his face upsets me

minghao is GORGEOUS. he has surpassed all possible levels of beauty at this point. just when you thought his looks have reached its peak BOOM he switches that hair up on you, throws on some eyeliner, and takes another iconic selfie to let you know he’s got more tricks up his sleeve. I’m terrified. what’s he gonna do next? he’s already a top visual out of basically every idol group ever. you think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. he’s just too attractive. Its honestly infuriating now,, I don’t know what else to do except get physically angry whenever I see his perfect face. fucking angel faced piece of shit. how dare he.

Fairly Straightforward

A/N: Thank you so much to @mycroftswife for this ask. I am working on the other asks I have and am planning a new series. Possibly and Phillip Hamilton x reader. We will see. Make sure you send some asks to keep me busy and thanks for all the support I have been getting.


Title: Fairly Straightforward

Rating: Teen

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

Pairings: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 1087

I felt arms wrap around my middle and breath fan across my neck and froze up. “I know your very busy. I know your works important.” I heard Anthony sing loudly behind me. I laughed at his childishness and pushed his hands off of my middle.

“Damn right it’s important. If I don’t fix this light you won’t have your precious spotlight.” I snarked back. I went back to work on fixing the wires in the back of one of the main lights. I had been with the Hamilton production from the beginning and worked as maintenance on the set. I had gotten to know a lot of people on the cast, Anthony included, and had become pretty close to all of them.

“You work too much. The cast wanted to know if you would go out for dinner with us tonight.” He practically begged. I had a lot of reasons to go but all of those paled in comparison to the one reason I shouldn’t go. Daveed Diggs would be there. My best friend of 4 months would be there and I had been systematically avoiding him for 2 weeks successfully.

“I have to go out that night. I am sorry.” I lied without a second thought. I looked over to him and saw him glaring at me. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

“You can’t avoid him forever Y/N.” He stated with a harsh tone. I sputtered in shock and confusion. How did he find out it was Daveed I was avoiding? He rolled his eyes at me. “It’s not that hard to notice that you’re avoiding him. Every time he walks into the room you walk out. Every time you find out he is going somewhere with the group you say you have somewhere else to be.“ He started pacing back and forth on the floor in front of me. “The one thing I can’t figure out is why. Why are you avoiding him? Things were going great before. He is a mess now. He is asking everyone what he did wrong. I just don’t –“

“I like him.” I blurted out accidently cutting him off. Somewhere in the middle of all this his words had gotten to me. Was Daveed really upset?

“You what?!?” My head snapped up and I met Anthony’s wide eyes. “Why have you been avoiding him then?” His gaze softened as my bottom lip trembled so he stepped forward to pull me into a hug and coo gently in my ear.

“I- I shouldn’t like him Anthony he is my best friend. I can’t tell him how I feel but I can’t act like we are just friends.” I said shrugging away from him and wiping me cheeks before I grabbed my tools and went back to working on the light. “I just got to push him away a little bit.”

“No. Y/N you can’t do that. He is walking around like someone kicked his puppy.”

“I have to.”

Nervous. That is the only emotion that could remotely describe how I was feeling about this situation. Daveed had stopped me from leaving the commons room when he enter and had pulled me to sit with him. He looked determined to talk to me and I didn’t want to upset him.

“What did I do?” He asked serenely.

“What are you talking about?” I asked back innocently, looking at my feet and refusing to meet his eyes.

“You have been avoiding me.” He stated.

“No I haven’t”

His composure broke. “Dammit Y/N what are you 5? You have been avoiding me and I have no idea why. What did I do? I can’t fix anything if I don’t know what it is.” He said raising his voice in frustration and anger with each word. My face heated up and I felt sick to my stomach. His face dropped and his eyes stared at me. He looked so upset and I didn’t know what to do.

“I- I don’t know what –“I started not sure exactly what I was going to say before I was interrupted.

“YOU KNOW HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU RIGHT?” Lin came in from the dressing rooms shouting with a frustrated look on his face and a flustered Anthony running after him.

“GOD DAMMIT LIN SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LET THEM WORK EVERYTHING OUT THEMSELVES.” Anthony shouted and practically grabbed Lin in a head lock to started pulling him back down the hallway. Lin was trying his best to get out of Anthony’s hold him as they scuffled back down the hallway.

Daveed and I sat there in shock and stared after them before I began laughing. I heard Daveed begin laughing next to me. Before long we were practically using each other as support in order to stay up right as we continued laughing. When we calmed down I finally regained my breath I looked at Daveed. That’s when it clicked. DID LIN JUST SAY DAVEED LIKED ME? My eyes widened looking at him and he seemed to have the same realization as his face turned red and he began looking at the floor.

“I- I won’t deny what Lin said. I u-understand if this it confusing for – well may not I mean I figured you knew because – well you kept avoiding so you must have figured it out. I – don’t – I just- .” He said and became increasingly flustered when I didn’t respond.

I grabbed his chin and brought his face up to mine so I could smash my lips to his. He froze for a second in shock before grabbing my waist and pulling me closer until I was practically on his lap. We broke apart after a minute to stare at each other. “I like you too.” I smiled.

“Wow.” He said in shock before he rested his head on my shoulder and breathed a sigh. “That was more straightforward than I thought it would be.”

“I think you have Lin to thank for that.”

“Yeah your right I am going to thank him and then beat his ass.” He grumbled as he fit his head between my shoulder and neck. “He could not possibly have known you liked me.”

OH. God. There was one way that Lin would have known. I jumped off Daveed’s lap. “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU ANTHONY RAMOS!!” I shouted towards the dressing rooms. I heard a girlish scream from the hallway and a scuffle of a few doors to tell me that Anthony had fled.

BTS Reaction: You having a side blog dedicated to another member (requested)


You took a break from your laptop and went to the kitchen to scavenge for a late night snack. You found one of Jin’s last stashed away cookies and scarfed it down before he could get out of the shower and catch you. You quietly returned only to find Jin sprawled across the bed. He had one arm hanging off the bed, the other covered his face as he whimpered all while balancing your laptop on his chest.

“Jagi, how could you?!?” he “cried”

“Hey! why are you looking at my computer?” you rushed up to him to take your computer away.

“I thought i was your one and only!” he “sobbed” as he rolled away from you from, keeping you from getting your laptop back. “How could you have a blog dedicated to the maknae?!?”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “I had that blog before i even met you guys!”

“But i thought you deleted it!”

“What ever gave you that idea?”

“Um I don’t know maybe because you are dating Mr. Worldwide handsome now!” 

You crawled up next to him. “Well, if it makes you feel better…” you snatched the laptop away and began clicking away until you found the page. you turned the screen to him “This is the blog i have dedicated to you!”

He scrolled through the page a bit before he pulled you close and gave you a kiss. “You are forgiven…partially … Just make sure to delete that Jungkook blog.

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You and your boyfriend sat on the couch enjoying a bit of TV after a long day. Well, he was watching tv, you were busy finally updating your side blog. You could feel someone looking over your shoulder and found Suga with a sour expression on his face.

“Ew, why are you posting pictures of Jimin?” he asked in disgust.

“For my blog” you mumbled going back to adding to your tags.

“Ew” he repeated as he went back to watching tv.

Once finished, you nestled next to him, but he was as still as a statue. It was weird because he always accepted cuddles. You nestled deeper, but still nothing.

“Ya! Cuddle me!”



“Why dont you go cuddle Jimin?” he pouted.

“Aww is someone jealous?” You teased 

“Pft! Me? Jealous? You’re ridiculous! Pft! I am not jealous. Why would I be jealous of my girlfirend having a blog about another member from my group? I am not jealous!” 

“Uh-huh sure, not jealous at all.”

“I said i’m not!”

“If i make a blog about you, will you forgive me?”

He stayed quiet at your offer.

“C’mon, I’ll let you pick the color scheme!”

Although expressionless, you could tel he was tossing the idea around in his head.

“We can come up with a URL together!” 

“No need! I thought of the perfect one already! Plus, i know just the selfies to use for the header and profile pictures!” he said as he stratched out and grabbed the laptop from the other side of the couch. 

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Rap monster:

You were in the middle of getting dressed when you heard a loud bang come from the kitchen.

“Babe?!? Is everything okay?!? What was that?!?” you shouted from your bedside too much in a rush to get ready for work to actually walk to the kitchen. 

“Um- Nothing! Just… Just a pan!” he shouted. “You keep getting dressed! I will get your coffee ready!”

You walked out of the bedroom ready to go only to be greeted by a grumpy face Namjoon. Your cup of coffee was waiting for you thankfully, but Rap monster stood behind the counter with his arms crossed, one hand clutching your tablet. 

You waked straight up to him. “What’s wrong baby? Why that face?”

“I found someone’s tumblr and it turns out their blog is a virtual shrine to my band-mate Kim Taehyung.” he grumbled. 

You giggled at him, because he look so cute when he was jealous. you rested your chin on his chest and looked p at him with the best puppy dog eyes that you could give. “Joonie, it is just a tiny little side blog” you explained

“So having 5k followers is a “tiny llittle side blog” to you?”

