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Hey! could you do a bughead thing where nobody knows their dating, but Betty's mom is being really horrible to her and Jughead defends her and everyone finds out their together? Thanks!

The gang was all hanging out at Archie’s watching a movie. Betty and Jughead sat close together, their hands intertwined underneath the blanket thrown over their laps. None of their friends knew they were dating and at the moment they wanted to keep it that way. It was their own private honeymoon, away from all of the drama that seemed to surround their friends. For the moment, Betty and Jughead were happy living in their own private world.

Veronica, Kevin, and Archie were all too involved in the movie to notice the small glances and smiles shared between the two.

What the did notice, was the sound of raised voices coming from downstairs. Archie paused the movie and they all went to investigate. They found Alice Cooper standing in the front doorway, yelling at Fred Andrews.

“Mom?” Betty asked, stepping forward.

“Betty, let’s go.”

“Mom, what is going on?”

“I’ve told you how I feel about you hanging out with these…people. Now let’s go Elizabeth.” Alice took Betty’s arm and started pulling her out the door, but Betty yanked free and stood her ground.
“No, mom these are my friends, and you are just going to have to accept that I am going to be hanging out with them, because I’m not going to stop” Betty said and Jughead felt a swell of pride watching his girlfriend stand up to her mom.

“Elizabeth” Alice stepped close to her daughter, her voice quiet and deadly calm. “We talked about this, you are too easily swayed by the people around you. You don’t have the strength of character to be around these people. You are too weak to be able to stand up to their bad influence.”

“Now wait a minute…” Fred Andrews started to defend his son and his friends, but Jughead interrupted him. He didn’t care if Alice insulted him, but he couldn’t stand the way she was talking about Betty.

“Mrs. Cooper, I think you have your daughter all wrong. She is the strongest person that I know. She makes us all better, not the other way around.” Jughead stepped forward so he was next to Betty. He felt the surprise looks of everyone in the room, he knew that standing up to Alice was not usually his thing. He usually avoided Betty’s confrontational mother at all costs, but Jughead’s protective side was taking over, keeping him from staying quiet.
“How dare you talk to me like I don’t know my daughter. I know my daughter better than anyone, better than she knows herself. Certainly better than you Jughead.” Alice said, her calm voice slipping slightly. Jughead saw her eyes widen in slight alarm as she looked between Betty and Jughead.

“No” Betty spoke up, stepping closer to Jughead and slipping her hand in his. “Actually mom, I think it’s Jughead who knows me better than anyone.” Jughead heard Veronica gasp behind them watched as Alice looked at their hands like she had never seen anyone hold hands before.

“Elizabeth…” Alice tried to recover her composure.

“Mom, I think you need to leave. You are embarrassing me and yourself.” Betty seemed to gain new confidence holding Jughead’s hand and her mom seemed to pick up on that. Alice could tell that she was not going to with this battle. So with one last seething look at Jughead, she turned on her heel and stormed out the door. Fred Andrews shut the door behind her, looking like he was trying really hard not to laugh. He gave Jughead a knowing wink and then headed upstairs.

Jughead, suddenly realizing that he was holding Betty’s hand in front of all of their friends made a move to let go, but Betty held on firmly. She gave him a smile as they turned to look at Veronica, Kevin, and Archie.

Veronica was looking at them in slight shock. Kevin was looking at them in glee. And Archie was looking at them in confusion.

“Oh my god, finally” Kevin was the first to speak up. “I was afraid you two were never going to get together.”
“Wait, what?” Archie was still looking between Jughead and Betty in confusion.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Jughead Jones stood up to Alice Cooper and held hands with her daughter while doing it.” Veronica shook her head in amazement. “That was some crazy stuff guys. Alice looked like she was going to blow a gasket.”

“Did you see her face when Betty took Jug’s hand. Priceless.” Kevin said in excitement.

“Wait, everyone slow down for a second. Did you…are you two…?” Archie struggled to find the words.

“Dating?” Jughead offered and Archie nodded his head.

“Yes, for a little while now. We were going to tell you guys eventually. We just wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little while” Betty said, squeezing Jughead’s hand.

“Wow, well I can’t say I saw this coming. But I’m happy for you guys.” Archie said, clapping Jughead on the shoulder.

“Thanks Arch” Jughead gave him a smile.

“Alright, let’s go finish the movie. But Betty, you are for sure spilling all of the juicy details soon. I can’t believe you kept this from me!” Veronica pulled Betty out of Jughead’s grasp and up the stairs. Betty threw an amused look over her shoulder at him. With a shake of his head, Jughead followed them.

This time, they did not need to use a blanket to hide their intertwined hands. This time, Jughead and Betty snuggled up on the couch openly. When Betty wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his chest, Jughead was incredibly glad that their friends knew and they no longer had to hide.

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>:3c Saeyoung x mc and saeran hcs ? Like after ending stuff where Saeyoung is dateing mc while saeran is living with them

I hope these are okay! I don’t think about this situation often…( ´ ▽ ` );;

-Saeran hates it when the two of you get mushy over each other. It’ll happen during movies, doing cooking, even when all three of you are in public. Every time the two of you get wrapped up in each other he lets out a loud groan, along with some complaints.

- Saeran still has off days where he can’t really stand being around his brother. He’s still having to go to therapy and such, so of course there are going to be a few off days. When this happens, you either help Saeyoung out by trying to make sure he isn’t blaming himself, or you help him make sure Saeran eats and isn’t doing anything harmful to himself.

- All three of you try to get out of the house as often as you all can. Saeyoung needs to stop being cooped up all the time, and Saeran needs more peaceful days. When you all go out, you all try making sure you get a healthy dose of nature, or at least go somewhere with good food and icecream.

- There are rare moments when Saeran wants Saeyoung to himself. He never says it outloud, but you notice that sometimes he’s sitting beside him rather than across from him, or joining him in the kitchen while Saeyoung cooks. So, usually, when you notice, you try your best to give them space. I mean, they still need to bond.

- You may talk about Saeyoung getting into therapy too, or at least joining Saeran a few times so you can help his therapist get an outside perspective. You wouldn’t push it very hard, but you would suggest it when there was an opening.

- (You wouldn’t mind coming to a few of them either, just to help Saeran realize you didn’t hate him for all that he did)

- Sometimes you all would invite Yoosung over. Either for you all to goof off and have fun, or to quietly try to cheer Saeran up from lingering effects of one of his bad days. Yoosung seemed to cheer him up a bit, so the two of you would always try to get him to come over if it was possible.

