his face the entire time omg


Let’s start off easy * rolls up sleeves*

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The picture might be blurry but the first thing that caught your attentiont is probably that veiny forearm

When he flexes while cooking asfdghjk 

His veins are just effortlessly showing as if it was normal shit to look that sexy

His manly forearms *nosebleed*

That manliness showcased through them , like : “ Baby girl * grabs your waist*” # you all thought of this # don’t deny me ppl

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VLD Headcanons because everyone else is sharing theirs

-Lance has like long ass fingers. The ones that look like boney spider legs and are beautiful. He also has big feet and long toes with the second and third being longer than the big toe. He also has toe rings he once got a renaissance fair and never took off
-Keith has tiny little baby feet and hands(much like my own) and he used to paint all his nails black
-Hunk has giant square manly hands, the kind that one could go around your entire neck
-SHIRO HAS GIRL HANDS! Long, thin well taken care of hands (or hand i suppose). With clean well trimmed nails
-Shiro moisturizes like crazy
-“I don’t want wrinkly old man skin, Keith, like you’re gonna get if you don’t start.”
-Allura’s hands are callosed and a mix of Shiro and Lance’s
-Pidge also has baby hands, and her nails are always dirty or chewed to the roots
-No one has seen Coran without his gloves. Ever. It’s like Kakashi’s mask and the paladins keep trying to get him to take them off
-Keith loves the size difference between his and Lance’s hands and how his can easily dissapear into Lance’s
-Lance is still growing, like he’s gonna end up 6'4 I swear. Lance also likes to make fun of others for being tiny
-His older siblings used to make fun of him cuz he used to be pequeñito so when he comes back to earth he’s taller than most of them and he just cackles wickedly
-Keith’s a 2nd gen american. His grandparents are from Korea and moved to Texas and had his dad. So he has a lot of weird tastes in food like kimchi with pork and beans.
-the others discover this and are like ew what stop no. Why do you eat like that Keith plz
-then they discover how Keith’s dad married Shiro’s mom who is an immigrant from Japan anD SHIRO AND KEITH BOTH HAVE THE GROSSEST TASTE IN FOODS AND I CANT EVEN
-Hunk has the best tattoos that are of course a cutural thing, and some are stick and poke. So basically Hunk has a high ass pain tolerance and he woukd hold out the longest against torture just saying
-Lance has an entire back piece of beautiful sea serpent and he was a big ol baby about it, hunk held his hand the entire time
-he also got it without permission and when his mamá first saw it she fucking destroyed him (omg don’t mess with hispanic mothers trust me. Mine is terrifying)
-when Keith first saw his tattoo it was only a glimpse at his lower back and Keith thougHT LANCE HAD A TRAMP STAMP FOR THE LONGEST TIME AND IT BOTH DISGUSTED AND TURNED HIM ON
-Alteans have more than just their face marks and have stuff on their entire bodies(think atla air monk tattoos)
-Keith and Shiro have tight bubble butts I swear
-allura and lance love to squeeze them
-allura can lift shiro and hunk
-everyone can lift Lance even Pidge, he is a literal twig. Doesnt matter how tall he gets he’s still like 120 wet
-he takes advantage of this and makes everyone carry him
-Matt is so manly everyone thinks he’s this little baby nerd cuz he wears glasses but he is the most sporty little shit. He used to run marathons on earth
-he’s also a chicken shit and has the bravery of a nugget.
-Pidge has a fear of puppets/muppets
- Keith is literally fearless it’s stupid. He’ll walk straight into the line of fire and not blink. No one can sneak up on him and scare him (no matter how much Lance tries) however he is TERRIFIED of clowns. If faced with one today he’d still cry
-Shiro and Lance are scared of spiders. Only cuz i think it’s cute
-hunk isn’t scared of anything but he’s not careless like Keith. he’s really chill. However you can ALWAYS sneak up on him and scare him. He can see you or know you’re there but you make a boo noise and he still jumps
-Shiro Keith Hunk and Lance are all weebs. Kpop anime asian dramas manga all that jazz
-Pidge is disgusted that they’re surrounded by these nerds
-also Pidge is genderfluid so their gender depends on the day (boy, girl, nonbinary) so she doesnt really care what pronouns people use for her. Like they’re really chill and couldn’t care less. She also doesnt get hurt if people are ignorant or dont understand
-Lance is forever bi, Pidge is aroace, Allura and Hunk are pan, Keith is gay and demiromantic
-unlike a lot of people’s hc i think Keef is quite clean. He never forgets to shower or brush his teeth. Sometimes he brushes his teeth after each meal (habit from when our baby had braces)
-Keith had braces! His canines stuck out and were pretty prominant (hint at galra blood) and being Korean his dad was like bitch you’re getting those fixed u ugly
-Shiro made fun of him for literal years
-Last one: Shiro is a dick big brother 😂 he’s one of the ones that farts in the younger’s face. He gives Keith so much shit and then acts like a perfect angel in front of others so that no one ever believes Keith. However he slowly started not caring in front of the other paladins anD THEY WERE ALL SO CONFUSED.
-Shiro casually walks behind Keith as everyone is sitting down in the common room and gives him a wet willy. Everyone’s jaw drops as Keith screams at Shiro as he leaves the room laughing. Keith turns to the others is all “I TOLD YOU! AND YOU NEVER BELIEVED ME!”

