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Concept- Victor gets a concussion from a skating accident and is more than a little loopy on pain meds at the hospital. He switches between dozing off, crying over his messed up face, and staring at Yuuri like he's an angel sent from heaven. "Who are you?" "I'm your fiance Victor, remember?" "No you're not! You're too pretty to be engaged to a hideous beast like me!... So so pretty. Like a little angel here to take me to heaven." *starts crying* You can bet Yuuri recorded all of it for blackmail


170304 BTS Puma Fansign - Fanaccount Compilation

1. OP told Jungkook to finish the concert tour successfully and comeback, eat a lot and not to get hurt, then Jungkook suddenly asked her what to do if he gets bitten by mosquitoes. OP didn’t hear it clearly so she asked “What?” and Jungkook said “They say you’ll die if you get bitten by mosquitoes, what should I do?”.

2. Taehyung said he would gain a lot of weight at the next concert and that he would be as big as Jungkook.

3. OP asked Taehyung if there’s any CF he wanted to film, Taehyung said he wanted to film a soju commercial and pretended to drink a soju one-shot.

4. OP told Hoseok that when she looked at his face, it’s like her heart’s purified and he’s like an angel, so Hoseok swang his hands and said “I’ll make you become clean~ Clean~”.

5. Taehyung kept saying let’s have real fun at the next concert, tie hair up and wear comfortable pants instead of tight jeans, talk a lot with each other, and he said let’s spray water around too. Taehyung kept making the “Huh↗” sound and smiled all by himself while talking so fans told him he looked cute, and Taehyung went “Stop saying I’m cute…”

6. OP asked Jungkook if he got to relieve stress with playing drums and he replied “It relieves stress and piles up stress too~”. She asked again whether or not we could see him playing drums at the next concert and Jungkook said “I will ttak~ like this in ‘Cypher’.”

7. Today’s fansign had a lot of fans coming from other provinces so Yoongi told them “Guys, since you might not know about this, I’ll tell you. We are here in Apgujeong and in front of you is Rodeo~ If you follow that direction there’s Shake Shack Burger. You haven’t eaten it right?”

8. Seokjim’s acrostic poem with “Puma”:
Pu - Even Jigglypuff (Purin: a Pokemon species) is wearing these
Ma - magical shoes

9. Jungkook constantly said from the start that he liked Puma’s white Platform shoes, but then later when he came our to the front, he was wearing the black ones. So Hoseok asked Jungkook why he said he liked the white ones but he didn’t wear it, and Jungkook said “You guys didn’t give me that one.”

10. Yoongi said after he became Puma’s model, he researched about Puma’s history. Yoongi emphasized that it’s Puma, not Pyuma and that at first, the members got a little confused about it.

11. They were talking about how the socks with drawings of BTS members were trending right now and Yoongi asked if it’s the one with “Suga” written on it and had Jimin’s face. He said that one had no license so don’t buy it. Yoongi also said that he seemed to be good at running business and Jungkook seemed to be good at being a con man.

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We can share my bed (Steve Rogers x Reader) 1/6

Summary: Steve is thrown out of the flat by his ex-girlfriend and immediately “given shelter” by you, his best friend. How are things going to work between the two of you and what happens if you start getting closer? 

Warnings: Screaming, sad Steve :(, Fluff

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader (later there will also be a lot of Bucky but platonic)

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It was Monday which meant for you that you would take your bike and head straight to your college lecture. You were almost done and could not wait to finally start working and make your childhood dream come true. 

It was one of those days where the sun was shining bright and you could just hug the world due to happiness but having the bad luck you usually had this was nothing that was supposed to last a long time. 

You turned into the street where your best friend Steve lived together with his girlfriend. They were together for around 1 year now and actually seemed pretty happy which is why you were really confused when you noticed the scene going on only around 100 meters away from you. 


You stopped your bike and stood only a few meters away from Steve who was collecting his clothes and all other belongings thrown out of the window by his screaming girlfriend. 


 she slammed the window shut as you heard how Steve sighed and you immediately climbed off your bike to help him collect his stuff. 

