his face is just like ''really

Did Narti even exist?

Here’s a crack theory for you. What if we’ve been looking at Narti and Kova’s relationship all wrong?

We’ve all been led to believe that Kova is an extension of Narti, the cat being her eyes and ears. But.. what if it’s the other way around? What if instead ‘Narti’ is some kind of vessel for Kova? Here me out for a second.

First of all, I don’t think it’s coincidence that Narti can’t speak. If Kova is the operating mind here, then she can’t speak because he can’t speak. And ‘she’ doesn’t have working eyes or ears because ‘she’ doesn’t need them. Or rather, Kova doesn’t need them. He can see and hear perfectly fine. Therefore they aren’t necessary. 'Narti’ is simply an acting body for Kova to operate behind, a way to blend in and engage in combat.

But who would create something like 'Narti’ for a cat, and why would it be necessary?

Well. I think Prince Lotor can give us the answers to both of those.

We already know that Kova has been around for a while. He was there before Zarkon and Honerva were even married.

And he stuck around because of his exposure to the Quintessence. It caused him to stop aging. So it’s safe to say that Lotor probably grew up around this cat, or at least spent a lot of time with it.

But that’s probably not the reason he decided to keep Kova around. Let me remind that Kova is Honerva’s cat. And we know that Lotor was fond of his mother because of the way he talked about her when he and the generals were at the rift on Daibazaal.

He kept Kova because Kova is the last physical piece of his mother he has left.

But how would it look for the Prince of the Galra to need to carry a cat around? Probably pretty weak in their eyes. Here’s where 'Narti’ comes in.

'Narti’ is his excuse for keeping Kova around.

And Lotor absolutely has the means for creating something like 'Narti’ because he most likely has (at least some) of the magical Altean abilities that Allura and Haggar have. This would also explan Narti/Kova’s unique abilities to mind control and such, Lotor could have done anything.

So Lotor created 'Narti’ to give Kova a reason to stay at his side, and at the same time give the Prince another general in the field. And Kova is probably 100% capable of all this, again, because of his exposure to Quintessence. (We saw what it did to Haggar and Zarkon, there’s no telling what all it did to the cat.)

And Lotor didn’t tell any of the other generals about this because he didn’t want them to look down on him.

So when 'Narti’ got corrupted, Lotor didn’t really 'kill her’ because she never existed in the first place. It was just the cat’s vessel. (Dreamworks also made it very clear to us here that the cat is still alive..)

And he didn’t take the cat with him/didn’t give the generals a reason for killing their 'teammate’ because again, he didn’t want to look weak.

I’d also like to point out the look on Lotor’s face after everything has happened. He might just be tired but.. He looks upset to me.

Yes, his Father wants him dead, and his remaining generals turned on him. But.. Maybe he lost more than we realized. Kova probably meant a lot to him.

This theory could be far from true. But dreamworks did say that Narti has a 'mysterious past’, which has yet to be revealed. So we know we’re not quite done with this character, otherwise they wouldn’t have pointed that out to us. (Let me also point out the fact that this is Narti’s data table yet.. Kova is there.)

At this point, anything is possible.


This is slightly off topic, but Kova having been left behind while Zarkons forces take over the base gives him a chance to find his way back to Haggar, and maybe trigger some more of her memories. Like the fact that Lotor is her son.

Falling in love with Tom Holland in the 50s:

Since the first time you saw him walking through the hallway Because who wouldn’t want to meet Tom in the 50s?


Tags: @iamnesta @stormyparker @feeling-straange @cancerous-lizard666 (Tell me if you wanna get tagged!!)

  • He was the popular boy at your school
  • Yet he wasn’t the asshole kind of popular, more like the popular boy who’s lowkey a nerd
  • His hair was always in those kind of curls,some of them were falling on his face somtimes, which made him to push them away every now and then (oh way god you know that video were he pushes his hair back?? I’m dead)
  • Since the first time you saw him walking through the hallway
  • You immediately crushed in him
  • But you surely weren’t the only one
  • Basically every girl would love to even have his attention for themselves
  • Even if it would only be for a few second