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Hi ! Your blog is so amazing and funny .. Can you write about how will shinee act on their wedding day ! Thanks

hi honey! thanks for the love ~ ㅎㅅㅎ 


  • on the morning of, he’s fidgety and can’t bring himself to eat breakfast 
  • when he says his vows his voice is completely steady and he’s holding SO’s hands in his and looking at them like they’re the only person in the entire world
  • after they’re OFFICIALLY married and go to walk down the aisle together *whispers to SO* “hold onto me okay? bc i’m not sure i can walk steadily” 
  • dude he is so glad they got the chocolate fountain he wants to bathe in it but SO said no 


  • just woke up and has cried two times already 
  • wearing a cummerbund and wingtips 
  • blissful af 
  • “this is the reality i wanted” 
  • someone said SO’s name while he was getting ready and he started fanning his face and omg jong you cannot be crying again 
  • “I’M NOT CRYING BC I’M SAD I’M CRYING BC I’M JUST SO HAPPY” @ SO while clutching their face 
  • roo is their flower girl 
  • asks all their loved ones to sing for their first dance 


  • stressed to the point that he’s deadly calm
  • should he have picked a different bowtie??? a tie instead?? 
  • he just wants everything to go well, he’s been looking forward to today for a LONG time 
  • actually calms down once his groom crew was like “you should see SO” and when he saw them for a first look he finally believed that things will be fINE 
  • throughout the entire wedding he keeps sneaking glances at them and smiling SO hard
  • he took classes for waltzing and they move effortlessly across the dance floor 


  • at the alter he’s absolutely beaming and kinda bouncing on his feet bc he’s so excited to see SO come down the aisle 
  • when he sees them can’t help that his mouth sort of drops, he doesn’t even realize it until one of his party nudges him 
  • but there’s pictures of him just looking so shocked and in awe  
  • spins SO and dips them for a kiss 


  • very traditional, no first look until SO comes down the aisle and the priest hears him take a sharp intake and stop breathing 
  • priest: “francesco breathe” / taemin: *noisy exhale* 
  • at the reception choreographed a surprise dance!!!! 
  • it has a costume change and everything 
  • rips off his suit 
  • whips out Danger 

@ natjmd hi love! it’s not best man/ man of honor but wedding!shinee for you in the meantime until i get to your request! 

Omg but I feel like Sebastian is a very flirty drunk and he’d totally flirt shamelessly with you when he’d get tipsy.

Like imagine being at a get together with him and his friends and he’s had a few too many drinks. The entire time you’re talking to someone, he just comes up behind you and wraps his arm around your waist and start kissing on your neck.

Then he’d do that little growl thing as well.

And when you’d swat his face away, he’d do that sexy, deep laugh he does.

*jumps into pool filled with holy water*

So probably I have too much time on my hands atm, but I need to talk about this scene for a quick minute:

[.gif by carolpeleiter]

A thing is that I happen to think it’s one of the most underrated Caryl scenes that exists.

The backdrop to what’s happening here is so important, because for all of us who ship it like Fedex, it’s easy to get lost in the shippy perfection of this episode and forget where the ep fits into the larger context of the show.

Carol has been banished by Rick, spent three and a half minutes thinking maybe life could be “normal” for a second, found Lizzie standing over Mika’s dead body, shot Lizzie, and offered her own life to Tyreese as atonement for killing Karen and David (not to mention killing a bunch more people in order to save all of Team Family at Terminus).

Daryl has watched Hershel be murdered, thought he and Beth were safe for three and a half minutes, hung out with the nighmarish Claimers, offered up his own life to save Rick, Michonne, and Carl, and been about thirty seconds away from having his throat slashed so he could watch his own life bleed away in a trough.

They’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

But then we get the quiet of this ep, and the entire episode takes place pretty much in two layers. First, there’s the obvious action – the plot. But beneath that surface so many currents are flowing, both Carol and Daryl simmering with emotions they’re not yet willing to directly address.

This tiny scene functions at face value as some amusing banter, a way to lighten the tone of what in so many ways is a deeply somber, sad episode. (Every time I watch it I pretty much want to marry Bear McCreary, omg the music.) Daryl hilariously mocks the painting, and Carol – most likely just to be contrary, although perhaps she merely has interesting taste in art – insists that she likes it.

