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Fanboy Wonho is honestly the purest and sweetest


     “Did you cut the -”


     “And add the -”


     A smile tugged at your lips as you looked approvingly up at your boyfriend, savouring the pure normalcy of cooking a meal together and spending an evening in the bunker. You didn’t get to do stuff like this often - especially when you were constantly on the road, hunting down one murderous beastie after another. So whenever you had the chance for domestic and safe, you jumped on it. Today you’d decided to make lasagna. Sam had approved whole-heartedly from behind his computer screen.

     “I know, I’m awesome,” Dean said, smirking arrogantly. He’d clearly caught your smile. You rolled your eyes but placed a quick kiss on his cheek, ducking under his arms and heading for the stove.

      The pot on the burner held a steaming red sauce, perfectly seasoned using your mother’s old recipe. You delicately dipped the tip of your index finger into the pot, bringing it to your lips to taste.


     It was perfect.

     That is, until Dean appeared beside you, a long-suffering look on his face.

      “Jeez woman, must you do that?”

     “Do what?”

      Dean gently grabbed your hand, holding your still-extended finger up for you both to see. “That.

     You raised an eyebrow. “What? I was just testing the sauce.”

     “Couldn’t you use a spoon?”

     Indignation flared through you, arms crossing over your chest. “I just washed my hands. They’re clean!”

     Dean scoffed, putting down the wooden spoon he was holding. “That’s not why I’m objecting,” he said, voice dropping an octave.

     You ignored the involuntary shiver that ran down your spine.

     “Well, what is it then?”

     “When you do that …” Dean pulled the palm of your hand up to his mouth, lips brushing your skin as he spoke. “You’re just too …” He kissed the inside of your wrist. “Damn …” The fabric of your shirt pulled taught in the fingers of his free hand. “Distracting.”

     Before you had time to protest Dean’s lips were on yours, his arm wrapped around your waist as he walked you backwards into the counter. The cold edge of the steel island dug into your back. Within seconds Dean had you off the ground, the cool counter underneath your thighs and his torso wedged between your legs.

     “You’re one … to talk … about distractions,” you mumbled in between kisses, letting Dean pull your leg up around his waist.

     He smirked. “It’s not my fault you’re so irresistible.”

     You smiled against Dean’s lips, pushing your hands against his chest. “True. But …” You pulled back enough to look at him. “We have other things to do right now.”

     Dean slumped forward, forehead resting on your shoulder. “Do we have to?” he drawled.

     You let out a breathy laugh. “Yes.”

     “But we’re finishing this later.”

     Mischief lit your eyes as he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter. Closer to him. Your lips collided with his as he set you back on your feet, his hands tight around your waist and stubbornly holding on.


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Ylvis live Facebook Q&A feat. very angry poultry (1 November 2017)


Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want her to be more than, well, just a friend.

focus / jungkook

Originally posted by jjeonguk

summary: you test out jungkook’s patience (enough said)

warnings: smut

‘‘put both of your hands on the wheel you idiot!’‘ you spat at your boyfriend jungkook. he smirked, while his hand rested on your inner part of your thigh. 

you were driving back home as you two just spend the afternoon, shopping all day long. going through many different stores, looking at random things and most importantly buying stuff you don’t need. if you went to a clothing store, jungkook would just sit back and play games on his phone, minding his own business. however when you were trying a set of a brand new lingerie, that’s when he would pay full attention to you. but you would just close the door right in his face.

‘‘jeez y/n…we won’t crash, I’m an amazing driver.’‘ he proudly says back, his eyes focusing on the road. it was a long ride home but it was fun, spending some quality time with your boyfriend. he’s a k-pop star a very busy celebrity. with him gone for months, you of course miss him. so it made you happy when he agreed to go on this shopping spree with you. even if he did something else, as long as he was with you that’s all that mattered.

‘‘amazing driver huh?’‘ you repeat after him, he looks at you and cutely nods. his smile spreads wide, showing his white bunny teeth. an idea popped in your mind, a very dangerous one but you decided to risk it anyways.

