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Brendon Urie Smut - Vibrating Underwear.

*a/n, smut request from an anon*

“Baby come down I’ve got a present for you for tonight” Brendon called you, you had just got ready for the awards ceremony that night.
Brendon had his hair jelled up like usual, he also had a slight stubble and was wearing a fairly tight suit, which you loved.
He jaw dropped when you walked down, you wore an amazingly fitting dress and black heels. You hair flowed down the frame of your face and body.
“Should we just skip tonight?” Brendon winked at you.
“I thought you said you had a present?” You smiled ignoring his previous statement.
“Mmm, yes I do” he took a bag off the table to reveal a pair of panties “these are for you, well for you to wear and for me to admire you in” he said handing them to you.
You took yours off under your dress and put on the other pair.
“Happy?” You asked. He took a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button making you underwear vibrate sending waves if pleasure through you, you gasped and moaned.
“Yes, and so are you by the sounds of it” he turned it off and put it back in his pocket.
“You better not use this tonight at the ceremony” you protested.
“Well you’ll soon find out” he said with a cheeky smile.

The two of you left the house and made your way to the venue.
He spent the entire journey there rubbing his hand up and down your thigh, teasing you. You knew it was going to be a long night.
You found your table it was quite close to the front and very exposed, you were begging internally for Brendon not to mess about. The two of you sat down with Spencer and his date.
The four of you made small talk before they started the ceremony, you had to hit Brendon’s hand away from your leg a few times but it was a nice start to the night.
As it progressed you both drank more and you saw Brendon putting his hand in his pocket. It didn’t registered in your hand and you carried on chatting when you nearly shot out of your seat as he turned on your panties.
You dug your nails into his leg and moaned slightly, luckily it was covered up by people cheering for the event’s host.
“Tonight is going to be fun” he whispered into your ear and turned it off.
The night was going well and Brendon got called up for an award. All of you cheered as he went up and he winked at you.
He pressed the remote again and you didn’t know what to do. You were squirming the vibrations were subtle and turning you on you wanted to touch yourself too.
Brendon did a speech and watch you the whole time as you tried not to moan and crossed your legs to enhance the vibrating. He was getting distracted, so quickly wrapped it up and went back to his seat.
As soon as he sat down he whispered in your ear “you look so hot right now, fuck y/n, I need you”
You didn’t reply and he turned the intensity up, you nearly screamed, luckily everyone else was watching the stage. You put your hand onto Brendon’s crotch, making him squirm.
“If you can have your fun, I’ll have mine” you said to him with staggered breath trying not to moan, as your panties were still on. You couldn’t cope anymore, he was teasing you too much, you were frustrated and you needed him but you needed to take those panties off.
“Sorry, I’m going to the toilet” you walked away.
Once taking them off you walked back in and shoved them in Brendon’s hand. “I’m done with this, if you can’t fuck me like a man they don’t try to at all.” You spat into his ear.
He took your wrist as you tried to walk away and stood up.
“Sorry, we’ve got to go” he said to the rest of the table.
He pulled you away and called you both a taxi. You made it outside the house of the front door before Brendon picked you up slamming you against it and kissing you, biting and your lips and neck as he did it.
“You want me to fuck you, I will destroy you” he growled into your ear.
He opened the door and took you straight upstairs. He pulled your dress off over your shoulders and pushed you into the bed.
He kissed down your body and you gasped as he hit all your sweet spots moving down to your clit and flicked his tongue around it making you push yourself towards him.
“So you like that, is this better for you” he smugly asked. All you could do was moan in return.
“Good” he said and pushed two fingers into you, being already very wet, he took them out and licked them.
His hard cock hovered over you, he was teasing you and kissing your neck still.
“Stop teasing me” you protested, grabbing him and pushing him over so you were on top. You kissed his neck, making him moan and positioned yourself above him.
You gentle lowered yourself onto him and pleasure waved through the two of you, you rode him and he bucked his hips up in return.
The two of you were in perfect rhythm with each other, sweat was dripping down both your bodies and you were both reaching climax.
Brendon uttered your name under his breath before moaning as he came inside of you. He slowed down and he was becoming less controlled. He knew you were close too though so he moved his hand down to your clit rubbing it as you still rode him, after a few seconds you went over the edge and came, falling onto him as you nearly screamed his name.
He moved you next to him and turned to face you “was that worth the wait” he asked ‘bopping’ you on the nose.
“Definitely” you replied curling towards him and kissing him.