- Both of them would be worried about what Jumin thought of them, especially after everything that happened. And it would be true that sometimes Jumin wouldn’t want to be in the same room as Saeran, but usually he was polite enough to make some excuse rather than being blunt. Sometimes it would make Saeran feel like garbage, so you and Saeyoung would take him out on a nice walk, or watch a new horror movie with him.

- For Saeran’s sake, you would stop Saeyoung from pulling pranks on him each chance you got. Granted you couldn’t stop him from all of them, but you tried your best to stop Twin Prank Wars 2 from happening.

- When Saeran found out his brother crossdressed, his expression was priceless. He chalked it up to his brother being weird, and didn’t question it until he found one of the dresses in the dryer. When he said something about it, and saw both of your faces blush, he just dropped the garment and hid in his room for a bit ( and this time neither of you bothered him).

That’s all I got for now!

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What do you think iwachan's like when he's had too much to drink?

Iwaizumi is a total nightmare. Nothing good happens comes about when he drinks. EVER. (; ಠ_ಠ)

The following stages of Drunken Iwa (ft. Seijou third years) come as follow:

Calm before the Storm
It always starts off with a few harmless drinks, nothing too bad. It’s easy for the third year group to tell how many Iwaizumi has had based on his mood. He becomes more talkative, affectionate and likes to joke around alot. When he starts laughing (like, genuinely laughing) at Makki and Mattsun’s lame puns, it’s usually the telltale sign that they should cut him from the drinks. But it’s so cute to see him so giddy and smiling from ear to ear so they let him be.

It’s a subtle change, but sure enough Iwaizumi’s voice gets increasingly louder and he begins to lose his mouth filter. He’ll start throwing whatever comment crosses his mind and they’re always absolutely hilarious. Makki, Mattsun and Oikawa keep egging him on and soon they’re all yelling and laughing loudly, much so that the nearby tables complain.

King of Dance and Song
They’re all having a great time when the bar plays that song. Iwaizumi knows this song. He loves this song. He jumps up on his chair and starts singing (or at least attempting to) the lyrics, taking another sip whenever he forgets the words. Everyone is trying to control him but he retorts with “shut up, let me sing. I can sing. I’m a great singer. I can also dance too, here watch this,” which then proceeds to him staggering around while spilling drinks on everyone within arm’s reach.

Beer Goggles
Under normal circumstances, Iwaizumi is a rather shy kind of guy. But under drunk circumstances, he’s the most charismatic person in the room. 
And which better victim than his charming, talented, athletic, freakin’ gorgeous best friend, Oikawa Tooru. (“holy shit, Oikawa you’re beautiful. Have I ever told you that? Jesus, look at those eyes. Huh? No, that wasn’t meant to be a pick up line. But if it’s working then, hell. Your eyes are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”)

Were you Just Checking out my Best Friend’s Ass?
It all turns upside down when Iwaizumi spots someone sneaking a glance at HIS best friend. Suddenly, Iwaizumi goes from love-sick sap to full-blown fighting machine because “back the hell up, did you just do what I think you just did? That’s it, Mattsun, hold my beer.” He has no fear, going up and confronting the huge burly guy three times his size and it results in a crazy brawl with half the bar trying to pry the two off each other and Oikawa screaming somewhere in the background (Mattsun and Makki are too busy filming this from a safe distance to intervene)

It’s no surprise the seijou gang are kicked out the bar
The four are left staggering around in the streets; Mattsun and Makki in absolute hysterics because this is literally the sixth time this has happened holy shit, and Oikawa screeching at them for not helping out earlier as he struggles to drag a stumbling Iwa-chan with him. Iwaizumi then proceeds to chug his guts up all over the pavement, some of which spraying on Oikawa’s shoes
(the M-duo are already filming the disastrous situation).

Aftermath: The next morning
Iwaizumi looks and feels terrible. He’s got huge bags under his eyes, a sickly complexion and he’s permanently hunched over, nursing his churning stomach. The look on his face is priceless when Makki and Mattsun show him all of the footage they captured from last night.

Iwaizumi swears never to drink again and the group agree it’s for the best

… But that doesn’t stop them from doing it again the next week

Monsta X reaction while watching horror movies with you

Request: “Hello! Is there a way for you to do a reaction of members where you’re watching a horror movie? I’M really anticipating for our Jooheon 😂😂“ -anon

I hope you guys enjoy reading this, especially anon! ^^ If you guys want to request more reactions, just send me one! ^^ credits to the owners of this gifs.

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Well, you’re quite lucky to have a guy who doesn’t get scared of jump-scares and whatnots. He’d be pretty calm during the whole movie. But then he’d be engrossed with it actually. He’ll practically enjoy it when you hug him tightly whenever there are jump-scares and he’ll be laughing at how cute you are and would wrap his arms around you, rubbing your shoulders to calm you down.


“Babe, you’re so cute. Don’t worry, oppa’s here.”

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Well, the thought of the two of you watching the scariest horror movie dreaded him. First, he’ll act tough and would tease you for being a wuss. He’ll act the same way he acted towards Kihyun before they did the bungee jumping. But then when the movie starts, he’ll break into cold sweats and would scream during the scary parts. He’ll laugh it off and would pull you closer to him, making you hear his heart loudly pounding against his chest. This cycle would repeat during the whole movie, making you laugh at him instead of being scared. 

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This boy would try his best to stay awake and stay calm during the whole movie. But then, hearing you scream would also make him scream, which would make him curse under his breath before chuckling to himself. With you hugging his waist tightly and the meme faces that you make would literally crack him up. But then whenever the scary part would come out, he’d literally scream and would ALMOST curse at the character, kicking the open air.

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He’s like a mixture of Shownu and Hyungwon. He’d be calm at some parts but then would scream whenever he gets surprised. But then he’d be enjoying the whole thought of you clinging on to him for your dear life whenever a scary part would come out. He’ll be cradling you in his arms when he sees you on the verge of tears but then he’d laugh at you probably.

Babe, don’t cry. HAHAHAHAHA what’s with that face? Aww, hey, should we stop watching? No? What do mean no? You’re already crying HAHAHAHAHA.”

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Boy, this one’s going to be the mastermind of the whole horror movie marathon for your date. He knows how easily you get scared and how priceless your expressions are. With just the first movie being played on the flat screen tv, he would transfer his attention to you. He wouldn’t be watching the movie but he would be watching you tremble in fear. He’ll be laughing his ass off when you start to hide your face in his chest and give him a meme face.  