“Aw c’mon Joonbug, don’t be so jealous. I have a blog for each of you… Do you want to know how many followers I have on my blog about you?”

His expression softened and the tension in his shoulders faded. “…Is it more the 5000?” he asked softly.

Your smile grew “Let me show you!” you slid the tablet out of his hand, but froze when you saw what was on the screen. “…Namjoon!”

“Wow! look at the time! I have to meet Yoongi at the studio!”

This whole time his fit of jealousy was all a diversion to the fact that there was a huge crack on your tablet screen. “So this is what you dropped earlier?!? Nam-”

He stopped the rest of your words with a quick kiss. “ Bye babe! Love you!” he shouted as he ran out the door.

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You and Jhope walked along the park path hand in hand and enjoying your ice creams. You heard a ding from your phone and smiled when you found out you got another follower on your sideblog, finally reaching your milestone. “Hobi! My jin blog finally has 1000 followers!” you squealed

He looked back at you with his signature triangle frown.

“why are you frowning? Aren’t you happy for me?”

“It’s a blog about Jin.” His voice was tiny.

“Yes, i just said that.” you laughed

Still his frown stayed

“Why is my sunshine so sad? You have ice ream in your hand it is physically impossible to be sad while eating ice cream!”

He emphasized his pout. Boy, the feelings he was able to convey with that frown.

“Hobi, don’t be jealous. You know i only made that side blog because a deal with jin and he said it was a way to commemorate our one year best-friendship.” 

“So where is the blog about me commemorating our relationship?”

A smirk grew on your face as you went up closer to him. “Well i dont have blog about you but-” you brought your mouth up to his ear. “I know a whole list of things we do to to commemorate  our relationship. Alot of which we did last night.” you whispered.

Jhope cleared his throat. You pulled back to his his frown finally gone an his eyes now alert. 

“…So uh… You make a good point.” his face blushed over the memories he was having in such a public place.

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You and V cuddled on the couch in the midst of your movie date night. However you were too indulged into updating your Suga blog on your laptop instead of paying attention to the movie.

“Babe, can you close that? The light is bothering me.” V mumbled.

“Wait i am almost done.”

Despite your protests, his large hand flew through the air and he shut you laptop screen.

“Tae, the fuck?”

“Let’s watch the movie!”

“Wait. just a few more minutes” you said opening the laptop again.

However, you weren’t able to get much done because V snaked his way through your arms. He rested most of his body on your lap, completely blocking your screen. 

“Tae, what are you doing?” you did your best to hide your annoyance.

“I noticed you were constantly reblogging my arch nemesis so i thought i would relieve your eyes.” he explained as he pulled he pried the computer from your  hands and place it on the floor. 

“Arch nemesis?!? Yoongi is your enemy?!?”

He dropped all his body weights on you and let out a deep sigh.

“Youre heavy babe” you laughed as you ran your fingers through his hair.

“So today, Yoongi rejected my idea to be a part of the next cypher again and then now i see you have a whole blog about him! Now I am losing you to him!” he pouted

“Aw baby, Dont be upset. All of army and I think you deserve to be a part of the next cypher! One of these days Yoongi will break i know it! And baby, about hte blog, it is just a small side blog. Don’t be jealous.”‘

“If it is justa small side blog why bothter to out-” His arms reached for the laptop and he placed it down on his chest. “this comment “OMG Looks at him! I am dying for Yoongi to have this hair back”.

“babe, it is just a commment. You should see the paragraphs when i spam you on my other blog.”

Even in the dark, you could see V’s eyes light up. “You have a blog about me?”

“Of course i do! It is my main blog”

A smile grew on his face at your words.

“Are you still upset? Do you forgive me?”

“…I will only if you do 3 things.”

“And those are?”

“!) stay for an all night movie marathon 2) Give me real cuddles… don’t hold back on any kisses and 3) Delete the Yoongi blog.”

“Aish, you drive a hard bargain.” You laughed. You leaned forward and gave him a kiss. “Deal”

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You cooked Jimin his late dinner as he sat at the end of the table. He was so tired he was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

You cellphone was right next to him, so when it dinged its annoying jingle it startled him awake.

“Chim, can you see what that was?” you asked

“It is an email…you got a new follower… for your rap monster blog.” you didn’t even have to turn around to know he was  upset, his tone gave it away.

When you turned around to take a peek at him, you were right. Yup, not happy” you thought.

“Why do you have a blog about Namjoon?”

“I have had that blog for the longest time. Namjoon was my bias remember?”

“Yeah, but why haven’t you deleted it?” you could practically hear his cute eyebrow furrowing. 

You turned around, again seeing that you correctly predicted his actions. You place the plate in front of him. “Because I have 7000 followers now. Do you know how long it took me to get that many?”

His face softened at your innocent reasoning. “well, if that is the case, i wont beg you to deleted it… Just as long as you slip in a few pictures of me from time to time.” he said with a tired smile

You gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Dont worry baby, I already do!”

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The whole day Jungkook had been following you around your apartment. You began to notice a smirk grow on his face when you even got near your laptop. 

“Ya! What is with you today?”

“Nothing Jagi.” he said with a giggle every time

It wasn’t until it was around time to go to bed that you decided that you would browse tumblr before you fell asleep.

You went to your desk and turned your screen on surprised to find that it was already on the tumblr page. “Weird “ you thought

“From the corer of your eye you could see Jungkook poking his head into the room with a mischievous smile on his face. 

“Babe, serisouly what is going on with you?”

“Nothing” he giggled for the 500th time.

you ignored him and logged on, quickly going to check on your jhope side blog first. to you horror, you blog was not how you last left it. The header was now an image of Jhope distorted face photo-shopped on a horse and the profile picture was replace with one of Jungkook. All the Jhope content was replaced with pictures and video of Jungkook, even some Jungkook scenarios here and there. “What did you do?!?”

“Nothing!” Jungkook laughed as he ran out of the room

“Jungkook! I will kill you!” You practically shouted as you chased after him.

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 -Admin Boat

imacrazedfangirl  asked:

heyyy how about,,,, nonbinary representation with a side of good old fashioned hurt/comfort for either dear evan hansen or be more chill??? preferably either boyf riends or kliensen (does this even count as a prompt idk I tried) (please write this)

(you’re in luck, as non-binary and/or genderfluid Jeremy is one of my Big Headcanons)
(internalized transphobia and a little weed lies ahead, be warned)


Jeremy’s heart sank. Of course, they should have known that wasn’t allowed-


Well, yeah, I um-


Jeremy felt a tingle in their brain.


To Jeremy, the world seemed to stop. The people in the store came to a glitching halt, and they felt unable to move. The Squip made a sound that was disconcertingly similar to the Windows XP startup sound.


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ships in the night. (m)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Anonymous Requested: a fluffy, romantic, appreciative Namjoon smut

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 6,252

Description: In your relationship somewhere along the line, the two of you started unknowingly passing each other by; something akin to two ships in the night.

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The contact photo of his dimpled grin illuminated your phone screen just as you walked through the front door, making a goofy smile spread across your face. You set down the dinner and movie that you’d picked up on your way home from work, before sliding your thumb across the screen to answer his call.

“Hey babe.” You chirp, as you try to control the excitement in your voice.

“Hey…” The word comes out slow and somewhat hesitant, making you knit your eyebrows together.

“Is…  something wrong?” You ask questioningly. You wait a few moments and there’s still no answer, making a worry bubble up inside of your chest.

“Namjoon what’s—” You try to ask again, but you don’t get to finish before he interjects.

“I’m not going to be able to make it home tonight.”

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❝ Do you like me? ❞

Plot: You and jimin were close friends and one day you went to their concert and in the middle he gives you a shoutout then gets you up on stage and confesses and you agree and he gives you a kiss. 

Pairing: JiminxReader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Fluffy 

For @rajwah12345, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

You were in the front that evening, you wouldn’t have lost his concert for no reason. The screams of the other fans around you continued to make you move even more, the adrenaline rushing through your veins and the wonderful feeling of realizing a dream.

Being friends with Jimin was not easy, but it was worth it. Not for the concerts you were invited or gifts that he made you, but because despite his busy schedule, he was always on time for you.

And it was for that reason that you started to have feelings for him.

Although you continued to scold you, because you had no time for love, you weren’t able to stop your heart from falling completely at the mercy of Park Jimin.

Next to you one of the fans shook your hands, returning you to the reality, and you smiled eagerly, starting to sing “Silver Spoon”. One of your favorite songs and you used always to charge of energies before an exam.

The song shortly fell through and the stage was darkened, making up the crowd a huge “Oh” of pure excitement.

The first few notes of “Lie” took everyone by surprise, while you frantically lightened your lighstick and began to move in time with all the other fans.

See him on stage was always a treat, his solo would be the death of you and you were slowly preparing.

A spotlight came on suddenly, illuminating a total blank Jimin, provoking you chils who traveled with malice your whole body and stood into your core.  

That man was perfect and you kept to keep those thoughts to yourself, too afraid to ruin your friendship.

And your eyes met, his smile wide and gentle for a moment outlined on his blossom lips and you seemed it was only for you.