  • Eventually, you’d have some classes with him
  • Today was Thursday
  • First class of the day: physics
  • You adored physics
  • When you were younger you kind of had some problems with it
  • You always had to have a clear picture in your head to actually understand it
  • But now, you immediately get what the teacher is talking about
  • Electromagnetism
  • One of the most easiest topics in physics
  • While the teacher was explaining everything, you took some notes
  • Some notes aka almost an entire page
  • The teacher was in the middle of explaining when the door suddenly opened


  • “I’m so sorry for being late. I had to talk to the principal about something very important.”
  • Tom
  • Your heart started beating a little bit faster
  • “I’ve been informed Mr. Holland, please take a seat. I’m sure one of your classmates will tell you what we’ve been doing.”
  • He nodded, looking around for a place to sit
  • There was one seat left and that was next to Y/N
  • Aka the girl he had a massive crush on
  • He loved how she feather hid behind a book than listening to the gossip all the other girls are talking about
  • She was good at school, some people even called her a nerd
  • It seemed like she never let anything negative get too much of her attention
  • But sometimes, even if it would be for a few seconds, he saw the sadness in her eyes
  • “Hey, do you mind if I sit next to you?“
  • „Uh-uhm.. no, absolutely not.“
  • Oh god why did you have to stutter in the most important moments??
  • Big little did you know that he was as nervous as you were
  • His heart was beating so fast,he was afraid that you could hear it
  • „Can I,uhm, have a look on your notes.“
  • „S-sure.“
  • B L U S H I N G
  • Like from the both of you (a lot of it)
  • After some time he mumbled something
  • „Oh god…“
  • „You’re alright?“
  • „Well, actually.. no I don’t really get this if I’m being honest.”
  • That was the chance you’ve been waiting for
  • “Uhm, do you want me to teach you? This topics of one of my favorites and I could try teaching you.”
  • “You would?!”
  • Loverboys eyes would widen at the words you were saying
  • “Yeah, when are you free?”
  • “Actually, today would be fine with me.”
  • “Alright,uhm.. where?”
  • “My place?”


  • Oh my god is this really happening???
  • Is the Tom Holland asking you to come over??
  • He looked at you with a waiting look on his face
  • “Yeah, alright I’ll be the around six if that’s okay with you?”
  • “Sure, yeah. Uhm I’ll see you later Y/N!”
  • “See you later Tom.”
  • As both of your ways separated you from each other, your thoughts didn’t
  • Both of you would have massive smiles on your faces, hearts still beating fast

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Bad Match - Part 13.

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 2.8k+

Warnings: angst, tough love from friends, kind of fluffy, self-loathing, swearing, bad english.  

A/N: Friends give some tough love to both Bucky and Reader. Sorry for the huge delay on posting this. I promise (fingers crossed) that part 14 won’t take that long to be posted.  

Feedback? Please!!!!

Part 1Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 (coming soon)


“Tony…” you cried out tightening the embrace. Between sobs, you proclaimed the reason you had gone to him. “I can’t be here anymore. I’m sorry… but I can’t be an Avenger.”

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Kinktober #20: (light) Pain Play

This is a direct result of @kkumri‘s Judo AU, because Hinata grabbing barechested!Tobio and yanking open his gi is GOOD! Also, there may have been some discussion about KageHina + bruises…

Judo is some of the most fun Tobio’s had outside of volleyball, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t painful.

Sometimes, Sunday evenings feel like he’s been through a practice that consisted entirely of flying falls and receiving the spikes of every powerful ace they’ve ever gone up against in the past three years, combined. Much of it is due to the fact that Hinata revels in getting the better of him, which means Tobio sees a lot of time either flying through the air, or with his back slammed firmly into the mat under their feet.

He gets admonished, sometimes, for how quickly his attention wavers. But what else can he do, when his stupid short boyfriend catches him off guard by cheating—like that grin he gets on his face after he manages to lock Tobio’s head between his thighs, Tobio’s face pressing right against his crotch. Or his little sneaky hands prying open the seam of Tobio’s gi to yank him in closer, close enough to steal a hot, messy, possessive kiss, right when Tobio is trying his best to spar.

Hinata did the tongue thing after they had pulled apart. The same tongue that had just been all up inside Tobio’s mouth, poked smugly from the corner of Hinata’s lips, as Hinata, quite frankly, leered at him. It was an expression that clearly said he knew exactly how hard the grabbing and manhandling and warm wetness of his mouth had affected Tobio. He was sizing Tobio up, seeing exactly how fast Tobio had lost focus—dazed and fantasizing now about Hinata ripping his practice robe right off of him, and ravishing him on the hard, spongy mat.