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Hey! Can I please get some cute father headcanons for 2p italy? (With a female child) (thank youu <3)

Im gonna write these as 2p italy’s daughter is you

5 years old
-Most spoiled child in the world award goes to you

- lutz and kuro are your body guards also like your uncles

-flavio is the uncle you never wanted (or actually wanted, I don’t know your preference)

-you are the most important person in the world to him

16 years old
- -#overprotectivedad

-“your not allowed to date ever”

-“boys have cooties that are deadly okay?”

-Luciano, Flavio and lutz are stalking you on your date (kuro actually respected your privacy)

-it’s funny how red his face gets when you tell him you got asked out/have a boyfriend/girlfriend

-“hey dad, (gf/bf)’s coming over be nice” “When was the last time I polished my knives?” “DAD”

-Having flavio be the only one slightly supportive of you dating

-Flavio helps you pick out your outfits.

Happy Birthday Del!

Pay hated his birthday more than he hated himself.
His birthday marked the day he was born, and from the day he was born, alongside Patryk, it seemed he was born to be the shadow of his brother.
Everything Pay did, everything he tried to be was upstaged by Patryk, stupid, perfect Patryk who got straight A’s and won first place trophies, while Pay got into fights and got participation awards.
Patryk’s drawings went on the fridge, and Pay’s went in the fire.
Even as they grew up Patryk, despite being the younger twin by two minutes, got the best, he got the last pizza in the dinner line, got the seat on the bus next to the cute girl they both liked, and when they graduated high school and Patryk went off to college the cute girl with bright blonde pigtails became a man two years his senior with messy brown hair, thick eyebrows and an unkempt face.
His name was Paul, and he too was perfect.

Pay met him while he was rooming with Patryk after his latest eviction, and Patryk had introduced him as ‘a friend’, so Pay called dibs and moved in.
Paul was the sweetest guy he’d ever met, emotional and caring and so funny, and the next thing he knew Patryk announced they were dating at the Christmas dinner table and their parents were congratulating them, which was weird considering the side eye they’d given Pay’s last girlfriend.

And then he was stood at the altar next to Patryk, the ‘best man’, Patryk called him, Pay wondered of he was ‘the best’ or if he’d been given the position out of pity or because they were brothers, he looked out among the other guests as the two said their vows and spotted Edd, Edd was a nice guy who didn’t get evicted or sleep with people every other day, why wasn’t he the best man?
He looks at Paul and he’s stunning, for a brief moment Pay imagines what their wedding would be like, how much of the planning had been Patryk’s? Would he and Paul be happy together? Did Patryk deserve someone like Paul?
He shakes away the thought quickly, yes, he did deserve Paul. Patryk was perfect after all.

They had been married for two years, and today was his and Patryk’s birthday again.
So naturally, his idiot brother and his idiot husband were having earth shatteringly loud sex at 8 am with his room just next door.
Sometimes he prays to God and asks why.
Then at 11am, after Pay had moved into the living room and taken a nap on the couch, they entered, still kissing and being domestic and only stopped when they saw him watching from under his arm.
“Morning, Pay.” Patryk smiled shyly on his way past to the kitchen and he nodded back.
“Happy birthday Pay.” Paul smiled, Pay nodded at him too and he left to the kitchen too.
Five seconds later they were kissing. Ew.
Then he’d taken another nap and woke up to Paul nudging him awake.
“Hey, we’re going out.” Pay waved.
“Have fun.”
Paul pulled him up into a sitting position.
“You’re coming too, I don’t know if you have a suit or anything so Patryk gave you one of his.” He’s handed a plain white button up shirt, black dress trousers and a pink tie.
He knows he’s not Patryk’s size but he changes anyway, and when he does the shirt is baggy and the trousers won’t stay around his waist, he doesn’t miss the flash of concern on Paul’s face.
'Paul has really soft hands’ he realises as the Dutch man is buckling a belt around his waist and tucking his shirt in, almost like a father would do to his son, and Pay wonders if they want kids.
“You clean up nicely.” He smiles and Pay rolls his eyes jokingly.
“Thanks dad.” Paul laughs and holy shit it’s cute.
Pay wonders where they’re going when he’s sat in the back arguing with Patryk about seatbelt safety and how 'seatbelts are for pussies, Patryk.’ 'Well, you are what you eat.’ And he’s thinking about how that doesn’t male any fucking sense because he didn’t say 'asshole’ when the car parks.

