his face is so chiselled

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hi can you just talk about nylander a bit because i love happy rants and i love him and i'm so happy he scored tonight

(get ready for the most incoherent thing you have ever read)
okay okay my beautiful baby swede,, 

he always looks so good?? his hair is so silky and looks so soft

his cute ass smile, why is his face so nice and jaw so chiseled??

his relationship with his brother is so beautiful, they’re so supportive and proud of each other and I love that they are like down the road from each other and it just makes the Sabres/Leafs rivalry better

can you believe that his dads first goal was assisted by Brooks Laich and his first goal was too,

once I saw a meme that William Nylander is evolving like pokemon and its’ the best thing ever, he is buiLT, his arms,, just yesss 

Always wearing booty shorts

his bff Kapanen, I cant wait until he transitions into a centre and Kapanen is on his wing, THINK OF THIS ANON what a line

and his hockey?? is so good?? his vision on the ice, his speed, his ability to drive play and run a line and he’s only in his rookie season!!, HIS AWESOME SHOT, urgh I love so much that he is a Leaf

all praise Will Ny the Hockey Guy

Late Nights (Part 2)

Harry is just not finished with you yet. Word count: 3k Warnings: smut smut smut, semi-public make out. 

Luckily, I didn’t fall asleep during Harry’s meeting, even though it was twice as boring as he’d said it’d be. Now, as they’re wrapping everything up, Harry throws me a knowing look, his green eyes thinking as he looks me up and down.

I smile wide, waving goodbye to his colleagues as they leave his office. Almost immediately, Harry is in my personal bubble, his hands resting on my ass, pulling me close. He leans down to bury his face into the crook of my neck and I feel his mouth open gently, allowing him to suck and lick my skin there. 

 “Look so fucking sexy,” he moans and I let out a breathy laugh. 

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y'all…this video was SO good like not only was it genuinely funny (one of the first times i’ve actually laughed out loud at a leafy video) but like he looks so goOD his hair is so perfect he’s lost all his baby face fat and his chin n cheekbones r so nice n chiseled now??? and he was SOOO happy and smiley throughout the whole thing like he hasn’t been this smiley since the 200k video tbh and just like….i love calvin so much oh my god he is the best boY