his feet are cute though feet are so hard to draw man

His jaunt through China was not supposed to be as eventful as it was.

He had gone through China in a wild attempt to get bounty hunters off of him, hoping that if he took it international then they would get off his ass. But as it turned out, that when he was not looking, that someone had hiked up his bounty amount and apparently the cost of air fair was nothing compared to the money they would get for turning him in alive. So there he was running like his ass was on fire through some rural areas in an attempt to get away.

Luckily there happened to be an empty little house that he managed to duck into as his chasers ran on by like chickens with their heads cut off, taught him in vicious mockeries of his accent before disappearing into the distance. With a sigh he pulled himself away from the window and immediately had an arm against his throat and he was faced with a rather pretty face in an awful situation.

“Who are you?” The mysterious person said.

“Jesse McCree,” He said, hands held up as not to provoke the person into choking him out, “Just runnin’ from some assholes after my head. How about you?”

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Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually)

Warnings: Language, violence, explosions, mean aliens, pie

A/N: I have no idea what come over me, or why I’m suddenly delving into the Marvel franchise headfirst. All I know, is this is pretty long, but then again, I did write it. I have no self-control, I swear. Enjoy!


“Barnes!” you gasp, lying flat on the ground where you’ve been thrown by the explosion of a nearby car. You’re really getting sick of being knocked around all the time, tossed through the air by some kind of freaking alien or asshole in a suit.

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Imagine Chris proposing at a press conference.

You and Chris continued to pass notes with stupid jokes and doodles under the table while the rest of the cast answered questions from the fans. This was the fourth press conference in a week, everyone was suffering from sleep deprivation and using their own coping mechanisms to stay awake; yours was doing silly things with Chris.

Chris nudged your leg with the notebook as he passed it back to you. You bit back your smile and stifled your chuckle when you saw what he wrote: “You’re not going to be sleeping when we get back to the hotel.” You glanced over at him and he looked up at the crowd, smiling nonchalantly. You snatched the pen from his hand and drew a little cartoon sheep, you didn’t know why but you did. You passed the notebook back to Chris and upon seeing your sheep, he burst out laughing. You slapped his leg and he pressed his lips together when he realized he had drew in the attention of the other cast members and the audience.

“It’s like working with children,” Robert commented and everyone laughed. “No, seriously. The two of them- they can never be together without distracting each other and everyone else. It’s a wonder we got the movie done,” he joked.

“I know, right?” Mark agreed. “There were outtakes in all their scenes together because they just couldn’t stop laughing. They don’t even need to talk, they just look at each other and burst into laughter.” You and Chris looked at each other and laughed, proving Mark’s point. “See what I mean?” Mark chuckled and the fans laughed. “It’s like they’re crazy.”

“Leave us alone,” Chris chuckled. “We’re tired, okay?”

“The two of you’d be less tired if you actually spent your nights sleeping,” Robert quipped.

The crowds went wild at that comment and heat rose into yours and Chris’ cheeks. You looked over at Robert and shook your head with tightly pressed lips. He laughed and shrugged coolly even though he knew he was going to pay for it later. It wasn’t the teasing that bothered you, it was the fact that he did it in front of the fans and media.

You and Chris have been together for three years now, and in that three years- you’d tried very hard to keep your relationship and details of your relationship under wraps. Neither of you enjoyed the limelight because with the limelight came judgement from the public. You’d been told you weren’t good enough for Chris, and he’d been told he wasn’t good enough for you; that was among other nastier things. Both of you were used to it as you’d been in the industry for over a decade now; that experience meant you knew flying under the radar was the best way to make things last, and you definitely wanted things to last with Chris.

There weren’t many photos of the two of you together in public, just at official events like press tours and premieres. The media and the fans knew you were together but they didn’t know anything more, the two of you always avoided answering personal questions and telling personal stories; they still didn’t know how the two of you met and fell in-love. The most public comment- “they are definitely going to tie the knot, don’t you worry” was made earlier this year at the Captain America: Civil War premiere, also by Robert. It trended on the internet for three months after and became the question the two of you got at every interview and press conference you attended.

“She’s definitely going to kill me later,” Robert chuckled with a wince, drawing more laughter from the crowd. “I’m sorry, kid. It just slipped out,” he said and you chuckled softly. “Now you know why Chris and I had that Civil War.”

“A man’s gotta defend his girl,” Chris joked and slid his hand into yours. “Can we move on to the next question?” He asked, beckoning his head at the crowd. “You’re up, Buck.” He called out to the girl dressed as Bucky Barnes before he became The Winter Soldier.

“Hi, um- I’d just like to say that I love all of you and thank you so much for Civil War.” She began shyly and everyone smiled at how polite she was. “I’d also like to say to Chris and Y/N that- we all love it when Robert and the rest of the cast talk about your relationship. You guys are so cute together.” She complimented, and you and Chris glanced at each other with a small smile. “I know you and Y/N like to keep things private and we all respect that but- we really wish we’d see more of your relationship.”

“Thank you,” Chris smiled, squeezing your hand gently. “We really appreciate all the love and support from our fans, it means a lot. And believe me, we don’t mean to keep you guys in the dark. We love you and we do want to share our lives with you, but there are some things we’d prefer to keep between ourselves.”

