his face is just so cute

  • Lance: *looks at Keith*
  • Lance: Keith thinks he's SO great with his beautiful smile and cute laugh. Whatever. Just because he's funny and smart and pretty and cool, who does he think he is? Man, if I could I'd just reach out and hold his han- I mean FIGHT HIM. Ha! He's so lame, like, I could probably destroy his perfect face! Those beautiful eyes would stare in horror as I kiss- I mean pummel him! ...He's just the WORST! .... god he's pretty.

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The Kim/Min household is literally filled with so much giggling in the mornings. Taehyung is usually first to wake up, even as a child he’s always been so energized in the early hours, it’s something that hasn’t changed since getting older. The moment his eyes open and he notices it’s still only 6 in the morning Taehyung smiles and turns to press a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. Years together still haven’t taken away the affection he has for his boyfriend he really can’t help nuzzling his face against Yoongi’s until the elder is grunting and turning around in his sleep. 

“So cute.” 

Taehyung heads downstairs to start on breakfast and he grins when Holly and Soonshim quickly follow him as he passes from the kids rooms because they know he’ll feed them as he cooks. It’s just another cute thing to him that each puppy spends their sleeping time with Sungah and Sungmin. Like little (or not so little for Soonshim) puppy protectors. 

It’s not too long into cooking when Taehyung hears the familiar sounds of quiet laughing and little feet against the hardwood floors. The twins have always sneaky little terrors and it’s no different now when out of the corner of his eye Taehyung can see the twins sneaking down the steps trying to scare him. He waits until they are right behind him to quickly turn around and grab them into a tight hug while they yell and laugh. 


Taehyung himself laughs as the twins place their own kisses against his cheeks. He’s such mush for his babies really he just melts when they let out their “good morning papa!” greeting at the same time as they climb their chairs to sit at the table. 

Only a few minutes pass before the twins are eating their pancakes and Taehyung is still cooking when he hears giggling again and then arms wrap around his waist. Yoongi’s woken up, though his eyes are still semi shut, and his hair is a mess. The twins still let out loud “EWWWWW” when Yoongi grunts and kisses Taehyung’s lips in greeting. 

Yoongi just turns to them and playfully makes fun of them with his own “Ewww.” 

It’s just playful and filled with love and laughing and soft family T_T. 

Yoongi likes to say he’s not but he’s totally the extra soft dad. Taehyung send him out to the grocery store with the kids to get some things for dinner and he makes sure to let out a strict “NO CANDY.” before they leave. Of course Yoongi doesn’t listen. 

He’s got the twins in the cart as he walks around getting everything on the list Taehyung give him when suddenly Sungmin (a.k.a Yoongi’s little prince) starts whining. Yoongi knows better than to look or he’ll fall weak for the puppy eyes but even he can’t stand against it when Sungah joins in on the pouting. 

“Daddy can we pleaseeee have candy just a small one.” 

Sungmin stands up in the cart and hugs Yoongi’s while giving him a cute little kiss on the cheek. Yoongi is just so weak for his son. He caves and lets them each get a candy.

“Let’s not tell papa okay.”

(the kids let it slip later and Taehyung spends thirty minutes being grumpy)

Family movie night is extra soft for the Kim/Min family. They go all out building a blanket fort and it’s one of the few times Taehyung lets everyone go crazy with the junk food. The kids just love it so much. 

They’re in the middle of watching some romance movie when Sungmin pipes up from his spot. He turns around to look at his parents with a confused look on his face, and Yoongi mentally coos over how adorable his son it. Really he’d cuddle his baby if he wasn’t currently cuddling his even bigger baby (Taehyung) on the couch. 

Sungmin scrunches his eyebrows. 

“Papa what is married?” 

Yoongi chokes on his spit while Taehyung giggles. 

“Well baby, married is something people do when they really really love each other.”

Taehyung and Yoongi think that’s the end of it but Sungmin instantly jumps up and grins. 


Sungah too gets excited.


(Yoongi nearly sobs because his babies are talking about marrying someone and they are only 6 wow they grow up so fast.) (Taehyung almost screams because of the people his babies choose to marry wow)

Yoongi swears he falls more and more in love with Taehyung every time he gets to see his boyfriend interact with their kids. 

It’s rare for him to really go out now that they have the twins. Not really because he feels like he has to stay home but more so because he just feels odd without his children being around to yell and giggle. Still Hoseok and Namjoon manage to get him out one night for a bar night together. 

He literally last only a few hours before he’s heading back home to be with Taehyung and the kids. 

It’s a little late by the time he get’s home. It’s closer to the twins bed time and from the sounds he hears when he walks inside of their home he can tell Taehyung is giving the twins their bath. Yoongi walks upstairs quietly and leans against the hallway so he can watch how Taehyung plays with the rubber ducks the twins have in the bath.

Literally his heart is just ready to burst when Sungmin and Sungah laugh loudly as Taehyung makes them a bubble beard and makes funny faces. 