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By the time you mentioned that you’ll be watching a scary movie with him and he HAS to watch it with you, he’d start whining and would non-stop complain. Even when the movie hasn’t started yet, you could feel him getting smaller and smaller by the minute. He’ll also attempt to escape but then you’ll wrap your arms tightly around his waist. When the movie starts, he’ll be screaming throughout the whole movie, from the beginning until the end. He’ll be on the verge of tears and would scream ‘umma’ every scary part and he’d be clinging on to you tightly. 


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He’s like Shownu. He’d be pretty calm throughout the whole movie and would play with your hair while watching the whole thing. The two of you would have different reactions during jump-scares. You’d scream while he’d just flinch or laugh at how lame the actor/actress acts. But then, an evil idea would pop out from no where and he’ll probably scare the heck out of you by tapping you on the shoulder and act like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. 

What do mean you felt someone touch you? Huh? Me? I’m busy watching here. You’re becoming paranoid babe.” 

Anonymous asked: i wasn’t gay but then i kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off and now im kinda gay au uwu

Author’s note: I got this one in my inbox this morning, and I was kinda thinking about it at work, and then I sort of just, yeah…

“Yo, Winchester! You’re seriously still hanging out with Novak? What if he rubs off on you? You could end up being just like him, and your spot on the football team won’t be enough to save your popularity.”

Dean was gritting his teeth, both hands gripping the armrests of his seat, knuckles turning white. Next to him, his best friend Castiel was slowly shaking his head in silent warning.

It was supposed to be a fun night out, just him and Cas at the movies like friends did on Friday nights. So what were the odds that Alastair and his obnoxious group of minions happened to be sitting two rows behind them at the cinema, throwing insults at Cas every five seconds.

“I’m not gonna take this any longer, he’s been doing this for months now.” Dean hissed under his breath, swiftly approaching a breaking point. “We’re seventeen, not seven! It’s about time they start acting like adults.”

“Please don’t, Dean.” Castiel all but begged, putting a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “They’re never going to stop anyway, and do I need to remind you that there’s five of them and two of us? You’re going to get hurt if you go over there. Or worse, they’ll get back at you Monday at school when they catch you alone.”

A whistle from behind them.

“Oooh, look at that, the boyfriends are touching.” That was unmistakably Gordon’s voice, Alastair’s most lethal partner in crime.

Dean’s blood was boiling. This had happened too many times already… Ever since Castiel had come out six months ago, he’d been pestered by these homophobic asshats for no reason, and Dean was more than done with it. The code that Dean Winchester lived by was a simple code: One; don’t touch my little brother. Two; don’t hurt my best friend. The fact that Cas always claimed that it was ‘fine’ and that he’d learned to ignore it, wasn’t good enough for Dean. Someone like Cas deserved to have a carefree life without having to deal with this unnecessary bullshit.

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Jackson Imagine - Revenge

You and Jackson laughed at the movie playing on your laptop, sharing earphones. The two of you had been close friends for years and were practically inseparable.
“Hey, lovebirds! Mind keeping it down while we’re writing lyrics?” JB said to the two of you, raising his voice slightly. Both you and Jackson looked up innocently at the group’s leader and gave angelic smiles before returning your attention to the laptop once more. This elicited whispers from the other boys in the room, Jinyoung and Youngjae.
“They didn’t argue when Jaebum hyung called them lovebirds,” Youngjae said, keeping his voice low so you wouldn’t hear him.
“Do you think they finally got together?” JB asked, looking back at the two of you curled up on your sofa.
“There’s only one way to find out,” Jinyoung stated, “we need to devise a plan.”
“What, follow them around or something?” JB asked.
“Maybe. We can get the other members in on this and we’ll make sure someone is able to listen in whenever they’re alone. Or we can try and look at their texts.” Jinyoung suggested, looking to his members for approval.
“Let’s try that,” Youngjae said, “I’ll text the others now and we can get this plan started asap.”


Since yesterday afternoon, all of Got7 (minus Jackson of course) had devised a plan to find out if you and Jackson were together or not. Little did they know, you had been listening in to their whispered conversation and knew exactly what they were going to try and do.
“Okay, Jackson. Those members of yours are going to have constant surveillance over us and we need to retaliate.” You had a concentrated look on your face as you sat with Jackson in the cafe. Technically you were on a date but it wasn’t exactly conventional as you were planning to get some revenge on the boys for being nosy about yours and Jackson’s relationship. The two of you had decided to start dating secretly about a month ago and had gotten away with it since you were so close beforehand.
“And how do you plan to do that?” He asked, taking a sip from the coffee in front of him.
“Well I was hoping you’d have some ideas but maybe we can just act as we have done since we started dating and let them believe whatever they want. Then, we prank them by introducing someone as my boyfriend. I don’t know, what do you think?”
“We’ll do that. Who’s going to pretend to be your boyfriend though?”
“I’m friends with bts so I could ask Jimin?”
“Sure, text him to come over tomorrow to meet the boys,” he drained the coffee from his cup before asking, “now, shall we carry on with the actual date?”
“Of course,” you replied standing up, “let’s go now so we can grab popcorn before the movie starts.”


When you and Jackson arrived back at the dorm after your movie date at the cinema, the boys were all waiting for you.
“So, where have you two been then?” Bambam asked, a teasing tone to his voice.
“We were at the cinema, Bambam. Don’t get any ideas,” you said as you fell down onto the sofa between him and Yugyeom. “Actually, I have some news for you guys,” you started, “my boyfriend is coming over to the dorm tomorrow. You’ll know who he is, it’s Jimin from bts. Please be nice, okay?” The shocked faces from the members were priceless and you were laughing internally at the fact they believed your lie.
“(Y/N), do you want to come to my room so I can show you that movie we were talking about earlier?” Jackson asked, knowing you wanted to discuss how well the plan had gone.
“Sure,” you agreed, getting up and following him.

As you reached his bedroom, you let out a sigh of relief.
“I can’t believe that worked. Like, they actually believed us.”
“This is going great. Tomorrow, how are we going to reveal that you and Jimim aren’t actually dating?” Jackson asked, shifting in place on the bed.
“Once he leaves, I’ll come up with something on the spot. Now can we actually watch that movie?” Jackson laughed at your impatience before getting up and walking closer to you, his hands snaking around your waist. “Are you sure you don’t want to do anything else? You were getting pretty handsy in the cinema.” He pinned you against the door, his lips travelling to your neck, gently nipping at the skin.
“Jackson, what if they hear us?” You said, biting your lip so you didn’t make any noise. 
“We’ve done this before and they’ve never suspected a thing. What’s the worry now?”
“Well we don’t know they’ve never heard anything, maybe that’s why they were suspicious. But also because I did just tell them I have a boyfriend who’s not you.“
“Fine, but once this prank is over you are all mine,” Jackson said, holding your waist and pulling you into him. You slid your hands up to his neck and kissed him. Your tongues fought for dominance until you let Jackson take over. You always liked seeing his dominant side and kissing was no exception. 