“We understand,” the girl nodded. “As fans, we just want to see our idols happy and you two are clearly very happy together. Whether or not you want to share that with us- is completely up to you. We’re just happy you’re happy.” You and Chris smiled at each other and everyone in the room smiled with you. “But we do hope that when the time comes you’ll share the news of your engagement with us.”

“Of course,” Chris turned away from you and nodded. “It’ll be the first thing I tweet about.”

“Same,” Robert chimed and everyone laughed. “I think that’d be the first thing everyone tweets about when they hear the news. Right, guys?” He leaned forward and glanced between the cast members who all nodded with wide grins.

“My engagement is something you will all know about as soon as I do.” You told your fans and they all cheered. “All we gotta wait for now is Captain America,” you glanced at him and bit back your smile. “He can fight Nazis, aliens, and world class villains but he can’t seem to sum up the guts to ask me,” you teased him.

Chris said nothing, he just chuckled and bit back his smile.

“I don’t know if you know but there’s a pool going on, Chris.” Scarlett joked; you doubt it was a joke though, you’d heard numerous times about the pool. “Come on, wait any longer and I’m going to lose my money. Everyone’s out, I think it’s just Robert and I left.” She glanced over at Robert and he nodded. “Yeah, and I want to beat Iron Man.”

“The world’s waiting on you, Evans.” Chris H egged on and everyone laughed, including you and Chris. “What are you waiting for? You’ve got a good thing going with Y/N, just tie the knot already. You don’t want some other superhero sweeping her off her feet, do you?”

“God forbid it’s a superhero from DC.” You dramatically added and pretended to swoon with a hand to your forehead. You knew you were going along with something you’d previously glared at Robert for but- it was your relationship you were talking about and if you couldn’t beat ‘em, you might as well join them.

“Y/N,” Chris chuckled and leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’re going to regret going along with this.” You laughed and he pressed a quick kiss to the side of your head before pulling his hand out of yours. “I had it all planned out,” he spoke into the microphone and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “I was going to take her to a holiday cabin, cook for her, serenade her. But I guess I’m going to have to do that after she says yes now.”

A deafening silence fell over the room when everyone realized what Chris was about to do. Your breath hitched in your throat when Chris rose to his feet. He smiled at you as he slipped his hand into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. Your lips parted in awe at the diamond ring he fished out of his wallet; it sparkled brighter than any star you’d seen. He took your left hand in his and descended down on one knee.

“What are you doing?” You breathed.

“I’m proposing out of my comfort zone.”

“I can see that,” you chuckled nervously. “And you’re going to cause us to trend worldwide.” You glanced at the crowd; there were phones everywhere filming and taking photos. “It’s kind of hard to turn back now, but I still need you to be sure about this. I’m sure we can pull a fire alarm or something,” you joked and laughed softly.

“I’m sure about you,” he smiled, “I’m sure about us. This is what I want, what I’ve been wanting for a while now. Hence- why the ring’s in my wallet,” he chuckled and you smiled. “So yes, I’m sure about this. I’m sure I want to propose in front of five hundred and sixty-four people, majority of which- I don’t know, because I don’t care about how I get the yes. All I care about is that the yes is going to give me the rest of my life with you.”

“At least we’ll have hundreds of videos to remember this moment,” you smiled.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “Okay, you ready?” He asked and you nodded. “Let’s do this.” He pressed a kiss on the back of your hand then reached for the microphone, he glanced out at the crowd and smiled before turning back to you. “Y/N, will you make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?”

You leaned in and spoke, your answer amplified by the microphone. “like I could say anything other than yes.” Applause, cheers, and excited screams erupted around the room as Chris slipped the ring onto your finger. You rose to your feet, helping him onto his. “I love you, Chris Evans,” you told him before pressing your lips to his.

“I love you too, Y/N Evans.”

Golden Ember // E2!Barry x Reader

Request: Can you do an E2 barry imagine where the reader is central city’s hero maybe she has fire powers and during a hostage situation at the ccpd she gets wounded trying to “save the day” and e2 barry grows a pear and decides to help her after seeing her trying to play it off and she later “thanks” him

Warnings: more smol sweet BBY E2 Barry
Author’s Note: I’m (probably??) going to make more parts to this because I’m loving this character tbh.

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The Void Part 1/?

Originally posted by injectablefame712


Warnings: Swearing, Violence

Pairing: Eventual Chase Collins x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Hello!!! I was wondering if you could do a Fic as Sebastian (not as himself in which I mean his name could still be his own) as this insanely powerful demon?? This women he meets is sort of bound to him but she’s trying to fight it? I really would like to read a fic where he is villain in the story! I know this is vague lol but I think seb would be so amazing as a demon!!! kind of like his Chase Collins character but cooler lol!!!

Summary: Reader is a female descendant of one of the founding families but was disowned by her father as a child. Now she is back in Ipswich and it turns out it isn’t always the first born son that gets all the power.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5

It was the same dream over and over again. A burned down barn and a man standing in the middle of it, calling to her. She felt drawn to him and needed to help him. However anytime she got close to him he would disappear like smoke and she would wake up drenched in sweat. She wasn’t sure why she was having this dream but it felt so real every time she had it. After a particularly bad night she decided to go visit her mom. The minute her mom saw her she knew something was wrong. 