“What was that?” 

You asked as you two finally picked up everything and he looked at you with a facial expression that was some mix between sadness but for some reason also relief. 

“She sent naked pictures of herself to Bucky and when he showed me I confronted her about it. She freaked out why the hell Bucky would tell such lies and that I would accuse her of cheating and well here I am. A homeless man. “

You looked at him as he simply shrugged and grabbed the clothes he was holding to place them into the basket of your bike. 

“Well then you´re going to stay with me.” You gave him a soft smile and started to walk as you realized that Steve kept standing in the same spot, not moving a centimeter. 

“Y/N this is nice of you but you have so much going on with College and your job. I would only be a burden plus your cat doesn’t like me.”

 He was fidgeting with his hands as you walked back to him and wrapped your arms around his torso. 

“First of all after 5 years of friendship this is something we don´t have to discuss because if you need my help you´ll get it no matter what it is. And don´t you ever say you´re a burden ever again Mister because that´s not true. I would love to have you around and Vincent does not hate you. He´s simply not fond of humans.” 

“But he likes you” 

“Well yes because I feed him.” 

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Babyboy (M) ~ Sehun

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Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1K


Your skirt slid down your freshly shaved legs. It fell down on the wooden floor, almost making no sound. You ran your tongue along your bottom lip, pressing your lips together, you have always liked the glossy look. But not as much as Sehun. You turned around, looking Sehun in the eye, he was looking right back at you. His chest was rising and falling at a steady pace. A thin layer of sweat was glistening on his milky skin, making you wonder just how bad he wanted you. 

“Sehun” You purred, your feet taking you to the bed, taking your time to discard your shirt in the process. Your white bra was revealed to Sehun, making him yank at the cuffs around his wrists, sure leaving bruises for you to admire later.

“Y-Y/N, please” He whined. You sighed and placed your knee on the edge of the bed, your shirt still in your hands. You threw it to the floor and crawled towards Sehun’s writhing body on your bed. You sat on your knees and ran a hand through his hair. He snuggled closer to your touch, yanking at the cuffs once again.

“Ah ah, Sehunnie” You removed your touch from him. You looked down his body, at his boxers, that looked even more painful, by the distressed look on his angel-like face.

“Y/N, please. I’m begging you” He sat up as best as he could, hissing at the pain from his burning hard on, and looked at you again. You smiled at him and sat closer, running your hand down his chest.

“What is it, that you want?” You leaned closer to him, hand still on his chest. “Baby boy?” You finished, knowing the pentane drove him, just a little too crazy. He roughly yanked at the cuffs and his gaze instantly hardened.

“Y/N, I swear when I get out of these-”

“You’ll do what? Baby, don’t forget who’s in control right now”

Sehun calmed down, his body language, letting you know that his body was all yours, for now.

You got up from the bed and stood, facing Sehun. You took off your underwear, carefully looking at Sehun’s eyes, that were traveling down your body. His face made you almost dripping wet, well, more than you already were.

You made your way to the bed once again, this time straddling Sehun’s thighs, earning a groan from his pink, lips that were swollen with your love.

He could feel how wet you were as some of your wetness slid out onto his thigh.

“What is it that you want babyboy?” You ask, trailing your fingers down his chest. You repeated your question from earlier hoping that he would actually answer this time.

“I want you (Y/N).” He says barely loud enough for you to hear. Your hand wrapped around his cock, and you slid your thumb over the tip, coating it in his precum. He bit his lip and shivered as he felt your cold hand on his warm member.

“Hmm? What was that?” You raise an eyebrow, slowly jerking your hand up and down his now rock hard cock.

“I want you. I want to fuck you.” He says louder, but his voice slightly wavering at the end. You smirk and lean down, slowly running your tongue over his tip.

Your tongue trails down the side, following the bulging vein, and then back up to the top, slowly sucking on his tip. He whines and bucks into your mouth, trying to get more. You giggle and start taking more of him into your mouth, gagging when he hits the back of your throat.