Maybe, Tobio thought hazily, lost in his reverie, staring at Hinata’s lidded eyes and smirking mouth—maybe Hinata would even scold him for it. Maybe Hinata would tell him how easy he was, how it was obvious that Tobio wanted him, right there and then. Maybe… Hinata would tell him what they could do once they got home…

Tobio maintains for the rest of practice that he slipped on the mat and fell, thanks to someone’s (Hinata’s) sweaty feet. He did not pass out, thank you very much. He was entirely conscious and aware of himself the whole way down.

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sunkyfan1980  asked:

DT!Line looked a bit interesting! why was it scrapped?

Mostly because I have very few ideas related to it XD Just basically explanations of why i chose certain designs-

Asriel: Has the emblem, dedication to his role to eventually become king, he’s really conflicted and struggles with this though, hence the stripes on his face (Supposed to resemble tear stains I guess?? He would like to tell ANYONE he’s not ready but feels obligated to keep his role)

Chara: (You are about to learn the canon symbolism behind DT Chara) There is a piece of the emblem as well, but only the angel part.(Because Chara WAS the hope of the underground) Chara has a lot of conflict, when they die, the soul desperately tries to keep hold of the body to try and not give up. (You might remember the form weakening during Chara’s final death) Giving up on the heroic role. The vines have thorns because despite how easily Chara handles the deaths, they are all associated with pain (and suck) Also related: The literal tears.

I’ve always had a thing for abstract and symbolism but suck at showing it… so there’s like 10 different things I’ve snuck by people solely because I’m still working on making it obvious without ruining it

Shawn’s favorite thing is head massages. That’s right. He loves to have you run your fingers through his hair and rub your fingertips along his scalp. He loves it when you tug gently and scratch lightly with your short nails. Nothing is better for him and you’re almost convinced he likes it more than sex. Some nights when he gets home late he will come to bed and find you asleep, sprawled out all over the mattress. He will wake you up and you know what he needs just by the tired look in his eyes and the paleness of his face. Stress of writing and recording all day really caught up to him after a while. You would sit up, back against the headboard, not caring what time of night it was and he would crawl on the bed and sit between your legs. You would put a pillow on your stomach for him to lean back against and then your hands go straight to his hair. You pull his soft hair gently and work your hands through a few times, going from root to tip and messing his hair up. He just groans softly, eyes closed, body completely relaxed against yours. It’s your favorite thing about him, how he goes so pliant and soft when you touch him like this. It’s like he just completely relaxes and trusts you to take away all the stress. “I love you,” he mumbles, voice sleepy and relaxed. “I love you too,” you smile and lean down to kiss his nose. He smiles big with his eyes still closed. You wouldn’t trade nights like this for the world.

A Once in a Life Time Bill Skarsgård x Mermaid! Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Maybe a Bill Skarsgård x reader mermaid AU where the reader saves Bill from drowning but swims away quickly because she’s scared even though she’s always admired him from afar but her family doesn’t like humans until there’s a really bad storm and she gets washed up on shore cos her tail gets caught in some stray nets and Bill patches her up and fluff fluff but they face the dilemma of how they are going to keep the relationship since one on land and other is in the sea. Thank you! Ily *hides*

Warning: None

Note:  Enjoy!

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Ever since you were little your father had always warned you one thing.

Stay away from the surface world.

They were polluting your seas with metal scraps, exploring your territory in a giant whale sized industrial product, spewing toxic sludge into the waters, and especially taking so much of the fish population.

Not to mention you had heard that mermaids seen by humans never came back.
That’s what scared you the most.

What happened to those mermaids?

Were they killed?

Tested on?


You didn’t want to know either way and fear outweighed your curiosity most of the time to seeing the world above.

Keyword most.

Sometimes curiosity outweighed your fear and you couldn’t help but explore the surface world watching from afar as humans played in the water. Walking and running with…legs?

Was that what those were called?

Either way you liked to explore near the shore since you found a lot of treasures such as rings, necklaces, toys, glasses, a lot of similar stuff. That day you had decided to watch from afar once again hiding behind a large rock.