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5

Here’s part three in the series! No sexy stuff in here unfortunately but a little bit of angst for your reading pleasure. In part four, it’s going to be like Boss!Harry on tour in New York so this part was necessary to get to that part. I hope you guys like it! x

Question upon question is running through your mind but your mouth is drying up and no words manage to escape your lips. The boy in front of you, no older than five, maybe even younger, with fair hair, green eyes, and his elephant toy, is the same boy from the photos sitting above the fireplace which you spotted those few weeks ago and he tentatively climbs down from the steps, moving them back to the corner of the room, as though he’ll get in trouble if he doesn’t, before coming back to stand in front of you, staring up in wonder at this new person who’s entered the room in his home. His and…his father’s home?

You try to croak out a ‘hello’ or a ‘hi’ but the words of your mind don’t make it to your mouth and the boy just holds on to his cuddly elephant even tighter. He’s heartbreakingly cute, possibly the sweetest looking thing you’ve ever seen, and without even needing to ask, you know he’s Harry’s boy. He’s got little Superman pyjamas on his body and tiny frog slippers on his feet to keep him warm against the cold floor of the apartment. It’s not freezing outside but it’s definitely getting colder the nearer it gets to the winter months, and the now distant comfort of Harry from mere moments ago reminds you of just how bitter the weather was getting outside.

“Daddy says…daddy says not to talk to strangers,” he squeaks, looking away as he does, worry, about what to do, in his eyes which are now searching the space either side of you. You realise you’re blocking his escape route if he wants to run back to his bedroom and step aside to let him go through. But he doesn’t move.

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Better Person

Harry can remember the day he met Niall clearly.

It was a crowded day on the tube and Harry was minding his own business per the usual, trying his best to ignore the people around him with headphones in his ears and eyes glaring at the ceiling. That’s when Niall fell into his life, quite literally. Niall had accidentally stumbled into Harry’s much taller, broader, and stronger physic and instantly fell apart into a fit of apologies, to which Harry was ready to shrug it off and try his best not to sound indignant when he said “it’s okay,” but then the boy in front of him started crying.

It was something that Harry didn’t really know how to deal with. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? He spent a good couple of seconds rewinding what had just happened, trying to figure out if he had said or done anything that could’ve garnered that reaction from the admittedly pretty boy in front of him, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Trying his best to disregard the hard glares he was receiving from other people on the tube, Harry pulls out his headphones and shuffles closer to the blonde, placing a hesitant hand on his shoulder. “C’mon, love, it’s alright.” He mumbles lowly, attempting to channel his own mother and her nurturing instincts.

What he didn’t expect was for the boy to respond so quickly, almost instantly looking up into Harry’s eyes and then falling into the brunette’s chest, wrapping his much thinner arms around Harry’s waist. 

Harry remembers the confusion he felt in that moment. 

To begin with, Harry wasn’t the most approachable person to begin with. What with his piercings and tattoos, many people would immediately write him off as intimidating or dangerous, yet this boy seemed to have no issue forcefully hugging Harry. But possibly the most puzzling part of this experience was the fact that Harry didn’t completely hate what was happening. And Harry really hated when people touched him, whether it be his closest friends patting him on the back or strangers brushing past him on the streets, Harry hated human contact. But he liked this. He couldn’t help but hug back as he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling spread across his chest as a little blonde kid he had never seen before in his life snuffled into his chest. 

It’s at that point that Harry realizes he might be a tiny bit screwed.

And later that same day, when Harry offers to take Niall out for dinner, the brunette finds out that the small Irishman  didn’t cry because he ran into Harry but because he had failed a test that day and just got overwhelmed. It’s in that moment, watching Niall shrug in embarrassment from across the table at Nandos, that Harry realizes he’s actually 100%, completely and totally screwed. 

* * * *

To be clear: Harry is not a people-person. 

He doesn’t like spending time around strangers or making new friends, no, he’d much rather occupy his days doing something that actually interested him like drawing up new tattoo designs, working out, or staring at his immaculately perfect boyfriend. 

Niall is everything Harry has ever wanted in his life. Disregarding his physical appearance (because really, Harry could go on for hours about how much he appreciated Niall’s soft blonde hair, his electric blue eyes, and bright smile), Niall has so many qualities that Harry loves. Not only is outgoing, artistic, and sweet, but Niall just has this way about him which draws Harry in like nothing else ever has before. 

More often than not, the actions of other human beings disgust Harry. If anything, other people repel Harry with their boisterous, badly worded sentences and unbecoming attitudes, but that all changed when he met Niall. 

He met Niall and it was like he finally found the one person that he could be with for hours on end and not want to bash his own head in. And it’s so strange because he’s heard other people talk and he knows that there are some people out there that find Niall annoying. In fact just last week Harry and Niall were out with a couple of friends when some random guy Harry had never met before asked him “How do you stay with Niall anyway? I mean, don’t you find him, like, kinda annoying?” 

That conversation ended with Harry’s knuckles a bit bruised and the guy screaming profanities, but that was besides the point. 

There wasn’t a single thing about Niall that Harry found annoying. Of course, they got in fights and they weren’t always perfect, for example, the night that Harry punched that asshole in the face, Niall had given his boyfriend a complete lecture on why violence was never the answer. But Harry never felt truly antagonized or irritated by Niall like he did with most other human beings. 

“Babe…” Niall complains in a long, drawn out groans, breaking Harry out of his own thoughts. “I don’t want to go to school.” 

Looking out the window at the flurries of snow falling past their window, Harry’s surprised Niall even has school. 