Sehun moans as you start bobbing your head up and down, giving him exactly what he wants. You could feel him slightly throbbing, signaling he was close. His breathing got harder and right as he was about to cum, you pull away, completely leaving him on edge.

“(Y/N)!” He whines, frustrated from the orgasm denial. You smile and lift yourself up, lining him up with your entrance.

“Do you want me to ride you, babyboy?” You ask, slightly pushing his tip into your entrance. All it would take is for him to thrust his hips up, and he would be inside you completely, but he didn’t, knowing you wouldn’t allow him to cum if he did.

You slowly slide down on him, his cock sliding into your wet pussy without a problem. You moan in unison, and he thrusts his hips up into you.

“I’m not going to last long,” he warns. You nod and start lifting yourself up and down, your legs would definitely be sore tomorrow. He thrusts into you to increase the pleasure, softly moaning your name each time your walls clench around him.

“I’m gonna cum…” Sehun whimpers, he hates being the one to cum first but he holds on as long as he possibly can before releasing into you with a sharp thrust. As he releases, the harshness of his last thrust and the warmth of his cum pushes you to the edge and you become a moaning mess above him. Your walls clenched around him, milking him completely of his orgasm.

“You’re such a good boy, Sehunnie.” You praise pushing his hair to the side so you could clearly see his face. He weakly smiles and waits for you to remove the handcuffs. As soon as they’re off he lifts you off of him, his cock soft by now.

“I’m tired (Y/N),” he whines, refusing to get up when you tell him to quickly shower you you.

“Aish, you really are a baby.” You roll your eyes and shower without him. As you come back out, he’s laying there asleep and you quietly grab a pillow and then throw it right at him, making him jump.

“Go shower! I’m not sleeping with you while you’re all sweaty!”

He groaned and quickly got up to shower.


date a boy who is also an angel. freckles dusted across his face like stars, skin pale like rosemilk, eyes warm and grassy like elysium. date a boy who is delicate and porcelain, but stable and safe.

Napping Sasuke:

• Sasuke loves naps and will blow shit up if you bother him during one of them

• Only Naruto may sneak into his bed and cuddle him and pet his hair, if he turns away, you may only spoon.

• if you spoon and he grunts - just leave, he’s being a bratty baby today and ur bothering him.

• Naruto tickles Sasuke once in a blue moon, while he naps. Sometimes he can get a head start and run away from Sasuke before his blushing and giggling is under control, most times, he gets a swift uppercut.

• Napping together is a case of futility. Sasuke hogs all the blankets and pillows. Usually Naruto is just there as a body heater and personal head massager.

• Sasuke will get hot and push Naruto away, then get cold and lay on his whole person.

• Sasuke loves laying his head on Naruto’s chest, listening to his breathing is one of the few things that let him nap when he’s been restless.

• When Naruto wants to nap but Sasuke is bored, he will poke and cuddle and grind and do nearly anything to get the blondes attention without using many words. Pouting always works. Naruto will open one eye, sigh and laugh and mumble “alright, alright.” While nearly body tackling Sasuke. Victory is sweet and Sasuke will always smirk like the little shit he is.

• Sasuke looks like an angel when he naps, his face is rested, lips slightly parted: Naruto is totally okay with just looking at this teme.

• Sasuke has been caught sleeping with Naruto’s jacket. It shall not be mentioned. Neither should it be mentioned that he woke up blushy and calling out for Naruto, because shut up, that’s why.

• Sasuke is a cranky asshole when he doesn’t get his naps, but refuses to admit or allow anyone to tell him he needs a nap.

• When Naruto is really tired and stressed, Sasuke will make him take a hot shower and then let Naruto drape himself on Sasuke, wedged between his legs. It’s comfy, more then he will say. Naruto will fall asleep almost instantly, the safe and sound type vibe is overwhelming and he always has peaceful dreams like this.

• ^ secret: Sasuke loves this, its both tending to Naruto as well as self healing. This calm contact and rest is just natural and his mind always goes real quiet.

• Sasuke will not tolerate being called an old man because he likes napping. He will fight you.

