his fcking face look at it

  • Me: //sees bias// awee my soft baby! Look at his smile! He's seriously brighter than the sun! Such a fluffy little puppy!
Monsta X reaction to you doing a lap dance for them

requested by anon~

warning : it’s kinda smutty idk anymore what have i done ;—; this what happen when such things are requested but note.. i don’t do smut okay…


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Shownu; It was just some random night when you decided to give Shownu some reward. At first he’d be startled to be honest but when you start doing your moves, he’d be pretty turned on that he’d lick his lips constantly while eyeing you out. He’d be turned on an instant that you’d be able to see his growing bulge. To be honest, he’d let you do your thing until you finish. And once you’re finished, you better prepare yourself since you have to take responsibility for what you’ve just done, well he’s pretty turned on he needs to give you a reward and it’ll be a sleepless night since he’d be making love with you until 3AM i guess?

“*sexy music starts playing* Baby, take a seat first. *you slowly trace your fingers on his chest before gently pushing him towards the chair that you’ve prepared in the middle of your bedroom*”

“O-oh, what’s this? *flushed*”

“A reward for my ever loving boyfriend. Now, eyes on me baby. *bites lower lip and starts doing your thing*”

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Wonho; When the music started once he sat his ass down on the chair, he knew what was up and he’d be really ecstatic about it. Wonho would be restless on his seat when you start doing this lap grind. He’d be biting his lips, holding back the moans when he felt yours touch his crotch. But then, Wonho would also get pretty impatient that he would actually stop you mid-way through the ending. When you’d start doing the body slide, he would totally lose it and would crash his lips on yours, hungrily tasting you before throwing you on the bed. you better be ready to have those clothes thrown on the ground *wink*

“are you sure you want to do this baby? *growls as his lustful eyes eyes you up and down*”

“oh, heck yes, baby. *you whisper on his ear before moving your hips in a circular motion*”

“*groans* ugh… just you wait.. i’m gonna make you scream my name so hard that you’d lose your voice tomorrow… *licks his lips as he tries to calm his beating heart*”

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk was pretty tired out by his schedule but when he came home with you pushing him on a chair with such provoking outfit washed those feelings away as he starts to get excited about this. He’d be so serious that he’d be eating you out in his mind, his eyes totally eyeing you out while you do you moves. When you pushed your breasts towards his face, you’d be startled when he’d suddenly lick it don’t try him he’s gonna flip the table. And before you could even finish your lap dance, he’d be the one who’s gonna be giving you some lap dance baby before he proceeds in bringing you to the bed, totally giving you pleasure until you’re tired out. 

Do you like what you’re seeing, baby? *seductively licks your lips while walking closer to him*”

“Mmmm. I don’t like it.. I love it baby, so fcking love it. *watches you with lustful eyes*”

“Well then… *puts your hands behind on the chair for support, standing in between his legs before pushing your breasts into his face, only to be startled when he licks it* B-babe!” 

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Kihyun; The two of you were having some time together and since it’s been a while, you decided to give him some lovely performance. By the minute he sat down on the chair, he’d be totally turned on to see you on the black lacy lingerie he gave you and he’d be 10x turned on when you started doing knee strokes on him. Well, it’d be so clear that he’d be so turned on when you don’t see his smile on his face anymore,as it’s going to be replaced by a serious look, mouth slightly ajar and his eyes totally fixed on you and your body. When you bring yourself closer to him, he’d be body worshiping you with his hands sneakily giving those sensitive parts a touch. Just be warned that you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day after you know *wink*

You look fcking amazing babe, and I love it when it gives me a view of those plump breasts of yours. *shakily breaths out as he pulls you closer to him*”

“Calm down, baby, you’re gonna get a taste of this later. *pushes his hands away before doing circular motions on his lap*”

“*moans so hard that it’d make you wet in an instant* Ugh, baby, don’t stop….. *eyes fixed on yours while licking his lips*”

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Hyungwon; It was after a formal dinner when you decided to give this boy some reward for being a good boy. The moment you stripped of your dress, revealing a lingerie, he’d be looking at you with that look in the gif while he watches you start doing your thing. He’d be totally in control with his emotions as he just let you do your thing despite doing such sinful acts. But once he thinks that it’s his turn to give you some pleasure, he’d actually time it when you up close to him before he crashes his lips on yours, with his arm wrapped around your waist and hand playing with your nipples. And it’d end up with the two of you on bed, moaning each other’s name.

Oh, just keep that coming baby. *whispers as you start to grind in between his legs*”

“*does another move and another and another and another for 5 minutes*”

“*sees you pull your body towards him; quickly wraps his arm around your waist and crashes his lips on yours, making it into a heated make out until the two of you are now in bed*”

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Jooheon; Man, Jooheon would be loving it. He would let you do your thing until how long you want it to be. But don’t be surprised to see him look at you while biting his lips from time to time. His breath would be so uneven since he’d be so freaking turned out that his bulge would be there to say hi to you despite being under his jogging pants. But then when you’’re doing a move that he really loves, he’d keep you on the place while running his hands down on your thighs before letting out a loud moan. When you finally decide to end the lap dance, Jooheon would just pull you into his lap before taking you in here and there. 

Baby, that was freaking awesome. *he whispers as he pulls you into his lap, his arms snaking around you waist.*”

“*sits on his lap without hesitation* Yeah? Well, what are you waiting for baby? I’m all yours.”

