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NO SEX BEFORE BREAKFAST! (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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Warnings: Kissing? Does that count?



Newt woke up with something soft brushing against his face and a warm body pressed against him. He kept his eyes closed as he revelled in your touch and pulled you closer against him, making you squeal in surprise.

“Good morning.” You said, laughing softly. Newt just smiled and sighed deeply. “Are you not planning to open your eyes today, Mr. Scamander?”

“I think I need a moment, Miss Y/L/N.” He responded. “You can go back to doing what you were doing.” He mumbled, making you laugh again.

“Ok, you interrupted me anyway.” You said, your light touches gracing his face again. He let you do whatever you were doing for a while before asking what you were actually doing. “I’m counting your freckles.” You answered. An amused smile pulled at his lips and he opened his eyes to find you lying in front of him, brows furrowed in concentration.

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Zora men appreciation post!

So I’m 10 years late but I’m finally visiting Zora’s domain in this second Breath of the Wild playthrough (the first one was kinda rushed and I had no idea what I was doing).

Let’s take a moment to study all the handsome fish men :

Seriously, I really dig this design (the last games I played with them in it was Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past).

then I proceeded to spend the rest of my game/life with the prince.

his face tho 💕

will Link ever save Hyrule now? who knows..

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It seemed popular with kd blogs. So. What are your top 13 kd moments..i cant be satisfied with only 5 :( That was why i asked 13 because 13 is kd number for me. Can you also explain why did you choose those? I know its hard since youve been

2. Following them since 2012.

Hey anon,

Wow 13 is a lot :o But since I haven’t done KD spam for quite a while, this is the right moment to do one! And it’s indeed hard to choose only 13 out of so many precious KD’s moments u.u

So, let’s begin!

[[Do keep in mind that body languages can convey more than one meaning. However, to interpret a person behaviour depends on the situation. I don’t claim all of my analysis as facts. It’s an analysis from one pov - my pov.  If you have something to say or a different opinion than mine, please be constructive. I can’t help you unless you help yourself first :)]]

1. I found this very interesting because JI was staring at KS when KS wasn’t even talking. This leads to my conclusion that this was an act from JI’s subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind mostly consists of implicit memory - things you do spontaneously or automatically. The act of staring at KS already registered into JI’s mind that it becomes a habit for him OR KS became his subject of interest that his eyes tend to gravitate towards him. A guy tends to maintain his eye contact at the person they attracted to.

KS’s reaction was even more interesting. He was blinking his eyes twice consecutively. Then, he swallowed followed by his eyes moving downwards. Rapid eyes blinking is a sign of nervous or under pressure while gulping is a sign of stress or embarrassment. The movement of his eyes downwards in this situation could be a sign of submission.

Please don’t get be wrong. I don’t mean being submissive in that way. JI’s gaze was dominant which got KS nervous and embarrassed. It’s a natural reaction or stimuli when you got flustered. Your first response is lowered your gaze because you’re at your vulnerable state. It’s like telling the other person ‘please stop looking at me because I can’t look back at you’.

If you noticed, JI also blinked his eyes after KS did. He was mirroring KS. It also happened unconsciously. Mirroring could mean similarity or likeness.

So many things happened in just one gif…. or am I just looking things into deep? But that’s the thing about humans. They think they can hide with their words but their movements betrayed them. I believe that the more person moves, the more their body tell us. The more it appears implicit, the more truth in it.

2. This is a part of the gif set where JI tried to get KS’s attention but he got ignored. I like this moment because JI used his upper body to express his displeasures. He moved his body away from facing KS, turning his head around, patting his hand on his chest to calm himself down (internal emotions debate) and his mouth was moving that doesn’t form any words. The movement of mouth could indicate that he was thinking to say something. The words were already in his mind but he wasn’t planning to say it out loud. However, his mouth moved along with his thoughts.

This moment is cute because angry JI is cute. Lol.

3. The first time I saw this gif set was only the 2nd and the 3rd one. Then, I watched the video. I was shocked when JI called KS in that manner when KS was obviously older than him. JI was showing his dominance when his body leaned to the back, creating a space in front of him; meaning he’s not afraid if you’re near him. The slight nod of his head also a sign of power/dominance in that situation.

Don’t get me wrong what I meant by dominance in this context. You have to understand that dominance doesn’t imply one is more dominant than the other. It’s more like showing during this situation, I’m more confident than you are.

Then, the neck grabbing. According to study, besides the private region for an obvious reason, nape of the neck is the 3rd intimate/sensitive part to touch for men. The neck itself is a sensitive area for all humans.

Both of them extended their hands to reach out for the other person - JI for KS’s neck and KS for JI’s waist. This an act of welcoming the person, offering or seeking affection. It’s like the opposite of crossing your arms.

This moment really warms my heart. It shows that despite the fact that they are not the same age, they actually treat each other like they are the same age when SK really emphasize to treat the older appropriately.

4. According to expertise, head is a very personal area that only reserved for close relatives and intimate partners to touch. Head touching is a sign that you trust the other person and you shared a strong bond with them. It can be between friends too!

It’s like when your father, mother or friend patted your head. Usually, you don’t do it to people that are older than you. You don’t do it to your father or mother out of respect. I mean like, I don’t do it to them but I like it when my mom caressed my head. It also happens between athletes. When they scored, they touched each other head. But that’s in a different environment because it becomes a habit and a normal practice for them.

However, I find JI touching KS’s head very special because I repeat, KS is older than JI. They must share a very deep bond for KS to allow JI to touch his head.

5. I love the smile on KS’s face and the way they don’t look at each other when their hands touched. IMO, KS seems like he was trying to hide his smile when he pressed his lips together. His face muscles reacted unconsciously to smile but then he tried to hide it which resulted in a stiff looking expression - not natural.

But KD has always been subtlely obvious anyway. lol.

6. The famous jagi moment. Never forget guys!!

7. A person might see this picture and go aww. But whenever I see this picture I’ll be like they’re in love. This picture speaks louder than those KD shippers’ haters. Sorry, not sorry.

Anyway, last year, I read articles about how a picture can define a couple/two people relationship. It states that when two people body curves toward each other, forming a circle or even love, it shows that their relationship is good and intimate. When I saw that picture, it reminded me of the articles I read.

It’s like when you were taking a family picture and your parents just gravitated their upper body inwards to face each other. Even in a random picture of your friends and his/her partner, you can see how their bodies just move inwards - the gravitation is strong. You can never deny the pull of your body. Your body knows you more than you think you know yourself.

I find this picture very intimate. I believe if we look at the moment from the front, their heads probably formed a heart <3

8. I find this moment very intimate. JI’s nose touching KS’s ear is one thing but look at how their bodies moved inwards/towards each other. At the 2nd and last gif, even tho JI already leaned in so close, KS still turned his body around to get closer, it’s like close is not close enough to him.

In the 2nd gif as well, both of their hands moved towards each other and touched. Their hands actually remained in that position instead of pulling away.

The fact they kept on moving from just staying in one position really amplifies the pull of their body towards each other. It’s like you’re sitting next to your partner. It’s close but to you it’s not close enough.

9. I think in this moment, it was very unnecessary for KS to hold JI’s hand like that. You can see KS actually jerked JI’s hands towards his direction from the way he pulled his elbow and the slight halt of JI’s body before he turned around to face KS.

It’s like ‘babe you’re not going anywhere without me’. haha.

10. This random touches never fail to warm my heart.  It could be accidental or otherwise. But the way JI slides his arm downwards is a sign of intimacy because it lingers more than necessary. Intimacy can define between family, friends or partner.

