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A Cinderella Story | 01

Min Yoongi | Fluff | Comedy | Smut | ACS!au | Fratboy!Yoongi | 

word count: 10k+

warnings: cumplay, mutual masturbation, phone sex, tribute, explicit language

❝ Your infatuation with Min Yoongi has to be what is the most exhausting part of your life, and in an attempt to help you get over him your friends convince you to join an online adult chat room. Unbeknownst to you the online freak you’ve been sexting for the better half of a year is your childhood crush. Just how much worst could this situation get? One fated night, a confession gone wrong and a lost phone with an almost laughable amount of nudes on it will tell all.  ❞

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{Special College!AU} Mark Lee
  • major: children’s education 
  • minor: creative writing 
  • sports: was invited to the schools hockey team because he’s good on skates, but turns out mark lee isn’t all that good at contact sports (that and taeyong got so worried about him mark just decided to join badminton club instead)
  • clubs: book review with doyoung - but more than anything he just likes to hear doyoung talk lol, secretly part of a magic the gathering thing but only sometimes,,,,like ,,,,, once a week shh
  • when mark was applying to colleges, a lot of people were telling him to pursue majors he didn’t really like
  • “be pre-med!” “do law!” “business is the only place were there’s real money!”
  • but mark knew what he wanted to do with his life,,,,,he wanted to be a teacher
  • and even though people would always assume his shy, easily embarrassed attitude around others would be hard to overcome if he was like a highschool teacher or something
  • mark knew that he could do it - plus he’d always kind of wanted to be a kindergarten teacher,,,,,kids were always just so much more creative and interesting
  • and one of the things people had told mark since he was pretty young was that he was a natural born role model 
  • from breaking up arguments between kids on his home block, to encouraging his friends to do their best, just being laidback and so easy to talk to - yet still working his hardest
  • so why not put that to use,,,,,,sure it might have been corny to say outloud but mark wants to inspire kids and be someone they can really learn from,,,,
  • even though he’d never admit it aloud because for some reason he’d know someone (johnny) would fake cry and clap about his emotional speech
  • which sOMEone (johnny) does a lot,,,, like mark will go “if anything, we can all agree on pizza for lunch” and johnny will wipe a fake tear and be like “the hero we always needed,,,,”
  • mark sometimes wonders why he’s friends with such dramatic people,,,,,,,,actually a lot of people wonder that
  • because mark is popular, people just see him as this approachable, adorable guy and he totally is
  • which is why taeyong is always sweating over the fact that mark is TOO nice,,,,,he doesn’t want mark to get in any trouble
  • ten is always like taeyong please, mark is a grown man he knows-
  • taeyong: mark - don’t talk to strangers on the internet, mark have you ever heard of catfishing, mark did you know your computer could be HACKED
  • taeil: someone please distract him ,,,, like sicheng spill some coffee or sneeze on him so he’ll stop
  • but mark has known his closest friends for the longest, and he’s got this sense of loyalty that’s seriously unbreakable
  • it’s one of the many things that is so great about him,,,,honestly how can someone be so genuine and nice,,,,,,,
  • mark’s roommate jaehyun sometimes finds mark sitting up at like 2 am - desk lamp on - scribbling notes down
  • and he assumes he’s studying or something,,,but mark also has another goal - he wants to write a kids book
  • although his drawing is sub par,,,,,ideas for the book have always been floating around in his head
  • and even if it’s 2, 3, 4 am he has to get up and write a good one down
  • he never shows them to anyone though,,,,because it’s sort of a secret the only person who knows is another bestfriend of his, haechan, whose still in high school
  • mark would totally pen pal haechan if he went away to college - don’t argue with me on this
  • as a children’s education major,,,,there’s a program that allows mark to TA in an actual school for a bit - only half a semester but it’s something he’s really looked forward too
  • there’s two TA’s per class and mark gets assigned to a first grade homeroom
  • which is where you actually first meet,,,,,
  • you get there super early, afraid you’ll be even a second late and make a bad impression - the anxiety of working under a teacher you don’t know makes you a little sweaty
  • and as you slide down the wall outside classroom 127, catching your breathe because you bet you ran here
  • you look at your phone and sigh,,,,,,,7:05,,,,,you’ve got another 25 minutes
  • it takes you a while to realize,,,,but there’s someone else in the hall with you. 
  • across from your room,,,,sits a boy - he looks vaguely familiar but he seems just as nervous as you are
  • glancing at his watch and tapping his foot, eyes wide with wonder when you finally meet each others glances
  • embarrassingly, he scrambles up to his feet and so do you 
  • “h-hi,,, im mark. im with 127,,,,”
  • he awkwardly stretches his hand out to shake yours and you notice that he avoids direct eye contact again,,,,,,,,it’s kinda cute
  • you introduce yourself back, telling him you’re with 127 too
  • there’s a short pause and then he blurts out “do you think the kids will like us?”
  • out of all the things to be worried about,,,,it’s somehow fitting of mark’s biggest fear to be of his impression left on the kids
  • something about his question makes you feel ,,,,, like there’s something different about mark
  • something almost pure,,,,,,
  • you smile “i hope they do.”
  • at 7:30, you and mark hear the padding of little feet. the excited voices and sounds that could only mean one thing - class 127 is on its way
  • the teacher, a kind looking older women, brightens up when she sees you two
  • quickly, you and mark politely bow and introduce yourselves. she seems so happy to have you two and you mentally high-five yourself in relief
  • you catch mark’s eye and he pretends to wipe a sweat from his forehead which makes you giggle
  • as the kids pile into the room, taking their seats the teacher has you and mark write your names on the board
  • beside yours, you put a smiling face and notice mark pick his chalk back up to add a flower beside his
  • mark goes first, introducing himself by his full name
  • one of the kids shouts “mr. lee!!!” and mark almost turns bright red,,,,,,,,making it hard for you to keep a straight face
  • the introductions go smoothly and the teacher sits you at one table full of kids and mark at another 
  • the day goes by exceptionally well, all the kids seem fond of you - clinging to your hand and feeling comfortable enough to share favorite toys or books with you
  • during recess, one of them was feeling tired and had plopped themselves in your lap - which you were fine with,,,until they almost fell asleep
  • tbh there was only one kid who was a bit rowdy, sometimes too loud and too physical with other kids 
  • but you could see mark had no trouble handling him
  • actually,,,,you were kind of shocked to see how diligently mark had committed himself to helping this kid - even on the first day
  • and when school was over, mark even took the time to wait by the kid till his parents arrived
  • it had only been the first day and you were already growing attached,,,,,,,,,you knew time would fly with the kids
  • but for some reason, as you walked to the bust stop to catch it back to campus,,,,,,you could only think about one of two things; all the cute kids or,,,,,,,
  • mark
  • the first couple of weeks are a piece of cake really, the teacher was so knowledgeable and sweet plus the kids had accepted you that you couldn’t believe this was a college program
  • like you were getting credits for this,,,,, you had even told mark at some point  “this makes me want to be a teacher even more!” 
  • he’d smiled, agreeing and added that if anything - this class was probably the best class you two would ever have
  • at the end of one day, you and mark had stayed back to clean up and when he’d asked if you were taking the bus back you could feel a small flutter in your heart
  • “yeah i am, i wanted to go get some dinner to take home and then go back to the dorms to study.”
  • mark seemed hesitant for a moment, but then you decided it couldn’t hurt to make a first move - “do you want to eat with me and then we’ll catch the bus together?”
  • mark’s shoulders seemed to relax, he agreed and you guys finished tidying up the room before locking up for the teacher
  • “im on a budget for dinner though, i hope you’re not like super against fast food,,,,”
  • you mumbled, walking the streets with mark by your side, backpack slung over one shoulder
  • “that’s ok, i usually don’t eat dinner anyway. i live off ice-cream and bread my friend taeyong hates it,,,” 
  • mark chuckles and you shake your head “you gotta eat, keeping up with kids is hard”
  • mark smiles, following you into the mcdonalds that you find cramped between two cafes
  • you order a burger meal and mark just gets some fries, you frown and he just shrugs “im serious, i don’t really eat dinner”
  • you settle into an empty booth and start eating, for while it’s silent till mark asks you cautiously if you can tell him something
  • you look at him, the fluorescent bright lighting in this place makes it hard not to focus on how cute he is - you can see his smooth his skin is, and how bright and big his eyes are
  • you swallow and snap out of it, “sure, what is it?”
  • mark mentions the rowdy child from your class,,,,,he plays nervously with the edge of his ear and goes “do you think he’s ok,,,,,,,sometimes i notice that he’s pretty thin. im worried about how much attention he’s getting at home.”
  • you maul it over for a bit, leaning back in your seat. it is true,,,he is one of the smaller boys in the class,,,,and sometimes when kids are loud it is a cry for attention,,,,,
  • “maybe,,,,,but we can’t jump to conclusions. i feel like if something was going on the teacher would have already known,,,,”
  • mark’s eyes that had clouded over a bit with seriousness brighten when you say that
  • “i never thought of that, but you’re probably right,,,,,,”
  • you lean over, stealing a french fry from his tray and mark crinkles his nose “hey!”
  • you laugh and tell him that when he gets back to his dorm he better have some actual dinner
  • you and mark part ways on campus,,,you guys still have regular classes on the days when you’re not at the school so you know you won’t see him till you’re back with the first graders
  • for some weird reason,,,,,even though you just saw him,,,,,you kinda already wanna see him again
  • when you finally do - you learn that the class is going to be having a fun outing day to the park on friday
  • you and mark grin at each other, just as happy as the kids are to be getting out of a classroom
  • that following friday,,,,,,,you come in to see a couple of parents in the room with some kids. one of them is the father of the boy mark was worried about
  • mark appears at your side and you can see he’s watching him too,,,,,
  • in reality if something is up, what can you and him - two college students - really do
  • but at the same time,,,you get the feeling that mark won’t let it go,,,,,,
  • you want to say something, but you feel a small hand tug on yours and ask if you’ll take them to the bathroom
  • you look at mark one more time, but with that you have to do your job
  • the park is fun - the kids are all energetic and you’re pretty sure you and mark have played hide and seek 435342 times
  • when finally the boy mark was worried about joins in, running right into mark’s hands 
  • his father is talking to the teacher,,,,,a look of sadness is apparent in his face 
  • and you look over at mark who frowns
  • at some point throughout the day, when the kids have settled down for lunch 
  • mark is seated beside the father and the kid,,,,,,,they’re talking so far away from the group that you can’t hear a thing
  • but when lunch is over, mark rejoins the group while the father lifts up his son and they walk out of the park
  • the teacher tells you two they had an emergency, but your eyes flick over to mark who looks more distraught than ever
  • after a while, the day comes to an end,,,,,you and mark gather all the kids together but the teacher lets you two off early - the parents and her can handle them from here
  • but you and mark don’t leave the park, instead he calls you over and you sit beside him on one of the swings
  • the autumn afternoon is chilly, but mark seems so lost in his thoughts that you hope whatever the father of that kid said,,,,,isn’t too bad
