)

The trademark for the next series, due to air in Fall 2017, has been registered. Our newest hero will be called Kamen Rider Build, which may or may not hold any hints towards the motif. 

Last year, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid made his first appearance in Kamen Rider Ghost: The 100 Eyecons & Ghost’s Fated Moment. We’ll have to wait and see if Kamen Rider Build will be continuing the cameo tradition in the upcoming film Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending.

Where to start reading Peter Parker?

Let’s start with Amazing Fantasy #15 which is his first appearance and origin.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #3, 14, 18-19, 26-27, 31-33, 39-40, 41-43, 50-52, 53-56, 88-90, 100-102
  • The Death of Gwen Stacy
  • Amazing Spider-Man #224-230
  • Amazing Spider-Man #248
  • Spider-Man The Original Clone Saga arc
  • Original Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man #238-239, 244-245, 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man #85)
  • The Harry Osborn Saga (Spectacular Spider-Man #178-184, 189-190, 199-200)
  • The Second Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man #249-251, 259-261, 275-277, 279)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #252-259
  • Spider-Man: Sinister Six
  • Spider-Man: Torment
  • Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolf
  • Amazing Spider-Man #290-292, Annual 21
  • Kraven’s Last Hunt
  • Amazing Spider-Man #299-300
  • Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage
  • Spider-Man: Spider Hunt
  • Spider-Man: Revenge of the Goblin
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #30-35, 38
  • Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #5-6
  • Return of the Goblin story arc
  • Spider-man: Blue
  • Spider-Man & Wolverine
  • Spider-Man/Human Torch: I’m with stupid
  • Avengers Disassembled
  • Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus #1-5
  • Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do
  • Peter Parker: Spider-Man #44-47 (a death in the family arc)
  • Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #38
  • New Avengers #1-6
  • Spider-Man The Other
  • Civil War
  • Spider-Man: Reign
  • Spider-Man: Back in Black
  • One More Day arc
  • Amazing Spider-Man: New Ways to die
  • Spider-man Died in your arms tonight (Amazing Dark Reign The List: Spider-Man #1
  • Spider-Man #600-601, Annual 36, Amazing Spider-Man Family #7) 
  • The Gauntlet arc
  • Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine
  • Grim-Hunt arc
  • The Amazing Spider-man #648-657
  • Fantastic Four #588
  • FF vol.1
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #658-665
  • Fear Itself arc
  • Spider-island arc
  • Spider-Men
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Dying Wish #698-700
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • Amazing Spider-Man (2014)
  • Spider-Man Family Business

If you think I’m missing something let me know :)

sickburnsides  asked:

i wish you would write a fic where the raven boys are basically the marauders bc i literally just realized that the raven boys are basically the marauders???? i think you'd come up with really good animagus forms for them and you would sort them extra well bc ur really good at that and there would be like hijinks but also heartfelt cute moments and the characterizations would be spot-on and i would die

I know!!! It’s kind of nuts how well they slot into the Marauders, right? I mean. The sortings would obviously be different, but the Raven gang all basically work as the four houses too, which is amazing.

(I’m not sure about animagus? I’ll have to think about it ahhh)

Ronan definitely has a pet raven, but his patronus is the white/magic deer in he has at the barns? oh my god.

Noah is definitely still a ghost, though. Hufflepuff ghost! it takes, once again, forever for the others to realise, because, well, they assume he eats in his dorms since he’s near the kitchens or whatever, and he doesn’t ‘work’ like the other ghosts? He looks alive, mostly.

Adam was super nervous when he first got into Hogwarts, because he cares a lot about how he appears and all that, but he realises quickly that some of these other Slytherin kids, the magical racism group, doesn’t represent his house at all - they’re just this noisy rude entitled group - and he doesn’t hesiste to be the first to put in them in their place when he hears the shit that they say. (When it’s about him, though, he’s quieter, but he’s going to prove them wrong). 

Also Adam is 100% a prefect. Gansey is, too, and then Head Boy (Headboy Cellphone?), and he’s about to march into the Headmaster’s office to tell them to give the Headboy badge to Adam before Adam stops him.

Ronan could have made prefect too, except he was failling too many classes. He’s always hanging out in the forbidden forest and it drives Gansey nuts, but turns out he’s hanging out with a couple of centaurs and talking to all the creatures there? What are you doing, Ronan, how are you never getting hurt. He’s absolutely amazing at Care of Magical Creatures.