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Nickelodeon Portfolio Review

Usually to get the chance to be an intern

Signed up for the hell of it

First thing I say to them “goth me up!” In my radical sounding voice which I used through the interview

The 2 portfolio scouts look very confused

no portfolio other than drawings in my iPad

Info dump my ideas and characters

Show them Emily and her voice

Their both confused but impressed with what I showed

They say I’m better pitching a pilot than being an intern since they like my characters and ideas

I would describe how I acted as a mix of Freddy Got Fingered pitching his cartoons, and The main guy from Nightcrawler

I must pitch a show with Emily and Stephany

Dating Harry would include - 19


- Him wrapping his arms around your waist in looking what you are doing
- Resting his chin on your shoulder asking you who learned you to cook like that
- Kissing the back of your head while holding your waist a bit tighter when you try to move to the side
- His  low groan when you leave his embrace to reach the fridge “ Hey! I was hugging you!”
- The gentle pat you give his cheek with an mocking pout when you walk pass him
- Asking you to taste what you are preparing, opening his mouth and wait to be feed
- Taking your finger in his mouth and sucking on it with a approval sound in closing his eyes
- Looking at you in the eyes and whispering  he’s really hungry now before kissing  your finger
- The smirk on his face when he sees you wondering if he was talking about food or you
- Kissing your cheek asking you if you want his help for something
- Rolling his eyes when you tease him about his  long experience in cookery
- The soft spank on your butt “ Instead of teasing me, watch your frying pan! It burning!’
- Kissing the back of your fingers when you burnt  yourself a bit  with the hot pan
- Him looking above your shoulder when you use a knife
- Asking you with a concerned voice  ” Be careful with that Love, Don’t want you to cut yourself!“
- His smile when he sees you trying to reach something too high for you and coming helping you
- Brushing his chest on your back while taking what you looked for in the cupboard above you
- Kissing the top of your head "That is what you wanted Little one?” insisting deliberately on the “ Little ” to tease you
- His chuckle  when he sees you pout because of his joke and giving your pouty lips a tender kiss “ Little is cute! Don’t worry!”
- Him holding you by your waist to help you to sit on the counter next to him
- Looking at him so serious in what he does and can’t stop smiling
- Trying to stole a piece of food from the plat without being noticed by him
- His light tap on the back of your hand “ You have to wait! Don’t be impatient!”
- Using your baby voice on him to make him giving something to eat
- His amused sigh when he give up and make you taste something his glare focused on your lips
- His proud smile when you admit that’s tastes really good and you’re truly surprised
- His fake offended face “ You shouldn’t be so surprised and doubt about my culinary talent Love! I used to be a ba… ”
- You kissing him before he can finish his sentence telling him how well you already know this fact! 

Off-Limits (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, talk of sex(?)

It had been less than a month since Bucky moved into the Avengers Tower and he can honestly say he had never once seen this girl in his entire time there. She was so damn beautiful with her messy hair, full coffee cup and three suitcases beside her.

“No. No, no, no, no, no.” Sam quips over at Bucky, pointing his finger at the long haired man. “No. Trust me, we’ve all tried and we’ve all dealt with the repercussions of trying to get too close to her.”

Steve nods his head, agreeing with the single word Sam is continuously repeating. Bucky shrugs his shoulders, cocking an eyebrow in the process. “What do you mean?”

“He means, no. No touching, no speaking to and most definitely no looking. She’s off-limits.” Steve explains, nodding his head to where Bucky had his eyes only moments ago.

Bucky’s still unsure as to why he isn’t allowed to look at her. She was gorgeous, more gorgeous than anyone Bucky’s ever seen. And well, he was a man who had gone 70-some-odd-years without seeing a single good looking woman. Obviously he was going to look.

“So I can’t even speak to her?” Bucky asks accusingly, his hands finding his hips. Sam nods, actually trying to protect Bucky from what could happen to him if he didn’t listen.

Steve taps Bucky’s arm, forcing the soldier to tear his eyes from the perfect specimen in front of him. “She talks to us sometimes, other than that nothing. We don’t initiate conversations, we will probably die if he sees us talking to her. Again, she’s off-limits to everyone in this tower.”

“Who is ‘he’?” Bucky asks, watching Steve hold a finger up to him.

“Just wait.” Steve sighs, curling into the newspaper at the counter he’s seated at. Bucky tries not to look at her, but he soon finds his eyes wondering up over his bowl of cereal. 