‘‘well let’s test it out.’‘ you whisper to yourself, slowly unbuckling your seat belt. he heard the click and his eyes followed your actions and he gives you a questionable look. his hand goes back to the wheel but his eyes stay on you. 

‘‘what are you doing missy, buckle up!’‘ he shouts at you, eyes back on the road. you chuckle and find an elastic in your pocket, you put your hair up in a ponytail before slowly moving closer to him.

carefully you go to his belt and start to unbuckle it. jungkook looks down at your hands and tries to shove them away.

‘‘are you serious right now y/n? we will crash.’‘ he remarks

‘‘says the amazing driver.’‘ you slowly unzip his tight pants and without any hesitation you place your pointer finger on his cock, tracing a line up and down through his boxers. he shivers in place while his member kept twitching under your soft touch.

‘‘d-don’t do this now p-please…’‘ he croaks out and you could just feel his member getting harder and harder. you don’t listen to him and pull his length out from his boxers. he was hard as a rock, your touch worked like magic on him. 

you didn’t wait for him to moan out again and dipped your head towards his cock. you take his pink tip in your mouth, your other hand supporting yourself so that you could move your head.

at first you started slowly, just licking the tip, before precum traveled down his dick, you didn’t want for him to make a mess on his pants so your tongue caught all of his liquid in your mouth. you look up at him, to see him bite at his bottom lip, unable to contain the moans.

‘‘y-y/n…please…’‘ he pleads you to stop but he couldn’t do anything about it. his hands were stuck on the wheel, you two were about to drive on a highway. with the fast speed ahead of you, he had to pay attention to the road more then to you.

your hand grabbed his stone hard dick and stroked it up a few times, increasing the speed each time you went all the way down.

‘‘d-don’t y/n…’‘ he was trembling in your hand. you were driving him crazy, he wanted you to finish this as soon as possible, even if he was saying stop. he wanted more of you. 

‘‘focus baby.’‘ you smirked, lifting yourself up from his crotch and kissing him on the exposed neck. then going back down where you finally took his cock in your mouth. he hissed at your sudden movement, his moans started getting louder and louder.

‘‘I c-can’t…’‘ he manages to croak out. you push your mouth down to his balls, gagging on his dick and he loved when you did that. his hand went to his hair, where he pulled at them, not knowing if he should keep driving or pull over and teach you a lesson.

‘‘y-you are getting p-punished for this…’‘ he whispered but soon shut up as he peeked down at you, admiring his view. your eyes caught up with him and you shouted quickly

‘‘focus on the road jungkook!’‘ he giggles back and do as you said.

‘‘it’s not my fault you are chocking on my dick.’‘ you only roll your eyes to that statement and slide your mouth down again. this time using only your lips and tongue to suck and slurp, teasing him of course. his dick felt pleasant in your mouth, with him unable to do anything, to pull on your hair, push you down even more, you were enjoying this, every second of it.

‘‘i-i’m pulling over.’‘ you quickly glance up at him, to see him driving to a petrol station, with tons of people around you, you quickly sit back and wipe your mouth with your sleeve. jungkook’s hand suddenly pushes you back down, where you are met again with his hard member.

‘‘no,no finish what you have started.’‘ he joyfully says, looking around to park the car somewhere. once he did, he unbuckles his belt as well pulling you into his lap. he doesn’t stop and pulls your skirt down, within seconds your core was exposed. 

‘‘j-jungkook…there are people here…’‘ you whine but he only presses his lips to yours. kissing them, softly nipping at them, his hands resting at your hips. you moan into his mouth felling his hand travelling down your body, slowly tracing your neck, moving to your chest, grabbing and squeezing your boobs. you soon felt his hot breath on them, he kissed them all around through your shirt. teasing you, just like you teased him. 

your shirt started rolling up, exposing skin at your sides. his touch felt so warm, you got shivers all over your body. his hand starts going up your sides, to your boobs where he squeezed them again. his other hand pushing his cock in to you, before going back to your hips. in return he gained a scream from you.

