his face is so yellow in the first yellow one

Quack Goes The Duck (John Wick X Reader)

Summary: John and You have a date night out at a Carnival fair. It all fun and games. While passing by a stall one of the grand prizes catches your eye. You play the game and the owner cheats you out of the prize. Upset and angry John steps in to help…

Author’s Note: Hi~ It was just supposed to be fluff. I hope I delivered :D

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           @galaxycat1903 this wasn’t the fluff i had in the works for you. Your fluff                  fic will be done but i know you wanted John fluff and this kindda, sortta                qualifies :D

Quack Goes the Duck

I could barely contain my excitement as I exited the car. I clutched my arms to my chest and stared in wide eyed wonder at the brightly lit, neon lights of the Carnival fair. John stepped beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder; I looked to him and grinned ear to ear.

“Where do you want to go first?” he asked, eyes alit with happiness.

“Roller Coaster, duh!” I stated matter of fact.

He nodded and we made our way to the attraction. After various rides we ducked in and out of stalls, picking and choosing and sometimes even fighting over what games to play.

I pulled a thick wad of pink cotton candy and felt it melt into sugary goodness in my mouth.

I stopped mid stride, whispering to myself “, oh my god, that’s so cute!”

John had walked off without me. He glanced to his side and whipped around when he didn’t see me.

I felt the pressure of his arm on my shoulder “, see something?”

I nodded absently soaking up the warmth of his body. I pointed to the object that captured my attention. His eyes followed my outstretched finger and landed on the pudgy, white, pink tailed, rainbow mane unicorn with a bell dangling from its horn, hanging from the window red and white striped stall. He huffed a laugh. I grabbed his wrist and dragged him across the busy walkway, dodging around people until I reached the item.

Quickly I examined the stall - shoot the duck, read the sign. Simple enough I thought. Several people were lined up with air guns, shooting at the slowly moving tin, yellow ducks. I spied the owner of the stall standing gin a corner observing the patrons.

“Excuse me!” I called, his head turned to me.

“Hi,” I waved him over “, how do I win the unicorn?” I pointed upwards to where the plush was strung.

“Oh, that’s top prize – shoot all the duck and you get it,” the man drawled “, five gives you twenty shots, shoot all and you get the unicorn.”

I was virtually bouncing on my feet with glee as I slid him the money. John stood behind me watching quietly like my shadow. The stall owner smirked at me.

The people before us collected their prize and left only us. I looked to John and beamed at him; he smiled back and rubbed a small circle on my shoulder.

“Go on,” he motioned as the owner finished righting the ducks that had been shot and took the almost finished cotton candy from me.

The owner handed me the air gun. I stood and braced myself, settling my aim and fixing my stance the way John taught me. The man flipped the remote switch and the game began. The yellow ducks bobbing up and down while rolling across the area.

I took aim, exhaled slowly through my mouth and shot. The first yellow duck fell, the corners of my mouth tugged upwards. I aimed and fired again, two ducks fell. Two became three, then four and so on, until I had one more. It had taken me no more than twenty seconds.  

I glanced at John who stood behind me with a smile of approval on his face. I turned back to the game, and tracked the duck through the scope, lining up the shot.

Suddenly the game powered down. I looked up wide eyed. What was going on?

The game owner snatched the gun out of my grip “, thirty seconds are up! You lose.”

I stared at him open mouthed.

“You didn’t say that there was a time limit,” I breathed incredulously, hands splayed out at my sides.

The man raised a brow and gave me a sour expression “, I did. Listen better.”

I ground my teeth.

“You didn’t say that – the other people before me didn’t have a time limit you cheat!” I shouted shaking a clenched fist at him, a few people turned to stare at us.

“Hey miss, it’s not my fault you can’t hear well,” retorted the owner.

“Why you -,” John’s hand gripped my arm and I looked at him eyes ablaze.

He stepped in front of me, hand down in his pocket “, five dollars, twenty shot right?”

A group of teenagers came up to the booth, chattering happily amongst themselves.

The owner looked a bit weary “, you don’t qualify.”

John cocked his head to the right, his calm demeanour oozing something otherworldly.

