his face is so squishy


meet the love of my life • happy birthday to this dork

Alec Lightwood, wine drunk and putting his hands on Magnus’s cheeks. brows furrowed as he manipulates the face in his hands so it does the ‘fishy-face’: “Your face is squishy”

Magnus Bane, barely containing hysterical laughter and with hearts in his eyes: “Darling.. you’re drunk” 


taehyung: ok how far do u think i have to throw this wad of paper for it to land in her hair and for her to notice *attempts to throw piece of paper at you that has his confession in it*

jungkook: *holding 3223 notecards* a-are you an ang-gel bec-cause you *shuffles notecards* a-are…ee *drops notecards on the floor* yOU’RE JUST REALLY PRETTY OKAY BYE *dashes off and hides somewhere*

yoongi: i GOT this guys *shrugs coolly and walks up to u* “what’s up, yoongi?” “fuck.” *him nervously patting his hands on his pants and looking away and trying not to blush* ugh flustered yoongi will be the death of me “i like u” UGH HE HAS THAT LOOK ON HIS FACE LIKE SO SOFT AND SQUISHY AND OML HELP 

hoseok: *doing extremely awkward moves because he’s nervous* “hoseok r u ok” “yeah, yeah” *being super boyish and blowing up his cheeks trying to calm down to confess* “are you sure…” “yeS OKAY I JUST LIKE YOU.” then u looking shocked and him whispering “i like u” again anD UGH 

namjoon: “r u the square root of 2 because i feel irrational around u” u screaming at him for being so cheesy “no y/n i was sERIOus” “wait what” “i like u??” u getting shy and screaming internally because he’s actually looking at you with suPER LOVING EYES WHICH IS NOT OK NOT NOT OK

seokjin: taking u up to the rooftop and having lunch with you while looking at the sky and confessing to you gently and romantically leaVING YOU SPEECHLESS LIKE IS THIS A MOVIE ?? 

jimin: taking 3 years to talk to you at least once but his hyungs forced him to go up to you *awkwardly walking up to you while biting his lip cutely* “sooo y/n how’s the weather?” (hyungs hissing at him from behind) “it’s nice” “okAY SO I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE YOU” *talks faster than yoongi’s raps then runs away* 


국주누나의 영스트리트 우리말 호로록에 산하와 게스트 진진이가 출연하니깐요ㅎㅎ 마니마니 들어주시고 같이 즐겨주세영♡ #영스 #국주누나 #아스트로 #아로하 #재미따


On Guk Joo noona’s youngstreet, Sanha’s korean hororok and the guest JinJin will make an appearance hehe. Let’s listen and enjoy it together♡ #YoungStreet #GookJooNoona #Astro #Aroha #ItsFun

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Come here lil squishy

Aww but can you just imagine being on your ‘monthly’ and Calum being your boyfriend and he would have no idea what to do because he’s so clueless so at first you would like just tell him to leave you the fuck alone because his terrible jokes and his childish behaviour would just piss you off to no end and he would end up leaving you alone for a hour or so but then he would come back with a hot water bottle and a guitar and some random assortments of junk food and he would look so sorry and his face would be so cute and squishy and he would just sit down next to you and push the junk food next to you and start gently strumming the guitar because he knew you couldn’t stay mad when he played guitar but you would snatch the food because your still kinda mad but after a couple of minutes you would just slowly snuggle up to him and he would be so relieved and he would wrap his arms around you and you would feel so safe and just feel better and ooomf you guys are actual couple goals