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Sirius x Reader: Potter Plans

Warnings: no ?

Requested: Yes

A/N: I’M BAAAACK!! It’s the 2 month anniversary of this account and we’re a squad of 523… a number I never thought I’d reach let alone reach in 2 months so thank you my lovelies xx I thought I’d greet this 2 month hiatus return with a hella long imagine x so enjoy reading and send me imagine requests (i’m only answering ships every thurs) xx

“Sirius wins.” You announced, standing up from your leaning position on the wall.

“No way!” James protested, panting.

“I have an unfair advantage. You see these cheekbones? Aerodynamically suited for speed.” Sirius said, somehow he said it seriously. ‘Well those cheekbones are sharp’, you found yourself thinking.

You rolled your eyes and started walking around the sofa, spotting Lily as you did so. “Hey Lils.” You smiled.

“Hey, oh sit, I want to ask you something.”

You winked at James who was practically drooling over Lily and sat down. Eventually, you’d satisfactorily answered her question and you were free to go.

“How do you do it?” James asked immediately as you sat down.

“Well, you see, I bend my knees and let gravity pull me to my seat. It’s-”

“Shut up, you know what I mean.”

Remus had started sniggering at his friend’s stupidity. James shot Remus a threatening glare, stopping him immediately and went back to his book.

You giggled slightly and continued chatting, “Just talk to her like she’s a normal person.”

“I’ve been trying!” He groaned. In all the years you had known James, you’d never seen him act like this about a girl- ‘if only Sirius felt like this about me’ you thought.

Sirius came back from his shower shortly after, shooing Remus further over the sofa so he could sit in his favourite spot that, coincidentally, was next to you.

At around 11, you finally felt your eyes grow heavy and flutter shut, falling asleep next to Sirius.

Sirius admired you as you slept, unaware of his surroundings, he loved everything about you and you just seemed more beautiful lit by the fire: your eyelashes cast soft shadows over your cheekbones, your lips were slightly parted and your brows slightly furrowed.

And James watched as his best friend admired another, both so painfully obviously in love yet so blind to it.

You stirred slightly, breaking both boys reverie, Sirius shot up and announced he was going to bed. You waved him good night sleepily and was about to go to bed yourself when James pounced a question on you.

“Does Lily like me?”

“You know she does you twat. She just doesn’t want to give in, she has no reason to, you’re always available to her.”

James looked as though he was going to defend himself but thought better of it.

A familiar look spread across his tanned face and you straightened up, “Potter, I know that look, stop, no.”

“You like Sirius.” you spluttered from shock but James merely continued, “I like Lily. They like us back. We need to make them jealous.”

“Fuck off.” You whinged, not in the mood for a ‘Potter Plan’ as you and Eudaimonia called them.

“Nah, hear me out. We pretend to date, they get jealous and boom, love is in the air.” James looked at you triumphantly, the look not faltering when you glared back.

“Ew, gross, no. You’re like my brother.”

“Calm down, it’s not like I’d ever date you.”

“Doing great, dear.”

“You know what I mean.”

You paused, pondering the idea, and took a deep breath, “Until Friday.”

“Won’t take longer than 2 days.”

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The Witch Switch

pairing: Yoongi x reader

genre: witch!AU, catshifter/catfamiliar!Yoongi, very low-key hogwarts!AU

word count: 8321 (help me)

A/N: started off as a halloween drabble but escalated. sorry for the slight delay! special thanks to my love @dailydoseofdia for helping me out when i got stuck!


Halloween prompts masterlist

Halloween prompts WIPs

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“Nothing I do is ever good enough.” part.2

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst 

Words: 1,629

*WARNING* - The following content can be triggering. With mentions of depression etc. Read at your own risk as this chapter is quite ‘dark’, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

[part.1] [part.2] [part.3 ending]

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Task Force X - Couple Headcanons

Originally posted by wandamaixmoff


  • She will flirt you endlessly.
  •  She is a big cuddler.
  • Surprise hugs.
  • She will remember every little detail about you.
  • She also remembers everything about your relationship.
  • She always makes your day.
  • She is proud and shines brighter than the Sun when she talks about you.
  •  You make her blush.
  •  She can’t really cook.
  •  But, she makes amazing pastries. 
  •  Sleepless nights are spent with binge watching series and making out.
  •  She loves doing your hair.
  •  She teaches you how to dance.
  • And you teach her your favourite hobby.