Then his expression changed completely and became mysterious, sensual and pretty damn exciting.

Park Jimin knew how to turn on thousands of fans, including you.


Speech’s final moment had arrived but all you would have wanted that that concert last forever. Your screams of encouragement, mixed together with those of the other fans, continued to bring a smile to all seven while Jimin’s gaze was on you, since Seokjin had started talking.

He did not let yours a second and you couldn’t help but smile, showing more faces upturned thumbs. You were proud of that man and every way was right to make him understand.

Jimin finally took the mic and began to thank his fans and everyone who had permission to him to be there at that time. It was only when you hear your name echoed thanks to the mic you realize that something wasn’t going the right way.

Namjoon and Yoongi were doing whistles of encouragement, while Taehyung with Jungkook pretended to silence the crowd with movements incredibly stupid that served only to make them laugh even more.

“Y/N, why don’t you answer? Come on up here, I’ve to tell you something! ”

“W-Who? M-Me? ” You murmured totally shocked, watching the girl next to you.

“If your name is like that..Yes, it’s you. ” She pointed out, hiding a pinch of jealousy.

Without realising you were on the stage, while Hoseok and Seokjin raise you from your both hands, giving you a hug that takes your breath away.

“Waaaaah our Y/N is really beautiful tonight, huh, ARMY???” Namjoon shouted, making you blush all over your face. “We’re happy to see you here, especially our Jimin-ah”

“Me too..” You hummed embarrassed, approaching and reaching Jimin, who kept smiling upon you with that killer smile. His eyes completely disappeared and the joy to see you painted on each stroke of that perfect face.

“You look absolutely beautiful tonight, Y/N”

“Only tonight?”

Your joke, echoed into the mic that Taehyung placidly kept near your lips, blowed up the crowd laughing and that sound calmed you.  

You could not understand why Jimin asked you to go on stage, when he was well aware of your innate shyness.

“You’re right, you’re beautiful.” He whispered soothingly, taking both of your hands and making you walk towards him.

Your heart, meanwhile, had begun to beat at a frantic pace so much that seemed to be about to explode.

“What… Why did you made me get on stage? ”

“Because I have to tell you something, Y/N” he began to whisper into the mic, despite the embarrassment he felt and you could see it from his shy smile. “We know each other for nearly four years, right?”

“Yes Jimin. We met when you spilled coffee on my Super Junior’s tshirt. ”

“I still feel guilty. I hope Super Junior sumbeanim don’t hate me for this. ”

A further burst of laughter lit up the crowd and you smiled slightly and began to tremble with excitement that kept increasing.

His hands were strong on your and you noticed that his thumbs had started moving slowly on your skin, provoking you goosebumps of pleasure.

“Yeah.. ” He returned earnest, making another step toward you. “I made the worst impression of my life that day, with you.. Yet you were so nice that I immediately felt the desire to see you again. So we became friends but… ” He continued and you held your breath, while a total silence fell over the arena.

“B-BUT…?” Was your whisper stammered, not noticing of other’s amused expressions around you.

“Well.. Look at yourself, Y/N. You’re beautiful… But you look gorgeous in ways that I can’t describe. Of course you’ve horrible habits like leaving your bras scattered everywhere and come to your house for me is always an achievement. But there’s nobody else who makes me feel like you do. ”

“Constantly angry and frustrated because I’m lower than you just for a centimeter?”

“Even that..”

“Jimin.. I don’t understand … ”

“Maybe if I do this you can understand.” He whispered and cupped your face into his hands, coming closer to you completely. “Also because I want to do this for months.”

You had no time to react, his warm, soft and moist full lips were already on yours, slightly parted in surprise. Your eyes widened when he began to kiss you gently, sliding one hand from your cheek fin on your side, moving you totally against his body.

Your legs started to get weak in the knees while he kept moving his lips on yours and finally you began to reciprocate, letting your tongues, shy and almost embarrassed, slightly touched making that kiss even more intimate.

You seemed almost to be alone with him and not in front of a full crowd, a crowd at that moment began screaming and applauding.

“Guys, I understand that you’re enjoying the moment but maybe… this… later…” Seokjin’s voice, obviously in a joking way, fully back you to reality.

With a shove you moved Jimin away from you, who burst out laughing seeing redness wrap your cheeks violently. Immediately you went to hide behind Namjoon, much higher than you while Taehyung ran to hug you shouting “CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE”.

“What are you doing, I kiss you and you hide behind my Hyung?” Asked an amused Jimin, approaching his Hyung and trying to grab you in any way.


“Because I like you Y/N and was tired of waiting!”

“I don’t want to be the odd man out, guyyyyyys!”  Namjoon yelled, while you kept to remain hidden behind him, Taehyung attacked by your side like a koala.

“Can you come here? I just want to hug you, Y/N. Taehyung let her go or I’ll hurt you! ”



Sighing you left drive from Tae, you walked away from the secure hiding that were Joon’s shoulders, and he released his grip on you. Jimin’s arms wrapped you immediately and you instinctively hid your face against his neck, to avoid the huge embarrassment you felt at that time.

“So Jimin-ah, what did you want to ask her? We’re all curious!” Yoongi Pressed Jimin e you cursed him mentally because you were practicing so much embarrassment to get enough for a lifetime.

“Y/N… I know it will be difficult. But I would very much like you to be my girlfriend. ”

“I.. ”

“All I do is think of you Y/N, please. Give me a chance. ”

“I was going to say that you’re smothering me Jimin, but it’s obvious that I’m going to give you a chance. Even a thousand if you ask. ”

His face turned away from yours and looked to you carefully, completely surprised by your response.

For you, years later, that moment seemed only a dream and the fear of waking up was so much, because you didn’t want to lose what you were feeling.


“To tell you the truth… I’ve a crush on you for a long time, Jimin… ” You whispered in tight lips, awestruck by the crowd that had their eyes on you.



“Sorry Jimin-ah” Yoongi and Hoseok excused themselves in unison, without the slightest trace of remorse onto his face or voice.

“Do you like me?” He asked more upset than you, taking to caress your cheek gently.

“Jimin.. It would be nearly impossible don’t have a crush on you. ”

Please Come Back

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Erik x Reader

Please Come Back

Prompt: Imagine erik trying to apologize after you two get into a fight?

“So you’re not gonna talk to him, huh?” Logan asked you when you plopped down on the couch, still angry at the argument you and Erik had just had. It was yet another little quarrel about humans. Your parents were human, and so of course you cared about them. Erik said this made you weak, that you shouldn’t attach yourself to an entire species because of two people, and it had gone downhill from there.

“I don’t want to see him.” You shook your head. “I…I think I’m going home.”

“Just because Erik is a jerk doesn’t mean you have to leave all of us, kiddo. Give it some thought,” Logan said before taking a long drag from his cigar.

You sighed before getting up and walking up the stairs.


Erik found you hours later, packing a bag.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going home, Erik.” You said as you shoved another shirt into your duffle bag.

“You can’t do that,”

“Why?” You looked up at him, a glint of defiance in your eyes.

“Because I care about you,”

“It didn’t seem like that earlier,” You looked away, avoiding his gaze. His eyes were brimming with tears.

“I want to protect you, but sometimes you make it so hard.” Erik took a step closer, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and burying his face in your shoulder. “I can’t stand to see you upset with me.”

“Erik…” You sighed, succumbing to his warm embrace.

“Please come back to me,” he murmured, his voice low. “I was wrong, I know that. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose anyone else…”

You turned yourself around and faced him, resting your hands on his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist. He pulled you close to him.

“You’re not going to lose me,” You reassured him, bringing your hand up to graze his cheek. He closed his eyes before bending forward and pressing his lips to yours.

“I love you,”

“I love you too,”

Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Six

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Cursing

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*Alex POV*

It happened so suddenly. We were all sitting down enjoying our time together. I was so glad to see y/n and Kappy getting along. He’s become one of my good friends out here, I trust him a lot. Y/N was explaining her job to Kappy. I sit there and admire how excited and proud she is to explain it. I turn my head for a moment and that’s when I saw Will walk into the restaurant. Anxious, I started to fidget, not knowing what to do. If he sees me he’s going to blow up and cause a scene. The last thing I want is to piss him off even more. He still brings up the first night every once in a while. I could always stay here and risk him possibly seeing me, but it would be better if I could convince him to leave.

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Castiel x Reader:  Heavy Handed

Words: 3791

Rating: M


Warnings: Smutty Smut

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Castiel’s brows furrow in concentration as he stared into the pot through the glass lid. The heat of the stove didn’t bother him, despite the fact that he was still in a trench coat. He studied the broccoli, spoon in hand as he counted down the minutes before he had to stir. A sharp knock at the door snapped him out of his concentration.

“It is unlocked.” he called out, glancing at the front door of your apartment, tilting his chin as he heard it creak open.

He relaxed when Sam and Dean walked into your home, holding take out bags.

“Hey Cas.” Dean said absentmindedly as he walked into the kitchen to get a beer. He gave the angel a quick pat on the shoulder before pulling open the fridge.