“*smirks before hungrily crashes his lips onto yours*”

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Changkyun; This boy would not to miss a thing. He’d have his phone up by the minute you start dancing and despite having his phone recording every single thing you do, he’d still have his eyes fixed on you and your body. You were just wearing some white beater and boxers without any bra on but Changkyun would also be turned on and would be so frustrated at how hot you looked to be honest. And once he thinks that he’s caught enough, he’d throw his phone away before going all in on you. And from time to time, you’d be able to see him smirk at you.

Dang baby, no bra on? *glances on his phone to check if it’s high resolution*”

“*ignores him and continues to do your thing, only to make him more frustrated*”

“Okay, you know what… I’ve recorded a good amount of you lap dancing… *throws his phone away before pulling you into his lap and makes you do your thing*”

This may or may not be a Kaisoo analysis, it depends on what you prefer. If you’re a Kaisoo shipper, it is. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter, because I just wanna talk about JI and KS lmao. This scene is from EXO’s Showtime episode 12 (about 14:45 if you wanna see things more clearly, I know this gif is low quality heh).

I know this is old af, like 4 years ago, and maybe there’re posts talking about this already which I haven’t stumbled into, so I have to release it here or it’ll keep nagging my sorry head for the rest of my life. If I say something offensive, I have to say sorry beforehand. Now prepare yourself for a long-assed post and half-assed attempt in English.

For ones who don’t recall where this scene from, it was the thigh-strength battle that JI himself suggested others to play and in which he “won”. And this is his bitter expression after knowing that his victory was in the script that other members were acting along.

(He looked so hurt, someones go and give him a hug or something to help him boost his ego pleaseeee…)

So when I was in the middle of weeping for our poor boy, I glanced briefly to the left of the scene, and what have I got here? I bet at this point all of you’ve noticed it right?

Idk if Kaisoo is real or not, I even don’t know if I wish they were a real couple or not, because then it’d lead to a lot of shitty stuff relating to idols and their sexuality and other shit which would undoubtedly do harms to our boys, but well that’s not the point here.

The point here is that: when other members were having fun and acting along with the shitty script and it seemed like no one fcking cared about what JI were feeling, here we go! Please look at KS in the background.

KS laughed along with others at first, then his smile died immediately after he turned to look at JI. And holy shit, my heart explodes every time I watch this scene (and I’ve watched it for 736384 times already, which is pathetic I know).

First he smiled pretty widely (because hey, everyone was laughing, so why wouldn’t he, right? This was supposed to be fun, right?), then he saw JI’s expression, then he blinked his eyes several times (like he couldn’t control his emotions), then his smile faded and his eyes averted to elsewhere (like he couldn’t stand watching JI being hurt), and at last he even ducked his head to look at the floor. And damn that crossed chopsticks and those caption words and CY’s handsome face for fcking blocking KS’s reaction, but nonetheless, you get what I mean, right?

Idk about other members’ reaction to JI’s expression because all the scenes were very brief and zoomed out so all other faces were tiny af, but I’m so fcking sure that KS looked so fcking sad because his boyfriend was fcking sad and he just cared so much about JI’s feelings at that time (or all the times may I say :->). Just look at him, and if you tell me KS just ducked his head to look down at BH’s shoes which might be more interesting than the whole scene before his eyes, fight me (or not, I’m just kidding).

To me KS is a type of guy that hardly shows what he’s truly feeling. He always looks pretty calm or cold or blank or puts on satansoo’s facade whatsoever, but in this scene, he was like being caught off-guard, and we all can see how much he was affected by JI’s feelings. I know probably KS would be reacting the same if this were other members, but still, I find this (this scene, this brotherhood, this bromance lol) absolutely beautiful. So even if watching this scene makes me hurt, it also warms my heart too.

Omg I need to stop here lmao. Sorry, again, for this shitty post which I doubt there is even someone else not me read. I just wanna release my feelings *laughs* *cries*

Imagine Seijou third years chillin on a grass field at school during lunch break and Iwaizumi falling asleep, so Makki starts to pat his hair “it’s actually much softer than it looks like” and Mattsun pulls some grass off the ground and puts it on Iwa-chans face and finally Oikawa puts flowers in his hair and when Iwa-chan wakes up he has no idea. And even went to class like that.

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Hey, I'm the anon who asked about whether Chan may have said something to Sehun. I didn't mean that Chan asked Sehun to make it happen. But you know when you tell your friend you have a crush on someone so they start teasing you everytime you're around that person and they'll try and make you guys hug and sit next to each other etc :)

Hi again darling~ oh okay I get it now haha. What you said is actually not far from happening (for me, at least). Since the members (esp Jongin) have been smirking or giving obvious reactions whenever they see Bh and Cy doing something, uknow, couple-y. wat haha.

For example,

gif cr: @awkwardmickey

Kyungsooo fist pumping after the BaekYeol hug as if it’s such a big achievement. And he must be thinking “Fina-fcking-lly”

JUST LOOK AT THOSE REACTIONS MY GOSH. I esp love Chen’s reaction tbh it’such a bestfriend reaction towards the situation lel.

Our Nini has been a BaekYeol shipper waaaaay before the hug.

Jongin telling Cy to put his heart in Bh’s.

And then looking satisfied af. BaekYeol shippers would make the same face tbh..

“Oh my…Chanyeol hyung’s hand.”

“So happy.”

Oh y’know, just Jongin thinking he’s subtle in checking out his OTP at the back. With that satisfied smirk of his. Jongin is the embodiment of BaekYeol shippers’ reactions tbh.