However, look at the way KS moved his eyes. I remember reading a text about eyes movement. It states that when your eyes move from one side to the other side once, it means you’re being aware of the surrounding. You wanted to appear subtle and not suspicious. The verbal meaning is ‘I hope no one saw that’.

Anyway, as I was saying, KS’s eyes moved from one side to the other side right after JI touched his shoulder. You can see how his eyes paused at a certain point before he moved to the other point. He subconsciously observing the surrounding.

We also have caught KS looking around a few times when JI initiated skinship. Why are you being so suspicious KS? Is there something you’re hiding from us? ehem.

11. The famous pepero CF. I love this moment too. The part where JI doesn’t mind when his fingers touched KS’s lips. He even pressed it close to KS’s lips and look at the way JI smiled and munched. He might be eating pepero too but he only moved his lips after KS moved his lips too. Another gesture of mirroring.

12. The loving stares JI sent to KS. His eyes just screamed love. The way he tilted his head while watching KS talking. When a person exposed their neck it means they are not threatened by the other person or feels comfortable. It’s the opposite of touching/covering your neck which is a sign of nervous or timid. The area of the neck is very sensitive. During that moment, JI seems to be very comfortable and relax. It means that KS makes him feel comfortable.

The way KS turned his head and looked at JI while laughing then JI laughed too is so endearing to watch. KS gravitated towards JI, turning his head while laughing because he was seeking for that similarity/like-ness. ‘Do you find this funny too?’. JI mirrored KS again, laughing. If you pay attention to the 5th gif, after KS turned his head towards JI then faced the front again, he stopped laughing. Then, he laughed again after JI laughed.

JI also slide his hand across KS’s back (unnecessary touches) and caressing it. I really like this moment a lot. JI barely do anything but his eyes spoke volume.

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jul 7, 2016 at 2:15am PDT

13. Who doesn’t love this moment? How they can just relate to each other with just one gesture and it straight away reminded KS of the subject JI talked about. The way they laughed together like a domino effect. It was said that a couple that laughed together a lot has a higher quality relationship. Laughing together shows that you share a strong or deep bond with someone. It can be between family and friends too.

Look at how in sync their body were. Laughing –> body fell forward –> looking at each other –> reaching their hands –> sat straight. It was like JI was mirroring KS.

And La_y’s reaction is fun to watch as well. I never see him so obvious like this before. He always had that neutral face (no changes. just one expression throughout one moment). La_y touched his chin. Touching/stroking your chin is a sign that someone is thinking hard OR judging/evaluating something. He also moved his head to face KS then JI before he touched his chin. It indicates he was actually thinking/judging them.

Then, his head and body were more dominant on his right side. He moved his head from right, downwards to the right. The right side is the constructive side. It’s a sign that he was having internal thoughts/emotions. Like he was thinking of something.

I just love how genuine this moment was.

Well that’s my top 13 I guess.

Anyway, KD is real ;)

Keep calm and support KD. Take care anon!

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Is there proof that charioce is interested in nina romantically? Cause he could be interested in her since nina is an interesting girl but not to an extent it's a romantic pursuit.

That’s an interesting question anon, thank you for asking that omg, is this my time to make the analysis?? Yass bring it on~

(I shall provide this post with the right amount of pictures~)

Since you’re asking about Charioce, I’ll stick with him only (approved the fact Nina is already deeply infatuated confirmed lol)

First of all, there’s a thing we have to clarify, which is the fact that Charioce rarely - if not never - shows his emotions openly. More like the snb staff doesn’t want to show them and I seriously both love and hate them for this (mostly love tho), so to look for proofs about his feelings for Nina may be a hard quest.


There’s really no doubt he’s got his interest over her.

People were recently talking about an interview in which there was pointed Charioce didn’t have love feelings for Nina until episode 6, and that’s reasonable. I believe in love at first sight, but that too has to evolve and can’t take only an arm wrestling match to improve ahah!

Let’s see together how his feelings evolved.

This is him just interested in her back in epiosde 3.

The moment something he’ll never forget happened

This is him still just interested, but a bit more.  I mean, he’s interested here, we easily get it, but that smile is the intrigued one imho. He’s been fashinated by her charm. Or it’s just he has a strength kink lol idk

That said, episode 6 is the point things evolve for the best and aaaaah we get to the charinina most loved scene (after the whole ep 13 and the dance, that’s it): the pepper scene! Let’s see:

This is him, more interested

This is where they danced. Something is changing, it seems

This is him at the end of the dance

As I said, to see him openly showing feelings is rare. Only when he’s alone, something is showing up:

This is his face. Now, you can see the difference,right? 

I meeeeeannn–

Until we go to the clou:

Here he’s worried about her

This is him being relieved she’s fine and awake sakhksdbgskdr

This is when he doesn’t understand her, but still accept her 

tHIS is his face while hugging her

This is him worrying about her asjdvkjfksdhasjnkdxrjbg

To say it out loud, my impression of him is he’s a shy dork. He has 0 relationship experience and doesn’t know how to behave towards people he cares about, let alone flirting or something of the kind. 

Here he shows to have 0 points in social skills becuse they don’t talk nor do anything. Still, he managed to offer Nina some chibi bananas. That’s improvement imho. 

He just has no clue about how to talk properly with someone. The point, Chari, you’re missing the point.

We could see that, darling.

This is the please look at me moment

This is the please look at me can’t you see something here? moment 

He simply just can’t. Probably enough, he was internally screaming or his mind was going like bzzz bzzz bzzz we’ve lost connection try again later.
Basically, this post describes it in a nutshell.

Now, about the whole conversation “are you enjoying the prison life” and “then why are you fleeing” I want to spend few words to all who criticized that saying he was mean and such.
His way of making small talks is wrong, I’ll give you that. He just doesn’t know what to talk about because the stare move didn’t work as predicted lol

This is the dork who laughs at his own jokes before telling them.
Yeah I know it can be unrelated, but it prooves his introvert being once more. Ando also it was noticable lol

Also keep in mind we’ve never had the chance to properly see Charioce’s face when there’re a cute or kinda important charinina moments 

The cute one

The important one

This is Chari who’s forgotten he’s in the middle of an important issue and his plan of small talks is also pretty much failing

So, back to the topic, we’re finally at the latest episode (!!!! I’ll try to stop fangirling and talk in the most serious possible way, I promise) and there’s only one thought that firstly come to my mind: he’s mindblowing like me.

I mean, he’s the human king, he’s in the middle of a war against the angels/gods who’re literally destroying and setting on fire the town, he’s using his final weapon that’s still under tests and it’s not safe to say he won’t get damage by that and… in all this, KABOOM - to quote him - a lady crush into his face like
!!!! What’s going on???

See how shocked he was when she transformed. I’m sure he had his doubts, maybe he thought she could summon the dragon or something. But to think she was the real one? I think he didn’t consider that as reasonable.

So yeah, he’s in mindblowing.

You can’t blame him tho, in a few moments he lost an eye, got a beauty asking to hug her, found out that same beauty is a dragon, touched the dragon, wow I was right the dragon is the beauty, grabbed the beauty, and last but not the least zombie girl stole the beauty, what a shame. I wanted to talk to the beauty more. *looks at the sky longing for you know what*

And just to add another thing here, I don’t think Nina forgot about her speech when she first met the King (before she realized he was Charioce).
I mean, Nina is an easy going type of girl, moreover she isn’t involved in the whole human vs demons fight from the start. She’s just an outsider.
Of course she thinks hurting others is bad, that’s why she told him, because she’s honest. 

