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Imagine your brother checking in on you and Chris.

A/N: Part 3 of ‘Just Friends’ 😊 I love every part of this, I hope I’m not being conceited when I say that. 😂 You can read the previous parts here: (Just Friends: Part 1/Part 2)

Chris sat on the floor with his back against your sofa; the hands on your clock were slowly ticking over to midnight. He took a bite of his pizza and eyed you as your black Sharpie dashed lines along the top left corner of the pizza box. It was your turn to be the hangman, to create a word, phrase, or message for Chris to guess. You’d guessed his phrase ‘bossy control freak’ fairly quickly, and that phrase resulted with a half eaten pizza crust being tossed at his face. Now it was his turn, and from the number of blank spaces- he knew it wasn’t 'egotistical asshole’ 'cause well- that would’ve been too easy.
_ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

“Why is it so long?” Chris asked and you shrugged, taking a bite of your slice of Hawaiian pizza. You slid pizza box over to him and he ran his index finger across the dashes, pondering with furrowed brows and pursed lips. “I’m going to start with the vowels, I guess. Give me an A,” he told you and slid the box back across.

_ _ _   A _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

“Is there an E?”

“Let’s see, shall we?”

_ _ _   A _ E   _ _ _   _ _ E _ _ _ _ _   _ _ E   _ _ _ _ _

“Three Es,” Chris pressed a finger to his lips, tapping the tip of his nose. “Okay, um- can I get an I?”

“You most certainly can,” you nodded.

_ _ _   A _ E   _ _ _   _ _ E _ _ I _ _   _ _ E   _ I _ _ _

“That doesn’t help,” he laughed and you smirked. “Okay, give me an O and a U while I take a bite of this pizza.” You did as he asked while he did as he said. He chewed his bite slowly, watching you with a smile on his lips. Everything about you did something for him. Even as you laid on your stomach on the floor, makeup free, and in your grey 'Basic’ sweatshirt and your sheepdog print pajama pants- he thought you looked beautiful. He wished every night could be spent like this, with your company. Even though he’d rather a little less hangman and a lot more kissing, he couldn’t complain; he was with the girl he’d spend every minute with if he could.

_ O U   A _ E   _ O _   _ _ E _ _ I _ _   _ _ E   _ I _ _ _

“What’s next?” You looked up at him and tried not to blush at the way he was looking at you. “What’s next, asshat?” He chuckled because he knew 'asshat’ came from one of your favorite shows 'Supernatural’. The two of you binge-watched it when Sebastian was out of town and he came to take care of you because you had a terrible stomach bug. “Well?” You asked as he studied the letters he already had.

“Is the first word 'you’ and the second word 'are’?”

Y O U   A R E   _ O _   _ _ E _ _ I _ _   _ _ E   _ I _ _ _

“Well done,” you smiled, capping the pen before you took another bite. “Do you want some time to study the riddle?” You murmured with your mouth full, sliding the box over to him. He stopped it with his hand and picked it up; his head tilted adorably as he went over the possibilities in his head. You hoped he figured it out soon because you were starting to lose your inhibitions. Alcohol may not have been involved, but the way his fingers were playing with his lips…

“You’re making me lose my mind.”

“I’m sorry your riddle is so hard,” Chris countered and you realized you’d said that out loud instead of in your head. The heat rose to your cheeks and you dropped your gaze picking at the pineapple on your pizza. “Would you hate me if I give up?” He asked and you shook your head, getting off your belly and sitting cross-legged instead. “Can you tell me what it is?” He asked and you took the box back from him. He watched as you uncapped the pen and filled in the blanks, a soft chuckle escape his throat when he read what you wrote.

Y O U   A R E   N O T   S P E N D I N G   T H E   N I G H T

“Tell me something I don’t know,” he rolled his eyes, trying not to smile at the idea of spending the night one day. “Is that your not so subtle way of kicking me out?” He asked and shoved the final bite of his pizza into his mouth, waiting for an answer of some kind from you.

You wanted to nod, but you couldn’t. You didn’t want him to go, you wanted him to stay the night. You’d spent the last seven years being just friends with a guy you had a major crush on. You spent the first three years of your friendship thinking that was all you’d ever have with him, that he wouldn’t be interested in someone eleven years younger than him. He thought the same, thinking he was way too old for you and that Sebastian would never approve even though he’d stated time and time again “you can date her after she turns twenty-three.” Chris always thought it was a joke, so he watched you date guys your age and he dated women his. It wasn’t until you were twenty-three that he admitted to having some feelings for you, which you kind of pushed aside as he was drunk and you weren’t ready to be a relationship with him. Then you turned twenty-four and he told you- sober- that he liked you. But before anything else could happen, you found out he was directing your first piece creating a bit of conflict.

“What are you smiling at?” Chris caught your ankle in his hand and pulled you towards him. You giggled and swatted his hand away, but made no effort to move back to your original spot. “What?” He asked, getting onto his knees so he could inch closer. He knew he made a promise, but he was getting real tired of being friends with you; he wanted more. “What are you smiling at?” He whispered, his lips inches from yours.