After quite some time, you pulled away from the kiss to catch your breath. “Now come on, Jackson. I actually want to watch this movie.”


You and Jimin had arrived at the got7 dorm about an hour ago and everything was going well. Jackson had been fairly quiet as soon as he saw you both together. Even though he knew it wasn’t real, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. ‘Tonight will be fun,’ you thought to yourself as you saw the jealous look in his eyes. Whenever Jackson got jealous, he made sure you knew who your boyfriend was. While you didn’t like to make him jealous on purpose, you did enjoy the nights that followed his jealousy.
“So how did you two actually get together?” JB asked, looking at you and Jimin on the sofa. His arm was over your shoulder and you were cuddled into his chest.
“We were just hanging out one day and got talking about stuff and the next thing we know, we’re going on a date and it just escalated from there,” you told him, making sure to look at Jimin with a hopefully convincing look that you were hopelessly in love.

The rest of the day went according to plan and none of the boys suspected the lie. As Jimin was getting ready to leave, you walked him to the door.
“Thanks for doing this, Jimin,” you said in a hushed voice so the boys wouldn’t hear.
“It’s fine, I had fun. Our acting was pretty good, if I say so myself.” You giggled in response and said, “I’ll talk to you later, bye.”
“Bye, (Y/N).” Turning around, you went back into the living room to join the rest of got7.
“So what do you guys think of him?“ You asked, taking your place on the sofa.
"I’m happy for you guys, but why didn’t you tell us about him?” Jinyoung asked, looking confused.
“Because my dating life is none of your business. Sorry for being blunt but it’s true. Now, you may be disappointed to know Jimin and I aren’t dating. But that was just to get you all to stop being so nosy about whether Jackson and I are dating.” Their faces all fell as they realised they had completely fallen into your trap.
“So you heard our conversation the other day?” JB asked.
“Yes, I did. Honestly you guys are so nosy. I mean, you could have just asked us and we would have told you we’re dating,” you added as you stood up to walk over to Jackson and pull him towards his bedroom. “Now, I have a jealous boyfriend to deal with so don’t bother us for a while.” As you both walked to his room, you giggled at their stunned faces.
“I knew it!” Yugyeom shouted.
“Wear protection!” Mark added.
“We will,” Jackson replied, snaking his arm around your hip as you entered his room. 

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Mod Lana! I love you're writing so much and I think you're doing absolutely amazing! Since you love domestic, you should congure up some domestic headcanons for any character you like

Omg, you’re so sweet! Thank you for sending this in! I’m going to be writing for Tsukishima because he’s had my heart since day one. <3

-Admin Lana

  • He’s never going to admit it, but you can catch him staring at his wedding ring sometimes. The fact that he’s actually married to the person he loves is so surreal that sometimes it all feels like a dream until he feels the cool band on his finger.
  • The blonde is still a salty bean, but he’s learned to tone it down since he got married. He’s not as harsh as he once was, but you can bet that that sarcasm will come back once you have kids. 
  • Jurassic Park movie marathons are a normal thing in the Tsukishima household. He wants so badly for his children to take interest in dinosaurs. Can you imagine his face when your daughter/son wants to play with dinosaur figurines and change their bedspread to match? Absolutely priceless, all life goals achieved.
  • When you get up late at night for a snack, he’ll sneak up behind you to wrap his arms around your middle while resting his head on top of yours. It’s the quiet moments that you share together that he appreciates the most.
  • Rainy days are spent cuddling beneath a blanket with a cup of tea/coffee on hand while watching Netflix. It’s so blissful that you wish it could be like this everyday.
  • Kei isn’t really the type to be late for work, but when he’s rushing about, he can always count on you to have everything ready before he leaves. But no matter how much of a rush he’s in, he never forgets to give you a kiss goodbye. It’s basically tradition.
  • He’s created a playlist specifically dedicated to you. He puts it on when he’s gone for long business trips or even when you’re curled up on his lap sharing headphones.
  • Bath time is a fun time. Both of you tend to overwork yourselves from time to time, so what better way to relieve stress than a hot bath. He’ll add essential oils, lots of bubbles, and even light a few candles before stepping into the tub behind you. He’ll wash your hair and body as long as you promise to do the same for him.
  • When it comes to the holidays, he may appear indifferent, but he’s secretly excited. He loves to decorate and go all out. The festivities bring out the nicer side of him.
  • He’s an excellent cook to be quite honest. This is one of the ways he can express how much you mean to him, by whipping up your favourite meal. They say that the way to the heart is through food.
  • There have been several occasions where you’ve woken up to soft kisses along the column of your neck and jaw. Honestly, this is one of the best ways to awaken in the morning.
  • When you get into a heated argument which leaves the both of you on edge, it hard to make up. He can be quite stubborn, but after some advice from Yamaguchi he realises that a silly argument isn’t worth it. He returns home with a bouquet of flowers and a sheepish look on his face, whispering a soft ‘sorry’ before pulling you into a tight hug.
  • There was one time where you rolled over in bed, accidentally knocking your husband to the ground. He was grumpy the rest of the morning, but he quickly forgave you once you made him a stack of strawberry shortcake pancakes.
  • Things that he’s said to you:
  • “Do we need lessons on how ziplock bags work?”
  • “Goddamn, why are you so cute?”
  • “Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.”
  • He will constantly fight you over the temperature in the house. He likes it freezing cold and if you like it warm, guess you’ll have to sleep with three blankets because he’s not giving up that easily.
The other way around.... PART 2

So yeahh.. uhhh.. I want to make a part 2. Hope you like it and sorry for the bad english!!