That said, I don’t think she forgot, she’s just a dorky teenager in love so her priorities are simpler than what we could think.

And this is related to the hug scene in episode 13 too, of course. Because crush or not crush, Nina needed to turn into a dragon to save her friends (and I’d have liked if she was able to do it by herself, but you perfectly know I can’t complain at all about how she had to transform ;^)c ;^)c )

So, again, it’s just a matter of priorities, not forgetting, forgiving or something like that.

To end this quickly, as I’ve taken enough of your time already, if you don’t like to say he is in love at least “he cares for her” is 100% legit

On my account, I’d say they are in love, but in case you wouldn’t like it put like that, there’s undoubtedly proof they’re both interested into each other! 😍

Meeting Tarjei

“Now, if you think this story was cute and sentimental, the story of meeting Tarjei was much more quirky and funny.So it was the last day before our departure from Oslo, and we decided to visit all of our favorite places there, just to remind ourselves how much we’ll miss it. One of those places was Aker Brygge.As we were walking and enjoying our day and beautiful views in front of us, And right in that place, as we just turned our heads in the left, we saw a familiar figure passing by. He was wearing earphones and staring at us from time to time. Gabi, of course, immediately caught up that it was him and quietly whispered “Noooo way” to which Tarjei stopped, thinking that we must’ve told him something. Both of us, couldn’t believe that he actually stopped next to us, so we just remained speechless, while he was awkwardly struggling to volume down the music in his earphones and actually take them off.As soon as he did, he walked up closer and said his little cute “Hei”, which made Gabi say “No way, you’re real” and hug him. Tarjei greeted her with open arms and a smile hugging her tightly, and then me. We kept standing there smiling as me, being the dumbass I am, asked “How are you?” to which he happily responded “Well I’m doing fine, just going to a rehearsal”.Of course, we were intrigued what that was so we were like “Oh really, that’s great!” to which he laughed and said “Yeah, I’m gonna play in a concert, well, not a concert, more like a, you know, theatre but with music”. So I was like “Musical, right?” and he just went “Oh yes, musical” to which me and Gabi just responded with “Wow, that’s amazing”. He felt so nervous and like I really don’t know what’s the matter, but he was so happy to see us actually make a conversation with him, that we all forgot the pictures. It was him who later on just simply said like “So, do you want to take a picture?” and we just messily started looking for our phones like “Yeah, omg sure!” But we realized that we didn’t have anyone to ask to take it. In that situation we were very lost but Tarjei, as goofy as he is, said “Well I can use my long arms to take a selfie with you guys” and we were like “Yes omg it would be great!” As we stood into our poses, he kept taking all those pictures and he seemed like he didn’t even wanna stop lmao.As we finished he looked at us, and another dumb phrase ran out of my mouth being “This is our last day being here in Oslo and you actually made it like so much better now. We weren’t even expecting it to start out so good.” To which he asked “Oh, so where are you guys from?” and when we said “Lithuania” he gasped like “Ohhhhh, Lithuania”. Me and Gabi laughed at him, after what Gabi asked if he actually knows where that is. His response was “Yeah, I know Lithuania, but I never got to meet any fans from there before, wow”. It was such a pleasant thing to hear that that I just blurted out a “So we’re the first ones, ayy” which made him laugh.After that, he told his goodbye and wished us good luck and that we have a nice last day here, to what we responded with the same kind of thing.That moment we just rushed down to the shore with wide smiles on our faces and only one phrase rolling in our heads “What the heck was that?"Even tho Tarjei was a little nervous talking to us, he seemed very happy which made us, of course, happy as well.
On this note, I would love to say huge thank you to both Cengiz Al and Tarjei for stopping by and taking some time to talk to us.Hopefully, anyone reading this will have a chance to meet these two sunshines as well.
Spread the love and positivity! “ via Agata aka @jcksnsgf on Twitter


Have you met or seen(but without invading privacy) a member of the Skam cast and want to share your story? Message me!

Short stories are also posted on Instagram @imetskamcast

It Hurts Like Hell

                               - Part II

Kai Parker x Reader

! Part I …

*not my gif


“Wake up Y/N.” Kai shook her shoulders a couple of times.
A few moments later Y/N opened her eyes looking confused around the room , her gaze falling on Kai.
“How are you feeling?” he asked leaning over her, a hint of worry in his voice.
“Where am I ?” Y/N asked confused , her hand reaching for the place Kai had stabbed her with a knife. “You stabbed me with a knife …” she raised her voice sligthly. “How am I healed ?”
Kai sat on the bed next to her.
“Whoa you ask a lot of questions… You are in my bed.” he said , as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Y/N’s eyes widened. What had happened ? Did they … She tried to focus her thoughts. Kai stared at her amused.
“Love that shocked expression you have on right now.” he said letting out a short laugh , Y/N turned to face him , a million questions going through her head but before she could speak Kai said “Relax. Nothing happened.” He sounded almost disappointed , or maybe she had imagined it. “…and your wound is healed because I healed you with magic when I got back a few hours ago.”
Y/N stared at him in disbelief.
“What ? You didn’t think I’d really let you die , did you? In what universe does that make sense ?” he said , a slight smile on his face.

Y/N sighed. “It’s kind of what I thought , yeah.”  
A look of hurt crossed Kai’s face but faded away quickly. Suddenly tossed a paper bag on the bed next to her.
“Get changed. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  he said leaving the room.
Y/N waited until she could no longer hear his footsteps and emptied the bag on the bed. Black skinny jeans and a white top with print on it saying ‘cupcakes’. At least Kai knew what clothes she liked … which for some reason both creeped her out and flattered her at the same time.  She changed as fast as she could , but still not fast enough because Kai walked in just as Y/N was changing her shirt.
“Ooops … sorry!” he said grinning without lowering his gaze. “You know .. you are like really pretty.” he said.
Y/N felt her cheeks blush but didn’t get the chance to say anything because right after that Kai grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the room.
“Come on.”  he said smiling.
Y/N sighed, he was so confusing. Yesterday he had her tied up and nearly choked her to death and now he was being super nice and lovely … His mood swings were making her feel dizzy.

Kai dragged her down a small hallway and into the kitchen. Y/N stopped at the door. He turned around , not releasing his grasp on her wrist.
“What?” he asked confused “I made you breakfast.”
Y/N still refused to step inside.
“Oh come on , Y/N. Can’t you see I am trying to apologise ?” he said , looking at her with an apologetic look on his face. Y/N sighed and walked inside.
“You seem in a good mood … Whyyy ?” she asked while sitting on one of the chairs.
Kai pile stacked a couple pancakes and some bacon in two plates , grabbed the maple syrup and took them to the table. He placed one of the plates in front of Y/N and sat on the closest chair to her. Yep , he clearly had done research.. .she thought starring at the breakfast he had made. Pancakes and bacon were her favourite breakfast food.
“Thank you for the change of clothes …and the pancakes.“she said while snatching the maple syrup from his hands.
Kai looked amused. Y/N poured maple syrup all over the pancakes , slightly mixing it with the crispy bacon and then left it on the table.
He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her the whole time.
“You really like pancakes , don’t you?” he said grinning while pouring some maple syrup all over his pancakes. Y/N couldn’t help but smile back at him , his smile making her smile.
They ate in silence for a while, Kai glancing at her every few seconds , a grin on his face. He was in a REALLY good mood …

“While you were sleeping …” Kai said after they had finished breakfast “… your friends called taking the deal. They tried to pull one over on me , so in the end I didn’t get the Ascendant but on the bright side I got to do the merge. Of course Luke had to interfere so in the end I merged with him instead of Jo, which I’m fine with , I guess. I won and all…”
Y/N’s eyes widened. If Kai had merged with Luke and was there with her that means Luke was… “Luke is dead , isn’t he?” she asked , her voice hollow.
Kai nodded. “I told him ‘It’s your funeral’ but he didn’t listen.”
Poor Liv , she thought , the pain she must be going through…
“So what does that mean for me ?” Y/N asked curious , if he hadn’t gotten the Ascendant maybe he would keep her there until he does.
Kai clenched his jaw , suddenly he looked sad , all the happiness gone from his face. “You can go.”  he said getting up.
Y/N glanced at him. Something was not right here , she just couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Kai looked different and even sounded a little different.
“Or , if you want , you can stay..” he said with a hopeful expression on his face.