And ofc our almighty Oh Sehun who waited for the right moment to finally DO SOMETHING SO THAT HIS HYUNGS WOULD AT LEAST DO A BIT MORE SKINSHIP BC THEY LACK SO MUCH OF THAT TBH. Not that it makes them any less shippable/real :P

And as the bitch naughty maknae that Oh Sehun is, he must’ve wanted to tease his hyungs and make them feel embarrassed so there goes the hug~

Just look at the absolute mischief painted on our maknae’s face. Isn’t it just beautiful? /sighs/

Anyways thanks for elaborating darling, now that I’ve understood what you actually wanted to say, it actually is possible. Since Sehun reaaaally likes teasing his hyungs. And seeing such a perfect opportunity to tease Cy, our maknae wouldn’t possibly let the opportunity pass, hence the awkward but so fcking adorable hug IF there is something to notice. Which we never know~ only the members do. But their reactions almost give out everyhting tbh.

My delulu is coming out again, feel free to throw bricks at me. I won’t even make the effort to dodge them haha. Thank you for sending a message again darling! ^^ Have a good day~~~

Edward’s most difficult riddle. (3x14+future episodes)

Yes he’s called the Riddler for many reasons; cunning, intelligent, theatrical, and dramatic; master of question! But his most difficult puzzle will always be himself; will he ever solve it? never, cause life is filled with infinite mystery. 

The Winter Finale has proven that solid fact how much Edward is conflicted with by anyone, but himself always. Let’s look at these quotes closely.

“I…don’t know what that feels”, after Oswald expresses a development of selfless love towards his best friend. This is the sign of someone whom is in completely denial about the fact someone like Penguin is willing to love him.

“I…don’t love you.” To Oswald at the docks; now I’ve watched a lot of series, and have observed people in real life, and when you pause like that?? it is also a sign of denial. Let’s not forget Edward has been treated like garbage in his childhood years by his parents, hence giving him low self-esteem. So low that the fact someone could love him as much as Penguin does is ridiculous.

After Oswald desperately says he wants to change for Edward before being taken to the docks, Edward had this distressed, confused face the whole time. He’s probably having an argument with his alter ego again,

“I don’t want to kill him”
“but you hate him! look at what he did!”
“I know..I know I should hate him but–”
“just shoot him for god’s sake!”

That’s what I like to believe. And m’ not sure if you noticed but when Oswald was contemplating about how “I made you Edward Nygma”, “you can’t have one without the other”, “you need me as much as I need you!”(my favorite fcking line has been manifested into the episode thank you writers!!), I swore Edward was crying; or maybe it’s just droplets of rain but there was one trailing down from his cheek to his chin. And y’know what I realized? it’s the same conflicted face of anger and hurt when Oswald said “Can we just pretend it never happened, go back to the way things were?” like WOW.

Also, be aware that when you’re a fit of rage, your mind becomes cloudy; so shooting Oswald was hateful, but at the same it was confusion and hurt because Edward could’ve just shoot him in the head, right? He is obviously looking forward to seeing Penguin again.

The bird’s words will forever haunt him, screaming shut up over and over again until he realizes; that he would’ve never become the man he is now if it weren’t Oswald. Edward came to his aid, and asked for advice in the first place. And once The Riddler finally admits that, he will see Oswald again, and thank him.


I mean many of us know by now, that the docks scene parallels a lot to Jim and Oswald’s encounter in season 1 ep 1, but let’s talk about this please??

“I made you Edward Nygma!” said by Oswald. Edward only shooting him in the gut.

“It was just like yesterday, you were my umbrella boy; and now here you are, my dear Penguin. terror of Gotham. my creation” said by Fish Mooney. Penguin lets her go.


Honeymoon with Bucky:

- He takes you to a very private island

- It’s literally the locals and you

- Slow dancing every once in a while to no music

- Staying up playing charades with eachother and laughing

- Bucky joking about how your marriage is illegal cuz he’s 100

- “I’m not calling you grandpa.” - making love on E V E R Y surface of the island AND the house

- “bucky.. stop there are kiDS IN heRE.”

- “what if we had kids”

- you stop using protection and go at it several more times/ or look up adoption requirements/ or whatever u want

- he would have something else to do for every day of the trip

- you would also surprise him quiet a lot

- a lot of walking around in his shirts

- a lot of him hugging from behind

- “mmmm im so hungry”

- “eat then”

- “well… come here then”

- cute ass pictures and photo albums

- different ways of saying i love you

- “im glad your mama threw your stupid face out of her vagina”

- “and im glad u are a piece of shit and creep people but didnt manage to creep me out”


- he blushes all the fcking time even tho you’re literally married

- kisses on your ring

- he would refer to you as if you were royalty or something

- “your majesty, your breakfast awaits”

- “bucky, people are looking at us”


- oh god where do i start

- will comment on anything and everything at any time and any place istg

- “wow look at that flower, it looks so pretty–”

- and will somehow insult it

- "but obviously, it’s not as pretty as me so next to me it’s as ugly as soonyoung” /cue hoshi crying

- you and seungkwan would be bffs

- you two met when you were little munchkins aww so cute

- don’t worry, you’re still adorable af, reader ♥

- and you and seungkwan always hung out until now and as time went by, hugs and hand-holding was normal to you and seungkwan ever since he accidentally kissed you in 5th grade

- and you and him didn’t ever regret it

- as time went by, seungkwan found himself thinking of you and not just as a friend