“Nothing.” Your hand gently caressed his face and he pushed his all of his weight onto his left hand as his right moved to rest on your waist. “I was just thinking about what I said in the car, and how I’m right and you’re wrong about our level of self-control.”

“Oh, I knew this would happen,” he told you, his thumb rubbing gentle circles into your side. “I just said all that to get myself here.” You chuckled softly with a shake of your head. “There was no way I was leaving before something happens. I want you way too much,” he admitted breathlessly.

“What are you waiting for?” His lips barely brushed yours when his phone rang. “Don’t pick it up,” you urged him, but he had to; it could’ve been important. “My God, Chris,” you groaned as he sat back down, answering the call. “You’re an idiot,” was your response to him mouthing “I’m sorry.”


“Get the hell out of my sister’s apartment,” Sebastian’s voice came through and Chris flinched, looking around the vicinity for a hidden camera. There had to be one, the timing was too perfect. You knew from Chris’ expression that it must have been Sebastian and you cursed out Mrs. Baker next door who was Sebastian’s little spy. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s happening in there, asshole. Mrs. Baker from across the hall called me when the two of you arrived home. It’s almost midnight, you’ve eaten your pizza. Now get out of her apartment and go home.”

“C'mon, man. You know I’m-”

“Go home, Chris,” Sebastian growled and Chris sighed, looking over at you. You sighed and nodded, agreeing with Sebastian even though you couldn’t hear what he was saying. This was a mistake, the two of you couldn’t do this- not now. “Go home, please.”

“Yeah,” Chris grabbed his jacket off the couch as he got to his feet, giving you a small smile as he made his way to the front door. “I’m going.”

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Part 4

Imagine Loving Castiel

Castiel X Reader

Love was.. complicated. You’d never had good luck when it came to love. Hell, you didn’t even think about love anymore. That was, until Castiel came into your life. He was a literal angel, but to you, he was just Cas. Beautiful, sensitive, perfect Cas. 

“(Y/n),” Cas sat down on the couch beside you, watching you read your book. “I have a question.”

“I may have an answer.” You glanced up to see his brows furrowed and eyes curiously raking over your face. 

“What is love to you?” Well, that is a rather tough question. You put your book down and looked up at the ceiling. 

“Hm.” You hummed. You’d never really thought about what love meant to you. You knew it was supposed to be important. You knew you felt it, but could you explain it? “Love is.. innocent.” You tried. “It makes your heart swell, your mind feel fuzzy, and your stomach feel like there are a million butterflies dancing inside.” You imagined the first time you ever met Castiel. “Love is something you never see coming, something you thought you knew, but turns out, it was just waiting for you. I guess love is just a chance to be truly happy.” You looked back at Cas and saw the interest on his face. “Sorry, I guess I rambled a bit, didn’t I?” You smiled, pulling your book back up.  

“(Y/n), are you happy?” He asked. 

“Your questions today are very deep.” You laughed a bit. “Um, I think so. I’m happy when I’m with you. I’m happy when I’m with Sam and Dean. You guys make me happy.“ 

"How come you don’t categorize me with the Winchester’s?” Cas was stating to pry. He was looking for something specific here and that made you uneasy. 

“Are you feeling okay, Cas?" 

"I- Yes. I’m just curious about you; about us.” He shifted next to you.

“What about us?” You closed your book at this. 

“You said love is innocent. Neither of us are innocent beings, does that mean we cannot find love?" 

"Love is innocent in itself. Does that make sense? Two people who have done terrible things can find each other and still share something innocent.” You explained. It was surprisingly easy to explain what love is. Years ago, you would have just said you didn’t know, but now, you think you have a clear idea. “Do you think you love someone, Cas?" 

He nodded his head, looking down at his clasped hands. 

"And you want to tell them?" 

"Very much.” Castiel’s cheeks were growing pinker by the second. Your curiosity was getting the better of you. 

“What’s stopping you?” You inched closer.

“She.. I don’t know if she loves me too.” He shook his head, glancing over at you with worried eyes. “It would be an honor to be loved by someone as celestial as she.” He watched the way your eyes trailed over his face and he saw it then. Maybe you could love him. “Someone as radiant as you..” His eyes found yours and he couldn’t miss the spark within them and then, your lips were on his.

“Love is easy with you.”

“Why would I be nervous? There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m just doing my job.” You snorted, struggling to keep your phone sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder while you rummaged through your purse to find your pack of chewing gum. 

How can you not be nervous knowing you’re going to be traveling with Harry Styles?” You nearly stumbled over your feet after tripping over a little dip in the sidewalk before continuing to walk as if nothing happened. 