“Hey, dude, hurry up and let the guy play cause we’re waitingggg,” said a dark haired boy.

“You heard them,” said John drawing the money out from his wallet and handing it to the man.

The man glanced at John, the money, the kids, then back to John and the money.

“Dude!” shouted one of the teenagers annoyed. The others backed him up.

He took it with a smirk and reset the game machine. He handed John the gun and started the game. I gasped, the ducks were moving across the screen at twice the original speed. The teenagers also commented on the speed and started making bets on how much ducks John would be able to knock over. This man was despicable.

Thirty seconds were all he had. John aimed and fired. Silence.

“Which was the one you wanted again?” asked John turning to me as he rested the gun on the table.

“Unicorn,” I said with a triumphant smile as I took in the open mouthed gazes of the group and the stall owner.

Grudgingly he climbed up and unhooked the animal before thrusting it into my open arms. I hugged it tightly to my chest and buried my face into the white fur.

“Thank you,” I mumbled to John and linked our fingers. He raised our joined hands and kissed the back of my hand.

I turned to the group of teenagers “, you guys should find another stall to play at, this guy cheats,” and walked off with my prize and man.

“That thing is so ugly,” laughed John.

I cut him a glare “, no it’s not.”

I looked down at the rainbow coloured mane “, it’s so fluffly!” and squeezed it again, the bell jingling with the motion.

“It may be even cuter than you,” I said slyly and ran cackling through the crowd leaving John to chase after me.

He caught me quickly, laughing and red faced.

I stood on my toes and pecked him on the lips “, let’s go home.”

His hands found my waist “, had enough fun?”

I wrapped a free arm around his neck pressing my body firmly to his “, I can think of more fun things to do.”

He grinned, his eyes slid from my face to the unicorn “,I don’t want that thing in the bedroom watching us.”

I frowned “, it’s just a stuffed animal.”


I flicked the bell “, what, think he’s going to rate your performance?”

“y/n,” he said again a bit exasperated.

“Fine I’ll leave him in the living room.”

As we walked off a thought struck me “, where’s my cotton candy?”

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Could you give us a list of fun/interesting facts about William McKinley?

  • Wiliam McKinley met his future wife, Nancy Allison, when he was only a young child.
  • McKinley grew up on a farm with both parents being of abolitionist sentiment. 
  • He was prone to illness and depression. 
  • When the American Civil War began, thousands of men in Ohio volunteered for service. Among them were McKinley and his cousin William McKinley Osbourne, who enlisted as privates.
  • While in the army, McKinley would write letters to his hometown newspaper with details of soldier life. 
  • During the war, future 19th president Rutherford B. Hayes become McKinley’s mentor with Hayes’s style in dealing with the men impressing young McKinley and began a friendship that would last until Hayes’s death.
  • McKinley and his regiment engaged in the Second Battle of Bull Run, Sharpsburg, Battle of Antietam,  Battle of Buffington Island and many other minor battles. 
  • The first person McKinley ever voted for for the presidency was Abraham Lincoln for his second term. 
  • McKinley had a parrot named “Washington Post” who could whistle to the tune of Yankee Doodle.
  • McKinley married Ida Saxton in January of 1871. Their first child, Katherine, was born on Christmas Day 1871. A second daughter, Ida, followed in 1873, but died the same year. McKinley’s wife descended into a deep depression while Two years later, in 1875, Katherine died of typhoid fever. Ida never recovered from her daughters’ deaths; the McKinleys had no more children. Ida McKinley developed epilepsy around the same time and thereafter disliked her husband’s leaving her side. He remained a devoted husband and tended to his wife’s medical and emotional needs for the rest of his life. During their time in the White House, Ida often needed sedation to enable her to sit through official functions as First Lady, and McKinley would throw a handkerchief over her face when she suffered an epileptic seizure.
  • McKinley defended a group of striking coal miners who allegedly incited a riot at a mine in Tuscarawas Valley before tussling with the Ohio militia sent by Governor Rutherford B. Hayes. All but one of the miners was acquitted, and McKinley refused any compensation for his services.
  • McKinley successfully campaigned for Rutherford B. Hayes’ presidency.
  • McKinley was the first president to use a telephone to campaign. 
  • McKinley’s inauguration was the first presidential inauguration to be filmed.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, allegedly claimed that William McKinley possessed “no more backbone than a chocolate éclair”.
  • McKinley’s wife, Ida, disliked the color yellow so much she had all things yellow removed from the White House, including the yellow flowers in the garden.
  • He is thought to hold the record of the most handshakes for a president–2,500 shakes per hour
  • McKinley loved carnations and wore them as a good luck charm. While attending the Pan-American Exposition on September 6, 1901, he greeted a line of people. McKinley pulled his famous red carnation from his lapel and gave it to a little girl waiting in line. Seconds later, he was struck by an assassin’s bullet. McKinley died eight days later.
  • After Leon Frank Czolgosz shot McKinley, the crowd subdued him and began to beat him severely. The wounded McKinley shouted “Boys! Don’t let them hurt him!” Later, at the Emergency Hospital on the Exposition grounds, McKinley said of his assassin, “It must have been some poor misguided fellow,” and “He didn’t know, poor fellow, what he was doing. He couldn’t have known.”
  • McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile while in office. After he was shot, he was transported to the hospital in an electric ambulance.
  • William McKinley died on September 14th, 1901, eight days after being shot and just six months into his second term as President.
Seventeen as Donuts