They’ve parked at a high class restaurant that is way too nice for Pay.
“So, I wait in the car, right? Just like old times.” Paul looks concerned again and Patryk takes his hand drags him inside, Pay feels sick as he enters, the plants are exotic, the smell is exotic, fuck, even the wallpaper is exotic, and even worse than that, his stomach is rumbling from the smell.
He can’t even remember the last time he had a decent meal.
The greeter puts them in a booth with Paul in the middle and Pay thinks 'Ha, it’s like life.’ especially when Paul has shifted closer to Patryk and begins kissing him.
Dinner goes well, Pay actually eats something other than instant noodles and he doesn’t have to witness his brother get fondled at the table (He can only assume he’s going to hear a lot of it tonight.) and at the end a group of four waiters bring out a cake, for Patryk probably.
Then it’s set down in front of him and he sees Patryk grin from the corner of his eyes as the barbershop quartet begin singing 'Happy birthday’, they stop at his name and he stutters out 'I-it’s Pay.’ and the song continues.
“Happy birthday, bro.” Patryk hugs him tight and Pay wonders if he’s actually OD’d and it’s some kind of sick fantasy, but it feels real and that’s enough for him to choke out a sob.

“Thank you, Pat.”
It wasn’t really payback for years of neglect and emotional abuse from his parents, but knowing his brother really loved him was certainly a start.

@trashpandaballs is a huge inspiration to this sad little alcoholic ;3


NEWSHOUR ART BEAT: This Chinese-American cartoonist forces us to face racist stereotypes

After receiving a “genius” grant from the MacArthur Foundation last week, the PBS NewsHour spoke with the award-winning author Gene Luen Yang on his graphic novel, “American Born Chinese.”

The book features Cousin Chin-Kee (as in “chinky”) who is a mishmash of some of the worst historical — and modern — American stereotypes used against Asians.

How did people originally respond to the character when the graphic novel was published?

I would say I’ve gotten different types of feedback about the Cousin Chin-Kee character. Some older Asian-Americans told me when they got to that character, it was so painful for them to look at. It was hard for them to finish the book, and that was what I was kind of going for.

Some other Asian Americans around my age or people who are younger who grew up in a minority setting where they’re not around a lot of Asian-Americans; they totally understand. They think he’s funny, and they understand that he’s funny in this really painful way.

And then — it hasn’t happened in a while — but every now and then somebody will come up to me, usually it’s at a comic book convention, and they’ll say, “You know that Cousin Chin-Kee character? He’s so cute. Do you have a T-shirt with him, because he’s so cute.” And I was not going for cute when I designed that character.

One of the regrets that I have with the book, like if I were to do the whole thing over again, is I would try to exaggerate the Cousin Chin-Kee character even more, to cut down on some of that.

Oh, wow. That’s an actual regret you have?

Yeah. I feel like I didn’t exaggerate him enough. If I had exaggerated him a little more, then maybe people would not find him cute.

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When I get the JPEG, I’ll post it up, but for now, here’s my NJcon Jensen photo op! I have been waiting 2 years to do this.

Jensen is not only my favorite person ever, but he is my favorite actor. This man is so IN-DEPTH and multidimensional with his skills that he has deserved awards and recognition FOR YEARS. So, I decided enough was enough and I got him an Academy Award.