And that’s where level two comes in. When he says “Stop” in response to her insistence that she actually appreciates the painting, she replies with, “I’m serious. You don’t know me.” She only uses those four words, but what she really means is:

“You have no idea about the terrible things I’ve done. If you knew the choices I’ve made – if you could see everything – you’d probably be running away at top speed, because at this point even I can’t be sure I’m not a monster who deserves to burn in hell forever.”

Without missing a beat, Daryl responds with, “Yep, you keep tellin’ yourself that.” But what he really means is:

“I’m fully aware by now that I don’t know the whole story of what happened while we were separated. But I know your heart inside and out, and no matter what you think you’ve done – no matter what kind of horrifying punishment you think you deserve for your imaginary sins – there is nothing in this entire universe that could make me love you any less.”

And she smiles. An absolutely for real smile.

Because although she’s not even close to forgiving herself, there is some kind of bone-deep comfort in Daryl’s words, in the knowledge that he will always believe in her, even when she’s lost all faith and ability to believe in herself.

She can’t love herself in this moment, but this tiny exchange shows her that he unquestionably still can

And idk, to me it’s just everything.

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🔥otabek altin

The fandom has fucked up his character. They have made him into this parental role who will make yuri “calm down” and “act more mature.” Nah. They’re two teens boys who are best friends.
I want them in season 2 to be in the background gossiping the entire time. I want them to text zoomed in pictures of other skaters mid jump. (Yuri has an entire folder for Each Russian Skater+Yuuri respectively) I want Yuri losing his shit when Otabek talks about his crush. (”YOU SPENT 20 MINS TALKING ABOUT HIS EYES. BEKA GOT A CRUSH!!!” “No I don’t.” “Omg I’m gonna text him.” “YURA GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”)

 I want them to have jump offs where it’s 90% shit talking over face time. 

Y: “You’re triple axel is ugly as hell dude.”
O: “Yeah, well at least I don’t two step my landings.”
Y: “Omg it’s so on.”  

Also I’m  👀 at the fans who ignore the fact that Islam is the most practiced religion in Khazakhstan (70+%) and that it’s VERY likely he’s Muslim. 

BTS Reaction: Catching their S/O reading smut about themselves

Jin: He would be shocked at first but he wouldn’t want you to know that that’s how he was really feeling. He’d look over your shoulder and once he’d realised what was going on he’d cover his Mouth with his hand in shock. For the rest of the day he’d be making weird comments trying to tell you without actually telling you. He’d besides flirty sending winks and kisses your way the entire time.

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Rap Monster: omg he’d be smirks smirks smirks and more smirks. You would lock your phone instantly but it would be too late. “Whatcha ya reading there?” He’d say throwing a seductive look at you. You would retaliate and do the exact same thing back and you’d see the shock on his face slowly form as he didn’t expect that. “Wow, I didn’t know you were this perverted.” He would joke, earning a slap on the chest from you, but he’d grab your hand and kiss you.

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Jungkook: jungshook is more like it (i’m sorry). He’d sneak up behind you as you waited for him outside his dorm. Just as he was about to scare you he saw his name on your phone screen and became curious. As he saw what you were reading his hands with cover his mouth, partly in shock and partly to suppress the laughter. He sees a dialogue between him and the reader and whispers his line in your ear causing you to scream and jump. He laughs as your face turns bright red, as he continues to tease you but on the inside he’d be happy you were so attracted to him.

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V: He wouldn’t be able to look at what you’re reading for long since he’d be so loud, you’d hear him breathing. As soon as you notice him he’d try to grab your phone but fail. You run and he chases you before eventually catching you and trapping you in a back hug. “What were you reading?” He whispers into your ear. “Are you blushing? Omg you are blushing!” He’d exclaim causing you to try and wriggle out of his grip. He’d hold you tighter giving you a kiss on the cheek.

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Suga: He really wouldn’t understand why you would read smut about him when he was right there. He wouldn’t tell you immediately that he knew but would drop random comments about it making you suspicious. “Okay, what do you know. Spill.” You’d finally say, crossing your arms. “Are you sure you want me to say?” He’d ask a small smile playing on his face. He’d pull you in for a kiss and when he pulled away he’d say “You don’t need smut when I’m right in front of you.”

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Jimin: He’d go one of two ways. Either super confident and teases you forever or gets super squishy and shy. He’d blush immediately and end up cackling behind you. You’d turn around and instantly regret all your life choice. “I’m that irresistible huh?” He’d probably wink and blow kisses at you for the rest of the day.

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J-Hope: He would be looking over at you but as soon as you turn around he’d look away trying to be nonchalant. You wouldn’t realise that he actually saw everything you were previously reading until later on. He’d randomly kiss you and quote a line from the smut. You’d stare at him, confused and it would all sink in once he starts giggling.