It only takes a moment for Bucky to fully understand why he was being warned about the girl.

Tony walks into the kitchen, an empty cup of coffee in his hand. He greets the men, placing the cup in the sink. “Dad!” The girl calls, running over to Tony to give him a big hug. "Barbados was so much fun!”

Bucky zones out the rest of the conversation, his heart hammering in his chest. Tony Stark has a daughter? An extremely attractive daughter, that is. A young one too, as he assumes she’s around 22 years old.

Her cherry vanilla scent swirls under Bucky’s nostrils, his eyes closing momentarily as he inhales the addictive scent. When he opens his eyes, he finally surveys the girl fully when Tony’s eyes are only on her.

She has a small frame, petite yet fit. Her long hairs in a ponytail, flowing down her back. She has steel-cold eyes, but somehow Bucky finds a sense of comfort in them. 

She’s clad in a lace up shirt and some tiny jean shorts. Bucky can’t help but look at the curve of her ass in the tight shorts.

Steve elbows him hard in the ribs, snapping him out of his daze. “Off-limits.” Steve mouths, sending Bucky a warning look.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I haven’t met you yet, I’m Y/N” She smirks, her eyes trained on Bucky as she speaks in a velvety voice. She extends her hand over the counter, her breasts nearly spilling from the cut of the top. 

He swallows thickly before reaching forward. “Bucky.” He manages out, feeling his heart stop when his hand meets hers. He swears his hand fits hers perfectly, as if fate made the two of them for each other.

Bucky fears for a moment that she’ll hold resentment towards him for what he did to her grandparents, but instead she smiles calmly. “Nice to meet you, Bucky. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other from now on.” Y/N’s voice holds a hint of flirtation.

She removes her hand, turning to look at Steve with a small smirk. “Hey, Captain.” Her voice is almost sultry, making Bucky think there’s something going on between the two of them.

Steve’s cheeks flush red, his body reacting the same way it always does when she speaks to him. She loved the reaction, she had him wrapped around her finger. “Could you bring my bags to my room? They’re so heavy, I’m sure a strong guy like you could do it so much easier than I could.”

Sam bites the inside of his cheek, knowing very well what game Y/N was playing. She always did this, tease Steve just enough to get her way, all while making her fathers temper flare.

Tony knew his daughter was an attractive girl, that’s why he fought tooth and nail to keep her out of reach from the Avengers team. In his eyes, nobody was good enough for his daughter.

Steve nods enthusiastically, watching her teeth gnaw into her pink bottom lip. The sight sends a cold sweat up Bucky’s back, his eyes not moving from her mouth. “Alright, go get ready and we’ll go to breakfast.” Tony says, pressing a kiss to Y/N’s temple.

She twirls around, removing her hair from the ponytail as she walks from the room. “Don’t forget my bags, Stevie!” She smirks, leaving the men alone in the kitchen.

Tony leans his arms on the counter, glaring at Bucky. “That’s my baby girl. She is my entire world. If you so much as look at her like that again, I’ll kill you.” He seethes, turning on his heel and leaving the room.

“Told you - off-limits.” Steve sighs, standing from his spot.

“Off-limits my ass. You do everything in your power to get in that girls pants. I, however, am respectable towards her fathers wishes.” Sam smirks, biting into his toast.

Steve tosses him a look, rolling his eyes. “Says the guy who nearly got shot by Tony for watching her swim.”

“Hey! I was admiring her strokes.” Sam defends, causing a chuckle to fall from Bucky’s lips.

Bucky spent the rest of the day in the gym, trying to alleviate some of the frustrations that Y/N caused earlier in the day. How on earth was he supposed to stay away from her?

He sighs as he lays back on the bench, his arms flexing to lift the bar above his chest. Bucky knows for sure he won’t be able to avoid her if she kept speaking to him the way she does.

He grunts as he lifts the weight, his jaw ticking. “I guess I came at the right time, huh?” 

Bucky nearly drops the bar when he hears her voice, his arms shaking slightly. He places it back on the rack on top of him, his eyes meeting her intense ones. “Sorry, I can leave if you want.” He suggests, scratching the back of his neck.

She shakes her head, unzipping her hoodie to reveal a tight sports bra. “I was quite enjoying the sight, actually.” Y/N hums, lifting her foot behind her to stretch out her bare legs.

