his face throughout the whole thing


The whole episode was weird and off because it’s Sherlock trying to make sense of what happened. It’s not told in real time; it’s told through Sherlock’s reflections of the event. It’s his mind palace.

That’s why we get:

- his fucking narration about Samara and predestination (motherfucker, that is an analysis of things that had happened)
- fucking water reflections on his face from the aquarium (motherfucker hasn’t even been to the aquarium)
- repeats of lines that he had said to Moriarty (”touch of the dramatics”) and lines that other characters couldn’t have known about (”Sherlock, the dragon slayer”)

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SVT’s reaction to Jun’s smirk-

  • I like how their faces all just lit up lol (especially Dino)
  • Dino: “Sexy! Oh, so sexy!”
  • Jeonghan and Joshua begin hitting each other for whatever reason LOL (I like to think that they gave him advice or something about the smirk and they’re blaming each other for their child’s actions)
  • Seungkwan looks love-struck
  • S.Coups is low-key cringing
  • I feel like DK said some sort of lame joke about it but I don’t know
  • Woozi is impressed (”Moon Jun, Moon Jun!”) <- apparently their new nickname for Jun which appeared again later during his next center scene
  • Vernon is in his own world
  • HOSHI’S CUTE LIL’ SMILE OMG like, he was so serious throughout the whole thing, except for this one part where he couldn’t help cracking before returning to a poker-face <3 <3 <3 so precious
  • The8 smiling and cheering, being his normal supportive self
  • Mingyu’s :DDDDD face
Sf9 Seeing You Naked On Accident

Inseong: Casually walks into the room to grab an extra towel when he saw your naked body within a nanosecond before turning around and leaving as he never stopped walking during the whole thing. No reaction in his face throughout but Internally screaming his lungs out as he leaves, shutting the door behind him. 

 Youngbin: “Y/N can you do me a fa-OH-SORRY!!” He’ll cover his eyes, but won’t be able to hold in his awkward and flustered laugh. Will turn around but not actually leave until you actually tell him he had to get out because he still wanted to ask you something. His excuse would be while laughing like, “You’re my girlfriend, why are you so shy, you’re gorgeous.”

Rowoon: “Babe are you in here im hom-.” Comes in the room wanting to cuddle until he saw you naked and freezes up for a second, his eyes right on your ass before he covers them with his hands and turns around practically stumbling out the door with weak knees.

 Dawon: “Y/n can youOHMYGOD SORRY BABE DO U NEED A MOMENT OKAY ILL LEAVE RIGHT NOW IF YOU WANT ME TO.” says all this without actually leaving, just closing his eyes and smiling mischievously. “I can stay…if you want me to.” 

 Jaeyoon: Sees you and just hangs near the door, leaning against it with one hand, his eyes traveling up and down with a smirk. “God I’m one lucky man.” “Jaeyoon get out.” “Kay sexy.”

Zuho: needed to grab a pillow so he barges in, seeing you naked and quickly turns his head away as fast as possible.“SHITSORRY.” literally dashes out the door, even forgetting close it. Your body comes up in his head all day so he couldn’t function whatsoever.

 Taeyang: Laughs from start till end, keeping his eyes closed and trying to make his way out the door bumping into the wall and knocking stuff over. Low key aroused but he’s not about to tell you that.

 (Sorry I’m not going to the do the maknae line ^^).

RFA + Saeran are watching a horror - movie with MC

Uhm… So everyone was making headcanons, so decided to make one too, i hope no one minds hehe :^)

- He wasn’t sure if he was for it or against it
- He want’s to be so manly and hug you when you’re scared
- But at the same time he’s scared af
- You chose to watch “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- oh good god no
- if there’s one thing Yoosung hates more than cheaters on LOLOL or Zen bragging about his (beautiful) face, than it’s massacres
- you could almost feel how he was trembling throughout the whole movie
- poor yoosung
- At the end he was pressing his body against yours
- You tried to comfort him, because he was rly scared
- That didn’t work
- Calling Zen didn’t work either
- He couldn’t sleep at night
- He also refused to be left alone
- Since he started making non-human sounds every time you left the room
- You made a silent promise to yourself to watch “My little pony” next time