• and win. Except that one time with Sakura but that “doesn’t count.” Because he wasn’t “even trying.”

• Sasuke will sigh, say he’s done enough and go home to nap

• Sasuke will grab Naruto’s hand in any given situation and drag him off to napping time, it will take a war to convince him of doing otherwise.

• Bonus: Naruto likes his sleepy boyfriend a lot.


totally late for the party xD but just wanted to appreciate how preciously perfect and adorable this shot of Betty & Jughead are together at Poptates, especially since these two have no concept of personal space whatsoever, even when they were just platonic friends! *heart eyes* Look at her arms wrapped over his knees that’s propped up on the booth chair…. she’s just a shy away from sitting on his lap xD…..with his arms draped behind her as usual. They look so happy and blissful side by side and have to say, they are such a perfect fit for each other, physically, intellectually and emotionally that it’s hard to imagine them with any other people after this. 

Regardless of how Bughead will end up or their fates after the season finale, the level of development these two characters have undergone since the first episode is tremendous, especially the progression of their relationship with each other. The fact that they didn’t even have any interactions with each other in the first episode, and then when they first lay their eyes on each other in that second episode at Poptates….it was such an iconic heart eyes inducing moment the way his eyes & face light up like he’s found his angel….truly makes the audience (or at least me xD) feel like they are soulmates who’ve finally found each other, two contrasting personalities that need each other to be whole. They simply belong together and it’ll be such a waste after all that development…for something to tear them apart…. but then again, this is a tv show and what’s a relationship without some angst and drama ey? 

Plus, even if something happens between them to break them apart, the fun of shipping is seeing the possibilities of them finding each other again knowing that they truly belong together. It’s amazing how far they’ve come….from the point when Jughead lamented how he’s the invisible one in the booth eventho there’s four of them, saying that Archie is the luckiest redheaded guy in the universe, which then, we didn’t realise that he’s actually giving us an insight to his feelings that he could’ve been holding a torch for Betty all these years….(especially when he released that huge sigh of relief and contentment after he kissed her in her room..like he finally had the guts to do something about it)..….and wanting some of that attention which Betty has always given to Archie……to finally feeling that he belonged with them and that he actually got his girl, the happiness that he’s been secretly craving for…. Seriously. Betty & Jughead’s relationship on Riverdale has been such a surreal dream come true….especially for those of us who have been rooting for them for years in the comics…be it as platonic friends or more…as long as it makes them happy. <333 Sorry for the longass post. 

EXO reacting to a dirty tape of their s/o or their s/o watching porn

the title is longer than the actual post wtf
have fun buttercups


  • “You did… what? A sextape?”
  • would find it funny as fuck for some reason
  • also wouldn’t believe you until you show him
  • “It was a fraternity party and I was drunk ok”
  • “You look like you’re about to vomit”
  • it would be okay for him
  • why not, you’re grown up and had partners before him
  • “This is the baddest sextape I’ve ever seen-” *LMAO*
    “but we can make a better sequel”
  • *wink wink*


  • shocked
  • omg he just wanted to borrow your laptop because his was broken
  • he looked complete innocently trough the different files
  • smiled over pics you’ve saved from exo
  • but suddenly he clicks on a file and the screen is filled with your naked silhouette
  • “WTF”
  • “Myeon?! Are you okay?!”
  • “what”


  • the first sound he’s hearing when he’s entering the apartment are moans
  • it was clearly your voice
  • about to burst into the shared bedroom and ready to fight when he realizes the scenario in front of him
  • you’re in the bed, naked, masturbating and
  • watching a porn
  • this baby would try to stay calm
  • i mean it’s completely normal and ok and why the fuck didn’t you called him
  • “ohshitohshitohshit”
  • “YIXING?!”