Yes, you were going to be traveling with Harry Styles for his solo international tour. You were extremely fortunate to have nailed the job interview to be his personal assistant and his team seemed to really like you, so really, this was a dream! Of course, you hadn’t had the chance to meet Harry yet, but you figured he was just like any regular 23- year-old… If a regular 23-year-old was a billionaire singer. First impressions were important, and if you screwed up you’d have to deal with awkward tensions for the months that you’d be with him. Hm. 

Hello? Did you pass out?

“No, I didn’t pass out. The point is, I’m not nervous because this is just a job. I’ve been an assistant before, this is nothing new! I’m going to be calm, collected, and Harry Styles is going to fall in love with me because I’m just that perfect.” You joked, glancing up at the numbers on the building to find the studio you were supposed to be at. (You were a little late. Twenty minutes counted as a little in your book.) “Plus, I’m great when I meet new people! Give them a firm handshake, crack a joke, and I’m good to go.” 

“You’re twenty minutes late - I don’t think a good first impression is an option anymore.” Oh, shit. She was right. You had originally planned to pick up a blueberry muffin at Starbucks for Harry but obviously, you didn’t have enough time. Your feet began to pick up pace underneath you as the idea of Harry Styles and his team waiting for you in a huge meeting room entered your mind - You could already feel your palms getting sweaty. “I bet they’ve already moved on to the next assistant.” 

“Y/F/N!” You snapped, raising your hand in apology when you crossed the road and nearly got hit by a car. “I’m terminating this conversation - You’re the one that’s psyching me out and you’re supposed to be supportive! I’ll call you later.” 

It was fine. You were fine. Your legs were sore and your cheeks were bright red from the fast-walking you had done, but you were fine. All you had to do was go into the studio, introduce yourself to Harry, and that would be that. You were confident, charming, and witty. This would be easy! 

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late. I forgot to set my alarm last night and-” As you entered the studio, the last thing you were expecting was to see Harry sitting there by himself, scribbling things down in that leather journal you saw so much. It was only when he looked up at you with a bright smile that all your confidence suddenly dropped all the way down the depths of hell. “Hellooo…” You didn’t want to be that person, but god damn - He was very attractive and you weren’t sure why you were only just noticing this. His eyes seemed brighter and his lips were definitely the colour of a ripe strawberry that you’d love to just sink your teeth-

“Hi! You must be Y/N. I’m Harry,” He set his things down on the couch before strolling over, grasping your hand in a firm handshake all while keeping that charming smile on his face. “I hope you’re excited about this job. I promise I’ll try not t’ be too much of a bother.” Harry smirked lightly before heading back to his place on the couch. 

“Yes, I’m, uh, that’s me!” Your voice cracked before you covered it up with a cough. Being with Harry Styles would be an easy job… Right? 


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for those of you asking, girl code is on hold while i try to organize my thoughts :-) 

You casually entered Eddie’s trailer, not really caring if you caught him in the middle of getting dressed or getting undressed. You knew he wouldn’t mind either way. The two of you had already seen what the other looked like without clothes due to the intense sex scene you two had filmed days prior. You giggled silently to yourself at the thought of how nervous and shy you were when you had read the script and realized that you would have to be completely stark naked in front of a really good friend. 

You had met Eddie years ago and formed a great friendship with several linked films together This one, however, was the first that the two of you would be lead roles with each other. It was also a first for you to film a sex scene, Eddie on the other hand had done so many of them, it didn’t seem to phase him when you causally brought it up. Making you feel ten times as nervous because you felt that you too, shouldn’t feel weird. But, you did and quickly realized that it was a lot easier than you had expected and you could guess having Eddie poke fun in between takes had something to do with it. 

“[Y/N], so lovely for you to drop by.” There was humor kissing his words as he looked up from his spot on the couch with a book in his lap. 

You slumped down next to him, flickering a look. “I needed a friend.” 

A brow was quirked and the book closed as he shifted and placed it on the table beside him. “I’m always here when you need me, what’s wrong?” Concern washed over him as he turned to face you. 

Sighing, you too turned to face him. “This movie’s really got me thinking about life.” Propping your elbow on the back of the couch, you chewed on your lip. 

“Okay?” Eddie questioned, “And?” 

“And,” you started, “I feel like I’m never going to find someone to settle down with.” 

Eddie’s face twisted with slight amusement, “Is that what’s got you upset, [Y/N]?” Shaking his head, he chuckled. “You’re a lovely woman, [Y/N]. You’ve got a line of men just waiting.” 

Crossing your legs, you pouted. “I’d hardly call it a line, Eddie.” 

“Okay, a trickle.” He joked.

You playfully swatted at him, “Besides, none of them seem fit for me to settle down with. My clock is ticking, Eddie. Literally ticking down.” You gestured towards your lower abdomen. “I’ll be lucky to even have one kid.” 

“Love, you’re still young. Plenty of women who are older than you have carried.” Eddie murmured. 

“Fine, that partially solves one problem.” You sighed. “Why can’t I find a good trait in any of the guys I go out with? I used to go on dates all the time. What is wrong with me?” 