- Movie night with MC!
- Hooray!
- Gets super excited about every time, since he gets to cuddle with her under the same blanket
- of course he chooses a horror movie to watch
- he doesn’t want to miss the chance to be the knight in shining armor for his princess
- is actually way more scared than yoosung is
- you decided to watch “the ring”
- Zen actually screamed a few times
- It was way scarier than the whole movie
Throughout the whole movie Zen said stuff like “don’t be scared babe” since of course he wasn’t scared at all
When the scenes changed and the screen got dark he always mentioned how good he looks
- When the movie ended, you two were too lazy to stand up from the couch and you just slept there (not because bot of you were too scared to stand up)

- She is always excited to spend time with you
- Especially when it comes to watch musicals movies with you
- “… What do you mean by “we’re not watching Zen’s musicals tonight” ?
- Tonight’s gonna be tough
- You chose to watch “Final Destination
- You didn’t even pay attention to the movie
- You were to distracted watching Jaehee
- It may sound mean, but she is so cute when she’s scared
You were hugging her all the time, which made her feel alot better
- When the movie ended you made some coffee for the both of you
- After a long long conversation, when it was 5 am, the decision to go to sleep was made
- That was almost as scary as when Mr. Han almost made her make a project about why cats should also go for president
- But she definitely did not regret it, since the time she got to spend with you was so precious

- He was quite surprised that you wanted to watch a horror - movie with him
- But he wasn’t agains it
- On the contrary, he was actually for it
- Since he wasn’t really familiar with this genre
- “… we’re just gonna watch it on TV, alright?
   But i can j-
   Jumin, i know that you can book a cinema for ourselves, that’s no the issue here”

- This time you wanted to watch “Sinister
- It seemed that he was quite bored
- He even checked his phone
- But you were scared af
- So he decided to entartain himself with cuddling you and calming you down
- Because the movie contained a shit load of jumpscares
Seriously how can someone watching this movie keep a calm face this friggin’ long
It was quite enjoyable for him
- Since you were clingin onto him the whole movie and he thought it was somehow cute
- He decided that this was not the last horror movie for the both of you

•707/ Saeyoung
- He’s lost
On one hand he loves every second spent with you no matter what you do
- But on the other hand
- He hates horror-related stuff more than anything on this world
- You needed more than an hour to convince him
- “C’mon, Seven! It’ll be fun, i promise! You’re even allowed to take your Elly plush toy with you.
     Can we at least keep the lights on?
- The movie didn’t even start, but he’s already trembling
- You almost feel bad for hime
- You were watching “Saw” (Srsly MC wtf is wrong with you)
- He was screaming literally everywhere
- Not even sure if he was really frightened or just screaming “in advance”
 Throughout the whole movie you were cuddling him
- You even tried to comfort him
- Tried.
- After it (finally) ended, he left to the bathroom
- You were not sure if he went there to cry or not
- And being the prankster you are, you decided to scare him
- You immediately regreted it
- He screamed and just
- Left the house
- You never ever watched a horror movie together again

- You weren’t sure if he was amused or bored
- Because as you were watching “Mirrors” he just kept that emotionless face like you were watching some cat food commercial
- He actually laughed a couple times???
- He could see, that this movie was scaring the shit out of you
- So he tried to comfort you
- No need to mention cuddles, because you were already pressing your body against his with all force
- And as the movie went, he, feeling that you were scared, sometimes kissed your forhead
- And it helped.
- Do i need to say that after this movie you were scared to look into a mirror?
- Since you were to scared to sleep, you two were just cuddling on the couch
- He waited till you fell asleep so that he could leave, because you wouldn’t let him
- He’ll make sure to make watch another horror movie with him again.

Aaaaand it’s done! Whoever yoe are, thank you that you read it till the end, it really means a lot to me *0*
i hope you enjoyed it as well as i did and i hope you all have a great holiday c:


Just. I just loved it.

- With Sherlock communicating with his sister, via violin

- 221b being reconstructed (smiley face and all)

- Mycroft’s small smile to his mother at the ‘recital’ in Sherrinford (after having his ego thoroughly dressed down earlier)

- Sherlock acting like a father / uncle figure!

- Basically having the wound of Mary’s death healed by her blessing of their (ambiguously platonic) relationship.

(And references to other cases like The Dancing Men)


It sort of ends where Conan Doyle’s main body of books begins, and I loved it!

19 days 1920s prohibition AU

19 days AU set in NYC Manhattan, Chinatown in the 20’s prohibition era; He Tian owns a string of jazz clubs and coffee houses throughout the city and is also a bootleg/mafia lord ‘on the side’.

