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I wanted to write a little post about what would happen if Molly and Sherlock adopted a cat together, and it accidentally turned into this. Enjoy!

 Toby the cat passes away peacefully at the age of 14. Molly is the one who finds him, curled up comfortably in Sherlock’s chair – neither of them are particularly surprised, given his age, but they mourn him as anyone would mourn a lost family member. His ashes are placed in a bright yellow urn on the windowsill, his favourite spot to sit and watch the people in the street, with a photo of the three of them taken by Mrs Hudson the previous Christmas.

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McHanzo Week Day 1 - First Time

The first time they see each other genuinely smile. 

Hanzo tells McCree of one of his endeavors while he was alone and Jesse lets out an honest to goodness laugh - Hanzo has seen the man smile a lot at other people, but most of the time, the smiles never reached his eyes. The Archer is confused how he could pull a genuine smile from the Cowboy.

On a mission in Hanamura, Hanzo shows McCree one of his favourite hiding spots in the village, near the water under a cherry blossom tree. They don’t speak, but the calm smile that spread on Hanzo’s face steals Jesse’s breath. He’d only ever smirked with cruelty before, and now seeing pure delight on Hanzo’s face was something McCree hoped he could see again.

UPDATE: the first image was cropped a bit for some reason and therefore blurry so i fixed that


Get to know me meme: [2/5] male characters - Lavi (D.Gray-Man)

“I was disappointed in humans. In the human world they were always arguing; I thought I was different from them.”

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Your last imagine has really left me wondering. If Joe and Jack were to get married, who do you think would propose? :)

I actually just sat here and thought on this…


I’m going with what my gut says, not overthinking.

Jack would propose.
But Joe would get all frustrated with him because he had this entire thing planned out, if Jack had just waited until the bloody weekend!

They were going to go back to Brighton, and Joe was going to bring Jack to his favourite spot, and then give this entire spiel. But nooo, Jack had to go and blurt it out while they were cooking dinner. Well actually, Joe was cooking and Jack was trying to steal food.
But Jack just smiles sheepishly and says, sorry. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you, and Joe rolls his eyes, because how adorable is his boyfriend?

And then he pulls Jack in for a kiss, and mumbles the word yes against Jack’s lips, to which Jack pulls back, grinning.
“Yes, really. Did you not hear me just say I was going to propose?!”
But Jack doesn’t hear anything past yes, and wraps his arms around Joe and spins him around, laughing loudly, because he gets to spend the rest of his life with this man.

Welp. That got long.


Some Domestic!Enjoltaire headcanons cause I’m a gross domestic mess.

  • Grantaire and Enjolras are both terrible at cooking. Their kitchen has one fork. Grantaire’s too lazy and Enjolras is too busy to go utensil shopping so they either get takeout they can eat with their hands/that comes with disposable cutlery or they share a fork.
  • Surprisingly they’ve never argued over said fork. But Enjolras will occasionally make an adorable whining noise if Grantaire is hogging it for too long. Grantaire sometimes deliberately holds onto it so Enjolras will make the noise.
  • Whilst terrible at cooking they surprisingly are both avid bakers. Enjolras stress bakes cupcakes, pies, cakes, pastries- you name it and Grantaire lavishly decorates them with icing and marzipan whilst Enjolras wraps his arms around his waist
  • Their favourite spot in the house is their couch, It’s a tiny two seater which means if they want to lie down and watch a movie they have to snuggle extra close. Combeferre once suggested they buy a bigger couch and they both gasped as though he had offended them
  • They can’t go two minutes without grabbing each other. It’s like they’re touch starved or something. Grantaire will be painting on their balcony and Enjolras will wander out like a lost puppy and rest his chin on his shoulder.
  • Similarly, if Enjolras is working in his home office, Grantaire will sit next to him and play with his hair or try to distract him. It’s a wonder how either of them get anything done.
  • Their bed is never made, and they’re favourite time of the night is when they’re balancing on the edge of consciousness and asleep, they’re wrapped around each other, they’re warm, they’re safe, they’re happy.