   *   *   *  

Kai’s hopeful expression when he had asked her to stay , then the look on his face when she was leaving his apartment was seared into Y/N’s mind. Every time she closed her eyes , it was right there. It’s not like she had wanted to leave straight away. Y/N wanted to find out why he was acting strange but she had left because she had to go see her friends. They would surely freak out if they didn’t see her or hear from her and go after Kai. She also had to go find Liv…she’d need a friend right now , but Liv wasn’t picking her phone and no one besides Tyler had seen her.

Y/N walked to the Salvatore Boarding House. Walking always helped her gather her thoughts and put things in perspective and she had a lot of things to think about that day. For some reason she couldn’t get Kai out of her thoughts and she wanted to see him again.
About a half hour later she was already at the door ringing the bell.
Caroline opened the door almost immediately and pulled her into a hug.
“I am so glad you are OK !” she said , relief clear in her voice. “Thought we lost you.”
“Yeah ….” Y/N replied. “I was worried there for a moment too…”
Walking into the living room Y/N noticed balloons and Miss Cuddles - Bonnie’s favourite stuffed toy from when they were kids.
“It’s Bonnie’s birthday … God ! I had completely forgotten ! … ” Y/N said , feeling guilty. Bonnie had helped her through so much and was now stuck in the 1994 prison world , alone.
“Being kidnapped by a psychopath gives you a pass.” Elena said smiling pulling her into a hug. “How are you?”
“I’m good.” Y/N smiled back taking a cupcake from the table. Caroline stared disapprovingly but said nothing. “Thank you…”
Elena pulled her into another hug nearly knocking the cupcake off Y/N’s hands.
Suddenly Y/N felt guilty and she couldn’t understand why ….
“Want to help us with the decorations ?” Caroline asked holding a large box filled with balloons , multi colour bows and other decorations.
“Sure. I could use a distraction.” Y/N said , finishing her cupcake.

A few hours passed. Y/N helped Caroline finish setting up the decorations and the balloons. Anything to distract herself from Kai and all the thoughts and feelings swirling in her mind. Why had he acted like this this morning ? Why couldn’t she stop thinking about him ? And most importantly why was she craving his presence … ?

Caroline left with Stefan to go find the version of Miss Cuddles she had buried as a child , leaving all Y/N alone.  She sat on the couch , starring at her phone screen checking her contacts. She wanted to call Kai and talk to him. Her finger hovered over the screen for a few moments before pressing the ‘call’ button. Shortly after she heard a familiar ringtone from somewhere behind her.
“I wondered if you’d call…” said a familiar male voice behind her. Turning around , she came face to face with Kai , his expression unreadable.
“What are you doing here ?” Y/N asked , hanging up the phone.
“Nothing much. Just a favor for a favor … ” Kai said trailing off.  He walked towards the couch and sat next to her. They sat in silence for a couple of minutes. She wanted to ask him so many questions but couldn’t find a way to begin …
Y/N turned around to glance at him and found him looking at her, his eyes were glistening with tears. Before she even had the chance to think about what she was doing , Y/N wrapped her hands around him and pulled him into a hug.
Kai stood there awkwardly for a few seconds and then hugged her too , burying his face in the crook of her neck.
“I … I am so sorry , Y/N.” Kai said , his voice breaking. “I shouldn’t have done what I did to you. ”
Y/N pulled away and Kai looked disappointed the hug had lasted such a short time. Suddenly all her thoughts came into focus. Kai deserved a second chance and she wanted to give him one. Clearly the merge had done something to change him. He wouldn’t meet her eyes tho …
“I forgive you.” she said making him look up , a smile spreading across his face.
“You really forgive me?” he said. “After everything I did to you ?”
“Yes. ” she said pausing for a moment. “I think you deserve a second chance and I am willing to give it to you.” she smiled at him and leaned in closer to whisper in his ear “I like this new you… ” and then kissed him on the cheek.
All of the sudden Kai pulled her into another hug , wrapping his hands around her tight. Y/N had to admit it to herself , as crazy as it sounded after all Kai had done to her … it felt really nice being in his arms.
“Thank you.” he whispered. “No one has ever given me a second chance before …”
Kai was holding her so tight , she could feel his heartbeat getting faster.
Y/N didn’t know how long they had stayed like this , but the longer she was in his arms the more she realised that she needed him.
“This feels nice.” she muttered more to herself than to him.
“It really does..” he whispered back. In this moment Kai felt a kind of happiness he never had experienced before. The guilt that used to keep him up at night the past few days was washing away … because of her. Y/N had forgiven him even tho Kai knew he didn’t deserve her forgiveness.

“Well , aren’t you two getting all nice and cozy on my couch.” Damon said , scaring both of them. Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other so fast , Y/N nearly fell off the couch but Kai grabbed her and kept her in place. “Get up , creeper. We have work to do.”
Y/N looked confused from Kai to Damon and back to Kai.
“He is going to help us bring back Bonnie…” Damon said answering the question in her eyes , pouring himself a glass with bourbon. “And he is going to do it today.”




Imagine Your Favourite Turtles Reaction To Making You Laugh


Leo instantly smiling, lost in thought as he stared at that beautiful face of yours and listened to your wonderful laughter. ‘Oh god I’m so lucky… If only this moment could last forever.’

Raph smirking, instantly teasing you about that cute/awkward laugh of yours, before pecking your lips and reassuring you that he loves it. ‘They have no idea how adorable that laugh is…’

Donnie’s cheeks going slightly pink before chuckling along with you, finding your laughter contagious. 'Oh no… I can’t stop laughing… and my face is starting to hurt… why did they have to laugh like that?’

Mikey smiling proudly, trying his absolute best to make you laugh like that again. 'Okay Mikey, think. You gotta make them laugh again… But that laugh tho… *sighs dreamily*’


Words: 476
Warning: sexual references and stuff not actuall smut in any way though
Requested: no
Pairing: Josh Dun x reader
Sum.: The one where you are camping and you accidentally get some marshmallow on your lips

A/N: short and “sweet”…idk hope this doesn’t scar you at how bad it is

You grabbed another piece of wood and threw it on the fire to hopefully get warmer. The sun had gone down an hour or two ago and with that the campfire, you and your friends sat around, was the only thing that kept you warm. Two couples and then three singles, you included. You sat back down on one of the logs next to Josh. Conversation had been stale with the others for a while now but every time you talked to him no matter what about it seemed to be interesting. It might be because this was feeding into your enormous crush on him or maybe…no actually it probably was that. Josh started up a new conversation with you and even though you didn’t really care for the topic you still tried to sound interested for Josh’s sake. Soon enough you two subtlety stopped talking about any real topic and kind of started flirting again. There had been flirty remarks all evening long but now they were getting a little out of hand. Both couples left to go sleep around 10 minutes later which only left you three sitting around. You grabbed the last marshmallow out of the bag and stuck it on a stick.