  • "That’s really you?”
  • “Yes Baekhyun”
  • starts giggling like a little child
  • “Whats wrong”
  • “Your naked”
  • he would find it funny as well, like Minseok
  • but also a little bit shocked because you really filmed yourself with your ex whilst having sex
  • “Why do you still have it? I mean… do you… miss him or something?”
  • “What?? Noo! I cleaned my hard drive and found it in an old file, I just wanted to show you then I’ll delete it”
  • “Oh”
  • “Btw he was bad”
  • “Of course he was!  It isn’t me after all!”
  • *sigh*


  • Jongdae’s standing behind you and is wide eyeing the screen in front of you
  • what are they doing???
  • is this a circus porn
  • like how can they even stay in this position without breaking their bones
  • you wouldn’t notice him, completely lost in the moment, your eyes fixated of the scenery on the screen
  • when you suddenly start to moan his whole attention would be towards you
  • lowkey turned on from the fact that you’re touching yourself in front of him without even noticing
  • “Are you having fun, Y/N?”
  • “Looks like ;)”


  • the fact that he found your browser history filled with porn would made him chuckle
  • your just casually walking into the living room
  • taking a seat next to him on the sofa and leaning your head against his shoulder
  • but he’s not reacting, just staring at the screen
  • what could be so fascinating that he-
  • “SHIT!”
  • he chuckles again with this typical deep ass Chanyeol voice ohgodpls
  • “Kinky”
  • “Chanyeol… I’m… I just-”
  • “Want to try some of them?”
  • “Calm down babe, I think it’s actually pretty hot”
  • ok imagine this in my head literally fucked me up rn


  • "Is this…? It is.”
  • he didn’t liked the fact that he watched another man sleeping with you
  • but holy guacamoly
  • you looked sooo scandalous hot
  • he was speechless
  • you sat next to him, your eyes fixated on his face searching for the smallest reaction
  • suddenly he smiled
  • “God… you look like an angel, Y/N… wait what is he doing with your leg”
  • “Omg Kyungsoo stop I should have never told you about this!”
  • “Are you an acrobat or something”
  • “Gimme the phone now!”


  • the fact that you watched porn somehow turned Jongin on
  • it was like reading a sex diary, your browser history was filled with forbidden secrets
  • he liked it
  • ok his face says angel but believe me this man is pure sin
  • can u imagine his dancer hips
  • sry i got carried away
  • so Kai’s casually sitting on the bed, re watching a few porns you watched when suddenly the door to the bathroom opened
  • you stood there in your towel, seeing Jongin on the bed with your laptop
  • “What are you doing there?” you asked nervous
  • when you see his smirk you turn pale
  • “Role play, huh? I think we can do that but with real moaning”


  • you told him that you did a live stream a few years ago
  • he would just sit there, smirking and asking you to show him
  • very turned on seeing you strip on the screen
  • "I can’t believe you were a cam girl”
  • “How long was this stream?”
  • “I dunno… 20 minutes maybe?”
  • “Did you showed your boobs?”
  • “SEHUN”
  • “WHAT I just want to know if it’s worth watching the whole thing”
bts reacts: you ask them out

anon:  Can you do a BTS reacts to You asking them out, instead of the other way around??

none of these gifs belong to me, i don’t have the talent. all credit to their original owners :)

yoongi: he’d always been someone you’d been comfortable with, but for some reason, the prospect of actually going up and saying what you wanted to say seemed daunting, to say the least- so after that, the only viable option was by text. maybe not the most intimate of choices, but it seemed like the best option at the time. he’d be confused at first, messaging something along the lines of;

this wasn’t meant for me, was it?



if you hadn’t answered, he’d message again for clarification. no more than once, any more than that was quite frankly unacceptable.

whether it was meant for me or not, the answer would be yes. just in case.

hoseok: i’m going to try and make this the least cheesy that i can, okay?”

“why so serious all of a sudden?” he joked, nudging you slightly. “where did ___ go and who is this impostor?”

“please?” he nodded solemnly in response as if to say, ‘go on, i’m listening.’

“would you ever consider going out- with you know, me?” the words were a little garbled and seemed to run over one another, but he understood nonetheless.

“what, really? you mean, on like, a date?”