A small pair of spandex shorts cover her modesty, Bucky’s eyes looking everywhere but there. He knows if he looks at her ass he’s going to have a horrifically hard situation in his pants.

“Don’t stop on my account.” She smirks over her shoulder, bending down to stretch. Bucky has to close his eyes and take a deep breath before shaking himself out of it.

He sits back down, pressing his shoulders to the black padding on the bench. Bucky takes one final look at her before preparing to show off to her. He lifts the bar, pressing it to his chest and back into the air. 

He completes a few reps, nearly forgetting her presence in the room. That is, until she speaks again. “Your hips keep moving up. Steve tells me thats bad for your legs.” She says, looking up from her position on the ground where she’s doing push-ups. 

“Yeah, hard not to though.” Bucky shrugs, tossing a small smile her way. She stands, wiping her hands on her hips. 

“Here, this is what Nat does to me.” She says, walking over and swinging a leg over Bucky’s hips. He feels his heart stop at the complete contact and tries to keep calm so he doesn’t get an unexpected visitor.

She smiles down at him, placing her hands on his abs. “I’m not sure your father would like seeing us like this.” Bucky tries, looking at the ceiling before lifting the weight.

“Who says my father will find out?” She chides, eyes wide as she examines his biceps. She’s fascinated with the metal arm, her curiosity much like her own fathers.

“Who says he won’t.” Bucky quips, eyeing her.

She shrugs, chewing on her lips before leaning down. Her breath fans across Bucky’s lips, eyes looking into her own. “Sometimes you just have to break the rules.” She whispers before climbing off Bucky’s lap and exiting the gym completely.

Bucky is completely fucked and he is more aware of that than anything else.

Let me know if you want a part two! I might turn this into a little mini fic! 

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Evans hands shook as he held a test in his hands. He didn’t think it was possible that guys could get pregnant…then again he did come from a world where magic and mythical creatures were very real “shit….what am i going to tell Sham!” He sighed running his fingers through his hair


BTS Jimin Angst - Exhausted

Genre - Angst

Warnings: swearing (whenistherenocursinginmywork?)

Requested by anonymous

Oh god, this took so long again. I’m sorry :<

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I do not own the gif.

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Seventeen Reaction - Mutual Masturbation

S.Coups - He would be very confident.When he’d walk in on you masturbating alone in your room his face would immediately break into a smirk. He wouldn’t hesitate to join you on the bed and gently remove your fingers from your womanhood. He’d tease you by lightly running his fingers along the inside of your thighs, and your breath would hitch. He’d want you to beg for it, and when you did he would insert two fingers into you, not letting you even adjust to one. You’d notice the bulge in his pants and you’d slowly pull them down. He’d look at you in surprise as his member sprung free and he’d groan in pleasure as you’d firmly grasp his shaft and start pumping at a steady pace. “We should do this more often,” he’d say when you were both done, breathing heavily. 

Jeonghan - Would be confident but inexperienced. He’d be the one to suggest that you try it together and you’d gladly agree. It would start out with a heavy make out session and then he’d gently pull your panties down. He’d look up at you for consent, and when you’d nod silently he would slowly insert a finger into you. He’d smirk as your legs became like jelly under his touch, and with his other hand he’d pull down his pants, inviting you to touch him and when you did he’d moan loudly. As you pumped his length, he’d become too overwhelmed by your touch to continue to pleasure you. He’d come before you ever reached your high. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear, “ he’d promise, blushing slightly in embarrassment. 

Joshua - Would be anxious because he’d worry that he wouldn’t be able to give you enough pleasure. While cuddling he’d slowly trail his hand into the waistband of your sweatpants. You’d be surprised but wouldn’t complain. When you’d ask what he was doing, he’d say “I want to try something new babe.” When you’d nod, he would take off your pants and your panties and would trail his fingers along the inside of your thigh before inserting a finger into you and would rub your clit gently. When he’d notice how wet you were getting he’d insert another finger. When a smug expression breaks across his face, you’d smirk. “Why don’t you let me return the favour?” you’d say. Before he could react, you’d swiftly unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. He’d gasp in pleasure and surprise once you’d gently grasp his hardened cock and slowly start to move your hand up and down. He’d try, but fail, to suppress his moans as his fingers would move even faster inside your womanhood, giving you equally as much pleasure as you were giving him.