“Cas are you…cooking?” Sam asked from his spot in the living room as he glanced over the bar counter that separates the two rooms.

Dean popped his head out of the fridge,  a confused look on his face. “I think is he is.” He exclaimed  raising a brow as he pulled the beer bottle away from his lips and closed the fridge “But the question is ‘why?’”

The angel gave a small nod as he returned his attention to the pot. “Y/N suggested  it. She is teaching me.” he says with a faint smile on his face. “She says it’s always good to know how to cook.” His smile began to fade with the next sentence. “And….and she says cooking and food can mend one’s soul. Y/N is trying to cheer me up….in light of…recent…events.”

“You mean God bailing heaven and going a-wall?” Dean said taking another sip of his beer.

Sam gave him a “dude really!?” look as he silently scolded his brother for saying it so nonchalantly.

“…Yes.” Cas says, looking at the ground.

“How ya doin about that, anyway?” Dean asked clapping a hand on Cas's’ shoulder.

“I am…well.” Castiel replied, carefully choosing his words. “Y/N has been very gentle about this situation. She is quite kind.”

“Yeah,” Dean said patting him once again before returning to his food. “She was always the Momma bird of the group. But with you Cas, mother wouldn’t be the right word for it huh?” He chuckled, poking a bit of fun at the romance between the two of you before asking “Where is Y/N anyway?”

“She has gone or the “bathroom” she should be out momentarily.” Cas explained, adding air quotations. He still didn’t quite understand body function yet, and neither of the the three of you were gonna tell him. “It has been 5 minutes.” Castiel randomly declared, lifting the lid off the pot. “Y/N instructed  that after 5 minutes, this strange tiny tree will be done.”

“Yeah Cas,” Sam giving  a supportive,  yet sympathetic smile “We-uh-we know how to cook broccoli. Well, at least I do.”

“Y/N said to add salt, but she didn’t say how much.” Cas said with confusion. “Well, perhaps we are to use all of it.”

“Cas, no!” Sam and Dean exclaimed in unison when they realized what he has just said. But it was too late. The angel was already violently shaking the container, waves of salt falling out of it.

Sam lurched forward and ran into the kitchen, snatching the box out of his hands. Cas looked at him confused, but it soon turns to horror when Sam exclaimed.

“Too much salt is bad for a person!” He slammed the box down on the counter “I’m not even sure Y/N can eat this without dying of high blood pressure on the spot.” He paused when he realized what he said, and glanced over Cas, who looked pale and terrified.

“Okay,” he muttered “Bad choice of words. Cas,” Sam said, placing his hands on the angel’s shoulders. “It was just an expression. Y/N is not just going to suddenly drop dead.”

Cas opened his mouth to speak, but you appeared  in the hall entrance, a wad of paper towels in your hand.

“And why,” you questioned, tossing the wad into trash can “Would I do that?” You clapped your hands down on their shoulder with a smirk. “Hey, Dean.” You called out over your shoulder at the other Winchester, who gave a half hearted wave before shoving the Bacon Cheese burger in his mouth. You rolled your eyes at the older brother, before glancing over at the pot.

“Wow, Castiel.” You said perking up. “These look really good!”

“Y/N, wait-” Sam began, his and Castiel’s eyes went wide. But it was too late; You had picked up a fork from the counter and stuck the broccoli, your face twisting as you put it in your mouth.

Yech!” you exclaimed, trying to keep from drooling as your mouth was assaulted. “This is way too salty.”

“I deeply apologise.” Cas said quietly, looking down. “I didn’t mean to-”

“Oh, no honey.” You said gently “It’s okay. We can just-make more vegetables and mix these with it.”

“We can?” Cas asked surprised, yet relieved that he didn’t ruin the meal.

“Yeah,” you reassured him “It’s fine. You were just a little heavy handed with the salt. Happens to everyone.”

“I- thank you. I’m glad you aren’t upset.” The Angel said, a faint smile gracing his face.

“Oh Cas,” you said smiling back “You’d never make me upset.”

“Um, uh.” Sam said clearing his throat. “Should-should I give you guys some privacy?”

You realized what he was implying, and turned bright red. “No!” you yelped “No. It’s–It’s not-there’s no need for-You don’t have to-oh, shut up Sam” you whacked his shoulder lightly, causing him to laugh.

Somehow, the boys found out about your relationship (probably from Castiel) and they even know about your…lack of physical contact (also mostly like from Castiel) Now they both like to poke fun at you about it from time to time (although it’s mostly Dean)

Suddenly Dean’s phone sounded off causing all three of your heads to snap in his direction.

“Hey Bobby,” he answered still chewing his fries “What’s up?” he listens carefully, you Sam and Cas only catching half the conversation. “Demon omens? Where? H-hang on, let me get get a pen.” He snapped his fingers in your direction as he picked up a napkin.

Sam approached his brother pulling a pen out of his pocket, listening in.

“Uh huh,”Dean mumbled as he quickly scribbled down a location. “Uh huh. Yeah, We got it. Thanks, Bobby. Bye.” he hung up and turned to you and Cas.  “Sammy and I gotta bounce. Job in the other side of the state. It’s 2 day thing at most.” He grabbed his jacket and gave a half wave over his shoulder as he walked out. “Don’t burn the apartment down!”

Sam followed in suit, waving behind him as he closed the door.

You and Castiel were now alone, possibly for the next few days. You tried not to frown at the thought. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Castiel. It was that you liked him a little too much. And no doubt you felt attracted to the Angel, let alone sexual. But he was…new. And you didn’t want to scare him or make him feel uncomfortable.

Alone for two days. What on earth are we to do?

Your inner voice teased you. I suggest we stop wearing shirts.

“So,uh, Let’s-let’s finish dinner.” You said patting him lightly on the shoulder.

That works too.

~ ~ ~~~

You hummed contently and the two of you ate dinner in silence, happily watching Looney tunes.  Even with the extra vegetables, it was still a little too salty. But you weren’t going to tell Castiel that.

And speaking of Castiel, he was staring at you quite intensely.  His stormy blue eyes pierced the side  of your head, and his mouth formed a thin line, a sign that something was bothering him but he didn’t know how to say it. Castiel snapped his fingers, turning of the TV to get your undivided attention, before  turning to face you.

“Y/N,” he spoke quietly crossing his hands. “May I speak with you?”

Your throat suddenly became dry and you tried to keep your hands from shaking as you placed your plate down. “Sure Cas,” you said, cursing your voice for breaking. “Whats up?”

“You are distressed.” He spoke quietly, a low rumble in his chest. “Don’t be.” He placed his hands over yours. They were rough and calloused, no doubt as a result of the friction between his Grace and his Vessel and how  hands on hunting was, but they soothed you nonetheless. “Y/N, are you-are you afraid of me?” he questioned, his large puppy dog eyes looking at you with just a twinge of hurt.

“N-no!” you said shocked. “what makes you think that?” Of course you liked Castiel  your “distress” was caused by you liking him.

“It is just that you seem uneasy around me. Like now.” He sighed out. “Around Sam and Dean you seem fine, you look pleased. But with me,” he looked down finding  his hands over  yours more interesting than his face “With me, you are tense. Reserved even. Have I caused you harm? Are you unhappy with me? Do you wish to end out relationship?”

“No, Cas.” You reassured him “Heavens no.” He raised a brow at this, but said nothing. “I  care for you,  I do. It’s just that-” you took a deep breath.

It’s now or never, girl.

“I-I’m really attracted to you, Castiel. And I want to take it to the next level but I’m nervous around you because I don’t know how to handle it and I don’t want to scare you away or make you upset or freak you out and I don’t want you to hate me.” You spoke out rapidly, never taking a breath in between each word.

Castiel froze, and you watched his eyes go while as he realized what you had said. His mouth formed an “O” shape as he began to speak, but you snatched your hands from his and bolted up.

“Nevermind.” You huffed out “It’s stupid. Forget everything I just said.” You ran to your room, slamming the door as you banged your head on it. You locked it for good measure, the click  making it known that you didn’t want to be disturbed.

“I am such an idiot.” You groaned out as you made your way across the room and flopped down on the bed. “Why would Cas want that?  He didn’t even know what it is! Now I sound like some sort of perv and-”


“Ah!” you screeched falling of the bed. You groan as you hit your head on the nightstand. Soon you felt familiar hands lift you up and place you back in the bed, rubbing cautiously at the bump.

“Y/N I do not think you are a idiot.” Castiel spoke softly, turning his face towards you “And you could never make me upset.” He smiled a bit as he quoted you from earlier. “And, I would be honored to share this new experience with you.” He took both your hands in one of his, and placed them against his chest.

“New?” you whispered, trying not to smile, “so you’ve never-”

“It almost occurred  once.” Cas spoke signing, knowing that you would stop talking about it until your curiosity was satisfied. “Dean took me to a Den of iniquity on a night we assumed would be my last. He didn’t want me to “die a virgin.” I see nothing wrong with virtue though, It’s quite-”

“Cas, stop talking.” You demanded before leaning over pressing your lips against his. You felt him stiffen, and you instantly pulled away, afraid that you already managed to make him uncomfortable.

