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Fukasawa Tatsuya’s question to Kawai Fumito: “Between Fuma and me, which one do you like?”


That moment when you knew Oliver’s heart thudded and he went off to dreamland for a few seconds. XD »—> 

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Snape finding out you are pregnant with his child would include...

A/N: I ‘awwed’ alot mentally whilst writing this XD I hope you enjoy it <3 

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(Also not Snape but his face says it all…Maybe ignore the text though XD) 

Snape finding out you’re pregnant with his child would include:

  • You being extremely nervous about telling him and eventually just word vomiting, spilling the secret.
  • Him being shocked when you first tell him.
  • So shocked he doesn’t know what to say, but just stares at you in shock.
  • Him worrying as he’d be scared that he’ll be a bad father.
  • Him reluctantly warming up to the idea as time goes on.
  • Him being super protective over you, and putting down ridiculous boundaries, which you really can’t take seriously.
  • You calming him down, and doing your best to reassure him that he’ll be a brilliant father figure.
  • Him instantly feeling overwhelmed with love for the baby when he feels it kick against his hand for the first time.
  • You getting hormonal and him *really* not knowing how to handle that.
  • He’d read all of the books and make all of the food.
  • Him being super protective of you and starting to have a thing with holding your hand or standing by you, basically not wanting to let you out of his sight.
  • Him taking really good care of you when you have morning sickness, by giving you potions to help the symptoms and helping out with everyday tasks, so that you have as little work as possible.
Got7 Reaction #7 - Their crush falls on ice, but does aegyo from the ground to pretend that they meant to fall

anon asked: got7 and monsta x reaction to their crush slipping and falling on ice, landing flat on their back, and immediately doing aegyo from the ground where they’re lying, trying to play it off like they meant to trip in the first place??

Mark: *freaks out when you first fall, but when you do aegyo he can’t keep the smile off of his face* “Omo, why are you like this?? Are you sure you’re okay???”

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Jackson: Let’s be real, he’d fall on the ice too (he was probably holding your arm since he always has to touch whomever he’s with and you brought him down with you xD). You’d end up making faces at each other on the ground for the next few hours, determined to make it seem like you both really meant to fall in the first place

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Jaebum: *trying to hold back his laughing, pretty much failing* “Are you okay?? Oh you meant to do that? Are you sure?” *laughs harder*

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Jinyoung: *since you scared him, he’d be defensive and probably sassy, caught off guard when he realized how much he cared about your safety* “I told you to stay away from the ice. Geeze, honestly you’re so reckless.”

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Youngjae: You would scare the shit out of this poor man at first and despite your aegyo, he’d make sure you’re really okay. after worrying for about an hour or so, he’d look back on you falling and start laughing hysterically, scaring you because it seemed to come out of no where

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Kunpimook: “I know you didn’t mean to fall stupid. You can’t fool me, but…” then  he’d bend over you (instead of lying down by you since he didn’t want to get dirty) and give you a weird-ass face *gif* making you laugh. “I’m still gonna help you get up. Come on, you need to change now, you look terrible.”

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Yugyeom: *please ignore Jackson and his crazy face xD* (he’d be really worried though inside he’d be fanboying over your adorable aegyo* “We should make sure you can walk okay!! here, grab on to my arm, I’ll help you get back to your place and make sure you’re okay!!”

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「 俺たちが 6STARS だ! 」

he rub his face on song hyekyo’s shoulder during the script reading. isnt tht script reading was the first time they meet for dots? :—-)

i mean you couldnt just rub your face like that on someone’s shoulder especially when it comes to different gender that you just meet. yea i know they already met before but you cant just do tht to someone tht you are not close enough though? its gonna be super awkward. he did it without showing any awkwardness on his face though xD

lets all of us pray for their happiness. they seriously look good together ♡