Taehyung hasn’t noticed him yet and it gives him time to just admire his family as he watches them laughing and giggling together. He’s just so fucking in love and he never thought when he was younger that he’d have a small family with the love of his life. As the twins get dressed and finally notices him Sungah screams. 


Taehyung turns around with a grin. 

“Hey handsome, what are you staring at?” 

Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows playfully and Yoongi rolls his eyes lovingly.

“Just staring at the love of my life.” 


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Hey cute, can we talk about the Jinkook interaction these past few months? Because, oh my god, this is killing me slowly, they're so cute together ... Jin simply loses his adult composure and acts like a child and Jungkook just goes on the wave. They scream, make funny faces... EVERYTHING.

DUDE IM SO WHIPPED FOR JINKOOK THEYRE ABSOLUTELY CHILDREN theyre so teasing towards each other (more jungkook than jin riFP) but it’s the funniest thing jin lightheartedly going off on him and jungkook just laughs i swear theyre so cute !!

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Headcanons for IDW Rodimus, Drift, Swerve, Brainstorm, and Fort Max reacting to their bot s/o grabbing their face and kissing their nose, resting their forehelm against their's being sweet and cute, and then saying "I love you and your stupid face... and your aft, you have a really nice aft." :3

I lov e this omg…. these guys all have quality booties tbh

Rodimus (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He’s just like “yeah, you know it” this boy is proud of his aft and he’s glad his s/o likes it too! Probably grabs his s/o’s aft without warning

Drift (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • Drift is so ready to kiss them back until the aft comment. Then he starts softly wheeze-laughing and has to step away from his s/o for a moment

Swerve (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • “Aw, than- wait, what?” he gets so flustered at first and is expecting something really romantic and sappy to happen, so when they mention his aft he gets even more flustered than before

Brainstorm (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He takes it in stride, kisses his s/o back and keeps their forehelms together for a bit longer. He knows what his s/o said about his aft, but he wants to make this moment last until someone starts laughing

Fort Max (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • He’s stunned into silence. How does he process this. FortMax.exe has stopped working. After like a solid couple of minutes of staring into his s/o’s optics he stutters something about how he likes their aft too before realising what he just said. His s/o is laughing but he’s embarrassed as hell

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Imagine if Harry wrote Fireproof,Steal My Girl,If I Could Fly and I Want To Write You A Song for the missus, that'd be so cute.

Don’t. Go. There.

Before he’d take them into the studio for the boys to look at, he’d grab his guitar and sit her down and play them for her to see what she thinks. And when she starts tearing up at the slower and sweeter songs and covering her face with her hands to cover her cheeks, he stops for a brief moment and just watches her as she lets it sink in that he’s wrote some songs about her. Songs that he definitely wants on the new album and songs that have a personal meaning behind them.

“So? What do yeh think?”

 “Harry, they’re amazing. God, they’re so good.”

“You think so?”

“They’ll sound so good when you put a proper instrumental melody behind it but, it’s lyrically fantastic.”

“Think they’ll make it onto the album?”

“For sure. And, if they don’t, you can always keep them for yourself.” xx

sometimes i lay in bed at night thinking abt nct dream calling mark the cutest like. saying his face is always cute and the way he talks is cute, and how chenle is always calling mark cute and mark always doesnt know how to respond and just gets flustered and i just

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You cool with me gushing about Kageyama to you? Because my god have you seen his face? Of course you have. It's in full grump mode 90% of the time, sure. But when he smiles he looks so god damn cute. Okay, smile may be a strong word, but still. He pulls some of the cutest expressions in the whole series. And I think his grumpiness is what makes him so cute? Like his (almost) smiles are so rare that when they happen it's like BAM! Cute! Someone save Hinata.

I’m 100% always cool about this sort of gush. Kageyama’s entire modus operandi is to be the biggest grump all of the time so that when he smiles, it levels entire city blocks with the magnitude of how great his face is. 

I like his grumpiness because it really doesn’t seem to be actual grumpiness most of the time, it’s just that he’s not the type of person to go out of his way to engage people, or be bothered with how that makes him appear (I actually don’t think he grasps that it makes him appear so unapproachable, tbh). He’s actually surprisingly ungrumpy a lot of the time throughout the series – but his grumpy moments are so spectacularly grumpy that they stand out as a defining character trait, lol. And he smiles a lot more than people realize, too, I think!! They are almost smiles, a lot of the time, but he has a ton of genuine ones that are done just… because he’s in a good volleyball mood. 

Whatever is going on with his face, though, Hinata can’t be saved. It’s too late for him.

Migration complete.

