his face just kills me

casual Johnny sketches

Luna: “…But yes, he’s my boyfriend too”

Nyx: U dead


“I’m a grown man, Miss Fisher. I’m not likely to blush at the sight of a little bare flesh.”

But don’t you realize that BTS is technically a 7-in-1 package of different ideal types/boyfriends

Whatever ideal type you have, you’ll definitely find it in BTS

  • a nagging boyfriend who cares about your well-being like a mom 24/7 but also likes to do physical activities - Jin
  • That shy boyfriend who barely utters his feelings, pretends that he doesn’t care about you but secretly produces a romantic song especially for you - Suga
  • A boyfriend that knows how to bring up a happy mood anywhere at any time but is also sensitive and aware of other’s feelings - J-Hope
  • An intelligent boyfriend with an IQ of 148 but is a dork when it comes to cheer you up - Rap Monster
  • A real-life example of “good man in the street, beast in the sheet” - Jimin (but srsly tho his squishy face + hot body rolls just kills me everytime)
  • An obedient boyfriend who respects his parents so much, knows how to make you laugh with only a mango pudding and his cute moles, and is a perfect candidate for your kids’ future dad - V
  • A protective boyfriend who will literally punch whoever bothers you at school, but is a cute walking bunny meme in front of you - Jungkook

This band can’t get more perfect

all I can think about now is how Flint will react once he sees Silver again. when he realizes he isn’t dead. I mean, is he gonna think he is imagining seeing him? after Miranda died she was still a very prominent figure in his mind. so will he think he sees ghosts (again)? and what when he realizes Silver really is alive? Like, I want him to hug and kiss him out of relieve but my murderous child is so repressed about his emotons that obviously neither is going to happen, so it’s probably just these really intense emotions on his face (and we all know how fucking good Toby is at conveying multiple emotions at once with just his face), WHICH IS GOING TO KILL ME, and a nod in Silver’s direction. and all I’m trying to say is that I AM NOT READY FOR THIS SCENE TO HAPPEN OMG

Spirk in Episode 12

In this episode, Spock directly disobeys orders to visit Captain Pike and bring him to a forbidden planet. 

NGL, this (and the second part) was my least favorite episodes, since it was just a retelling of the pilot, but hot damn it has so many Spirk moments.

Kirk will believe Spock over a commanding officer telling him that something is impossible. There was no hesitation at all.

When the records show that your boyfriend first officer was either lying or had been framed, choose the option that protects your boyfriend. 

After Spock commandeered the Enterprise to bring Captain Pike to Talos IV, Kirk and Commodore Mendez take a shuttlecraft to stop him/find out wtf is going on.

That moment of sadness.


And the hurt in his face when he decides not to just kills me.

After dropping Pike off at Talos IV, Spock picks up the shuttle and brings it back to the starbase. As a result, he goes on trial.

I mean there was that one time in my first deep space mission that I delayed in firing on that cloud thing and everyone except me was destroyed. But nah, this is more devastating.

Normally, when Spock outwits someone, he has that little self-satisfied smirk on his face, but he knows what this is doing to Kirk and he doesn’t want to force Kirk to watch this happen but it needs to happen and he’s just so sad.

Spock gets threatened with the death penalty, amount of fucks given: None.

Kirk gets threatened with something. Amount of fucks given:

OVER 9,000!


                                                                   Nice going,
                                                                   He was right:
                                        You will never be satisfied 

Transformers && Hamilton Crossover || [ 2/?? ]