Harry absently tangles his fingers into Niall’s fluffy hair as the blonde flops onto the couch, placing his head in Harry’s lap. “And I don’t wanna go work, baby, but we gotta do what we gotta do.” 

“You love your work.” Niall pouts and Harry chuckles, moving down to kiss his boyfriends protruding lip quickly. 

Harry rolls his eyes, responding, “Well sue me for trying to make my boyfriend happy.” 

Niall just grins up at Harry and the taller boy smiles right back, knowing his mission was accomplished. Niall reaches up and flicks Harry’s forehead affectionately before getting up. “C’mon, then, you’re gonna walk me to school, aren’t you?” The blonde calls, already pulling on his trainers next to the door. 

With a quick shake of the head towards his ridiculous boyfriend, Harry gets up, laces up his boots and follows his little blonde ball of energy down the steps of their flat. 

It’s freezing outside and Harry’s glad they both put on their bigger coats. Niall’s wearing one of Harry’s hoodies along with his snow jacket and he looks so adorable Harry can’t help but laugh, tugging Niall by his reddened cheeks to kiss him hard on the steps of their flat. “I love you.” Harry says gently and Niall’s eyes do the thing that they always do when Harry says that, lightening and softening before he returns the words and kisses Harry again. 

They begin walking towards Niall’s school against the wind, shivering and huddling together as Harry wraps his arm over Niall’s shoulder and Niall stuff’s his hands into Harry’s pockets. 

Twenty minutes later Niall reluctantly pulls himself out from under Harry’s protective arm and wraps his arms around the bigger boy’s neck, kissing him a little too passionately for them to be out in public before backing up and skipping off with a grin. Harry stands and watches, makes sure the boy gets in safely before sighing, lovesick and longing already before backtracking down the street off towards the tattoo parlor that he works in. 

He clocks in with a small head nod to Zayn, another worker there before moving to the back and preparing for a new design that he’ll be tattooing today.

Not long after that, Harry hears the bell to the front door ring and he cracks his fingers, moving to the front of the building. 

“Hey there, I’m looking for a Harry Styles?” The man asks hesitantly and Harry prays that this isn’t the guy’s first time. It’s almost one of his rules, that his customers aren’t first timers, because despite certain situations with very certain people (or, person), Harry isn’t the most comforting person. 

“That’s me. Alright, mate?” He asks, voice low and grip tight as he shakes the hand of the man across him. Wearing all black, with tattoos across both arms and a piercing shooting through his eyebrow, Harry knows he has a relatively intimidating physic, but this guy is practically shaking in his boots. “First time?” He asks with a somewhat indignant tone, giving Zayn a glare as he lets out a snicker. 

“N-no, but I’m just a bit bad with needles is all.” 

Harry closes his eyes in frustration, motioning towards the back and mumbling. “Great.”

Despite how bad his customer service may be, Harry is good at his job. He begins to draw the outline of the tattoo on the man’s right shoulder rolling his eyes and huffing overtime the man flinches, always taking the time to remind him that, “this isn’t even the part that’s supposed to hurt, mate.” 

It’s only about ten minutes in that the door’s bell rings for a second time.

“Guess whose school got cancelled!?” Harry hears a brash, brazen, and all-too-familiar voice ringing through the shop. Instantly, he turns the buzzing needle off and stands to his feet. 

He hears his customer call out in confusion but he just hums lowly, moving towards the door, where he’s met by his beaming boyfriend. “School was canceled!” He says loudly and jumps up into Harry’s arms, giggling like the little kid he is. Harry catches him, of course he does, unable to keep the stupid, foolish grin from moving on his face. 

They’re just hugging for a moment, Harry lifting Niall’s feet from the ground, giggling like madmen when Niall lets out a little gasp and pulls back, landing on his feet. “Harry, you rude bastard, you have a customer!” He says, Irish lit loud and clear as he waves to the man staring wide-eyed in the chair. “Sorry, man!” He calls. 

Harry rolls his eyes, remembering that even though Niall is out of school, Harry still has work. “Sorry baby, but I only have to do this one tattoo and then we can go. That cool?”

Niall pouts, for the second time in the day, but nods anyways. “Can I stay in here with you, though? Zayn’s boring.”

They both ignore Zayn’s offended “hey!” from the front room, but Harry leans back, finally making eye contact with the man in the chair, who still looks a bit bewildered. “Do ya mind if Niall here stays in here?” 

“I’ll be better conversation than this twat, I’ll tel you that much.” Niall says once the man nods and he sits down across from where Harry’s working. “So tell me buddy, what’s your name?”

Harry tunes most of their conversation out, but the smile stays on his face. He finds himself being much gentler, more precise as Niall’s voice is fluttering through the room, doing its best at calming Harry. He begins to relax more fully and soon enough he feels like he’s just at home on a normal day, laying on the couch listening to Niall ramble on as he half-listens and draws in his sketchbook. 

Harry’s ears perk up at the word “boyfriend” and he looks up, taking a break from tattooing and using the time to wipe off the extra ink. He looks to Niall only to catch the blonde staring back at him dreamily, kind of like the cartoon caricatures Harry’s seen Zayn draw of himself and Niall (or Narry, as Zayn likes to call them). 

He sees the guy (he never actually heard his name) looking between the two with an interested look before chuckling lowly. Normally, the act would annoy Harry, but with Niall around, he really can’t be bothered. 

A couple of minutes later and Harry’s finally finished with the tattoo, he sends the man up to the front to pay and Niall follows closely behind to go put on all of his coats again while Harry hurriedly cleans up his station. 

