his face tore my heart into pieces!

Falling to Pieces


A/N: This wasn’t requested, I just really wanted to write this. I might take it down again, I don’t really know. 

Word count: 1,901

Falling to Pieces

I was laying curled up on the wide, empty bed, still feeling my body trembling. The room was dark and quiet, way too quiet. It was probably somewhere around four in the morning but I wasn’t sure and frankly, I couldn’t care less about it.

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Mercy [Peter Parker x Reader]

Request: Hi, you are like my favorite writer on tumblr <3. Anyway, I hoping I could request a Peter Parker x Reader to the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. Maybe unrequited love? Reader loves Peter. Ending angsty or fluffy up to you. If you don’t want to that is toally fine. Love your work, have a wonderful week.

Warning: None really, just angst, sadness and fluff

Word count: 1193 (Not including the lyrics)

A/N: Thank you for requesting, I’m sorry it took so long. I hope you enjoy this one shot and that it’s how you had imagined it. (listen to the song here)

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You’ve got a hold on me

Don’t even know your power

I stand a hundred feet

But I fall when I’m around ya

Show me an open door

And you go and slam it on me

I can’t take anymore

You were sitting in front of your best friends Peter Parker and Ned Leeds. You were telling them a weird event that had happened before, the boys listening to you and laughing along.

“Then, I receive a text from Flash Thompson out of nowhere…” you trailed off. Seeing that they weren’t paying attention to you. It seemed that whatever or whoever was behind is more interesting to them than you. Slowly turning around, you finally understood why. Walking towards you, stood Liz Allan. You knew that Peter had a huge crush on her and, right now, he was pretty much drooling, gazing at her with eyes filled with love.

You felt a sharp pain in your heart. You were there, hoping that he would look at you the way he looked at Liz. It had been like this for about a year now and he was completely oblivious to how much he was hurting you. Throughout the year, he appeared to be giving you chances, opening a door to a more romantically inclined relationship. But, every time, he slammed the door in your face, breaking your heart. The amount of times he was the cause of your midnight tears. In this moment, you realized something: You couldn’t take it anymore. You had to either tell him the truth or cut him off from your life. You decided to take the easier alternative, the latter.

I’m saying…

Baby, please have mercy on me

Take it easy on my heart

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me

You keep tearing me apart

Would you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?

Would you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?

You had been ignoring Peter for three weeks. He had been trying to catch your attention but you just sped away every time. You were in AP chemistry, listening to the teacher talk about different nuclear components when you felt something lightly hit your back. You turned around to see a small paper ball. You looked around the room to see who had thrown it and your eyes reached Peter’s. He had a small, hopeful smile on his face. You looked down at the piece of paper in your hand then back to Peter. Immediately, you unfolded the parchment and tore it to shreds, not reading it. Seeing the heartbroken look on his face made you feel a bit guilty but you remembered the number of times he caused a heartbroken look on your face. You turned around to face the teacher once again and didn’t look back for the rest of the class.

You were walking out of the school, hoping to reach your home without having to talk to anyone. You were placing your headphones over your head and started walking towards your apartment when someone grabbed your arm. You internally groaned, not really feeling like socializing. You turned around and found yourself facing Peter Parker. Quickly, you tried thinking of an excuse to leave but you came up short. This had to happen.

“Hey (Y/N).” he said nervously, his hand still holding your wrist;

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked, not sure what to say in this circumstance.

“‘What’s up?’ Really (Y/N)? It has been three weeks that we haven’t talked to each other and all you can say is ‘What’s up’? What’s up is that my best friend has been ignoring me for some unknown reason!” He said angrily, “Just tell me why (Y/N), please.” His voice softening and his eyes showing pain.

You felt bad but didn’t say anything. All you did was wrench your arm for his grip and turned away from him, walking off, tears running down your cheeks.

Peter did not react well to this, “No (Y/N), I am NOT letting you ignore me again. I want to know what happened to my best friend. You can’t just expect me to forget you.” He yelled.

“Well, Peter, you’re going to have to deal with it. Forget me, in your eyes, (Y/N) (L/N) is just a person you used to know. Your best friend is Ned Leeds. I don’t exist in your eyes.” You told him calmly

“No way (Y/N)! You will always exist for me. You’re my best friend.” He said, his voice slowly raising, “Tell me why?!”


“Tell me (Y/N)”


He grabbed your arm tightly, “Tell me (Y/n)” he shouted.

“I LOVE YOU OKAY!” Your yelled tears streaming down your face, “And sometimes you seem like you like me back but I see it now, you only have eyes for Liz. I understand that you don’t mean to hurt me, but you still do. You do not know have many times I’ve gone to sleep crying. How many times you tore my heart in pieces. You’re tearing me apart Peter, and I can’t take it! Show some mercy and just let me go, please.” The tears streaming down your face were unstoppable, you looked at Peter and he was obviously guilty. His hand let go of your arm and dropped to his side. Once freed from his hold, you ran home, never stopping.

Once you got home, you immediately dived onto your bed and sobbed. You were tired of this, you had revealed your biggest secret. You were drowning in your tears, in your emotions. You had almost nothing left, only pride. You had been honest. You didn’t have to be so secretive because Peter was probably repulsed by you. So, you fell asleep after hours of crying. Little did you know a red and blue hero was watching you the whole time.

I’d drive through the night

Just to be near you, baby

Heart open, testify

Tell me that I’m not crazy

I’m not asking for a lot

Just that you’re honest with me

And my pride, is all I got

The next morning you walked by his building. It reminded you of the day before. Suddenly, you felt tears forming in your eyes but you forced yourself not to cry. You continued to walk. You did this every day for a month; walking past his house, sitting on a bench for five minutes, waiting for something to happen. Nothing ever seemed to happen. You felt as if you were insane.

One day, while you were on the bench, Peter came out of the building. He saw you before you saw him so he ran up to you. When you caught sight of him, it was too late. You couldn’t do anything. It was too late.

“Hey (Y/N), what are you doing here?” he asked, as if your confession hadn’t happened.

“Tell me honestly Peter, am I crazy? Because I really feel like it. I come here every day expecting something when I know nothing will be here for me.” You said crying softly, looking at your feet.

Peter cupped your face and brought it up so that your eyes face his, “You are not crazy, you are great. Your declaration enlightened me. I didn’t see that what I had been looking for was in front of me all along but I am so happy that I know now. Liz isn’t the one for me (Y/N), the one for me is you. I love you too.” He whispered.

“Really?” you asked doubtful.

“Really” he nodded.

You wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked


I’m saying…

Baby, please have mercy on me

Take it easy on my heart

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me

You keep tearing me apart

Would you please have mercy on me?

I’m a puppet on your strings

And even though you got good intentions

I need you to set me free

Would you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?

Would you please have mercy, mercy on my heart?

Consuming all the air inside my lungs

Ripping all the skin from off my bones

I’m prepared to sacrifice my life

I would gladly do it twice

Consuming all the air inside my lungs

Ripping all the skin from off my bones

I’m prepared to sacrifice my life

I would gladly do it twice

Oh, please have mercy on me

Take it easy on my heart

Even though you don’t mean to hurt me

You keep tearing me apart

Would you please have mercy on me?