His blue eyes bore into your e/c ones, an unknown look clouding them. But before you  could apologize, Cas slid a hand up your face and kissed you more roughly.

You tilted your head back and open your mouth, and Cas wasted no time invading. You did your best to suppress  a moan has his tongue roamed your mouth and his other hand began to slide up your body.

“Was that up to your satisfaction?” Cas asked in panting breaths when you broke off for air.

You have a quick nod before hungrily kissing him again. Castiel let out a muffled grunt of surprise, but went with it anyway.

Soon you began to shift onto his lap as one hand ran up the back of his neck and into his hair, grabbing it roughly as you pulled back gasping. There was drool hanging from the side of your mouth, but you couldn’t tell whose  it was, nor did you care. Your other hand gently cupped his  face as he looked at you with lust yet innocence clouding his eyes.

Only Castiel could look innocent yet sexy at the same time.

You bit your lip lightly as you lovingly  rubbed his face, tracing tracing the shape of his cheekbones. He leaned into your touch, sighing contently. You ran your thumb lightly over his bottom lip before kissing him once again. Your hands left his face and one slid to his shoulders, pushing off one side of his coat, while the other undid his tie. You tossed the fabric over your shoulder before pushing off his coat completely.

Castiel finally let go of his iron grip on the bed as you slipped the coat over his hands, but quickly placed them on your hips.

“Scoot back.” You commanded in between kisses as you dropped the coat on the floor.

Castiel complied, shimmying up the bed as you began to undo the buttons on his shirt. You slid forward, both of you seething as your heat  brushes over his hardness.

Finally, you managed to get his shirt off. You ball it up and tossed it across the room, leaning down to kiss him once more. You rolled your hips lightly just to get some form satisfying friction as your hands fanned out across his chest. They trailed downward slowly, your light touches causing Castiel to shiver in their wake.

You pulled away, your hands slid back up and  pressed down on his chest pinning him. 

Don’t move, you silently commanded as your hands left his body. You began to take off your shirt, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Calm down, you told yourself as you pulled off your shirt above you face to hide your sudden blush  It’s just Cas.

“Y/N” Cas called out, still sounding quite breathless “I can easily remove clothing with my Grace.”

“Nah.” You said pulling your shirt off and dropping it. “Unwrapping is half the fun.” You have a small smile “And besides.” You added unclipping your bra “Undressing like this makes it seem…natural. Real.”

You were now half bare, and instantly felt self conscious. You crossed your arms over your chest, and hunched over.

“No.” Cas croaked as he grabbed your hands, pulling them away from covering you. “You are the most perfect creation my…father has ever made. I do believe he was even “showing off” a little bit” he laced your fingers with his as he pulled you down to him, capturing your lips.

Castiel rolled on top, guiding both hands above your head, before pinning them with one hand as the other slide across your skin, his Grace leaving you trembling. He traced small patterns, his Grace creating small shocks across your body. You let out a moan, causing Cas to stop. He was afraid he hurt you, but the look on your face said otherwise.

Your breath pitched and you whimpered and wiggled under his touch. You let out quiet moans as Castiel continued to roam your upper body. You inhaled sharply as his teeth grazed your neck.

“Castiel!” you broke off in the  mix of a shriek and a moan as his teeth broke your skin. You tugged on your hands , which he let go, and rolled over to be back on top. You slid down, his mouth leaving your neck. Your hands fummbeld with his pants, your mind still in a haze from his Grace.

Sensing your sluggishness from his Grace, he snapped his fingers getting rid of both your pants. They ended up folded neatly on the table, but you couldn’t care. You just wanted him. Your fallen angel.

You shifted upwards and once again felt the urge to hide. But you looked at those big puppy dog eyes and instantly found that fear  washing away. 

As if reading your thoughts (which he probably did) his hands ran up your your body, starting at your straddling thighs before curving up your shoulders, and sliding back down your arms. He muttered praises in both English and Enochian, which you’d undoubtedly make him translate later, all while his Grace trailed with his hands sending tingling sensations up your spine.

You are 100% sure he could make you come undone by  just touching you with his Grace alone.

Your hands pressed against his chest as you rose your body up to meet his length. You both suck a sharp breath through your teeth as you lower yourself onto him, his hands linking with yours. You released a breath you didn’t know you were holding as you reached the base.

You moan out, almost saying “oh god” but you thought better of it. Cas, heat induced or not, was heartbroken by his father. That wasn’t a wound you were willing to pry with yet.

But enough about that. You inhaled deeply as you began to grind your hips,  pleasure taking over you.

There was no God-issues.

No post apocalyptic drama.

No Michael and no Lucifer.

“It’s just you and me.” You murmured “Nothing else outside this room.” You tilted your head back, fingers intertwined with Cas’s as you moved at a slow grinding pace.

Castiel drank you in. He forced himself to remember every inch of you, every part of your body. Every fold, every dark spot, every stretch mark, scar, mole-you name it. He wanted it burned into his brain, so that if he ever feels sad or lonely or like he should quit, he think of you and all your beauty and determination. But mostly, he wanted to remember your voice. The way it pitched and quivered as you moaned for him. The way you bite your lip, or how soft your skin is. The way your fingers laced with his, how your smooth palms fit against his rough ones perfectly. The way you roll your hips and breathlessly say his name.

How important and loved you make him feel.

Gradually,  you pick up momentum, slow and sweet not doing it for your anymore. Your hands pull away from his, and instead they roamed up the planes of his chest, and ended up on his shoulders, using them as   handles on which you balance your weight.

Upon yours leaving his, Castiel’s hands trail down to your hips digging into your sides as you vigorously bounced on him. He let out low, guttural moans at the feeling of you. You were so perfect so….blissful. Why had he put this off for so long? Castiel was slowly but surely begin to find a rhythm of his own, rolling up hips to meet yours.

His breathing became heavy as he began to lose himself. His hands had began to roam your body, roughly rubbing, pinching, and squeezing. Even now he was heavy handed, not that you minded.

Cas was entranced by you, and he started to lean forwards, you forcibly push him back. Your eyes wide as Castiel snaps, a deep growl resounded in the depths of his chest.

You had made a mistake. A deliciously sinful mistake that will leave you quivering for days.

Suddenly Cas displayed dominance, his carnal instincts taking over as he yanks you forward by the hair of your neck’s nape. You cried out at this sudden act of dominance, but you still whimpered for more. He yanked your head back, causing you to gasp and grasp at his shoulders as his free hand raked his nails roughly up and down your back, leaving scratch marks. All the while his Grace enveloped you, heightening your senses and pleasure.

He leaned forward, biting at your neck as his entire body begins rolling beneath you snapping  up into you. Your body arched even more as you cup his face, struggling to fight through the sporadic bursts of lights behind your eyelids from the piercing ecstasy shaking you to your very core. It’s fairly obvious that the usual sweet Castiel is gone, as he doesn’t care that you’ve turned into a rigid, whimpering doll atop him. But then his motions quicken, isolating his hips so all his strength and power are reserved for a harder merciless stroke, the pressure of his Grace increasing as well.

Your loud wailing moans and impassioned noises of pleasure and praise were muffled when Castiel pulled his teeth away from you neck, kissing you harshly. But his hips never slowed, never missed a beat. You pulled away and gasped, your entire body shaking as your womb clenched down on him, your first orgasm hitting you in waves. You nails dug roughly into his shoulders, breaking skin as you were rocked rocked by the shear force of it.

But even then, Castiel continued to snap up into you, extending your orgasm. You collapsed forward all your words blending together as he continued to pound. You were a blubbering mess on him, but his hands roughly gripped your hips as he continued, tapping into that angelic stamina. He was going at unnatural speeds now, and the shear force of it lead you into your second orgasm.

And your third.

By the fourth one, you could hardly  even speak anymore, your voice so hoarse from screaming. Your body was aching and burning from  a mix of pain and pleasure, and he had all but broken you. But Cas was finally getting tired. His hips were getting sloppy as he desperately clung to you, muttering in Enochian. His Grace was in full swing as his wings expanded behind  him, causing him to arch his back and go deeper.  You managed to let out a broken purr as Cas finally reached his orgasm, leading you into fifth one. He cried out and convulsed  into you, your climaxes blending to each other in thick waves.

Finally you two relaxed, and Cas wrapped his wings around you, the ruffled feathers of black and blue drowning  you in comfort as you succumbed to sleep.

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NCT When Their Girlfriend Is Depressed

He is a very caring person, and he would certainly be concerned about you, he had noticed your odd behavior  for the past week, being oddly quiet, not eating as much and as often as normal, and your desire to just stay in bed with the lights off all day. He hadn’t said anything because he didn’t want to make you feel any worse by bringing up whatever was making you upset, but it hurt him too much to see you like this. “Y/n…what’s wrong? You’re not yourself and I’m really worried…” he would say softly as he kneeled next to your side of the bed stroking your hair. After you burst into tears and explained how you felt the world was against you, and that nothing ever went right, he would take you in his arms and hold you tight sushing your cries gently, rubbing your back, while humming to you gently.

