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Into the Badlands: Every Fight Scene  

1x01 “The Fort” — Sunny vs. the Widow’s men (x)

What if Matt Holt is blind though? He’s spent so long without his glasses he probably had to adjust without them. He most likely can’t see a damn thing. So what if he learned to fight using his other senses like touch and hearing? I want a badass Matt who can’t see his surroundings but still manages to drop kick Galra ass.


You can’t win.


Revenge of the Sith | Tidbit Tuesday | Heavy Lies the Crown   

“He (Hayden Christensen) is smaller and lighter than I am, yet he has to do the same things I did and he has to appear just as if he is me. He walked a bit like Frankenstein, but he wanted to do it.” - David Prowse

In Revenge of the Sith George Lucas deliberately made the Darth Vader suit top-heavy (for instance adding weight on the helmet and armor) to make Hayden Christensen not appear “too accustomed” to it in the movie, therefore the suit that the actor wore was much more heavier than the ones Prowse used in the OT. Christensen’s Frankenstein-like walk and mannerism were intentional and deliberate to realistically portray Anakin’s suffering, clumsiness and difficulties in getting accustomed to his new artificial body and armor. The excruciating pain of his injuries and all the surgeries he went through and his new artificial legs, he was unused to, would naturally hinder his movement.

Regarding the height difference between the actors, Bob Anderson who played Vader in his fight scenes in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi was 1,85 m, only 2 cm taller than Christensen. Because of the height differences - Anderson was 6'1" (1.85m), while Prowse was 6'7" (2.02m) - Anderson’s scenes were filmed from a lower angle to make him seem taller, or he stood on some small stilts.


Joji giving Flint a run for his money and going down Like A Boss  (ಥ﹏ಥ)



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Have we discussed this enough? probably  i think not.

Tarjei’s acting is a true blessing and every new clip keeps proving that. 

we got an entire season of his character, which was our chance to not only get to know Isak, but also kind of “value” Tarjei’s acting. When there’s such an important character with this incredibly significant story, choosing the right person is damn difficult. And then portraying this character, pouring your soul into acting and nailing it is even harder.

but Tarjei sandvik Moe did it.,

I could go on forever talking about how much of a great job he did in s3, but for now, i wanted to focus on this particular scene that you see in the gif above.

the fight scene

Not gonna lie, we didn’t see much of that. Julie left us with at least a thousand questions and even more theories to write. She decided not to reveal the mysterious reason yet and abandoned the fandom till the 22nd of May. So clearly the fight scene did nothing but completely messed up our heads without actually revealing stuff.

But then again, Tarjei’s acting said things that had a major effect on every one of us. 

okay. rewatch the clip and listen. Yes, the blood and the bruises on his face look pretty realistic but you guys.. He makes the pain so naturalistic that it’s almost scary. 

Isak literally just looks at his bloody hand realizing why the pain had hit him with so much force, he doesn’t even scream or yell, he kind of quietly hums/moans to himself, though that’s completely enough to make US feel a thousand things at the same time. We look at his injured face and we nearly sense his agony. it’s like every time we hit repeat to watch the moment, we go through exactly what Isak had to experience. we instantly feel this special connection to him which makes all of us want to hug him, to comfort him. which makes us want to cuddle Isak Valtersen in our arms, treating him with mini burgers and cheese sandwiches with Kardamome on top.

and then you register…

that it’s Tarjei.

that he isn’t REALLY hurt. He isn’t letting out those voices and he isn’t looking traumatized because he is. 

it’s just because he is an amazing actor.

Actor!AU Headcanons

I mentioned in the tags of this post that I had an actor!AU for ffxv… and I wish to share my headcanons with you.

