his face was too perfect excuse me

Gendry’s regret!!! The look on his face here kills me. “I can be your family.” “You wouldn’t be my family, you’d be m'lady.” His expression says how much he regretted not saying that he actually wants her to be his family. He understood that Arya meant what she said and that she meant it as"I love you". He wanted to say that he loved her back. But instead of being a man and telling her, he used an excuse of him being too low-born for her. No matter how much I love Gendry, I have to say THE STUPID COWARD!!!! As soon as she walked out he regretted not saying what he really wanted to! Because we all know they love each other! Now wether you see it as romantic or platonic or as siblings, that’s up to you! But they do love each other!!! For me it’s romantic, and once again it kills me that he is such a COWARD in this scene! And he needs to understand that he is high-born and not low-born. Yes, still a bastard, but a high-born bastard! I really need some happy Gendrya fanfic right now to make up for his failings!!! Gendrya-shipper for life!!!