his fcking face look at it


we all know it’s the choreography, but *chandler bing voice* could you look any more in love? // scott’s home is in the crook of tessa’s neck, and tessa’s home is in scott’s arms.

honestly the best part about posting original content is going through the tags cos some ppl are like all soft and nice saying something like “omg look at him! my fave is such a cutie” and then some are just like “ASDHXHDBD LOOK AT HIS FACE I JUST OMFG QUAD NUTTT IM FCKING YELLING LIKE WTF FCKING FCK ME UP!!!”

*looks around @seth-fcking-rollins’ room with an evil grin on my face* Gee, it would really be a shame if any of this great stuff got ruined… *runs my hand over a poster of Shawn Michaels naked with the title belt covering his crotch while making uncomfortable eye contact with you*

The 9 most hypnotizing mfu gifs in my collection so far

a.k.a. gifs I personally can’t stop staring endlessly at every single time I see them

(Proceed with caution)

1. Napoleon putting food into his mouth so slowly it basically becomes OBSCENE (also LOOK at his fucking hand/fingers/mouth/everything ahsdjfkgjfhsaksdjfhg ????? send H E L P)

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Crush Text Serie Pt 11

Im gonna add a scenario bc lyf


Y/N’s PoV

I didn’t get to reply because someone fcking grabbed my wrist which made me drop my phone ‘MY PHONE OMYGOD MY LIFE T^T

“A-anderson?” He was giving me a cold stare. He looked at Taehyung and back at me again.

“Why the fuck are you with him?” My nervousness was gone and replaced by anger.

“Can’t I? Just because I hung out with you as a friend yesterday doesn’t mean I still have feelings for you” His eyes darkened more and his face turned red.

He was about to drag me outside but-

“Yah!” My other hand was grabbed by Taehyung” 

“Fucking hurt her and you’ll end up in the hospital” Anderson let go of me and now Taehyung’s hugging protecting me.

“Oh, tough guy ey?” Taehyung hid me behind him. I rolled my eyes. This is not a drama ugh.

Anderson pushed Taehyung and taehyung did the same. They grabbed each other’s collar. 

“Yah! Stop making a scene!” I tried to break off the fight but they weren’t listening. I rolled my eyes again. I guess this is the part where I’m going to show my hidden talent. 

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH STOP IT” Both guys turned to me and everyone was taken aback. Screaming is my hidden talent. It’s a talent shush. I have another one atleast hehe.

My face is all red from anger and embarassment.

“YOU GUYS ARE BEING RIDICULOUS! STOP IT BEFORE I END YOU TWO UP IN THE HOSPITAL!” I raised my hands. I give up on life. I walked out and just decided to skip the remaining classes and go home.


Next part will be out tomorrow afternoon~

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can you imagine one day gin walking home with shinpachi after helping out at the dojo, and shinpachi thanks him for the extra hand and gin says “no problem” but shinpachi says it again like “no seriously, thank you. not just for today but for everything. this dojo wouldn’t be running today without your help. and even if i had gotten the money from some other job, i don’t think i’d have the confidence to teach without you.” and he’s just smiling that fcking smile that makes you want to cry

and gin is of course stunned and kind of brushes it off gruffly and gives pachi a pat on the back and the conversation ends there. but once he’s home and has a moment alone he just buries his face in his hands and cries because when did he ever do anything good enough to deserve these kids looking up to him, and when did he do anything awful enough to deserve to suffer through the pain of watching them grow up and seeing them off

I just got back from the concert and my head is ringing and I am so happy it was fucking incredible it was all I could ever wish for I’m not gonna make a big post abt it right now bc I’m half dead Nd not functioning properly but I will just say this 1. THEY PLAYED HE THOUGHT OF CARS 2. I GOT GRAHAMS FCKING PICK 3. GRAHAM PROPERLY SMILED AT ME SO MANY TIMES I WAS LIKE RIGHT IN HIS LINE OF VISION AND WE SMILED AT EACH OTHER SO SO MUCH I REMEMBER ONE TIME WAS DURING ONG ONG 4. I HELD DAMONS HAND MANY TIMES 5. THERE WAS A MASSIVE GRAMON MOMENT DURING BEETLEBUM WHERE THEY LIKE SNUGGLED THEIR HEADS INTO EACH OTHER AND THEY KEPT FUCKINGG SMILING AT EACH OTHER 5. THEY JUST ALL LOOKED SO HAPPY AND WERE LAUGHING AND SMILING WITH EACH OTHER THE ENTIRE TIME AND GRAHAM AND SMOGGY KEPT MAKING STUPID FACES AT EACH OTHER THE ENTIRE TIME I can’t believe I got to experience this???? anyway I’m going to try and go to sleep my head is all over the fucking place my number one dream just came true ok cool goodnight