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Yuuri K. And Chris Reacting to his s/o having an asthma attack??? The weather outside is frightful and bad for me *tap dances*

Shit fam, I’m sorry you have to deal with that ;-; please be safe this winter season, okay? I know where I live, the bitter cold temperatures are staying lower every day now. Soon it’ll get warmer, though. Anyway, please enjoy! Thank you for the request :3

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This boy is very careful when it comes to your asthma and making sure you’re safe when it’s cold, so it really takes him off guard when the incident occurs
  • You’re holding hands with Yuri while walking down to Hasetsu’s Ice Castle, and you being to feel a tightness in your chest along with shortness of breath
  • You find yourself struggling to get enough air into your lungs, and it’s almost as if you’re choking
  • Yuri notices your deeper breathing and senses your struggle, and he forces you to stop walking
  • “(Y/N)? What’s the matter? You gonna be okay?”
  • “I ca-can’t br-breathe,Yuri do i look fucking okay omfg
  • You clutch your chest and bend forward, coughing harshly in an effort to get air moving in your lungs; unfortunately, it just feels like you’re suffocating
  • Yuri begins to panic, rubbing your back and begging you to breathe and to calm down, but it’s already too late
  • “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck me in the ass what do i fucking do (Y/N)?!??!”
  • The cold oxygen burns in your throat and lungs as you continue to fight against the tightness that squeezes your entire upper body
  • “Do you have an inhaler, (Y/N)?! An emergency one, yeah? please tell me you have a fucking inhaler jesus christ i don’t want you to die
  • You nod and start digging in your pockets with shaking hands, feeling around for the inhaler that you find yourself needing during this time of year
  • Yuri finds it for you and yanks it out of your coat before practically forcing you to the ground to sit on the sidewalk
  • He helps you open the cap and eases the device into your hands, figuring that you know how to use it better than he does
  • his heart breaks as he watches you take strained breaths of the medicine within the inhaler, noticing how blue and tired your face has become from the lack of oxygen like omg he so sad but all he can do is rub your back while you gain your breath back ;-;
  • Soon you’re able to breathe somewhat normally again, but you’re still physically exhausted and struggling just a bit
  • Yuri takes out his phone and calls an ambulance, wanting to get you medical help and to get you out of the cold as soon as possible
  • He stay say your side the entire time, holding your hand and rubbing your back while you receive treatment and get your breathing back to normal
  • From then on, he carries a spare inhaler with him at all times just in case a need for one arises
  • You definitely gave him a scare, but he is now more prepared for the future and will be there to keep you safe

[Christophe Giacometti]

  • Being from somewhere as cold as Switzerland, the cold doesn’t really bother Chris that much, making it hard for him to understand your limits when it comes to your asthma
  • He is usually very understanding when you prefer to stay in and avoid the bitter cold outside, so he’s not used to you having asthma attacks
  • so when this incident occurs, he is not very prepared for what happens lmao but he’s crying his best
  • You’re spending the day at an ice rink together, just skating for fun and taking some time to be together during a short break in Chris’s figure skating season
  • During the walk to the ice rink, you felt a bit of pain in your ribcage at the invasion of freezing cold air inside of your lungs
  • You tried coughing a bit to see if that would help any, but that only set the pain in more; you decided to tough it out, though, figuring that things would feel better once you got to the ice rink
  • i think you’ve figured it out already but you’re not gonna feel any better lmao sorry babe
  • Chris notices how you slightly hunch over while you skate, and he starts to worry when you unconsciously clutch your chest every few moments
  • You progressively start to slow down while you skate and grab on to the rink’s barrier way more often than usual
  • There’s burning in your lungs and breathing is becoming a struggle; the cold air and added physical activity does not help your situation in the slightest
  • Chris skates over to you while you’re taking a break and asks if you’re okay, but when you open your mouth to answer, a fit of harsh coughing racks your body and forces you forward
  • Your boyfriend catches you, but he’s still quite stunned as to what’s happening; he can feel you shake and hear the wheezing as you struggle to get air into your lungs
  • “My—my asthma, Chris. I need my in-inhaler. Please.”
  • You’re dragged off of the ice as Chris locates the inhaler stowed away in our jacket pocket and helps you administer the medicine, holding you close as you regain your breath somewhat
  • you’re calming down and chris realizes how stunned he really was bc his heart is beating so fast and he’s like ‘holy shit you fuckin scared me holy fuck’
  • Chris scoops you up into his arms, and he holds you close so your face is buried in the crook of his neck and your body is held firmly against his broad chest
  • “There’s a hospital not too far from here, (Y/N). Do you think you can breathe on your own for long enough to get there, my love? I want you to see a doctor.”
  • You nod into his shoulder, giving his neck an appreciative nuzzle before he begins carrying you outside; he grabs your jacket and covers you with it so the bitter cold doesn’t bother you any more than it already has
  • He holds you almost the entire time at the doctor, only letting go when the doctor asks you to lay down to check your lungs
  • For weeks afterwards, he keeps a close eye on you and does plenty of research on asthma and its effects so he can do a better job of protecting you from now on

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HELLO! Could I request some paladin headcanons for when they make the amazing discovery that their s/o is REALLY ticklish?