  • “he’s sick.”
  • mark starts off, the dread in his voice makes you feel just as bad 
  • “is it really serious?” you ask, already knowing the answer
  • mark bites his lip, but nods 
  • you drop your head and whisper that that’s horrible,,,,,
  • sitting beside each other,,,,you and mark silently think the same thing - no one so young should suffer
  • but finally, mark gets up as you hear the creak of the swing
  • he doesn’t say where he wants to go, but just asks “will you come with me?”
  • it’s already getting dark when you and mark get out of the subway, you’re in the busier part of the city - the streets crowded with people in stores, restaurants, cafes, and arcades 
  • mark weaves through the crowd easily, but you lose sight of him a couple of times
  • you don’t want to be separated so at some point you reach out and grab his hand 
  • mark looks back,,,,,and you’re scared he’ll let go but instead he only squeezes it tight and keeps going
  • you end up out back of a bustling arcade, there are old claw machines and mark points to one of the toys inside 
  • “he really likes that cartoon, i want to get him something before the program is over,,,”
  • mark looks over at you and scratches his neck,,,,, “do you think that’s a bad idea-”
  • you dig a couple of coins out of your pocket and dump them in the slot with a smile “no. i think it’s great.”
  • neither you or mark has all that great luck,,,,,tbh you both SUCK at this game 
  • but neither of you wants to give up,,,,,you can’t,,,,,,,
  • and finally,,,,,,,you get it - “mark, mark the claw got it mark!!!”
  • he rushes over, putting his hands over yours on the joystick of the game 
  • muttering under his breath,,,you two carefully move the claw together till it’s right over the opening and with a press of a button
  • the toy drops and you and mark break out into celebration
  • you high-five and then before you know it,,,,you wrap your arms around each other 
  • and it’s so nice,,,,,mark is the type that pulls you in close and it’s so,,,,,warm
  • but also short lived because you both push away in embarrassment,,,,
  • you grab the toy to break the awkwardness and turn to mark “mission complete! 
  • mark gets both your bags off the floor, slinging them over his shoulder as you two walk back toward the train
  • when you’re back on campus, mark asks if you’ll keep the toy safe for him till you guys see each other again
  • you agree and think that this should be the right time to say goodnight,,,but for some reason neither of you do
  • “c-can i,,,,,,,,,,do something?”
  • mark stutters,,,,clearing his throat and you look up at him “sure?”
  • he shifts a bit and adds that he needs you to close your eyes for this
  • clutching the toy to your chest you do so,,,,waiting
  • until you feel it, mark’s lips pressed against the side of your cheek
  • he pulls back and when your eyes flutter open you can see the blush on his cheeks
  • “was that for helping you win the toy?”
  • you ask sheepishly and mark nods,,,,but then stops
  • “it’s also because i ,,,,,,,,like you so,,,,”
  • you can’t help the smile that grows on your face when he says that,,,but you hide it behind the toy 
  • “i like you too mark lee,,,,,,,,”
  • like a puppy, his eyes widen and he stares at you for a second before a goofy grin spreads on his face too
  • “o-ok awesome,,,well uh,,,,but um,,, good night for now,,,”
  • you nod “good night mark lee,,,,,,,,”
  • you want to turn around but then you hear mark’s voice
  • “i,,,,want to ask you out on a date,,,but i need to think of a good one-”
  • “this was a good one. i liked this one.”
  • you say, referring to the time spent today. mark grin’s even larger
  • “ok,,,,,well then ill plan another one soon.”
  • you agree and turn to walk toward the dorm,,,,,when you’re at the door you turn to see mark is still there. he waves and you feel your heart flutter again
  • the last week of your program comes fast,,,it’s emotional because you’ve grown to love all the kids and you know mark has too
  • even the teacher gets worked up,,,saying you two are one of her best TA duos,,,,,,, “it’s even cuter that you two like each other!” she adds and you and mark almost melt into puddles of blushes
  • it’s also finally the day mark gives his favorite kid the toy,,,,,,
  • when he does - the look on the boy’s face is something you can only see on christmas
  • he practically tackles mark with a huge hug ,,,, the fact that he’s much smaller saves mark
  • but the scene makes your heart wrench,,,especially when mark promises to come back and visit him and the boy mumbles that he never knows how long he has
  • you and mark both pass the program with flying colors, you both get pictures with the whole class and with all the kids who run about to hug you two and say goodbye
  • and it’s heartfelt,,,but it just reminds you and mark why you chose your majors
  • walking to the bus for the final time, mark takes your hand
  • which kind of surprises you because,,,,he’s never been big on public pda
  • “have i ever told you i wanted to write a children’s book?”
  • mark asks and you gasp because it’s news to you
  • “about what?”
  • “i had a lot of different ideas,,,,but i think ive picked one i really like. i want to write a book about a fearless kid, who can overcome anything.”
  • you stop in front of the bus schedule and you rub mark’s thumb with your own
  • “do you know the main characters name?”
  • mark shows a hint of a smile,,,,, “i do.”
  • the name,,,,,,,,is the same name as the boy from class 127
  • when you get back to campus, mark shows you some of his other ideas and small sketches that he’s done
  • “im no artist,,,but im sure i can find someone to help. jaehyun’s pretty good though he won’t admit it.”
  • you smile,,,,looking through mark’s messy notes and stick figure panels
  • “i think it’ll be great, mr. lee”
  • mark scrunches up his face, playfully poking your arm at the nickname you haven’t forgotten from your first day in the TA program
  • when it comes out that mark is dating you,,,,there are mixed reactions
  • taeyong has 100 questions for you, yuta is devastated that mark is in a cute relationship first, jaehyun is super happy, ten is a little too happy, johnny goes ‘your growing up, son’ with another fake tear, taeil and sicheng congratulate you and haechan sends mark like 30 texts demanding to konw every last detail of how it happened
  • at some point you ask mark how he deals with this,,,chaos
  • but he just whispers “grin and bear it”
  • you guys stay in contact with the 127 teacher, getting updates about this kids along with cute photos and stuff
  • you and mark both ask about updates on the boy,,,,who thankfully isn’t doing any worse. apparently everyday he brings the toy you guys got him with him to class
  • mark turns out to be super low maintenance,,,to a point where people jokingly go “are you dating or just existing next to each other?”
  • which isn’t ,,,, like a bad thing
  • you and mark just don’t like to flaunt it with pda, couple items, instagrams full of each others faces
  • honestly you two keep it comfortable and simple,,,,
  • your dates are classics like the movie theater, picnics, walks through the city, even just sitting in the library together typing away on your computers or listening to headphones is enough
  • because what attracts you to mark is his work ethic,,,,and who he is as a person and what he’s passionate about
  • so you don’t need much,,,you’re just happy being able to support him and see him grow as this amazing person
  • and mark feels the same way about you
  • even though he gets cherry red whenever you give compliments or cheers of support,,,,,in his own way he gives you those too
  • and so what if doyoung is like “mark, take them somewhere exciting. i heard they’re opening a haunted house downtown in time for halloween~~~!!!” 
  • you and mark would rather chill in his dorm, eating ice-cream out the carton playing video games than getting high blood pressure at a haunted house
  • (except you totally both go and mark lee gets so scared that when he comes out of there you’re like ‘mark, look some white hairs’ and he’s like honestly i love you but this isn’t funny we almost dIED)
  • haechan actually really takes a liking to you, because you both - in very loving ways - known how to tease mark lee
  • although pda isn’t mark’s thing he does like it when you rest your head on his shoulder
  • you could just be tired in study hall, wearing a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms - curled up at his side or you could be falling asleep on the bus ride home,,,,,,having you close like that makes mark happy 
  • because he knows you’re safe - and that’s the only thing that matters 
  • actually,,,,even though couple items make mark cringe a bit, he’d still probably buy you matching hats because when does mark like not wear hats
  • he’d be like “im going to convince you that hats are the best” and you’ll be like “but hats don’t look good on m-”
  • mark: “hats make anyone cute, and you’re already cute, they make you double cute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, don’t tell anyone i just said that”
  • if mark is eating bread again and taeyong comes around, you always hide it for him and you and mark just smile like angels up at him
  • and taeyong knOWS something fishy is up but you two are sooooo darn adorable
  • but also you text mark to eat dinner until he sends you photo-proof he did
  • “if you write a book and they turn it into like a cute cartoon movie - i want to voice a character”
  • “i,,,,haven’t even written the book yet,,,,”
  • “mark lee - i know you’re capable of it and you will do it. just promise me i can voice someone.”
  • when no ones around mark will kiss you, but it’s always fast and just a little peck
  • and you have to pull him back in by the collar or something because c’mon no one is watching,,,,,
  • the amount of times you’ve done something cute like peck his nose and mark has hid himself behind a book is uncountable 
  • face masks with mark while you’re quizzing each other for tests
  • jaehyun told you mark sleep talks and once said he’d like to marry you 
  • and you were like oh and mark was like “jeffery, i will ship you to canada where the moose will get you”
  • ^the most threatening thing mark lee has ever said. probably
  • you both like cold weather,,,,and tbh am i saying hot-chocolate dates in cozy sweaters ,,,,,,,, hell yES
  • i think mark tries to hide it,, but he’s just as excited about holiday’s as little kids are hehe
  • you have this habit that if you’re talking about something and mark scrunches his nose, you scrunch yours 
  • and he’s like hey!!! that’s my signature face and you’re like you gotta kiss me to get it back!!
  • (he does kiss you ,,,, after pulling up his hood to hide you two like pleASE mark lee,,,)
  • sometimes, you and him volunteer together instead of going on dates and johnny is like that’s wild,,,,yall are like mr and mrs obama and mark is like that makes no sense and johnny is just like i love my giving children
  • you and mark looking at each other like what is happening
  • skyping mark’s family and everyone keeps wanting to talk to you and mark is like hi hello im here it’s me your son - ok fine i get it my s/o is cuter than me,,,
  • cuddling!!!! is super rare but also super amazing!!!! and mark is embarrassed for the first 5 minutes but then it’s just holding you close, lazily looking at you scroll through your phone and then mumbling “i love you,,,” into your hair
  • mark secretly tries to get better at claw machines to impress you on dates to the arcade 
  • totally tries to be subtle,,,,but you can see from the corner of your eye that he’s staring when you’re just reading or fixing a strand of your hair
  • tbh mark lee has major heart eyes for you,,,,,,,,,as described by ten
  • mark actually teaches you to do more chores and you’re like babe,,,,whY and he’s like a messy dorm is horrible we’re basically living in small closets
  • he’s the kind of boyfriend that just makes you a better person,,,,it’s really refreshing 
  • you guys have inside jokes and sometimes it’s hard to hide so you have to bury your face in mark’s arm or something to not laugh out loud and sometimes he has to bury his face in your hair
  • “haechan wants us to take more photos together”
  • “ok, let’s take one!”
  • “ok come over he- why are you wearing my maple leaf sweater”
  • “to show support for my boyfriend :-)”
  • mark keeps finding little notes in his bags and books from you, reminding him that you love him and he keeps them all in a small tin jar
  • sometimes he doesn’t know how you’re so cute - it seems impossible
  • holding hands under the table when you and all of nct is out for lunch???? yes
  • (does doyoung catch you, but just wink and pretend he didn’t much to mark’s utter embarrassment- also yes)

