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Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

Darren Criss appreciation post

It’s a lot of time since my last appreciation post (have i ever done a post like this before? I don’t know). But now i feel the need. And the funny thing is that i feel this desire because a riot. A very basic one caused by those pics in speedo. And not because he’s gorgeous as always. But because if you have read Vulgar Favors you have an idea of what they are filming and how much Darren is in character with his face and his expression. This project could mean a lot career wise for him, And i can’t wait it to be a witness of his success. Even if i hate Ryan Murphy and Fox. 

And more down to earth Mr. Colfer is a very lucky man.

Haters who don’t know a damn about pr and similar… to the left, do you a favor..starting from now. 

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so (putting this on my new betta blog instead of my main, abacchio) this is jojo and this is what i was talking about with his colors. the bottom pic is him maybe 4 days after i got him, the top 4 are him currently. it’s been about 13 days since i got him

there’s a noticeable darkening but it’s not brown (which is what i would expect from bad water conditions - i keep the water clean and he doesn’t show any other signs of bad water so i don’t think it’s that) it’s black. black and there are hints of iridescent blue if you look hard enough?

there’s also a black/blue spot on his dorsal fin that’s very visible when he faces left but it’s not there in the bottom pic. there’s also a large blackish spot on his right side that you can faintly see. that’s kind of always been there but it’s gotten darker?

and at the base of his tail theres some black above the orange

other than his weird coloration - hes fine. his tank is heated, filtered (sponge filter) he’s eating normally, he’s active, (i actually had to coax him with food to sit still for these pictures) and his light goes on and off at consistent times

do you think this is marbling or just bad water conditions??? the water shouldn’t be bad but i don’t have any strips to test right now. so: marbling or something else?

note: his fins do look shorter in the recent pics but they’re not!! they’re the same as they’ve always been, it’s just the angle, lighting, and the fact that his fins are more relaxed and not flared up. he’s okay, no fin ripping or fin rot!

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Professor Michealis was entirely bored during today’s exam. Having forgotten a book he was left with his phone. Neko atsume only proved so entertaining and there wasn’t much on facebook and he’d already checked all his email accounts. And considering no one was bothering him he did have time to check that one app. As discreetly as he could he swiped left until he found one that proved interesting. A very cute twink, no face in the pic but the body was cute. So he worked on a message. 

Rather into crafting the perfect flirtatious text he didn’t hear the last student to finish approach him and linger. Once again this same student finished a test last and seemed discouraged. In a somewhat suspect fashion Sebastian quickly put his phone on sleep. 

“Do you want to schedule another make up exam?”