- he would slowly find you more beautiful as days went by 

- and how funny, cute, smart, and talented you really are

- he really admires how you would do anything pERFECTLY










- but he accepts the fact because when he glanced at you after realizing, you were smiling at him

- and his heart fluttered

- but the thing is

- you think he’s gay

- and seungkwan doesn’t know that

- and you’d think the affection seungkwan gives to you is only between friends and not in a “dating” way

- but he really tries to tell you that he likes you through his actions

- except his snappy comebacks 

- so whenever seungkwan kisses your cheek, you just brush it off like it’s just seungkwan and him being him

- so story time

- seungkwans really touchy ok

- sometimes perverted okay

- oKAY

- one day you were at seungkwans house and just on bed with him

- no dirty thoughts isTG

- and he was lying down while scrolling on his phone

- and you’re just pouting at seungkwan because he wasn’t paying attention to you

- okay so you actually like seungkwan and the things he does makes you go doKI DOKID ODKODKI

- but you don’t think he likes you and only thinks of you as a sister

- but you were like, “eh he hugs me and stuff so–” 


- you take seungkwans free hand and just lie on his chest before wrapping his arm around you and hugging him


- you just laugh and hug him, staring up at him as he just sighs

- “what am i going to do with you, Y/N…?” seungkwan dramatically sighs before a smile appears on his face

- you and seungkwan are really touchy lol 

- it’s no surprise that both of you had touch each other’s butt

- just saying

- have you seen seungkwans butt btw


- during these moments, seungkwan would always pretend to still be busy with his phone but he’s usually paying attention to what you’re doing

- like how you’re just playing with his fingers or hugging him because you just wanna sleep so you tend to snuggle against something

- seungkwan would then put his phone down and just look at you, pretending to look at you in disgust

- “you’re disgusting,” he would make a face

- you just laugh and nudge his nose, “says you.” 

- seungkwan would then pretend to bite your finger

- and you’d just squeak like nOPE

- and you’d just smile and stare at him as you mumble, “seungkwan, you’re the best, did you know that?” 

- “and you’re okay I guess.”

- cue seungkwan getting slapped


- you and seungkwan would be just walking to your locker

- and you widen your eyes because you see a bunch of heart sticky notes on your locker

- and seungkwans just like

- “what the fck is this” 

- and he’d be fuMING LMAO

- you, on the other hand, would be like “aww who did this?” 

- and then you see this guy, looking like a kpop idol with the eye liner and geled up hair

- and he just hands you a flower

- and you’re like !!! oh1!! thanks?!!?!!!

- and he just grins really shyly

- but then 


- it’s in english btw

- and it’s coming from seungkwan who has his hands on his hips

- and you look at him and lightly slap him 

- and seungkwan’s just huffing and taking the flower from your hand and placing it behind his ear before crossing his arms

- “thanks for the flower but i have to say no.” 

- you stifle a laughter when the guy just looks so fcking conFUSED LMAO

- and you just smile at the guy like, “I-” 

- “she says no, so good-bye!” 

- you glare at seungkwan

- seungkwans just making this face with his lips slightly puckered lOL

- and you just sigh and roll your eyes before muttering, “yah, sorry but i’m interested in someone else.” 

- the guy aND SEUNGKWAN


- and you just laugh softly and nod before excusing yourself and taking seungkwans hand

- suddenly seungkwans all moody 

- “whO IS HE” 

- “why didn’T YOU EVER TELL ME I-” 

- and you just pull seungkwan into an empty classroom 

- and seungkwans confused asf im laughing

- and you just stay silent before just wrapping your arms around him and hugging him really tightly

- seungkwans still confused

- but he has his arms around you the next second aww

- and you just mumble, “seungkwan, you idiot. he probably hates you now.” 

- seungkwan just snorts and mumbles against your hair as he buries his face against it, inhaling your scent

- “i don’t care.” 

- and you just pull away slightly and stare at him, “but seungkwan, i know him–” 


- you roll your eyes and smack your hand against his lips 

- “he’s one of those ‘cool kids’. I doubt he actually likes me for me and you just humiliated him in front of everyone.”

- seungkwan’s cool slowly goes down as he widens his eyes, “really?” 

- you nod, “yeah. and i don’t want anything bad to happen to you or… or just someone hating you.” 

- “i don’t care if someone hates me, Y/N,” seungkwan would roll his eyes, “just let haters be–” 

- you’d pout and mumble, “i know but… how can someone hate you?” 

- you’d be so quiet but seungkwan would hear it loud and clear

- “say what now?” 

- and you’d blush and mumble, “you’re just so… lovable.” 

- seungkwan also blushes before speaking up, “um–” 

- you’d pout and look at him, “look, i know you’re not straight but i just want to–” 

- seungkwan immediately gasps, “waIT– I’M NOT STRAIGHT? WHERE’D YOU HEAR THAT????”

 - you’d blink in shock, “well… you did point out how some guys’ butts were cute and–” 

- seungkwan gives you a look, “look honey, im nOT gay.” 


- seungkwan just stares at you with an amused smile

- and your face is so red lMAO

- and he just sighs before hugging you, “stupid. unless you’re a dude, then yes, i am gay.” 

- you widen your eyes and just stay silent

- and then he just pulls back and pecks your nose, “you’re so silly. but i like that.” 

- you just stare at him and lightly punch his chest, “if only you complimented girls and not just guys, i’d confess earlier.” 