Originally posted by dceumovies


  • She is shy and blushes easily.
  •  But, she is completely outgoing when you are alone.
  •  She loves hugging you from behind.
  •  She also loves making you flustered.
  •  Long walks under the night-sky are your favourite thing to do as a couple.
  • Night picnics.
  • Picking her up bridal style.
  •  And her giggling until she has tears in her eyes.
  • Simply, because, you tickle her when you pick her up.
  • Or until you calm her down with a kiss.
  • Kisses are what you both use to calm each other down.
  • She also likes travelling with the bus, you by her side, hoodie and headphones on, while she stares out of the window.

Originally posted by nathinataz


  • She likes you but it takes her ages to open up.
  • Or to show it.
  •  Or to admit it.
  • She never really told you that she liked you.
  •  She just saved your ass in a mission and then kissed you.
  • You were too stunned to even move after the kiss.
  • But, since you became a couple she is much more tender.
  • She will wake you up with kisses and she will talk to you in Japanese.
  • You try to learn Japanese for her sake.
  • She is ticklish.
  • She loves when you are playing with her hair.
  • And she cooks amazingly.

Originally posted by therisingalleria


  • He is very reserved and struggles to swallow his feelings.
  • He doesn’t want to do any more harm.
  • But, you are irresistible and he had to feel that way for too long.
  • He loves cuddles.
  • But he is afraid to touch you, at least at first.
  • He offers you his jacket when you are cold.
  • But, gradually he becomes more confident and he is the one warming you up.
  • You still steal his jacket.
  • He makes you love Mexican food.
  •  The Day of the Dead is what you are waiting all the year.
  • He teaches you how to dance.
  • His nicknames about you are in Spanish and he makes you so weak.
  •  After much time together, he is more confident about controlling his powers.
  • But, still make out sessions are quite hot, literally.
  • His temperature rises and his touch is more tender.
  • You adore staring at each other’s eyes until you fall asleep.

Originally posted by qothams


  • You bond over guns and bad jokes.
  •  He always kisses you first.
  •  He loves intertwining his legs with yours while you cuddle.
  • His favourite spot to kiss you is on the collarbone.
  • He teaches you how to handle different kinds of guns.
  • You impress him every day.
  • You made him believe in love.
  •  Indeed, it has affected him.
  •  You are anxious when you are about to meet his daughter.
  •  He kisses you anxiety away and takes your hand in his.
  • Zoe loves you.
  • You spent time with both of them, helping Zoe with her homework.
  • He loves watching you sleep.

Originally posted by fuckyessuicidesquad


  • He is a full-time flirt.
  • You can’t resist him.
  • Kisses are weird sometimes.
  •  Bear hugs are the best, though.
  • He loves laying on your lap.
  • He also likes when you sing for him.
  • Lake trips are his favourite dates.
  •  When he speaks about his feelings for you, he makes you want to cry.
  • Cause he always manages to make you emotional.
  • He picks you up way too much.
  •  You always steal his hoodie.
  • Your favourite pastime is listening to music and chilling.
  • He aces the beer pong and wins you teddy bears.

Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes


  • He is flirting to the point he becomes annoying.
  • But, you love the crazy Aussie too much.
  •  His nickname for you is ‘Unicorn’.
  • He likes it when you play with his beard.
  • Kisses quickly become makeout sessions.
  • He loves making you blush and when he does he gives you Eskimo kisses.
  • He names his favourite Boomerangs after you.
  • You can’t understand him if he speaks too quickly.
  • You adore his accent.
  • You say “George Harkness” and he knows he did something very wrong.
  • You say “Captain Boomerang” and he knows kisses and more are about to follow.

Originally posted by follow-thewhiterabbit-hatter


  • He is intrigued by you.
  • You teach him the ‘triangle’(Floyd can thank you later).
  • He beats you in many video games.
  •  But, much to his embarrassment, you always win in Call Of Duty.
  • He always sleeps in a way that he is shielding you.
  •  He tells you about his past.
  • You help him become a better leader and a better person.
  • Together you can resist Amanda a bit longer.
  • He glares at you when you do something silly with the Task Force.
  • But, smiles eventually.
  • Sunsets are your thing.

anonymous asked:

hiii love!! could you do something where harry is going down on you while your work calls and you answer it as he eats you out???