‘‘don’t shout, they’ll see us.’‘ he says, softly smiling. you narrow your eyebrows and shout again this time the people standing a few meters away from your car turned their heads to your car. you see them in the back window but luckily jungkook’s car’s windows were dimmed so they couldn’t see inside.

‘‘are you crazy? move.’‘ he says and shows you to go into the backseat. he follows behind and lays you down on the seats. hovering over your body he pushes his cock back in, this time slowly. 

he leans into you, his lips ghosting over yours, he could see how much you wanted them to be back on yours. 

‘‘kiss me.’‘ you said out of breath and he attaches them again. the whole car was filled with your moans, trying to contain them but jungkook’s name kept coming out of your mouth. he was too good at pleasing you in the best possible way.

he kept slamming himself in you, gradually adding speed. his lips moved to your jawline, your hand went to his neck, pushing him down a bit more until your chests were crashed together. your boobs were on his toned body, sticking to him because of all the sweat. you could feel yourself getting closer so you helped yourself by rubbing your core. your body was going numb, jungkook kept going in and out of you faster and faster.

‘‘I-i’m so close…’‘ you moan into his neck, he doesn’t waste any time and starts pounding into you. you didn’t care if the people outside heard you, you were so focused on jungkook that all the other things didn’t matter. 

‘‘together.’‘ he moans out and you two count to three until you both came. jungkook pulled out right away, his cum spilling on your stomach making a huge mess on the seats. he doesn’t even care and crashes on top of you, his head resting at the croak of your neck.

‘‘let’s just stay like this for a moment.’‘ he whispers, his breath tickling you. you only hum in response your arms hug around his body, kissing the top of his head. 

‘‘you have failed your test.’‘ you giggle into his hair, he murmurs something back but you didn’t care to ask again, the victory was yours.


I call these, “psycho cinnamon roll with a pinch of forehead vein”

Favorite Joker Leto Pictures (3-4/?)


- Okay, last night we saw a movie.
- What was my snack of choice?
- Sprinkled Milk Duds over your popcorn.

He’s Mine

A/n: Ive seen a lot of people requesting FP Jones.. so here goes.

wordcount: 1.4k 

Summary: Older sister of Cheryl Blossom is caught is caught with her much older boyfriend.

Excitement was something I lived for. I loved the rush of adrenaline I got whenever I was with him. I don’t know if it was because I knew what I was doing was wrong,in some peoples eyes. But that didn’t make us stop. He liked it just as much as I did.

I first met FP at the Whyte Worm, when a couple of friends decided to sneak in and try and get served some drinks before going to party. I noticed him staring at me from across the room and the rest is history.

Thornhill was somewhere I always felt trapped. My parents never really appreciated me as a child, it was always about the twins and their accomplishments, so when Jason was killed, I was brushed further under the carpet, while everyone catered to his mourning twin. The only person that was there for me was FP. He comforted me in ways no-one else could.

It was like any other time that FP and I were hanging out. I’d received a text message from him asking me to come over. I tuck my red hair into a high pony tail before changing into more comfortable clothes.I step down the stairs and head towards the ‘grande’ exit, when the familiar clicking of heals stops me in my footsteps.

“and where are we off to, big sister?” I turn and see Cheryl standing there hand on her hip.

“And here I am being dictated to by my baby sister” I retort back a sly smirk n my face.

“Well I’m not dictating I’m just curious as to where, or should I say who you keep running off to in the middle of the night?” She questions turning her head to the side with a smug look on her face.

“So what if I go out at night I;m 19 I can do what I like, besides I don’t meddle in your love life so you should stay out of mine” and with a final nod, I left the house.

I walk the cold streets of the night until I reach the trailer that truly felt like home. I knock on the door three times before FP answered with wet hair and a smug look adorned on his face. “Jeez, you that eager to see me?” he smirks opening the door wide for me to step under his arm.

“Not particularly, it’s just a bit cold” I teased. Snaking my arms around his torso. He wraps an arm around me as the other closes the door. He leans down and briefly presses his lips against mine.