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To anyone else, the change in your behavior probably would’ve gone unnoticed, but Johnny noticed immediately. You had been quieter lately, forcing smiles and laughs at his jokes, and spending a lot of time by yourself. He would go out and grab your favorite drink and pastry from a nearby cafe, and gently knock on the door frame of your bedroom door with a soft gentle smile, before walking over to where you sat by the window watching the rain tumble down from the sky. He would sit down on the floor next to you and gently wrap his long arms around you, pulling you into his lap, before placing a kiss on your temple with a soft sigh before resting his chin on top of your head. “I love you y/n, please don’t ever forget that, or how incredibly special you are. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

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Being the incredibly huge softie he is, he would be very concerned by your quieter and more closed off behavior. He would worry incessantly about whatever was plaguing you, and why you hadn’t said anything. Had he done something that upset you? Had he forgotten something? Had someone done something to you? Had he been a bad boyfriend for not noticing anything sooner? He would go out and buy you a bouquet of your favorite flowers before sprinting back to the dorm, where you had been staying for a while. He would see you in the kitchen, gloomily scrubbing dishes, wrapped up in an oversized sweater and leggings, and he would instantly run up to you tearfully presenting the flowers to you. “I’m sorry I’m a bad boyfriend! I’m sorry I didn’t notice anything sooner! Please y/n forgive me.” he would say as tears rolled down his cheeks. You would be in shock, he didn’t do anything wrong…you had felt like you were a burden and a nuisance for staying at the dorm, but seeing him cry for you and apologize with your favorite flowers, would show you how much he cared and how much he wanted you here, and you would drop the disshes you were doing back into the sink and just run into his arms, tears sprouting in yours as well.

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“Y/n, do you want to go out to eat tonight?” He had asked you. “No…just leave me alone Yuta.” you mumbled in response, curling further inside your oversized hoodie, and hugging your legs to your chest. Yuta stared at your balled form next to him on the couch with worried eyes. He turned the television off and moved so that he was kneeling in front of you, he gently took your hands in his and looked up into your eyes with a sweet but concerned smile. “Hey…y/n, what’s the matter? You’re not yourself.” He said. You let out a soft sniffle before pulling your hands away from him and hiding your face in them sobbing. He stared at your concern spiking to new levels, you went on to explain how one of your co-workers had insulted you for how one of your more form-fitting skirts made you look fat in their eyes. He would get angry that someone would say that to you, when it clearly wasn’t true, and he would wrap you up in his arms and tell you how beautiful you are. “Y/n what they said is so far from true, and i love you exactly how you are,now…this isn’t the bright beautiful girl I’ve known all these years, now where is she huh?” he asked with a smile as he dried your tears.

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You hadn’t called him or texted him in three days and he was now extremely concerned. He literally sprinted to your apartment on the third day of no calls or messages, and used his spare key to unlock the door of your apartment, before stumbling in out of breath, finding you lying on your couch, wrapped up in a blanket crying. His eyes would widen and he would instantly be at your side, “Y/n! Y/n! W-what’s wrong? Please tell me!” he would say desperately as he held your shoulders gently. Upon seeing your sweet boyfriend next to you, you would lean into him and just cry harder, and explain how you had gotten into a huge fight with one of your best friends and they now refused to talk to you ever again. His eyes would soften and he’d just rub your back gently as he softly sang sweet melodies to calm you down.

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“Y/n, would you like to join us for dinner?” He asked as he stared at your sullen figure seated by the window with knees drawn up to your chest, and head lying atop them. “I’m fine Chittaphon…don’t worry about me…I’ve already caused enough trouble.” you mumbled thinking he didn’t hear you. His heart clenched as he heard what you had said, and he sat down next to you, “What do you mean you’ve caused enough trouble already?” he asked with a hurt expression on his face. “Ever since I started staying here a week ago, I’ve done nothing but slow you all down and ruin your plans…I’m not a member, I’m not a boy. and I’m pretty sure the others don’t even like me.” you mumbled before hiding your face in your arms. “Hey…that’s not true…the others love you, and they love having you here…your like a sister to them…don’t let thought like that take away your beautiful smile okay?” he said raising your chin, and smiling softly.

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He was worried about you to say the least. Some unknown force had stolen the light from you, had taken away your smile, and left you empty and dull. He was sick of seeing you mope around…he wanted your smile and playful nature back. “Y/n, can you please tell me what’s wrong this time instead of locking yourself in your room?” he asked gently. You sighed and laid your head down in his lap, “Jae…I don’t feel smart enough for my classes…I thought I would do great in my advanced classes since it’s all topics I’ve excelled in, but the student’s in my classes are like next level, it’s like they’re the professors rather than the college students…I just feel like an idiot.” you explained with a sigh. Jaehyun smiled and stroked your hair, “Y/n, you and I both know you’re incredibly smart, just because some of the other students know a bit more and are quicker when answering the questions, doesn’t make you any less than them.” he said before kissing your forehead.

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He had noticed that you weren’t acting like yourself lately, and he honestly didn’t know what to do, he just wanted to make you feel better and see you smile, so he went to Taeyong and Yuta and asked for advice on what he should do. They told him that he should do something sweet for you, and then just talk things out with you. He nodded, and headed out to your favorite coffee shop and ordered your favorite drink, before coming back to the dorm, and sitting down next to you on the couch where you were sitting staring at the wall in front of you. He handed you your drink with a smile, before wrapping you in a hug and asking you what was wrong. You burst into tears and told him how you missed one of your friends who you had lost after they said they wanted to distance them self and meet other people. His eyes softened, and he would just hold you close and tell you that he was here for you, as well at=s the other boys.

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He had noticed your demeanor change, shortly after you had started staying at the dorm, and he was not only confused, but concerned. When he first pitched the idea to you, you had been over the moon excited to stay with him and the other members…but now you were quiet and mopey. “Y/n…can I talk to you?” he asked, knocking on your door. You opened it with a downcast expression on your face, “If you want me to go, I’ll pack now…” you said. He was bewildered, “Go? Why would I want you to go?” he asked. “Because the members hate me. And I’m just another mouth to feed.” you mumbled. “Are you kidding y/n? The others love you! They just don’t know you well yet.” he smiled at you wrapping you in a hug.

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You had been acting strangely lately, not wanting to spend time with him and the other Dream members, and hiding out in your room, or on the balcony by yourself . He was concerned, were you not happy? Was he not spending enough time with you? He found you out on the balcony, breathing in the summer night’s air. He smiled sadly and sat down next to you handing you a cup of tea, before wrapping an arm around your shoulders pulling you close. “I’m sorry I haven’t paid more attention to you y/n, please forgive me.” you shook your head, “Renjun, that’s not what I’m upset about…I just miss some of my friends back home sometimes…” you muttered. “Yeah…me too…” he said.

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He squinted his eyes at you from across the room. You hadn’t been yourself lately, and he was worried. He pouted and walked over to you, hugging you, “Will sweet y/n please please tell me what’s wrong?” he asked. You felt yourself warm up at his antics, “Sorry Jeno, I just get a little lonely when you guys are all out doing schedules.” you said. “Well then I’ll just have to make up lost time!” he said smiling at you.

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You sat alone in your room at your desk staring out the window, with your head resting on top of your arms. Donghyuck pouted at the sight, you were supposed to be smiling and laughing, and helping him prank Mark and the other memebers, not sitting alone in your room sulking. He strode over to you with arms folded over his chest, pout still evident on his face, “Y/n! I demand you tell me why you’re upset!” he stated dramatically. You snorted softly at his antics, “I’m just a little homesick Hyuck…” you smiled sadly at him. “I know you miss your family back home, but we are all also your family now…so lets have fun okay?” He said smiling at you.

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He had noticed your off behavior for a while now, but had assumed that you were just tired or stressed from school. But this was enough, it had been several months now. “Y/n…why have you been so gloomy recently?” he asked from where he lay on your bed. “Jaemin…it’s embarrassing…” you muttered blushing. “Tell me please?” he gave you his best puppy eyes. You sighed burying your face in a pillow. “I’m still really upset about your back injury and that you can’t perform. You deserve to be up there too, it’s not fair that something like this had to happen to you right after you debuted.” you explained. Jaemin smiled at you and pulled you close to him, “But it’s made me stronger, and I’ll be back up on the stage soon.” he smiled.

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You hadn’t been visiting the dorms as often as usual and he was getting worried. Normally you came by almost everyday…but you hadn’t come by in almost two weeks. He took it upon himself to show up at your house with flowers and your favorite snack, only to find you hunched over your desk in your room. “Y/n? Are you alright? We all miss you at the dorms…” he said handing you the little gifts he had brought you. You smiled sadly, “Thank you Chenle, I’m just stressed about school, and I feel like I could’ve done better.” you sighed. He hugged you and reassured you that everything would work out, and that you had done your best.

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He had asked to meet you for bubble tea today, but when you had showed up you had looked so sad and gloomy. He looked at you concerned, “Y/n? What’s wrong? You look so sad?” he said. You buried your face in his chest and sighed, explaining how you missed him and had felt really lonely during his busy schedules recently. He smiled and held you closer and told you missed you too, before taking your hand and walking you inside the bubble tea shop.