I’m a puppet on your string

And even though you got good intentions

I need you to set me free

I’m begging you for mercy, mercy

I’m begging you, begging you, please, baby

I’m begging you for mercy, mercy

Ooh, I’m begging you, I’m begging you

Growing Love - Part 1: Spark

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Jensen Ackles, Sebastian Smith (OMC), Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (sorta), Sebastian x Reader (not for long)

Warnings: Smut, break up, jerk ex, hormones, pregnancy, pregnant woman having sex (is that a warning?), oral (female receiving), unsafe sex, all the pregnancy cliches, semi nsfw pic under the cut     

Wordcount: 4300ish

A/N: This is a real people fic but it is an AU Mini Series. Jensen is a photographer, Jared owns a bar and Misha is a doctor. It is my first time writing a real people fic in AU so lets hope I don’t fall on my face completely here.

I didn’t write this chronologically as I usually do. I wrote everything that the narrator tells us first and build the story around that. The narrator’s story can be read without the actual story and the actual story can be read without the narration. The narrator only actually tell us the things in cursive, the rest is Jensen’s PoV ;) Again let’s hope I land on my feet with this one.

It is written for @avasmommy224’s Birthday Challenge and Jenn is a total sweetheart who let me make a series out if this. The prompt is in part 2 and the acquired smut is in part one, I reused the prompt partially in Part 3.

Thanks to sweet, awesome @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me.



I am gonna tell you a story about love. Not all loves starts with fireworks and love at first sight. Some start in an entirely different place. With friendship and support followed by completely unforeseen events. This is a story about that kind of love. A love that blossomed over time. A love that that you know in your heart of hearts will last.

Let me start at the beginning. Y/N Y/L/N was a girl that had lost her parents at a young age, but never her dreams or will to succeed in life. She wanted to be an author, but she knew it was a risky occupation. Instead of chasing her dreams head on, she had decided to work her way through college. She became a journalist and got a steady job at the Austin Gazette. This was where she met Jensen Ackles.

Jensen came from a loving family, but wasn’t without dreams of his own. Jensen wanted to be a photographer. He wanted to tell stories just like Y/N, but unlike her, he wanted to capture people’s hearts through pictures. Building a career in photography was no less hard than becoming a successful author, so even though Jensen never put his dreams on hold, like Y/N had chosen to do, he was forced to work part time for the paper to make ends meet.

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“I have…appetites my darling.” He tore another piece of the heart and swallowed it whole. His black eyes closed in contentment. The beautiful face now covered in blood. The poor soul from whom he had carved it hung limp against the chain he had been dangling.

The smell. The horror. The pure evil. He was it.

Pure evil.

And yet he simply smiled at you as if what he was doing was completely normal. He continued his little snack briefly before giving you a quick glance. He was up to something.

“Strip for me.” Another chunk ripped out. You stared at him in disbelief.

“Here? Don’t you want to go to the bedroom?”

Balor stopped mid stride.

“Do as you’re told or I’ll bend you over my knee.” He was in front of you now, the half eaten heart still in his hand. Something in his eyes told you he wasn’t kidding.

Let's Give 'Em Hell (Did I Stutter Pt 4.)

“Dean come on. We don’t have to make this weird. That’s not my goal. I just want you to acknowledge that you treat me differently and there is a reason .” You explained.

 He finally stopped, slowly turning to face you, eyes not quite ready to meet yours yet though. Letting out a heavy sigh, he acknowledged you. “Y/N, you have to understand that I’m not good at this. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not exactly a master at any kind of relationship. I don’t handle it very well.” He mumbled the last part. The look of almost helplessness on his face tore you heart into a million pieces. He was so strong all the time, so to see him so vulnerable, so raw, was a whole new experience. 

You took a few steps towards him and placed a hand on either side of his face, gently tugging upward, encouraging him to look at you. “ Dean, look at me. I’m not asking you to be something you’re not. I don’t need you to pretend to be the lead in a hallmark movie. I just want you to be able to admit this to yourself. You don’t have to be on guard all the time. I know the life makes all relationships hard, and that it is scary. I want you to let me in, dammit.”

 Tears slowly made their way out of those beautiful green eyes, and his voice cracked slightly as he spoke, “I- I thought I was doing right by you. I thought keeping you at a distance would prevent you from falling into the line of fire. I never wanted for you to be a part of this. I wished every day since the day we met, that you would walk away, Find someone who can give you what you deserve, that can give you a safe place to call home. Someone who wouldn’t line you up to be killed, just because he loved you. Hell, I thought pushing you away would stop me from hoping that somehow I could be that man. Maybe not now, but someday. ”

 Both of you had tears spilling over your cheeks now, “Dean…” He cut you off, 

“shh, let me finish, sweetheart.” Taking your hands in his, and rubbing soft circles into the backs of them, he continued, “that, that’s why I treated you so much differently than anyone else. Every time I raised my voice, or got pissed off at you, I was pissed off at myself, and I was scared. Scared because, I couldn’t do a damn thing to protect you. I could try with everything I had in me and some demon, monster, angel, whatever would always try to kill you. I was scared because you’re the best thing to happen to me, and I can’t lose you. So I lash out, because that’s the only way I know how to handle it. So yes, Y/N, I love you. But I can’t do anything about it, because the moment we do, something will try to tear you to shreds.” The tears were not just sneaking from his eyes now, they were a full on tsunami. The only thing you knew to do was to grab him around the neck and just hug him as tight as you can. The moment his head made contact with your shoulder, the tears turned to sobbing, his frame shaking as he tried to catch his breath through the crying. 

You didn’t know how you had gotten so lucky to get to see the real Dean Winchester, to have him be so open in an authentic manner. You wished to god that you could just hug him until all the broken pieces mended to together. 

“Dean, I know. I know that it scares you. Hell, it scares me too.”

 He leaned back and gave a serious look, “it should.”

 You grabbed his both sides of his flannel as you looked him dead in the eyes, “It’s you turn to let me finish now. ” Effectively silencing him again. “Dean, I knew that you were scared and that you were never truly angry with me. I don’t blame you for any of it. Whenever I got pissed off back, it was the only way I knew how to try to get you to snap out of it, it was the only way I could get you to hear me. As far as the risks that this could bring upon me, I am well aware of those, but you know what, I don’t give a damn. You know why? I have you. I have the single greatest force that any monster could ever have to contend with. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that if anything ever even thought a threat towards me, they would have to go through you…. and even if by some miracle, they manage their way out of that, well I put up a hell of a fight. After all, I just beat you.” A smirk played on your face after that last remark, causing him to chuckle a little.

 "You’re stubborn as hell, you know that?“ He joked. ” I just told you that every evil thing will be lining up to rip you limb from limb, and your response is ‘bring it’ ? You could only smile at the look of utter confusion that played across his features. 

“Oh honey, I learned from the best.” You teased, leaning up towards him, and connecting your lips to his in a needy, yet soft, and slow, all that the same time kind of kiss. It was one that was saved only for those who have waited so long to share it, but didn’t want to rush it, and spoil the moment. When you finally pulled away, you wrapped your arms around his waist, and rested you head on his chest, all you had to say was “Let’s give 'em hell.”