  • Is an Actual Adult, thank you very much, and wouldn’t use this new piece of information to his advantage. No, not at aaaaall
  • .….you didn’t actually believe that, did you?
  • He’s actually one of the worst because he’s very sneaky about it.
  • Master of Surprise Attacks
  • In a more public place, he waits for his S/O to let their guard down and then very l i g h t l y brushes one those ticklish spots. Has this godawful (sexy af) smirk when they shriek or jump as he just walks on by like he’s innocent of any crime
  • It’s even worse when they’re alone. Has been known to tickle them even in the midst of the Sacred Cuddling
  • The man can’t help himself. He really loves their laugh and it makes him smile. Some days, he just needs to hear it.


  • Is mostly safe for a ticklish S/O. He doesn’t tickle them all that often and never in front of other people.
  • They respect his personal space; he respects theirs
  • .Most of the time
  • When he’s in a particularly playful mood? He’s relentless - all or nothing
  • Will tickle them until they are actually crying and gasping for air
  • Also that one asshole who smirks and says, “What? Sorry, didn’t catch that” as they’re trying to tell him to fuck off between giggles
  • Worst part? Keith’s a wild card, so they never know when or where he’ll strike next.
  • RIP S/O


  • Is the Literal Worst
  • essentially Lance’s face when he finds out that his S/O is ticklish [see face]
  • like, he just doesn’t seem to know when to quit? known for randomly attacking his S/O during important meetings and mission briefings
    • gets the Look from Shiro 
    • which incidentally is literally the only thing that can spare S/O (except for a serious, clear NO from S/O ofc if it bothers them that much or it’s just not a good time for those shenanigans)
  • At least Lance’s S/O has a chance because they know when he’s about to go for an attack. They can see it in that devious grin and the twinkle in his eyes.
  • Which gives them opportunity enough to run, instigating a chase. These two will run laps throughout the entire castle if no one stops them
  • Children, both of them (no one begrudges them that)


  • Is at least nice enough to reserve tickling for appropriate occasions (*looks at Lance*) and isn’t utterly ruthless about it (*glares at Keith*)
  • Very playful, very sweet - just light tickles that give him those delightful giggles he loves so much
  • Definitely throws in an added hug and kiss while at it, complete with snuggling. His S/O can’t even get remotely mad at him after those
  • He has this big ol’ endearing grin on his face the entire time. Like, he’s so happy to be around them and hear them laugh and that they get to have this time together
  • Helps keep his mind off the whole defender of the universe and intergalactic war thing, too. Everyone needs a teeny break from those kind of responsibilities from time to time
  • Literally the cutest thing to watch ever omg? Everyone on the team ships Hunk and his S/O so hard (same, fam, same)


  • Is a tiny savage, that’s what she is, but we already knew that
  • She has all of her S/O’s exact tickle spots pinpointed out and knows EXACTLY where to strike for the best reaction
  • Doesn’t do it often but waits for the exact moment at the right time and right place
  • Loves to randomly poke her S/O at that exact spot whether they’re in the middle of eating or talking to Allura or trying to work here jfc Pidge gimme a break
  • But then S/O makes a discovery: Pidge Gunderson is also hella ticklish
  • vengeance
  • It becomes an all out tickle war between these two to the point where they’re rolling on the ground trying to get away from each other while simultaneously trying to GET the other
  • It’s nice to see Pidge and her S/O goof around and act like kids their age. Space Dad even gets a little teary-eyed.
  • Precious Children :’)

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ok have u seen cadenzas face at the end of the movie because hes like so happy and i love it... performing again... and looking at his wife... ahhhh

Yes.  A thousand times yes.  I’ve taken a screenshot of it (be it somewhat blurry), and it now resides forever in my memory and my laptop.

Putting Lumiette aside, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a love more pure and beautiful than the one between those two.  Ever, in my entire life.  I plan on writing more about them in the future, hopefully because omg there isn’t enough content on Tumblr for me to view/read/listen to.  I mean, if anyone can send me a bunch of Garderenza stuff that’d be awesome, okay?  Pretty please!

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so there's a picture of Alec and Magnus in that scene where Alec gives him strength and Alec's leg is behind Magnus. So when he collapses back into Alec he's completely and utterly cradled in his body. Arm around him, hand holding, leg balancing them.

LET ME LIVE i remember this picture omg. Actually, I saved it because it was just that beautiful.