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Perfect To Me // Kim Yugyeom Fluffy Smut

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Author Note: I hope you enjoy this! I did my best with this one! Hopefully it’s what you wanted it to be! 

Request are open!

-Admin Baby 

Yugyeom always been loving and caring boyfriend. Always tell me how much he loves me and adores me. Today was a day he really showed it not saying he don’t show it anyway but today was a day that my insecurities got the best of me. They guys had came over to hang out we’re all in living room I walked into the kitchen to grab some drinks and when I came back there was nowhere for me to sit. I gave everyone their drink and sat on the arm of the sofa next to Yugyeom a few minutes later Yugyeom pulled me into his lap making me sit on his lap. I got up and sat on the arm of the couch again he looked at me confused and hurt but did it again I moved a little bit quicker he looked at me again with a upset look on his face. I looked away and walked to the room laying on the bed. After an hour Yugyeom came upstairs and sat down at the end of the bed 

“Y/n are you mad at me?”

He said clearly hurt I sat up and shook my head he sighed 

“Then why did you keep moving when I moved you onto my lap then? If you’re mad at me please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it”

“Gyeom it’s not anything you did it’s just that I’m not comfortable to sit on your lap” 

He sighed again looking down 

“Why jagi? You’re my girlfriend you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to do anything that involves you being affectionate to me” 

“Yugy you know that I’m afraid to things because of my weight and I’m worried that if I sit on you lap I might hurt you….” 

He quickly go up helping me off the bed in one movement he sat down pulling on his lap I tried to get up but he had a strong hold on me 

“Y/n I don’t care about your size okay? I love. you and when we’re anywhere and there’s nowhere for you to sit or I just wanna be near you my lap is always open, you’re not going to hurt me baby. Matter of fact, come with me” 

I got off his lap he got up and walked over to the mirror and stood me in front of it 

“When I look at you I see the girl I fell in love with. I didn’t fall in love with you because of your body, to me that’s a bonus, I fell in love with your personality not anything else, but if you wanna talk about your body I’m okay with that” 

He bit his lip and looked me up and down running his hands down my body then stopping at my hips 

“What I love about your body is that you’re confident in it, sometimes you don’t think you’re sexy but I’d say otherwise. You’re beautiful jagiya and I’ll prove it..by the end of the night I want you see yourself the way I see you” 

He slowly took my shirt off the started to kiss my neck sucking and nibbling on it making me moan. He guided me back to the bed and laid me down on the bed giving my boobs attention

“I love you jagi” 

He removed my pants and started to kiss down my body worshipping every inch of my skin. he stopped then started looking at me removing my panties kissing my thighs planting a kiss on my lower lips then pulling away


“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen babygirl, I don’t care about your weight just know that I’d love you no matter what and I’m always gonna be yours” 

He licked my clit making me jump at the feeling of his warm tongue on me. He did it again making me moan this time. 


He looked at me and smiled continued to pleasure me. Sucking, lightly biting at my clit, and fingering me. I knew I was going to cum soon and Yugyeom pulled away before I can even have a release he quickly stripped placing himself between my legs again. 

“I don’t want you to ever do that again okay? I love to be next to you even if it means that you have to sit on my lap I wanna show that I have you and having you sit on my lap in front of the guys is one of the ways I wanna show you off” 

With that said he slid in me and started to thrust slowly making me feel all the love he has for by looking me in the eyes, his eyes held love and adoration he took my hands in his intertwining our fingers softly kissing my neck and groaning lightly in my ear while I’m moaning in his. I’m pouring out his love out with his thrust 

“Say jagiya, please” 

“I love you, Yugyeom” 

Once I said that he reached his peak and came inside me rubbing my clit I came right after him. Pulling him in for a kiss he pulled out of me and moved to my side pulling me along with him wrapping his arms around me 

“I really do think you’re beautiful Y/N I know you know that you are” 

“I’m sorry baby.. I just thought-” 

“I know, but now you know that you have nothing to worry about since you were sitting on my lap not too long ago” 

“Thank you Yugyeom” 

“You’re welcome babygirl, now get some sleep” 

I went to sleep with a smile on my face knowing that I really did find the love of my life and his name is Kim Yugyeom.  

Irish Twins - John Shelby

Request: Can you do a peaky blinders where you and john are married and have like lots of kids together and you find out your pregnant are is worried he would get angry so you consider getting an abortion but don’t do it but he finds out and thinks you ARE getting a abortion and you can make the rest I don’t mind , love your peaky imagines 💛

Request: Can you do a John shelby imagine where are Grace’s sister and you’re pregnant with John’s baby. 

Irish Twins - John Shelby

Ever since you were young girls you and Grace talked about your futures together. You and Grace were the only girls in your family. Despite being younger you remained the more sensible of the two. While she got mixed up with Tommy Shelby and ran off to America and had Charlie you were busy a proper wife. You had moved with her to Small Heath in 1919.

She joked with you that despite your insistence that you were different from her you had fallen for a Shelby as well. It was true. While Grace was playing head games with Thomas Shelby you were being reeled in by his brother John. At first you were wary to tell your sister about your infatuation. You knew how she felt about the Shelby brothers because of what Inspector Campbell said. Regardless John was charming and handsome, he would stop around to the dress shop you worked at and offer to walk you home every evening. The woman who employed you had the good sense to mention John was a widower with children. The information didn’t deter you though.  

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What if the NDRV3 guys had an S/O who's​normally quiet and shy. And likes video games. And one day she gets a new game in her favorite series and is telling them all about it. And then they notice the next few days that she seems to be avoiding them. How would they react when they ask her about it and she admits that she was afraid that they were annoyed about her "inability to shut up" (her words) and she didn't want to bother them?

… This is actually me?… I never know when to shut up about video games >_> I honestly just went to look at all my games for inspiration haha

NDRV3 Boys with a video game loving S/O who thinks she’s bothering them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He was quiet and shy too so he was honestly glad that you were the same

- But he did find out your little secret

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Look at this! There’s going to be a Tekken 7!!! I love this series…. I mean it may not be the nest fighting game out there but I grew up with it so it means a lot to me you know?”

- You loved video games

- “Oh… That’s good S/O - san”

- You give him a small smile before telling him you had to leave

- He noticed you were… Absent over the next few days. When he’d see you in the hall you’d make brief eye contact before you’d quickly turn and walk away

- Did I do something wrong?

- He was worried so he waited for you outside your classroom

- “S… Saihara - kun?…”

- “Can we talk?”

- You bite your lip but nod

- “Are you avoiding me?”

- “I… Uh… It’s just I… Thought you wanted that…”

- “Huh?”

- “Well… I can never… Shut my mouth when it comes to games so I thought… I’d be annoying you with all my talking… I’m really sorry…”

- You thought you annoyed him? Awh S/O - san…

- He takes your hand before smiling at you

- “Hey… You have that game at home right?”

- You give a small nod

- “Let’s go play together, but you’ll have to tell me all about the characters okay?”

- You instantly light up and squeeze his hand gently

Kaito Momota:

- He noticed that you love games

- And by that I mean he had to literally move you or carry you seeing as you were constantly playing on a portable console

- “What are you even playing S/O”

- “Oh um, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters… It’s a good game for the PSP but Ratchet and Clank had a long history now… Oh but but but! They’re making one for the PS4!”

- You basically tell him the whole history of that game series making sure not to miss any details

- “Jesus man, you have a lot to say about it huh?”

- “Haha…”

- He makes sure you safely get to your class before quick walking to his own

- The next couple of days seem… Quiet

- It takes him a while to realise why, you’re not actually there to cause potential collisions in the halls

- “Huh?”

- He tries asking around for a bit but it seems that no one has seen you

- Alright, time to investigate all the rooms

- It takes him most of the lunch hour but he finally finds you sitting by a desk console in hand

- “S/O?… Hey… I’ve been worried about you?”

- “You… Were? Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you..”

- Your voice sounds… Sad

- “What’s up?”

- “It’s nothing..”

- “Don’t lie to me”

- He walks over and takes the console from your hands

- “Hey!… Okay fine… I’ll tell you. I thought I was annoying you with all my game talk”

- It takes him a minute to process what you just said but then he just starts laughing

- “Hahaha! If you think you annoyed me then I must’ve annoyed you a thousand times with all my space talk!” He then ruffles your hair and continues laughing


- Of course he played video games before

- But he could see that you had a certain passion for them

- He was tinkering with something whilst you were telling him about your favourite game series

- “And you see, Tomb Raider is just such a good series! There’s a PS4 version now to celebrate the 20th anniversary of it!”

- “Oh really?”

- “Yeah!”

- “That’s good”


- Ever since that conversation he noticed that you weren’t around him as much as before

- Is it because I’m a robot?

- But he thought you weren’t racist against robots!

- He must investigate this matter at once

- He found you after lessons standing by your locker

- “S/O - san!”

- You make a little jump and turn around to face him

- “Oh… Hi Kiibo - kun”

- “Do you hate me because I’m a robot?”

- He looked like he was about to cry

- “Wh- Who told you that Kiibo - kun?!”