Hi! Thanks for the request sweetie. Dunno know how I lost all my requests all of a sudden, tumblr has been messing around a lot! 

Here’s the blurb, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it👅

#18: Tit for Tat**


It’s right after she completed her fifth conference call since morning, that she is downstairs in the kitchen, brewing herself a cup of black coffee, that Harry enters the kitchen, impatient, and grabs her from behind, pushing his groin behind her. 

“I can’t believe you abandoned me.” He accuses, lips hovering over the shell of her ear. 

She chuckles, soft. “Tit for tat, baby.” 

“Uh-huh?” He spins her in her place, making her face him, further pressing her spine to the kitchen counter. “Well then if I kiss you now, you’d have to kiss me back.” He leans in, grinning. “Tit for tat, I suppose?” 

She grins wide as their lips join, indulging feverishly in a thirst quenching kiss. His hands are all over her, touching her cheek, sliding down to her breast, squeezing, massaging, hearing her moan deep, and down to her hips, where he’s pulling her determinedly against him. 

He’s lips find no home, they are constantly exploring: sometimes over her cheek, her jaw, down to her neck, behind her ear, till they are suckling over the peaking skin of her breasts. 

She feels alive, refreshed from his touch, anticipated for what’s to come. Her breathing cuts short, she is panting as his lips come on hers again, lapping over  one another, leaving all read and swollen. 

He falls to his knees, his eyes lifting to give her a glint of excitement he feeds for his further plans. Her amusement is uncontrollable, peeking out from the toothed grin she carries as she gazes down at him, feeding into his excitement. 

His hands slide down her stomach, cupping her in between her thighs through the pants she wears, watching her roll her head back, eyes shut, her mouth agape and desperate. 

He sees no warning. 

Starting at her jean button, she pops it open, torturously sliding the zip down, lustrous gaze watching her above lose control. Half way through her thighs, the pants come down, when suddenly the loud buzzing adjacent to her brings both the lovers back to earth. 

Harry doesn’t show a change in his position, ready to take her if she wills, but reading the caller ID on her phone screen, she is starting to pull her pants up, trying to answer the phone with her other hand. 

“Harry.” She warns when Harry’s hand comes over hers reaching for her pants, swatting hers away. She’s already picked her phone up, leaving no room to argue with him. 

“Sir.” She addresses the gent on the other side of the call. Harry lips comes on the top of her thigh, dangerously close to her panty covered skin. 

Looking down, she gives him big eyes, pressing her thighs together to not let him in. 

But, he’s stood up, towering her, pressing her against the counter, domineering her actions. The conversation with the head is on on her phone, while to struggle to pull Harry’s hand away from tucking in between her thighs begins. 

Digging his fingers against her clothed skin, he’s determined to get her thighs to open, letting him in. She has her own stand, wobbly but strong enough to not let him have his way through. 

“Pardon?” She hears the head say to her as the sound of her whimper reaches the speaker. 

“Sir, I agree to it, that’s what.” She ushers, grabbing Harry’s wrist tight in her hand. 

Harry eyes glint with a child like mischief; he brings his other hand to fondle her. Trying to grab his other hand too, she almost looses control and whines into the conversation. This leaves her boss silent on the other side. 


“Would you like me to call you later?” 

“No, please, sir.” She says too quick, jumping in fright of her boss’s tone, and Harry’s found the perfect opportunity to grab the back of her thighs and lift her on the kitchen counter, nestling his body in between the very space created between her legs. 

A victorious grin on his face, while she’s left with a sour expression, her eyes turned away from his face. 

She’s  brought herself into the conversation with the mere distraction of his lips on her neck, that is so used to that she hardly shows a feign of a reaction. 

Harry’s utter demand for her increases as he sees her ignoring him, his touch, his needs. No way

Y/N jumps when she feels a pinch against her side, her skin reeling with the feeling of his fingers sliding her panties down. She gulps, almost transferring from the conversation to the situation in the kitchen. 

The coolness of the tiled counter hits her sensitive skin at places, making her feel giddy to sit any longer. Harry pulls her towards him, sliding her to the edge of the counter top, before kneeling down at his spot. 

He looks up at her, somber and all flushed. She feels her stomach settle in knots. 

“No.” She mouths to him. 

“Pardon?” He grins in mischief, ducking his head towards her center, his hot breath on her skin. 