  • Ardyn is nothing like the character he portrays. He’s a really good actor, the rest of the cast really likes him because he’s actually a really cool guy when he’s not The Accursed.
  • @oceanicchimera yes, King!Noctis and Ardyn do dance sometimes off-set. But it’s more along the lines of the dance competition from Guardians of the Galaxy because they’re both dorks who can’t dance.
  • Ravus is the one who messes up his lines the most, with Noctis at a close second. 
  • See, Ravus is also nothing like the character he portrays. Ravus is really chill. Ravus really hates wearing that singular colored contact. Makes his eye itch.
  • Ravus and Luna are still related, but they’re cousins instead of brother and sister. (Gladio and Iris are still bro and sis)
  • Ignis is the biggest prankster on set. As in, Prompto walked into his trailer at one point and it was just completely filled with balloons. There must have been a hundred of them. He’s very exasperated.
  • Gladio’s tattoo is just stage makeup, but after the movie he considers getting the tattoo for real. It’s badass.
  • Ignis: “What do you mean I go blind offscreen?”
  • King!Noct always trips over something because the shoes on his outfit have no traction whatsoever.
  • Everyone on set jokingly calls the movie “Bachelor Party Gone Wrong”
  • The cup noodle thing with Gladio was a complete accident. There was a scene where he was asked what his favorite food is, and instead of saying something along the lines of “a hearty steak, medium well,” he forgot and said “a hearty bowl of cup noodles, boiled to perfection, with the absolute best ingredients” and everyone else stayed in character for the scene. It was so hilarious that the producers decided to leave it in. Edits to the script were made. 
  • ^^The stage direction “angrily eat cup noodles” was created from this. 
  • Noctis had a lot of trouble during the Leviathan fight because something was always wrong with the robotic rig and it would randomly lock up and stop. There’s one take in particular that’s going very well until Noctis abruptly gets out of shot. The camera moves back to him hanging there, slowly zooming in on the betrayed look on his face.
  • Whenever Prompto messes up his lines, he either continues in whatever tone he was carrying while saying increasingly hilarious things or slaps a hand to his forehead and lets out a very soft scream (anguished noise)
  • Ignis, right before Noctis comes on set for the reunion scene: “Ten years ago I lost my dear friend Noctis” / “Quit telling everyone I’m dead!” / “Sometimes I can still hear his voice.”
  • Gladio was swinging his sword for a fight scene, but he swung it too hard and it literally just snapped in half. He stopped for a second, then turned and looked directly at the camera, mouthing the words “I’m so sorry”
  • Prompto goes “pew pew” and “bang bang” whenever he shoots his gun (like Harrison Ford and Han Solo)
  • Regis reads the script and he’s like, “Oh… I die… what…. what a surprise………” (Regis is like the Sean Bean of our world, his character always dies)
  • The bros are exactly like their real-life VAs on social media. They answer all kinds of questions and it’s great.
  • Ravus has a tumblr account, but there’s only one post, and it’s this one. There are no tags. The title of the blog is, simply, “Sycophancy.” (He was very amused with Ardyn’s line.) There’s no description. His url is akin to those of the bots that wander the site. He follows several blogs, but does not interact with any posts. No likes, no reblogs. He’s the fandom phantom.
  • Ardyn is like the Sebastian Stan in the social media. He provides the fandom with his own sad headcanons about his character like Seb does with Bucky. (Except Ardyn is very avid on the fact that he is the villain)
  • Sometimes the cast will get together post-movie premiere and do dramatic readings of fanfiction they found

I just saw King Arthur today. Ignore the bad reviews. It’s brilliant. The music alone is worth it. I was just so pleasantly surprised. It’s a Guy Ritchie film too which is a plus for me. I love his editing style. It’s different, entertaining and it felt like a breath of fresh air. Also Charlie Hunnam ❤️

Because the casting of Finn Jones annoyed me so much re: Iron Fist and how it looked like he barely practiced for the role, I decided to go raid youtube for liveaction Kenshin fight scenes where Takeru Sato practiced his ass off so he could do his own stunts and fight scenes. 

This is the first epic fight scene with Kenshin vs a gang of thugs.

And this is Takeru Sato learning kendo and the fight choreography and you can see him go faster and faster until his in believable Kenshin Himura speed:


Keith’s face when he’s flirting talking to a rescued Lance

Remember when Keith was completely apathetic towards Lance.

Remember when the strongest emotion Keith felt towards Lance was annoyance.

Remember when Keith didn’t even know Lance’s name.

Yeah Keith doesn’t either.


Small, but firm.