his feelings for her are so obvious its adorable

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Can I have a scenario? Hinata is going to get ready for his match against Shiratorizawa, when she appears. Both have a crush on each other but they had no idea the other likes them back, (like it's so obvious even the whole Karasuno team is aware of their feelings for each other) She's there to wish him luck, and with all her courage she gives him a good luck kiss on the cheek, and both are flustered bc this. Surprise ending? Fluff fluff fluff pleeeease.

This is adorable! Hinata was actually the reason I started watching Haikyuu!

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You ran to the gym, “I hope they haven’t started their match yet!” By the time you made it to the game, you were out of breath. “W-water!” You carried your tired body to the nearest water fountain. While you were chugging down your water, the Karasuno team walked by. You practically spit your water out when you saw them. “H-hey guys!” You said, with water dripping down your chin. The whole team started to grin. Hinata looked at you with a nervous look, his face was bright red. The guys all looked at one another and grinned, it seemed that they all had the same idea. Tanaka pushed Hinata towards you.

The small orange haired future-ace fell right into you. The team immediately left, snickering along the way. You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks as Hinata stood there with his arms wrapped around you. As soon as he looked you in the eye, he pushed away. “S-sorry (Y/n)-chan!” He bowed what seemed like a thousand times before you could convince him to stop. “It’s ok Hinata, really!” He sighed in relief, “Oh good…well uh, I-I’m going to go now!” He said nervously, you could tell he was embarrassed. 

“W-wait Hinata! I came to wish you luck, so…good luck!” You kissed him on the cheek quickly and ran off to the stands, yelling good luck on the way. Your heart was pounding, you couldn’t believe you just did that! You actually racked up the courage to some-what express your feelings to your crush! You reached the stand and found a spot in the back. There was no way you would sit in the front now after that! 

The game started and you could see Hinata trying to look around. Whispering under your breath, “Oh no…he’s looking for me!” You tried your best to hide, hoping that he would forget what happened. How could he though? He was crazy about you! You just didn’t know it yet at least…

You knew you would have to face Hinata, but to be honest, you didn’t want to. How could you face him after that? After the team had won their game, you waited outside in the hall. Sweat ran down your face, you had never been this nervous in your whole life! Finally, after about twenty minutes, the team walked out. Everyone knew about what happened, not because Hinata told them, but because they were watching through the small window on the door. 

Everyone was excited, especially you know who. He couldn’t believe the girl he had a crush on gave him a kiss! The boys walked towards the end of the hall, well actually, they hid behind the wall and spied on you guys. Hinata walked up to you bashfully. “(Y/n)…I-I wanted to say that I um…I really like you. A-And I was wondering if you would g-go out with me!” He said, bowing his head again. You couldn’t believe your ears! Did you hear that right, were you dreaming? 

“Yes Shoyou, I’ll go out with you!” You said with your biggest smile possible. Noya cheered behind the wall, “Way yo go Shoyou!” Everyone else shushed him and pulled back behind the wall. Hinata scratched the back of his head in embarrassment but all you could do was laugh it off. 

Thanks for requesting! 

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Hi! It'd mean the world to me if you could Please write a Drabble where K & P are forced to marry :) but by some twist of fate, after some time they have the choice to end the marriage.. And peeta, loving katniss so faithfully of course wants to give her that. I really wanna see katniss having a hard time about it.. Bec of how used to peeta she's gotten, how domestic they are. I love a stubborn katniss who doesn't know her own feelings but it's obvious to everyone around that she loves peeta

So I adored this prompt and took it waaaay farther than it should’ve gone. 12k words later, I decided it’d be better to post it to FFN than here. It deviates slightly from the prompt, but integrally, it’s the same! Hope it’s what you were looking for. 

You can read it here.


McReedus Appreciation Moment #2 

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the look he gives Melissa as she walks away…it’s brimmed with appreciation, awe, smirky happiness, admiration…and perhaps a tiny bit of longing as well!
No matter how many little aggrevations I might have about some of his demeanour, conduct or conduct at times…the man really can be charming to a fault and there are moments where, just the way he looks at her makes it so obvious that he feels for her in some kind of “deeper way”…

Whether the SDCC 2014 “flowers” stunt was a real moment or one set up prior to panel, the way he gazes after her in that moment is most definitely not something manufactured by PR, contractual obligation or even circumstance.
There is a glint of true feeling in his eyes and its one that implies genuine adoration and almost a hint of gratitude that she chose him…
Norman cares about Melissa, maybe even a lot more than we can tell!

Le sigh…