“Can I get you a drink?” he sighs pulling away his mouth turning up into a smile. “I’ll have a coffee if you wouldn’t mind” I smile back leaning to press my lips to his once more.

He lets go of me and retreats to the kitchen area where I hear the kettle boiling. I take a seat on the couch and notice the football match playing on the tv. FP returns carrying two mugs and takes his place beside me on the couch. I take of the mugs out of his hand and take a sip before placing it down on the coffee table. I snuggle into his side and settle my eyes on his face. Although he was much older he still had a handsome face. the greying facial hair only made him seem more attractive. He slowly started playing with the ponytail atop of my head, his fingers messing around with the band before releasing my hair of its tight capture.

His fingers tangle in my red hair relaxing me and coaxing me closer towards him. FP leans down to me and places his lips upon mine, I kiss back sitting up to get closer to his body. His hands found their way to my hips where he gripped at hem harshly, tugging me to straddle his lap. I weave my fingers through his hair as they gently settle on the back of his neck. I pull on the hair at the bottom of his neck and press my lips harder against his gaining a small groan to leave his mouth.

FP bunches my shirt up at my hips lifting it so his hands caressed the soft skin. We hadn’t heard the door to the trailer opened due to being consumed in each other but I wish we had.

“Jughe-” We pull apart frantically to see Betty Cooper standing there wide eyed and frozen still, in her place. I push myself off FP’s lap readjusting my shirt and taking a step towards her. FP soon joins me an arm coming around my waist.

“Betty, It’s not what it looks like” I breathe out quickly becoming short of breath. She shakes her head and continues to look around the room in confusion.

“Betty, you need to promise us you won’t tell Jughead” FP asks the girl calmly trying not to shock her even more I presume.

“How can I not tell him, I just caught his father having an affair with one of our friends older siblings, how do you expect me to keep something like that from him?” she turns for the door and practically runs from the trailer park, probably to tell her boyfriend what she saw.

(The Next Day)

I return home to Thornhill after FP and I had a very heated discussion about what we were going to tell Jughead about our relationship that had been going on for many months but he never came. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and waking up the next afternoon.

I was beginning to think that Betty had held her tongue and thought it best to not tell him but that all came crashing down the second I walked through the doors of my house.

I was greeted by a slap across the face from mummy dearest as I stood over the thresh hold. All three, mother, Father and Cheryl stand there with disgusted looks on their faces.

“ow what the hell” I announce bringing my hands up to my cheek.

“Don’t you dare use that language in this house, young lady. Not after you’ve disgraced your family name, or is that something that he taught you to do too?” Clifford seethed through his lips.

“What are you talking about?” I ask wildly becoming infuriated with being held hostage.

“We’re talking about my darling big sister sleeping with a Southside Serpent.” Cheryl butts in.

“One old enough to be your father, may I add” Mum says shaking her head.

“It’s not like that, I’m not just sleeping with him, we lov-”

“Don’t you dare say you love FP Jones, That man is a criminal, he could have been the one to kill Jason for all we know”

“But he didn’t! He wouldn’t do that to us, to me!” I raise my voice testing my family.

“You won’t be seeing him again Y/N Blossom, I swear that on your brothers grave” mother says with a serious look on her face, the look that makes her look sort of insane.

“How can you say that? What if I leave? what happens then?” I challenge.

“Then you will never set foot in this house again.” my father sates looking me dead in the eye.

“You didn’t get to hear the rumours running around the school about you today, people are saying you’re pregnant with his child, calling you a Southside Slut, how is that supposed to make me feel, Y/n”  I look into Cheryl’s eyes and see nothing but sadness. I can only imagine the conversation FP is holding with his son right now.

“So you’re saying that If I walk out that door right now, I can never come back?” I lower my head afraid to meet my parents eyes.

“You will not be welcomed back with opened arms when he leaves you” my mom says spitefully.

“Okay then, see you around.” I say and walk out the door.


Request: @teeacooper: “Could you do one where Bucky or Sebastian jokingly makes fun of how short the reader is? Extra fluff?”