Thankfully you hadn’t burned it too badly as you took it out of the fire, you had forgotten about it for a moment while talking to Josh.

You blew on it for a little bit, hoping you wouldn’t burn your mouth on the last marshmallow for the evening.

Even tho you began to eat it in small bites at first you inevitably decided to then just stick the whole jumbo marshmallow in your mouth. Just like anticipated a bunch of it spilled out and covered your lips. You began to laugh slightly when you turned towards Josh because he looked at you with a smirk in his face. “Don’t even think about it”, you smirked back and then tried to lick some of it off of your lips.

Josh leaned forward slightly and while keeping a smug face he said “Here let me help you.” Before you could question what he said he grabbed your chin and pulled your face towards his. He pressed his lips on yours and you automatically closed your eyes leaning into the kiss. He pulled on your lower lip with his teeth, deepening the kiss. You opened your mouth slightly but Josh let go of your face and moved back again.

“Hmh marshmallow”, Josh grinned widely and you chuckled.

All of you sat in silence for a little while before Josh stood up and took your hand. You followed him blindly, guessing you two would get some privacy to talk.

“Use protection”, your friend shouted after you before the two of you disappeared in a tent leaving them alone.

"i don't say no to this" aka an anon asked for a follow-up to the penis-headcanon masterlist so i give you the "how long they last during sex" masterlist forgive me lord for i have sinned
  • gendry: he's sixteen and def hasn't banged anyone yet so my guess is he lasts about ten seconds. he might be able to get that number up with practice, but he's too busy polishing helmets so it might be a little while before that shit happens.
  • baelish, petyr: he like can't cum if he's focusing on who he's banging, but the second he thinks of himself on the iron throne he cums in like 4 seconds tops.
  • baratheon, renly: he's got stamina, man. he's got stamina.
  • baratheon, robert: depends /entirely/ on how drank he is. which these days is always so not too long. in his glory days, the days of ned thinkin' 'bout how hot his bod is, he lasted longer.
  • baratheon, stannis: he gets it over with as quickly as possible, which, naturally, means he's thinkin' bout the wrong shit so he ends up taking longer than like everyone else on earth combined.
  • bolton, ramsay: it's hit or miss how long he'll take, but it's never when he wants to.
  • bolton, roose: likes to play mind games while he fucks so you literally can't tell. unlike ramsay, and rather like a wizard, he cums exactly when he intends to.
  • clegane, gregor: ew no.
  • clegane, sandor: honestly everyone's so distracted by the fact that he cries during sex every time that they don't notice how long it takes.
  • dayne, arthur: as long as you're not reminding him that his epithet is LITERALLY ONE THAT CONNOTES BONERS he lasts a good long time and'll do you good. if you remind him of that fact he can't get it up and is v embarrassed.
  • dayne, gerold: look, hun, i know we like to make fun of him being darkstar of the night but 1) he's of the night and 2) do you think arianne martell would have banged him if he was no good i think not.
  • khal drogo: "Three quick strokes and it was done."
  • frey, walder: probz like 5-6 minutes or so? HA NOW YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT WALDER FREY HAVING SEX.
  • greyjoy, euron: he probably has the most stamina in asoiaf lbr here. it all comes from that eyepatch.
  • greyjoy, victarion: lasts 10 seconds tops
  • h'ghar, jaqen: depends on which face he's wearing. how long he lasts depends on his persona, and he's very good at staying in character.
  • lannister, jaime: i think after a dry spell he lasts not so long, but he's got a lot of practice with this so i think he can control it. i don't think he thinks of it that way tho.
  • lannister, tyrion: well, tyrion uses sex as an escape for a lot of the horrible shit in his life, so i think it really depends how successful the escapism is at any given moment.
  • lannister, tywin: he doesn't give a shit how long he lasts because the only person he tried to impress with stamina died years ago and he's not exactly a giving lover to the prostitutes he sees.
  • martell, oberyn: i lied. euron greyjoy doesn't have the most stamina. oberyn martell does. but i think he worked it up with ellaria and before then he didn't quite last that long.
  • mormont, jorah: he's super insecure about it so he doesn't think he's lasting very long, but he's not doing too badly.
  • naharis, daario: i'm just sayin', if he lasted through his and dany's night of passion "takin her in every way a man can take a woman" or w/e, i think that speaks for itself.
  • pycelle: i already said he was flaccid in the first list i just thought i'd remind you.
  • qyburn: depends how much experimenting he got done that day.
  • snow, jon: for a 16yo he handles his shit quite well
  • stark, robb: he was having sex so frequently by the end that he lasted longer than some men twice his age i'd say.
  • stark, ned: i'm just remembering that catelyn chapter where it starts with them banging do you guys remember that?
  • targaryen, rhaegar: didn't last long and was a selfish lover bc he's kinda selfish prick period.
  • tarly, samwell: considering he's only had sex once he lasted longer than might be expected.
  • tully, brynden: he probably doesn't need viagra lbr here.
  • tully, edmure: poor lad has performance anxiety.
The Robron Break-Ups : A Definitive Guide (Part One/So Many)


Do you ever start something you wish you hadn’t? Well, then you have something in common with both Katie Sugden and myself, because here, my friends, here is my magnum opus: the definitive guide to the dark times.

I, anguished, alone and with clearly no better way to spend my time, have gone back to the start of this mess of a fictional relationship we refer to as robron and counted every single break up, every single dismissal, every single time one of these boys were cruelly (or rightfully lbr) #denied by the other.


That’s right.

This is going to be the longest series of posts you’ve ever seen.

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EEE, he still has it!!!

So, Izujime? Hajizuru?

Well, hell, I know that silhouette anywhere…and after he causes a rockslide to save Naegi, I’m a little less miffed at seeing Komaeda again.

I’m a bit surprised Munakata is still alive by this point, in all honesty, since the last time we saw him, he was getting shot at by Mitarai’s mooks and running into the bullet barrage. Also…Fatakata?

FUCK YEAH, PEKO! (And Fuyuhiko, but I’m a lot less surprised seeing him.)

MY CHUUNIBYOU SON! (Before they aired this episode and I was thinking only a few might get woken up, I was hoping we’d see Tanaka among them.)

Nekomaru too (And Kazuichi, but again, no surprise there!), teaming up to take down some robots.

And Sonia’s there too–it seems like she’s either praising Kazuichi, or his feelings might be getting returned. Either way, they’re adorable.

And Akane and Teruteru team up to take down some firebreather guy!

And Hiyoko and Tsumiki (also, jeezus, Tsumiki, what the hell’s with the giant needle?)

And Ibuki and Sonia.

(Well, I guess it’s the best you can make due with their talents in a fight. That said, you’d think in a crowd of brainwashed soldiers one of them would shoot first before Ibuki could start playing?)

Also, y’all are going up against the Ultimate Everything….

And I don’t think they’re gonna last very long.


‘Yo, Mitarai.’ …And they didn’t even last until the next scene…

I can’t quite tell what’s being said here, but I’m guessing Hajime’s trying to talk Mitarai out of brainwashing everyone. But we get a pretty nice shot with the redeemed SHSL-Despairs/Class 77 standing behind him.