Guan Shan tries to smuggle some of his stock and/or get into one of the clubs without an invite - says he knows ‘the boss’ (spoiler: he doesn’t) when he’s caught - and when he’s brought up to He Tian (in a three-piece and smoking a cigarette and shrouded in smoke and shadow and his legs are so long and Guan Shan can see his face in his shoes), He Tian just plays along with the whole thing and pretends he knows him because it’s funny and he’s interested in the kind of person that would steal from him and wow that look of contempt in Guan Shan’s face is beautiful and fascinating and beautifully fascinating.

And there are cigars and smoking pipes and long cigarette holders and three-piece suits and pocket watches and people are dancing the Charleston and wearing brogues and the music and it’s all definitely inspired by 'The Great Gatsby’ and the 'Power’ (2014) tv show

@viola-x3 - i’m already plotting ngl

|| @jacksepticisms | Continued from here || 

Poe was normally pretty confident when kissing someone. This time, however, he was a nervous wreck. He had to follow Jack’s lead, the other’s gentleness throughout the whole ordeal throwing him off track. There was no hiding his nervousness, either. It felt painfully obvious that he wasn’t used to such softness, only the quick and rough stuff. But all of it a more than welcomed change. 

Eventually, he gained the courage to give the other full access to his mouth, face flushing a bright red as he felt his tongue carefully work its way into his mouth. He wrapped his arms loosely around the taller man’s waist while trying to match the other without being too much like he usually had to. He wanted to keep things slow, enjoying this better than all the aggressive makeout session in the past.

Thank you for your submission :)

Jhope: you would of had to beg him to watch the scary movie with you in the first place, and you would have to be the one comforting him instead and trying to calm him down because hes screaming and crying throughout the whole thing saying “I HATE SCARY MOVIE” over and over

v: he would probably just as scared as you, but will still laugh at you when you jump because he would find it super cute. The covers would be pulled up covering half his face put still peaking. He’s also the type to cover your eyes for you or hide behind you when something scares him.

Suga: He’d probably be a little scared but wouldn’t admit it he’d probably jump once or twice and laugh at himself. When seeing how scared you are he would use the advantage to get close to you. He would put his arm around you making him sorta forget about the movie in general.  

Jimin: If he saw that you were scared he’d take this opportunity to wrap his arm around you to make you feel safe. He would say something like “this scares you jagiya? Really? It’s all fake, i promise! nothing to be scared of while im here” and he would pull you closer to him and cuddle you the rest of the movie.

Jin: He’d be the one to laugh at all the parts that were supposed to be scary and teasing you a bit also saying “awww, your so cute when you’re scared, I’ll protect you my princess!” as he pulls you close to lean on him and cuddles with you to assure you that you were safe

Jungkook: this guy would keep looking over at you when you jump. He’d nervously extend his hand and brag yours lightly squeezing it while giving you a sweet smile. he would keep looking over at you to make sure you’re okay even but still being too shy to say anything.

Rap Monster: he’d be kinda cocky and complain about it saying “this movie isn’t scary at all, i expected better!” still confused on how you are getting scared but would nonetheless keep you close to him patting your head and intertwining his hand with one of yours as he begins to just lean on you

~Ellie & Kitty    

there’s this one blackbird in our garden with one (1) white feather on his wing and the thing is that it kinda sticks out (not only bc of the colour but also literally) and looks as if it should fall off any second but he’s had it throughout the whole winter so I guess that’s just how that feather is meant to be on him?

  • me: [looks up at the night sky, watching the smoke from my cigarette make patterns against the darkness, sighing]
  • her: what are you thinking about?
  • me: ...
  • me: kevin day is literally one of the bravest kids in the world; he has gone through unimaginable suffering and hardship. he has lost everything he held dear and had a future he worked his whole life for destroyed in a mindless act of violence and yet he overcomes and overcomes and rebuilds a life for himself. all he ever wants is to better those around him until he can better himself. he faces his abusers with class and elegance like a real queen and takes so many knocks to both the head and the heart throughout the series but he carries on fighting despite the unfair anger that is thrown at him by his teammates for things that are beyond his control, and gains their respect and love, and is truly the embodiment of a Fox. is ready to face down his abusers when his abusers take to hurting his team!!! i love kevin day and anyone who calls him a coward can fight me.