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Ooo what if we discussed the strange hobbies the characters have? Or the little defining details about them? Like idk,, dex definitely goes hiking a lot cuz being outside, even if its not seaside, is really calming to him. Nursey knows an absurd amount about gardening and has his dorm room set up with those air plants. Chowder is weirdly good at frisbee and he has really neat notes and probably follows studyblr type youtubers or bloggers!! Chowder is def the guy u go to if u need a pen in class

THESE ARE ALL SO CUTE and i’m sitting here imagining the polyfrogs potential….like. nursey buying his boyfriends lil plants and giving them dorky names together? chowder helping his boys study and organise their notes and stay on top of things so they don’t get stressed?? dex taking his boyfriends hiking to all his favourite spots because they love how sweet and calm and laidback he gets when he’s in his element??? i’m dying help me

Now that the LOTR and The Hobbit are over can Peter Jackson make a film based on Aragorn’s life? From his birth up until his meeting Frodo and the others, and then continue from his coronation to his death and the lingering effects it has on his kingdom?


replied to your photoset

“26/03/2017: Talos’ tank is more desert-like to contrast with Triton’s…”

oh you have that decor everyone is posting warnings about, the grey one. did you plug up the hole??? bettas are getting stuck in there

it’s not the same one :) that was my first thought when i saw it, but i looked at other betta owners with this exact same decor, and they fit fine in them! talos is half the size of your average betta, and so far it’s his favourite spot in the tank. 

edit: and there’s no tiny hole inside the decor!! it’s an open space 

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Alrighty, just checking!! Then can I request some relationship headcanons for Jonathan with an s/o who loves to hike and be adventurous outdoors? Thank you friend ;)

Dude Jonathan is such a good boy


Jonathan is very much a outdoors person so when his s/o also enjoys outdoors he is very happy

He would be nervous about you hiking with him since he likes to do the more dangerous trails but at you insisting he will do it with you but will be protective 

If there is some rock climbing needed he will have you go first so he can catch you if fall

He will support his s/o in all outdoor adventures but might be a little bit of a mother hen

Jonathan would show you his favourite spots including a place with a beautiful waterfall where you have lunch and watch the deer

If you decide to camp he will spoon you to keep you warm and will point out the different stars and tell you different stories


Did You Know:

Buster Keaton’s St Bernard used to be with him on the MGM lot everyday. The only time he left Buster’s unit was to take walks with Greta Garbo. 

“The first three or four times that Elmer saw the immortal Swede stroll by he observed her with unusual interest. One day he got up from his favourite spot and joined her. Each day Elmer would accompany Garbo on her midday strolls through the lot. But whenever she tried to pet him he drew back and moved away. It was as though he considered such familiarity from a mere walking acquaintance in bad taste. It went on for years this way, with Garbo loving her volunteer guard and strolling companion but never annoying him with so much as a pat again.” - My Wonderful World of Slapstick, Buster Keaton.

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super fluffy relationship HC for Sting, Natsu & Gray! *3*7

YAAASSSS relationship and NSFW head canons are my favourite! Let’s do this


> Natsu is a giant cuddler and loves to be the big spoon. His favourite cuddle spot is the couch and he loves it when you play with his hair

>  He loves tickle fights and teasing the shit out of his s/o

> He’s extremely overprotective and if you ever got hurt during a mission he’d try and confine you to the house for the next few days and stay with you, he’d then be really dubious about you going on another one but you’d assure him you can take care of yourself. He’d also start a fight with anyone who either flirted or wronged you in any way

>  He’s a sucker for a good chick-flick

>He loves pda and doesn’t care who sees, in fact he gets a kick out of being told to quit it by other people


> He’s the most insecure/jealous of them all

> Also a giant cuddler but likes being face to face

> Again very overprotective and would do practically anything to make sure you’re okay, he’s lost enough people and he’s determined he isn’t losing you

> Scared you might like Lyon so you have to reassure him that he’s the best ice stripper there is

> Gray likes having an arm around your shoulder or waist at all times in public and will give you a kiss on the cheek, forehead or a brief kiss on the lips He prefers leaving the intimate stuff for when you two are home alone ayy


> Loves a cuddle but slightly less than the other two, He loves resting his head in his s/o’s lap when it’s been a long day

> Considers his s/o just as much in charge of the guild as he is and often asks them for advice

> Gets his s/o to help prank Rogue

> He’s the biggest tease out of them all, in every sense of the word, he loves to annoy his s/o in the most affectionate way possible

> Loves pda, particularly whispering things in his s/o’s ear to make them blush and bat him away and then tries to look as innocent as possible to others as if he hasn’t done anything

Hope these were alright! -Mona

Things they don’t tell you about taking care of an elderly cat: having to maintain a network of carefully positioned boxes and chairs all over the house so that he can still haul his creaky ass up to all his favourite spots without having to jump too high.