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I Choose You | Peter Parker

 Summary: Nobody is perfect and yet out of all the girls in school, Peter Parker chooses you…

Warning: Fluffiness!

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: @yourstrulyspidey

A/N: I have fallen in love with this gif…


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ll-again  asked:

Omg will you do 'scandalous ankles'? Can they be Sherlock's? I will die.

Aaaand we’re back to the Victorian era! So when I first got this one my thought was, oh this is definitely gonna be cute and silly. Well…it seems that all I know how to do with these historical prompts is to get feelsy and romantic lol. Hope you don’t mind! :D (and I also hope you don’t mind that the focus on the actual ankles is pretty minimal lol)

Taken from these prompts- https://writingwife-83.tumblr.com/post/162989401123/historical-story-prompts (prompts are closed)

“Good heavens!” Molly exclaimed as Sherlock burst through the door.

“Yes yes,” he sighed. “I realize my socks and shoes are missing. There are perils of chasing a criminal through the streets of London. Now, where is Mrs. Hudson?”

“She went out. Was there something you needed?” Molly asked, standing from her chair and doing her best not to stare at the amusingly bare feet of Mr- her fiancé, she reminded herself. It was awfully easy to forget sometimes, seeing as he hardly treated her as his bride to be. Though it would be hard to forget in two more days, seeing as then they would actually be getting married.

“Nothing,” he huffed. “Just looking for tea.”

Molly stood there for a moment, hesitating. But Lord knows she needed to try and put at least a little crack in the walls that seemed to surround this man.

“Why don’t you sit? I’ll make some tea.”

Martha Hudson’s had been kind enough to take Molly in upon the death of her father, who happened to be the older landlady’s younger brother. She was kind and hospitable, making Molly feel comfortable and welcome. And naturally Molly was soon introduced to her aunts tenant.

Sherlock Holmes had Molly head over heels within the first day. And he seemed pleased with her too, in his own way. They got on swimmingly; their mutual love of science and medicine creating an instant connection. But their innocent friendship was quickly noticed by the rest of the Holmes family, and it wasn’t long before Sherlock’s parents and brother thought up and orchestrated a rather surprising arrangement.

A few silent minutes of preparation later and Molly set the tea down at the table.

“Are they cold?”

Sherlock frowned. “Pardon?”

“Forgive me,” she laughed while handing him a cup. “I mean your feet.”

“Ah, that,” he acknowledged, glancing down. “A bit, I suppose.”

Molly convinced him that they should move to the chairs by Mrs. Hudson’s fireplace so he could warm his tired and cold feet. He seemed to settle in and relax after that, sipping his tea after divesting himself of his coat and suit jacket.

“So…two days then?”

He looked at her over the edge of his cup, still for a moment before quietly responding in agreement.

“Two days, yes.” He cleared his throat. “You’ll no doubt miss living here once having to move upstairs to what Mrs. Watson calls my ‘scruffy old flat.’”

“It’ll be our scruffy old flat…and it won’t bother me,” Molly replied with a soft smile, though that faded a second later. “Though, perhaps I’ll be the bother to you.”

“No!” Sherlock responded, more forcefully than Molly would have expected, which he clearly registered.

The tired looking detective sighed, set his tea down, and shut his eyes for a moment before looking at her again. “Miss Hooper, please forgive me but I cannot pretend to know what it is I am doing…with you. I have always considered myself married to my profession, and it has been a rather easy relationship. But you are…”

Molly watched him with baited breath, unsure of what he would say next.

“You are so much more,” he murmured. “The idea of being a husband to you is not repulsive to me, it is simply unfamiliar. It is unlike anything I’ve undertaken before and I fear that if I am not careful I could…fail you. And if I have been distant during our engagement this past month, it is only because of that fear.”

Molly would swear later that it was the forceful beating of her heart which propelled her out of her own chair and into the lap of her fiancé. She’d never so much as held his hand in affection before, but somehow this seemed as natural as drawing her next breath.

As she sat across his legs, she caught his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his, silencing any possible question forming in his mouth. And then she felt the delicious pressure of his hands around her waist as his lips and tongue responded instinctively in just the way she’d hoped. She melted into him for a few moments before pulling away and resting her forehead against his.

“Never be afraid you’ll fail me,” she whispered. “To be sure, we shall both be trying our best to learn something new. But along the way I cannot help but believe we shall also be having a truly marvelous time!”

His half lidded eyes smiled back at her. “Yes, I’m beginning to see that.”

Molly blushed a little. “I suppose you know now what you do to me, Sherlock Holmes…see that you use your power responsibly,” she teased.

“Am I allowed to use this sort of power anytime I need coddling after coming home barefoot?” He punctuated the statement with a kiss to her nose.

“Oh, especially then!” Molly agreed with a giggle and then sighed contentedly, leaning into him again.

“Well…it seems that I now only have one more pressing concern,” Sherlock murmured low.


Sherlock let out a little huff of frustration while clinging to her affectionately.

“Must our wedding be two whole days away?!”

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually)

Warnings: Language, violence, explosions, mean aliens, pie

A/N: I have no idea what come over me, or why I’m suddenly delving into the Marvel franchise headfirst. All I know, is this is pretty long, but then again, I did write it. I have no self-control, I swear. Enjoy!


“Barnes!” you gasp, lying flat on the ground where you’ve been thrown by the explosion of a nearby car. You’re really getting sick of being knocked around all the time, tossed through the air by some kind of freaking alien or asshole in a suit.

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Nothing To Be Sorry For (Diana/Wonder Woman x Reader)

Prompt:  i’ve had to deal with some pretty bad homophobia lately that’s left me feeling pretty down. would you mind doing a diana/reader where she sticks up for the reader in a similar situation? it would really help

Thank you so much for this request. I hope it helps! Also, just fyi, I made this a modern au, so just remember that as you read. ;)


You sat behind your desk at work, typing away at the old keyboard, trying to get the report for your boss filed. Glancing up, you looked through the glass that separated her corner office from the rest of the cubicle maze you spent most of your days in, studying some paperwork all while looking absolutely pristine. Diana Prince was, in your opinion, an absolute goddess, and while you were a hard worker and good secretary, you had to admit that you spent too much time just watching her and her effortless beauty. You let out a sigh, wondering what it might be like to kiss those soft lips of hers, what it would be like to make her grin and laugh, so different from the impersonal, polite smiles she’d give you as you interacted with her throughout the day.