Palette belongs to @angexci

Fell! Goth belongs to @nekophy


While walking to my house, I can’t help but to think some things that’s making me blush I didnt even notice that we’re at my house and certainly, Palette didnt too. Seems like in deep thought, “BOO!” I can’t control my self on scaring him, I feel bad… just a little. But his face was so priceless “AHHHH!!” he screamed, “Hahahahaha, you’re spacing out, what are you thinking?” I said seductively, Palette blush harder and so am I. Damn! I’m not innocent but why am I flustered about what just I said? “N-No… a-ah I-I m-mean” Palette clears his nonexistant throat “I was thinking to… to.. watch movie! Yes! I was thinking maybe we can watch a movie?” His innocence makes me giggle “Sure! Why not?” After I said that we go to my house.


W-W-What am I flustered about? It’s just like going to a friend’s house, nothing will happen. I tried to calm myself and sit in the couch while Fell! Goth was getting some popcorn. After a while, Fell! Goth finally get out of the kitchen with some popcorn, I started to panic again I sit awkwardly while Fell! Goth was sitting beside me. “What do yuou want to watch?” He said “Hmmmm.. maybe some horror movies?” When I said that Fell! Goth jolted and was a bit shock. Aha! I have a brilliant Idea mwehehehe. “ A-Ah I-I m-mean we can watch horror but is there anything else you want to watch?” Fell! Goth said nervously. “Hmmm well, if you’re scared then we can have something else” “S-Scared? W-Who’s s-scared? I-I’m n-not scared!” Fell! Goth said ‘bravely’. “Right? Nobody is scared and I have a challange.” I said. Fell! Goth was nervous, I chuckled “No, lets not watch horror movie, lets watch something excting!!” I said happily, Fell! Goth was relieved and put a dvd on th tv. In the first few minutes, it was boring but on the latter part it becomes exciting. When I looked into Fell! Goth he was already asleep, maybe your done waiting for now. I carry him bridal style and put him to his room, I kissed his forehead “Goodnight” I whisper. I was about to go out to hus house when I see my other version in the front door.

Cliffhang 😂😂😂 Hope ya like it

oh gods guys some funny shit happen to me today

so i was in class today and my friends said that there was this guy who likes me and he came up to me and started a conversation with me. he noticed i had my Hogwarts shirt on and started talking about the houses and was like 

 boy: so you like Harry Potter? 

 me: yeah. you read it?

boy: watched some of the movies 

me: cool. what house do you think your in? 

 boy: idk, anything but Slytherin. i don’t want to be in a house full of evil people, they’re the worst 

 me: i’m in Slytherin 

 boy: …. oh 

 lolol his face was priceless, i can’t rn. yeah that’s it, just wanted to share that experience w you guys sorry if it’s hella boring but my friends were dying

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Hmm... how about Lucifer (for the ask thing) :)

  • favorite male character: Lucifer Morningstar, of course 😈
  • favorite female character: Mazikeen
  • least favorite character: Charlotte (she’s testing my patience by trying to hurt my son and his miracle love)
  • prettiest character: Maze and Chloe and Linda (can’t just chose one)
  • funniest character: Linda Martin
  • favorite season: s2, so far
  • favorite episode: 2x13 - A Good Day to Die (still ugly sobbing over Unsteady and Chloe’s heartbroken face when Lucifer left, YEAH CRYING AGAIN THANKS FOR THAT 😭😭😭)
  • favorite romantic ship: Deckerstar, of course
  • favorite family ship: 
  • favorite friend ship: Maze and Linda
  • worst ship: Is there a worse one lol, I’d have to say Dan and Charlotte, but let’s not forget this gloriously hilarious scene Amenadiel’s face was priceless

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Call On Me


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Inspired by Starley’s song “Call On Me”, listen here.

You know you can call on me, when you need somebody. You know you can call on me, when you can’t stop the tears from falling down…

Best-friends, labelled that way since a very young age.That’s what you and Stiles Stilinski were known as. Families grew up together and in turn allowed the two of you to develop a tight, close bond. Now years later none of that had changed, expect for the part where Scott had now come into the mix. But you and Stiles were still as close as ever.

It had been a rough few months, after the unexpected and devastating loss of Allison things around Beacon Hills hadn’t been the same. Everyone felt like apart of themselves had gone missing, the moment Allison died. You knew Stiles well enough to see that the guilt washed over him in soul-crashing waves. He did his best to hide it, but the weight of being possessed by the Nogitsune still lingered, no matter how much everyone reassured him that it wasn’t his fault.

“Okay, I was like 5 and I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen like that”. You playful argued with Stiles as the two of you entered his house. Throwing his bag carelessly onto the couch, like he’d always did, and like you’d always did you would end up fixing it because it drove you crazy as to how he could just throw things left and right, and leave them there. Stiles came back with two sodas and handed you one, “I have a great memory Y/N and it happened exactly like that”.

Taking a seat of the sofa, Stiles right beside you taking a large sip of his drink. “Well it was your fault, you dared me too and I never pass up a dare”. Stiles chuckled, possibly due to him reminiscing that particular memory. “Your parents and my dad ran so fast out the door to see what was going on. I’ll never forget their faces”. Smiling too, it was a memory you’d always be fond of. Mainly because in that moment you had a very strong feeling that you and Stiles would become great friends. “Me either, or the fact we couldn’t see each other for like a week because our parents were so mad”.

Stiles causally sat back on the sofa and stretched out his arm, causing it to rest just behind you. “Hey, it wasn’t my fault you got stuck up a tree”. Lightly smacking his chest, he uttered ow before rubbing the spot with his hand. “You were the one who dared me to climb it, and I wasn’t stuck. I was just very comfortable and enjoying the view”. Stiles laugh vibrated throughout the room, and caused you to smile his way.

He air quoted and sarcasm was evident, as he got up and walked over to the TV, saying, “Okay, you weren’t stuck and just didn’t want to come down because you were enjoying the view”. As he had his back turned, you threw a pillow which hit him in the back of the head. Stiles turned around trying to look mad, but failed tragically before picking up the pillow and yelling. “Pillow fight!”.

Smacking each other with pillows while running like children all around the house really took a lot of energy. After exhaustion kicked in, both of you collapsed back onto the sofa with chests breathing heavily. “Hey, Stiles?”, you whispered, sitting up straight and poking him in the side to inform him that what you wanted to say was serious. He sensed the importance in your tone and matched your position. “Yeah, everything okay?”.

That was the thing about Stiles, he always put the ones he loved first. Always making sure that their well-being was solid before even thinking about his own. “I was going to ask you the same thing”, knowing the direction where this conversation was going his face completely erased the earlier smile he had been wearing. “How about we watch a movie?”. As he stood to get up, you grabbed his hand to pull him back down.