 Dean laughed, and you delighted in the rumble it produced in his chest, when he replied, “oh hell yeah… but maybe in the morning?” A smirk playing on his lips as he quirked that eyebrow at you and hoisted you up on his shoulder, taking off down the hall to his room.

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throne-of-ashes-and-beauty  asked:

Has anyone asked for Rowan yet?? 😍😍

The Buzzard has finally landed in my inbox! (Suddenly imagines Rowan acting like a carrier pigeon, but only drops off passive aggressive notes.)


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life |

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang | I WOULD RUFFLE HIS FEATHERS ANY DAY

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff | I honestly am torn between these two houses so guess what Rowan, you’re a Gryffinclaw!

best quality: THAT MAJESTIC SILVER HAIR. Bird brain please tell me what products you use! But in all seriousness it has to be his dedication and not backing down in the face of defeat.

worst quality: When he tore out my heart by crying out “Where is my wife?” and falling to the sand when he realized Aelin was gone…I am still picking up the pieces to my shattered heart after that happened! 😭😭😭

ship them with: His Fireheart - Aelin. (HE WILL FIND HER. ALWAYS AND TO WHATEVER END.)

brotp them with: Cadre, Aedion and Lysandra 

needs to stay away from: Sad endings. He deserves happiness!!! Someone toss this man an “And they lived happily ever after” ending. Please!

misc. thoughts: I bet he would have a good singing voice. Then he can join in with Aelin when she performs music! Also…how ironic would that be if Rowan can sing like a canary?!?! (He probably gets teased mercilessly by the Cadre for it, but it would be worth it!)

Send me a character here for overwhelming feels!

They’re Twisting My Words


a/n; I just had this idea pop into my head and I really wanted to write it so here it is

Prompt: an interviewer catches you off guard with a question and they twist your words in their article 

Word Count: 1,519

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Y/N, do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” Some guy from an online tabloid asked me as I was pushing a cart of groceries out of the store. “Sure.” I answered, not wanting to be rude. “Got a lot of shopping done I see.” He started off, trying to lighten the mood, which was fine with me. “Well, when you live with two guys who almost always have their friends over, you need a lot of food.” I laughed. 

He laughed shortly before turning to a serious look, which no one will be able to see since he’s behind the camera. “So what is it like dating Jack? How do you deal with him becoming more and more popular everyday?” He asked, I kind of grew stiff, this is a difficult question to answer, one wrong thing and all hell will break loose.

“Honestly, when I had first met Jack, I was just this young girl who was like oh, I’m dating a very well known guy, what do I have to worry about, you know?” I paused gathering my words. “But then I realized the kind of emotional toll it takes on you, I mean their were times way back in the beginning of our relationship where I would sit there and think to myself, it doesn’t feel like we’re dating.” I took a breath, “it’s definitely gotten easier, we’re both more mature and we understand that things won’t always be like some fairy tale you read in a book. But we make it work, we love each other and we’re always there for one another and I couldn’t ask for anything more.” I smiled, thinking I handled the situation well. 


“Babe!” I called into the house, tugging two hand fulls of groceries into the kitchen. I heard footsteps and I turned assuming it would be Jack, “hey- oh hi Johnson.” I laughed when I saw him instead of Gilinsky. “He’s in his room, he said he had something on his laptop to show you.” Johnson explained, helping me set the bags down, I furrowed my eyebrows as I saw Jack’s laptop sitting in the living room. 

“Could you?” I asked referring to the groceries still in my car, “yeah sure.” He answered, cheery like usual. I walked over to the laptop, moving the mouse around so the screen would light up. Once it did I was shocked to see my face on their, a picture from the interview I just did. 

“Jack Gilinsky’s Girlfriend Says It Doesn’t Feel Like They’re Dating.” I gasped and scrolled down clicking play on the video. The first thing you heard was the guy asking me the question, I sat there watching it intently, gasping when it went straight to me saying things that I didn’t start with. “It doesn’t feel like we’re dating, but we make it work.” I grew angry as they played it again, I quickly closed out of the video before stomping my way upstairs to Jack and I’s room. 

“Can you believe what they’re saying about me?” I remarked as I swung his door open, he didn’t say anything just shrugged. I scoffed, before realizing he didn’t care. “You don’t actually think I’d say that do you?” I asked him, he just glanced at me before sitting up. “Maybe.” He sounded angry. 

“What do you mean ‘maybe’?” I deadpanned, he’s believing some stupid paparazzi over me, his girlfriend of almost two years. “I mean, maybe you would say that, for all I know you could’ve never loved me.” He spat, making me not upset, but angry- furious to be more specific. “If I didn’t love you why would I be with you?” I snapped, he stood up with his arms crossed. 

“So people would know who you are.” He offered up, as if I would do that. “Jack, you know me! I loved being an average small town girl. I came to California for you!” I defended myself, but clearly he was to pissed to even think about what I said. 

“Maybe it was for Johnson! I don’t know Y/N!” He shouted, making me flinch but he didn’t care. “He’s your best friend, mine too! I wouldn’t do that. What the hell has gotten into you!?” I shrieked, my voice cracking as I yelled. “I don’t want to do this right now.” He said calmly, although you could tell, smoke was about to come out of his ears. 

“Oh, no, no, no! You started this, damn it!” I told him, following him down the stairs, not even caring how stupid we looked as we walked into the living room now full of friends. “Y/N! I swear to god! Leave me alone!” Jack snapped turning on his heel making me freeze, our bodies inches apart, not in the oh, why are we fighting we should make out and get over it kind of way, but in the I trust him but he’s so angry and I’m scared type of way. “I’m going out, I need to get out of here.” He mumbled grabbing his keys. 

“Maybe I just won’t be here when you get back then!” I shouted after him, he stopped for a second before continuing on with his angry stride. I turned around wiping the angry tears off of my cheeks, just to see all the guys looking at me. “Say one freaking word and I’ll lose it.” I sighed as I walked out of the room, going upstairs and slamming the door. 


It’s been a little over an hour since Jack stormed out, and now I’m starting to feel guilty. I know I didn’t say those things the way they made it look like I did, I shouldn’t have gotten so angry at Jack. But he also should’ve had more faith in me, accusing me of using him for fame, wanting to be with his best friend, all of that is nothing like me.

My breathing hitched as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, our room being just a couple feet away from them. I checked myself in my phones camera quickly before the door opened revealing a sweaty Jack. I didn’t dare say a word, not knowing how he was feeling now, “I’m gonna take a shower.” He said, calmly, as if nothing ever happened. It sparked an anger in me, but not enough to say anything, he looked back at me before walking into the bathroom, shutting the door. I let out a deep breath, not realizing I had been holding it in. 

About twenty minutes later, Jack emerged his hair still wet but towel dried, a pair of basketball shorts hanging lowly on his hips, the band of his underwear visible like it almost always is. I watched as he walked around to the other side of the bed, getting onto it but moving all the way over to me. Normally I would cuddle into his side, but this time I just tensed, which he noticed as he let out a sigh. 

“I would never do anything that you accused me of, that made me the most angry.” I told him, looking straight ahead at the muted TV, some stupid cartoon playing on it, I couldn’t be bothered to change it so I just left it. “That was wrong of me to say.” He admitted, sounding disappointed in himself. I nodded, “I was angry because it made me look like I don’t treat you right.” He added, even though I was supposed to hold my own and not give into him, I felt my heart break at his words, knowing he always goes out of his way to do anything for me. 