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Warnings: fluff, as you requested.

A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind :)

You get on your tip toes, reaching for the container that was on the top shelf but fail immensely. With a huff you try again, this time placing your leg on top of the counter as you tried to pull yourself up on it. Before you could do so though, a strong arm wraps around your waist, pulling you back down to the floor.

Sebastian presses a kiss to your temple and grabs the container for you.

“Thank you.” you say, taking the container from his hand.

“No problem, shortie.” he smirked. Here he goes. “Hey I forgot to ask you, how’s the weather down there?”

You groan, ignoring him. Every time he saw you struggling to reach for something he would bust out with his short jokes. You were 5'2 where as Sebastian was 6'0.

“Oh come on.” he pouts, leaning against the counter right next to you. “Don’t feel down.”

You shovel the leftovers into the container as you continued to ignore him.

“You know, I was looking through your wallet the other day for an extra three dollars for gas but you were a little short.” he kept going.

“Seb.” you groan, putting the lid back on the container.

“What?” he stood there with a smirk.

“Stop it.” you say.

“I’m not doing anything wrong.” he shrugged as you put the container in the refrigerator.

When you turn around, Sebastian was smiling at you. “What?” you sigh, placing your hand on your hip.

“Nothing.” he shakes his head. “You’re just so cute and small, I could put you in my pocket and carry you around.”

“Oh my god.”

You turn away and walk down the hallway to your shared bedroom with Sebastian hot on your heels.

“So I was thinking about buying you a booster seat so that you can be tall enough for the table.” he says from behind you and you roll your eyes at your annoying boyfriend.

“Stop already.” you sigh and Sebastian licks his lips before nodding.

“Okay, okay I’ll stop my love.” he says, leaning down to press a kiss to your hair. Sebastian leaves the room and you decide to go out and get yourself a drink of water.

You open the cabinet and grab a cup then proceeding over to the water dispenser. While the water flowed into your cup, Sebastian bumped into you.

You look up at him and he had an innocent look displayed on his face. “Oh jeez, you’re so small, I didn’t see you there Y/N.” he jokes and you flip him off before drinking up your water.

As you put the cup down, Sebastian cups your face in his hands, tilting up so that you would look at him.

“You know I love you, right?” he says and you nod. He always did this after making fun of your height.

“And I was only joking.” he adds.

“Yes Sebastian, I know.” you say.

“Can I have a kiss?” he pouts and you chuckle but nod.

Sebastian connects your lips in a kiss then pressed his forehead to yours afterwards. He smiles at you, causing you to smile as well.

It was a cute moment, that is until Sebastian opened his damn mouth. “I guess you could say that was a short kiss, eh?” he smirked and you huff, pushing him away.

He stumbles back, laughing loudly before walking back up to you. “I’m sorry baby.” he coos.

“Shut up already.” you wave him off, walking around him to go back to your room.

“You’re just so small and cute!” he exclaimed as he watched you walk away which caused you to flip him off yet again.

“Baby wait up!” a smile spreads across his face as he jogs over to the room to annoy you even more.

A/N: Let’s hear it for all mah 5'2 peeps ayeeee. Sorry if you’re not 5'2, just pretend you are for this shhhhh no one will ever know. I hope ya liked this.

Richie Tozier ~ I'm Not Even Sorry

Request/Prompt: “I’m not even sorry” from  @cxxl-gall  Thank you! 

(Just clarifying that, she did in fact DM me and ask to change from mike to Richie (which is 100% okay), so that you don’t think I slipped up!) 

Ship: Richie Tozier x fem!reader

Summary: the reader is heading home from grocery shopping and Richie runs into her - literally- and ends up asking her out slyly. 

Type: fluff. (I think?) 

Warning: Only warning would be swearing. And sexual innuendos. What did you expect. It’s Richie. 

Word count: 2295 (including A/Ns)

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know! 

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff


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anonymous asked:

29 for the drabble prompts?

Duuuudddeee this was fun, thanks for the prompt. Here’s #29: “Come here and make me.”