Your musings were interrupted, though, when the form of one of your coworkers blocked your view of her. Looking up, you saw that it was Daniel, one of the jerks who worked in payroll. He’d come onto you a few times in the past, but you’d always politely declined his offers for drinks after work or dinner on the weekend. You weren’t the slightest bit interested in him, and he’d gotten less and less friendly after each rejection.

“You making eyes at the boss lady, (Y/N)?” he sneered, leaning over you. “You know, I’ve heard some rumors going around that you’re a queer. That true? Is dick not good enough for you?”
Your jaw dropped upon hearing his harassment, and you looked around to see if any of your friends were nearby. They weren’t, though, as your desk was separate from all the others, and so you were alone to face Daniel as he kept talking.

“That’s unnatural, you know,” he continued, looking over you with disgust. “Of course, it would be hot to watch you and another girl-”

“Daniel, what are you doing here?”

Both of you looked up to see Diana leaning in her doorway, arms crossed and eyebrow arched as she considered the man still hunched over you. Tears were threatening to fall from your eyes, but you bit your lip and tried to blink them away, looking down at the floor, ashamed.

“Just having a pleasant conversation with (Y/N) here,” he smirked, finally straightening up and stepping away from you.

“It didn’t sound pleasant,” her sharp tone corrected, sending your head snapping up as she walked up to Daniel, poking a finger at his chest roughly. “It sounds as if you were being an ignorant pig; it sounds like you were harassing her in the workplace.”

At the mention of workplace harassment, something he knew he could get fired for, Daniel gulped and took a step back, holding his hands up.

“Hey, now, Miss Prince, no need for name calling,” he smiled weakly. “Besides, if you knew the feelings she had for you, maybe you’d see why I’m-”

“I would be lucky to have a girl as bright as her be interested in me,” she interrupted, taking a step forward with every step he took back. “As would any woman or man. Frankly, Daniel, you’re not important to this company, and I have no desire to sign the paycheck of a homophobic, ignorant piece of scum like you. Go home, and don’t bother to come back tomorrow. Or the next day. In fact, I’ll have security throw you out on your ass if I catch you in this building again. Are we clear?”

Upon hearing he was fired, the man’s face twisted into an expression of fury, and he reared his hand back to slap your boss.

“You fucking bitch!”

Before he could strike her, though, she caught his wrist and twisted it until you heard bones snap, the sound almost drowned out by his wail of pain when she reared back and punched him square in the nose, immediately causing blood to rush out of it. Pushing him away roughly, she watched as he scrambled to his feet and started walking in the opposite direction, towards the elevators that would take him down to the floor his cubicle was on. Turning on her heel, Diana faced you, watching with a concerned expression as tears fell down your face. You were still too surprised by what happened to realize you were crying, though, so you made no move to wipe them away as she gently took one of your hands, pulling you to your feet.

“Come with me, (Y/N),” she instructed softly, pulling you into her office, past a door that rested along the wall behind her desk to reveal a private bathroom. Closing the door behind the two of you, she quickly took you into your arms, and something within you broke. Daniel’s words echoed through your mind, and your humiliation kept washing over you in waves, drawing to your memory all the times someone had made disparaging comments about your sexuality.

All the while, Diana held you against her, her hands tracing soothing circles into your back as she murmured gentle words against your ear. Her voice was so soothing that, after a few minutes, your tears stopped, leaving you sniffling into her shirt, which would no doubt be stained with Daniel’s blood and, now, your tears.

“I’m sorry,” you finally whispered, but you were stopped from saying anything else when her fingers gripped your chin, making you look at her.

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” she insisted. “I’m the one who should be sorry. I can’t believe I let someone hurt you on my watch.”

“You didn’t know,” you assured her, making a small smile come to her lips.

“Well. At least neither of us will have to see that unpleasant man again, right?”

“Right,” you agreed. “Um… I have another shirt in my car, if you need to borrow one.”

A confused look crossed her face before she looked down, seeing the various stains on her no-doubt expensive shirt.

“Oh,” she chuckled. “No problem.” Grabbing the end of her shirt, she lifted it over her head to reveal a simple but elegant black tank top underneath, its collar and straps decorated with white lace. None of the stains had sunk into it, and it looked as if it were part of her outfit, what with how cute it looked on her. In fact, it accentuated her curves even more than the flowy blouse had, and you found yourself blushing and looking away.

Yet again, though, your chin was caught between her thumb and forefinger, and you were looking up into her deep brown eyes, filled with an emotion you couldn’t quite place.

“(Y/N),” she said carefully, watching your face intently. “Was he right about the feelings you have for me?”

Your face lit up in a bright, warm blush, but you found that you couldn’t lie as she looked at you. It felt like your answer to that question was crucial, as if you would be breaking a sacred law to lie to this woman.

“I… I really like you,” you finally confessed, immediately feeling relief when her face lit up with a soft smile.

“I like you too, (Y/N),” she whispered back, one of her arms snaking around your waist to pull you closer. “I have ever since you started working for me.”

You felt weightless as her words rang in your ears, as if your body had ascended into the clouds upon hearing her soft voice say the words you’d wanted to hear from her for so long.

“Really?” you squeaked, causing her to chuckle.

“Really,” she affirmed, the fingers on your chin brushing your lips as she moved to cup your cheek. “And I would really like to kiss you right now.”

Letting a shaky sigh fall out of your mouth, you leaned in and kissed her, taking a deep breath as you finally felt her soft lips against yours, moving them slowly as she held you there. Your arm wrapped around her back, hands coming to rest on her shoulders as you tried to memorize everything you could about the moment. How her mouth tasted like cinnamon, how her breasts pressed against you, how her hand lay warm against your cheek, the way her ponytail slid over her shoulder to brush against your shoulder. It was amazing, the best thing you’d ever felt, and you almost whimpered when she pulled away. From the look on her face, the loss of contact pained her just as much as it did too, so it was with no hesitation when you answered the question she asked you next.

“Would you like to go to dinner toni-”


Imagine Chris proposing at a press conference.

You and Chris continued to pass notes with stupid jokes and doodles under the table while the rest of the cast answered questions from the fans. This was the fourth press conference in a week, everyone was suffering from sleep deprivation and using their own coping mechanisms to stay awake; yours was doing silly things with Chris.

Chris nudged your leg with the notebook as he passed it back to you. You bit back your smile and stifled your chuckle when you saw what he wrote: “You’re not going to be sleeping when we get back to the hotel.” You glanced over at him and he looked up at the crowd, smiling nonchalantly. You snatched the pen from his hand and drew a little cartoon sheep, you didn’t know why but you did. You passed the notebook back to Chris and upon seeing your sheep, he burst out laughing. You slapped his leg and he pressed his lips together when he realized he had drew in the attention of the other cast members and the audience.

“It’s like working with children,” Robert commented and everyone laughed. “No, seriously. The two of them- they can never be together without distracting each other and everyone else. It’s a wonder we got the movie done,” he joked.

“I know, right?” Mark agreed. “There were outtakes in all their scenes together because they just couldn’t stop laughing. They don’t even need to talk, they just look at each other and burst into laughter.” You and Chris looked at each other and laughed, proving Mark’s point. “See what I mean?” Mark chuckled and the fans laughed. “It’s like they’re crazy.”

“Leave us alone,” Chris chuckled. “We’re tired, okay?”

“The two of you’d be less tired if you actually spent your nights sleeping,” Robert quipped.

The crowds went wild at that comment and heat rose into yours and Chris’ cheeks. You looked over at Robert and shook your head with tightly pressed lips. He laughed and shrugged coolly even though he knew he was going to pay for it later. It wasn’t the teasing that bothered you, it was the fact that he did it in front of the fans and media.

You and Chris have been together for three years now, and in that three years- you’d tried very hard to keep your relationship and details of your relationship under wraps. Neither of you enjoyed the limelight because with the limelight came judgement from the public. You’d been told you weren’t good enough for Chris, and he’d been told he wasn’t good enough for you; that was among other nastier things. Both of you were used to it as you’d been in the industry for over a decade now; that experience meant you knew flying under the radar was the best way to make things last, and you definitely wanted things to last with Chris.

There weren’t many photos of the two of you together in public, just at official events like press tours and premieres. The media and the fans knew you were together but they didn’t know anything more, the two of you always avoided answering personal questions and telling personal stories; they still didn’t know how the two of you met and fell in-love. The most public comment- “they are definitely going to tie the knot, don’t you worry” was made earlier this year at the Captain America: Civil War premiere, also by Robert. It trended on the internet for three months after and became the question the two of you got at every interview and press conference you attended.

“She’s definitely going to kill me later,” Robert chuckled with a wince, drawing more laughter from the crowd. “I’m sorry, kid. It just slipped out,” he said and you chuckled softly. “Now you know why Chris and I had that Civil War.”

“A man’s gotta defend his girl,” Chris joked and slid his hand into yours. “Can we move on to the next question?” He asked, beckoning his head at the crowd. “You’re up, Buck.” He called out to the girl dressed as Bucky Barnes before he became The Winter Soldier.

“Hi, um- I’d just like to say that I love all of you and thank you so much for Civil War.” She began shyly and everyone smiled at how polite she was. “I’d also like to say to Chris and Y/N that- we all love it when Robert and the rest of the cast talk about your relationship. You guys are so cute together.” She complimented, and you and Chris glanced at each other with a small smile. “I know you and Y/N like to keep things private and we all respect that but- we really wish we’d see more of your relationship.”

“Thank you,” Chris smiled, squeezing your hand gently. “We really appreciate all the love and support from our fans, it means a lot. And believe me, we don’t mean to keep you guys in the dark. We love you and we do want to share our lives with you, but there are some things we’d prefer to keep between ourselves.”