“Jack-” “I let them get into my head, I should’ve trusted you more, to know that you wouldn’t say those things.” I looked at him, just to find that he had an upset look on his face. “You know, the last thing I told the interviewer when he asked that question was that I couldn’t ask for anything more.” I told him, making his gaze land on me. It felt as if someone tore my heart out of my chest and ripped it into millions of pieces when I saw the distraught and exhausted look on his face. 

“I’m sorry.” He said after a minute of us just staring at each other. “It’s okay.” I assured him, cupping his cheek with one of my hands, realizing that he only got so angry because it wasn’t just that. It was everything, the pressure about the new album, the comments he gets, himself getting inside his own head, just life in general. “When you said you might not be here when I get back, it terrified me, I was afraid I would come home and you wouldn’t be here.” He sighed, allowing me to comfort him like he does for me. 

I ran my fingers through the longest parts of his hair, his head resting in my lap as I consoled him. “Baby, I would never do that, I was just caught up in the moment.” I assured him, he nodded, watching me as I continued to play with his hair. “I love you.” I murmured, leaning down to kiss him. He smiled sitting up just enough so our lips would meet. “I love you.” He repeated, his head landing back on my legs as his eyes grew heavy. I didn’t say anything else, just continued what I was doing in hopes of getting him to fall asleep. 

You were 16, a typical teenage boy with a troubled past. Played highschool football, fought with your mom, loved video games, hooking up with girls, and your Chevy pick up truck. Nothing was going to get in the way of what you wanted, and for that very short moment- that was me.
Then there’s myself- barely 16, loved writing poetry, lusted over celebrity actors and felt a little lonely at times. I was that sweet, innocent girl who had never had a taste of what a broken heart was like. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I sure liked the sound of a tough bad boy to show me around. My heart was not guarded and my mind was naive.
You came into my life and made me feel incredible, unstoppable. We stayed up all night sending those cute “I love you” messages, making empty promises that we both knew would shatter at some point in time. I remember the day he took me to the park, his hands mindlessly playing with mine, we both sat down on the children’s swings telling stories about our past- who we are, our favorite memories. There was no doubt that I had fallen for this boy. He made me laugh like no other, and oh god his laugh was contagious itself. There was something about the spark in his bright hazel eyes that kept me wanting more. But little did I know our love story wasn’t one that would last forever.
You see, he wasn’t the type to stick to one person. He liked change, it’s how he’d always been. He found this other girl who had now caught his attention. She was pretty and blonde and mysterious and he could not help but change paths. He loved me, but he damn well liked her.
So he left. He left me in undeniable heart break. The thought of him and her together tore my heart to pieces. I thought I would never get past this stage of tears running down my face as I think about what had happened.
But months later you pass by me in the hallway and for once, I don’t look at you. I keep walking. I don’t need you. I move forward.
Growing Love - Part 1: Sparks (TEASER)


It will hit a dash near you at 10pm danish time aks 4pm EST. If you want a tag - series tags are still open and you can add yourself here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jegQM-W8aYjJ7uKZVJsTd1lnTRSgM4q-x3zTL0ZsIWQ/edit?usp=sharing 

Till then - here is a teaser!

“Sebastian left me,” she spoke, looking into the bowl of soup in her hands. “He…” Her words stopped, and Jensen instantly jumped to conclusions.

“Did he hurt you?” Jensen questioned as his eyes began wandering, checking every piece of uncovered skin he could find for bruises.

“No!” Y/N insisted, and her eyes found Jensen’s. He drew a sigh of relief. He knew her, and he knew she was telling the truth, the look in her eyes told him as much. Her next words didn’t make him wanna wring Sebastian’s neck any less though.

“I’m pregnant, Jay. I was so happy, but he… He said he wasn’t ready, and he left me. I don’t know what to do.”  Her voice were breaking along with Jensen’s heart. She started shaking and crying again, and Jensen instantly wrapped his arms around her, rocking her and soothing her until her sobs subsided.

“What am I going to do, Jensen? I can’t do this on my own. I don’t have anyone, but…” Tears streamed down her face as she spoke, and Jensen’s heart broke for her. He had always hated seeing her cry. Luckily it didn’t happen that often. She was a strong woman. A woman that always saw the best in everything and everyone. That was why when she was hurting like this, it tore him to pieces.

“You’re not alone. You got me,” Jensen insisted. “I am not telling you what to do. The decision is yours, but no matter what you decide, Y/N/N, you got a home here with me.

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To Heaven, Hell, and Back (Isaac LaheyxReader)

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(A/N: Holy coooow this was something I wrote a while back and never really posted it not knowing how you guys would feel but here you go, just a quick Isaac thing.) 

Requested: No

Warnings: probably poor grammar, punctuation, etc.

Word Count: 1K

Requests Are: Closed

Y/N’s POV:

9:00pm is what I read on my phone’s screen. I had just finished packing the last of my things before moving over to my mattress which was now on the floor. I had made a deal with my father that by the time I reached my last two years of High School I would have to move to America with him. My father and my mother divorced when I was just six years old and because my father felt like he wanted to keep being a part of my life he had made that deal with my mother.

Here I am, now sitting on my mattress as I decided that I would pack as soon as Sophomore year ended. My eyes traveled over to my left looking at a picture of myself and my best friend Isaac. I was at the beach down by the docks and had my feet in the water, Isaac had grabbed some popcorn from the nearby carnival and we sat and talked about our future. Isaac told me that he wanted to be free, it didn’t matter how big or how little it was, he just wanted people to know him for who he was and not the kid his father abused. That was the same night I told him about my deal with my father. Isaac had raised his phone and he took a picture of us, popcorn in my open mouth and himself with his lips on my cheek and he took the photo. That night was when Isaac promised to always be my best friend no matter the distance.

The flashback soon ended and I couldn’t help but smile as I had played with the bracelet on my wrist, the bracelet had Isaac’s name on it along with an infinity sign. Isaac has one just like it but with my name on it. I looked around my bedroom and let out a gentle sigh as I kept trying to convince myself that moving would be a better option for me. The more my eyes looked around, the more my eyes would fill up with tears and my mind filled up with memories.

