his face is so distracting

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tbh seb is so #problematic i have a paper to write and he is here, with his face, distracting me

haha right!!!!so did you finish it? if i send you more pix will that just distract you more? 

what you’re done! great!! here ya go

hows this!!!!


im starting my first day of summer with Buck! WOOOO<3

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I personally kinda like when characters go /slightly/ off model cuz it makes them look squishy and moldable, as long as it's at an appropriate time, not during something serious. But it drives me crazy when they go so off model it looks ridiculous, or they're just plain lazy. Like when steven was on his knees yelling at cloud rose floating above him, that scene was dramatic and serious but his face looked so off?? It distracted me from the emotions I was supposed to be feeling

That’s squash and stretch rather than actually going off model, it’s what they do in animation to make things look more dynamic and bouncy which is always good. What su does is just going off model for no reason at all, like you said it can make dramatic scenes look awkward. The crew just need to have stricter models and only allow going off model to exaggerate emotions and stuff like that.


right back at you, park jinyoung ♡


get to know me meme: [2/10] current celebrity crushes

aidan turner - “I was really into films when I was younger, but I feel like a bit of a phony sometimes - I started acting because I didn’t know what else to do. I filled in all these university application forms and honestly didn’t want to do any of the courses.”

Sabriel HC Monday: BAND AU #1
  •  gabriel is the lead singer and guitarist of the band!!
  • most of the female fans fawn over him and the way he leans into the microphone and the way he smiles as he sings and pushes his hair from his face at the end of the song
  • hell even a few of the male fans want him it’s the way his hand looks gripping around the neck of the guitar if you know what i mean
  • gabriel totally named his guitar and he refers to her as such
  • he doesnt say “pass me the guitar” he says “pass me celia” and evERYONE DOES NO ONE QUESTIONS WHY THE GUITAR IS CALLED CELIA SHE JUST IS
  • sam thinks its adorable
  • sam’s the drummer and he doesnt mind not being seen!! 
  • he knows he has the most important job - keeping everyone in time and he takes this very seriously
  • hell he even ties his hair up in a little pony tail so it doesnt get in his face and distract him when playing
  • he has ONE set of drumsticks that he uses and he hates using another set because ???? they feel wrong in his hands
  • the set he uses that feel j u s t right were a birthday gift from gabriel hence why he loves them so much
  • half way through a set between songs gabriel strolls to the back of the stage and leans between the symbols and gives sam a soft kiss
  • and sam just rolls his eyes but kisses him back
  • no one knows about their relationship because they didnt make it public but they didnt need to because it’s not for the fans they date it’s for them 
  • someone at the front realises they’re kissing and shouts “FUCKING OTP RIGHT THERE”
  • and the crowd goes wild 

Y/N couldn’t help, but admire Steve’s incredible artistic talent. Even the little doodles Steve drew in his notebook made Y/N smile. Nothing he did though was as beautiful as when he smiled. Y/N walked up behind Steve and gently threw their arms around his bony shoulders.
“It looks gorgeous, Steve,” Y/N said as they started kissing his cheek, working their way down his neck.
“What are you doing?” he asked. Y/N could see him smiling, so they continued.
“What do you think I’m doing Steve?” Y/N took his chin and turned his face so they could kiss his lips.
“Distracting me?” he challenged.
“Au contraire,” Y/N continued kissing him, pulling him away from his painting. “I think you need time to spend with your muse.”
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i know the gif isn’t pre serum!steve, but he does look kinda skinny in it
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