A panicked whimper build in her throat, but she presses her lips together to avoid the pill. Her boss’s words feel faint in the background as her attention goes over to Harry’s lips against her inner thighs. 

Pulling her ankle over his shoulder, Harry finds his nose bumping against her center, lips hovering at a torchorous length. 

And alas, she’s lost her mind. Pushing herself against him, she jitters with the desire of his filthy tongue on her skin. 

Gratified, Harry dips low, touching his lips to her center before he’s begun his work of tongue over her sweet spot. Y/N’s mouth hangs low. Long ago had she zoned out of the conversation with the head of her firm, now the phone just an accessory against her ear. 

Hungry and ravishing in his ways, Harry devouring her in his mouth, sucking and tugging at the spots she enjoys most. Her sweet dripping juice comes rewarding his gracious tongue, tempting his instincts to get to the peak. 

Both her thighs over his shoulders, his hands clutching hard on her skin, he digs his nails deeper into her spongy thighs, cackling his tongue against her clit. 

“The rest if you’d want we can talk through again in the office.” Promising so, her boss puts down the call. 

Deserting her phone on the counter, Y/N’s hand dig into his hair, tugging in her struggle to not lose her senses. Harry moans with the surge of pain coarse from through, amorous and unbeatable in his intention to feast her all together. 

An endless saga of moans and whimpers later, Y/N feels her stomach bubble and she comes into his mouth, dripping as she sits on the counter. 

Rushing from his kneeling position, Harry looks all red and panting, his lips hungrily coming down on hers. There is a madness as he kisses her, his fingers digging in her hair, body pleading for her heat. 

Her hands slide down his tall torso, reaching down to the front of his joggers as she feasts his boner in her hands, moving slowly up and down against it. 

Harry groans against her mouth, grabbing her hair harsher as he deepens the kiss. 

She pulls away, pressing her lips against his jaw, sucking his favourite spot. 

“Harry, you have chose the wrong way to mess with me.” She husks against his  ear, grabbing his groin abruptly, causing him to jump. He shivers at her words, watching her pull to look him eye to eye. 

“Remember, tit for tat, baby.” 

Send in some concepts and blurbs! I’ll answer them!! 


longingrustedsebastian-deactiva  asked:

Can you do headcannons or a fic where genji cant find his s/o and dragon, and later finds his s/o takin a nap with the dragon kinda curled around them? it just seems so dang cute man, dont ya think? idk if this thing has been done or requested yet but uh, yeah, thanks! :)

I find it absolutely adorable~~


Today Genji was going to play with his dragon so it’s getting enough expercise, don’t want to chuck an unfit noodly dragon at people not being bothered to do anything. The one time was more than enough, he couldn’t of been more ashamed.

But to his dismay the dragon snuck away- yet again. He huffed as he checked the millionth room in the large base. Why must his dragon be so difficult, although he’s happy he only has one at this point of time because Hanzo’s dragons weren’t that much different from his own. There were times when they weren’t so bad, he could consider now one of those times. But it was just a nuisance trying find the green creature.

Once he’s confirmed to himself that he’s checked every possible thing that his dragon could be hiding in. So he decided to just go outside and meditate.

Genji headed up the hill which has a lovely large tree on top of it. It was his favourite spot, it was nicely shaded, covered you from the rain and kept you warm in the evening sun. 

He was ready to start meditating, he pushed every thought out and body was getting tired as he hiked up the hill. But when he reached the top his body melted.

There you were, lying down. Upper body rested upon the middle of his dragon, their head in your lap and tail wrapped protectively around you. The way the tree shaded you from most of the sun as rays of it glowed softly.

He didn’t know what to do so he slowly made his way over and sat down in front of the both of you. But the movement of Genji cause his dragon to awaken, so he froze. His dragon slowly opened their eyes, yawned and then turned its head towards its master. Once processed that it was its master seating in front of it, it unraveled just enough so Genji could lie down beside you.

Genji understood the action and moved in beside you wrapping his arms around you. Once comfortable his dragon wrapped itself around the both of you falling into a slumber.

Experimenting with the idea of “what if Anraí’s ears could move to indicate his mood”.

As of now, based on how I draw him, it’s not possible for him to do something like that (which is also why this looks weird as hell), because his ears attach to his head in a way bigger area than to be able to move and have no muscles attached to them. The only times they seem to move is when his face muscles in general get more droopy (like when he’s sad or sleepy) and thus there’s less tension holding up these giant flesh-sails riddled with metal.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request high school au hcs of Dazai, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Atsushi please? Thank you!