As I stepped up for my op, he saw the little statue and had to take a second, laughing. He was so freaking excited when I handed it to him, reading the inscription (“Academy First Award to Jensen Ackles for Excellence in Acting and Goodness of Heart”) and here’s the result of my love for him… the most precious op I could’ve ever hoped for! He was so sweet and squeezed my elbow as I walked away, thanking me.

Please, if you plan on cropping my ugly mug out, just let me know. Thank you!
dating michael would include:

● drawing fake tattoos on him with sharpies, only to later discover he permanently inked your scribbles on his skin later
● him getting home late and finding you asleep on the couch where you were trying to wait up for him and then him smiling before climbing next to you and putting a blanket over the two of you
● flipping a coin to see who gets to be on top
● matching his hair to your outfit for award shows so y'all can look like such a coordinated power couple
● 10PM dates to mcdonald’s because he was craving chicken nuggets and since there are no kids there that late, you’re both climbing on the playground and laughing
● you doing basic makeup on his face before a show and the entire fam loving you for it because you brought the eyeliner back
● him giving you piggyback rides around the house bc he loves it when you scream and laugh and hold him closer when he goes down steps
● “baby, i know you just got home but if you go get us some eggrolls i’ll pay you back the gas money and i’ll eat you out later”
● grabbing your hands when his get cold
● so many concerts as dates, literally anytime someone good was playing in town, you’d get tickets and go see them together
● and you’d dance and sing together during the show and he would definitely lift you onto his shoulders or back so you could see better
● pushing him out the door so he can go out with calum while you have a girl’s night, then discovering they were watching through the window because they were hoping girl’s night would get racy
● him trying to hold you in bed with him for as long as possible so you can’t leave him to go to work
● sick and needy michael curling up to you on the couch, wrapped in blankets with his sniffly head laying on your chest while you have your arms wrapped around him
● acting out movie scenes over dramatically when the two of you get bored
● or skipping that altogether and just making out with him
● when he’s on tour, sometimes he would calculate the amount of time down to the second until he got to see you again
● him being insecure about his lil tummy until you assure him he’s still the hottest boy alive before winking and starting to kiss down him happy trail
● “i, uh… baby, i love you so much, like you, um, you make me so happy and, um, whenever i’m around you, like, my, um, tongue? like it swells up, okay, thats awkward, baby please just kiss me i’m bad at this”
● playing poker with him when you don’t feel like going out, but not like, normal poker or strip, you’re basically betting skittles and backrubs and dates
● watching him play acoustic guitar late at night, both of your eyes sleepy and his skin softly lit up by the muted lights and just watching his face concentrate and damn he’s so expressive and beautiful
● him asking you how much you love him really late at night and you’re snuggled close to him and all you can do is say “to the moon and the stars and back again” while tracing your fingers over where his “To The Moon” tattoo is
● being loved in return by him so fully and completely that you can forget any sadness you might have ever felt in your life because he’s the sweetest boy to date in the world

the signs as exo embarrassing moments
  • aka the best moments
  • aries: kai and sehun buying the birthday gifts from 7/11 for chanyeol and laughing about it like it was the funniest shit in the world
  • taurus: baekhyun in the haunted house
  • gemini: suho in the entirety of exo showtime's first episode
  • cancer: luhan's face while running away during (exo) running man
  • leo: when chanyeol did "kabe-don" to kyungsoo and slammed his hand too hard against the wall and screamed
  • virgo: when chen's barbeque got blown onto the ground by the wind
  • libra: baekhyun getting punched in the nose by tao. or getting hit in the nose by anything
  • scorpio: chanyeol trying to get turnt with bts at the awards ceremony
  • sagittarius: chanyeol's ferret phase
  • capricorn: every person who got destroyed by kyungsoo's headlock
  • aquarius: when kai put nail polish on his lips because he thought it was lip balm and cried
  • pisces: lay and sehun kissing during the pocky game
| C.H.| Award Show Ex

Based off the request: “Can you pleeaaasee make a smut where you and cal fuck in a car? tysm ily xx”

I haven’t edited this so there is probably a lot of errors, I’ll go through it later enjoy :) 

I hate red carpets with a burning passion. All they are is cameras being flashed in your face with old men yelling at you to look one way then another while being forced to have a fake smile plastered on your face at all times. It’s even worse when your ex boyfriend and his band mates are right next to you on the carpet. 

