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Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

BTS reaction to you sending him a hot pic of you while he’s with the other members

Jimin: ‘’Aaah, why is she doing this when there’s still two hours of practice left?’’ Everyone know what happened just by the look on his face- face of someone who is being tortured but still happy…

Namjoon: Isn’t exactly bothered by it since: ‘’I’ll get my revenge tonight.’’ And, of course, he makes sure to send you a message back to let you know that.

Taehyung: ‘’Who’s acting weird? I’m always like this!’’ He’s not fooling the members with his excuses because he’s still can’t stop grinning while saying them. ‘’I don’t know what grin you’re talking about.’’

Jin: ‘’How do I do this? Ok, Seokjin, act normal and save it for later!’’ The problem is that he’s not as good in acting like nothing happened as he taught he is…

Hoseok: Gives others ‘’a look’’ when they notice him staring at his phone and ask what it is about. ‘’Oh, would you want to know?Well this is for my eyes only.’’ 

Suga: ‘’Ah, she knows I still can’t go home! This was intentional!’’ Maknae line: ‘’Yoongi hyung seems pretty lively all of a sudden…’’

Jungkook: ‘’Ok I didn’t just see this. Others didn’t see my face when I saw it…actually just like I said I didn’t see anything! Nothing happened at all. Smile widely! Wider!’’

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Ok but imagine The Martian and MCU being in the same universe

  • Army people Lewis, Martinez and Beck researching Howling Commandos and their strategies which are still used in this day and age
  • Chris running into Steve one time in DC Starbucks and asking for a pic, later he thinks he left bad impression on him because Steve had a weird look on his face (but actually Chris reminded him so much of someone…)
  • Iron Man reference is so much funnier if we imagine it’s a living person Mark’s talking about and not some fictional character
  • Tony Stark sending huge anonymous donations and working with NASA and JPL to bring Mark home
  • He later invites him to dinner and they are so much alike (and Pepper can’t deal with all that wit)
  • Thor walking up to Mark and saying: “I don’t want to brag but I also survived on another planet.” and Mark can’t believe he’s just been burned by a god.
  • Tony Stark hiring computer geek Johanssen to work for him and together they are constantly hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D. computers and pranking Fury
  • Steve and Mark having heartfelt conversations about loneliness and survival and depression
  • Natasha teaching Beth all sorts of self-defense skills
  • Martinez and Luis (a.k.a. Ant-Man’s best buddy) being little shits all the time
  • Jane and Melissa talking about space and other planets (because they’ve both experienced space travel one way or another) and Melissa gushing about Asgard
  • Thor dragging all of Ares 3 crew to a family dinner on Asgard



So an anon just sent me this tip, and this pic is from the finale with Ingo. Look whose in the audience to the left with his eyes glued on Kym, and a big smile on his face 😍😁 Kym is looking hot, and it’s crazy to think she didn’t even know he was there. And he didn’t know this hot woman who would one day steal his heart 😭😍💕💕❤❤❤

Thank you anon!

Picture Thoughts

Pic 1: No way Sam would have started walking up the steps with Cait and just left her behind him. 

Pic 2: Sam turned to look at blondie. Maybe he turned his head because the “fan” was snapping pictures? That was awfully close. In any event, blondie may be smiling at Sam, but we don’t see his face.

Pic 3: Sam and blondie are smashed together because Sam is huge and stadium seats have very little space!

Pic 4: Sam wouldn’t let Cait just grab his arm while walking away in crowd at stadium. He would have his arm around her guiding her along! 

If anything, this looks more like a friends thing to me with blondie and S.