- “well, you’re the only girl i find attractive so how can i compliment other girls?” seungkwan shrugged

- you look at him and you just pull him down and kiss him straight on the lips 

- and he just smiles against your lips

- smooth AND SASSY 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

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RFA when they're drunk (°∀°)b

a/n: hi! sorry i got it so long! but i hope you enjoy this because i enjoyed writing this one too much omg loLOLOLOL


  • an emotional drunk
  • this boi srsly is so light weight jfc
  • after a bottle and a half of soju, he’s done for zen feels a lil responsible because he was the one who brought yoosung out to drink
  • at first, he’s this hyperactive ball of happiness who can’t stop laughing at almost anything he sees “Oh! That chair is funny! Isn’t it standing in a funny way?”
  • he’ll start complaining about his professor who looks like the walking judgment day and how stressed he is at his classes
  • “But aren’t you playing LOLOL in class hours and whenever you get home as well?” zen
  • “That’s–” yoosung
  • “Why are you complaining that you’re tired when it’s your fault?” zen
  • he glares at zen and his glare is just like a chihuahua barking at you
  • expect rants about V
  • and then in an instant he’s over to the karaoke box, singing his ass off
  • he’s a little off-key as well
  • he’s singing songs that reflects how alone he feels like and how he wanted to have a girlfriend but could never have one
  • he’ll probably be singing: Crush by David Archuleta lolol
  • ‘Cause the possibility
    That you would ever feel the same way about me
    It’s just too much
    Just too much Ooooh that kind of hurts
  • he always sings about how he likes someone who probably likes someone else ouch
  • “Hyuuung~!” *hic* “Aahh! Why don’t I have any girlfriend?! Hyuuung!? What’s wrong with me? Am I that undesirable?” *starts to whine then drunk cries*
  • “Hyung… I just want to be happy. But I want her to be happy too…” he feels conflicted and gets a bit teary-eyed “What should I do…? I.. I really like her…”
  • “Aish! Yoosung! Get yourself together! Dammit, that’s food! You don’t sleep on food!” zen starts complaining since yoosung literally lays his head over the plate of uneaten nachos
  • he’s down
  • he passed out just beside the plate of nachos
  • cries to zen the next day because what the fuck is a hangover how do you stop it hyung, are they trying to make a hole in my head???
  • zen regrets his life choices


  • a flirty drunk
  • he has surprisingly high alcohol tolerance ( wow )
  • when he enters a bar or a club, several people will notice him and will start recognizing his face
  • “Aren’t you that actor from Promiscuous Jalapeno Topping?”
  • where ever he goes, he knows someone
  • “Oh, hey! Nice crowd. How’s life?” he casually says
  • “Fine! Drinks, Zen? Where would you like to sit?”
  • he gets drunk after taking down bottles of beer
  • this guy is flirty af you just want to drag him home by his ponytail
  • he gets his additional free drinks by flirting with women
  • “Hey, cutie. Are you alone tonight?” he winks and the woman swoons because damn what else can you do if this ridiculously attractive man goes up to you. classic zen. don’t you have any other lines to say? “Want me to join you?” dammit
  • when he’s drunk enough, he gets on top of a table and starts singing
  • it’ll contain lots of winking, seducting smiling, smooth body movements and lots of women swooning and losing consciousness because hot damn
  • he’ll probably be singing: How Do I Breathe by Mario
  • How do I breathe
    Without you here by my side? *wink
    How will I see
    When your love brought me to the light? *seductive smile
    Where do I go
    When your heart’s where I lay my head? *smooth dancing
    When you’re not with me,
    How do I breathe?
    How do I breathe? *smouldering stare
  • and since he has a very good, smooth voice, crowds gather before him. he enjoys the spotlight tbh
  • the crowd goes, “Take it off! Take it off!”
  • he suddenly removes his shirt and the crowd goes wild gdi zen
  • he’s also probably the type of drunk where he goes, “Everyone! Drinks on me! Let’s continue the party!”
  • he’ll be hella pissed at himself the next day because all his savings has gone fly
  • he’s passed out before the night ends
  • he’d be experiencing one hell of a hangover the next day
  • “Who invented the pain of hangover with the pleasure of drinking? I’d like to give them a punch in the face. Ugh.


  • an angry drunk
  • she is the second semi-light weight of RFA
  • complains a lot about jumin and work and will probably diss him too much
  • her mouth has no stop switch it’s diss jumin night
  • “Mr. Han keeps passing to me documents he can do himself. This amount of work is certainly a violation of labor. she would rant and rant about how jumin basically terrors her personal life with workload
  • “I wish he would stop pestering me beyond business hours just to take care of his cat.”
  • a few glasses of wine and she’s drunk
  • “Mmm… It’s getting stuffy…” strips
  • she’s not entirely fond of drinking but she does it when stress seriously starts to get on her nerves
  • at first she’s this little conservative woman who sits on the corner by herself, enjoying the quietness of the place and the taste of wine
  • but it goes down when she finally removes her coat
  • “Where is your karaoke box?” aaaand there she goes
  • she says she doesn’t dance but oh boy those moves
  • lowkey insults other people’s sense of fashion ( MOSTLY WOMEN )
  • cue Work by Rihanna playing in the background bECAUSE SHE’S HERE TO FORGET ABOUT WORK AND YOU MAKE HER HEAR A SONG ABOUT WORK??? FUCK ( she secretly wishes to burn down the place because of that song )
  • she lectures the employees of the bar she’s in about proper clientele handling and boi have they been lectured this badly in their whole lives
  • just because they forgot to serve her water
  • “This much neglect would certainly hurt a person. They would be offended that you forgot them but you didn’t when it’s someone else.” uhm jaehee that’s a chair
  • “Oh, forgive me. Where is your restroom?” she says she just wants to pee
  • she doesn’t come back minutes later
  • she passed out inside the cubicle
  • would be late for work the next day because her head is throbbing so bad who said drinking on a working night is a good idea