“yes? if not, it’s absolutely fine, i understand- i just thought that maybe-”



“yes, of course i will! what else would i have said?”

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namjoon: “so let’s say, hypothetically speaking-”

“ahh, hypothetically speaking. okay.”

“hypothetically speaking-” you ignored him and carried on. “if i were to say to you, hypothetically speaking, of course-”

“of course-”

“if someone, i don’t know, asked you if you wanted to go out one day to, you know, maybe grab some coffee and talk about the world, then hypothetically speaking, how would you reply to that?” his lips were pressed together into a smile, as he rested his head on his hand and his elbow on the arm of the sofa.

“well- hypothetically speaking,” he added, “i’d say of course, what day and what time- but you know. hypothetically.”

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seokjin:  it was when you were both the slightest bit tipsy; just intoxicated enough to be little lax with what you were saying, but sober enough for it to not be garbled and nonsensical.

  “do you ever think about what we’d be like?” he sighed against your chest as you lazily played with his hair, both of you too tired to do anything that involved inputting any more energy than that.

“what d’you mean, we? you mean, like us? together?”

“something like that.”

“sometimes.” he admitted. “i like to think about what it would be like to hold your hand. i like to think about if you’d give good hugs or not- does that count?”

jungkook: you hadn’t even meant to. the words just hung in the air and you gaped at them, as if, if you kept your mouth open for long enough then they would magically go back to being unspoken and become forgotten about.

“i, uh- i wasn’t meant to say that.” at those words, his face fell a little, and he cocked his head.

“you didn’t? not at all?” the only way you could describe the way he looked was a hurt puppy that had been left out in the rain. “oh.” his head hung slightly, and he almost looked disappointed.

“no- it’s just- it’s not that i didn’t mean it, i just- i wasn’t supposed to tell you yet.”

so you did mean it? cause if the offer still stands, then i would have totally said yes.”

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jimin:  it had been going on for two weeks, the not stop stream of friends, family, and just random people with which you have a faint acquaintance with just asking where the two of you even stood with each other at this point. it would always end in the same way, resulting in the two of you being reduced to blushing and stammering messes of protest net to each other, promptly followed by an awkwardly long hour that avoided the elephant in the room.

“what am i to you?” you said out of the blue, one day. “what are we?”

“what do you want us to be?” he tipped lightly, carefully, cautiously, as if there were invisible boundaries that had been laid out and he was scared of crossing them.

“me? i like the idea of us. you and me, together. is- what about you?”

taehyung:  “you’re my best friend, right?”

“best, best friend.” he agreed. “the best of the best. the prime. the creme de la creme. the very, very best.”

“you’re ridiculous.”

“and you love me for it.” he beamed, leaning a little to the side to temporarily rest his head on your shoulder.

“oh yeah? what makes you think that?”

“i just do. i know that you love me, you love me-” he teased in a singsong voice, his head swaying side to side, still with an annoyingly angelic smile painted onto his face. “you like me, you love me, you like me-”

“you’re a child, i hope you know that.”

“you like me, you love me-”

“yeah, i do.”

“told you.” the words didn’t even have the smallest hint of arrogance when coming from him. they just seemed to be full of happy triumph. “i told you, i told you-”

“no, i mean- i like you.”

“i know you do- wait, really?”

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Starving - HS Smut

In which Harry’s finally home from LA and he’s absolutely starving and Y/N squirts for the first time. Featuring some pillow talk.

Warnings: Smut!!! 

My requests are OPEN! Pls send me some requests smut or fluff :)

“Baby?” He called setting his suitcase beside the door. You came running the second you’d heard the door unlock now you were jumping into his open arms tears already welling in your eyes. You held him tight as he spun the two of you in the entry way.  

“Missed you,” you whispered into his neck pressing kisses there after you spoke. Your hands running through his hair and over his broad back. He kisses you hard, tongue tangling with yours before he pulls back and kisses you again this time sweet and soft. 

“Missed you so much angel,” he spoke into your hair. Setting you down he pushed you so he was holding you at arms length, he looked you up and down pulling his lip between his teeth dirty thought already filling his head.