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Reaction: When you thank him on stage.

You received an award and during your speech you thank him for being a supportive boyfriend. 

Suho: don’t cry don’t cry( tries not to cry.)


Reporter: So your girlfriend-

Chanyeol:(Turns redder than his maroon outfit.) 

Yixing:(When he tried to thank you back the EXO manager stop him mid way.)


Luhan:(Freezes when the camera got in his face during the speech.) (Deer caught in headlights.)

Kyungsoo:Errrrr( When it was his turn to make a speech….contemplating if he should put you in his speech but doesn’t wanna get tackled down.) 

Baekhyun: good job babe

Kai:(After hearing your speech.)

Chen: You are so lucky i love you.(He was waiting for you backstage instead of getting ready to perform.)

Xiumin: (Sends a public video showing he loves you.)

Wu Yi fan: I love you too baby girl. (When he was on his show.)

Player in Love


Pairing: Simon x reader

Word count: 595

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

It’s only right that you should

Play the way you feel it

Simon believed in fucking. Hardcore, bed thumping against the wall, moans drowning out the mundane sounds of the world, crying out for God, bruising each other’s bodies, raw fucking. He lived for the exact moment where a girl’s face twisted into absolute bliss, mouth slightly open; eyes rolling back into her head. He knew every trick in the book about making a girl cum hard enough to have her coming back for more.

He had a policy, though, about the kind of women he fucked. He liked them distant, disinterested, and thick. He had a reputation around the clubs he frequented. Especially at Octagon in Gangnam where the women whispered “he’s a hoe but I hear he’s a good fuck.” He loved the stares he got when he shot single girls a wink and his award winning smile.

It never occurred to him that he’d ever meet a woman who would turn him down. Especially not one who would turn him down, repeatedly. Somehow his hoe ways never seemed like they’d be a huge deal much less if he ever tried to get serious about anyone. When he met you he’d originally meant to hit on your friend. You were sitting down on one of the high stools at the bar of the club, legs delicately crossed. Even from your sitting position he could see that your white dress hugged every curve of your body perfectly. His eyes were immediately drawn to the tan skin of your thighs. He strode up to the bar confidently. He stood next to you, your back turned to him.

“Yeah, let me get a shot of Tequila” he all but screamed at the bartender over the deafening music. You continued to talk to your friend, your hands moving this way and that adding excitement to your story. When your friend turned her eyes away from you to focus on him, you stopped mid-sentence to see what had caught her attention.

Your face was shiny, covered in a sheen of sweat generated by the lights at the bar. Your eyes were a hazel color, framed by dark lashes. Your lips were painted a blood red color which made you look intimidating and alluring. He shot your friend a cocky smile before focusing back on you.

“Hi, I’m-”

“Oh, I know who you are,” you said, cutting him off “your reputation precedes you”

He wasn’t surprised that you knew who he was. If anything, it made hitting on you easier.

“Let me buy you, ladies, a drink,” he said, motioning the bartender over. You hid a smile behind a half empty strawberry daiquiri.

“Well, if you’re paying I won’t stop you,” you said. He laughed, impressed by your straightforwardness.

“Let’s grab something to eat sometime,” he said toward the end of the night. After spending time getting to know you over drinks and sporadic dancing he wanted to know you outside of the club environment. And as much as he delighted in fucking girls senseless, he wanted to know you as a person before he got to know every nook and cranny of your body.

“Sorry babe, players only love you when they’re playing and I don’t like being played. Thanks for the drinks, though!” she said, getting up to leave and shooting him an amused smile. He looked after her, stunned. Picking up the napkin she’d left on the bar counter he took in her message.