  • a primadonna drunk
  • he’s surprisingly not a light weight, he can actually par up with zen’s tolerance almost but not quite
  • because he hangs out with the rich folks of course he goes to exclusive bars and clubs i bet you he’s already probably a member to some
  • his preferred drink is wine and he likes to talk about some mild stuff
  • “How are your cat projects, Mr. Han?”
  • “It’s going pretty well.” boring
  • he actually likes to drink by himself or enjoy the view of his penthouse while drinking wine and appreciating the city lights
  • “The night is beautiful isn’t it…” and he raises his wine glass…
  • …to Elizabeth dammit jumin
  • he lowkey groans because why can’t cats drink wine
  • i can see him getting drunk to tequila
  • if he gets drunk and since surprise surprise it’s sooo rare to happen, he’ll become more self-important and
  • his view of his importance suddenly goes sky high
  • and his sassy mouth becomes 100x more savage because jumin fucking savage han
  • “Are you telling me I can’t afford to pay for this club? That’s understandable in your case.”
  • “No, sir, we’re just—”
  • “Because I can afford to buy all of it.”
  • he’s awfully honest too and becomes touchy
  • he always ALWAYS has that stupid goofy smile on his face and whenever you ask him something, he just smiles at you pretty creepy since all of the time he just has that empty look on his face umm Mr. Han are you ok
  • he goes to the karaoke box and wow did you know he can sing so well?? and his voice oh gods help
  • cue Jumin singing Classic Man by Jidenna because why not he can sing it better lolol
  • and the night ends up with him paying for everyone else’s drinks
  • you gotta put trust on that trust fund


  • a goofy drunk
  • lol dude this guy
  • is so fcking hardcore
  • body shots? “GAME ON!”
  • beer pong? “GAME ON!”
  • “Let’s play poker!” “Alright, you’re on!” most likely would win all of those chips
  • and would prob lose his shit when you defeat him many times in a row and tell him, “Hah! I’m better than you at this!” but will prob see you as some god he can’t defeat
  • he has so-so alcohol tolerance and it depends on what he’s drinking
  • will prob take you to some unknown and exclusive weird club shit
  • i’ve always pictured him taking the mc of the game to other countries and he’ll know where all the hardcore bars are
  • all of the club’s he’s been in would always be the ones that either hosts weird drinking games and shit like that
  • would probably be the one who’s DJing
  • lots. of. crazily. mixed. exotic. drinks.
  • he’s also that one who would try to do those weird drinking shit like when you lift him upside down while chugging a bottle of beer
  • he’s so fun to be with dammit
  • he’s gon be deadass drunk by the end of the night
  • would probably make lots of stupid jokes and petty pick-up lines
  • would probably play a prank on his sober self with his drunk self and he would wake up extremely pissed at himself the next morning
  • would be hella grumpy the next day because what is a hangover



  • a mysterious drunk
  • he actually likes to drink where there are few people around
  • is not fond of dance floors but ends up dancing himself
  • you can see him always at the VIP lounges of clubs and bars because he finds it quiet
  • he’d either be drinking vodka or bourbon or on some occassions ( when he’s with jumin ) wine
  • he’s that guy who’s always at the railings of VIP lounges, looking down to people who are dancing and grinding below with a drink in his hand
  • when you stare at him he’d smile at you and raise his glass omg jihyun come to me
  • when he’s a bit drunk he’ll start to be a bit talkative but mostly he’ll just be talking about things regarding his line of work and cacti
  • though he’d be so interested in you as well
  • you’re very captivated by his mysterious aura
  • he’d most likely ask you about some interesting aspects of your life
  • he’s so attentive too omg
  • he’ll be laughing at some jokes and shenanigans of his companions who are already drunk
  • he’ll make you feel like you’re the most beautiful person out there tonight
  • he’d be commenting on what other people are wearing too lol
  • he’s still a 100% gentleman even when he’s drunk
  • he lets you ramble on and on to him about your problems and he’ll listen to you actually he’s not he’s zoned out
  • he would want to take pictures but then it will come out blurry D’:
  • it will be after a while before you see him again there

we all know it’s the choreography, but *chandler bing voice* could you look any more in love? // scott’s home is in the crook of tessa’s neck, and tessa’s home is in scott’s arms.

The 9 most hypnotizing mfu gifs in my collection so far

a.k.a. gifs I personally can’t stop staring endlessly at every single time I see them

(Proceed with caution)

1. Napoleon putting food into his mouth so slowly it basically becomes OBSCENE (also LOOK at his fucking hand/fingers/mouth/everything ahsdjfkgjfhsaksdjfhg ????? send H E L P)

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Have a Nice Life, Troye (Angst)

Anonymous said: write angsty tronnor fics pleeeeaseee

I smell heartbreak on my hands
I feel sick to my stomach as I begin to stand

“I have to tell you something, Connor.”

I haven’t been able to look at myself in the mirror the whole day. Ever since my eyes flutter open this morning, guilt has been eating my soul alive. Convincing myself that it was all a mere vivid imagination will never work.

Being away from Connor for so long hasn’t been easy at all. Every night, I go to bed alone; my body cold from the lack of embrace. My heart shivers every time I look at the calendar on my phone as I count the days till I get to meet him.