Jun -  Would have a lot of experience and would enjoy watching you masturbate as he found it hot. When he felt the time was right he’d, without warning, replace your fingers with his, giving you more pleasure than you could ever give yourself. Once he had two fingers inside of you, you’d notice the tent in his pants and would shyly suggest “Co- could I touch you?” He’d look into your eyes and nod “Babygirl, please,” he’d groan. He’d unbuckle his pants for you, eager for your touch. He’d make sure to keep pleasuring you as you slowly pull down his pants, teasing him slightly. He’d groan as you’d teasingly slide a finger up and down his sensitive length. His moans would fill the room once you started to slowly pump his shaft, making sure to match the speed of his fingers.

Hoshi - Would be inexperienced but eager. He wouldn’t be sure how to initiate it, but would hint subtly until one day you asked if you could do it, to save him having to ask you. He’d be flushed with anticipation as you sat on his lap and unbuckle his belt slowly, biting your lip. You’d palm his member through his boxer, causing him to groan loudly. Once he was fully hard, you’d slide your hand down into his pants and slowly grasp his length. His hand would clamp down onto your thighs at first, and his head would tilt back in pure pleasure. Just before he reached his high, his hands would swiftly start to work on the zipper of your jeans. You’d lift yourself off his lap slightly to get them off easily and, as soon as you sat back down, his hands would reach down into your panties. Your hand movements would become sloppy as soon as his fingers would enter you, his gentle but effective movements making your body completely weak.

Wonwoo - Would also be confident in this area. While making out his hands would roam all over your body, he would always be like this so you weren’t surprised when his hands would slip aside your panties. You would break your kiss to moan as he stuck two finger into your hole and curl his finger so that he’d hit your sweet spot. He’d watch as you moaned and would say, “Why’d you do this to me?” which would make you look down at his crouch and spot his growing erection. Without thinking you’d ask, “Do you need any help down there?” It wouldn’t take long for Wonwoo to process your words and he’d nod eagerly. He’d grab your hand and slip it past his waistband not bothering to take of his pants. it wouldn’t be long until both of you were pooling on each others hands.

Woozi - You were the one that suggested to try something new as Woozi would need coaxing into anything sexy with you as he is a real Busan man. However, after a couple days he’d be up for the idea. He’d text you from work saying “I’m ready to try it out.” When he’d get home you’d be waiting for him naked on your bed. He’d immediately strip and climb on top of you. Almost simultaneously you’d both bring your hands to each other lower regions. He’d rub you furiously before sticking his pianist fingers inside you. You would grab his dick and pump it in rhythm to Woozi making a perfect harmony.

DK - Would be up for anything if it meant it would be with you, and when you casually suggested, during a make out session to try mutual masturbation he’d smile brightly but would be anxious because he didn’t want to hurt you. You’d take control by grabbing his length first and pumping it a couple times until he was leaking with pre-cum. He’d grin, showing his teeth as he felt the pleasure, the only thing on his mind was to pleasure you as much as you were pleasuring him. He’d run a hand down your thighs before sliding his fingers through your folds. He’d see your breathing hitch and would know he was doing the right thing. Having some new confidence he stuck his fingers into you slowly letting you adjust, both you knowing what this was leading to next.

Mingyu - Wouldn’t ask for your opinion and while in a heated make out session would slip his hands into the back of your pants and grab your ass, squeezing it lightly. He’d let his hands wander further down until his fingers would prod at your hole. Surprised you’d break away from your opened mouth kiss and look at him. He’d smirk at you and start to move his finger in and out of you. “Two can play this game,” You’d reach your hand forward and palm him through his sweats and feel him get harder by the second. He’d bite your neck to try and stop from moaning. You’d then spit on your hand and then slip it into his briefs, grabbing his cock. This time he couldn’t help but moan, it was music to your ears. 

The8 - Would have found out about mutual masturbation via the boys talking about it in practice. The8 being innocent asked what it was and the boys would tease him about it, however he was very willing to try it out with you. He’d come home the same evening and would ask if you’d ever heard of it and when you said ‘yes’ he’d ask if you want to do. Turned on you would lead him towards the bedroom and push him down. You wouldn’t take long to get your hand on his member and leave him a moaning mess. His hands would be shaky when he brought it to your womanhood and he didn’t play around before sticking, not one but two fingers inside you. 