“Maybe you’re just looking for the right man.” Eddie firmly said, shrugging his shoulders, “Your subconscious is stepping in, I’d say. I can’t exactly say with a straight face that you’ve had a good track record.” 

“I’ll admit, I’ve dated some pretty shady guys in the past-”

“-darling, I hate to admit it but all of them were shady.” 

“Help me, then.” You halfway cried. “I just want to be happy and loved.” Running your hand through your hair, “Is that too much to ask.” 

“It’s not so easy but tell you what,” Eddie stood up, checked his watch and held out a hand for you to hold. “Let’s go to dinner, we’ve got a free night, might as well use it. I’ll show you the kind of traits to look for.” He gave you a genuine smile. 

Taking his hand, you chuckled. “Careful, Eddie. You might make me fall in love with you instead.” 

Firmly pulling you up, he pulled you in close. His voice low with a smirk on his lips. “That’s the plan, love. Let’s go.” 


Word count:1359

Warning: smut

Kai uses his magic to tease you (I hope this is what you wanted nonny, I tried)

It was dark outside and you finally managed to fall asleep. After all the sleepless nights you dealt with because of Kai’s nightmares, you were finally sleeping, but somehow you kept squirming and rolling around on the bed, which caused you to wake up again. You opened your eyes and blinked a few time, your eyes adjusting to the moonlight shining through the big windows. You caught a glimpse of Kai staring at you with a smile on his face.

‘Kai? What are you doing? It’s’ you looked at the clock '3:45 in the morning. Why aren’t you slepeping?’ You whispered.

'Because I have something else on my mind.’ He pulled himself closer to you, pressing his body to your side. Your eyes widened for a second when you felt his already hard lengt, pressing against your hip.

'Someone’s excited.’ You murmured and winked at Kai.

'I’m just happy to see you.’ He whispered and kissed you slowly at first and then deepening the kiss. His fingers were tugging at your shirt, eventually finding their way under your light shirt, getting a hold of your breasts.

'Kai’ you moaned out and placed your hand on his lenght as you started palming him through his boxers, earning a quiet moan from him.

'Shhh, just relax.’ Kal whispered and stopped touching you as he pulled himself up and placed himself above your hips. He opened a small drawer of the nightstand that was next to the king sized bed and pulled out four silky blue ribbons. He winked at you as he grabbed gently your one arm and tied your wrist to the bedframe, making sure you couldn’t set yourself free. His smirk never left his face as he repeated the same thing on your other arm.

'We’re gonna have some fun now.’ He muttered and then stood up, his feet firmly on the ground. You lifted your head up a bit to get a look of Kai, who was looking at you for a brief moment before he reached out his hand and with his index finger cut your light shirt and your panties in half. Magic. You knew this was going to be fun and really hot. That’s what you liked about Kai. He always had something up his sleeve and it always drew you crazy.

'So beautiful.’ He grabbed your ankles and tied them aswell, your arms and legs spread allowing him to get a good look of your naked body. He came closer and knelt down, his face a few inches away from your heat. You squirmed and tried to set yourself free but it was impossible. Suddenly, you felt a satisfying pressure on your clit, Kai using his magic to stimulate it. It was so erotic and it was turning you on.

'Kai, please.’ You begged.

'Shhh. No talking.’ He whispered and went back to pleasuring you. You tried to pull your legs closer to your body, but the ribbons didn’t allow you to. The pressure kept changing each second, getting you closer to your orgasm and right when you wanted to let go, Kai stopped.

'What the?’ You said in frustration, Kai’s smirk still on his face.

'I can’t let you do that yet, it would be too easy.’

'Please Kai. Please, I need you now.’ You moaned out and at that moment the pressure was back on, stimulating your clit and bringing you closer to your release once again. It felt amazing, but the desire and need to let yourself go was taking over your body. The magical pressure on your clit was rapidly replaced by Kai’s tongue, devouring you and getting a taste of your arousal, making you moan out his name loudly.

'Kai, I’m so close.’ You cried out, getting that perfect and familiar feeling in the lower region of your stomach, but once again, Kai stopped right before an orgasm could take over your body. You felt him getting away from you as he placed his feet firmly on the ground. You lifted your head up and saw Kai taking his briefs off, his hard member getting free and ready for you. Kai placed his hand on his hard lenght and started moving his hand up and down, making you bite your lip at the sight. His hand was making him feel good and it was driving you insane, the sight of him pleasuring himself like that in front of you.

'Kai, please!’ You begged, desperation obvious in your voice. He stopped touching himself and climed on the bed, his body hovering over you, his lenght poking you in your stomach.

'What do you want, baby? Tell me.’ He whispered and bit your earlobe, the vibrations from his voice traveling all the way down *there*

'Fuck me, Kai.’ You blurted out, Kai’s smile appearing on his face.