I see your outline in my bed
In the same spot I watched him rest his head

“A man has needs, Troye,” Daniel slurred last night during the after party.

After another successful show, everyone celebrated at a high-end night club in Brooklyn. Alcoholic drinks were passed around; shots were downed. I was the center of the attention, as usual.

I remember giving a drunken toast on top of the bar. I remember Daniel approaching me as I was sitting alone in a booth far in the corner. I remember Daniel caressing me so softly it reminded me of Connor’s touch. I remember closing in the gap between us.

Then, I blacked out.

Glancing at him as he slumbered brought all the memories back. The minute he woke up, I kicked him out in a state of panic. The room began to spin as I crouch on the floor, hoping for the world to swallow me.

I’ve done you wrong, I regret it
I write this song, try to forget it

“What is it, Troye boy?” Connor asks, his eyes twinkling. His hands are still around me as we cuddle on the hotel couch.

“I…” I still can’t look him in the eye, no matter how hard I try. “I did something,” I finally mutter.


“I did something, okay? Something horrible.”

“Come on,” he chuckles, “It can’t be that bad.”

I feel this emptiness in my chest
It feels surreal, but I’m feeling stressed

“I cheated on you, Con,” I confess; my voice shaky.


I muster up the courage to look him in the eye. I watch as his expression turns 180 degrees.

“Troye, this isn’t funny,” he says under his breath, barely inaudible.

“I swear, I wasn’t lying,” I say as I arrange his hands so it won’t be around me anymore.

“With who?” He asks as he holds back the tears forming in his eyes.

“D—Daniel,” I stutter.

He brought his hands to his mouth in disbelief. “I fcking don’t… I just….”

“I’m sorry, okay, Con? It just happened.” I try to reason with him. “I know this came as a shock to you, but…”

“It…just…HAPPENED?” His voice escalates. “Do you know what can ‘just happened’? Spilling wine on a couch. Cheating is no fcking accident, Troye. You fcking knew what would happen with fcking Daniel!”

“Look, I was drunk, Con. It didn’t mean a thing!” I protest.

He takes a deep breath. “What exactly happened? Did you guys make out?” He says briskly.

“We, uh, did more than that,” I stammer. “But, please, Con, I swear…” I beg.

Connor stands up immediately. “I have somewhere to be. I can’t deal with this right now.”

“I see. We’ll talk about this later, right?” I attempt to reach out to him.

He flicks away from me. Turning around to face me, through the tears streaming down his face, he croaks, “Don’t touch me again. Don’t call, don’t text, don’t even try to Skype me. We’re over.”

My heart drops to the ground. I can barely speak; what can I say to change his mind?

He pulls out a black velvet ring box from his pockets. Chuckling, he says, “And to think I was going to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me.”

He takes a long, final look at it before throwing it to the direction of the minibar. “Fck that,” he mumbles.

Seeing him walking away is the most pain I have ever gone through. Every step he takes is like a thorn jabbed into my ribs. “Con…” I plead again.

“Have a nice life, Troye,” he answers without looking back.

Catch Me If You Can

Title: Catch Me If You Can

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~1.5k 

Summary: Found this prompt on tumblr: “I was trying to take a sneaky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward.”

(Read on AO3)

A/N:  Just a quick little meet cute (kinda?) fic, because I felt like being creative.

The train was way too crowded which meant Dan could barely move before a part of his body touched someone else’s. Luckily he had managed to grab a seat, because all through the aisle of the train where people standing and the next stop wasn’t for another 20 minutes. He grabbed his phone from his bag and put his earbuds in to drown out the murmurs around him, which was the moment he saw him. He had just turned on his music when he looked up and saw a gorgeous man with dark hair that fell in a fringe and contrasted perfectly with his pale skin. He was one of the unfortunate souls that had to stand, but it looked like he had busied himself with his phone like most people on the train. Dan quickly looked back down at his own phone trying to look busy.

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Crush Text Serie Pt 11

Im gonna add a scenario bc lyf


Y/N’s PoV

I didn’t get to reply because someone fcking grabbed my wrist which made me drop my phone ‘MY PHONE OMYGOD MY LIFE T^T

“A-anderson?” He was giving me a cold stare. He looked at Taehyung and back at me again.

“Why the fuck are you with him?” My nervousness was gone and replaced by anger.

“Can’t I? Just because I hung out with you as a friend yesterday doesn’t mean I still have feelings for you” His eyes darkened more and his face turned red.

He was about to drag me outside but-

“Yah!” My other hand was grabbed by Taehyung” 

“Fucking hurt her and you’ll end up in the hospital” Anderson let go of me and now Taehyung’s hugging protecting me.

“Oh, tough guy ey?” Taehyung hid me behind him. I rolled my eyes. This is not a drama ugh.

Anderson pushed Taehyung and taehyung did the same. They grabbed each other’s collar. 

“Yah! Stop making a scene!” I tried to break off the fight but they weren’t listening. I rolled my eyes again. I guess this is the part where I’m going to show my hidden talent. 

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH STOP IT” Both guys turned to me and everyone was taken aback. Screaming is my hidden talent. It’s a talent shush. I have another one atleast hehe.

My face is all red from anger and embarassment.

“YOU GUYS ARE BEING RIDICULOUS! STOP IT BEFORE I END YOU TWO UP IN THE HOSPITAL!” I raised my hands. I give up on life. I walked out and just decided to skip the remaining classes and go home.


