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“I need coffee,” Meg yawned, stretching her hands above her head. After she hadn’t gotten response, she purposely yawned again, this time spinning on her chair. “I’m bored.”
“So go get some coffee,” Castiel replied, not looking away from his computer screen.
“Wanna come with me?”
“Not really.”
She was sitting opposite of him, with bunch of notebooks scattered all over her table, doing practically nothing for the last two hour, while Castiel was cursing Photoshop and those who made it, because he was messing with that last photograph for the last two hours and he still couldn’t get the effect he wanted.
He and Meg were one of rare active members of their college magazine, other members being Charlie who worked on design, and Ash who… well, who was pretty much just trying to hack into college computers to try and correct his grades. Jo claimed that if he had spent that time on studying, he would have passed with flying grades. Ash claimed hacking was easier. But not really successful.
Oh, and Jo, of course. She didn’t bring her stories often, but they were interesting every time. Meg’s on the other hand… well, she had had her diamonds, but more often it was gossiping.
And Castiel was the photographer who worked too hard on photographs which were only seen by 8 students, including them. He liked it, though. He liked photographing, and he liked to work on his photographs, and would not be happy until they were perfect.
Meg moaned. “C’mon, I’m gonna die here.”
Castiel just frowned and didn’t respond.
“That cute barista is working now,” Meg said, raising her eyebrows.
“I told you before,” Castiel frowned deeper. “I have no interest in him.”

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160808 위문열차 Super Junior - Sorry Sorry + 나팔바지

*The MC asked who is the senior, Shindong said he isㅋㅋ Hyuk said “I’ll be discharged in 2017 summer ” ㅋㅋㅋ look at soldiers reaction (;