On his way towards the lobby, though, he can’t help but overhear a passing conversation. 

“So, is there a reason why he hated me or?” The man said which received laughs from both Niall and Zayn. 

“Nah, Harry doesn’t like most people. But you kinda got off easy today, mate, what with Niall being around. That usually puts Harry in a good mood.” 

Harry rolls his eyes as he hears Zayn explain what he’s known ever since he met the blonde boy he’s lucky to call his boyfriend. He walks into the lobby with loud, stomping footsteps and goes to start putting on his coats along with Niall. “Talking about me again, huh lads?” He asks somewhat playfully and Niall winks. 

“Of course, babe. Zayn here was just telling James how I make you a better person and all that.” He says, walking over to tuck himself into Harry’s arms. 

“Yep, we were, cause’ you seem to hate all other human beings unless your little boyfriend is around. How did you ever exist without him, huh Haz?” Zayn jabs back and honestly, Harry has no idea. 

Zayn’s words put a smirk on Niall’s face, one that makes Harry groan and roll his eyes before dragging the blonde out of the shop because he knows he’ll never hear the end of it. In fact, their entire, slow walk back home in the deep snow is filled with Niall bumping against Harry’s shoulders whispering “I make you more manageable, huh? I’m just so great, I can see why you love me so much. C’mon Haz, admit it!” and many more random sentences in the same fashion. 

It’s not until they get back home and their cuddled up under about four blankets on the couch with the fireplace roaring that Harry snaps, “Alright, alright, you make me a better person and i never want to live life without you again otherwise I might just kill everyone in sight out of pure annoyance.” He says, being completely truthful despite his sarcastic tone. 

He sees Niall giggle lightly in the corner of his eye, but before the blonde can snark something back to him, Harry shuts him up by kissing him a bit roughly. “I gave you what you wanted, yeah? Now how about you give me what I want.” Harry suggests and Niall quirks a brow.

“And what is it you want?” 

“I want you to shut up and kiss me for the rest of the night, is that alright?” Harry asks cheekily. 

His ears ring with the absolute beauty that is Niall’s laughter. “Simple enough.” 

I hope that wasn’t too choppy I had to write it in weird order b/c i literally never have time fml. Punk Harry is everything to me and nothing will ever change that. PLEASE send me an inbox letting me know what I should update next (oneshot, arcadia, or 3 musketeers) and thanks for reading!

Prompts are open! I do any niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, or OT5! You can see my previous writing here and my master post here

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I'm Gratsu deprived

Me too, anon, me too. I wrote you a little drabble in hopes that it would help.


“Luce, he’s so cool!” Natsu says.

She giggles. “I’m sure he is.”

Natsu’s excited enough that his voice gets a bit louder every time he talks. He’s starting to draw the attention of passersby but she doesn’t mind much. She’s used to it by now. It’s even kind of endearing.

Natsu says something else, but she doesn’t catch it. He’s speaking so quickly, if she stops paying attention for a split second she’ll miss something.

Lucy tries to focus on Natsu, but she spots something out of the corner of her eye, a redheaded woman trying to discreetly gesture to them with a tip of her head. Lucy looks at the man she’s whispering to and he’s gorgeous, - they both are - even if he’s scowling and vehemently shaking his head.

The man looks at her for a second, definitely checks her out, but her flattery is short lived when he immediately shifts his gaze to Natsu and the faintest hint of a smile rests on his nicely shaped lips.

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Love is Ranting About All the Stupid Shit Your Loved Ones Do

Okay. You can all thank @ginnyspitch for this goddamn mess. It would not have gotten finished without her. I legit am horrible at finishing what I start in terms of Fic. So, have some ot3 messiness. 

Ginny x Livan x Mike

“Have you ever noticed Baker eats her pizza topping by topping?” Mike goes very very still as soon as the question is out of Duarte’s mouth, but the other catcher doesn’t seem to notice. Mike gets the sense he isn’t really conversing with him so much as thinking out loud. “Like, she eats the pepperoni, and then the cheese, and then the crust… Also, what the hell is her beef with cilantro? How do you even cook a meal without cilantro?”

Well shit. He thinks with a heavy sigh and takes a long pull from his beer. Another one bites the dust. Pretty soon Baker’s not going to need any groupies, her teammates will take care of that. Mike shakes his head, knowing from the way Daurte’s talking (which he is still doing by the way, he finally got to the singing thing, it doesn’t offend him nearly as much as her lack of rhythm “I was trying to teach her to salsa but she wouldn’t know how to follow a lead if they were showing her the exit to a burning building….”) this isn’t a sex thing, well, just a sex thing. Speaking from experience, Mike knows it’s probably at least a little bit of a sex thing. And really, he’s seen them together, seen the easy connection they have-on and off the field- and how good they look standing next to each other, knows how well that connection would probably translate in the bed- in other places. He gets it. He really gets it. That doesn’t make it alright though, and if Mike has to fucking keep himself in check, so does the goddamn rookie.

“You put this much thought into all your teammates there Duarte?” Jesus, the kid looks like he forgot Mike was even there. But then something happens that Mike was not expecting. The bastard grins, and fuck those dimples should not be allowed. It’s the same thing that let’s Baker get away with half the shit she pulls. Mike officially hates dimples. His eyes do this weird thing too, like he’s laughing at something hysterical in his head.