Humans were tossing something that seemed to bounce around over a net and you found it rather interesting. There was hardly any humans at the beach today due to the weather being a bit cold and the waves being a bit choppy.

Eventually all the humans left and you sighed as a young couple left leaving the sand empty.

No one else was there.

Just as you were about to leave you heard a loud splash and you looked to see a man was swimming in the choppy waters. He seemed to be rather good at swimming as he dived under the water and then reappeared before pulling his hair back out of his beautiful face.

You noticed however he was getting rather deep into the water and didn’t seem to have one of those floatation devices many humans used to stay afloat. You had found out recently they couldn’t breath underwater and could potentially die if they weren’t saved.

You watched nervously as the man seemed to go deeper as the waves got higher and choppier. Finally a giant wave came over his head and sunk him under the water. You stared at the spot waiting for the man to come up but he never did.

You knew something was wrong and dived noticing that in the distance he was slowly falling deeper into the water. As quick as a speeding bullet, you raced over and grabbed one of the man’s arm before quickly pulling him to the surface.

He opened his eyes and you carefully held his body up using one arm to swim to the shore. You laid him down on the beach and sat down beside him staring at him. You never saw a human from up close, you never knew human males were so handsome.

Mermaid males were very similar but didn’t have legs and something about this male had just…struck you.

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One of the earliest Studio Ghibli fanart that I did last year.
Adding a lil’ bit of make over on his face + color. He’s my favorite character, I’m so weak with this type of boy with fierce eyes (just like Akira Toya) 😳😳😳

I really want to make Howl also, maybe after I finished Kingsman print and some of the other prints.

Btw, happy weekend guys!
My weekend will be all about Indonesia Comic Con preparation 😫

aneclipsedhabitue  asked:

ten x rose and "did you think i just forgot?" :)

Ehm, the words ran away from me on this one. Hahaha. Oops?



“Did you think I just forgot?” the Doctor asks, his face full of apology and regret. “Rose, really, I promise I didn’t leave you on purpose. I thought I… Blimey. I thought came back two hours later, not two weeks.”

Rose sniffs, struggling to keep her emotions in check. She’s had two weeks back on the estate to imagine all the ways the Doctor purposefully left her behind while he went galavanting around the universe doing who knows what. Or worse, she’d imagined him leaving her for good, without warning or explanation.

“I thought you left me.” Avoiding his gaze, she chews on her thumbnail, remembering the multiple waves of hurt and anger she’s experienced since she’d discovered the TARDIS missing from the courtyard.

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anonymous asked:

How do you think Killua would handle a drunk Gon? Also any hcs on how Gon would act drunk (I think Killua would be unaffected by alcohol due to his training right)

oh gosh you asked the wrong person about this haha ^^; I rarely drink so I’m not sure…but I guess I’d imagine Gon as an emotional drunk? So, like, he’d get really clingy with Killua and practically drape himself all over him. And Gon would go on and on in a super loud voice about how much he ‘loves Killua’ and ‘Killua’s his best friend in the whole world’ and ‘he’s so glad they met’ etc but with a lot more tears and emotion and volume ahaha

Killua would just stand there, scarlet faced, and hiss at Gon to ‘shut up for the love of all things holy and good there are pple everywhere-’ but that would just get Gon to be even louder with his proclamations of love lol. Eventually Killua would drag Gon back to where ever they’re staying at in the moment so Gon can go on as much as he wants and Killua won’t get embarrassed (as much ahaha)

anonymous asked:

The guys reaction of their s/o playing the “breaking up prank” on them and her telling them she was kidding.

Ooh anon you don’t mess around do you? Okay, challenge accepted! I haven’t included Thor or Dionysus because I don’t have any ideas at the moment, but I’ll come back to it later if you really want their reactions.

Admin Fiona ^_^

<< Greek Gods >>


  • The moment you said those words
  • His whole world fell apart
  • He doesn’t know how to react
  • Because when something bad usually happens he would hold you tight and hide his face in your neck
  • And just the idea that he’ll never be able to do that again only adds to the sad look in his eyes.
  • He does his absolute best not to cry
  • But the moment you admit it was a prank
  • The tears don’t stop
  • And when you give him a hug, he tightens his grip around you
  • Like he’s trying to make sure that you’re really there.
  • “I thought I’d lost you,” he sobs, hiding his face in your neck.