“How was the flight?” You asked blushing as he gazed at you. He looked up now, green eyes meeting your own a smirk overtaking his features.

“Was fine, long. I’m absolutely starvin’ though.” He mumbles. You start listing off things you could make him before he chuckles and steps closer to you, large hands running down your back and over your ass squeezing lightly making you gasp a little. It’d been a month since he’d been home, you’d missed him in many ways, there was only so much your fingers could do. 

“Was thinking of something sweeter,” he whispers nibbling on your ear.  

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Midnight Circus pt. 2

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☾pairing: Jungkook ♡→  reader
☾genre: Angst. Fluff. Mature content. badboysummerfling au
☾summary: “You’re ten times hotter this summer, you know that?”

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4coming soon

It was a delightful morning, you underestimated the amount of peace there was on a camping ground when night fell. You were fully rested and ready for the day. Everyone hadn’t left the cabins yet but those of you who did go to the recreational center for breakfast. You piled the roasted potatoes on your plate and walked back to the table with Nayeon, Jin, Namjoon, and Jennie, everyone else was asleep so you guys left them alone. The weather was nice, breakfast was delicious, Jungkook wasn’t here, it was close to perfect.

“After breakfast, I planned some stuff for all us.” Jennie brought the mug to her lips and sipped the bittersweet coffee. “We can get cleaned up then we’ll hike up to the springs and eat lunch there, we can swim for a little while too.” When Jennie looked up to see Beah and Naeun we’re coming to the table and you braced yourself, you knew who wasn’t far behind them. Low and behold, Jimin, Tae, and Jungkook walked in and you sighed—he glanced at you before grabbing a plate for breakfast, his hair was so fluffy and too soft to be his own, you wondered why the worst people have the prettiest features.

“Good morning,” Jimin came to sit next to Namjoon and across from Beah, with a bowl of fruit. Taehyung came to sit next to Beah, putting the seat beside you up for grabs. 

“Did you guys sleep well?” Jennie was really just indirectly asking Jimin. 

“Yeah, I kept hearing a weird sound though like a cat or something…” Tae mumbled and Nayeon nodded in agreement.

“I heard that too,” She gasped, “oh my God, are there wildcats out here?”

You giggled as Jennie tried to convince everyone that there has only ever been one wildcat sighting, most of them weren’t convinced. When Taehyung brought up the subject of the ‘thing’ in the tree outside of his window, you couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he was.

“There was not!” Jimin playfully slapped his arm. “You shouldn’t have eaten those snacks, you were just seeing things.” 

Jungkook actually chuckled—he, of course, had to sit right next to you. His plate was piled uo like most of the guys but his plates always looked huge. You ate your potatoes, sipped your juice and got up to take your empty plate—you wanted to get away from him before you two started at it again. You grimaced at having to go back to that table, you could practically feel Jungkook looking at you—his eyes as unapologetic as ever when you looked back at him. Feeling your pink pajama shorts lift slightly prompted you to quickly tug them down. You kept your cool and walked to the fruit bar, making a nice bowl of pineapples before taking your seat beside him. It was ridiculous how he kept eyeing you like you didn’t notice him staring, he scraped his fork against his teeth and just glared at you.

You ate about three pieces until you saw his greasy fingers stroll into your view, attempting to take one of your pineapples, you smacked his hand, moving your chair farther from him—he is a literal child. He doesn’t understand the concept of enemies, he acts like your annoying friend one second and he’s pissing you off the next. He giggled, trying to grab it again just to annoy you.

“Stop.” You glared at him—looking down at your pineapples, they didn’t even look all that appetizing anymore. 

He had the nerve to scoff, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Why do you have to get worked up over pointless shit like pineapples?” He grabbed the same pineapple he was gonna eat originally and popped it in his mouth. “It’s fucking fruit. You need to learn how to share.”

“It’s my fruit, and I think you’re forgetting that we’re not on good terms.” You crossed your arms—you’ve never glared at anyone with such animosity. “And I don’t share with heathens like you…”

“Me? A heathen?” He feigned a look of shock. “You nag about everything, no wonder you never get any-” If he would’ve finished that sentence you would’ve strangled him.