“Some of ‘em, yeah.”

Oh. Mike blinks a couple time and clears his throat, “Yeah well, just remember, Baker’s here to play ball, not find a husband.” This time Duarte does laugh and Mike, Mike really is getting too old for this. Rookies were not this irritating when he first agreed to be captain.

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[fic] silent love

1/? of the fuse → firework series

phichit/seunggil. general audiences. 2k.

when he is fifteen, lee seunggil meets phichit chulanont at his first asian open trophy. they talk, they cry, they part ways.

(on ao3)

August 2011, Hong Kong

His beginning comes at the end of a song.

The last notes of his programme music fade amidst the sound of rapid, enthusiastic clapping. Seunggil turns towards the side of the rink, finding the source of the sound to be a brown-skinned boy leaning against the rink wall, bright eyes fixed on Seunggil, an impossibly wide grin on his face.

“That was amazing!” the boy says. “The way you just landed that axel - wow! And that triple flip triple toe combination - it was so fluid and smooth! Gosh.”

By this point Seung-gil’s glided to the edge of the ice, close enough for the boy to jerk forward over the wall and grab Seunggil’s hand. “Hi!” he says shaking it like he’s handling a particularly stubborn pepper shaker. “I’m Phichit Chulanont, from Thailand! What’s your name?”

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KBTBB Headcannon - If an enemy tried to hurt MC/their baby

Anonymous Request: Hi! So I saw the headcannon you did for if an enemy or something like that was hurting MC and trying to hurt their baby, I was just wondering if you could do a similar one for the KBTBB boys? Pretty please w/ sugar on top?????

Absolutely sugar bottoms, I’d love to do another one! :) And btw just as a side note, you have no idea how hard it is to find some of these gifs lol XD like it’s took me longer to find the gifs than it did to write the headcannons themselves! 


He had left you alone with the baby at his place so that he could go to a gallery opening. It hadn’t been that long since you had given birth, and Ota wanted you to rest up. He honestly would’ve rather stayed with the two of you, although he’d probably never would’ve admitted it to you out loud. But he had made a promise to the owner that he would show up, so he’d made as quikc of an appearance as he could manage before head home. When he came back, his eyes were immediately drawn to the busted down front door.

Fear took hold of him like a vice grip and he ran inside. He called out your name, looking about desperately. But when he heard no answer, he increased his speed to a dead bolt, throwing open your bedroom door. What awaited him was to see you laying on the floor, barely conscious and very bruised. A strange man, one Ota had never seen before, was making his way towards the crib. 

Your eyes met his for just an instant, until he stepped into the room, drawing the strangers attention to him.  The man turned around just in time for Ota to tackle him around the middle, pinning him down on the floor beneath me. 

“You won’t live long enough to regret hurting my Koro.“ Ota seethed. 

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Mamoru rubbed the back of his neck as he came back from grabbing some groceries. He’d left you and the new baby back at home so that he could pick up a couple of things for the three of you. He smiled, thinking about how much his baby looked like you. His smile, however, disappeared when he rounded the corner and heard a woman. Screaming. And not just any woman. His woman. 

He dropped the bags he had in his arms and ran like a bat out of hell towards the apartment. A baby’s cries mingled with yours, and he ran faster until he made his way through the door and towards the bedroom, where he knew the two of you were. 

Before him stood a man he’d once pursued during a case he’d investigated, many years ago. But he wasn’t alone. The man had a fistful of your hair in one of his hand, holding you up. The baby was crying not a few feet away, and from Mamoru could tell, the man had tried to get to the baby before you’d intervened. 

The man hadn’t even had a chance to register Mamoru was there before Mamoru’s fist connected with the man’s jaw. The shock knocked the man’s grip on your hair lose, and you fell to the floor. Mamoru stood in front of you like a shield, his eyes wild as he looked down at the recovering criminal, the gun from his holster raised and already ready to shoot. 

“You’ve got a lot of nerve trying to hurt my girl, and my baby. And I’m going to make you wish you’d never been born.” 

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After a long day of work, Eisuke found himself eager to return back home. He had you and a new baby waiting for him, and he couldn’t wait to hold both of you in his arms. Even a man as arrogant as he had discovered that he had a weak spot. You and his child. Though only a few weeks old, it already had his eyes, and that thought warmed his heart. As he waited for the elevator to reach the top floor, he distantly hoped that it would have your smile and your laugh, just two things he adored about you. 

But that weak spot of his stabbed straight into his heart as he exited the elevator for the penthouse, and he heard you screaming. His body acted of its own accord then. He launched himself into his room, the origin of your screaming, and threw the door open. He saw you laying on the ground, your body covering the baby beneath you, it’s cries absorbed in its mother’s chest. A man stood over you, kicking at your back roughly in attempts to get you to relinquish the baby to him. 

The baby’s crib was strewn about nearby, as if a tornado had gone through, and it appeared the man had yanked from the baby from its crib before you got to it. Like lightning, Eisuke made his way to the man and grabbed him by the throat, pinning him up against the wall with an incredible amount of strength. Every fiber of his being oozed rage, and even from where you lay, holding your baby, you could hear his ragged breathing. 

“I’m going to tear off one of your fingers for each and every bruise I find on her body.” 