A/N: Okay this is a bit weird, but like apparently it’s National Donuts Day. So like why not compare Seventeen to donuts and analyze the shit out of them? I can’t believe I actually did this. Btw I added the read more for anyone who may not be comfortable with viewing food, so please continue on at your own risk. 

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Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #3

Promt #3: “I guess this makes you my Valentine.”

“Just to make it clear. Mr Lancaster has some valuable information about financial frauds and you are the one to collect them. You have already been assigned as his escort. He will be waiting for you at the dance, wearing a tuxedo and a yellow boutonniere that match the corsage you have. After the dance, we’ll send one of our agents to drive the limo. He will provide you a chance to leave. Any questions?”

“When will you stop mumbling around? I know my work, Mr Holmes, don’t tell me how to do it.” The other line remain silence for a while.

“Stay in touch, Ms Adler.” He finally speaks.

“Send my loves to Nero, Mycroft.”

Life had changed in many ways over the course of a few years. No long after Sherlock knew the existence of his sister, Nero came, and the rest with him. A new home in Sussex, the beehives, the end of her exile and the occasional work for the MI6.

The mission, as Mycroft had said, is very simple, for her at least. Gathering information about the financial fraud, easy, mens like to talk given the correct stimulus. Is this mission a sort of escape? Yes, it is, she has to admit it. Irene Adler loves her son above everything else and she also loves Sherlock, even if she doesn’t say it often. But while she is happy with the new lifestyle she is living… a few days away from Nero’s constant seek for attention and Sherlock’s mess, is refreshing.  

With confident strides Irene enters the building wearing a stunning red dress and a elegant yellow rose as a corsage on her wrist. She wanders casually around people, looking for her target. Beautiful ladies and handsome men all around, dressed on their finest clothes. The champagne and caviar, oh she had miss all of this. Why is Valentine’s day a big occasion? She wonders as she contemplates the gathering. She had celebrated in the past, mostly when she was a teenager and a few occasions with Sherlock, more of mockery than for the holiday itself.

Few men are wearing boutonnieres and so far, none of them has a yellow one. She is starting to doubt the probability of this plan when her eyes catch glimpse of a yellow rose. She quickly follows the man, carefully not to look like a stalker. Irene laughs to herself at the resemblance her target has with a certain detective waiting for her in Sussex. He finally stops to take a glass of champagne, circling him, she first stares at the yellow flower on his front pocket, once she is certain of his identity, she glance at his face. He is smiling and holds a soft stare at her startled face.

“You didn’t expect to see me, Ms Adler?” The man asks. Once the surprise has passed, her face turns into a frown and she cross her arms.

“I had a mission, Sherlock. What did you do with Lancaster? And what about Nero?” Her voice is more of a reproach than a question.