Just as I was about to lie down on my pillows I heard my phone vibrating on the floor. I turned to pick it up and there flashed “Cinnamon Roll” on the screen with the background of his face making me smile brightly, I answered the phone and pressed the phone to my ear

“Hello?” I had asked and rose an eyebrow wondering why just now Isaac was calling me since a couple hours ago he told me he was going to be out with his other friends Scott, Stiles, and Derek. I waited for a response and when I finally heard it, it only tore my heart to pieces

“Trust me, she’s leaving for America like, tomorrow I think, I never liked her anyway since this whole friendship between her and I was just a joke.” Isaac’s voice spoke through the phone and I found myself choking a bit as I continued to listen, not bothering to hang up, as if my hand was stuck to the phone and couldn’t just pull away. My free hand rested under my chin and my teeth gnawed on the flesh of my fore finger as I kept getting more and more nervous but more and more anxious as to what Isaac wanted to say

“Well good, at least you can focus better with her out of the picture! Look at the bright side. If she is no longer here, you’re free to sleep with any girl you want!” said a voice I couldn’t make out since the entire conversation was muffled. My eyebrows furrowed as I tried making out who’s voice it was, Stiles? Derek’s voice had more serious tone to it while Scott’s voice was deep

“Well, she’ll be gone in the morning” Isaac’s voice answered. Gathering my strength, I pulled my phone away from my ear and stared at the screen before hanging up the call and I gulped as my hands shook

“Was this friendship really all a joke?” “She’ll be gone in the morning.” Mixed thoughts in my head both Isaac’s words and my own questions ran through my head. I felt my phone vibrate again in my hand and again I saw Isaac’s name across my screen. Choosing to ignore the call I placed my phone back on the floor on top of a pillow to muffle the vibrations and I got up, moving around boxes and I chose to go on the couch in the living room, laying there and staring at the blank tv. The white walls were covered in polaroid photos of my mother and I, myself, my mother, my mother and her friends, young photos of myself, and a few photos of Isaac and I. I was letting my mind fade into black knowing I was falling asleep but unfortunately my mom turned the living room lights on and she looked at me

“Isaac’s on the phone you know, he’s been trying to call you” she said and I looked at my mom while shaking my head mentally telling her that I didn’t want to speak at the moment. My mother frowned slightly before she spoke into her phone

“Sorry Isaac, but I don’t think YN is feeling well right now” she said as her voice faded away. My eyes closed again along with the lights my mother turned off, all I could think of was if Isaac’s words four years ago were the truth

“I promise to be your best friend, To Heaven, Hell and Back”

Muse Pt.1

The source of inspiration

Members : SeokJin ( Jin), Namjoon( Rap monster) , and Hoseok (J-hope) || xReader || 

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5

Something changed

His eyes stopped looking at you lovingly, his fingertips no longer grazed your skin while you laid next to him, his mind always seemed to be somewhere else … even his lyrics felt like they were no longer about you. Maybe you were being selfish expecting that small lovey-dovey phase to last long, maybe you were being overly suspicious of him, a lot of maybes but reality was clear for anyone to see something changed. You felt the end coming, deep inside, when he started to gaze at you distantly and coldly as if he wasn’t even looking at you and the brightness in his smile dimmed, when you started seeing his side profile more than his face while sitting next to him. You were losing him and in the process losing yourself.

“ Namjoon, I’m here ” You kissed the side of his neck gently, as always do, you expected him to hum in response, as he always does. But, he didn’t, this time he just sighed. The vibrations of his vocal cords against your lips making your heart ache. In a desperate attempt to get a reaction from him, you wrapped your arms around his neck nuzzling his hair and you got one, just not the one you wanted. He jerked away from you sighing again. This was just a repetition, something that has been happening for awhile now you just didn’t want to face it but today was worst.

“ Babe, what’s wrong ?” You pulled away sitting on the edge of the bed peering at him hunched over his desk with a pen swirling in hand.

“ Not now, Y/N.” He breathed out not bothering to even glance at you. “ I need to finish this today.”

“ You said that last time, and the time before that and the time before that.” You eyed your fingers fidgeting together.

“ Y/N !” He shouted hitting the wooden surface with his clenched fist making you flinch out a scream “ Not.Now”

“ Then when Namjoon ?” You stood up from your place your hands clenching on the hem of your shirt creasing it. “ I’m sick of this ”

He, finally, turned to you but he didn’t answer, his eyes darting away from yours as soon as he met your reddened eyes. You waited, more than you should, for a response before shrugging the tears clouding your eyes at an embarrassing rate.

“ I get it now. Sorry for disturbing you ” You walked towards the door. He got up as well, making the chair fall back from the brusque movement. He grabbed your hand from the door nob pushing the door closed again with a loud thump, pushing your back against it.

“ Don’t do this right now ”

“ That’s why I’m leaving right now !” The tears streamed down your face, pulling your hands away from him you rubbed the teardrops away. “ You’re right, let’s not do this … let’s not do us anymore.” Sighing you spun around once again pushing him back, and again he slammed it close this time gripping your shoulder driving you back into him, hugging you.

“ I thought you wanted to stop ! Let me go then ! ” He held you closer burying his face in the crook of your shoulder.

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m just too distracted with work … I didn’t mean it like that.” You broke down in tears for all those times you held it in, all the times he spat out harsh words that tore your heart to pieces, all the times he ignored your presence.

“ Stop crying, please, Y/N ” He turned you to face him once again, tightening his embrace on you. “ I’m sorry.”

You wiped out the new tears with your hands, panting. “ I’ll go now.” You stuttered

“ No, don’t leave. Stay with me.”

“ You said you had to work. I don’t want to be a nuisance to you. I also have my shift in an hour, I wanted to come see you because I missed you since your place is close to my part-time …”

“ Babe” He whispered

“ But, if you’re going to act like this … ”

“ Honey …” He grinned looking down at you, his voice raising.

“ I know I’m being oversensitive but it’s like you don’t love me anymore …” the rest of your words were muffled with his lips pressed tightly against yours, silencing you. He pulled away, smiling, that smile that you craved so much. “ You were blabbering again.” He chuckled earning him a slap to the chest.

“ I’m really sorry for making you feel that way.”

“ You already said that” You pouted.

“ Are you still upset ?” His hands moved up to your cheeks, the rough skin of his thumb caressing the leftover tears away.

“ Sorry.” He kissed your left eye gently.

“ Sorry.” He kissed your right eye with the same manner. You stopped yourself from smiling, wanting him to know that you wouldn’t let it go easily. You shouldn’t let it slide away this time too, lose this time again.

“ Sorry.” He left a quick peck on top of your nose, his gaze moving to your lips.

“ Stop, that’s enough. I forgive you.” You breathed out, your arms seeking his waist gripping the fabric covering his body.

“ But, I was just getting started.” He pulled your face closer to his own and locked lips again, this time more passionately. Namjoon turned the both of you around and towards the bed, walking you backwards. You broke the kiss, before being able to  reach it.

“ I really need to go.”

“ I don’t want to spend the night alone, and I don’t like you working at night either.” Before you could protest, his mouth was on yours again.


You woke up on his bed, in his clothes but without him. Memories of when you would drift to sleep besides him and open your eyes the next morning with comforting, securing arms around you wrapping you in the tightest hug. You sat up longing for that warmth that used to be in him, yearning for him to comeback. But, little things like this were what made it even more certain to you that your relationship with him was tearing apart. Your fingertips trailed his side, the creased sheets outlining his being, feeling a unbearable sadness and emptiness. You eyes watered again, you shook your head ’ This is not the time to be like this’ you thought to yourself pushing yourself off of bed. He must have left early in the morning, maybe even at night to go to the studio. You paced around the room thinking whether you should leave or wait for him to comeback but since you would normally wait for him, you concluded that it was best to stay. At the very least you shouldn’t change even if he does, so you wouldn’t have regrets. You shrugged you were overthinking everything again.

“ Breakfast, after breakfast” You hummed walking out to the kitchen. You started singing a song that had been stuck into your head for the past couple of days, making up dance moves to suit it when you heard a chuckle from behind you that made both you and your heart jump. “ Now that’s a sight I would like to see every morning.” You turned around to find a smiling Jin looking back at you.