It kills me tbh that Alec was holding up Magnus the entire time in that scene like ???? i don’t know i’m full of emotions about how gentle Alec is with Magnus in this scene and how, in this moment, even with everyone all around them watching including Jace, Alec has ceased to give a shit about how gay he might look because Magnus is hurt. JUST PUNCH ME IN THE FACE T B H

          She’s so nervous as to how he’s going to react to her words. The
          last time she had said that to someone who wasn’t her father was
          well over three centuries ago. Her heart is hammering in her chest
          as she watches his face closely, almost holding her breath. But then
          he admits that he loves her too, and her entire being relaxes. Leah
          steps forward, taking on of his hands in her own, resting the other
          on his cheek, “It has been so long since I have said that to someone.
          And I wouldn’t choose anyone else.”

@swcrdiisms​ from here x

If only fate had been kinder…

My friend @loveless987 is just starting to read Captive Prince, and she challenged me to draw an older/23-ish Nicaise. I tried… but it seems I still give him very young features. I’m so proud of his face though, omg… those lips and eyes… he glared at me the whole time I drew him, as if I were doing something wrong O_____O


Try to get me to support your bigotry? Here's the stupidest receptionist we have on tap.

For two soul-numbing years, I worked as a “placement executive” at a temp firm.  Most of my clients were cheap, and lots of them were assholes.  Venn diagram that, and it meant that some of them were cheap assholes.  Including this one guy who was a misogynist homophobic racist and not afraid to share his opinions with people who looked like him.
I should mention that I’m white, male, and straight.  So he felt perfectly comfortable telling me that he preferred that I only send him temps who were white- and no homos or lesbos! (his exact words).
My boss hated the guy, but we were under orders to take his business no matter what.  And he was hardly the only bigoted client we had.  New Jersey wasn’t known as a hotbed of racial and/or queer tolerance in those days.  So we were stuck sending him temps.
I tried to comply with company EEOC policy, sort of, by sending him the darkest skinned woman I knew.  She was also an exceptional office worker, with off-the-chart scores on our skills assessments, a perfect attendance record, and all positive reviews.  She got sent back in less than an hour.
I tried again with a nice Korean immigrant lady who I’d interviewed myself.  Super pleasant personality, and perfect for a receptionist’s position.  She lasted half a day.  I got a phone call from the guy that afternoon explaining that if I didn’t keep sending him “dark meat and kimchee” he would take his business elsewhere.
So I spoke to my boss about it, and he agreed to my next idea: I looked through every file we had and pulled out the absolute worst temp we had on call.  This woman had “marginal” on every interview criterion, got the lowest passing score possible on her office skills test, and had notes from previous clients like “slow,” “poor hygiene,” and “southern accent so thick that no one can understand a word she says.”  Add in a smattering of bad tattoos and a couple of allegations of office theft, and I figured I had a winner.  My boss gave her the nod, and we sent her over.
We didn’t expect her to last any longer than the non-white women had, but for some reason our racist client loved the woman.  Of course, she had more unexcused absences than any other temp we had ever placed (more than enough to get anyone else summarily fired), and when you called the firm you weren’t sure if you got them or a mumble factory.  But he kept her on the entire time I was there at that firm.
Which is why I classify this as “petty” revenge.  The guy was punished, for sure.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if his business was hurt from it.  But he had no idea and probably thought he’d gotten exactly what he wanted.  But I knew, and it gave me great satisfaction to think about how the worst idiot we had was face and voice of his business.  

Seventeen reaction when you fall and scrape your knee


 immediately runs over to pick you up, and you’re like aw omg thank u seungcheol but the entire time he has this look of pain and once he sees your face he just starts laughing as soon as he knows you’re off the ground and you’re mad and walking off all limp like whatever scoups and he’s running after you while trying to control his laughter and it’s a mess

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expresses a deep amount of concern, and sits you up on a bench or something after he basically lifts you up with this random strength you didn’t know he had, and inspects your wounds if you have any, patting your head and wiping away dirt as he helps you back home, sweet talks you into letting him put alcohol on it and you’re cursing left and right cause it hurts but Jeonghan’s just calm and shit like “only 3 more secs babe :-)”

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is shocked for like 8 seconds and literally doesn’t do anything to help you until you’ve already pulled yourself off the ground, then he rushes to you when he snaps out of it and kinda starts saying sorry even though you tripped yourself, is really on edge for some reason and wants to do something for you even though you’re like Joshua…chill, it’s ok but he’s like no….u chill, it’s not ok

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probably tripped you trying to be cute but you were avoiding him because he’s greasy Jun, then when you fall he kind of takes charge and sits you up and asks you seriously if you’re okay while you sit there all starry eyed like (◕o◕✿), answer him because if you don’t he’ll probably be all dramatic and start calling for help and you’ll end up like Jun pls calm down  

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the type to try and like, cushion your fall or some shit, doesn’t even get close to helping you honestly, but you insist it wasn’t his fault (even though he was the one basically pushing you halfway off the sidewalk) and he’s just kinda like whew and almost walks away before you’re like wtf soonyoung get back here and help me 

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is nervous because he thinks he’s scarred you for life, probably thinks you can’t ever use your knees again, says sorry like 10 million times until you tell him your fine but he’s still pouting next to you on the bench while you roll your eyes because shouldn’t you be the one pouting? 