“We understand,” the girl nodded. “As fans, we just want to see our idols happy and you two are clearly very happy together. Whether or not you want to share that with us- is completely up to you. We’re just happy you’re happy.” You and Chris smiled at each other and everyone in the room smiled with you. “But we do hope that when the time comes you’ll share the news of your engagement with us.”

“Of course,” Chris turned away from you and nodded. “It’ll be the first thing I tweet about.”

“Same,” Robert chimed and everyone laughed. “I think that’d be the first thing everyone tweets about when they hear the news. Right, guys?” He leaned forward and glanced between the cast members who all nodded with wide grins.

“My engagement is something you will all know about as soon as I do.” You told your fans and they all cheered. “All we gotta wait for now is Captain America,” you glanced at him and bit back your smile. “He can fight Nazis, aliens, and world class villains but he can’t seem to sum up the guts to ask me,” you teased him.

Chris said nothing, he just chuckled and bit back his smile.

“I don’t know if you know but there’s a pool going on, Chris.” Scarlett joked; you doubt it was a joke though, you’d heard numerous times about the pool. “Come on, wait any longer and I’m going to lose my money. Everyone’s out, I think it’s just Robert and I left.” She glanced over at Robert and he nodded. “Yeah, and I want to beat Iron Man.”

“The world’s waiting on you, Evans.” Chris H egged on and everyone laughed, including you and Chris. “What are you waiting for? You’ve got a good thing going with Y/N, just tie the knot already. You don’t want some other superhero sweeping her off her feet, do you?”

“God forbid it’s a superhero from DC.” You dramatically added and pretended to swoon with a hand to your forehead. You knew you were going along with something you’d previously glared at Robert for but- it was your relationship you were talking about and if you couldn’t beat ‘em, you might as well join them.

“Y/N,” Chris chuckled and leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’re going to regret going along with this.” You laughed and he pressed a quick kiss to the side of your head before pulling his hand out of yours. “I had it all planned out,” he spoke into the microphone and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “I was going to take her to a holiday cabin, cook for her, serenade her. But I guess I’m going to have to do that after she says yes now.”

A deafening silence fell over the room when everyone realized what Chris was about to do. Your breath hitched in your throat when Chris rose to his feet. He smiled at you as he slipped his hand into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. Your lips parted in awe at the diamond ring he fished out of his wallet; it sparkled brighter than any star you’d seen. He took your left hand in his and descended down on one knee.

“What are you doing?” You breathed.

“I’m proposing out of my comfort zone.”

“I can see that,” you chuckled nervously. “And you’re going to cause us to trend worldwide.” You glanced at the crowd; there were phones everywhere filming and taking photos. “It’s kind of hard to turn back now, but I still need you to be sure about this. I’m sure we can pull a fire alarm or something,” you joked and laughed softly.

“I’m sure about you,” he smiled, “I’m sure about us. This is what I want, what I’ve been wanting for a while now. Hence- why the ring’s in my wallet,” he chuckled and you smiled. “So yes, I’m sure about this. I’m sure I want to propose in front of five hundred and sixty-four people, majority of which- I don’t know, because I don’t care about how I get the yes. All I care about is that the yes is going to give me the rest of my life with you.”

“At least we’ll have hundreds of videos to remember this moment,” you smiled.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “Okay, you ready?” He asked and you nodded. “Let’s do this.” He pressed a kiss on the back of your hand then reached for the microphone, he glanced out at the crowd and smiled before turning back to you. “Y/N, will you make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?”

You leaned in and spoke, your answer amplified by the microphone. “like I could say anything other than yes.” Applause, cheers, and excited screams erupted around the room as Chris slipped the ring onto your finger. You rose to your feet, helping him onto his. “I love you, Chris Evans,” you told him before pressing your lips to his.

“I love you too, Y/N Evans.”

Golden Ember // E2!Barry x Reader

Request: Can you do an E2 barry imagine where the reader is central city’s hero maybe she has fire powers and during a hostage situation at the ccpd she gets wounded trying to “save the day” and e2 barry grows a pear and decides to help her after seeing her trying to play it off and she later “thanks” him

Warnings: more smol sweet BBY E2 Barry
Author’s Note: I’m (probably??) going to make more parts to this because I’m loving this character tbh.

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His jaunt through China was not supposed to be as eventful as it was.

He had gone through China in a wild attempt to get bounty hunters off of him, hoping that if he took it international then they would get off his ass. But as it turned out, that when he was not looking, that someone had hiked up his bounty amount and apparently the cost of air fair was nothing compared to the money they would get for turning him in alive. So there he was running like his ass was on fire through some rural areas in an attempt to get away.

Luckily there happened to be an empty little house that he managed to duck into as his chasers ran on by like chickens with their heads cut off, taught him in vicious mockeries of his accent before disappearing into the distance. With a sigh he pulled himself away from the window and immediately had an arm against his throat and he was faced with a rather pretty face in an awful situation.

“Who are you?” The mysterious person said.

“Jesse McCree,” He said, hands held up as not to provoke the person into choking him out, “Just runnin’ from some assholes after my head. How about you?”

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anonymous asked:

all the dads baking together for a bake sale bonus if mat puts weed in the brownies

What this prompt fill boils down to is: How would the dads act while stoned. No squirrels were hurt in the process.

You have no idea how Joseph managed to talk all the dads into helping out, but the words “Bake sale” and “cul-de-sac competition” seemed to ignite a fire of competitiveness in the others that made Brian and yours seem amateurish in comparison. All six of them, even Robert, had come and out of reasons you couldn’t quite understand yourself, so had you. Joseph had done what he did best, delegating, and so, everyone works on preparing different kinds of baked goods. There are trays with cake squares waiting to be put into the oven once the first two batches of cookies Joseph had made are done; Damien and you are preparing the frosting for the cupcakes, Craig had something pulled Robert into helping him make oatmeal bars, Hugo and Brian tag-team the donuts and Mat is preparing the batter for the brownies. The whole kitchen is a mess. Flour, sugar and cocoa powder is spread all over the counter; every single one of them is covered in the stuff, too, and someone had used butter and sprinkles to write “Joseph sucks” on the cupboard with an impressively detailed middle finger drawn next to it and there is something that looks like egg yolk on the floor, in a corner none of you had worked in.

In all the hustle and bustle, none of you notice when Mat, clearly not looking at what he was putting into the batter, just taking whatever lay at his workplace, accidentally mixed weed into it. At least, you don’t notice right away. It is only an hour after you ate some of the brownies from that batch that things start to get weird.

🥃 Sometime after he finished with Craig, Robert went outside to smoke, but when you go out to join him for some company, he’s lying in the grass in front of Joseph’s house and is staring up at a tree branch with so much hatred in his eyes, you’re kind of impressed it hasn’t caught fire yet. You flop down in the grass next to him. “There!” He suddenly barks and throws a stone at a squirrel. He misses and the squirrel immediately goes into hiding again. “What did that squirrel do to you?” Robert scoffs and pulls you closer. You take in his narrowed eyes, his blown pupils, and wonder what he smoked. “Squirrels are amazing at being squirrels,” he says, in a tone of voice that reminds you of that conspiracy meme Amanda had shown you. “Which is to say they’re nosy little fuckers the government designed to spy on us and make sure whoever finds out about the existence of cryptids gets shipped away.” You nod, as if what he said made sense to you. Robert glares up at the tree again, still grumbling about squirrel government surveillance. 

 🍸 You frown as you notice Joseph stare at the brownie in his hand, forehead wrinkled in thought. He’d only eaten a tiny bite of it, which makes you wonder whether he tasted something and now you all would die from food poisoning because no one bothered to check whether the eggs were rotten. “Is something wrong?” You ask him quietly, not wanting to cause a commotion. Joseph shakes his head, but you can tell he’s still pondering over whatever troubles him. “The brownie just tastes funny, don’t you think?” You give him a blank look; to you, it tasted fine. “Almost like…” He trails off and his eyes go wide. He runs over to the tray you had eaten from and puts it away, then, he pulls you aside to whisper into your ear. “Someone baked weed into them.” You blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind, “How do you know what weed tastes like?” Joseph’s face goes beet red. You grip his arm. “No, no weaseling your way out of that. I’m dying to know the story behind that.”

☕ For the man who got you all stoned, Mat doesn’t seem to notice what’s going on until he’s already high. He blinks at you lazily as you walk up to him and lifts his hand. He follows the movement with his eyes with a fascination better suited for magic and blinks again. “Mat…” His eyes focus on you again. “I think I drugged you all,” he blurts out before you can say more. The normal Mat would have been freaking out by now, but stoned Mat is as calm as a cucumber, seemingly unfazed. “But how?” Though your thoughts are sluggish and you’re tempted to join Craig at the fridge, you try to figure out what went wrong. Mat shrugs. “Must have mixed the weed into the batter by accident.” You tilt your head. “Why did you bring weed?” Mat shrugs and runs a hand through his locks. “I thought about inviting you over after we finish baking to smoke a blunt. Do you want to come over anyway?” You snort and lean against the wall next to him. “Sure. If you’ve got something to eat. I’m starving.”

🌹 As time progressed, you begin to notice that Damien has started to act weirdly. Not his usual sense of extravagancy and ‘oddness’ either, but he’s suddenly a lot less serious than usual, giggling at the tiniest things, funny or not. At one point, he stares at the blue frosting you two just prepared and breaks into giggles, laughing so hard he has to clutch his side. “What’s so funny?” You ask him and nudge him with your elbow. Damien struggles catching his breath, but he eventually calms down enough to answer, “It looks like the cookie monster!” Saying it out loud only makes him laugh harder and you wrap your arm around him to keep him steady on his feet. You have absolutely no idea what’s gotten into him, but his behaviour really worries you. Though, you think as you watch Damien cry over the puppy-shaped cookies, it’s also kind of cute. You decide to keep a close eye on him.

