his face is priceless in this movie

oh gods guys some funny shit happen to me today

so i was in class today and my friends said that there was this guy who likes me and he came up to me and started a conversation with me. he noticed i had my Hogwarts shirt on and started talking about the houses and was like 

 boy: so you like Harry Potter? 

 me: yeah. you read it?

boy: watched some of the movies 

me: cool. what house do you think your in? 

 boy: idk, anything but Slytherin. i don’t want to be in a house full of evil people, they’re the worst 

 me: i’m in Slytherin 

 boy: …. oh 

 lolol his face was priceless, i can’t rn. yeah that’s it, just wanted to share that experience w you guys sorry if it’s hella boring but my friends were dying

anonymous asked:

Imagine if we got another Haikyuu recap movie for season 3 but instead Karasuno and Shiratorizawa are playing while Oikawa adds his voice over commentary and sassy comments and Iwaizumi adds stuff too! Kinda like watching sports on tv!


“There goes Glasses-chan touching Ushiwaka’s spikes again. The look on his face is priceless! What a dumb ass.”

“There’s that freak-duo combination, as always. I guess Tobio-chan doesn’t know anything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

“Isn’t number 4, like, 12.”


Are you and Chris Evans close even after the movies?

Honestly I love the Hitman movie so much

Timothy Olyphant plays the confused introvert really well and i just love when women talk to him because he literally cannot understand it 

and like the best part is when Nika is asking him about his luggage and he’s like “oh so I can fit my guns and a gag for talkative, irritating little girls, wanna try it?” and Nika’s like “idk, do we have time for foreplay?” like just the sheer look on his face is priceless. He tried so hard to be an intimidating badass but like she keeps short-circuiting his brain and I love it and Olyphant portrays that confusion perfectly

i love this movie too much okay 

Car stories

My first boyfriend Jimmy brought a work van, old and nasty. We all cleaned it up to go to the drive in movies (can’t take a corvette). We picked up my brother Johnny and some friends, they used folding lawn furniture to sit on in the back, Laughing and joking, my boyfriend takes a sharp left and my brother still in lawn chair goes flying out the side doors, the look on his face was priceless as he flew threw the air and did his best tuck and roll into a gas station. Thought I’d peed my pants, he got straight up and yelled , I’m good! sit on the floor next time.

“One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the date with Ruby in the 09-er. I love to watch Logan’s face as Veronica starts to grill Ruby. He has almost no lines so he just sits there quietly, but his subtle facial expressions during this whole conversation are priceless. I was impressed when I learned they’ve only had like two takes to shoot the whole scene. Great job, both ladies and JDoh!”

I’m working on episode 53 (the ~date~ episode!) right now and it is so full of priceless Yami faces and moments and feels that it’s spirally wildly out of control. To tide me and you both over, here is my collection, so far, of shots of Yami being so hot I stopped to take a pointless screencap.

Hot when he’s daydreaming morosely.

Hot when he’s been caught daydreaming morosely while ostensibly on a date.

Hot in close-up.

Hot in profile.

Hot when confronted with the realities of modern city life that Yugi usually shields him from, like movies, and walking places.

Hot when congratulating his dancing friend.

Hot in the other profile. 

Really fucking hot when challenging some asshole to a duel.