Next part will be out tomorrow afternoon~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ½ | Part 3 2/2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 ½ | Part 9 2/2 |  Part 10

Halo 4 and Halo 5 both have stories where the immediate threat is presented by Forerunner weapons - in Halo 4 it’s the Composer, in Halo 5 it’s the Guardians.

Halo 4 is an example of storytelling that both shows and tells to great effect. When the Composer is introduced into the narrative, Librarian gives us a flashback scene to the time in which the device was used on humanity and we get those haunting glimpses at digitised human essences in pain and how they’re broken down on a molecular level.

Horror compounds upon horror in the penultimate mission of the game where Ivanoff Station is Composed and we see the effect it has on the people there as it disintegrates each layer of flesh down to the bone and then burns that up while John passes out and awakens amidst the ashes of the people he failed to protect. We then have a long character scene with Cortana who was ‘conscious’ all the way through and was listening to “what’s left of them”. She just witnessed one of the most horrific ways to die in the setting, so it goes well beyond just being a reminder to her of her own frail mortality.

The Didact then turns the Composer to Earth and we understand the scale of the threat, and even though the Didact is defeated here he still manages to change the setting in a meaningful way by essentially Composing an army of 7 million new Promethean Knights.

The Guardians, however, just seem so nebulous as a threat in the way they’re presented in Halo 5. We are told way more than we are shown. In fact, the only time we actually see a Guardian do something is in the final cutscene of the game where it fires an EMP over a human world. Roland tells us that Cortana and the Created are “shutting down everything, from Earth to the Outer Colonies”… like, that’s a game-changer which really needs some kind of explanation. But we don’t get one and we’re almost 6 months out since Halo 5 released and we still don’t know what kind of state the universe is in.

Another thing is that the Guardians literally came out of nowhere. The Composer was established in Primordium (which came out 10 months prior to Halo 4), it was a major focus of that book and it was further built upon in Silentium. But nowhere in the Forerunner Saga was there ever a single mention of any Guardians, in fact they ultimately seem to detract from the ancient era because in Cryptum it is established that Warrior-Servants are looked down upon by Forerunner society as breakers of the Mantle. They’re the ones who are sent in to do the dirty work of maintaining the imperialistic ‘peace’ on the galaxy.

When the Didact goes to the San’Shyuum quarantine system to meet with the Confirmer, there’s no mention of any Guardians there. It’s a run-down, decrepit old fleet. Granted, you could make the argument “the Guardians were obviously shut down at that point”, but let’s be honest it’s quite clear that 343 didn’t actually plan the Guardians out in any great detail to establish them as part of the setting. Especially not the way they planned the Composer, which nobody was actually expecting to be part of Halo 4 back when all the theorycrafting was going on for that game.

What’s more, I really don’t like the final design of the Guardians. In my opinion, literally every other piece of concept art for the Guardians looks better and more in-keeping with the Forerunner aesthetic than the final model. The face just bothers me… it’s established in Cryptum that constructs like War Sphinxes do indeed have faces, but they’re described as: “smoothly integrated with the overall curvilinear design, perched an abstract head with a stubborn, haughty face”, and if further described as being like “a disapproving priest”.

That is really not the impression I get from… this.

At all.

Angry glowing eyes with big teeth and even fcking horns atop its head. I know you could make a similar argument about the Didact’s appearance in Halo 4 with the fangs, but his physical transformation is actually a part of the story in how he mutated himself in an attempt to become immune to the Flood, failed, and as a result it botched his appearance. We also see at least two other forms of the Didact where he looked ‘normal’, even handsome by Forerunner standards. There was actually thought and detail put into how they were going to show more than just one part of his story.

Anyway, I’ve strayed from my point here. There are one or two moments in Halo 5 where the Guardians were done well - the bit on Meridian’s space elevator where you hear that poor woman who has shown up at the tower too late. Everyone else has left. But… that was the Guardian’s awakening that caused that, more damage seems to be done from the Guardians waking up than anything else. Once they’re awake, they just sort of sit in place and don’t do anything.

The death count of millions that Cortana caused by awakening them becomes an abstract kind of statistic, it has no impact and no real effect on the story or the setting. It’s just sort of there. And I bet this is down to the fact that the writers are saying that she’s “not evil”. The way the ‘superweapon death count’ was treated in Halo 4 with the Composer was just done so much better because it was actually shown to us, and the post-campaign story in Spartan Ops had you actually fighting the humans who were Composed in New Phoenix.

What’s more, on a gameplay level, the Guardians don’t do anything interesting. Their pulse lowers your shield, but this only ever happens in scripted sequences or cutscenes. Granted, one of the most awesome mission openings in the franchise has you sprint down the front of a Guardian and down the the surface of Genesis, but it’s a relatively short sequenc and they never do anything like that again.

In Hunt the Truth, we’re told about Guardians causing epidemic data corruption, seismic activity, fluctuations in gravity - Mark Hamill Dasc Gevadim and his followers start floating when a Guardian rises in the second season. We had this shown as far back as the announcement trailer for Halo 5 at E3 2013 where the rocks rise and float around John. No such thing happens in Halo 5, the environments remain static, they just float around in the distance as a clump of abstract shapes making the scenery look a little prettier.

Guardians were poorly planned, poorly thought out, and poorly implemented. That’s not to say that they were doomed from the start because they weren’t, they could have been done well in how they were integrated into the setting, but ultimately they are swirling around the singularity of bad writing that was this whole Cortana/Creative narrative.