Seungkwan - Would not really think about doing mutual masturbation with you until he’d heard about it from somewhere. He’d probably be curious and ask you if you were interested in trying it out. He wouldn’t be nervous about it until you said yes, then it would dawn on him. He’d probably be worried about doing it wrong or hurting you so you’d have to encourage and reassure him. You’d start him by kissing him passionately, until you’d got him groaning into your lips. Once you’d slipped your hand down into his boxers. palming him through his boxers until he was a complete moaning mess. You’d have to guide his hand down into your panties to encourage. With a burst of confidence, he’d insert a finger or two into you, smiling smugly at the moans that would come out of you.

Hansol - Would be the most eager to try but also probably the most inexperienced. He’d ask you casually about trying it, trying to hide his eagerness. When you’d agree, he wouldn’t hesitate to climb on top of you and slide a hand down your jeans and straight into your panties. He’d look at you for consent before sliding a finger into you. He’d keep watching your face for your reaction to him and he’d grin when your head would tilt back in pleasure. He wouldn’t be too cocky once you’d return the favour, reducing him to a moaning mess by slowly and steadily sliding into his jeans and grasping his already hardened member. Once you’d start moving your hand up and down his shaft, he’d come way earlier than expected and probably be embarrassed about it later.

Admins Jeongdick, Hoeseok and Quadrat

Morning After

A follow up to Friends with Benefits.

When she wakes up, Robin’s still there—there and smiling softly with his arm still folded over her hip. They’re sharing a pillow and though he’s awake, he’s made no effort to move. He’s still there beside her where she last remembers him, his fingers stroking lightly over the blanket that covers her—and for a  split second, a grin tugs at the corner of her mouth and she’s able to forget what today will bring.  

“You didn’t leave,” she murmurs. “I…didn’t expect to find you here. I thought you’d have gone back to your room.”

“I hope you’re not disappointed,” he replies in a voice just above a whisper, still making no attempt to pull away from her. “You were so upset last night…I didn’t want you to wake up alone.”

“I’m not disappointed at all,” she confesses, pressing her eyes closed and wishing she could stay this way—cocooned in a warm blanket with him—for the rest of the day and forget about everything else. It’s easy to forget when she’s with him, to pretend that the rest of the world doesn’t exist and to pretend she doesn’t have to do something horrible to rip apart the lives they’ve spent a year rebuilding only to send them back to a place she doesn’t want to be.

There’s a part of her that’s always wished they could have met under different circumstances—in a different time, in a different place—when she wasn’t so broken, when the world wasn’t working against her, and when she could have offered him more than what she can. Her breath catches when his lips press to her forehead. Her eyes open for a brief moment, she thinks to ask him what he’s doing—they’ve never quite been like this together—so soft and intimate—but when she pulls back to look at him, his blue eyes are warm and he’s looking at her in a way that makes her heart beat faster and makes her shoulders relax. It’s the way that he looks at her when her eyes are closed and her imagination invites him in and she’s able to be open and honest about the way she feels. Feeling herself losing herself to the moment, she takes a long breath and pushes away from him, sitting up and pulling the blanket tight around her chest, needing a bit of distance between them to clear her head.

“Regina, what’s…”  

“I love you,” she hears herself say, the words leaving her lips before they’d fully registered, and immediately, she feels a sense of regret wash over her. Robin shifts on the bed and she grimaces—she hadn’t meant to say it and her cheeks flush red in embarrassment. It wasn’t supposed to be this way; this wasn’t how it was supposed to end.

But he doesn’t get up and he doesn’t leave. Instead, he shifts up to sit beside her and slides his hand across her back, reaching out and sweeping her hair to one side—and she realizes that it’s not the end—she was honest about her feelings and he didn’t withdraw or push away. Instead, he presses a few feathery kisses along the crook of her neck as his arms wrap around her. “I love you, too,” he tells her, as his lips brush against her jaw. “And I have for some time.”    

“You…do?” She asks, turning to face him, not quite believing that it’s possible that he could love something as broken as she, but wanting desperately to believe it. When he nods, a tentative smile edges her lips, “Why didn’t you…say something?”

He shrugs his shoulders as her fingers fold around his wrist. “The same reason you didn’t, I suspect—fear of rejection, not wanting to ruin a good thing, not being fully ready for more…” His voice trails off as he leans in, pecking softly at her lips. “But then last night…”

“Yeah,” she murmurs, “Then last night…”

“It was just…different and…I knew.”