And Naegi finally shows up.

And after speeches from his former classmates (and Hajime/Izuru, he finally cancels it with only 5 seconds to spare.)


‘It’s finally over…’ (and he didn’t get to do a damn thing :\)

Hajime and Naegi share a moment:

 (Tho is it just me or does Hajime’s face look a bit off in that screenshot? ^)

…And him and Komaeda too…X’D (Poor Mikan tho)


Which (probably thankfully) gets interrupted by Nekomaru and Akane.

There’s some with Class 78 and Class 77 on Togami’s tablet, but I can’t understand what’s being said…it doesn’t sound good tho. But then it cuts to Class 77 on a boat, and…

(I guess Chiaki’ll always be with them in spirit.)

*credits roll*

‘Oh yeah, I’m alive still too. Just in case anyone forgot.’

In all honesty, I thought Munakata would’ve died after all this, considering the whole ‘redemption = death’ trope and how he was the heavy for most of the arc. 

Hajime’s expression….looks kinda ‘uncomfortable, but trying to hide it’.

It shows Mikan holding a bottle of ‘antagonist’ and talking about Naegi, (presumably continuing where she was going before Komaeda interrupted, and Komaeda takes it and starts rambling on about hope (I heard the word kibou mentioned in there), and it cuts back to Naegi…and THAT BOOT!!!

And after a brief scene of them rebuilding Hope’s Peak, and Naegi sitting alone by himself in a classroom, we get this:

*starts yelling* Ok, that is so cliche and totally bullshit, but I AM HAPPY!!! Thank you, Mikan, thank you, and your magic medicinal bullshit!!

All in all, while I’m kinda happy everyone lived and especially at seeing the full SDR2 class (I thought we might’ve seen only those remaining at the end of SDR2 or maybe one or two others?), there’s another part of me annoyed by the cliched ‘everyone lives’ ending.


The Last Ship -  Season 1 Episode 10  “No Place Like Home”

“Rachel..you did it…lets enjoy the moment” Captain Chandler to Dr. Rachel Scott.  Gawd I love his face!!!! <3

Not sure how I feel about the way they look at each other.  I want to ship Rachel and Tex SO BAD, but damn…these two are just all lovey eyes at each other LOL!!   Great finale tho…such a good friggin show!!! Bring on season 2!!! 


#Alec lightwood proud af to see his sister kicking ass and taking names #just look at his face #he’s like boy you asked for it #stupid mundane thinking you can take my sister in a fight #hahahahahaha #you didn’t even last 10 seconds #that’s how far out of your league she is #and then you look at Izzy #turning with a smile to look at her big brother #and Alec’s smile and subtle head shake of ‘Izzy that was too easy’ #it’s beautiful really #watching them have this moment in between looking for Jace #now I need a scene where Jace and Alec are both present #and smiling all cocky at the sight of their sister kicking ass

On Ravenhill

So, anybody up for a Bilbo!dies AU? (Thorin dies, too, btw. Fili and Kili get to live, though).

“It’s empty,” Thorin observes, his voice barely carrying over the wind. Gusts of white fog roll over the frozen river, enshrouding the decrepit remains of the Ravenhill Watchtower.

Dwalin exhales. “It might be a trap,” he cautions.

A shiver runs down Thorin’s spine. The silence feels unnatural – perhaps Dwalin is right – and if not they are more needed in the battle raging below. Already his actions have cost them precious time and men.

A drum roll echoes across the frozen landscape.

They freeze. Thorin turns, and now there’s movement in the tower, shadows and fire, and footsteps and shouts.

Fili and Kili, he thinks with fear. But before he’s even taken two steps, Azog has emerged on the tower’s highest level, dragging along a struggling, familiar figure. Thorin’s heart sinks; ice spreads through his veins.

A trap.

Azog thrusts Fili forward, dangling him from the tower like a puppet, paying no mind to his feeble protests. “No,” Thorin gasps, and Azog seems to throw back his head and laugh.

Please not Fili, Thorin thinks, please not –

“First this one dies,” Azog sneers, “Then the other. And then you, Oakenshield.” He draws back his arm, the iron blade attached to it glinting in the pale light, and a scream freezes in Thorin’s throat. His feet are glued to the spot, because he is too far, too far, and Fili struggles bravely, but his legs dangle over nothing, and Azog’s eyes glow with unholy triumph –

Until out of nowhere a small body slams into Azog’s side, throwing the Pale Orc off his feet. His grip on Fili loosens, and the prince tumbles down. Manages to catch himself on the stone for a moment before falling down another floor, hitting a protruding beam with his leg, before crushing down on the ice below.

Thorin is running before his mind has caught up with him. Kili bursts from the lower floor of the tower, screaming for his brother, while from above battle cries sound, and a part of Thorin recognized that shadow, knows what –

But for a short moment all he knows is utter, knee-weakening relief when Fili groans and struggles to sit up. Kili drops down on the ice next to him, pressing him down, babbling about neck injuries and not even bothering to wipe the tears from his own face. Fili smiles, obviously in pain, but alive, beautifully alive, and Thorin stumbles.

“Bilbo!” Dwalin shouts, and they all look up.

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160610 - 11 Super Camp Osaka: Moments to remember~

>> 160610 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 1 <<

Telepathy Game

They need to guess and wear an animal mask for answer. At first session, both Yesung and Ryeowook wore the same Bulldog mask. They hugged each other and Ryeowook attempt to gave Yesung a kiss. Everyone screaming!!

Cooking Game 

During cooking time at first everyone looks good at cooking but some member failed in making Takoyaki. Since Leeteuk make a Takoyaki before his dish looked so good. Ryeowook get some idea on Leeteuk and Ryeowook. Takoyaki was made perfect too. Kyuhyun didn’t put an oil on his Takoyaki pan so his Takoyaki was so messed :) Heechul concentrate on putting ingredients and forgot the Tako so when he asked why he has no Tako, Yesung gave him 1 pc and he was grateful. At the end, Leeteuk taste his own Tako but suddenly his expression was bad. He shouted hot and share it to all members!! 

Members have 10 min to cook Takoyaki. Ryeowook and Leeteuk seemed to be the most stable. Leeteuk had a weird way of preparing cause he put the octopus and vegetables into the frying tray first before adding batter but still managed to make them into ball shapes in the end. He also helped Wook turn some of his Takoyaki. Kyuhyun was struggling. He hesitated to pour the batter. While cooking, he also kept laughing at himself xD He wasn’t really making octopus balls, more like stir frying the octopus, batter and vegetables together xD Last 10 seconds, members were trying to finish cooking but Kyu just totally gave up and just stood there helplessly xD His finally product really looked like.. stir fried dish. Heechul added the octopus last so when he looked for it. There were only 2 pieces left :) 

Leeteuk ate his Takoyaki and stared fidgeting cause it was still too hot. Kyuhyun stood there judging him :) Teuk fed Kyu one and Kyu also started fidgeting and looked like he wanted to puke it out as it was hot. Teuk then fed Heechul and Wook who gave the same reactions. Teuk then wanted to feed Yesung but he refused by saying “Diet! I’m on diet man!” He ate it in the end though :)

Find the Missing Dancer Game

During the 2nd half of the game, they asked to find the 8 hidden dancer among audience. They went down on stage and went around the wenue. Yesung found 5 dancers among 8. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Heechul found one dancer. Leeteuk haven’t found any. 

SJ: Wow, Yesung you really work on playing game!! It’s good!!