“ You were here ” You breathed out your hand rubbing over your beating heart.

“ Did I scare you ? Sorry.” He advanced towards you, his eyes trailing off your face to scan over your body. He cleared his throat lowering his gaze a clear blush on his face. His reaction made you look down on yourself realizing you were only in your underwear with one of Namjoon’s loose shirts. You pulled the fabric even further down covering what you were able to. “ Uhm, I-I thought no one was home.”

“ I’m sure you did.” He spun around, his back now towards you, as to give you the chance to move back into the room without being uncomfortable with him looking. “ I’ll make you something to eat. Go put on some clothes before I start having bad thoughts.”  following it with a laugh.

“ Ah, Oppa ! Don’t joke like that.” You said as you quickly rushed back to Namjoon’s room.

“ I’m not joking though” He whispered to himself, sure you wouldn’t hear him from there.

You pulled your pants on hurriedly, ridding yourself of the shirt and putting on your own. You held it in your hands for a moment, staring at it. It was his favorite, for you to wear, it used to look so precious to you but right now it just felt like another piece of clothing that met its expiration date. Somehow, you felt like that shirt right now.

“ Do you want your eggs scrambled or fried ?” Jin’s shouted pulling you away from your thoughts. You threw the shirt on the bed stepping back out of the room.

He had an apron on, walking around the kitchen in a hurry to get everything done.

“ Do you need help ?”  You offered going closer to the table.

“ No, just go sit down ” He replied flipping the egg only for it to rip into pieces. He sighed looking back at you in a disappointed glance. You pretended not to see it holding back your laugh, “ I think you do need help.” finally letting it out.

Jin glared back at you “ If you keep it up there will be no breakfast for you.” You held up both hands in a feigned innocence.

“ Heeere we go” He put down the plate in front of you, messily put together as he sat across from you.

You exchanged glances between him and the burnt egg staring back at you. “ Uhm … this … won’t kill me, right ?” He laughed pulling it away from you.

“ Then don’t eat.”

“ No, no no … Give it back.” You pleaded slapping his hand away from it. You breathed out taking a bite, hesitating at first, you tasted it for a prolonged moment in your mouth before the urge of throwing it back out came. “ What did you put in it ?”

“ Spam ” He smiled widely his eyes disappearing into it the smile, he knew he shouldn’t have but Jin  always took special joy in doing this kind of things.

“ Aaah, oppa, seriously !” You pushed the plate back away, clearing the taste out of your mouth with coffee while he just laughed.

You used to have a slight -alright, a big- crush on Jin, even before you met Namjoon. He was the one to actually introduce you to him, since he was his roommate, and you seeing how he felt comfortable with doing so only made it sure that it was a one-sided thing, and you eventually gave up. Now, you were satisfied with him being your bestfriend, enjoying your moments together was enough.

“ Don’t you have classes today ?” He asked out of the blue, reminding you of what day it was. You lunched from your seat letting out an “ oh my god, I forgot ” in the process of gathering yourself and grooming your hair up.

“ You might want to wear your hair down today.”

He blurred out between coughs. Your eyebrow rose and your stared down at him in confusion. He motioned to his neck in a fluster manner trying not to look at yours.

“ Why ?” Your hand shot up to your own neckline, your fingertips tracing down “ Oh …oh” you winced at the pain, then it registered to you what it was.

“ Namjoon likes it rough I guess. ” He stood up from his place, that was him trying to lighten the air but only ending up making it more awkward. Typical Jin.

“ I’ll drive you, let’s go” He offered picking up his keys from the counter.

Hope you liked it, let me know what you think. And Thank you for reading.

Part 2

Please Don’t (part 3)

Part four will be up soon! Feed back is greatly appreciated and thank you guys for reading my new series. Thank you, loves.
P.S. Sorry if part 3 is kinda short, but I’ll make up for it later!


“Y/N! Wake up, baby! Wake up!” Dean screamed. You were so far out of reach and it was all because of him. If he hadn’t pushed you away. If he didn’t hurt you. If he hadn’t broke you into pieces, you’d still be here. You’d still be breathing and alive. But right now that was all on the line and out of Deans hands.


“Mr. Winchester?” The doctor calls out to the people waiting in the lobby. Deans’ head shot up. “Yes! Yes, that’s me. Is she okay? Is she alive? Is she-” he got cut off by the doctor. “She’s stable. She won’t be able to go home for another couple of days, but she’ll be fine.” Dean looked over at Sam and shook his head.
“Thank god. Can I see her?” He asked with a shaky voice. “Absolutely.”

The doctor opened the door and Dean pecked in. Your body looked lifeless. Cuts and bruises covers your face and legs.
You were so vulnerable.
You were broken and torn apart because of him.
You were here because of his stupid mistakes.
You were here because he hurt you in ways he can’t fix.
You were here because of him.

Sam watched his brother stare at your body. He could see the guilt pulsating off his body. He knew Dean was blaming himself for this happening to you. He knew he never forgive himself for putting you here.

“Dean, you know this isn’t your fa-” “Don’t. Sammy. Just don’t.” He shut Sam up. He stood over you and touched your hand. He could still feel that warm spark that spread throughout his body when he made contact with your skin. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on you lips still feeling the passion and the love you both shared for each other. That spark. He felt it.

But he was so scared to get near you. After everything he had done. After all of it, he couldn’t push you away an further. He was scared.

“I’m gonna get us some coffee.” Sam said as he walked out of your from and closed the door.

Dean pulled the chair closer to your bed. He stayed quiet and listened to your soft breathing and again lost in his own thoughts.

‘Look at her. Look. Look at what you did. This. This is your fault. She’s here because of you. She’s broken and hurt because you decided push her away. You did this! You killed her!’

“I’m sorry!” Dean yelled. He realized he could have woken you up so he just sits there. Dean puts his head down trying to think of something else but his thoughts seemed to not want that.

‘Sorry isn’t ever going to be enough and you know it. She’s not going to look at you the same way and she’s never going to love you again. She’s not ever gonna forgive you! She will never-’

“Stop doing that, Dean.” Deans’ head shot up to see your beautiful eyes look at him. You were awake.

“Y/N.” He whispered as a smile spread across his cheeks.

Dean stood up and cupped your cheeks.

You couldn’t help but to stare at his beautiful green grass eyes. The beautiful eyes that told the thousands of stories of how much pain and love he held within his heart. All the passion and strength. The eyes that looked into your soul and made you feel like the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. The eyes that made you feel infinite.
But it’s those same eyes that hurt you and made you build up those walls that broke them down in the first place. The same eyes that took your heart away, and then tore it into pieces and left you feeling like nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“You’re awake, sweetheart. Oh my god, I thought I’d lost you-” he stopped talking when he felt you pull both his hands away from your face.
“You did lose me, Dean.”

He pulled away and stepped back. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I-” “You think 'sorry’ is going to fix this!” You yelled at him. He stopped talking and just stared at you.
“You think that after everything. Everything you did to me. After all those years of breaking down those wall I had built up. You told me, Dean! You told me you would never hurt me! Y-you think-” your voice was shaking and you couldn’t speak because you knew you would break down. And you didn’t want him to see you cry. You didn’t want him to see you at your weakest.