I swear to God, we’re like Canada geese or something… BUT! Here we are in SoCal. Yay. :| Weird that it’s not much warmer down here than it was in San Francisco… Also, we have slower internet down here, which sucks. Need to see what we can do about that…

Anyway, we actually arrived yesterday morning because we got an earlier start than expected on the migration, but I spent pretty much all day on the beach. :D I only just now put my computer together. So, thought I’d say hi. Maybe I’ll sit long enough to crop some gameplay pics I took before the move… Maybe I’ll play Castaway, since my queue ran out… Maybe I’ll binge-watch Trevor Noah, since he and his dimples are so dang cute… Maybe I’ll just sit and stuff my face with an entire pint of ice cream. WHO KNOWS?!

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one of my headcanons about young sabo is that he lost sight in his right eye when his boat was shot down and this fucked with his balance, so in baltigo he was just known as the 'weird kid dragon picked up somewhere who falls over all the time' for the first few weeks

awwww that’s cute wth!!  you know, as someone who has always headcanoned that my fave is blind in one eye, i’ve done embarrassingly little research on what such an eyesight loss would entail…..this actually applies to canon as well, since whether his eye was actually blinded or not, he had to wear bandages over the scarred part of his face for a period of time which would also have partially obscured his vision.

looking it up now tho balance problems are apparently common when one first loses vision in one of their eyes, as is bumping into things :’D and you know someone as energetic and exuberant as sabo would be doing that shit all the time.  he’d keep trying to run around and play with/fight other kids or revs and hurt himself by tripping or slamming into shit.  ivankov is there like “SLOW DOWN, KID!  YOU’RE STILL RECOVERING; DON’T HURT YOURSELF MORE


@cafehobi​ tagged me in this ((you’re so pretty and cute and woowow??)) and i just recycled these old selfies– they’re a couple weeks old :-) 

but it’s ya favs, johnli, matching again :// when will we stop tbh– faoiwenofwia isn’t he the prettiest boy in the world i just wanna kiss his little precious cheeks n nose n aoifwefnoawie i love him :((

anyway, i’ll tag: @firs1love​, @changkyuh​, @chanyoel​, @odetonct​, @crystals-n-diamonds​, and @cherryuta​ !!! you don’t have to if you don’t want to !!!

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Top 5 bangtan cute/fluff moments ☺️

I’m starting from the bottom up (also some are just memberxmember moments as well as bts as a whole :D) 

5. the bangtan bomb where they surprised hobi with all those birthday messages and he cried when he saw his dad and then jin was picking tissue of his face and jimin was hugging him, jungkook was fighting back tears, wahhhh TT

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A cute + awkward scenario where LP awkwardly confesses his feelings to BH?

“Add, is there a reason you’re trailing me?”

A very red-faced Nasod researcher stepped from an alleyway to face her.  Elesis had thought she’d heard the distinctive swoosh of his Dynamo gliding over sandy roads.

“I’m just in town to buy supplies!” Add protested before Elesis could even say anything else.  “I wasn’t following you!”

It would be more believable, Elesis thought, if he wasn’t protesting so much.  Or if his face wasn’t as red as her hair.  She squinted at him.


He squirmed.

“F-fine,” he stammered, and looked away.  “I was trailing you to see what sort of gifts you like.”

Gifts?  But it was nowhere near her birthday.  Elesis blinked.


“For a confession.”


“I love you,” Add blurted.

Elesis’ heart stopped.  She stared at Add, trying to judge if he was telling the truth or just trying to get out of her anger - holy crap, he was still blushing and shrinking from her gaze and not meeting her eyes.  That might actually be real.

Her heart slammed into overdrive.

“Roses,” she said.  Add blinked at her.


“For a gift,” Elesis elaborated.  “I like roses.” Then she grinned.  “Or, if I accept your confession, a kiss would do.”

Add stammered.  Elesis drew herself up on her tiptoes and kissed him.

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Could you imagine how cute Harry would be if he wanted a kiss but you wouldn't give him one.

STOP. You know he would flop himself on top you and whine, completely dead weight so you just have to stop whatever you were doing that was keeping you from kissing him. “Love meeee. Please, baby. Jus’ wanna kiss ya, please? Just one?” And he’s doing the puppy eyes and the pouty lips and nudging his face against yours and being so sweetly annoying xx.







THE BEST PART is that this is all 100% official marketing like,,,,,someone really took the time to pose them like this and make all out dreams come true. I am Grateful™

Okay, but what I love most about this scene is how Victor’s reaction has only one interpretation. It is unambiguous and agreed upon by 99.9% of the fandom.

Victor doesn’t say anything in the scene but just by his expression, his blush and his gasp we all understand what is happening within him.

Because the only thing that he can be experiencing at that moment is love. Whether it is infatuation or attraction or a crush or just an incredible awareness of Yuuri’s cuteness, there is love involved.

And literally nothing else makes sense here.

Some people can deny many things in this show but this one scene, this emotion that appears in Victor’s face is real and undeniable.

That’s what I love most about that scene. It shows something so profound and true in under five seconds and it is clear to the viewer without any additional explanations.

And that is not only beautiful. That shows mastery in the art of direction.