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Prompt: Dancing in the rain?

Anxiety loved the rain. It made him the perfect mixture of his normal stress and sadness, and happiness. It made him content.
Prince loved romance. This was an obvious fact, do I have to explain it?
So, when Prince has been listening to romantic songs on a rainy day, great things are bound to happen.
Anxiety was listening to some MCR (rip mcr) and looking at the clouds outside. Prince waltzed up to him, sweeping him out of his seat. “Wha- Princey, what are you doing?”
“Shhh,” Prince shuhed Anxiety, putting his finger on the other entity’s lips. “Quite, Mr. Edgy. Go get your raincoat.”
“Why would I need that? I plan on sleeping all day!” Anxiety was trying to pull away, but Prince just held him closer.
“Just a few minutes!”
“Of what?!”
Prince laughed and kissed Anxiety’s cheek quickly. “You’ll see.”
Normally, Anxiety would have just said no. But Prince giving him any type of kisses made him weak in the knees. “Fine. Just get off me, would ya?”
Prince giggled and grabbed Anxiety’s hand, leading him to the closet. He got out his long, red coat with gold hints. Anxiety grabbed his old black trench coat.
As soon as they both had their coats on, Prince grabbed Anxiety’s hand once again and pulled him out off the door. When the cold water touched Alex’s skin, he calmed down. Rain is always so peaceful. So relaxing.
Prince say this and blushed. It was very rare to see Anxiety calm, but it was beautiful. Prince took Anxiety by the hand and waist and started to waltz, humming.
“Princey?!” Anxiety said, shocked. He stepped over his own feet, and even stepped on Princey. “Oh crap, I’m sorry!” Anxiety looked as if he wanted to shove his head down, but had nowhere to go.
“It’s fine, And,” Prince cooed. He counted to dance until they were both in time. Waltzing dancing in the rain.
It was perfect.

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Nursey, tracing some of Dex's freckles: "you know, I never noticed, but these spell something out." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah. They say: 'wash the fucking dishes, bitch.' It's your turn."

“Hey, Nurse, my other arm says something too.”

Nursey, gullible as he is, actually looks. “What?”

“It says ‘you’re lucky I love you or I would feed you to the possessed dryer.’”

Nursey stops, his finger stilling in its place where he’d been idly tracing circles round Dex’s freckles. “You do?”

“Yeah, I do.”

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Elf here from Fantasy Barnes and Noble, Angus won't leave my work, so I gave him a key. I think he lives here now and gets most of his sustenance from our Fantasy Starbucks? Anyways, the other night he fell asleep on the couch in our upstairs loft when I saw Taako suddenly appear in front of him with a blanket. I watched in awe as he draped it silently over the kid and tucked him in. I dropped a book in amazement. Taako turned around and put a finger to his lips, and disappeared.


Fatal Sin - Saeran x MC Story start

You pushed the door open ever so quietly and peeked jn the crack. Green light bleed into the hall way as you did. You saw someone with their back towards you, facing being illuminated with a faint green glow due to the many computer screens. A smirk pulled at your lips as you slowly crepted into the room. You tipped toed into the dark room as you snuck up on the man with his back to you. Once you were close enough, you put your hands over his eyes and pushed your chest against the back of his chair.

“Boo!” His fingers stopped the constant typing.

“What are you doing, Woman?” He asked with a tone of indifference. You shrugged but didn’t remove your hands.

“Just wanted to visit my favorite hacker~” He let out a sigh and grabbed your hands and took them off his eyes before turning his chair to face him.

“I am the only hacker you know.”

“Bingo~!” You said cheerfully causing him to sigh and shake his hand but not release your hands.

“Don’t you have anything better to do than harress me?” You shrugged once again.

“I did all my morning chores…I don’t have to see Savior until later so I have free time.” The man let out a soft ‘mmm’ but didn’t say much more. You noticed he was still holding onto your hands, causing you to bite your lip. “Umm..Saeran…” His eyes widened a bit before releasing your hands.

“Sorry.” You smiled bashfully.