“It was,” she tells him with a nod.  

“Regina, no matter what happens today and no matter what happens tomorrow,” he says as he hugs her a little bit closer, pulling her into his arms and pressing a kiss to her temple. She closes her eyes as warm tears begin to well, and she leans into him, letting him hold her as she tries to brace herself for what lies ahead. “As hard as it’ll be, you won’t be alone.” Her head rests on his shoulder and a faint smile forms over her lips because for the first time in such a long time, she actually believes that.  

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Jehan working at a beauty store like sephora bc poetry doesnt pay the bills and montparnasse coming in one day to scope it out before shoplifting but then he keeps coming back to "scope it out" just to flirt with the cute cashier and get free samples

What if Jehan isn’t a cashier though? They’re one of the employees who are here to recommend products (usually the most expensive ones) and help you put makeup on to see how it looks on you. And Montparnasse dreams to get those deft and slender fingers on his face.

So he keeps coming back, again and again, always asking for products like he’s lost, when he’s in fact very learned on the topic. Jehan always indulges him with a smile and a deep blush when Montparnasse slips a compliment on how great their eyeliner looks and how that body glitter really brings out their eyes.

Jehan isn’t fooled, they can see the contouring on Parnasse’s face, how skillful it looks. But they don’t say anything because they like him. It’s refreshing to see a guy who doesn’t come here because he’s dragged in by his girlfriend.

One day, Jehan finally gets to do Montparnasse’s makeup. Their hands are incredibly steady, for someone who’s blushing this hard. Not that Parnasse can tell with his eyes closed, but he can feel the warmth radiating from their fingers.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Montparnasse says playfully.


“I initially came here to steal some stuff but… I kind of want to steal you away after your shift, instead.”

Luckily for Montparnasse, Jehan’s hands are /very/ steady, because otherwise they would have streaked his face. They’re still holding his chin and what should they do? Caress his cheek? What? What is happening?

“I-I’d like that, yeah. Can I… choose the location?”

“Anything you want.”

They break into the Montparnasse cemetery that night. Montparnasse is conquered territory before midnight

Me and You

Warnings: language, angst, fluff | Rating: everyone
Summary: Bucky Barnes x Reader where the reader is Bucky’s girlfriend and they fight (as requested by @29042016)

Bucky lay in the darkness, his flesh arm wrapped around your sleeping form as you rested your head and your hand on his chest, over his beating heart. He was thinking. He was thinking about how doing what he did could ruin the life he loved, could hurt the one he loved: you. You sighed in your sleep and Bucky looked down and smiled tiredly at you and ran his metal fingers through your hair. Being him isn’t easy. He let out a deep breath through his nose, and his eyelids closed effortlessly as he fell into a deep slumber.

He awoke to an empty bed, and suddenly alarmed that you weren’t there like you always were each and every morning, he set into mission mode as he scanned the room, looking for anything that would lead him to your disappearance. Nothing

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Seventeen Reaction: Vocal

“How would your first kiss happen with the vocal unit”
Seungkwan: He had finally gotten permission for a day off, which he promised to devote entirely to you. He had taken you to the coffee shop, he had bought you flowers, he had walked with you along the Han River, and he had surprised you with a beautiful picnic. You found yourselves in a quiet park, walking across a bridge and staring out at the sunset, sad that the day would come to an end so soon. The pink rays of light reflected on the water’s surface where a few ducks paddled quietly along. You and your boyfriend stood close to one another, arms linked as he played with your fingers. He seemed a little nervous, fidgeting and glancing at you as if he wanted to tell you something. You told yourself he was just sad about ending the date too, so you turned to him with a sweet smile as you gently ran you fingers through his hair and thanked him quietly for the beautiful day. He would relax under your touch, smiling at you and taking your hand to kiss the back of it, not breaking eye contact. With a sudden confidence, he would slip his arm around your waist, bringing you in until your foreheads were touching. Both of you would move together, lips meeting in a sweet kiss that lasted until the sun slipped under the horizon, its soft glow bathing the two of you in a soft light.