Yup!Hope you enjoy this :D Want more school AU? click here

I was very inspired by this request! Thank you for sending it in honey!!

Dazai Osamu

  • He’s a 3rd year student
  • Dazai flirts with girls every single day to the point of pissing Chuuya off
  • buys lunch from the school’s cafeteria (yakisoba bread,melon bread,onigiris…) now I’m hungry..
  • Looks up to Odasaku-senpai
  • He’s in the double-suicide club that will close down because It doesn’t have enough members.
  • Atsushi was kind so he decided to join his senpai’s double-suicide adventures
  • Dazai is doing well in sleeping (sleeps most of the time in class)
  • His favourite spot in the school is the rooftop but also the nurse office
  • He enjoys sleeping in the nurse office
  • likes doodling on Chuuya’s notes
  • Prays Kunikida to help him revise for tests
  • He piss Chuuya off everytime that he managed to get a decent grade without even studying
  • He’s the type of person who’d use the rolling pencil with numbers on it (Like Midorima Shintarou from KNB)

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’s a 3rd year student as well, in the same class as Dazai
  • He wears glasses at school I want to see it!
  • fight&compete with Dazai everyday and on every occasion possible
  • especially on Valentine’s Day to see who has gotten the most chocolate
  • Renown for his gorgeous looks and style
  • in the Judo club 
  • ‘height don’t matter as long as you have the right technique’
  • Is very looked-up to and respected by his kouhais
  • He performs well in every subjects
  • He’s got very good grades (amongst the top students)
  • his favourite place in school is the rooftop
  • prefers to bring a bento from home
  • Chuuya seems like he doesn’t work hard but at home he works harder than anybody else
  • he goes to cram school on weekends
  • also have different part-times jobs (waiter,convenience store clerk,sommelier)

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • He’s a 1rst year,he sits at the back of the classroom near the window
  • sometimes space out and is wondering what the heck he’s doing here
  • notice me senpai all over the way
  • Akutagawa is the lone wolf
  • He would work hard;excel in sports and academics so that Dazai will somehow notice him
  • Higuchi is his secret admirer
  • He gets irritated quickly+ is scary and that may be the reason why he doesn’t have many friends but Akutagawa doesn’t care anyway 
  • He’d either be in the archery club or the go-home club
  • has his secret spot at school 
  • His favourite subjects might be Sciences and Japanese Calligraphy
  • His notes are so neatly organized

Nakajima Atsushi

  • He’s a 1rst year student,sitting in the front row
  • He doesn’t have many friends because he’s scared he might bother them
  • He doesn’t know it but there’s a ‘Protect Atsushi at all cost squad’ at his school consisted of Yosano,Naomi,Haruno and Kyouka
  • class rep (because no one wanted to do it)
  • try to help the lone wolf to make more friends
  • Dazai-san’s disciple
  • in the cooking club with Kyouka
  • He likes cooking chazuke at lunch
  • enjoys being in the library
  • Atsushi performs quite well in Japanese Litterature and History
  • has really cute notes (doodles little tigers on them)

Your request reminds me of this official art btw :

Jeon has no chill

So I was re-watching BTS’s old M!Countdown backstage clips. I came across an interesting one from the Dope era. I don’t think these moments were talked about much. So here goes nothing. My analysis(?)

 Here we have Jimin being his sunshiny, perky self throughout the whole clip and bunny being extra as usual.

  This was actually a Q &A session (Rapmon was not present). They were to pick one post-it note from each row.

Baby bun butts in and picks a note from the fourth row. I guess he got impatient.

He got a smack on the neck courtesy of yoongi for that action.

After that they continue the session. Here bun looks pretty serious.

But here as soon as he hears Jimin’s tinkling laughter his expression softens and a small smile appears.

Let’s move on from there.
Now it’s time for the MPD to pick a note as they unofficially declared him as the eighth member of bts.

Here we have Jimin guiding his hand to a note. Hmm.. I wonder what it says…

Bun does not look amused for some reason.

He literally snatches the note from Jimin’s hand and what does he do next?

I died laughing the first time I saw this. The second time was no better either.

Only V has noticed that he ate that paper. The rest are still wondering what their hair colours represent. JH : TRAFFIC LIGHT?
Then we have Yoongi (bless him) bringing back the adorable RED card YELLOW card thingy.

