his finest hour


westerosi wars: defiance of duskendale » 277 AC

Duskendale had been his finest hour, yet the memory tasted bitter on his tongue.

— illustrations by gustave doré

Reasons Why Phil’s Body is a Fail

Title: Reasons Why Phil’s Body is a Fail
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4k
Summary: Phil didn’t exactly draw the best numbers in the gene pool lottery, and here are a few reasons why. [Read on AO3]


There is no hell like being in a convention center full of screaming teenagers when your skull feels like it’s actually about to split in two. This one’s been slow coming on, starting with the feeling of waking up exhausted and followed a short while later by spots in his field of vision. He’s taken every precaution he can afford to try and head it off but the medicine isn’t holding up against the crowd and the lights and the sound level.

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Churchill's love for Fascism

Just about the greatest myth peddled about Winston Churchill is that he led a great anti-fascist crusade against the Axis power during World War II - his finest hour. What utter baloney. The man welcomed the coming to power of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler - viewing them as valuable bulwarks against communism. Churchill only became ‘anti-fascist’ when he felt that the British empire was threatened by the expanding ambitions of these rivals. Defending British imperial interests, not fighting a democratic crusade against fascism, was his aim during World War II.

Previously, Churchill had praised Mussolini to the skies - the man could do no wrong. Il Duce had “rendered a service to the whole world” by showing the “way to combat subversive forces”. In fact, Churchill thought, Mussolini was the “Roman genius” - the “greatest lawgiver among men”. Speaking in Rome in 1927, he told Italy’s Fascist Party: “If I had been an Italian, I would have been entirely with you from the beginning to the end of your victorious struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism.”

He heaped similar praise upon Hitler too. After the Nazis came to power, Churchill proclaimed in a 1935 article that if Britain was defeated like Germany had been in 1918, he hoped “we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations”. While all manner of “formidable transformations” were occurring in Europe, Churchill continued, corporal Hitler was “fighting his long, wearing battle for the German heart” - the story of that struggle “cannot be read without admiration for the courage, the perseverance and the vital force which enabled him to challenge, defy, conciliate or overcome all the authorities or resistances which barred his path”. If only things had been different, Britain could have done a deal with fascist Italy and Germany against the common enemy - ie, ‘international Bolshevism’.

~Eddie Ford(weekly worker)

George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield, PC, KB (25 December 1717 – 6 July 1790) wins the prize for highest number of ridiculously beautiful redcoat paintings. He’s absolutely lush. 

He also has the history to go with it. He studied military arts first in the Dutch Republic and then in France, and spent a year attached to the Prussian Army in 1735. Commissioned in the British Army, he served at the two most important British battles of the War of the Austrian Succession, Dettingen and Fontenoy, and was wounded at the former. 

During the Seven Years War he was present at the great British victory at Minden, and at the battle of Emsdorf, was part of the Belle Ile expedition in 1761 and was second in command of the British force that took Cuba from the Spanish in 1762. 

In 1777 he was appointed Governor of Gibraltar. Now came his finest hour. In 1779 a vast Franco-Spanish fleet of over 100,000 men, 48 ships and 450 cannon laid siege to The Rock. Under Eliott’s command it resisted for four years, until peace in 1783.


But, you know – was Disgruntled Bus Driver his finest hour? Or was it Disgruntled Christmas Elf? 

shawskankredemption, I am not disputing you nor Burn’s response to you – after all, you and I work as a team! I am simply posing a philosophical question. 

10 reasons why Castle is an 'amazing man'.
  1. He had the sense to see that every terrible, wonderful thing that had ever happened to him had led him right to that moment with her.
  2. He was right there. For four years.
  3. He decided that they both deserved more; so he asked her to marry him.
  4. He wrote 5 novels inspired by her.
  5. He brought coffee to her every day just to see the smile on her face.
  6. He was prepared to scratch and claw for every inch of getting closer to her.
  7. When it wasn’t his finest hour, he knew how to make it up to her.
  8. He was prepared to sit through a Nebula 9 marathon with her and not make sarcastic remarks.
  9. When she was open to dumb ideas, he had one.
  10. He replaced Linus with the framed seashells so that the bedroom would start to tell their story and not just his.

I have a lot of feelings about Chris Pine being described by his The Finest Hours costars as someone who was a “leader” and who “kept their spirits up”. Like, can you imagine, poor cold, wet Pie looking around at his cold, wet colleagues and just cracking dumb jokes or complimenting their performances or encouraging them through take after exhausting take even when he’s exhausted himself? 

Ugh. Precious cinnamon roll, too good, too pure, etc.


“I love you”

I know. 

This is Dean in his finest hour, this is Dean growing, this is Dean letting go. This is Dean accepting love . This is Dean knowing someone can love him, knowing he might, in his deepest self, deserve that love. This is Dean enjoying friendship. This is Dean breathing.  

Can you see his face, after he lets her go? There is no bitterness, there is no anger, there is no blame , and there is no hurt. 

This is a healthy goodbye, a peaceful one, love that is not dependence, love in eye level, not threatening him, not confusing him, not demanding.  

This is Dean, in his beautiful self, the way brother should be. 

I am waiting for that Dean to manifest again, stronger, peaceful, loving, letting go. 

I am waiting for that Dean to show, to accept the light inside him, to see himself through the eyes of those who loves him, and believe in him.

I love that man, and I wish for him to love than man too. 


Pic credit: angelshawke (x)

anonymous asked:

Do you think that if Barristan hadn't been banned from the Kingsguard he would have beat Sansa when Joffrey ordered him? I'm conflicted about it, because I like Barristan, but I do believe that he would. Just like he didn't do anything with Aerys, I think he wouldn't do anything with Joffrey either. Maybe he would have protested initially, but eventually he would have obeyed his king.

I’m conflicted about this as well. Barristan is the epitome of what a proper knight of the kingsguard should be. Always loyal to the king and to his oaths, he does what he is commanded, he knows it’s not his place to question the king’s orders, but to serve and protect him. Which we know is an inherently flawed mindset. The institutionalized system of honor, oaths and chivalric ideals is rotten to the bone, but Barristan is no Jaime Lannister, he lacks that kind of blind arrogance to actually remove himself from that system that shaped his whole career as a knight. And he probably even lacks the intellectual lucidity to see those flaws critically and be proactive about it. Just like Ned, even if deep inside he knows that the system is corrupt, he just doesn’t have the fiber to openly rebel against it.

But… he is a deeply honorable, just, honest man, and I believe the years spent serving Aerys and being unwillingly complicit in his atrocities left a mark on him, and after his death he promised himself (or at least prayed) he would not serve another tyrant. Robert Baratheon came in; he was a horrible husband and a mostly inept king but hardly a tyrant. Then it’s Joffrey’s turn and he has written ‘psychopath’ all over him. In addition, Joff (and Cersei) show an utter lack of respect for the kingsguard as an institution and a lifetime sacred duty and go as far as humiliating Barristan in front of the whole court because he’s apparently too old to serve as Joff’s royal guard: 

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