“Are you two seriously fighting over a bowl of pineapples?” Namjoon called you two out causing the whole table to stare at the both of you. Of course, you both started defending yourselves, your words clashing together like children trying to prove their points in a feud.

“Hey! We don’t want to hear about your pineapples guys,” Jennie spoke up, “let’s go get ready for the springs.” At that everyone agreed and got up, leaving their plates and continuing their conversations. As you were storming back to the cabin Naeun came to walk beside you, just skipping along like there was no tomorrow. You thought she was more excited to go swimming and you could understand why—swimming with all of those good-looking guys was pretty exciting but you didn’t even think of that. You are going to have a good time, he wasn’t about to get the best of you, not now.

You washed up, put on light make up and slid on a pair of jean shorts over your bathing suit. When you tied your hair in a ponytail you got a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, Beah and Jennie were getting ready in the mirror as well. 

“You look cute Y/N,” Jennie looked back at your somewhat uncharacteristically revealing get up, “I don’t think Jeon will be able to argue with you in that, honestly you guys would be cute if you could stay in a room without killing each other.” She giggled, the way you grimaced in disgust was priceless.

“You’re kidding?” You wanted to vomit—that thought never even crossed your mind, “No, we wouldn’t, ugh, don’t even think of that. All I see Jungkook as is a means to ruin my life. And FYI he’ll lust after anything with boobs so it doesn’t matter what any of us wear, he undresses people with his eyes…” They all laughed but it was true, and you were determined not to let him touch any of your friends. 

“I wouldn’t mind that entirely.” Naeun walked in, she wore a black one piece with large openings on the sides to show quite a bit of skin. “He’s one of the hottest guys in school, and you get to fight with him.” She snickered.

“First of all, that’s gross. Second of all, he’s not ugly, that’s all I have to say about his looks.” Everyone was in their swimsuits, had their bags with shoes, extra clothes and some snacks. When the five of you walked out the boys were already waiting for you guys outside of their cabin.

Jin stretched. “So how long is the hike?” 

Jennie pulled out a can of bug spray and offered some to everyone before spraying her legs and arms. “Like 15 to 20  minutes, it’s not that long. Since I’m leading the hike, I’ll do it like my aunt does it. Everyone can grab a buddy to walk with so we don’t get separated!” She cut her eyes to you before smirking, she was doing this on purpose. 

You had your eye on Jimin but Nayeon beat you to it, your next option was Jin but Jennie purposely walked with him since they were the oldest. Namjoon walked with Beah, Tae walked with Naeun. When you looked around you saw everyone had a partner and followed Jennie into the woods, and of course, you were at the end of the line—with him.

“Jen!” You shouted from the back running up beside her, “Can I-”

“You and Jungkook are partners, you can’t third wheel with me now go back.” She shooed you away, you’ve never felt more betrayed in your life. They all walked by, talking and smiling as Jungkook was walking towards you, an innocent look on his face.

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anonymous asked:

75 with Harry ps love love love your header imagine 😍😍

Thank you! :)

Sorry this took so long. Short little blurb. Prompt was:
“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Running On Empty

Harry was a new guy at my gym. I hadn’t been going as regularly as I should have, but once he started coming a few weeks ago, I made it a point to keep up with my workouts. He was gorgeous, to say the least. Not your typical buff, gym type guy. But really attractive with a killer smile.

So far our exchange had merely been a few hellos and nods of the head. But I was determined to get his attention. I can assure you however, what ended up happening was not my intent.

I’d skipped lunch that day, having only a bagel for breakfast and a handful of jelly beans that I’d grabbed from my co-worker’s desk when my boss had asked if I could stay to help set up the conference room for an important meeting. I could have (and should have) easily gotten a sandwich at the deli before heading to the gym, but I only had an hour and I knew Harry would most likely already be there. It was pathetic how I’d memorized his schedule, this man that I barely knew.

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