Finally, Tae points out that Kookie the bunny ate the paper.

And oh man does he not look smug..

Moving on…

Yoongi picks out a post-it note which says ‘the member who is the main character of the ‘Dope’ concept is’

Does that mouth action look familiar to you?
Also note Suga’s hand on Mochi’s shoulder.

Everyone agrees that Jimin is the main character. JK too, although a bit more emphatically-

Cue impromptu massage session -

He wasn’t just holding his shoulder, his fingers were literally digging into it and massaging that part (which was totally unnecessary btw).

Jin sticks the note on Jimin’s chest with a slap which has JK cutting himself off in the middle of explaining why Jimin was the main character of Dope. He turns Jimin halfway towards him with his other hand to slap the note on his chest. I think he might’ve turned Jimin fully towards him if not for the restraining hands of Hobi and Jin.

Hobi’s expressions are hilarious lmao.

Anyway, JK kept slapping his chest every time another person slapped it as if asserting his dominance. Mind you his arm is still around Jimin. We get it, you are possessive.

In the above pic Jeon is looking down (I can only guess where). Around this time he smacks his lips, licks it, looks down, gulps (all this in a few seconds).
My guess is he was thirsty (and I meant that in the most innocent way possible) for water (Hehe).

Ok I am almost done now..

Here JK has to make a poem with ‘ARMY’.

He says the second part informally and everyone(Jimin) bursts out laughing.

Look at the fondness in his eyes (otherwise known as heart eyes) while he is watching Jimin laughing at the joke he made.
He really enjoys making him laugh. I have no words.

And last we have Satellite Jeon in his favourite spot as happy as can ever be.

If you have made it to the end of this frankly very boring post I applaud you and thank you for the effort you made. 
I will stop now.

7½ Disasters

@jilychallenge 07/2017 | @bantasticbeasts vs @petalstofish

Summer Tropes | “we have to crush the team of our unbeaten rivals in this waterfight (even if the other side has a rlly cute red head) oh god fOCUS”

Word count: 3000


would you believe me if i told you it’s still july on mars?

The first summer, it’s just him and Sirius, riding their bikes down to the corner store and using James’ pocket money to buy water balloons. When they get back to James’, they fill them up, and they have a go throwing them at each other. Sirius shrieks the first time he’s hit, and James’ aim accuracy plummets because he’s got water all over his glasses and he can’t bloody see anything, and Sirius will you stop darting around already.

It’s not nearly as fun as it looks in those American movies.

They trek inside, drenched and shivering, and James’ mum shoves them both in the downstairs shower to get the grass off. James doesn’t mind nearly as much as he lets on; a water fight in the English summer is a rather cold affair. Sirius gives his arm a soggy punch and says, “I’m gonna destroy you next time.”

But two days later, Sirius gets whisked away by his parents to France, and by the time he gets back, 17 whining postcards later, school has started and James has a runny nose anyway.

(It’s a disaster).

The second summer, Sirius has the forethought to invite Remus and Peter, and James has the forethought to wait for a day that’s actually hot. Sirius and Remus stay behind to fill up balloons while James and Peter speed down the hill to go get water guns.

Between them they can afford three little ones, or they can get one big one. “It makes more sense,” Peter reckons, “to get the three, ‘cause then we can have one between pairs and then a spare in case one breaks.”

“Yeah,” James says, “that does make sense.”

(They get the one big one).

James and Sirius argue for almost two hours over who should get to wield it before Remus snatches it from the table and climbs up the big tree in James’ backyard and sprays them when they try to follow.

(It’s a disaster).

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I Thought It Could Be Fun L.H

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

warning: smut ;)

word count: 2000+

summary: 69ing with Luke

requested?: yes, hope you like it! lmao, i’m a suckish smut writer bc i hardly ever post but here y’all go!

- Find my Masterlist here -


I groaned and sluggishly walked to the front door after a few minutes of hearing persistent knocking. I wasn’t in the mood to see anyone today so I thought I could get away with ignoring whoever was there, but they obviously wanted to see me bad enough to knock on my front door repeatedly.

“yes?” I asked rudely, not even opening the front door fully to get a good look at whoever was there.

“is that the greeting you give to your amazing boyfriend who brought Chipotle?” Luke asked with a cheeky smirk, holding up a Chipotle takeaway bag. I groaned at the smell that was escaping the paper bag.