Looking deep into his chocolate brown eyes, the ones that held so much curiosity, happiness and love when he was younger. He still had all of those things, but they didn’t burn as bright as before. “Stiles, we don’t have to talk about it. But I want you to know that I’m here. I mean it, anytime, anywhere, I’m just a call away. You’re my best friend Stiles and I love you. So if the day or night gets rough and you need someone…I’m here”.

Stiles rubbed circles on your hand and he simply pulled you in for a hug, “I love you too Y/N. And I’m right here as well…whenever you need that is”. Pushing back tears, you clapped both hands together. “Now, let’s pick a movie to watch”. Stiles didn’t need to be told twice and ran over to the DVD drawer, flicking through the countless DVDs that were in there. “I swear if you put Star Wars in I’ll take the keys to your Jeep and climb the tree again. I won’t even care if I get stuck up there again”, you warned him who gave you a playful grin in return.

‘Now, now Y/N no need to make empty threats". He was ready to push the play button, when you launched yourself off the couch and grabbed the keys sitting on the table. “Try me Stilinski”, you said shaking his keys in the air. And with that Stiles smirked and hit play, the theme song boomed through the speakers and you ran out the door, Stiles following quickly behind shouting, “I’m sorry Y/N, you can pick whatever movie you want to watch. Just please not the Jeep!”.

Walking back into the living room, resuming previous spots on the sofa Stiles was red in the face from all the running and you couldn’t stop laughing. “I can’t believe you thought I was actually going to do it. Seeing your face was priceless”. Without warning Stiles pinned you down and started to tickle your sides. “Okay, okay I’m sorry. I take it back!”, giggling as you tried to get him to stop. “Apology accepted”, he cheekily said as you poked you tongue out at him.

That’s how you and Stiles were since the very beginning. The two of you could go from silly to being annoyed at one other, to serious and back to being silly again. But whatever mood, you and Stiles would always be there for each other.

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9 Winteriron, 16 Winterironpanther, 27 Stuckony. Pretty please? You don't have do all of them or even in order, I was just giving you options for inspiration.

9. When baking chocolate chip cookies. 

I went for the WinterIron one because I’m weak for them! I do apologize that this is so late but I do hope that you enjoy reading this! 

It would be a downright lie if Tony said that he wasn’t amused and that he wasn’t trying to keep down his laughter. The sight before him was absolutely priceless and he would have taken a picture if he hadn’t left his phone in the workshop. 

He thought about sneakily lifting his head up and whispering at Jarvis to capture this moment but there was a 99.9% chance that he would get caught. 

So Tony resolved himself to placing a flour-covered hand over his mouth as his eyes squinted due to restraining himself. He stayed far away from Bucky as possible as Bucky shook the flour out of his hair before turning narrowed eyes towards Tony. 

There was playfulness and mischief in those eyes and Tony knew he had to rescue himself because things (and himself) got extremely messy. 

“It was an accident.” Tony said quickly, his voice wavering as the laughter in him refuses to mellow. Bucky continued to stare at him like an predator eyeing his pray and he knew he was done for. He slowly began to take steps backwards towards the elevator in hopes of the quick escape but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen. 

“Oh, so you ‘accidentally’ pour flour over people’s heads?” Bucky questioned, eyebrows raised in faux surprise as he reached for one of the bags of flour that sat on the counter. He held it firmly in his grip as he stalked carefully towards Tony. “Because I don’t see how shouting ‘take this!’ and pouring flour over a person’s head can be seen as an accident.” 

It took everything within him not to break down in hysterics as the scene replayed in his head. 

Tony’s battle cry as he dumped a bag of flour over Bucky’s head after receiving several flicks of flour to the face.

Bucky’s eyes widening in surprise as he froze in mixing the batter, hair completely white as small heaps of flour rested on his shoulder. His face covered with a light dusting of white. 

He looked like a ghost. 

It was priceless. 

They were supposed to be making chocolate chip cookies for movie night tonight and it was never meant to escalate to this. But things do turn rough when you step into the kitchen. 

“You kept flicking flour in my face!” Tony protested, pouting as Bucky grinned with his steps quickening. “And I hate to retaliate-AH!

The bag was emptied over his head as he tried to escape the hold that Bucky had around his waist. It wasn’t until he was spitting out flour and Bucky was almost crying with laughter that a flour fight commenced. 

It took time but the cookies were finally baking in the oven as Bucky brushed flour off of Tony’s hair while Tony wiped it from Bucky’s face. He was seated on the only clean patch of counter as Bucky stood between his legs, the two of them smiling like five-year old children. 

“You’re such a child.” Tony said fondly, laughing when Bucky shook his head stubbornly and placed a kiss on Tony’s collarbone. 

“Says the one who started all of this.” Bucky retorted, smiling as Tony snorted before going, “Lies, I’ve been framed.” 

“Sure, doll, whatever you say.” Bucky murmured, eyes soft as he stared at Tony. “I love you.” He said, saying it like it was truly the first time. “Even if you’re a giant goofball who can’t keep flour in the bag and bowl.”

Tony rolled his eyes but smiled widely as he leaned down to give place a kiss on the tip of Bucky’s nose. “I love you too, you lying framing jackass.”

“You hurt me.”

“Do you know what hurts me? Having to clean this kitchen.”

The Long Run - Part 2

Title: The Long Run series

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Summary: The reader starts to work on Supernatural and life gets wonderful.

Warnings: Fluf and awkwardness…

A/N: Second part… Idk what to write here…. hope you guys like it! If you wanna be tagged, please, let me know.  AND: No hate towards Danneel or JJ, I love them, this is just a story.


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Are you and Chris Evans close even after the movies?

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I absolutely looveee your bloggg!! I was so wondering of you could write a vernon smut where you guys are dating and things get heated when your at home together. Thank you ~~ Sarangheyoo

~Yes I can, I am too lazy to write this as a new post so I am just leaving here, I may edit it later. Thank you for requesting~Jessica~

I Love You- Vernon Smut

“Aw, Dude! You’re totally cheating!” Hoshi whined. You shook your head. Your (h/c) locks catching wind.

“Nope. You just suck at Mario Kart,” you smiled as you danced a little. “First place again.”

“Ugh, I WANNA PLAY YOU AGAIN!” He demanded. You scoffed. If he couldn’t beat you six times, what would matter the seventh? You turned around to see your ever so handsome boyfriend smiling from behind. He looked like he was having fun. You smiled.

“Hey, Vernon! You wanna play me? You’ve been watching for the past half-hour.” You tried your best to tease with him. His eyes widened and a mild blush spread across his cheeks.