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Head cannons on what Matt Murdoch is like while you're in labour with his child

  • Panicky. Flailing arms and whispers of ‘oh my god what do i do’
  • You just laughing at him as he rushes around the house making sure he’s got everything for you
  • Foggy driving you two to the hospital with the widest grin
  • “Foggy’s a nice name. Franklin Murdock.”
  • “We are not naming our child Foggy.”
  • Matt holding your hand the whole time and whispering the most soothing, calming things to your ear
  • Praising you constantly
  • Getting you anything you want
  • When the baby is born, he’ll tear up and when he holds your child, he’d ask you what they look like and you’ll describe your child, adding a ‘they look like you, matt’ if they do and his bottom lip will quiver as he tries to hold it all together and it makes you tear up
  • and with shaky hands, he’ll feel the child’s face (carefully) and will crumble and will keep telling you both throughout the day how much he loves you both

ok y'all this is what I NEED:

robert’s sat extremely close to aaron, but with a reasonable enough distance between them to make aaron comfortable. rob keeps an eye on aaron throughout the whole trial and can tell when he begins to lose hope and sees it flash across his face. which is when rob just slips his hand into aaron’s without so much as a hint of hesitation. he doesn’t move any other part of his body, just watches the trial without making a fuss of it, as if it’s the most obvious and natural thing in the world. he feels aaron snap his head towards their hands and then look up to rob confused, who just squeezes aaron’s hand and gives an encouraging smile in response. and aaron does a little smile without a word being exchanged. and then the focus is back on the trial and aaron feels so much better then he did before.

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Can i request prompt number 81 make it fluffy heart warming romantic pleaseee!!! Love you, youre such amazing writer ❤️😘👍🏻

send me a number from here (x) and I’ll write you a fic 
#81. “Sweet dreams.”

with quiet steps, he weaves through the maze of tents as he searches for the main medic tent where sakura is staying at for the night. he had woke up finally on his own after spending all of last night staring up at sakura’s face while she finished healing the last of his wounds. they hadn’t spoken through the whole ordeal and he didn’t dare break the silence or her concentration as he observes her face throughout the process.

he could see the fatigue in her clear emerald eyes and desperately, he wanted to tell her to stop and to rest. but he held his tongue then since he wasn’t sure of what to say to her afterwards. there were many things held up in his thoughts that he wanted to get off his chest. sorry being one of them even though he had said that before. it just wasn’t enough to say once. 

without much trouble, he locates her tent and lifts up the flap to peer inside. it is dark and he could make out the outline of two cots. one had shizune in it who was already sleeping soundly with tonton by her side. the other cot was empty. disappointed, he drops the flap of the tent and turns to leave.

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Canada: ugh, America, who’s well known (popular) throughout the whole world doesn’t understand my hardships (Hardships of being invisible to the eyes of many) 

America: to want to change your rare personality of being able to become friendly with anyone… What an envious guy….

This manga strip makes me die inside a little because it kind of reveals that America has two faces inside of him.  The face that he shows to the whole world as the United States of America (Cheerful, nonchalant, ignorant) and the face of America.  

Although his more USA face is common, you can see throughout the history of Hetalia that the face of America is shown as well.  

(Strip from the early chapters of the revolutionary war comic “Shed cleaning”) 

Having a personality of a 19 year old but with the history of centuries, America had to throw away so many things in his life to become what he is right now.  

Even if it means making a mask to show off to the world.  

Very… heart wrenching 😭 


Warning: Deans POV throughout the whole story __________________________________________

One of Dean Winchester favorite things to do in the morning was waking up to the love his life. He always adored how her hair fell perfectly against her face, how the sunshine grazed over and she was his. That morning was one the bests.

After a long hunt, he finally got to have a good night sleep, the night before. He slept peacefully in the bed, with (Y/N) curled up against him. When he awoke that morning, Dean saw his girlfriend supporting her head on her hand, while her elbow was planted on the pillow.

“Hey Handsome.” (Y/N) smiled.

“Good morning Beautiful.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave a peck on the nose.

(Y/N) chuckled and leaned in to give Dean a kiss. Dean instantly responded and kiss her back with more fierce. He rolled over and straddled (Y/N) hips, slightly grinding against her. She wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck and rubbed his blonde locks. He nibbled on the bottom of her lip, asking for entrance. She parted her lips and their tongues fighting for dominance. Dean grunted into the kiss as (Y/N) bucked her hips into Dean’s. They were getting somewhere before they were interrupted by the younger Winchester.