“you…” I trailed off, cupping his face and kissing him gently, “you, my amazing boyfriend are amazing” I grinned, pulling him inside and shutting the door behind him.

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Summary:  Dan had always had a tough time orgasming with partners. It was always a sore spot for his ex-girlfriend who took it personally. It wasn’t personal- it was just the fact that he got so wound up and in his head, coupled with the pressure for it to actually happen, that it never did. 

Warnings: SIN

Genre: fluffysmut

Word Count: 2,436

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Oh wow, gee whiz, look here!

Tommy Lee Jones as US Marshal Sam Gerard, The Fugitive (1993)


To Help #5b

OK ARE WE READY FOR PART 2? ( sequel to To Help #5)


Good Lord what do I get myself into?

As per normal with this series this will have

1)    NSFW bits- (like seriously smuttier than anything I’ve put on here… for now)

2)    Profanity

3)    Violence (nothing too gory but thought I’d just say it just in case)

4)    Mentions/thoughts of suicide and depression 

5)    Mentions of child loss/death of children

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Chris Evans Fic: Library Day (NSFW)

Can I request an imagine? Reader meets Chris in a library while he is researching for a new role. The reader and him lock eyes through the stacks and it goes from there. It can be fluffy or smutty. :) Thank you!


It was a disgusting day. Grey cloud, grey rain falling in sheets across the city, grey puddles, grey buildings like the copious amounts of water had washed away all the colour. Everything just seemed… dirty and it made Chris itch like he wanted to get out of his skin. Granted, he wasn’t a huge fan of soaring heat but this was the weather he hated the most. It made him feel grey inside and out as he darted across the road, trying to avoid traffic and rain. He lightly jogged up a few marble steps, pushed open the aged wooden door and then he was in.

He’d always found libraries to be comforting and cosy, and exactly where he wanted to be on a grim day like this. The whispered hush, the smell of the books, the corners where you could just tuck yourself away and hide… it was perfect. Plus, he did actually have some research he needed to do for his next role so this gave him the perfect opportunity to hide from the weather and get some work done.

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How the turtles react to their s/o’s birthday:


Requested by: Anonymous

How would the turtles react if it was your birthday

A/N: So I decided to do this one today because it’s my birthday today!!! So I thought it would be kind of topical


Leo would get April to set up some picnic either beside the river or even under the Statue of Liberty; it would be lit by fairylights and candles, and full of all your favourite foods and treats, because Leo knows you so well. He’d probably smother you with love while you sit beneath the night sky, both quoting stupid romance novels, until you go back to the lair to spend the night; when Leo would read your favourite book to you until you fall asleep. 


Raph would not have a clue. He’d even resort to asking Leo for suggestions because he hasn’t the slightest idea what to do to make your day special. Eventually, with all 4 of the turtles’  heads combined, they’d come up with the idea of a drive-in. There would be one just outside of the city, playing one of your favourite films, and he’d find the perfect spot for the two of you to sit and watch the movie without getting noticed. Afterwards, you’d probably go back to your place, only to find April made you a birthday cake with FROM RAPH sprawled in icing across it, and the pair of you would sit up eating it and just talking about god knows what, or binging your favourite program together. 


No doubt Donnie would break into the science museum for you. He’d even shut off all the security cameras so the two of you don’t get caught. He’d explore all of the exhibits, talking to you about his favourite scientist, or correcting factual inaccuracies in any of the displays about things he knows off by heart. And he’d probably get all flustered and be blushing so much if you asked him a question, or gave input into something you were both passionate about. And at the end of the night, the two of you would go home and fall asleep watching a film or documentary together. 


Mikey and you would go exploring. He’d take you to all his favourite spots in the city, show you the lights and the stars from the tops of different buildings, and he’d tell you some stupid jokes about all of it. When you guys have had enough of wondering around, or if it gets too late, the pair of you will end up on the top of your building eating pizza and playing video games until the sun comes up. 

Request!Kyungsoo (18+)

Hiiii I love your writing so much!!! Can you do a smut where kyungsoo and you try new sex game where you both touch yourselves and whoever touches the other person first loses?

Kyungsoo loved this seat in your apartment. From his position by the window he could see everything in the bright light reflecting from the other building across the street. He presses his hand to his cheek gently before forming a tight fist as a breath of annoyance leaves his lips. 

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