'As you wish.’ He untied your legs, throwing the ribbons down on the floor. He knelt on the bed and lifted your bottom half up so it was aligned with his hard lenght, your legs wrapping around his waist. He looked deeply into your eyes and then slammed himself inside of you with a swift thrust, making you scream out. He immediately started thrusting, his lenght going as deep inside you as possible, his muffled moans turning into groans that only turned you on even more. Everytime he pulled out and then went back in, your breath hitched. He was filling you up to the hilt every single time.

'Faster Kai.’ You moaned out.

'Shit!’ Kai cursed out, his hand lifting your leg up on his shoulder, which made your body turn to your side, his hips relentlessly thrusting into you. He was rough with you like never before. Everytime you looked at him, his eyes seemed darker than before and he had no intention of stopping. He suddenly pulled out and flipped you over, his arm snaking underneath you and lifting your his up as much as he could as he spread your legs and thrusted into you swiftly.

'You’re so tight, fuck.’ He moaned out, his hand placing under you, finding your clit as he started rubbing it in slow circles, your mouth forming a perfect o shape. He was so rough that tears were forming in your eyes, but not because it was uncomfortable or pain, it was because of pleasure.

'Kai, I’m coming, shit!’ You screamed out as you clenched around him and came loudly, your hands grabbing onto the sheets underneath you. Even after you came, he didn’t stop. He pulled out again and flipped you over, his arms reaching out to untie your wrists. Once you were free, he spread your legs, his hands pressing them down so you couldn’t close them as he thrusted slowly this time, his teeth holding his bottom lip. He was thrusting slowly, but not for long. He picked up his pace and his hips were once again relentlessly pounding into you, sending you over the edge again. A tear rolled down your cheek which made Kai slow down a little bit as he leaned in and kissed your tears away.

'Are you ok?’ He moaned out, his hips slowly moving.

'Yes, just keep going.’ You stuttered and placed your arms around his neck, crashing your lips with his. Kai looked down to where you two were connected, his strong arms supporting his heavy body above you.

'Oh god.’ He cried out and closed his eyes as he reached his orgasm, spilling himself inside you. He made a few more thrusts and then stilled himself, his body dropping down on top of you.

You ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead as he slowly pulled out, making you wince.

'Are you in pain?’ Kai asked gently.

'A little bit. I think I won’t be walking tomorrow.’ You trailed off, making Kai laugh.

'I’m sorry.’

'It’s fine. This was amazing so the pain doesn’t even matter.’

Kai kissed you gently and helped you to get dressed since your legs were still weak. He covered you with a soft blanket and pulled you closer, his strong arms wrapping around your sensitive body.

Imagine being reunited with Chris.

A/N: Here we are, here’s the epilogue. 😊 I shall be back soon with the next chapter of this lovely mini-series. Until then, I love you all, and thank you for joining me on this fabulous journey. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D’)

You were picking Chris up at the airport as he was finally home after nine months of being away from you. Though you saw each other quite a bit throughout the nine months, it was still nice to have him back and actually living in Los Angeles. There was no saying how long you were going to have him for as he had a few upcoming projects- his debut on Broadway being one of them. As proud as you were of him, you were definitely going to miss him when he had to leave again. So in preparation for that, you were going to appreciate every second you had with him. It started with a nice home cooked meal- Italian, ‘cause who didn’t love Italian food- at his house where you’d left Ava and Dodger to finish up while you headed to the airport. You thought you were just picking Chris up, so you were surprised to see Sebastian walk out of the arrival hall with him.

“Chris!” You pushed through the crowd and pounced on the bearded man in the ‘Guns & Roses’ cap. He dropped his backpack on the ground and hugged you back, lifting you off the ground. “It is so good to see you,” you told him, cupping his face in your hands as he lowered you back onto your feet. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too,” he gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all sucked without you.” You told him and he nodded in agreement. The two of you reluctantly went your separate ways during the holidays; he’d gone home to his family in Boston and you’d stayed in Los Angeles with your family and Ava. It was pure torture, but neither of you could spare the little time you had to travel to each other so you painfully agreed to spend all three apart. But after Thanksgiving, you agreed- never again. The future holidays were to be spent like how you wrote your stories, alternately with each others’ families. “All the time I was thinking, what is Chris doing right now?”

“You’re telling me,” he chuckled. “I saw your Instagram posts and-” Sebastian cleared his throat, chuckling when you both turned and remembered he was standing there. “Sorry, Seb. Y/N,” he turned back to you, “Seb’s going to be crashing at my place for a few days. He’s here for a shoot and I told him he was more than welcome to stay with me.”

“So there’s going to be a roommate at your house too?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself, then blushed deeply when both guys laughed. They clearly got your drift; a drift you wished you’d kept to yourself. “That’s not what I meant!” You protested, but it was too late. You’d said it, and they’d heard it.

“Man, I just thought of nine bad jokes that I can’t say,” Chris chuckled, picking his backpack up. “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” he whispered into your ear as he slipped his hand into yours. “There are always hotels we can escape to if the roommate situation gets too bad.”