“Woah, did not need to see that. If you guys are both done sucking your faces off, there is a diner down the road if you guys want breakfast. Unless you guys just want to eat each other..” Sam muttered the last part.

Sam closed the door and and (Y/N) laughed underneath Dean. He eyed her and wiggled his eyebrows.

“We’ll finish that later tonight.” He smirked.

“I’m counting on it Winchester.” (Y/N) replied.

(Y/N) got out beneath Dean and went into the bathroom. Dean followed after her and showered with her.

“Shower sex?”

“Shut it Dean, I will not have your brother waiting any more.” (Y/N) said while washing the shampoo out of her hair.

“Please?~” He purred into (Y/N)’s ear and pulled her waist against his own.

“You’re a sex-crazed idiot, ya know?” (Y/N) said jokingly.

“But I’m your sex-crazed idiot.” He chuckled and kissed the side of her neck.

(Y/N) chuckled. “Fine.” She turned around, lust in her eyes. She leaned towards him, their lips only centimeters apart.

“How about ..” She trailed off as she looked down at his lips and traced his chest with her finger lightly, leaving a hot trail against Dean’s skin.

“A no!” And pulled and went back under the warm water.

Dean through his head back and groaned, knowing he wouldn’t get anything this time. He washed his hair after you and both got out together. Both (Y/N) and Dean got dressed and went out the door together. Sammy was in the room next door and (Y/N) knocked on his door. The 3 of them went down to the diner and sat down in a booth.

Dean looked up and pointed to a special on the wall.

“Hey, Tuesday. Pig N’ A Poke.”

(Y/N) chuckled and they all ordered their food. Sam explained what the hunt was about and the disappearances that were happening in town. Dean had a bad feeling about his hunt, but set that feeling aside. He had to save somebody’s life here, if they weren’t already dead.

At night they snuck into the place where the victim was last seen. Everybody took a corner of the small room they were in to check out and see if there was anything at all. Dean heard a voice shout out.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” The stranger said.

Dean, Sam, and (Y/N) all responded quickly and pointed their gun and flashlight to the un-recognized voice.
Dean automatically glanced at the gun pointed at (Y/N), in the strangers hands.

“Woah woah woah woah, we don’t want any trouble. We’re trying to help.” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Are you robbing me?!” The stranger yelled and took a step forward.

“No! Calm down, we’re not trying to rob you!” Sam tried to calm the man down.

“I’m just going to put my gun down, ok?” (Y/N) calmly said.

That’s when it happened. A gun shot. Dean’s blood ran cold. His lungs couldn’t function, it felt like water was filling his lungs.

Her body fell limp on the ground, and the sound of impact of her body shook Dean out of his trance. He ran over to her and slid onto his knees.

“(Y-Y/N)? B-Baby? You’re going to be ok, okay? You’re going to be alright. Sammy call 911 right now! O-Oh God, you’re going to be alright ok? Stay with me, please.” He lifted her head into his lap. Dean felt pools of tears running down his face already.

“D-Dean? I’m scared.” (Y/N) sobbed.

“N-N-No. Don’t talk like that Babe, you’re going to be ok. You’ll be able to walk this one off, just fine. You always do!” He sobbed more.

(Y/N) smiled weakly. “Oh Honey, I’m already losing too much blood. You know I-I’m dying.” She reached her hand up and touched his cheek.

Dean leaned into (Y/N)’s touch and grabbed her hand.

“D-Don’t you dare talk like that, you keep on f-fighting!” He couldn’t stop the tears and the sobs escaping his throat.

“I-I love you so damn much Dean. I-I’m so sorry I can’t m-marry you, or have children with you, or grow old w-with you.” (Y/N) sobbed knowing she can’t spend it with him.

“Oh god, no. T-The ambulance is going to come and p-patch you right up, ok babe?” Dean squeezed her hand tightly.

(Y/N)’s breath began to become choppy. She struggled to breathe.

“H-Hey D-Dean? C-Can you sing m-me a song?” She smiled weakly.

“S-Sure, anything for you D-Darling.” He choked on his sobs.

“You are my sunshine my only sunshine.”

Oh god why did it have to be her. Please, dear god, just take me.

“You make me happy, when skies are grey.”