Woozi: He had stayed up late at night, as usual, working on music. The all-nighter had completely drained him, and he wanted nothing more than to have you in his arms and your fingers running through his hair as he fell asleep with you on the couch. As he dragged himself out of his office and to the living room, he’d be half-asleep, a headache already starting to pain him. The moment he saw you waiting for him, your legs pulled up next to you on the couch, he’d make a beeline for you. You’d meet him halfway, pulling your exhausted boyfriend in and running a soothing hand along his back. You had set up his favorite snack at the kitchen table and worked a miracle, telling him you’d pulled strings and made sure he had a day off. In his relief, he would pull you in suddenly for a grateful kiss, cupping your cheeks in his hands and swaying you gently. You would be caught completely off-guard, but you would melt in his touch so easily, relaxing against him and running your hands through his hair. The kiss would be sleepy but genuine, a bright smile lighting up Woozi’s tired face as he looked at you with such love in his eyes.

Joshua: You had begged him to teach you a few chords on his guitar, which he was very happy to agree to. You had both been sitting on the couch in the dorm, early in the morning before the other members were awake. Joshua had pulled open the curtains leading out to the balcony, where you could just see the faint glow of dawn lighting up the dark sky. It was completely silent except for the soft strums you gave on the guitar. Joshua was sitting close beside you, eyes bright as he watched his favorite person in the world. As you turned to ask him another question, your eyes met his and locked for a few heartbeats. Your heart pounded in your chest, realizing that he had leant in closer than before. You automatically moved forward as well, and Joshua’s gentle hand on your cheek pulled you in.

Jeonghan:He would want it to be private and unexpected. You two would be at the dorm, facing the boys as they gently teased and told you two to kiss because it was your birthday. Jeonghan would skirt around it, telling them to stop making you uncomfortable and putting you on the spot. Part of you would be relieved that you didn’t have to kiss in front of an audience, but you might be just a little hurt that he wouldn’t just kiss you. He never had, but the boys didn’t know that. As Jeonghan walked you home, he would stop you outside your door, pulling you back around and gently pressing his soft lips to yours. It would linger, making you warm up from head to toe as you pulled him closer, his hands on your waist and tugging you against him. He’d lean back, kissing the tip of your nose and whispering, “Happy birthday, y/n…”

DK:This one would be a happy accident. You surprised DK during practice, when he was the last one left in the practice room. His face lit up the moment he saw you peek your head in the door, rushing to pull you into a big hug. You complained at the fact that he was sweaty, laughter erupting from you both as you squirmed to get away from him. He would tug you by the waist as you tried to slip past him, holding you from behind and burying his face into your neck, pressing kisses against your cheek. Butterflies would swirl in your belly. You two had not actually kissed before, only little pecks on the cheek or the shoulders. He distracted you by asking you if you wanted to see his progress with Seventeen’s latest dance, and you happily agreed. Just as he finished the choreo, he suddenly grabbed your hand, spinning you around easily like a ballerina. He would suddenly bring you in, your hands on his chest which heaved from the adrenaline he felt during the choreo. Your eyes met his and you saw the light in his eyes. Without missing a beat, he pulled you in even closer for a first kiss. It was sweet and gentle. His lips felt like home, After pulling apart, you would both be speechless, enjoying the moment. Suddenly, you’d gently smack his chest, joking and complaining about him being sweaty still, making you both laugh.

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Imagine Harry fingering you under the table at some award show

YUM. Hand up your dress as he’s talking to someone next to him… And when he accepts his award he cups your face and kisses you, your sex still hot on his finger … Smirking like a jerk when he gets to the stand. And when he’s saying his thank you, the finger that was in you brushes under his nose … And he stops briefly and looks like he’s just thinking of what to say, but you know it’s because you just derailed him.

Peter’s face when he realized his father turned out to be an animated ball of rock floating in space.

                         to do list for when it’s not 5.30 am n i’m runnin on fumes ❪  aka plans for tomorrow !  ❫ :  rewatch voltron for muse research,   find somewhere to download eps so i can screencap  &&  make icons,   cry abt how amazing this fandom already is   - - - - - - - -   ???   profit.