“That’s not what I meant,” you mumbled, biting back your smile. Chris and Sebastian both smirked at you with a mocking nod. “Shut up, jerks. And hey,” you laughed, playfully slapping Chris’ arm. “As my fiancé, you’re not meant to laugh at me.”

“Oh, really?” Chris quizzed with a raised brow and a smug smile. “'Cause I thought that was my main duty as your fiancé.” You chuckled, leaning into him when he pulled his hand out of yours to throw it around you instead. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll make it up to you later tonight.” Sebastian snickered, which earned a scoff from you and Chris. “You know what, Seb, you can go live with Ava if you’re going to give us attitude.”

“If Ava doesn’t mind, and if the two of you don’t mind me crashing in Y/N’s bed then- hey, I’m more than happy to give you love birds some space.” Sebastian responded; you and Chris smirked at each other. “Oh, what?” He bit playfully, trying not to laugh because he knew what.

Sebastian and Ava had a bit of a friendship brewing. It started at Salt Lake City when you let them FaceTime through your phone, which was really a sneaky move on your part. You’d called Ava, claiming you wanted to check-in on her. But before she could even answer the call, you’d left your phone with Sebastian telling him you’d be back. You didn’t come back, he answered the call, and the rest as they say- was history. They exchanged contact details and had been texting a lot, to the point where Ava would stay up past her bedtime just to talk to him. They had a lot in common which made their getting along easy, and you were sure it wouldn’t be long before they fell in-love and became an official couple. You and Chris were excited for that, and though Ava and Sebastian were playing it cool- they were very, very excited for that too.

“Nothing,” you and Chris responded simultaneously with a knowing smile. “And we can see what Ava thinks of the idea 'cause she’s going to be at dinner.” You told Sebastian and you swore his face lit up. “We’re having Italian food, by the way. Home made, courtesy of myself and my brilliant sous-chef and best friend.”

“I could do with some good Italian food,” Chris grinned.

“Oh, me too,” you smiled. “And of course, some great Bostonian company.”

“Stop,” Chris chuckled, squeezing you tight against him. “You’re making me blush.”

“Both of you stop,” Sebastian laughed. “God, no wonder Ava hates being single around you two.”

“Saying her name for the second time, Sebastian Stan,” you teased him; Chris chuckled, and Sebastian laughed, but blushed fairly obviously. “Hey, if the two of you would like to have dinner without us- just say the word. Chris and I can go to a hotel, and you can show up to Chris’ alone and make it an official first date.”

“You know how you started pushing us together quite subtly?” Sebastian quizzed and you made a face, pretending like you didn’t know what he was talking about; Chris laughed at that. “Well,” he smiled as he said, “it’s becoming very obvious that you’re trying to get us together.”

“But you’re smiling about it, so clearly I’m on the right path,” you pointed it out to him and he chuckled. “Hey, I’m all for the two of you becoming something more but- I can only do so much,” you told him. “If you want to be with her, make a move. Don’t wait until it’s too late,” you said and Chris nodded in agreement. “Take it from the couple who could’ve avoided all that unnecessary hassle and been together a lot earlier.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded in agreement. “Ava’s a keeper. If you like her, keep her.” You looked up at Chris then laughed when he asked, “what?” You shook your head, trying not to giggle. “What?” He laughed, poking your side and making you squirm.

“Nothing,” you laughed, “that was just such a cheesy line.” You laughed harder when he shook his head, smiling. “It sounds like something I’d write in one of my stories, that’s how you know it’s cheesy. 'Cause you know me, I’m all about the cheese, fluff, and clichés.”

“What can I say, sweetheart?” He winked and you giggled. “I learned from the best,” he said then leaned in to kiss your cheek. Just as he was about to pull away, he whispered into your ear and drew a wide smile from you. “Just so you know, Y/N, you’re a straight up keeper too.”

“Believe me,” you wiggled your engagement ring at him. You both smiled when you said, “I know.”

Tags: @chrisevans-imagines @widowsfics @m-a-t-91 @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @ateliefloresdaprimavera @katiew1973 @winter-tospring @shamvictoria11 @caitsymichelle13 @michellekeehlmello @letterstomyself21 @soymikael @faye22 @always-an-evans-addict @sammyrenae68 @brobrobreja @elizabeth-matsuoka @thegirlwiththeimpala @camerica96 @all-of-the-above11 @whenyourealizethisisntagoodname @yourtropegirl @smoothdogsgirl @createdbytinyaddiction @siofrataylor @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @imaginary-world-of-mine @wanderingkat77 @grantward3 @rileyloves5 @chrsmom302 @buckys-shield @mylittlefandomfanfictions @breezykpop @catch-me-im-a-falling-star @tabi-toast @ssweet-empowerment @hayleesteashoppe @chrixa @feelmyroarrrr @akidura79 @louisespecter @castellandiangelo @ccrossfire @assxmblesstuff @edward-lover18 @princessesnaddy @1d-niallerbieberforever @dxbrevgrey @bellastellaluna @christopher-or-steven @brokenwingsxix @yourenotrogers @im-a-fandom-slut @royalexperiment256 @palaiasaurus64 @mysteriouslyme81 @captainumeboshi @avengingalec @tacohead13 @badassbaker @pegasusdragontiger @evanstanimagines @avengersgirllorianna @sfreeborn @dorisagent101 @antisocial-angel13 @mizzzpink @aekr @scarltvison @imagine-cats96 @adeptkillsyasse @shliic @ask-steverogers @justanotherfangurlz @winchesterandpie @creativeheartgemini @marie-writes-things @what-if-wenevermet (Inbox me if you’d like to be added to the tag list)