(It later turns out that Damien has the fastest metabolism of the eight of you. Besides, weed brownies on an empty stomach kick in faster.)

🎣 Somehow, as time passes by, Brian becomes more and more reclusive. Normally, his personality alone could fill a room, but right now, it’s almost like he isn’t even there. Concerned you approach him after he went to the bathroom and you’re surprised to see that his eyes were puffy and red, as if he just cried. “Hey, Brian, what’s wrong?” He shakes his head and snuffles. That’s all the warning you got before he suddenly picks you up and wraps his arms around you. Though he buries his face in your neck, his sobbing is loud enough for you to hear it. “Brian?!” You gently shake him. “Brian, what’s wrong?”
“I-I just—“ He is interrupted by a sob. “I just thought about how much I love my baby girl and how she has such a bright f-future ahead of her, and t-then I s-started questioning my place i-in her life as a simple constructor!” That doesn’t explain anything, but it’s not the weirdest thing you had to deal with today. You awkwardly pat his back and draw patterns with your thumb. “There, there…”

👟 “Bro.” You turn to look at Craig, who had dipped his finger into the batter and was drawing penises on the cupboard, giggling. “Bro. I think we had weed, bro.” He sucks on his finger and hums, pleased, before walking over to Joseph’s fridge. Taken off guard, you watch as he begins piling various foodstuff on his arms, somehow managing to carry half of the content of the fridge over to the counter without letting anything fall. “What makes you say that?” Craig visibly struggles deciding between the pickles and salami. Eventually, he combines the two. “It feels familiar, bro. Do you remember the party where I met Smashley?” You chuckle. “Sure do, bro. We were high as a kite. I’m still not entirely convinced the weed wasn’t spiked.” Craig eats jam directly followed by some pickles. He actually looks like he enjoyed the combined tastes and you decide that yes, he must be stoned and having the munchies. He seems more affected than you, but then, he always had the faster metabolism. You barely manage to stop him from eating frozen French fries in time.

📖 “Hey, Y/N.” You tilt your head in an attempt to turn Hugo’s face the right way around, but of course, your neck doesn’t turn 180° degrees. “What are you doing, Hugo?” He waves his hand in an inviting gesture and you lie down with him, your feet against the backrest of the couch. “Chilling. Thinking.” The position you’re in is absolutely uncomfortable. If you stayed in it for more than an hour or two, your back would kill you tomorrow. “What about?” Hugo sighs. “Life. Like, think about it: Today is the oldest you’ve ever been but also the youngest you’ll ever be again.” That makes you pause. You contemplate his words, ultimately just managing a “Wow” and a confused noise. “Or, when you buy a bigger bed, you have more bed room, but less bedroom.” While you’re still thinking about that, he rolls forward and sits upright again. He offers you his hand and you take it. “Want me to show you some wrestling moves?”
“Of course! Can you demonstrate them on Craig? I’m dying to see who’d win.”

Once all of you came off your high, you promise each other to never talk about what just happened. If some more of the pot brownies disappeared off the tray, no one mentioned it.

The Void Part 1/?

Originally posted by injectablefame712


Warnings: Swearing, Violence

Pairing: Eventual Chase Collins x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Hello!!! I was wondering if you could do a Fic as Sebastian (not as himself in which I mean his name could still be his own) as this insanely powerful demon?? This women he meets is sort of bound to him but she’s trying to fight it? I really would like to read a fic where he is villain in the story! I know this is vague lol but I think seb would be so amazing as a demon!!! kind of like his Chase Collins character but cooler lol!!!

Summary: Reader is a female descendant of one of the founding families but was disowned by her father as a child. Now she is back in Ipswich and it turns out it isn’t always the first born son that gets all the power.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5

It was the same dream over and over again. A burned down barn and a man standing in the middle of it, calling to her. She felt drawn to him and needed to help him. However anytime she got close to him he would disappear like smoke and she would wake up drenched in sweat. She wasn’t sure why she was having this dream but it felt so real every time she had it. After a particularly bad night she decided to go visit her mom. The minute her mom saw her she knew something was wrong. 

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A Goofball (Return Of Superman Series: Lee Joongi)

Type: Fluff

Prompt: Return of Superman series: Kind of like the ones I’ve already done. 5 dads and their story with their kids separately and then the last one would be them doing an ‘episode’ together.

~I used the word ‘you’ to describe the mother in each scenario so its kinda like you’re married to 5….oh well its how I normally write 😂~

Other dad’s for the series: Key, Baro, Gong Yoo, Yuta

Pacifier was on your finger like a ring as burped your young son. The 5 month old was named Yohan. Sounds left his lips as he looked around the room. Eyes soon linked with the VJ’s before he let out a belch and a bit of spit up came out with it. You pulled the towel off your shoulder and checked the clock. 9 PM. The backdoor opened as feet pounded on the hardwood and your 3 and 8 year old rushed in. Your son rubbed his eyes as he laid onto you and your husband soon stepped in. Joongi smiled as he lightly rubbed Yohan’s back “Eunha is slowly understanding how to kick a ball” he spoke about your 3 year old. “And Ayeon starts soccer this week” he continued as he bounced on his feet. “And tonight you will be taking care of two children alone” you say as he nods. He would be watching Yohan and Eunha on his own while Ayeon would be coming to you after school and practice.


Your husband was a weird man. A cute one. But he was odd. And for the past 11 years, he was a great husband and the past 8 he was a great dad. “Hello I am Lee Joongi” he comments as he does a dorky pose and Eunha did a similar one. “Lee Eunha” she told as he smiled"this is Lee Yohan" he spoke for the sleeping infant. “Lee Ayeon” his eldest daughter comments. “I have to go” she then said as she headed over to you “my wife is actually still here because she’s taking our daughter to school” he explained before he waved you off.

“People think I’m a entertaining dad by the way I talk about my kids, my wife is very timid and has never been one to be in the spot light but she’s the best mom you could ask for" he rested his head onto his son’s causing him to sigh but cuddle into him more. “I spend a decent amount of time with my daughters. But my son is so clingy to my wife that its impossible for me really to bond” he explained “so after a 5 minute conversation with my wife she said I should be on so I’m on” he finished giving a large smile.


“How does she normally make eggs for you?” he asked Eunha who was busy coloring. His first day was interesting. He was woken up at 3 AM by your son and hadn’t gone much sleep since. The way you made eggs slipped his head as well He glanced at his chest seeing his son was sleeping calmly strapped to him. “Do you like toast?” he asked her but didn’t get a response, his head hung in defeat. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed your number. “Honey what way do you make eggs for Eunha?” he asked you as he turned it on speaker. “The same way I make yours” you say softly “scrambled?” he asked to clarify as you sigh “alright thank you” he hummed. He made a kissing noise before he ended the call.

The moment the scent of eggs filled the house your son woke up. “You’re too young to eat eggs little one” Joongi told him as he rested his hand onto the back of Yohan’s head and he started bouncing lightly. “Jam. Toast” Eunha says as eggs were placed beside her coloring book. Joongi curtsied “of course m'lady” he spoke as he headed back into the kitchen. He soon came back and sat the plate down in front of Eunha before he sat down beside her. “I got this” he smiled as he rubbed his son’s head.

He had a good control over the situation until his daughter wanted to play princess. Yohan refused to be put down or he would cry so he was trying to put makeup on his daughter one handed. Yohan would keep his fingers away and ended up with pink lipstick on his forehead when he tugged the tube out of Joongi’s hand. “I put it on you” she informed Joongi as he sighed letting her basically draw on his face with the colors she had. ‘Anything to keep her happy’ he thought to himself. His cheeks were smashed as Eunha roughly applied makeup to him. “Don’t take my skin off” he told her jokingly as she smiled. “Do I look pretty?” he asked her as she leaned back and nodded. He looked at the VJ showing the viewers his face , he probably looked like an abstract painting more than anything but the smile on his daughter’s face was prideful so he was happy to let her do it.

“Come on let’s get your brother cleaned up” he said as he looked at the bright pink on his son’s forehead “I don’t get why you had to do that” he comments as Yohan sucked on his pacifier happily. He picked up the make up wipes and began cleaning off Yohan “ah clean baby now” he cooed “you might even gleam now” he teased as his son had very little hair on his head still.


After a few months Yohan now 8 months old was a vocal butterfly. Terrorizing the house in his walker, he had a need to be in everything. When Ayeon was practicing he was “practicing” as well, claiming a ball as his even though he could barely stand with it near him. He had a few good falls when the ball rolled away. He also became a makeup model for Eunha, he would sit there while his sister put wings, crowns, dresses, anything he seemed to take. He became the person that was thought about when someone thought of your family. Joongi liked and disliked that, his daughters would be acknowledged sometimes as Yohan’s sisters and not as their selves like he would prefer but its the way the show goes.

Joongi had a seriously had a hard time keeping them all calm and entertained. Today he was taking his children to the eye doctors. Ayeon needed special glasses for soccer and out of worry you wanted your other children check as well. So while they were waiting Joongi was putting glasses on his youngsters who seemed to enjoy it. “Dad” Ayeon spoke as she came out in a pair of white glasses that had a strap on them. “Oh you look so good” he said as he got up and checked her out more. “These will be a lot better than going in blind or breaking your glasses” he comments. She’s gone through 2 replacements already as it was so anyway she could play and you guys saved money worked well. “We can check there eyes then” the doctor said as he nodded.