  • It doesn’t completely surprise him because he’d always thought that being with you was too good to be true.
  • But he had hoped that his misfortune wouldn’t reach his relationship with you.
  • “I understand,” he said, unsuccessfully trying to sound normal.
  • He looks so torn
  • That you can’t keep the charade up any longer
  • And when you admit it was a prank and apologise over and over again
  • Hades looks at you carefully
  • “A prank?” He sounds a little hurt.
  • He sighs when he sees how guilty you are and draws you close, kissing your forehead
  • “Please don’t do that again,” he whispers softly.

<< Norse Gods >>


  • His face goes blank for a moment
  • And then the trickster god looks strangely calm
  • He shrugs, “If that’s what you want.”
  • Loki avoids you for a few days, giving you no opportunity to admit it was all a prank
  • Whenever you get a glimpse of him he always appears to be sulking
  • And then when you blink, he’s gone again.
  • Eventually, you go to his room, scared out of your mind that you might have ruined things forever.
  • But when he opens the door and sees your agitated expression he smirks.
  • “It was all a prank!” You say.
  • He’s already planted a kiss on your lips
  • “Idiot. The day you can fool me is the day we actually break up.”
  • He winks, “I win this game.”


  • He thinks you’re joking at first
  • Which throws you off a bit
  • But you insist that you’re serious.
  • And then
  • Things get a bit crazy.
  • Baldr completely tenses up
  • And his face becomes rigid
  • “Why?” He asks
  • Over and over
  • Until you feel like this was probably the worst prank you could have played on him.
  • When he suddenly forces a smile at you
  • And goes to leave, you catch his sleeve and stop him
  • “It was a prank,” you say.
  • He looks so disappointed with you
  • But relaxes when you give him an apologetic hug.

<< Japanese Gods >>


  • He’d cry.
  • He wouldn’t even try to hide it
  • Because he loves you more than anything
  • And you understand him better than anyone else.
  • His expression is enough for you to drop the prank immediately
  • Guilt-ridden by what you’d originally thought would be something funny.
  • “I’m sorry Takeru. It was a prank. I love you.” 
  • You say that last sentence over and over
  • Until he manages to stop his tears and ruffles your hair roughly
  • “You idiot,” his voice is hoarse, “Like I’d fall for something like that!”
  • He hugs you for a long time afterwards.


  • When you tell him you want to break up
  • He says nothing until:
  • “You sigh and blink twice right before you tell a lie.”
  • Before you even get another word in
  • Tsukito has already given you ten other examples
  • Of times when he could tell you were lying - some of them you hadn’t even realised he knew about.
  • You give up and explain what you were trying to do.
  • “Did I do it wrong? Should we start again?”
  • He seems genuinely interested in the whole prank idea
  • But you dismiss it with a shake of your head
  • “Nothing gets past you, does it?”
  • He dutifully takes your hand.
  • “Not when you are involved.”

peter-pan-smiles  asked:

kissing prompts 9,10, and 12 with reddie?

kissing prompts!!!

#9.  one small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other

i was too lazy to write all of them so i just did #9. sorry this is short, i hope you like it nevertheless! x

How was he supposed to resist?

Richie looked good. Not that he didn’t usually look good, but he looked really, really good. He was wearing tight, ripped jeans and a leather jacket and his glasses were sliding down his nose and a grin was spread across his face, and Eddie couldn’t take it anymore.

The impulsive decision to grab him by the collar of his jacket overtook him as he crashed their lips together, before pulling away like he’d been burned.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done tha-”

Before he could finish his thought, Richie had leaned back in and pressed their lips back together, much more gentle and well-coordinated than Eddie had. Eddie melted under his touch, hands reaching up to tangle in his messy hair.

Richie’s lips were chapped, and he tasted like peppermint gum. He was smiling into the kiss, and Eddie couldn’t help but do the same as Richie’s hands found his face and cupped his cheeks.