Title: Flirting with Danger

@onlyanevilangel​ requested: Jason Crouse and a detective who both live between fights and romance, please write about it.

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Reader 
Summary: You and Jason had been working alongside each other for a year now and your friendship with the man just continues to blossom. However, with the current case you both are working on, tensions begin to rise.
Word Count: 2,863
Warning: Harsh subjects in terms of cases since Reader is a detective, and violence since Jason’s a private investigator. 
Author’s note: Thank you so much @onlyanevilangel for this wonderful request! I was so excited to write this story! I am contemplating on making this a multi-chaptered story, so stay tuned! :-) 

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms

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POOL HALL ~ DEREK HALE (coffee shop part 2)

Prompt - part 2 of coffee shop, Derek takes reader on their date - “Haven’t you heard the saying? “If you can’t find the one being hustled in the pool hall, then it’s probably you.”

Warnings, none (possible swearing at the end)

Pairing - Derek x reader

A/N - the request was just for a part 2 so I’ve added the prompt myself hope you all like it.

Story ~

Derek entered the coffee shop walking up to you. His bright smile and eyes shine as the light hits his face from the window. "hi” was all he said making you blush a light shade of pink. He orders his drinks and and takes them back to his table waiting for his friends.

The whole time he was there you couldn’t help but glance over every two minutes smiling when you saw his broody expression as stiles was talking to him. Blushing every time he’d catch you looking giving you a sweet smirk.

20 minutes you looked up at Lydia walking over to get cupcakes and refills for the group “do you know what’s he’s planning for tomorrow?” you ask nervously. You and Lydia had spoken more since Derek asked you out last week. She was quickly becoming a friend.

“he didn’t know what to do so I told to take you to that fancy restaurant out of town so I think he’s doing that” she said thanking you for the cakes heading back to the table.


The Pack left but Derek stayed, he watched y/n wipe a few tables laughing with her coworker as they danced to a song in the radio. After getting another drink I see writing on the cup ‘Mr Green eyes’ the new nickname she’d given me. It made me laugh that she put it even though she knew my name now.

Derek could sense the anxiety coming from her, going back to his table he see her talking and listens in. “Lydia said we’re going to a fancy restaurant, do you think I could just say I’m sick” y/n says to the boy she works with “no your not bailing out on your date look y/n I’m not letting you” Derek started to worry you didn’t like him. “I want to go out with him I mean look at him he’s gorgeous, I just don’t do fancy restaurants I’d rather go somewhere low key the pub or something” you say. Derek smirked to himself feeling an ego boost by your words.

The next day Derek didn’t come the coffee shop, he didn’t want to give y/n to back out. He knew what he was going to say and do to make her feel more comfortable.

You had gotten ready thinking now was too late to back out. Derek knocked at 7 on the dot. You opened the door he looked stunning in a black shirt jeans n he’s signature leather jacket. He handed you a bunch of roses making you blush as his sweetness.

After getting you coat you walk to his car. “so what would you like to do?” He asks with devious smirk like he already knows “we can go to this restaurant Lydia suggested or I know a nice quiet pub we could have drinks, dose a nice pizza” you smile at him amazed. “Pizza sounds good to me” you answer as he opens the car door for you.

You walk into the bar sitting in the both.
He asked you what you wanted. He came back with a pint and (y/f/d) you both laugh and chat while eating pizza. I turns out you both had more in common the your love for cupcakes, you both liked to read and spend time outside in the woods. You told him about your weekends as a child camping he told you about his favorite places hidden in beacon hills reserve.

Derek saw you looking at the pool table asked if you wanted to play. You nodded walking over setting up as Derek got some more drinks for you both.

“I’m pretty good at this” he smiles confidently. He brakes as you have some more of your drink. “okay so what balls are mine?” you ask smirking at him. You lean down taking your shot completely missing the other ball hitting another. Derek laughs as you pout missing the easy shot.

Derek hits the strip you missed putting it easy leading for his next shot. Derek showed off putting another 2 balls in. You suspect he missed the next ball deliberately. As you lean down to have you go, he stops you. “lower the cue so it’s level, like this” he says standing behind you. He puts his arm around you shifting his body to correct yours, You feel the back of the cue drop as his hand drapes over yours moving it a little. “feel better” he says his breath hot on the side of your neck, making you giggle. Together you both pot your ball, again he helps you with your next shot, he leans you over table your heart pounds as he moves you around you. You feel the cue hitting the ball as Derek move the cue.