“Y-you think just because you"Y-you think just because you show up here, it’ll all gonna be okay? Am I really that stupid to you?” You questioned.
“What? No! Not once did I think you were stupid.” Dean tried to get close but you flinched. That broke him.

“You cheated on me, Dean.” You spoke softly. He could hear how broke you were.
“Baby-” the door opened.

“Sorry to interrupt, but the doctor says you can leave now. She has to stay in bed though. No fun for either of you.” The nurse joked.

He turn to you after the door closed again.

“Sweetheart, listen-” Dean stopped. “Just take me home, Dean. I just wanna go home.” You looked away from those eyes.
Missing them already.


Two weeks later

You and Dean hadn’t talk since you got back from the hospital. And in total honesty it was killing both of you.

You both missed each other’s touch and the closeness. You both missed how amazing your lips tasted and the fire that arose from the warmth of each other’s skin. You both missed the slow but beautiful sex and then cuddling against each other while whispering sweet nothings into the others ear. You both missed how good it felt to be wanted and seen by the other.
You both missed each other. But that will never be the same. Never.

Dean meant a lot to you. He made you feel things you’d never felt before. He made you want things you never thought you’d ever want. He made you see that even in a world of evil and pain, there is still love and hope. He made you feel beautiful in every way possible. He broke down those wall you built up.
He cared for you.
He held you.
He kissed you.
He touched you.
He spoke to you.
He wanted you.

He loved you.

It was about 2 in the morning when you were walking out of your room to get water from the kitchen.
The cold floor working its way to the rest of your body leaving you in chills.

You open the fridge and grab a bottle of water and sit at the table just staring into nothingness.
Now your thoughts fills the quiet room.

'You’re so weak. No wonder Dean cheated. You can’t even be in a quiet room without thinking about him. Thats pathetic. You’re pathetic. Look at yourself. You’re not beautiful. You’re not at all attractive and god you’re fucked up. He cheated because he wanted to look at someone who wouldn’t make him gag. You deserved this.’

“Stop!” Tears streaming your face and you escaped your thoughts.
“Sweetheart?” Dean’s soft voice brought you back to reality.
“Sorry, Dean. I-I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’ll just go back to bed.” You got up and before you could walk out of the room he grabbed your arm. “Don’t apologize, baby.” You put your head down and sobbed.
Dean picked up your chin and looked at you. He wiped off the tears and leaned down to your ear.
“By the way, Dean says hi.”
You were confused. You looked up.

Black eyes.

______________ (Should I keep going?)
Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction - Broken (Chapter 3)
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

As I got out of the car I slammed the door shut. I couldn’t even believe it that Jack didn’t even care a little. He was so heartless but my brain still refused to stop thinking about him. While walking upstairs my mom stopped me asking what happened but I just told her I didn’t want to talk and she let the topic go instantly. I was thankful for that. After reaching my room I slammed the door shut and reached down my bed looking for the perfect way to calm me down. I sighed in content as I saw the box laying there as I left it before. Inside it was weed, it made me feel free and like I could breath more freely if that made sense. I took it out and decided to take it out on the porch outside my room. It was already 7 and there weren’t much people outside even though it was still not that dark. I set myself down on the chair and lit up the weed before taking one shot of it. I breathed in and breathed out releasing smoke out of my mouth. My mom knew I used to smoke before and I had stopped when I met Jack. But now that I didn’t have Jack this was the only thing that helped me. While I was smoking I saw a figure walking on the side walk downstairs. It looked really familiar. After a second I gasped.

“Jack?” I whispered. He was looking up at me. His eyes were wide probably because I was smoking. I then snapped out of the trance. I had to show him he had no effect on me. Blowing another puff of smoke out of my mouth I smiled at him and got up to go in my room.

After all of this happened I finally started crying again. You know the usual; you act tough in front of your ex but cry behind his back like a baby. I was in the middle of bawling my eyes out when my phone rung. Ugh.

“What?” I said annoyed.

“Hey Lucy.” Clarissa said slowly as if I was gonna explode. Hell yeah! She was right. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or go anywhere where I will see people I know. I wanted to start afresh. See new people.

“What do you want?” I said in the same tone.

“I was calling to ask you if you were okay. You didn’t come to school and you’re kinda ignoring me.”

“I’m fine.” I didn’t wait for her to reply. I just hung up. I’ve had enough of this! I was gonna go to school tomorrow and act normal. I finished the rest of the ice cream before going to sleep ready for the next day. Ready to take on Gilinsky.

The next day I woke up annoyed at my alarm clock. I wanted to stab it. After finally getting the strength to get out of the covers I went towards the bathroom to get ready for school. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. My outfit was a short black skirt with a white simple crop top. Including a necklace and few bracelets and I had done my makeup better than before. I wanted a little changed so that’s what I did. I tried on my other clothes that I never wore and here I am, ready! I smiled in appreciation and walked downstairs to eat breakfast. After I realized my parents weren’t home. They went to work extra early.

‘Might as well just eat a granola bar.’ I thought to myself and that’s what I did. Without my parents I never ate breakfast I never understood why I did that either.

After eating my breakfast I walked back up downstairs to take my school bag and then hopped into the car to go to school.

After parking in the parking lot I got out and walked inside the school while swaying my hips. After I reached my locker I opened it and took out my books for my first class. While doing that I was looking around and saw something that tore my heart into pieces. It was Jack. He was kissing another girl. I couldn’t take it anymore I slammed my locker shut turning his attention towards me. There were already tears streaming down my face. I walked out of school as fast I could manage to before I drove back home to sulk over him again. Why was it so hard to get over him?

'Because you still love him.’ My brain said to me. Do I really?
I’m sorry if it’s short and crappy. I’m tired and it’s really late. I tried to make it long and I hope you guys like it!

Part 4??
Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 4
We are NOT Soulmates chapter six Nico’s pov

I am literally about to fall asleep at my computer. Finals week is brutal af.

Nico’s pov

The light was almost too bright. I found that I lacked a physical body to shield myself from the white light as it burned my eyes. Much like I part and particle of darkness when shadow traveling, it felt like I was one with the light. Like I was riding the rays of the sun instead of the night. It felt different but just as natural as jumping into the nearest shadow for a quick escape.

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chanyeol || when he comes home to see her sleeping with bruises all over her

Can you do a chanyeol scenario when he comes home to see you on the sleeping on the couch with bruises all over

Requested by: lexsaurus

Author’s Note

Hi there! Thank you for requesting! I hope you like this scenario! ♥

Chanyeol ft. OC/Song Younghee

Chanyeol was getting worried sick. His non-celebrity girlfriend, Song Younghee, who had been publicized recently as his significant other hadn’t been replying to his messages or picking up his calls for the whole day today. They weren’t able to meet each other since the past week and the last time she had talked to him on the phone was yesterday night.

After the night ended and the morning rose, any efforts of him trying to contact her were suddenly being neglected by her. At first, he thought she was just busy. But after countless times of failed attempts trying to reach her, he knew there was other cause of her ignorance.