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probably watches you fall and let’s it happen because he remembers that one time you roasted him in front of seventeen about his height, or completely saves you from hitting the ground, it depends on his mood that day honestly lmao

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let’s be honest he probably made a joke he thought was funny and like, smacked you in the back on accident because he’s seokmin, caused you to go tumbling forward, the rest of 17 is behind y'all laughing, dokyeom doesn’t know what to do, he’s red, tries to help you up but you’re like you’ve done enough seokmin 

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doesn’t realize you’ve fallen for like 30 seconds, keeps walking and talking like nothing happened, until he hears you kinda like “uh..mingyu?” And he when he turns around confused he gets all red because his tall ass literally saw nothing happen and the kids passing by are laughing at u lmao 

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fuckin angel, doesn’t even let you hit the floor, he’s so smooth, like you already know you’re about to fall and die, but then you see a ray of light and hear bells for some reason and he grabs you and pushes you against his chest to save u like its some fucking drama and you love it 

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again, probably the one who tripped your ass, and after he trips you, gets mad at you for letting yourself hit the floor and you’re like…but you tripped me, and he just sighs and goes to help you up and says sorry by buying you yogurt and feeding it to you (still probably acts done w ya ass)

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he probably fell with you though, lets be honest, y'all were probably tryna hold hands and then he trips on a crack and takes your ass down with him, you both kinda sit there like what happened until Vernon’s like shit shit sorry and scrambles to get you both up but still kinda of…keeps falling 

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he would be petrified when he saw you fall, and would try to grab and help you but probably end up being pulled by your weight and land directly on top of you, y'all would stay like that until Dino’s cheeks got all red and he’s jumping off of you and walking home, running back like 3 seconds later because he left u on the floor 

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How to identify Seventeen's voices
  • Vocal unit
  • Woozi: The guy that sings high notes but is struggling
  • Dokyeom: The guy that sings high notes but not struggling at all
  • Jisoo: the calmest voice you have ever heard its like literal honey please bless this kid
  • Jeonghan: that beautiful unexpectedly unique low voice; makes you melt; bless this child
  • Seungkwan: sings the chorus 89 percent of the time; SEULIP IN DA DIAMONDEU LIFE YEEEE
  • Hip hop unit
  • Vernon: if you hear a fetus voice rapping in English, it's Vernon
  • Wonwoo: That extremely low voiced rapper THAT KILLS 3/4 THE FANDOM EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH
  • Mingyu: That rapper who sounds like Wonwoo but then sounds like Vernon but doesn't get any proper lines
  • S.Coups: That low voiced rapper that you want to punch in the face when he raps because boy stay in your line
  • Performance unit
  • Dino: that rapper who has a very very very high voice like a baby chick so cute
  • Hoshi: the guy who sings in hip hop unit's songs; likes to kill the entire fandom with his voice
  • Minghao: YEE OMG YEE OMG SAY

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Phichit and Georgis S/o asking to do their makeup?

hHAHA i love this one

i hope you like them! x



  • at first he doesn’t know what to say but he becomes sO EXCITED 
  • super on board
  • his eyes are sparkling the entire time bc he is just pumPED
  • but once he starts he gets v confused
  • ‘does this go on your face?’ ‘that’s eyeshadow,’ ‘oH’
  • ‘omg do i put this near your eye!?’ ‘yeaaa?’ ‘bUT-’
  • actually super into it though
  • sO focused and is trying his best to not make his s/o look like a clown
  • probably makes an even bigger mess with the makeup wipes when trying to fix the mess he made
  • he’s just precious okay
  • he and his s/o just laugh at the mess
  • he’s hellbent on finishing their makeup though
  • sO excited when he’s finished like he’s so ready for his s/o to see because he thinks he did an amAzing job
  • it took probably an hour and a half but he did gREAT ???
  • his s/o is just amazed
  • ‘it looks great, riiighhhtt?’
  • so precious
  • will want to try a lot of makeup looks on his s/o


  • immediately agrees bc he thinks it’ll be good fun; he also just likes to cute couple stuff like that
  • he has his shit together
  • pays v close attention to the detail
  • like if the eyeliner is slightly wonky he wiLL fix it
  • honestly knows everything
  • eyebrows, winged eyeliner, contour and blending 10/10
  • prefers a more toned down makeup look on his s/o
  • after all they’re not the one who’s performing as a witch
  • mostly neutral tones but daMN his s/o looks great
  • he rEALLY enjoys doing his s/o’s makeup but he does prefer them without it; he likes it when they’re just their natural self  - like genuinely prefers no make to make up that looks like there’s no makeup - but he is 110% supportive if they want to wear makeup because they find it fun or because it helps their confidence
  • he just thinks they’re absolutely gorgeous either way
  • and his s/o looks like a goddess
nct dream without mark+donghyuck



-tries to be the leader

-tries to stay calm and reassure everyone that they’d be perfectly fine without their hyung!! 