“Hey Tara, Dad in the office?”

“No, he went out for backup on a 916 out in Hilly Valley. Feel free to wait in his office darling.”

Stiles smiled at the woman behind the desk and gave her an appreciative wave before he slipped passed. The station was void of a lot of officers, a few strung here and there but for the most part it was pretty empty. He weaved around desks before approaching his dad’s office, stepping in easily.

The first thing he noticed was the greasy odor of fast food. Stiles went wide eyed and looked at the desk seeing no evidence of the contraband. With a few steps he bent over and glanced in the trash seeing a burger wrapper, lettuce, and a fountain drink inside.

“You’re so dead, nothing but tofu for the next week I swear to God–”

“Stiles?” A familiar voice called out.

Instead of standing up like a normal person he just bent further over, looking through his legs upside down to see the office door. Derek stood there in his deputy uniform, looking all…badass and sexy. Seriously it’s like the department didn’t have a shirt big enough to fit his obscene biceps. The man paused, green-blue eyes darkening considerably in a certain way Stiles was very familiar with.

“Hey baby,” Stiles smiled, knowing exactly what Derek was looking at.

The man stood up straighter, clearing his throat, “mind standing up straight?”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty comfy. Plus you seem like you’re enjoying the view.”

Derek growled lowly, eyes flashing blue for a moment before shutting the office door, “don’t. Just stand up.”

“Come over here and make me,” Stiles teased, shaking his ass and the next thing he knows he suddenly sitting on his father’s desk with his hot boyfriend between his legs. This was a plan Stiles could totally get on board with. His hands rested on the sharp V of the man’s hips, pulling them closer until their groins were flush.

“You’re a menace, your father–” Derek started

“–is all the way down in Hill Valley on a 916 domestic call. Don’t worry,” Stiles finished, teeth nipping at Derek’s earlobe.

Derek shivered, neck tilting to the side to let Stiles continue his workings. He did just that, mouthing at the stubbled skin, teeth and tongue working on bruises that vanished a second or two after he pulled back. Regardless it had Derek all but panting in his ear and holding tight. Their hips ground together, their pace near insatiable.

“Hmm, fuck,” Stiles groaned, pulling back so there was a small bit of space between them. Derek’s face was flushed, pupils swallowed his irises, and it’s the best thing Stiles’ has seen all day.

“You’re wasting time,” Derek growled.

“Shh, I got you,” Stiles said and kissed Derek, his hands making quick work of the man’s utility belt and pants. They broke apart, foreheads against each other’s, as Stiles wormed his hand into Derek’s pants, cupping his hard-on. Derek moaned, arching into the touch and Stiles gave him a playful squeeze.

There was his name being gasped out but he didn’t register it as being a warning one rather than a sexy one. So when the door busted open and Stiles’ hand was still hidden in Derek’s pants…well it was quite the surprise.

Their heads swiveled to the the right, only to see the Sheriff standing there with a livid look on his face. Jeez, there was even a vein popping out of his neck.

“Whoa—hey Daddy, what’s…what’s hanging?” Stiles stuttered, embarrassment flooding his cheeks.

“Don’t say daddy with your hand in my pants,” Derek muttered.

Stiles looked at him, “not your thing?”


They both looked back at the Sheriff, and just beyond him Tara and Parish were laughing profusely. Stiles moved and let Derek fix his uniform. He stood and made his way to the trash and held up the fast food items.

His father paled.

“Oh yeah. First, we didn’t even get to the good part, I literally just got my hand in his pants–”

“Stiles, please shut up,” Derek said, face falling into his hands.

“–anyways…listen Pops. How about we forget this ever happened and you only are forced to eat tofu forrr…two days instead of a week?” Stiles bargained.

His father deflated, shoulders sagging, “out. Both of you out, I need to wipe down my desk.”


—does this make sense? | 08 (m)

pairing— min yoongi x reader / park jimin x reader, college! yoongi, college! jimin
genre/warnings— smut, angst
words— 9,282

:: summary— You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» 01:: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11 :: +

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