When Yesung came to our place to find the hidden dancer, he was so serious looking on every row, he even met every fans eyes ^^

* Instead of looking for the missing dancer, Kyu & Teuk were busy giving fanservice to us!!

Pocky Penalty Game

During penalty game everyone will do a pocky game except Yesung. The pocky will start from Kyuhyun mouth then he pass to Heechul then Hee will pass to Leeteuk. When Ryeowook turn to get thepocky on Leeteuk’s mouth, there’s only a tiny bit left on Teuk’s lips so his second option was to lick the pocky on Leeteuk’s mouth. Fans all scream but he didn’t lick it. Ryeowook successfully get it but their lios touched!

Paper Kiss Punishment

After both games, Ryeowook was the final winner. The other 4 members had punishment which was paper kiss. They played scissors paper stone. Heechul won and got to decide their standing order. The order was Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kyuhyun. Heechul was sucking on to the paper while Leeteuk opened his mouth really wide. When it was Yesung-Kyuhyun turn, Yesung put his hand on back of Kyuhyun’s head. Kyuhyun looked so disgusted :) It was supposed to end but Leeteuk went to “kiss” Kyuhyun and got the paper instead. Kyuhyun squatted at the side looking sad xD Leeteuk tried to “kiss” Ryeowook but Wook refused to get the paper. The paper was so dirty. From the screen, showed their make up on the paper yucks.

Heechul the Ramen Monster :)

★ Evening Fanmeet is better than 1st one.. Their excitement was too high!!Heechul jokes a lot this time!! He said he will go & eat ramen after. 

★ During Intro Heechul called himself as Mr. ramen… He had his perm hair today!!


Ryeowook was reading Elf’s question: *he hesitated to read it* If you have a limited time on earth what food you want to eat?
Heechul: Ramen!!
Ryeowook: Sorry but i can’t answer it!! I want to prefer to see my mom rather than eating foods ^^

★ Because Heechul energy during afternoon show wasn’t that high. He asked the member why. Yesung answered “Because you haven’t eat ramen.”


They asked Heechul who he loves to the most?“Meeting ELF or eating ramen?”
He can’t answer and he thought for a while…
ELF: Ehhh..??
Heechul: Sugeiiii.. *imitating Kyuhyun* 

★ Heechul: Do you know that I’m not in a good condition now? You know why? Because I haven’t eaten ramen. Su~gooooooo~~~~iii (i’m sorry)

Leeteuk: We can just meet ELF Japan and then eat ramen together.
Heechul: …I can’t lie like you.
Yesung: Do you prefer eating ramen or meeting elf japan?
Heechul: ………sugoooooooooii elf japan, sugooooooiiiii …..sumimasen (i’m sorry)  

* They kept saying “Suu~gooooo~~ii” and “Uttatte~!” today. All thanks to the master of Japanese, Cho Kyuhyun XD

Q: if u’ll be given a long vacation how will you spend it?
Ryeowook: I want to do a tour.
Yesung: Vacation in Hokkaido.
Heechul: I will eat ramen and get chubby like Ryeowook.  

Ryeowook: I’m everyone’s boyfriend Ryeowook.
Yesung: I’m the most younger-looking one Yesung.
Heechul: I’m suju’s ramen.
Kyuhyun: I’ve never eaten Heechul.
Heechul: Eat eat.  

Kyuhyun being a kid ^^

★ When it was time to answer fans’ questions, Leeteuk came out first as the MC. He wanted to introduce the members to come out. Before he could, Kyuhyun was already trying to pry the entrance open so we could see a bit of his face :) Then staff opened the entrance and Yesung pushed Kyuhyun out xD 

★ When Kyuhyun sat down, he kicked his feet. When hyungs were answering questions, he took the box with fans’ questions and started shaking and spinning it xD

Kyuhyun: Since hotel accommodation is expensive, i’d like to go on a vacation where i can visit elf’s houses for temporary lodging. 

Leeteuk: Playboy!

★ Everyone got punishment except Ryeowook but Heechul & Leeteuk was soo happy to their Paper Kiss punishment!! 

★ Kyu teasing yesung abt his hand size :) [for video]

★ Yesung proudly annouced his Solo Japan tour!!! He kept on leaning on Ryeowook then RW just raising his clothes at the back!!


Q: What will Yesung do when proposing?
Yesung: Eumm..
Kyuhyun: Singing~~
Heechul: Sing~~ing~~
Yesung: (Thinking)
Kyuhyun: Dancing~~  

★ Members keep on teasing Ryeowook & called him “PamPam” (Chubby) and he said he will go on diet.. Lol

★ When Ryeowook imitating Yesung voice & sang Here i am, he told wook to stop teasing him then he pouted soo cutely!!

★ Heechul also arrived on fan’s side but he didn’t hightouch fan coz his hands was hurting, he apologized for that. His bandaid was Hello Kitty.

★ Kyuhyun recording his voice!! Kyuhyun: kyutan sing!! (Singing celebration) then suddenly “Sugoi”!!

★ When Ryeowook recording his voice on the bear, Yesung interrupted and his voice recorder together!

★ During “Alright” while Kyu was singing, he was hugging Wook but Yesung interrupted and joined them together. In the end, Kyu hugged both of them with his hands on their shoulders and continue singing ^^

★ Ryeowook said on behalf of other member, He came.. So he was soo happy that he can still join the other member!! ^^

Ryeowook: How’s my hair?
ELF: You look so cool~ cute~~~
Ryeowook: It looks nice right~
Yesung: Elf, pls stop lying.

★ Hyukjae’s message: “You’re spending a good time with the members now, right? I’m jealous… Have a good time and stay healthy.”  

★ From tame to wild paper kiss xD poor Kyu :) [for video]

>> 160611 Super Camp in Osaka - Day 2 <<

Heechul keeping his promise to Donghae 

Heechul: Not too long ago, I visited Donghae and saw him. Donghae said if we go to Japan, please convey this message. And there is something he said to me. “Make sure you protect this space” is what he said to me. “Please protect Super Junior’s spot.” So I asked this favour of the members and also told Donghae to not be worried. And I said another thing to Donghae. “Don’t worry, in order to protect and show you an unchanging appearance of myself by the time you come back, until you get back, I won’t cut my hair.” is what I told him. Seriously. So that’s why, even if you hate to just see my hair, please endure it for a while. 


Q: Teuk’s favorite thing is?
Leeteuk: You ~ (pertaining to ELF)
Heechul: me?? 

* then HC did the flower petal pose in front of Leeteuk lol 


Q: If ‘Super Junior’ wasn’t the group name, what would you like it to be?
Heechul: Super Senior!
Leeteuk: Hyuk and I had sugguested a group name to the SM before.
Heechul: Oh! I know!
Leeteuk: It is PRINCE! and the fanclub’s name is PRINCESS!
SJ: We are PRINCE~ (urineun prinseseuseyo!)
Leeteuk: I like Super Junior and ELF the most! 

Meet Diva Heechul :)

But what’s happening there? hehe

★ Leeteuk went to the farthest corner he could go to shake hands with the audience. Warmest leader!!

Shy Wookie~ ^^ 

Q: What you feel like doing the most now and what you feel like doing together with ELF?
Ryeowook: I want to hold a hug event, and hug everyone one by one.
Kyuhyun: During the hug event can people hug you and touch your body at the same time?
Ryeowook: No… What i want to do together with ELF is bbobbo 

*covers his face in a shy manner twice*

★ Kyu recording his voice on toy bear. He’s so cute [for video]

★ Kyu’s voice recording on teddy bear. Must listen! His voice just so beautiful ;; [for the record]  

“Why haven’t you slept yet? I’ll sing for you”  *sings Celebration* 

★ Heechul pushed Yekyu heads during pepero game and Kyu showed a disgusted/hateful face after that so YS asked "I can’t even kiss the dongsaeng that I love?!” then Kyu looked so shocked and kept wiping his lips :)

★ During Stars Appear perfermonce, Heechul continued singing the last part even tho the music had already stopped.