-”guys haha… im your hyung now!! #leader!renjun!! yes!! nono jeno please dont cry”


-he probably pats jeno’s back awkwardly while he sobs

-he attempts to handle everything by himself but he ends up calling the cops and his mom

-at one point he just gives up on handling the children and lays down on the floor face down

-he probably has sunglasses to hide the fact he’s crying bYE

-there’s probably a single tear running down his cheek 24/7


-has the ‘why has everybody forsaken me’ face on the entire time

-he probably has ptsd now



-I N S A N E

-he cracks bYE

-”lol… what do you mean my number 1 bby completely and fully capable mark lee lee minhyung isnt here….”

-see jeno handles all of this by crying hysterically

-but jaemin handles it by wrecking havoc omg

-”YOU CANT CONTAIN ME YOURE NOT MARK HYUNG” -jaemin as he starts climbing the waLLS

-”if i take this stage light no one will be mad at me right”

-”of course im an angel im only an angel for leE MINHYUNG DONT TOUCH ME RENJUN”

-at one point of his trip to insanity he stops and asks “lol where’s that dweeb donghyuck” before continuing iM

-jaemin basically turns into a demon child

-poor renjun oh my goddd

-he probably pops up behind renjun and tacKLES HIM 


-stops blinking probably

-”how long has it been since mark hyung and donghyuck the dweeb has abandoned us”

-”jaemin, they’ll be back soon-” “H O W L O N G H A S I T B E E N-”

-the most triggered fuckin kid ever

-”ok jaemin do you wanna go outside or something??” “MARK HYUNG LIKED GOING OUTSIDE ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING”

-the only way he’ll calm down is if renjun lets him stare at a picture of mark and donghyuck



-he loses all the water in his body from crying

-he just sits on the couch and cries

-he doesnt do anything else

-i mean, at least jaemin is moving 

-jeno’s just sitting there in despair

-”jeno i promise theyll be back soon!! we’re going home after this show!!” -renjun trying to comfort him

-”DONT LOOK AT ME” -jeno, screeching (it makes jisung screech louder oMG)

-”what if mark hyung never comes back to me… what if donghyuck never comes back to me… who will insult my fashion now….“

-even after he stops crying he’s crying on the inside

-wont stop crying until someone knocks him out

-ends up crying on the floor

-probably has to sleep in mark’s bed when they go back home

-when he gets back to the dorms he’s fuRIOUS

-”*grabs mark by the collar* *shoves him against the door* HOW D A R E Y O U L E A V E M E” 


-rocking back and forth in the corner

-”i didnt leave china for this bullshit”

-renjun tried comforting him once and onLY ONCE

-ren came near him and chenle jumped forward and wouldnt let go of his arm

-this kid probably doesnt blink either

-jisung’s screeching soothes him

-doesnt look up often but when he does he just looks lost lmfao

-”chenle? u ok buddy?”

-“am i dead? mark hyung is that you??”

-“omg you arent dead youre just…” “crazy?” “dONGHYUCK NO”

-he probably shakily sings donghyuck and mark’s parts in chewing gum to keep himself somewhat sane

-heavy breathing omg



-it’s like a little kid lost in a huge ass grocery store

-”mom? mom? mom? mom? mom?”

-he doesnt know why he’s screaming and running around but it just feels right so why not amirite

-probably has tears in his eyes as he runs bc holy shIT MY PARENTS ARE GONE AND I’LL NEVER GO HOME AT THIS POINT

-this will haunt him forever

-the only way you can stop him is if you tackle him down and sit on him

-that doesnt stop him from screaming tho lmAO

-he stops to take a breath for one second and renjun mistakes it as him giving up so he stops sitting on him

-worst mistake ever smh

-jaemin and jisung have probably ran into each other like 5 times by now

-he ends up like passing out bc no air is making it into his body

-he’s probably just screaming for fun now

-he contemplates whether or not he should help renjun out and be the most perfect maknae anyone has ever seen!! perfect and pure and angelic!!!

-syke he doesnt have time to be good

-he has to show everyone who the trUE DEVIL IS

-probably screeches louder to one-up jaemin

-”jaemin thinks he’s the bad one?? i’LL SHOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!”

-accidentally kicks the wall while running around, doesnt know how

they did a great job by themselves and im so proud of my baby boys even tho i joke around a lot support nct dream bye