No, she doesn’t deserve this damnit. She deserves the world. She is pure light in my darkness. My saving grace. What am I supposed to do without her? How am I supposed to live? She saved me from drowning. She helped me from my demons. She made me see the good in people. She helped me find love, damnit she’s the love of my life. Please god, don’t let her go just yet.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

God no please, take me. Take me. Take me. Not her. You can beat me, kill me, steal my soul, hurt me, but please. Just don’t touch her.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away..”

Dean sobbing into (Y/N)’s shoulder and rocked back and forth, knowing, he would never get to see his sunshine again. ___________________________________________

Dean opened his eyes instantly and awoke to (Y/N) laying there. God, she was perfect. His breath hitched and she was just laying there, like nothing ever happened.

“Hey Handsome.” She smirked.

He instantly rolled over and grabbed (Y/N)’s face in between his hands and gave her a passionate kiss. He gave all the emotions he witnessed in such a few, short minutes and passed them into the kiss. He pulled back and looked back into (Y/N)’s eyes and hugged her. He started sobbing into her shoulder.

“Shhhh it’s ok babe, it’s ok.” She stroked his hair as he cried.

“B-But you d-died. Oh my god, I’m so glad y-your not dead. I love you so m-much.” He hiccuped.

“It’s ok, you’re ok. We’re on a hunt in Mystery spot. It’s Tuesday. You just had a bad dream, it’s ok babe. I love you too much to leave you.” (Y/N) smiled.

He sniffled, “I hope I don’t get that dream again..”

She stroked his hair again, “I doubt it, if you do just tell me, ok babe?”

“Of course.” He smiled and gave leaned in for a kiss on the lips, as Sam walked in.

“Woah, did not need to see that. If you guys are both done sucking your faces off, there is a diner down the road if you guys want breakfast. Unless you guys just want to eat each other..” Sam muttered the last part.

Dean eyes widened as he heard that. His breath stopped. Maybe it’s nothing.. Maybe he’s having Déjà Vu. If only he knew what was coming for him.

queenofvalla  asked:

Could I get the Karasuno boys + Oikawa doing the Pocky game? (◕‿◕✿)

Assuming they’re doing it with their S/O…

Daichi: Although he may think it’s a bit silly at first, if his S/O insisted, he’d cave in easily. He would be amused by their nervous expression as their faces got closer and closer, and in the end, would take the last bite and pull them into a kiss.

Sugawara: He’d be all for it! He’d be giggling throughout the whole game and it would just be so contagious. The whole thing would just be too much and the laughter would cause the pocky stick to fall out of their mouths. (Compensation kiss?!)

Asahi: It would take a lot of coaxing for him to agree to this. His face would turn redder as the pocky stick got shorter, and eventually he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, dropping out of the game to give his heart a break!

Tanaka: He may put up a brave front and agree to it, but when it came time to actually start, he’d be incredibly shy. His eyes would be averted as he took teeny bites and his S/O would have to be the one to finish the game.

NIshinoya: This would make so excited, he’d accept without hesitation! He would take the BIGGEST bites, eating the whole stick and kissing his S/O without giving them a chance to start! He’d laugh at his S/O’s shocked face with this cheeky smile and say “Thanks for the meal!”.

Hinata: As eager as he was to start it, he’d start chickening out once he knew he was in too deep to back out. Avoiding all eye contact, he’d be nibbling away until he accidentally bit too hard, causing the stick to break and fall to the ground (he would be so embarrassed poor Hinata). 

Kageyama: He would see this as a waste of time and his S/O would have to beg him to play. Once he starts, he’d take normal sized bites, not realizing how close their faces were getting until it was too late and impact was imminent. Their mouths would sort of crash together awkwardly!

Yamaguchi: At first, he would be reluctant to play, but he would eventually summon up the courage to agree. He’d take tiny bites, too shy to make his advances any faster. Eventually, they’d meet in the middle for an awkward peck.

Tsukishima: Flat out rejection.He thought the game to be childish, and wouldn’t budge, no matter how much his S/O may pester him. If they became annoyingly persistent, he’d sigh before pulling them into a kiss, saying “If you wanted to kiss me that bad, just tell me.” with a smirk on his face.

Oikawa: He would instantly agree, a little bit too eagerly. The big bites he started off with would get progressively smaller until eventually he would be sitting there waiting for his S/O to make the last move with a sly grin (they would totally refuse to kiss him and he’d be whining his butt off. “______-chan pleeease!!”).

That was… so cute… it was very therapeutic! ╰╏ ・ ᗜ ・ ╏╯ - ✿