(And heaven forfend if one of those boxes or chairs gets moved out of place. He’ll react like it is the end of the world.)

Preference Masterlist

Preference #1- What Pet You Guys Get Together

Preference #2- His Favourite Spot to Kiss You

Preference #3- He Thinks You’re Cheating (Part 1)

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Preference #5- What You Do for Valentine’s Day

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Preference #11- What he gets you for Christmas

Preference #12- New Year’s Eve Kiss

How Would BTS Kiss?

In all honesty I just wanted a break from all the smut jfc you guys are so horny. Okay here’s a little thing I felt like doing. Enjoyyyyy. Just message me if you think I should do a GOT7 one too. ^.^ If you requested some smut, just be patient it’s taking me ages to get through them.

Taehyung: I think Tae would be the type to kiss you everywhere but your lips and save your mouth for special occasions behind closed doors. He would softly press his lips against your nose, cheeks, forehead, jaw or your neck. His favourite spot would be just below your ear because of the small gasp you’d make every time he touched the sensitive spot. When he did kiss you on your lips though he’d be delicate and tender, holding you like you could break if he pressed too hard.

Jimin: Although Jimin would be the type to kiss you quick and softly, this little shit would also do anything to make you hot and bothered. He’d kiss you so passionately and with so much hunger that you’d eventually have to tell him to stop if you were in a public place. If not, I’m sure his wet and hungry kisses would escalate into something a little more intense with you screaming his name. I mean, with those gorgeous lips of his who could ever resist.

Namjoon: I see Namjoon as the type to be super turned on by lip biting. You two would be making out in the privacy of your room and he’d gently start to tug at your lip, always earning a moan from you no matter how many times he did it. He might even try it in public after you’ve sweetly kissed him goodbye, he would try a playful nip on you lower lip to tease you and make you blush.

Jungkook: This Golden Maknae does everything with 100% and is so passionate about the things he does, I don’t see kissing you as being any different. The first time he kisses you I think he’d be so cautious and hesitant about if you were enjoying it or not, after he saw that you clearly were I reckon he’d be in for deepening the kiss. I see him getting his hands caught up in your hair, ever so slightly pulling as to give you an indication as to how much he wanted you even closer to him. His soft lips would be eager, but not forceful, against your own and it would leave you both breathless afterwards.

Yoongi: I think Yoongi would be a lazy kisser. His kisses would be so soft you barely feel them, meaning you’re always craving more and more. They would come in short bursts, similar to butterfly kisses, but the pull away from each other’s lips just slightly dragging so that you felt every crevice and nook and cranny of his lips against your own. I see him as being one to linger near your mouth just a few seconds after you both pull away, his breath still gently hitting your face and brushing against your nose.

Hoseok: This little ball of sunshine would be all about butterfly and neck kisses. Those soft lips of his would make sure to cover every inch of your face, leaving none of you unkissed. He’d take great joy out of seeing you squirm and giggle at the tickling feeling he’d leave with his mouth. Although, when he is feeling more intimate I think he’d be about biting and neck kisses; the ones where you can still feel his touch even after he’s pulled away. Not quite a hickey but a mark so you know where he’s been.

Seokjin: He’s so sweet and tender I think his kissing style would be similar. When he has a sudden burst of love, which I can imagine would happen a lot, he’d want to kiss you in such a way that you’d know just from his lips on yours exactly how he felt about you. He’d start off slow and gradual but would eventually deepen his kiss, his plump lips applying a little more pressure and his hands reaching out and giving your waist a gentle squeeze. He wouldn’t have to, but immediately after with his lips still brushing against yours, he’d tell you how much he loved you.


Hiyoshi Wakashi. A junior in the Hyotei Tennis Club. Aggressive Baseliner. Most likely the next captain of Hyotei. He is calm and collected, while slightly sensitive but has a clear goal. He is blatantly aiming for a regular spot. His favourite phrase is Gekokujo, which means ‘to overthrow’. His family also operates a Kobujutsu Dojo, traces of which can be found in his tennis style.