“So far we’re good. Ayeon has had vision problems since she was around 3 years old. “Eunha has perfect vision and Yohan has good vision for someone his age. We may need to watch him in the future but for now. They’re good” he explained. “Ayeon is turning 9 soon. Her birthday is right before Christmas” he let’s out a sound patting his face “I can’t believe that. 9. Years. Old” he says. “Man I feel old. Proud but old” he chuckles. “Christmas at the Lee’s is pretty great just as a heads up” he tells excited as he winks for the camera.

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Afternoon Gifts (3)

 This one actually has ya know, baby in it. Whoo.

Noctis huffs, laying naked and spread on their bed as Prompto makes a low humming noise in agreement, head pillowed on the slight softness of his husbands stomach.


“Dunno what to tell you, the face you make is too hot Noct.”

They end up like this whenever Noctis tries to have a serious conversation with Prompto, not that he’s upset by it. There’s a lot of sex in their marriage and that’s…really fuckin’ great. It’s just slightly inconvenient whenever they have time constraints, but for once there’s nothing pressing so it’s just them, lying together trying to gather their fleeting thoughts.

“So…you gonna tell me?”

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Better Person

Harry can remember the day he met Niall clearly.

It was a crowded day on the tube and Harry was minding his own business per the usual, trying his best to ignore the people around him with headphones in his ears and eyes glaring at the ceiling. That’s when Niall fell into his life, quite literally. Niall had accidentally stumbled into Harry’s much taller, broader, and stronger physic and instantly fell apart into a fit of apologies, to which Harry was ready to shrug it off and try his best not to sound indignant when he said “it’s okay,” but then the boy in front of him started crying.

It was something that Harry didn’t really know how to deal with. He hadn’t done anything wrong, had he? He spent a good couple of seconds rewinding what had just happened, trying to figure out if he had said or done anything that could’ve garnered that reaction from the admittedly pretty boy in front of him, but he couldn’t figure it out.

Trying his best to disregard the hard glares he was receiving from other people on the tube, Harry pulls out his headphones and shuffles closer to the blonde, placing a hesitant hand on his shoulder. “C’mon, love, it’s alright.” He mumbles lowly, attempting to channel his own mother and her nurturing instincts.

What he didn’t expect was for the boy to respond so quickly, almost instantly looking up into Harry’s eyes and then falling into the brunette’s chest, wrapping his much thinner arms around Harry’s waist. 

Harry remembers the confusion he felt in that moment. 

To begin with, Harry wasn’t the most approachable person to begin with. What with his piercings and tattoos, many people would immediately write him off as intimidating or dangerous, yet this boy seemed to have no issue forcefully hugging Harry. But possibly the most puzzling part of this experience was the fact that Harry didn’t completely hate what was happening. And Harry really hated when people touched him, whether it be his closest friends patting him on the back or strangers brushing past him on the streets, Harry hated human contact. But he liked this. He couldn’t help but hug back as he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling spread across his chest as a little blonde kid he had never seen before in his life snuffled into his chest. 

It’s at that point that Harry realizes he might be a tiny bit screwed.

And later that same day, when Harry offers to take Niall out for dinner, the brunette finds out that the small Irishman  didn’t cry because he ran into Harry but because he had failed a test that day and just got overwhelmed. It’s in that moment, watching Niall shrug in embarrassment from across the table at Nandos, that Harry realizes he’s actually 100%, completely and totally screwed. 

* * * *

To be clear: Harry is not a people-person. 

He doesn’t like spending time around strangers or making new friends, no, he’d much rather occupy his days doing something that actually interested him like drawing up new tattoo designs, working out, or staring at his immaculately perfect boyfriend. 

Niall is everything Harry has ever wanted in his life. Disregarding his physical appearance (because really, Harry could go on for hours about how much he appreciated Niall’s soft blonde hair, his electric blue eyes, and bright smile), Niall has so many qualities that Harry loves. Not only is outgoing, artistic, and sweet, but Niall just has this way about him which draws Harry in like nothing else ever has before. 

More often than not, the actions of other human beings disgust Harry. If anything, other people repel Harry with their boisterous, badly worded sentences and unbecoming attitudes, but that all changed when he met Niall. 

He met Niall and it was like he finally found the one person that he could be with for hours on end and not want to bash his own head in. And it’s so strange because he’s heard other people talk and he knows that there are some people out there that find Niall annoying. In fact just last week Harry and Niall were out with a couple of friends when some random guy Harry had never met before asked him “How do you stay with Niall anyway? I mean, don’t you find him, like, kinda annoying?” 

That conversation ended with Harry’s knuckles a bit bruised and the guy screaming profanities, but that was besides the point. 

There wasn’t a single thing about Niall that Harry found annoying. Of course, they got in fights and they weren’t always perfect, for example, the night that Harry punched that asshole in the face, Niall had given his boyfriend a complete lecture on why violence was never the answer. But Harry never felt truly antagonized or irritated by Niall like he did with most other human beings. 

“Babe…” Niall complains in a long, drawn out groans, breaking Harry out of his own thoughts. “I don’t want to go to school.” 

Looking out the window at the flurries of snow falling past their window, Harry’s surprised Niall even has school. 

Harry absently tangles his fingers into Niall’s fluffy hair as the blonde flops onto the couch, placing his head in Harry’s lap. “And I don’t wanna go work, baby, but we gotta do what we gotta do.” 

“You love your work.” Niall pouts and Harry chuckles, moving down to kiss his boyfriends protruding lip quickly. 

Harry rolls his eyes, responding, “Well sue me for trying to make my boyfriend happy.” 

Niall just grins up at Harry and the taller boy smiles right back, knowing his mission was accomplished. Niall reaches up and flicks Harry’s forehead affectionately before getting up. “C’mon, then, you’re gonna walk me to school, aren’t you?” The blonde calls, already pulling on his trainers next to the door. 

With a quick shake of the head towards his ridiculous boyfriend, Harry gets up, laces up his boots and follows his little blonde ball of energy down the steps of their flat. 

It’s freezing outside and Harry’s glad they both put on their bigger coats. Niall’s wearing one of Harry’s hoodies along with his snow jacket and he looks so adorable Harry can’t help but laugh, tugging Niall by his reddened cheeks to kiss him hard on the steps of their flat. “I love you.” Harry says gently and Niall’s eyes do the thing that they always do when Harry says that, lightening and softening before he returns the words and kisses Harry again. 

They begin walking towards Niall’s school against the wind, shivering and huddling together as Harry wraps his arm over Niall’s shoulder and Niall stuff’s his hands into Harry’s pockets. 

Twenty minutes later Niall reluctantly pulls himself out from under Harry’s protective arm and wraps his arms around the bigger boy’s neck, kissing him a little too passionately for them to be out in public before backing up and skipping off with a grin. Harry stands and watches, makes sure the boy gets in safely before sighing, lovesick and longing already before backtracking down the street off towards the tattoo parlor that he works in. 

He clocks in with a small head nod to Zayn, another worker there before moving to the back and preparing for a new design that he’ll be tattooing today.

Not long after that, Harry hears the bell to the front door ring and he cracks his fingers, moving to the front of the building. 

“Hey there, I’m looking for a Harry Styles?” The man asks hesitantly and Harry prays that this isn’t the guy’s first time. It’s almost one of his rules, that his customers aren’t first timers, because despite certain situations with very certain people (or, person), Harry isn’t the most comforting person. 

“That’s me. Alright, mate?” He asks, voice low and grip tight as he shakes the hand of the man across him. Wearing all black, with tattoos across both arms and a piercing shooting through his eyebrow, Harry knows he has a relatively intimidating physic, but this guy is practically shaking in his boots. “First time?” He asks with a somewhat indignant tone, giving Zayn a glare as he lets out a snicker. 

“N-no, but I’m just a bit bad with needles is all.” 

Harry closes his eyes in frustration, motioning towards the back and mumbling. “Great.”

Despite how bad his customer service may be, Harry is good at his job. He begins to draw the outline of the tattoo on the man’s right shoulder rolling his eyes and huffing overtime the man flinches, always taking the time to remind him that, “this isn’t even the part that’s supposed to hurt, mate.” 

It’s only about ten minutes in that the door’s bell rings for a second time.

“Guess whose school got cancelled!?” Harry hears a brash, brazen, and all-too-familiar voice ringing through the shop. Instantly, he turns the buzzing needle off and stands to his feet. 

He hears his customer call out in confusion but he just hums lowly, moving towards the door, where he’s met by his beaming boyfriend. “School was canceled!” He says loudly and jumps up into Harry’s arms, giggling like the little kid he is. Harry catches him, of course he does, unable to keep the stupid, foolish grin from moving on his face. 

They’re just hugging for a moment, Harry lifting Niall’s feet from the ground, giggling like madmen when Niall lets out a little gasp and pulls back, landing on his feet. “Harry, you rude bastard, you have a customer!” He says, Irish lit loud and clear as he waves to the man staring wide-eyed in the chair. “Sorry, man!” He calls. 

Harry rolls his eyes, remembering that even though Niall is out of school, Harry still has work. “Sorry baby, but I only have to do this one tattoo and then we can go. That cool?”

Niall pouts, for the second time in the day, but nods anyways. “Can I stay in here with you, though? Zayn’s boring.”

They both ignore Zayn’s offended “hey!” from the front room, but Harry leans back, finally making eye contact with the man in the chair, who still looks a bit bewildered. “Do ya mind if Niall here stays in here?” 