#359 - You Moan His Name*

Harry: It’s when his fingers are working your clit with absolutely no signs of letting up. It’s when he pushes his middle and pointer finger up into your drenched sex, stimulating your g-spot. “Oh fuck Harry…” you moan, and his eyes look up, his eyebrow cocking up and his lips turning into a smirk. “That’s right baby… say my name…”

Liam: It’s when you’re riding him, your nails dug into his stomach and your breasts bouncing as you do. It’s when he reaches one of his hand up and grasps onto your breast, gripping onto you. “Liam!” you moan out high pitched, throwing your head back. He pinches down on your nipple and snickers darkly. “Such a good girl…”

Niall: It’s when you’ve just come down from your third orgasm and Niall lowers his face back down into your heat. It’s when he starts lapping at your swollen and stimulated clit, sending shivers up your spine. “N-Niall…” you moan out and whine, grabbing onto the back of his head. To him, it’s a sign to keep going, knowing this climax wouldn’t take long.

Louis: It’s when he’s going down on you, snogging your heat. It’s when he shakes his head back and forth with your clit gently between his teeth. “Fuck Louis!” you moan out loudly, arching your back up off of the bed. You can feel his lips curl up against your core, working deeper into you, his hand keeping you spread so he had full access.

Zayn: It’s when you’re about to orgasm, when your body begins to shake with intensity. It’s when you clench around him and your body starts to jerk. “Zayn… fuck…” you hiss out, shaking your head. “Zayn, I’m cumming!” you gasp out, grabbing onto your erect nipples with no control while he crashes his lips to yours to help ride the high out with you.


Prompt: Could you do a over stimulation smut with frenchie?

TW: smut 

The second you woke up this morning, you weren’t expecting to find a 170 lb man of pure muscle sitting on you to wake you up. And yet, here you were, a groan of discomfort bursting through your lips as your face buried deeper into the pillow. You let out a strained laugh, trying to shake your boyfriend off. It was definitely his more creative ways of waking you.

“Laf, oh god, get o-”
“Happy Anniversary, mon amour!” He yelled, his voice echoing around the room in excitement. It was too early. You groaned and through your hand around, dancing your fingers along his side, making him begin to giggle and squirm on top of you. Eventually, he toppled over, to which you turned and immediately got on top of him, legs on either side as you began tickling him. Eventually, he overpowered you and rolled you back over, getting on top of you and holding your hands above your head, panting and giggling as his forehead resting against yours. You laugh a bit in response, poking your tongue out to lick his upper lip.

Mon Dieu… somehow, you get more and more beautiful each day…” You felt heat rise to your cheeks as a soft smile rested on your lips, and you pressed your lips against his. It started as a gentle kiss before growing passionate. His hands slowly settled to your hips while yours wrapped around his neck. He lowered his body so he was was pressed firmly against yours, you instantly felt his morning hard on as he-

A sharp grumble from your stomach, and Lafayette pulled away after bursting into laughter. You groaned softly, tossing your head back. He kissed your cheek, rolling off of you and grabbing your hand.

“Come, ange, I have made breakfast for the two of us.” You smiled as he spoke, nodding and slowly standing up.

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Friends Like Ours (Part Seven)

Story/One Shot Collection Summary: You decide to move in with your best friend and his roommates after a bad breakup. Your best friend is Sam Wilson. His roommates are Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Let’s just say that your life becomes a little more interesting…


Chapter Title: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

A/N: Hey…long time, no update! Sorry about that. Anyhow, I think you guys will know what this one shot is about based on the title alone. Hope you guys like it! Tagging @shamvictoria11 per request. 

Originally posted by avengersimaginings

“What are you doing?”

Aiming his phone at you, Bucky swiped his finger on the screen repeatedly, his nostrils flaring as he gritted his teeth in full concentration. “I’m trying to catch a Jigglypuff,” he grumbled.

“A wiggly-what now?” you raised an eyebrow.

“No, a Jiggly—goddammit! It ran away!” Bucky cursed under his breath as he slammed his phone down on the kitchen counter, slouching in his seat.

You gave him a funny look before realization took over. “Were you playing that Pokémon game?”

Bucky nodded his head, still frowning. “Yeah…I was trying to catch a Jigglypuff because I don’t have any fairy types in my Pokédex, but the pink bastard ran away from me. It had a high rating, too!” He slouched in his seat more as you held back your laughter.

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Saturday Snippet-Fated to Love, Part Sixteen

Just a little bit…



Kissing Peeta was like nothing else.

It was that first drop of cool water against your tongue on a hot, summer day. After that little bit, you needed more; it was essential for survival. This kiss, with its interweave of rough and gentle swatches from Peeta’s lips were essential for Katniss’ survival.

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