“Really?! I would love to!” He exclaimed as he sat down. You snatched Soonyoung’s controller as you handed it to Hansol. He blushed as he gripped it. You were choosing which course you were going to play. He smiled to himself. A warm sensation filling his insides. Yep, he didn’t care if the world couldn’t notice him, as long as you did, it didn’t matter.    

Jeonghan had long told him that one day, someday, a girl would finally notice him for his soft hair, his good cooking, and his gentlemen side. DK said that no one would notice him unless he spoke up, but when he brought the (s/c) beauty in their life, he new it was love from the beginning

He could stay like this for hours, he thought to himself. You were on his couch, snuggling closer to him. The heater of your home was “broken”, as Seungkwan said, and the only way to seek heat was to share a blanket and turn on the fireplace. It was just you two, alone.

You giggled as you watched some kinda horribly acted Korean drama; you two got bored quickly.  You laughed as you hugged you boyfriend.

“Is their Korean as terrible as their acting?” You chuckled looking up at the bi-lingual, chuckling man. There was something funny, but you didn’t know what.

“Yeah,” He said as he burst into laughter. You were staring at him again, trying to memorize this happiness in your love’s face so that you could remember it when you were upset. You laughed as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“You shivered as you felt a draft in the room. 

“Geez, can it get anymore colder?” You said. Vernon blinked as an idea came to him.

“H-hold on.” He said as he sat up, leaving you on the couch. You shrugged.

“More blanket for me.” You dug your face deeper into the soft material. You heard him coming, you looked at him, puzzled. He held out his usual tan coat. You perked up. 

“No way?! Seriously?” You jumped up and threw the blanket off.

He nodded. “I’m used to the cold…” He said simply. You blushed as you took the coat and tried it on, it fit perfectly. 

“Aww thanks … it’s so big and warm I could just sleep in only this!” You joked. He blushed at the thought of you naked. “Hahaha enjoying the thought i see?” You wiggled your eye brows suggestively. He only blushed more.

“N-no th-that’s not it-”

You got up and sat next to him. His face was priceless. You sat there paying attention to the movie once more as you felt his hand snake to yours and his fingers intertwine with yours. You smiled as you laid on him once more.

You slept as Vernon watched your chest rise and fall peacefully. He didn’t want to fall asleep, no he couldn’t. If he did, it could change the balance of the relationship. Then again, everyone else was gone and he was left alone in your cold apartment. 

He felt sleep coming on far too soon for his liking, he ran his fingers throw your soft (h/c) hair. He stiffened as you stirred just a little in your sleep.

He smiled as he let out in a hushed voice:

“I love you.”

He felt his eye lids close peacefully, only to snap open again.

“…love you too……”

“I thought so,” he said quietly.

You pulled him from his shirt as you got on your tip-toes, smashing your lips together. He stiffened with surprise but soon regained composure as he kissed you back. You felt his hand rest on your hip while the other landed softly on your butt. You broke away as you stared into his eyes. Your breath was ragged as you kissed him on the lips once more.

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if The8 was your best friend....
  • he’d be available for you 24/7 like if you needed him all you have to do is call him
  • he’s that best friend that listens to you rant and he’d sort of just nod and mutter ‘mhm’ and ‘okay’ once in a whie
  • but when you’re done talking he gives you like mind blowing advice and you’re left there staring at him like ‘tf minghao you deep as the fucking ocean’
  • “do you want to get some ice cream?”
  • “is that even a question?”
  • you’d support him in all of his b-boy events like you’re the loudest person in the crowd whenever minghao is on stage
  • he’s that super caring best friend like he’s gonna come up to you with two cups of coffee in his hands and he’d be like ‘you looked kinda pissy today here, have some coffee
  • you can never say no to him whenever he’s asking for a favor because he flashes you his best puppy dog look and you’re like ‘minghao….why’
  • he’d dance badly on purpose in public just to embarrass you 
  • and you try really hard to act annoyed but you can’t because the laugh on his face is priceless and you’re like ‘be thankful you’re my best friend’
  • he’d know right away when you were upset like you don’t even have to tell him 
  • and then he’d come over to your house with your favorite movies and some food and he’s more than ready to listen to you pour out your feelings
  • “minghao did i ever tell you that your hair looks like food all the time? i mean it was ice cream before and now it looks like noodles”
  • “all the time, _____. all the time”
  • you’re always teasing him about how he’s always “””flirting””” with people but we all know he’s just really sweet to everyone
  • you’re unconsciously protective of him tho like you know he can do things for himself but he’s such a lovely person it would literally kill you if anyone would hurt him
  • also you’d take lots of cute selcas and all the other members would dub you as friendship goals

Liam and Zayn met at the park a month ago as both of them are single parents and brought their kids to play every Saturday and their dogs too!
Their kids -Dianne Liam’s daughter & Sami Zayn’s son- were inseparable since they meet for the day till the time they had to go home Dianne once told him when he had asked her why she likes him “he’s a gentleman” and Liam’s eyes crinkled at his 4 year old daughter. “And you my little angel are a Lady”.


His father is a gentleman too Liam thought. He was kind and so good to his boy and his daughter. He had a lot if things in common with Liam. He was so sweet, cute and sexy! and Liam is so into him. But he doesn’t know if Zayn likes him too or if he’s just being nice. He doesn’t even know if he’s into guys.

He just hopes he is.


It was a beautiful sunny day. Their kids were playing with their bicycles. Zayn and Liam were sitting down on a bench talking about the upcoming movie of Captain America. Liam saw Sami before the boy pulled at his fathers shirt “Baba D-Dee kissed me!” he looked up at his father eyes wide.
Zayn kept in his laugh. “And what’s wrong with that?”
Sami shook his head “she kissed me here” touching his lips and the fond look on Liam’s face turned into shock.
“Dianne!” And Dianne ran to her father.
“Yes Papa”
And Zayn took Sami and walked a bit away from them so they can talk. His sons face is priceless he didn’t know what’s going on.