★ Teuk said Heechul is wearing a pink leopard printed boxer today :)

Heechul: Why i always get the difficult question..ㅠㅠ i’ll go out for a while… i’ll be back once the fanmeeting ends 


Leeteuk: My alarm tone is “Leeteuk-ssi!!!! Leeteuk-ssi!!!!”
Kyuhyun: That wasn’t the alarm, that was the manager! 

★ Heechul sang a bit of SMAP’s Sekai Ni hitotsu dake no hana. It was recorded in a doll and was given to a lucky fan~ 

★ Kyuhyun have tried so hard on playing game in order to not do the punishment. He got 100 points on the 1st round. And he kept mumbling “No game punishment.” But then he got negative 100 points on the finding dancers round. Then he just sat on the floor. Leeteuk squated next to him saying “ You are the same as me, with or without trying, zero points.” xD 

Q: portray Heechul by doing a pose?
Ryeowook: (nikkonikkoni)
Yesung: (fierce eye look)
Heechul: (eating ramen pose)
Kyuhyun: (dontonbori pose)
Leeteuk: (pc gaming) 

Q: Which SJ’s songs will you recommend to a non-SJ fans?
Kyuhyun: Your Eyes, One Spring Day, You&I, I listen to it (U&I) a lot.  

Moments To Remember  | (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c)


#emma’s face tho she’s completely heartbroken the man that she is in love with is dead and she never got to tell him how she feels and she thinks her time is up and she will never get the chance but she has to leave she can’t cry by his side or say any last words her whole world is crushed in that moment emma realizes that she is in love with killian and she cannot live without him but she has to go be the hero 

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i wouldnt call myself a 1D fan nor do i follow any of their stuff going on but goshh watching this video makes me so sad. cant imagine what’s going on in zayn’s head with his last moments onstage as one direction. Saying goodbye to everyone and everything, for now. But yet looking out into the crowd who are adoring him. Who are singing to every word he is. And watching so many faces brighten up just because of his presence

@oldladyalmighty​ asked for we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore for Larry :D 

(Since this is just a drabble, I’ll only so a little excerpt, but I hope you like it! Also this means I can possible turn it into something bigger in the future, who knows?


Harry gets home from work at around four o’clock, the same time as any other day. He’d caught the train, like always, stumbled through the snow, like always, and fumbled with the keys three times before getting through the front door, like always. 

He’s halfway through the next step - making an instant beeline for the couch, where Louis always waits for him with a smile and a cup of steaming tea - when he realises something is amiss. 

Louis isn’t there, is the thing. 

Harry frowns. 

Louis’ definitely not out. Like, Harry’s no Sherlock Holmes, but it’s pretty easy to tell that he’s home. Harry can tell because Louis only ever wears one pair of shoes during the winter - a scuffed pair of vans that somehow keep Louis’s feet warm even without socks - and they’re propped up by the door. Above them, Louis’ bag hangs from a hook on the wall, a bright green hoodie swung over the strap. 

“Lou…?” he calls out cautiously. 

There is, of course, a chance that he’s sleeping - they’d had a big night out last night out, after all - but Harry had certainly drunk more than Louis had and he was fine. Louis wasn’t usually one for huge hangovers either, especially not while he was alone. When they both had the day off, Louis would lounge around the house all day and milk a headache for all it was worth - but when Harry wasn’t home, Louis usually got bored and found something else to do. 

Louis doesn’t reply to Harry’s call either, Harry notes. He worries for an awful second that Louis’ been murdered and it’s that thought that spurns him forward - straight to Louis’ bedroom door. 

He knocks urgently and pointedly doesn’t think of the Criminal Minds episode they’d watched last week. 

“Lou?” he says again. “Lou, are you - ?” 

Louis’ door swings open. 

“Oh,” Louis says - awake and, more to the point, alive - “Hey.” 

Harry blinks at him. “Hey,” he replies. 

This is all very, very strange. 

“What’s up, dude?” Louis asks. 

He’s standing at his door quite oddly, holding his door half closed like he doesn’t want Harry to see inside. He’s got a funny looking expression on his face as well, his gaze darting every which way but never quite meeting Harry’s eye. 

Also, he and Louis have known each other for two and a half years and Harry could probably count the number of times Louis’ called him ‘dude’ on his fingers. One finger, even. 

“Uhm. Nothing?” Harry says. 

Louis doesn’t say anything. Just watches Harry - or watches the wall behind Harry, more specifically. 

“Are you alright?” Harry asks. 

Louis shrugs. “What? Oh, yeah. Sure, man.” 

Louis’ definitely never called him ‘man’ either. Harry’s been called a myriad of pet names, from ‘love’ and ‘babe’ to the more specific favourites like ‘curly’ or ‘Haz’, but never, ever ‘man.’ 

Harry doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like it one bit. 

“Uh, okay then,” Harry says. He watches Louis for another couple of seconds, not at all able to hide the confusion from his face. Louis doesn’t seem to notice though - how could he, when he’s not even looking? “I just thought I’d let you know that I was home,” he says. “In case you were sleeping or, uhm, something?” 

Louis smiles. It’s a thin lipped thing that Harry certainly isn’t used to seeing, at least pointed at him. That’s Louis’ Nick Grimshaw smile. 

“Alright then,” he says. “Now I know.” 

“Uh, yeah. Now you know.” 

There’s a pause, a long drawn out beat wherein Harry’s brain frantically tries to figure out what’s going on, before Louis snatches the opportunity from him. “Okay,” he says. 

Then he shuts his door. 

He shuts his door right in Harry’s face. 

What the fucking hell is going on? 

Completely flummoxed (and actually quite hurt) Harry turns away from the door. Louis’ never been one to pull his punches, but usually when he’s pissed at Harry he’ll say so. He never acted like this before. 

Almost on autopilot, Harry reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cellphone. He turns it back on - he keeps it off while he’s at the bakery so he doesn’t get distracted while he works - desperate for something to do that isn’t thump on Louis’ door and demand an explanation. 

His phone buzzes in his hand, heralding him with all the texts he’s missed over the day. 

The first is from Niall. About fucking time, lads! It says. 

The next is from Cara, just about how much she enjoyed the party last night. There’s another from Ed, saying the same thing. 

Nick has sent him two that are both about as vague as Niall’s though. Make sure you don’t wake the neighbours, you slags, the first reads. The next says: congrats tho!!! 

Harry, who can’t remember anything from last night later than about ten o’clock, feels an odd sense of nervousness swell in his belly. 

Liam has sent him ‘hahahahahahah cant beleve u guys,’ which would be as useless as all the other texts only he’s also sent a picture. It, unlike the other messages, isn’t vague at all. 

One glance at the picture of him and Louis - pressed so intimately up against the wall of Liam’s flat snogging each other’s faces off - is all it takes for the memories of the moment to come rocketing back in glorious technicolor. 

“Oh,” Harry says. 

He blinks, swallows, then blinks again. Louis had tasted like butterscotch rum and cinnamon, something that was perhaps only so pleasant because of the almost two-year-old crush Harry had on him. 



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