“It’s okay.” It really was. In fact you like when Saeran touched you, but it was strictly 'forbidden’. The Savior stressed how important it was that everyone remain pure and have no physical contsct beyond necessary in order to enter Paradise. It was sinful, but you still liked it. Saeran and you had been close friends for years and you really enjoyed his company, but lately he was causing…something…inside you. It was a feeling that was not quite pleasant but also not unpleasant and you didn’t know how to interrupt it. All you know that the feelinf of his skin on yours felt heavenly.

Your eyes widened as you realized your train of thought and you shook your head, willing the thoughts away. No, you must not think that way

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Ushi's chubby gurl doing all kinds of things to make him smile and to keep him comfy. Hcs. You are precious. Thank you for brightening this planet for one more little light :)

you’re too sweet ohmygosh thank you xx sorry this took so long, and I hope this is okay!

Ushijima Wakatoshi x Chubby S/O (fluff)

  • His s/o’s first reaction whenever they see he’s in a bad mood is to hug him. When he’s upset he tends to dislike any physical contact, but his s/o’s warmth is the exception.
  • Ushijima really like squeezing his s/o’s sides- They’re soft and squishy and it make his s/o laugh. It’s a win-win.
  • He is also very fond of their ass.
  • Cuddle time between Ushijima and his s/o is the greatest stress relief for both of them. He likes to wrap his arms around them entirely and bury his face into the crook of their neck, and should his s/o run their fingers through his hair he’ll most likely fall asleep.
  • Ushijima is incredibly protective of his s/o’s confidence and happiness. He’ll be blunt in his opinion and will often speak without thinking, but for all of that he showers his s/o in compliments daily and works his hardest to make sure they smile all the time.
  • His s/o is very good at making Ushijima laugh; A feat not many can achieve. The smallest actions of theirs can put a smile on his face and cause a laugh to bubble to the surface in seconds.
  • When Ushijima hugs his s/o, he likes to lift them off their feet a little and squeeze them tightly.
  • Should his s/o ever cook for him, no matter if they’re a good or bad chef, he will eat the entire meal. The idea of his s/o working to make him a meal just fills his heart with love and he couldn’t imagine having an s/o other than them.
Another weird Boueibu Dream

I had a strange dream where the Battle Lovers and the Caerula Adamas had to face a new villain

The villain was no one else than Future!Yumoto, who was trying to stop them from battling. He wanted to incapacitate them so Wombat and his organization would call other heroes for the duty, since he lost all of his friends to a really powerful enemy. Kinda like Dobby from Harry Potter, but more messed up in the head.

He had long fluffy hair, a lot of scars (but was still pretty, regardless), and kinda reminded me of Jareth (the Goblin King from Labyrinth); his transformed outfit was a fusion between Battle Lover and Caerula Adamas ones, and he carried the CA’s rings on his fingers and the others’ Lovracelets on pendants. (I dunno about the VEPPer’s brooches, though, sorry)

In a point of the history, he gets desperate at the boys getting fed up with his Dobby-like attempts and fighting his schemes back every single time and kidnaps Arima (shipping bias, i know; the VEPPer barely appear in my dreams, but they do mention the two as suspects in this moment, lol). He wanted to make sure he’d save at least ONE of the boys from this enemy, so he wouldn’t be alone in the future.

Cue to Yumoto’s rescue of Arima being him straight up PUNCHING FUTURE!YUMOTO ON THE MUG.

Actually, it was after a short exchange, lol




It was so freaking awesome. How come I only DREAM things that awesome? It never happens when I’m actually writing fanfiction.

Future!Yumoto then reveals why he’s doing it, which makes everyone feel kinda sad. Yumoto says they’ll work hard so it never happens, and that even if he gets alone, he can always visit his friends in the past and have fun with them.

Future!Yumoto smiles, agreeing with him; after all, traumatized or not, Yumoto is still Yumoto.

And that was it.

It was pretty cool.

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Bad concept: You and Harry sitting on the couch watching a movie and Harry has his hand down your pants, rubbing your pussy in deep circles. Both of you are making out and it's very giggly to. And Harry would tap his fingers lightly on your pussy to make you giggle but it still feels good and he would ask you " Does that feel good, baby girl?" But then he would pinch your thigh to make you giggle loudly and he would shut you up by kissing you and sticking two fingers deep inside of you.