“Turns out you don’t need to attend a fancy ball on Valentine’s day to gather information from someone. Mycroft may disagree, but this is all he needs,” Says Sherlock taking a phone from his pocket. “I met Mr Lancaster at the elevator of his apartment, a friendly talk and a distraction was all I needed to acquire the access to the bank accounts.” He shows off a smile and waves the phone in front of her. “As for Nero, he is with my parents.” Irene rolls her eyes at his childish behavior. Without making eye contact, Irene thinks about the fact, consequences and the state of the mission.

“I assume Mycroft doesn’t know you are here,” He nods. “Well then,” Says Irene adjusting the flower on his front pocket. “I guess this makes you my Valentine. Let’s enjoy the rest of the party, shall we?”

Girl Meets Season 4 - Episode 24

Girl Meets Season 4 - The Continuing Saga of Riley and her friends as they tackle their Sophomore year in High School. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. What will their sophomore year be like? Read and find out.

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A/N #1: This chapter is short… but cute 😉💜

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  • precious baby shizuo getting bullied because he brought his stuffed cow to the first day of classes because he’s scared and baby izaya to his rescue
  • baby izaya pouting because he gets dirt on his pants and baby shizuo puts a band aid over it because he thinks that takes care of it
  • baby shizuo not liking his yellow lollipop but being too shy to ask for another so baby izaya gives him his red one but izaya doesn’t like yellow either he just wants shizuo to be happy
  • the teacher saying they’re assigning partners and baby izaya sneaks through their stuff to find the list to make sure he and shizuo are partnered together and getting caught but makes cute baby faces to get out of trouble
  • baby izaya petting baby shizuo’s hair because it’s so fluffy
  • babies finding a secret hiding spot and making it their secret playhouse
  • their very first sleepover shizuo arrives with like a bag of stuff that’s bigger than he is because his mom is so worried about letting her baby spend the night elsewhere and she has to pry baby kasuka off of him
  • baby izaya teaching baby shizuo how to play slide slide slippery slide
  • first time baby izaya kisses baby shizuo on the cheek he turns so red and he has nothing on him so he just kind of pulls his shirt over his face to hide
  • baby shizuo likes baby izaya so much he offers to share his milk with him…..

tyler oakley + colour palettes


Prompt: (im v sorry if u didn’t get what u want i tried)

Summary: Dan knew since from the start, he never had a chance with Phil.

Genre: a lilbit of angst but mostly fluff

Warning: swearing

Words: 638 words

A/N: yoyoyo guess who’s updating consecutively???? I just got 400+ followers and I still can’t believe it. Like yoooo why u like my fic it’s trash. Although, thank. Here u go, another trashy fic, make sure to digest it well. 

Oh my god.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Oh my fucking god.

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Yellow (Clemmings Blurb by @jaxxiepenguin)

Requested: Kind of??
Word Count: 200+
Pairing: Clemmings duh
Point of view: Luke
A/N: I didnt proofread it. Oops! It’s kind of my first blurb, but i hope everyone enjoys it! Merry Christmas!! Dedicated to @celmmings

Honestly i never had a favorite color. it’s just such a hard question to answer, you know? there’s too many incorrect answers.
this one day, though, Michael asked me. it went a little something like this.
“hey, hey luke. dude.” he persisted, while mostly focusing on video games.
“yeah?” I answered, scrolling through twitter.
“what’s your favorite color? christmas coming up and i wanna get you a guitar pick set.” he told me. I admit, i was a little flustered at the fact that Michael wanted to get me a gift.
“I dunno. guess.” I shrugged, trying to seem nonchalant.
“Hm,” Mikey stuck part of his tongue out in concentration, both on his game and on my favorite color. “Yellow!” he exclaimed happily. “My guess is yellow.”
I bit my lip ring nervously. “Yellow.” I mumbled. “Yeah, it’s yellow.”
Ever since that day, I’ve seen yellow in an entirely new light. The tint of the sunset, the glint in the guitar strings that Michael plays so well. The guitar pick set that he bought me, each one reading a word. There were three in the set, and the first one read “I,” the second read “love,” and the third one read “you.” I read them all aloud, in order, while facing Michael. “I love you.”