- You place a hand on his shoulder and look at his face 

- “Well… It would explain why you’re avoiding me…”

- “Did I upset you? Oh no! I’m so sorry Kiibo - kun! I thought I was annoying you and you wanted a break so…”

- “That’s wrong S/O - san! I actually love listening to you speak, you’re so passionate about this it… It makes me feel warm inside…” 

- You giggle and wrap your arms around him

Rantaro Amami:

- Whenever you asked him to play video games with you he’d always agree

- “Ah Amami - kun guess what! Persona 5 is coming out! I really want to get it but it’s so expensive! (This is me in reality)”

- “Persona?”

- “Yeah! I remember playing it but this one looks sooooo good!”

- “Oh okay, I haven’t heard of it”

- “Oh… I see”

- Over the next couple days he notices that you’re quieter than usual and that you tend to exit the class as soon as you can

- “Okay class, pick a project partner”

- He’s instantly by your side taking hold of your hands and flashing you a warm smile

- “Huh?..”

- “Are you going to tell me what’s up S/O - san?

- “So you are annoyed…”

- “Huh? What no I’m not”

- “You’re not?”

- “Why would I be?”

- “Because I talk about games too much and I can never shut up… I mean, if I were you I’d find me annoying…”

- “S/O - san are you serious?”

- “Wh- Of course I am!”

- He just starts to laugh then causing you to start blushing

- “S/O - san if I found you annoying I’d tell you haha… Oh I can’t believe you actually thought you annoyed me haha”

- He pulls you gently causing you to fall into a quick kiss

- When you part he just winks at you

- Oh Amami - kun

Kokichi Ouma:

- When he walked into the classroom he found you bouncing in your chair

- “Hmmm? What is S/O - chan up t-”


- You’re literally like !!!

- “The Last of Us?”

- “Yes!!!”

- “Nishishi~ You’re such a nerd S/O - chan”

- “Uh… Thank you…”


- For some reason, he has been seeing you a lot less over these past few days

- Were you sick?

- No wait, there you are!

- “S/O - chan is so meannnnn”

- You turn and find him with tears in his eyes

- They’re just crocodile tears… Right?

- You feel really bad now

- “What did I… Do?”

- “You’re avoiding meeeee”

- “Well…”

- He grabs your wrists and pulls you towards him so that your foreheads are pressing together

- “Did I offend you?”

- “What?”

- His voice is serious for once

- “Um… No it’s just… I thought I annoyed you… With my game talk”

- “Nishishi~ You’re so funny S/O - chan, I would never get annoyed at you!”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He’s not gonna lie

- He has no idea what video games are

- So he will listen to you with a smile on his face but not really know what you’re saying

- “So so so there’s going to be a DLC for Uncharted now! I’m so excited!”

- “Oh… Gonta is happy then! But um… Gonta will go for a discovery walk”


- He wasn’t much into using technology so he would often visit your house

- But for the past few days no one opened the door

- He got kind of worried so he stayed longer than usual one day

- He was a gentleman so he didn’t want to knock non - stop but he just wanted to know you were okay

- “S/O - san… Please open the door, it’s just Gonta!”

- Eventually, after some time the door slowly creaked open

- “Hey hey… Gonta - kun”

- “Gonta was worried about you!”

- “Worried?”

- “Yes! You haven’t opened the door for Gonta in a while so Gonta thought something happened to you!”

- “That’s… So sweet”

- You give him a nice smile before continuing

- “No I… I just thought I annoyed you with my game talk”

- “Well, the way Gonta sees it is… S/O - san likes games as much as Gonta likes insects! And seeing as S/O - san always listens and likes Gonta’s findings, Gonta also loves listening to S/O - san’s game achievements!”

- “Awh…!”

- You hug him tightly and thank him for quite a while

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- Just like Gonta, he’s not too keen on the gaming world

- He never told you this of course, he didn’t want to upset you in any way

- “See, Resident Evil expanded to PS4 now… As in Resident Evil 7 just came out!”

- “7? That’s quite a lot”

- “Yes! Although the gaming style changed, for example the perspective…”


- The two of you usually spend your free time in the library but this is the 3rd day in a row when you haven’t turned up

- He doesn’t really want to bombard you with questions but he’s slightly concerned that you haven’t been appearing lately

- She mentioned something about a game right?

- He grabs some books on his way out and then quick walks over to your house

- He rings the doorbell and waits, tapping his foot impatiently

- 5 minutes pass… Then 10….

- He rings the doorbell again and this time adds a little knock at the end

- After another 5 minutes the door slowly creaks over at him and he’s met with a pair of e/c coloured eyes staring at him

- “Hello beautiful”

- “Hello Shinguji - kun”

- “Did you forget where the library is?”

- “… Wait what? What day is it?”

- “It’s Friday”

- “Oh…”

- “Well I don’t fully believe that you were gaming non - stop for 3 days so… Tell me the truth. Why didn’t you come?”

- “Because I thought you’d tell me to shut up”

- Harsh

- “Why would I?”

- “Because I talk too much..”

- “Kukuku~ You’re the quietest person I know S/O - san! Besides… It’s quite a beautiful sight to see you passionately talk about something you love… I’d love to listen to more things”

- “Really?…Ah well… I’m playing right now so…”

- He just nods and you let him inside

Ryoma Hoshi:

- “HOSHI - KUN! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out now!”

- Mario what now

- The only game he heard of was Wii Sports but that’s mainly because it had tennis in it

- “That’s.. Great?”

- “You don’t sound… Happy”

- “Uh”

- “No.. It’s okay”

- You make up a quick excuse and leave


- You always came to his practice

- But you didn’t turn up for 5 days now

- Were you avoiding him?

- He grit his teeth and quickly replaced his piece of licorice

- Time to investigate

- As soon as he was done, he quickly made his way over to your house

- He banged his small fist on your door and patiently waited for you to open it

- “Hello?”

- “Down here.”

- You let out a little chuckle before turning your attention to him

- “What’s up with you? You never miss my practices”

- “.. Yeah… But I thought I annoyed you last time”

- You lean against the door frame and give him a somewhat sad look

- “Is that about that Markio thing?”

- “Mario. Yeah”

- “Ehhh… I never meant to offend you S/O… I just have no idea about it… I only ever played Wii Sports you know”

- “Wait… Really?”

- “Yeah”

- You scratch your head

- “Would you like to… Gain some game knowledge?”

- “Uh.. Sure but I will probably be ter-”

- You don’t even let him finish his sentence, you just pull him inside and happily show him your collection

Jealous Anthony!

S*osh Winter Games season has officially kicked off as of last week and you all know what that means! Yes, dumb asses inflicting pain on themselves for our pleasure of course, but it also means that we get one of the best forms of Ianthony there is. Jealous Anthony Padilla.

EVERY TIME they have a S*osh Winter or Summer games, we can find Jealous Anthony and I’ve already spotted it twice! I’m sure there’s some other times that I’ve missed but so far I’ve only seen two. Please let me know if I’ve missed any and I’ll TRY to add them later. But for now, let’s get into what I’ve found!

I wanted to make gifs for this post, but I just don’t have the time so I hope screenshots are okay for you guys :)

Our first case of jealous Anthony is at the OPENING CEREMONY.

As soon as Ian mentions Lasercorn, you can IMMEDIATELY tell a change in dynamic with Anthony. We don’t get to see much because of the goddamn close ups, but you can still see and Anthony’s demeanor change. He even looks over at Lasercorn with a questionable look while he hides half of his face with his hoodie.

Ian then says he has to choose some other people first, provoking what looks like a look of happiness from Anthony.

Afterwards, we can still see Anthony hiding his face in his hood. His face to me just SCREAMS that he’s upset. He’s glad that Ian didn’t pick Lasercorn, but he’s still upset at the fact that he still even mentioned his name.


Our second, and final case (for now) is the QUIPLASH VIDEO. This is more like territorial Anthony than anything, but this could still be filled under jealous Anthony and it’s frickin’ adorable.

Look where this motherfucker is sitting.

He’s sitting on a COUCH ARM. If you’ve not sat on a couch arm before, let me tell you that they’re not comfortable AT ALL. They are the most uncomfortable things to sit on and yet here Anthony is sitting there atop of it. Throughout the video he even changes the way he’s sitting A LOT which is commonly a sign of discomfort. As more proof of this, he leaves after the first round. So, why? Why was Anthony sitting on the couch arm? Your logical side probably says: “Because there wasn’t enough room.” but we all know what our Ianthony Side™ is thinking.

Lasercorn is sitting right behind Ian and Anthony is sitting on the couch arm (instead of the floor like everyone else) to MAKE SURE that Lasercorn keeps his hands off his precious Ian. Ian even looks like he scooted back a bit towards Anthony just to silently tell him: “Calm down babe, Jesus.” and it’s so adorable. I LOVE TERRITORIAL ANTHONY!

And that’s all I have so far! If i’ve missed anything related to Jealous or Territorial Ianthony, please let me know and I’ll TRY to add them in another post. I’m so glad I have found the time to write this for you guys because it’s been on my mind for a week now! I hope you guys enjoyed it! :D