Call me for drinks so time! No fucking, though ;)



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honestly every time i watch football i think about how much better it would be to watch it with calum by my side like he’d be such an excitable bean whenever his team got close to scoring and his face when they missed would be so adorably funny that it would be impossible not to giggle at him and he’d probably curse at the tv when the ref awarded penalties to the opposite team and tbh idek why but i just feel like watching football with calum would be such an experience (plus the lazy half time sex would be 🔥🔥🔥)

I just want to express how proud and emotional I am right now. Not only did our boys win an award at Korean Entertainment Awards 2015, but our beautiful and amazingly talented leader Bbang Yongguk finally received an award for all of his hard work. The way Daehyun looked at him with ‘this is for you’ and the way he held the award when Himchan handed it to him. The look on his face…

… it broke my heart and healed it all at the same time. Broke it because it made me so sad to recall everything he went through in the past four years. It was like it was etched into his features as he held the award with utmost uncertainty. But healed it because all that pain and struggling resulted in something good.

He finally got his recognition. I wanted to cry because I could see the turmoil of emotions in his eyes as he tried to shut everything out. The way that he held his award as if he wasn’t really sure of it made me want to scream at him: HOLD IT HIGH, BUBBLE. IT’S YOURS. AND YOU DESERVE IT.

I’m rambling. I’m rambling so much, but I’m so sensitive about Yongguk. A man that struggled with depression and suicide because he felt ashamed, unhappy, and responsible for his brothers. A man who should always hold his head high. Because he’s a selfless leader with compassion and immeasurable strength.

A leader and a good man is never perfect. Never flawless. People tend to forget that they’re human, too. They break. But what makes them worthy of leadership is how they always intend the best for their group and act accordingly.

Regardless of the consequences.

I’m so proud of you, Yongguk. You’ve truly set an example as a leader, an artist, and a human being. Like Junhong said: You’re the B in B.A.P.

Can we take a minute and talk about this pic? I loved this moment so much for some ridiculous reason. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think both Stephen and Emily were equally honored by receiving their first awards for their roles on Arrow. But Stephen Amell’s face when he got the award for Best Shocker, Oliver being stabbed and thrown off a cliff at the hands of Ra’s, look at that man’s face. He was like a kid in a candy store. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about and value romance, Stephen is the Captain of SS Ship Olicity after all. No, this is something more primal. This is that side of men that looks at an award like this as a something he can place in his home or trailer to look at and appreciate that fans rewarded him for his effort.

This was more than romance. This moment was validation that he was beloved as Oliver Queen by his fandom. I say that because Stephen Amell gets a lot of shit from haters for various reasons ranging from comicbook fans that want him to be something he’s not, to fans that prefer Justin Hartley’s Smallville version of Oliver Queen. 

He’s been at this for three years and has never received a physical award for all that he puts into this role. So I found this moment to be extremely real and contained such vulnerability. It made me want to try to get him more.

Emily, is Emily. She is us. She won something tangible for her time and what she’s put into this show for the past three years. Maybe not to the extent Stephen does being the Lead Protagonist of the series, but she’s been Arrow’s second lead since she became a series regular by every definition without having the billing for it. 

I loved this moment so much. 

And they’re right, this isn’t an Emmy, but looking at their faces when they received it, they saw it as a symbol of respect from their viewers.

I’m not sure what happens next, but I want them to win as many physical awards as possible while they can. Because he finally has a supporting character by his side that makes him more empathetic and a better hero. You want good things for him. I find myself cheering for him because he’s worked so hard and it’s taken three years to gain any form of recognition. And during a time when Arrow, CW, Warner Brothers, and DC seem to have the attention span of a gnat, it looks like Stephen was honored that this amazing fandom didn’t forget him. He’s still our MVP.

I’ve got $20 bucks that says we’ll see that thing again in the background of one of his videos.

With a twist

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

summary: Tony wants Steve happy, so he gets a present for him. He doesn’t get the reaction he had expected.

length: 1 275 words

a/n: aaand the worst friend award goes to… me!! for being almost a week late with @nhasablog‘s bday present. I am sorrryyyyyyy… Hopefully, this will fulfill your ( *cough* very vague *cough*) wish of Stony being happy!! guys, go and appreciate N, she deserves all the love!