Maybe Eddie should listen to his impulses more.

so matt is super prone to injuries. bruises like a summer peach. he’s also clumsy so he’s always hitting his elbows and knees and basically every body part on everything. he also has a knack for accidentally cutting himself and he also bleeds. a lot. and scars easily. he says he got the scar on his face in a cool battle but he really just slipped in a puddle and fell on his face.

punk richie (hints of beverie) headcannons

mmm dedicated to @spookerlymarsh oof

- he started going punk at like 16-17

- richie is trying to act like a badass with his leather jacket but has buttons all over it like ‘bi bi bi’ and a giant smiley face on the back of it

- in his ‘gang’ is beverly who’s the actual only badass, mike who’s the mom of the group but really just only wants to wear the leather jacket shh, and that’s it

- beverly literally facepalms when she saw what richie did with his leather jacket

- everyone!!!! is really intimidated by them

- well more beverly and mike but richie doesn’t know that

- his typical weapon of choice is a bat, he carries it a lot but has stickers on it

- cue beverly facepalming again

- richie likes to have his hair wild and curly, but lowkey wants it in a ‘greaser style’ slicked back

- he loves showing off his motorcycle

- richie is protective of mike and beverly!!! will literally kill anyone that insults them

- he loves to smoke and chat with beverly on the roof of his house

- with mike!!!! richie knows he doesn’t like smoking so he respects that and doesn’t smoke around him, instead he sucks a lollipop or something

- him and mike? they ride their motorcycles together, typically to secluded areas and just look at the scenery, sometimes mike takes pictures + both look at his pictures

- he loves cranking on buddy holly records with beverly and they dance together

- richie and beverly made out several times, they keep it private tho but mike finds out real quick bc he’s mike and both have hickeys on each other + give sly slide glances when someone asks about the hickeys

- aren’t afraid of showing off each other’s ‘masterpieces’, now mike is facepalming

bonus!!! moodboard

charlie mcavoy has the face of every bully in a 90s teen movie but is actually the softest and best person and gives real thoughtful answers to questions in interviews and is loved by every teammate because he’s so great and is just out there scooping david backes’s dog’s poop and brushing his teeth at 4:00 in the afternoon like wow he’s really gonna go places i love that boy

i like to think miko makes everyone participate in Halloween celebrations? But only bee, Bulkhead and Smokescreen *really* dress up so miko gives everyone plastic sparkly animal ears she picked up at the dollar store and puts lots and lots of stickers on everyone

tbh before felix turned out to be whitey mcwhite i was instilling all sorts of postcolonial readings into his character 

but in reality it’s not that deep, and him turning out to be white is just.yeah. def not that deep

locus however has a lot of depth, and while i don’t think you could get a postcolonial reading out of him without projecting too hard (coz let’s face it it’s written by a white american and voiced by a white american) and i’m glad they made him a brown guy who’s also really sensitive and soft and yeah he doesn’t have to be a perfect angel unlike what fandom thinks characters should be but like. i’m glad he’s better and redeeming himself

i’m glad that a character that turned out to be from an ethnic group that’s often demonised or rendered as sidekicks with no depth is so deep and redeeming himself 

anonymous asked:

Starscream giving Rubywing helmpets, and she just pushes her head into his hands like a cat would? 100/10 would cry.

Boy am I about to make your day, Anon

Not only does those helmpet happen a lot, but Prime!Rubywing and Bayverse!Rubywing are honestly just really big kittens made of metal. Using Prime!Rubywing as the main example here I’ll list some things she does:

  • Runs around on all four all the time (She can’t walk yet)
  • Rubs her face/forehead against Starscream’s face all the time (kitty head bumps). This is one of her main ways to show affection.
  • Rubs her side against people like cat rubs themselves against a person’s legs.
  • Arches her back and flares her wings to look bigger, just like a cat puffs their fur out.
  • Squeaks all the time for attention
  • Purrs, like, a lot
  • Makes kinda cat like noises all the time except for meowing.
  • Play fights
  • Play bites, a lot
  • Chases and pounds at things (and other fellow robots)
  • Would chase a laser pointer if they had one
  • Kinda does that kneading thing with her hands but it’s more of a self-soothing stim
  • Curls up into a ball when she sleeps
  • Has fought her own reflection at least twice
  • Does the little “murder kicks” if she’s tussling with something
  • Does that ridiculous “threatening” hopping thing

You can literally take any cat video and apply it to Prime/Bayverse!Rubywing and it will more than likely be in character