“What did I tell you about kissing!” He says calmly he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But he needs to remind her of their simple talk. ‘Kissing on lips is for family only and someone we’re in love with’
She looked at Sami grinning and up at her father innocently and told him “we only kiss family and someone we’re in love with”
“Then why did you kiss Sami?” Liam asked
“I love Sami and he said we’ll get married”
Liam raised both eyebrows.
“Baby you are too young to get married, do you know what responsibility is?” She furrows her eyebrows “no”
“See, you need to have a job, to buy things and pay bills, you need to take care of babies”
Her eyes went wide “woah, I am a baby”
He laughed at that “see too young baby, how about being just friends with Sami till you are old enough and then we’ll talk about marriage”
Dianne looks at him thinking “how old?”
“Thirty” she gasps “that’s older than you! I’ll look like grandma”
He laughs “ok ok twenty” she thinks for about and nods “ok”
Zayn then approaches them “how about we take them for ice cream?”
Both kids jumped yelling Please’s and Say yes!
“Ok let’s go” Liam sighs smiling.
And as they walk holding children’s in the middle they here whispers of “I’m sorry I kissed you” “we can’t get married now we should be old like daddy to do that”
And Zayn looks at Liam raising an amused eyebrow. Liam just shrugs.

After couple of weeks Liam invited them for dinner. It was a great night and as the kids were watching cartoons after dinner. Zayn and Liam were in the kitchen as Zayn insisted on helping him washing the dishes.
When Zayn dried the last dish. Liam smiled at him and Zayn left the towel in the counter and surged forward and kissed him Liam made a surprised “umph” but kissed him back as hard.
Till they heard a gasp “Are you getting married?” And they pulled back completely away from each other.
Zayn huffed out a laugh “No Angel” then he looked up at Liam thinking 'not yet’ “we’re just boyfriends?” Liam blushed at that looking at Zayn who’s waiting for an answer he nods.
Zayn grinned looked back at Dianne “we’re boyfriends” says again louder
She jumped up and down “gonna go tell Sami” She shouted running out of the kitchen.
“Boyfriends then” Zayn brought Liam closer smiling at him.
“Yeah. Boyfriends”

“One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the date with Ruby in the 09-er. I love to watch Logan’s face as Veronica starts to grill Ruby. He has almost no lines so he just sits there quietly, but his subtle facial expressions during this whole conversation are priceless. I was impressed when I learned they’ve only had like two takes to shoot the whole scene. Great job, both ladies and JDoh!”

Christmastime ~happy version~

@alexfierrno @pjosecretsanta2016

Nico and Will were on the couch, reading books together. Nico was curled up with his head on Will’s lap.

They had been there for a few hours, reading intently.

It was early December, and Will was already wearing a Christmas sweater. He had forced Nico to as well, of course.

Will glanced outside. Nico watched as Will’s eyes widened.

“Nico! It’s snowing!”

Nico rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, who knew?” Nico said, sarcasm laced in his voice. “The Demeter kids have been out there for almost an hour now. I don’t know how you didn’t notice.”

Will pouted, earning yet another eye roll. He pulled the blanket away from Nico.

“Come on! We gotta go outside.”

Nico sighed.

“Fine. But I won’t stay out for very long.”

—- —- —- —-

By the time that Nico stepped outside, wrapped in his Christmas sweater and a rainbow scarf, courtesy of Will, Will was already on the ground making a snow angel. Nico rolled eyes.

After a couple minutes, Nico started complaining.

“The snow’s getting too wet… can’t we go back inside now?”

“Nico, we just started! We have to build a snowman!”


Will rolled over and shut Nico up with a kiss.


Nico just stared at him.

“Oh, don’t give me your puppy eyes.”

Will smirked. “They work, though.”

Nico stood up, “Yeah… they do.”

Will laughed and jumped up. His eyes gleamed with an idea. Nico caught on as soon as Will took a breath. “Don’t you dare.”

“Do you want to build a snoooowmaaaan?”

Nico groaned. “Gods, Will, sometimes I just don’t know what to do with you.”

“Haha.” Will replied, sarcastically.

He let a light smile creep onto his lips. “You know you love me.”

Nico hugged Will.

“Unfortunately, you’re right.”

—- —- —- —-

After an hour or two of messing around in the snow (and several make out breaks), Nico started to get cold. Really cold.

“C-can we g-go inside n-now?”

Nico was shaking, though he was wrapped up in two Christmas sweaters (Will’s and his own), and his face was barely visible past the scarf.

Will, on the other hand, was in a t-shirt and jeans, building a snowman that looked suspiciously like Dionysus.

“Just another chin and- There! Perfect replica of Mr. D.”

Will’s snowman was quite impressive, with a leopard pattern shirt, and a comb-over. Apollo’s skills were good for some things.

Will turned around to see if Nico liked it, and his eyes widened.

“Oh my gods! Nico, I’m so sorry! C'mon, let’s get you inside.”

“It’s okay Will, I’m not that cold, plus-”

Will picked Nico up, slinging him over his shoulder. “Put me down! Just because I could doesn’t mean I can’t walk!

Will just laughed at Nico’s feeble attempts at breaking free of his grasp.

“Movie night sound good to you?”

Will said, after placing an angry Nico down into the couch in Cabin 7.

“As long as it doesn’t involve anymore carrying.”

Will’s only response to that was a twinkling laugh. Gods, Nico loved that laugh.

“Sure thing, Sunshine.”

—- —- —- —-

Nico woke up in front of the fire, in the Apollo cabin. The warmth of the cabin captivated him for a few seconds, before he looked around the cabin.

Will was passed out on the couch, and Austin, Will’s brother (well, half-brother), was just waking up.

Nico tried to jump up and run out of the cabin, but Austin saw him.


Nico turned red. “Um… I’m just… “ Austin looked at him expectantly. “I-”

“He was staying with me. We had a movie night!” Will’s bright voice cut Nico off abruptly.

Nico sighed in relief, but turned an even brighter red. Austin didn’t look too weirded out though.

“Oh yeah… I remember Kayla telling me to leave the- never mind.”

He took a couple of awkward steps, and left quickly. Will started laughing.

“Ohmygods, did you see the look on his face? Priceless!”

Nico sat down on the edge of Will’s bed. “I should probably be going.”

Will propped himself up on his elbows.

“Of course. Go do your thing, Death Boy. Go… write emo poems, or whatever you do these days. I love you.”

Will leaned in and kissed Nico’s cheek. Nico smiled and stood up.

“Seeya! Love you too, by the way. Also, how many times have I warned you about calling me Death Boy?”

Will grinned. “Not enough, apparently. But I have a new nickname for ya.”

“And that is…”

“My Death Boy.”

Nico shook his head slightly, a grin still tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“Goodbye, actually now. And no, I don’t write emo poems in my spare time.”

Nico closed the door behind him, and headed off to wherever the Hades a morning person could be going at 8:00 A.M.

Will flopped back onto his pillows and smiled to himself.