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The thief made his way back home after a fairly successful heist. A happy smile was splayed on his face thinking about his cute little baby and wife waiting for him at home. You had wanted to go with him, but having no given birth to the baby not a week before, Baba had practically forced you to stay home. Still, it had pained him to leave the two of you there, and he had a little gift in his hands for each of you upon his return. 

As he walked upstairs, his senses were immediately alerted that something was wrong when he heard the baby crying. Even in the short amount of time you had been a mother, you were always extremely attentive and loving towards the baby. There was no way the baby would sound that upset with you by its side. But the baby sounded as if it was getting more and more agitated by the second. Instantly worrying, Baba ran the remaining few feet into the penthouse, dropping what he had in his hands. 

Broken furniture was strewed about, and Baba’s eyes dilated, propelling himself towards your room where the baby’s cries were coming from. Upon entering, his vision was filled with you. You were laying face down on the bed, one hand dangled inside the baby’s crib. Your body was motionless, and it appeared you were unconscious, as you looked to still be breathing at the very least. A man was also in the room, one Baba had never seen before, and he saw him making his way towards the baby’s crib, reaching in towards it menacingly. 

Baba flew into the room and tackled the man away from the baby’s crib. The two rolling about across the floor in a struggle until Baba managed to pin the strange man beneath him, a vice grip tightening around his throat. 

“You hurt my princess and tried to hurt my baby. You better start praying for mercy right about now.” 

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Soryu had a business deal he’d had to take care of last minute, and was just now returning home. He hadn’t wanted to leave you, or your newborn baby, but he knew you were still far too tired to be far from home, so he’d made you stay behind. As he neared the penthouse, his blood instantly ran cold in his veins, hearing the sounds of someone screaming. But he knew that voice. It was you. 

He sprinted down the hallway and into your bedroom. The door was already ajar, so he quickly made his way inside. His eyes widened as he saw you sitting on the floor, your arms wrapped around your baby as a strange man hovered over you. You were trying to silence your baby, who had started to cry from all the excitement, but you were wincing. The man had his gun gun raised up towards you, and as Soryu looked further, he saw blood was dripping from your shoulder. 

The man didn’t even know what hit him when Soryu’s gun went off, the bullet knocking the gun from his hand. The man screamed, holding his injured hand when another bullet crashed into him, this time into his shoulder. Screaming once again, he fell back and slide down against the wall and onto the floor. He looked up at Soryu, a terrified expression on his face as Soryu reloaded the gun and pointed it in his face. 

“I’ll send you to hell for hurting her you sonuvabitch.” Soryu growled, his eyes nothing but dilated pits of fire. 

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I Appreciate Your Expertise

A/N: I’m super excited for this oneshot. This is my first time writing Tony and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Thank to @chaos-and-the-calm67 for being an amazing beta.

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FLUFF, so much fluff

Word Count: 1291

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“Sweetheart,” a rough, sleep heavy voice whispered from behind me. Soft, feather-light kisses went down my spine then back up, and across my upper back.

“Mmmm,” I groaned, burrowing my face further into the pillow. A deep chuckle vibrated against my back. How could something so simple be so intoxicating?

“Come on, Babygirl,” more kisses were scattered on my neck and in between my shoulder blades, “It’s time to get up.”

I lay flat on my stomach, hiding my face completely, whining like the petulant child I was. I refused to be an adult and do adult things this early in the morning; whatever time that was.

“I don’t wanna,” I mumbled.

“But you gotta.”

“It’s too early,” I whined.

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Follow You pt. 1

Summary:  Bucky Barnes thought that ‘going under’ would be best for him. He thought that entering himself into a comatose would diffuse the war that waged within his mind every time he closed his eyes. When it doesn’t work, he’s back at square one, and Tony Stark enlists the help of New York’s brightest and most ambitious psychologist in order to help the newest member of the team.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,469

A/N: I originally posted this on ff.net, so if it looks familiar to you, that’s why.
But I absolutely love writing this fic, and recently I’ve hit kind of a wall with it, so I figured I’d post it here and maybe you guys would give me the inspiration I need to finish it. So, I really hope you like it. 

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There was something spectacular about the human body. The way that it moved. The way the chest contracted and expanded with each breath. The battle scars of weight loss. The different shades of hair, different shapes of noses, different curves. The way that a woman’s breasts were never the same size, unless of course, they were artificial; modified in a way to make everyone think they were handed down to her by the grace of genetics. None of them could hide the truth once their clothes came off, and they stood in the center of the room, contorted into the pose of the day.

Not that there was anything wrong with surgically modifying one’s body for the sole purpose making it look better than it had before. The term didn’t only categorize implants, and botox, and gastric bypass surgeries. It categorized something as simple as getting your hair dyed a different color than that of which you had been born with, or wearing makeup, or stuffing your bra. The point is that it doesn’t matter how many things you do to yourself, once all of the clothes come off, and you’re completely and utterly exposed, it’s still your body. It’s still you.

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Give You the World

The one where Dan is a well known writer who tears himself apart to further his work, and Phil is the flatmate who attempts to fix him and hold him together, whatever the cost. 

Genre: Mostly angst but it has some super fluffy moments and a cute ending

Word Count: 2,354

Warnings: swearing, ‘existential crisis’

A/N: I literally deleted all of this by accident and it was originally MUCH MUCH LONGER and I had to rewrite it so I didn’t have time to edit so I’m sorry. But overall I’m quite proud of this! Also I do not write angst very often so this was a good change of pace for me ^-^

Feedback is greatly appreciated as I have not written many fics over the length of 1,000 words!