“I’ll be better conversation than this twat, I’ll tel you that much.” Niall says once the man nods and he sits down across from where Harry’s working. “So tell me buddy, what’s your name?”

Harry tunes most of their conversation out, but the smile stays on his face. He finds himself being much gentler, more precise as Niall’s voice is fluttering through the room, doing its best at calming Harry. He begins to relax more fully and soon enough he feels like he’s just at home on a normal day, laying on the couch listening to Niall ramble on as he half-listens and draws in his sketchbook. 

Harry’s ears perk up at the word “boyfriend” and he looks up, taking a break from tattooing and using the time to wipe off the extra ink. He looks to Niall only to catch the blonde staring back at him dreamily, kind of like the cartoon caricatures Harry’s seen Zayn draw of himself and Niall (or Narry, as Zayn likes to call them). 

He sees the guy (he never actually heard his name) looking between the two with an interested look before chuckling lowly. Normally, the act would annoy Harry, but with Niall around, he really can’t be bothered. 

A couple of minutes later and Harry’s finally finished with the tattoo, he sends the man up to the front to pay and Niall follows closely behind to go put on all of his coats again while Harry hurriedly cleans up his station. 

On his way towards the lobby, though, he can’t help but overhear a passing conversation. 

“So, is there a reason why he hated me or?” The man said which received laughs from both Niall and Zayn. 

“Nah, Harry doesn’t like most people. But you kinda got off easy today, mate, what with Niall being around. That usually puts Harry in a good mood.” 

Harry rolls his eyes as he hears Zayn explain what he’s known ever since he met the blonde boy he’s lucky to call his boyfriend. He walks into the lobby with loud, stomping footsteps and goes to start putting on his coats along with Niall. “Talking about me again, huh lads?” He asks somewhat playfully and Niall winks. 

“Of course, babe. Zayn here was just telling James how I make you a better person and all that.” He says, walking over to tuck himself into Harry’s arms. 

“Yep, we were, cause’ you seem to hate all other human beings unless your little boyfriend is around. How did you ever exist without him, huh Haz?” Zayn jabs back and honestly, Harry has no idea. 

Zayn’s words put a smirk on Niall’s face, one that makes Harry groan and roll his eyes before dragging the blonde out of the shop because he knows he’ll never hear the end of it. In fact, their entire, slow walk back home in the deep snow is filled with Niall bumping against Harry’s shoulders whispering “I make you more manageable, huh? I’m just so great, I can see why you love me so much. C’mon Haz, admit it!” and many more random sentences in the same fashion. 

It’s not until they get back home and their cuddled up under about four blankets on the couch with the fireplace roaring that Harry snaps, “Alright, alright, you make me a better person and i never want to live life without you again otherwise I might just kill everyone in sight out of pure annoyance.” He says, being completely truthful despite his sarcastic tone. 

He sees Niall giggle lightly in the corner of his eye, but before the blonde can snark something back to him, Harry shuts him up by kissing him a bit roughly. “I gave you what you wanted, yeah? Now how about you give me what I want.” Harry suggests and Niall quirks a brow.

“And what is it you want?” 

“I want you to shut up and kiss me for the rest of the night, is that alright?” Harry asks cheekily. 

His ears ring with the absolute beauty that is Niall’s laughter. “Simple enough.” 

I hope that wasn’t too choppy I had to write it in weird order b/c i literally never have time fml. Punk Harry is everything to me and nothing will ever change that. PLEASE send me an inbox letting me know what I should update next (oneshot, arcadia, or 3 musketeers) and thanks for reading!

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Seventeen’s reaction to seeing you outside of work *Vocal Unit*
  • Gifs are not mine.
  • I’m trying to keep the gender of the reader unspecified so everyone can enjoy these beautiful boys. 
  • If you have any ideas, then feel free to tell me what to write next. 

You are an idol. The members of Seventeen each had a day off and the vocal unit decided to go into town for some shopping, only to bump into you.

How do they react?


Jeonghan had wandered into the hair isle of a store after realizing the others had used up the last of his shampoo and conditioner. Although his hair is shorter now he still overly pampered it and liked it smelling angelic at all times. As he was trying to decide which scent he wanted he noticed you. He recognized your face immediately, as he had recently heard good things about you and your group, although you were wearing a mask to keep from being seen he still knew it was you by seeing your eyes. 

He had never been someone to crush on others, or feel nervous in someone else’s presence as he himself was a naturally attractive and confident person. However just by being a few steps away from you he could feel his heart flutter. You were even more gorgeous then he’d thought and he wanted so badly to speak to you. If only he could calm he nerves.

He attempted to regain his composure and nearly did until he noticed you were walking away. Panicking, he followed you until you reached the exit of the store. Loudly clearing his throat, he made you stop in your tracks because of the noise and turn.

Originally posted by stay-n-dream

He then proceeded to walk past you and open the door after noticing your hands were full, his mask was the only thing hiding the blush on his face. Thankfully causing you not to notice it.

“You seem to have your hands full, so i thought i’d open the door.”

He explained his actions to you while keeping eye contact the entire time. You felt yourself overwhelmed with his polite action and smiled accepting his gesture by walking out the door and waiting for him to follow.

“Thank you very much… Jeonghan”

He froze, watching you bow then walk away. You… knew… him?

For the rest of the day nothing could ruin his mood and he told himself that the next time he had the pleasure of meeting you, he’d get your number.

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Unbroken (Part 2)

A/N: This is the second part to my series Unbroken. There may be some mistakes and I apologize for that and I’m completely open to constructive criticism.

Summary: You’re an unidentified creature that has been captured by Sam and Dean, and Castiel has an interesting theory.

Pairings: Eventually Castiel x Reader

Warnings: None

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Sam looked at you and raised an eyebrow, “How do you know who we are?” He asked. You looked up when the bags of the food you ordered were being handed to you. As you grabbed them, you racked your brain knowingly understanding the mistake you made by talking to them, and trying to find a way out of this without giving the Winchesters anymore reason to be suspicious of you.

Thoughts flooded your mind of how to escape. You couldn’t afford for them to follow you and find Meg or Lucifer. So you knew you couldn’t leave without them choosing to let you go. ‘I shouldn’t have opened my stupid mouth’ you thought.’ “I.. I..” You stuttered trying to think of an excuse “I’m a hunter, just like you!” You claimed unconvincingly.

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I Get Knocked Down (But I Get Up Again)

For @kiriei​ who send me a great list of beach prompts, so this happened. 


“You sure you’re ok?” the blond asks, and Bucky really appreciates the fact that the guy isn’t laughing, considering his friend can’t seem to help snickering at Sam’s outrageous display.

“I’m fine,” Bucky huffs with a smirk. “Pride’s a little bruised, and I’m guessing I look like a fuckin’ drowned rat, but no permanent damage.”

A slow- and frankly, evil- smile makes its way across the blond’s lips. There’s a flicker of uncertainty in those blue eyes, but it’s replaced with a nearly-predatory look that gives Bucky goosebumps.

“Shame,” the other man teases Bucky. “I’m pretty good at kissin’ things better.”

In which Bucky Barnes is a show off at the beach and pays the price.

You can also read the fic here.

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5

Here’s part three in the series! No sexy stuff in here unfortunately but a little bit of angst for your reading pleasure. In part four, it’s going to be like Boss!Harry on tour in New York so this part was necessary to get to that part. I hope you guys like it! x

Question upon question is running through your mind but your mouth is drying up and no words manage to escape your lips. The boy in front of you, no older than five, maybe even younger, with fair hair, green eyes, and his elephant toy, is the same boy from the photos sitting above the fireplace which you spotted those few weeks ago and he tentatively climbs down from the steps, moving them back to the corner of the room, as though he’ll get in trouble if he doesn’t, before coming back to stand in front of you, staring up in wonder at this new person who’s entered the room in his home. His and…his father’s home?

You try to croak out a ‘hello’ or a ‘hi’ but the words of your mind don’t make it to your mouth and the boy just holds on to his cuddly elephant even tighter. He’s heartbreakingly cute, possibly the sweetest looking thing you’ve ever seen, and without even needing to ask, you know he’s Harry’s boy. He’s got little Superman pyjamas on his body and tiny frog slippers on his feet to keep him warm against the cold floor of the apartment. It’s not freezing outside but it’s definitely getting colder the nearer it gets to the winter months, and the now distant comfort of Harry from mere moments ago reminds you of just how bitter the weather was getting outside.

“Daddy says…daddy says not to talk to strangers,” he squeaks, looking away as he does, worry, about what to do, in his eyes which are now searching the space either side of you. You realise you’re blocking his escape route if he wants to run back to his bedroom and step aside to let him go through. But he doesn’t move.

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anonymous asked:

I'm Gratsu deprived

Me too, anon, me too. I wrote you a little drabble in hopes that it would help.


“Luce, he’s so cool!” Natsu says.

She giggles. “I’m sure he is.”

Natsu’s excited enough that his voice gets a bit louder every time he talks. He’s starting to draw the attention of passersby but she doesn’t mind much. She’s used to it by now. It’s even kind of endearing.

Natsu says something else, but she doesn’t catch it. He’s speaking so quickly, if she stops paying attention for a split second she’ll miss something.

Lucy tries to focus on Natsu, but she spots something out of the corner of her eye, a redheaded woman trying to discreetly gesture to them with a tip of her head. Lucy looks at the man she’s whispering to and he’s gorgeous, - they both are - even if he’s scowling and vehemently shaking his head.

The man looks at her for a second, definitely checks her out, but her flattery is short lived when he immediately shifts his gaze to Natsu and the faintest hint of a smile rests on his nicely shaped lips.

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