With a twist

Steve blinked, lost in a world of a book, when he felt someone poke him on his left arm. He turned there and saw no one, the next second getting poked in his right arm. He turned his face, and got smooched on the lips by Tony, already smiling and giggling, pleased with tricking Steve.

Steve laughed into the brief kiss and looked at his lover, smiling on his own. “What’s up, babe?”

“I have a present for you,” Tony hummed, wrapping hands around Steve’s neck and pressing their cheeks together, holding a small rectangular shape in front of soldier’s face.

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What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I haven’t seen my lovely girlfriend in a week, but we got to Skype for a little bit tonight. The sound of her laughter made my night and made me smile.

Monday: We traveled to see one of the families to whom we recently awarded a grant! Seeing their brand new accessible van ramp in action–and the smile on Noah’s face as he rode it up into his van–made me smile.

Tuesday: We gave a fun talk to 60 senior citizens this morning at the Holy Family Social Club, and when it was over they invited us to stay for lunch. They were serving mashed potatoes with gravy, and they were perfectly delicious. It made me smile.

Wednesday: Dad made himself an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning. On his first bite, the yolk exploded and shot down the front of his shirt and pants. It made me smile.

Thursday: We were in Hershey, PA for a two-day conference where we were leading a breakout session on inclusion and giving the closing keynote. We were only there for about three hours and had already amassed several handfuls of chocolate. It was delicious and it made me smile.

Friday: Our keynote in Hershey went great! On our way home, Sarah and I were in serious need of caffeine (early morning talks are so draining). Every exit, we prayed to see a Dunkin sign, and when we finally did, we celebrated like we had just won the Super Bowl. It made me smile.

Saturday: Anna came over after work tonight. Seeing her brightened my entire week and made me smile a lot.

What made you smile this week?

Why Broadway alumni should not be the only thing you look for in a school...

I hear people say all the time, “Well, this school was awesome, but they don’t have a laundry list of Tony Award winning alumni.”  And it just makes me think back to a story…

A guy I worked with a while back went to OCU. Great school, great program.  But when we met he got this very pompous look on his face and said, “Yes, my school is one of the top five in the country.  You may have heard of some of our alumns.  Kristin Chenoweth?  Kelli O’Hara?”

Now, there’s no denying that these women are absolute goddesses of theatre.  They are incredible, and this is not a question of their talent or ability.  But Chenoweth likely graduated from OCU almost 25 years ago.  O’Hara likely graduated over 15 years ago.  So the level of education today in 2015 is likely completely unrelated to the level of education they received several decades ago.

Of course, there’s no denying that esteemed alumni can be a good sign.  But it’s also important to remember that if they went there decades, or even 7 or 8 years ago, the program could be completely different.  Programs fluctuate, they grow and they wilt.  Faculty come, faculty go, and things change.  One of our most esteemed alumni at IWU is an Academy Award Winner for Best Actor.  But wait…He’s 68.  Meaning when he comes and talks at our school, there are no faculty that ever even interacted with him!  Or even knew any facult that interacted with him.  

And of course, it’s cool to say, “Well so and so came to talk to us at our school!”  No denying that.  And I completely recognize that it feels safer, perhaps, to know that some great performers have gone to your school.  But remember, that comfort is largely an illusion, because programs are constantly changing, and the program that they experienced is likely not the same one you will.  

So rely on your gut.  Do your research from current students and recent alumni (within the last couple of years!)  Sit in on classes, visit the campus, figure out if the school fits you.  I promise, that will serve you better than any list of famous alumni.

I hope “Noel” does well critically and commerically and that Chris gets a lot of nominations, awards, and praise for his role. It would be so epic if Chris got nominated for an Oscar, simply because I’d love to see the look on Ryan Murphy’s face when he realizes that Chris - one of the cast members he despises the most - got an Oscar nomination before his precious Lea. I bet Ryan Murphy would crap his pants if that happened!