his finest hour

“The acting throughout is exceptional, and Affleck — as a man in permanent retreat from any sign of hope — is phenomenal: It’s a black hole of a performance, and its pull is overpowering.”

“Affleck has been outstanding before […] but these are his finest two-plus hours on screen.”
- Rolling Stone

“Affleck offers up a career-best performance […] It’s truly heartbreaking and stunning work.”
- International Business Times

“As an actor, Affleck has often seemed to me a little nervous and drifty, and there’s a watery quality to his voice that I’ve never been able to warm to. But I would trade every Meryl Streep performance that’s rightly or wrongly lauded by millions of people for just one performance that changes my mind about an actor, and Affleck in Manchester by the Sea is one of those.”

“What is so brilliant about this performance is that his face, his eyes, tell us what he can’t, what he never will. Thus, what’s compelling and fascinating about the film is watching how Affleck’s character manages the emotions he can’t bring himself to face.”
- Awards Daily

“Casey Affleck’s lead performance is, simply put, the model of what great film acting should look like.”
- Hitfix

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He’s either gotta get it together…or face his finest hour.


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I have a lot of feelings about Chris Pine being described by his The Finest Hours costars as someone who was a “leader” and who “kept their spirits up”. Like, can you imagine, poor cold, wet Pie looking around at his cold, wet colleagues and just cracking dumb jokes or complimenting their performances or encouraging them through take after exhausting take even when he’s exhausted himself? 

Ugh. Precious cinnamon roll, too good, too pure, etc.


George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield, PC, KB (25 December 1717 – 6 July 1790) wins the prize for highest number of ridiculously beautiful redcoat paintings. He’s absolutely lush. 

He also has the history to go with it. He studied military arts first in the Dutch Republic and then in France, and spent a year attached to the Prussian Army in 1735. Commissioned in the British Army, he served at the two most important British battles of the War of the Austrian Succession, Dettingen and Fontenoy, and was wounded at the former. 

During the Seven Years War he was present at the great British victory at Minden, and at the battle of Emsdorf, was part of the Belle Ile expedition in 1761 and was second in command of the British force that took Cuba from the Spanish in 1762. 

In 1777 he was appointed Governor of Gibraltar. Now came his finest hour. In 1779 a vast Franco-Spanish fleet of over 100,000 men, 48 ships and 450 cannon laid siege to The Rock. Under Eliott’s command it resisted for four years, until peace in 1783.

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