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jaamesbarnes  asked:

hey amy, so can i ask a favor for all we singles this valentines day? Can we have a fic where stiles and derek both agreed valentines day was over rated but when the pack start getting gifts for each other they both feel guilty and start making plans behind each other's back and then v-day comes and its super cute and mushy and maybe a little sexy and all the sterek love <333 thanks bby <3

sorry it’s both late and kind of… not the prompt. ilu bby! happy v day!


“So, we’re in agreement.” Stiles shuffles around on the couch, throws his feet over Derek’s lap, “Total one hundred per cent agreement.”

Derek hums, one hand dropping to knead at the sole of one of Stiles’ feet as he continues to read the paper in front of him.

“There’s gonna be no gift buying, no declarations, no sky writing, no elephants in the apartment courtyard, no roses, and absolutely no poetry.”

Derek’s lips twitch, and he cuts a glance at Stiles.

“What? You want me to write you a poem? Roses are red, daisies are white, lemme give you head, and we’ll stay in bed all night?”

“Romantic,” Derek says drily, stroking his thumb up the side of Stiles’ foot and around his ankle bone. “How could anyone resist?”

“Obviously you couldn’t, or we wouldn’t be here, having this discussion.”

“The point of which is?”

“Derek! Haven’t you been listening at all?!” Stiles digs his heel into Derek’s thigh crossly, “No Valentine’s shit, ok? I wanna tell you how much you mean to me I’ll do it in my own way, with an insulting limerick and blowing you before bed. I don’t need a special day for that. And, I don’t need anything from you, either. Unless you’re buyin’ me a boat?”

“What the hell would you do with a boat?”

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Roundhouse Kick to the Heart

Prompt: Based off of this request x

A/N: In this fic, the reader is an avenger, with a skill set similar to those of Natasha and Clint. I will probably post my headcanons soon so if you request a fic like this, you can tell me if you want a powered reader or an agent reader if you request a reader who is an avenger. Also, sorry for the awfully cheesy and disgusting title, someone pls kill me. I hope you all enjoy :)

Pairing: Matt x Avenger!Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

You were sent to Hell’s Kitchen New York to gather intel on an underground human trafficking business. It was a 6 month mission, and while you missed the team, you had found comfort quickly in the quirky city. Since you technically weren’t an official avenger yet, and the press hadn’t gotten their hands on you, you didn’t need an alias. The closest to an alias you had was an assigned position as an attorney. Two weeks before you had left, you read up on your new position at Nelson and Murdock, and would be lying if you said you weren’t excited to play lawyer.

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confused o2 [jungkook&you]

Summary: You’ve long crushed on Jungkook, however he was into your band mate instead, causing you to hold back your confession. Upon doing so, you receive comfort from Yoongi when he finds out, to which Jungkook knew nothing of and feels all sorts of confused emotions when he sees you both together.

a/n: sorry that i updated this one first. i had a dream for this, as weird as it may seem. however, it transitioned to taehyung instead of jungkook, and i woke up going wtfffffff just happened?! hahahah!

part one

Originally posted by taesty-bangtan

It’s been a few days since Yoongi’s permission from Jungkook about asking you out, and the young man haven’t been feeling easy. Also, Bang PD had decided on doing a stage collab, for a new year celebration. 

The moment it was announced, you and Yoongi immediately linked arms on being partners, causing Jungkook to swallow hard at the scene. Since then, your band have been practicing with Bangtan Boys, with two extra female back dancers to fill in your five member girl group.

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You Can Bring Me Flowers

Happy Birthday khaleesimaka! Thank you so much for being so sweet and welcoming to me the past few weeks, and listening to me blab endlessly about things I want to write.

You you wanted Flower Shop AU; I give you Flower Shop AU. Hope you have a lovely day!

The bell on the door tinkles, announcing his arrival.

“He’s here again,” Liz mutters into her ear. Maka freezes; the ‘he’ in question is one very regular customer in the shop who makes a weekly purchase of irises. Apparently he is a very devoted boyfriend.

“Good morning,” Maka says cheerfully; Liz gives her a wink and darts into the back room. “Having a good day?”

“Yeah it’s been fine.” His voice is low and soft, and makes her think of the last clap of thunder as a storm is leaving to the north. “Are you up to anything fun this weekend?”

It’s the kind of question that could seem flirtatious if he wasn’t buying flowers for his mystery girlfriend – or maybe she was just reading into things because he’s tall, and has a deep voice, and a wicked smile that makes her face flame up.

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And Here I Pray

Continuation of this, which was inspired by this!

1.827 words… whew.

There’s a little shoutout to @furaitsu in this, see if you can find it!

Also, since I’m a huge fan of non-sexual cuddling and touching, I’m tagging @cinensis because I think this will be his cup of tea!!

NOTE: This is sfw as far as I can tell! It might be nsfw for disgusting levels of cuteness. Also, if you’ve read the previous lines, you know exactly what this entire thing encompasses.

Hope y’all enjoy!!

It’s a ruse, mostly. They both know where he’s going to start. Saitama has developed a sort of routine for this, for this welcoming of Genos’ new body, but Genos is left just as breathless as when Saitama first explored it on his own.

Saitama guides Genos to sit on the futon with the slightest push from his fingers, smiling devilishly at the flustered look on his disciple’s face and the quick gust of steam jetting from his shoulders.

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