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Not Worth The Tears - Michael Imagine (Part 3)

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Your Best Friend’s POV
“Tell me who the fuck initiated it Michael! Who started the kiss!” I yelled, not holding any anger back. Michael kissed Sylvia and technically he was still with Y/N. I couldn’t believe him. Anger bubbled in me like a volcano, ready to explode. Michael raked his fingers through his hair while he sat on the couch, staring at the floor with nothing to say. “Seriously Michael you sly dog, you don’t even care do you?” I asked in disbelief, crossing my arms across my chest. “Of course I care!” Michael shouted, rising from the couch. “Then why the hell didn’t you push her away?!” I shouted back, even louder. Michael’s angry expression crumbled away, revealing the broken mess he was inside. “I..,” He breathed, “I don’t know.” He fell back onto the couch, sighing in frustration and sadness with what he’d done. “You have no idea how much this hurt Y/N.” I muttered, shaking my head. Michael looked up at me, frowning in confusion. “What?” He questioned. “I uh, I meant from the time before.” I replied, waving away his concern. “No you didn’t.” Michael said, getting up and walking to me. I backed away but he moved closer, inches from my face. “What. Did. You. Do.” He seethed, anger like a flame in his eyes. “Nothing.” I shrugged. Michael’s hands shot to my arms, gripping them tightly. “What did you do?!” He shouted in my face. Before I could respond or even cry out in pain, Ashton ripped Michael away from me, angry and shocked with what was happening. “Michael what the fuck!” Ashton yelled. The flame in Michael’s eyes died, replaced with an ocean of emotions. “I-I I’m sorry. I just need to know what Y/B/F/N told Y/N.” He mumbled, looking down at his feet. My gaze flicked between them both, worried with how they would take what I had to say. “Well,” I began, all eyes landing on me, “I was talking to Y/N and we figured that we needed to know the truth seeing that you wouldn’t shed any light on the situation.” I said, glaring at Michael, “So we made a plan. Have me follow you to see if we could get any information. Anything you wouldn’t tell us.” I crossed my arms again, taking in the boys’ reactions. “What the hell Y/B/F/N! You ruined any chances of me getting back with Y/N!” Michael shouted, angry again. I swear his emotions changed like a light switch. Angry or sad. And if you carefully balanced him he would be happy but that was hard to get. “You can’t be serious! You ruined any chances of getting her back from the moment you put your lips on Sylvia’s!” Saying that girl’s name made me feel sick. She was part of the reason for Y/N’s broken heart. Ashton looked at his best friend in shock. “Are you serious?” Michael nodded in response, hands in his pockets. There was a moment of silence before Ashton broke it. “You need to get her back man. Go.” Ashton said, nodding to the door. Michael looked at Ashton, who looked eager to see him get Y/N back. He then looked at me for more support, but all he got was a cold, icy stare. I could never support him again. He made Y/N sad. Heart broken. I could never forgive him for that. “I’m going to get her back I promise!” Michael smiled, running to the door. Before he left I called after him, “You can’t keep promises! Only secrets!” I could have sworn I saw his smile drop, but he quickly turned around and smiled as if he didn’t hear me before running out, leaving Ashton and I alone in our house.

Your POV
I ripped the picture of Michael and I, tearing it to millions of little shreds like he did to my heart. The ache hadn’t left my body. It felt like something was eating me from the inside out. My bed was covered with many ripped photos and empty frames that used to hold memories I held close. Now I wanted to forget all of them. I pulled another photo of Michael and I up to my face. I remembered that day. We went to the ice cream shop by the beach and just before the elderly man took the photo, Michael wiped ice cream on my nose. It was my favourite photo because we were happy. We were happy. I gripped the photo in my hands, crinkling the edges before lifting it right up to my face to see the memory torn in two. Our faces split apart as I tore the paper in half. I held the two pieces in my hands and looked through the gap between them. Leaning against the doorway was Michael. “Michael?” I whispered, not knowing if I was hallucinating. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. He was still there. “I’m not going away.” Michael half-smiled. A war waged within me. My heart was screaming at me to run to Michael, jump in his arms and pretend everything was okay. While my mind was a blaring alarm, warning me that I was not to forgive him for what he did. It didn’t want to risk more heartache. “Y/N,” Michael started, standing up straight, “I’ve come to apologise and get you back.” There was a dead seriousness about him. He either really wanted me back or really believed he could. “No apology will make up for what you did.” I shook my head, hoping he would leave. “Please give me a chance. Please give us a chance.” Michael pleaded, walking closer to the bed. I shuffled backwards, stopping Michael in his tracks. “I can’t Michael.” I said, my voice wavering. He was doing it to me again. Breaking me. “Are you scared of me?” He asked, backing away himself. “No I’m not scared of you Michael,” It killed me inside to say his name. I swallowed, “I love you.” It was the truth. I did love him. But it just didn’t feel the same. Michael’s eyes became hopeful. He walked right up to the side of the bed, kneeling next to it. “I love you too,” Michael smiled, “I love you so much. And I’m going to make it up to you. I pro-” I held up my hand to stop him. “No Michael. I do love you. But I don’t want to get back together,” Michael’s smile fell completely fell, “Not yet. I just need some space.” I explained. Michael took fists of my sheets in his hands, the anger evident. He stood up and raked his fingers through his hair. Something he mainly did when he was nervous. Was he nervous about losing me? “Right. Of course. ‘Space’.” He chuckled cruelly, doing bunny ears in the air when he said 'space’. “What do you mean?” I asked. Michael’s eyes bore into mine, the distance between us feeling non-existent. “I mean you don’t want to get back with me! Fine! Fuck it! Fuck this and fuck you!” He roared, spinning on his heels and leaving. I was frozen, mouth open, hands still, shocked with what just happened. Michael was never like this. Not with me. The front door slamming shut brought me back from my shock. My tears seemed to have been frozen as well, finally falling down my cheeks after pooling in the corners of my eyes, waiting. I let out a deep, shaky breath that seemed to be holding me together, binding me like string because I after I let it out, I fell apart. For the first time ever, I wailed. It was relieving to do it, but the relief was smothered by the thought of what caused me to be wailing and crying in the first place. Michael. Again. I grabbed my pillow and hugged it, squeezed it. I knew that Michael wasn’t worth my tears, but I couldn’t help but let them slide down my face. The pain was too much to keep it all in.

Later That Night
Your Best Friend’s POV
My phone ringing woke me from my sleep, bringing me into a dazed state of mind. I let the call go, deciding it could wait until morning. The phone quietened for ten seconds before buzzing again. With a groan I rolled over and picked it up to see Michael’s name appear on the screen. What the hell was he doing calling me at midnight? “What the hell do you want Michael?” I answered, letting the hatred fill my voice. “Y/B/F/N! I’ve done something!” He replied in a hushed, panicked tone. “Yeah, you woke up a pissed off bitch at midnight. Bad move.” I said impatiently. “No seriously. This is bad.” He whispered. The sound of a door clicking shut come through, confusing me. I frowned. “Michael where are you? Why are you whispering? What did you do?” I questioned, sitting straight up in bed. Michael’s rapid breathing slowed as he prepared himself for what he was about to say. “I uhh. I-I ummm.” Michael stammered. “Spit it out Michael!” I whispered harshly, trying not to wake up Ashton. “I made a mistake.” He whispered back. “What did you do?” I asked, worry pinching my chest. There was complete silence on the other end of the line before Michael finally got the courage to say. “I slept with Sylvia.”

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