Derek wins the first game when the waitress brings your pizza over. You both eat as Derek sets up another game. You both we’re flirty full of laughter and smiles Derek had bet you the last slice if pizza if he won the second game. He smirked as he won taking it.

“one more game” you said smirking “if you win I buy the pizza next time and if  win well I’m sure I’ll think of something” Derek laughed this will be easy he thought to him self. “I’ll break” you say smiling to yourself Derek agreed. You take your shot putting in a spot from the break. Derek frowned his eyebrows but thought it was beginner’s luck. But boy was he wrong.

Your put every ball in one after another calling the pocket he was closest too. When the black went in the look on his face was priceless, “you.. You can” Derek started unable to get his words out. You chuckled walking around the table to him hugging his waist “Haven’t you heard the saying? If you can’t find the one being hustled in the pool hall, then it’s probably you”. He looked amazed he’d been played giving you a smile. You both sat and had a few more drinks you told him how your family owned a pool hall when you was a child and could play like a pro “why did you act like you didn’t know how too?” He asked making you go a shade of pink he loved so much “I wanted to flirt get close have fun” you say sultry this time he went red smirking biting his lip.

Derek drove you home you both stood on your door step “I know what I want as my prize” you tell him. He looks worried but he’s also intrigued. “a kiss and another date pizza is on me” you say stepping closer to him. He grabs your back sweetly kissing you. When he backs away your head spins and your stomach fills with butterflies “you want to go out with me again” you nodded “yes I do” Derek couldn’t hide the smile he had. He had smiled most of the night but this one was different pure happiness was the only way to describe it “see you Monday” he said as you walked I to you house.

Derek drove home unable to believe he’s found the love of his life. The night was nothing like he’d expected and the fact y/n and fooled him and then kicked is ass mad him crazier for you it was the best date he’d ever been on and couldn’t wait to go out again.

No One’s Gunna Hurt’cha

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: No One’s Gunna Hurt’cha

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1,402

Warnings: Abusive ex, hurt/comfort

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but you’re welcome lmao. Protective LaSalle at your service! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3

It was a warm day in New Orleans, but you were wearing a sweater.  You were dying in the southern heat.  You knew if you took off your sweater, that everyone would see the bruises on your arms.  They were from your ex.  All you wanted to do was forget that it ever happened.  You didn’t want anyone else to get involved, especially LaSalle.  You liked LaSalle, you didn’t want him to think any less of you.

Once you and your team returned to the office, you went straight to the courtyard, shedding your sweater.  You knew everyone would be doing their own thing at this point.  This was your moment to cool off.  The second you took off your sweater, you felt instantly cooler.  You were still hot, but at least you weren’t wearing a sweater.

“[Y/N]-,” LaSalle started to say, but his words were cut short when he saw your arms.  His eyes grew wide with both concern, and fury.  He took a step closer to you, his hand reaching for your arm.

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Kiss Challenge #4: Kiss on the Forehead

words: 1282

“Elliot, I need you.”

Those words had interrupted yet another evening of Elliot tucked away in his apartment with Flipper. It was nearly eleven o'clock in the evening and, after an exhausting day of listening to Gideon ramble about how All Safe was going to crash and burn, he was unloading his mind. He had been scrolling through your Instagram and facebook feed looking for any updates surrounding your evening events, but no updates.

The phone call was also the reason he was standing on Coney Island, shivering from the ocean breeze. As he tugged his zipper further up, Elliot couldn’t help but think he should have worn something bigger.

He remained where he was wondering if it was the right time to disrupt your thoughts. You were seated in the damp sand, as close to the water you could be without the tide reaching past your toes. He spent the entire train ride over mind racing, trying to figure out any possible scenario that might have unfolded during the evening to warrant your phone call. Taking a seat alongside you, Elliot watched as you wiped at your nose before resting your cheek against your knees.

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Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1271
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.


Out of everything your father asked you to do, getting friendly with one of the Shelby’s was the end of the line. Whether it was kissing someone, going on a date with someone, even sleeping with someone - you did it without hesitation. With every thing you did your father involved you more in the business. Besides the Shelby’s, your family was one of the most powerful families in Birmingham. The name of your father was feared just as much as the name of Thomas Shelby. People around Birmingham knew you, but fear was not the emotion that came over them when they heard your name. 

“Y/N Pierce - she’s the daughter of Raimond Pierce.” That’s how you were known. Everyone knew you simply as the daughter of one of the biggest gangsters in England. What they didn’t know was the amount of effort you had put into your family’s business. What they didn’t know was that because of you your family had even gained that much power.

Your father was sure to not let anyone know that. Hugely disappointed that there wasn’t someone he could pass the business on to he was forced to choose his brother as his successor. He was sure that someone from the Pierce family had to carry on the legacy he had created. His first choice would have been his own child, but with you as his only child he had written off the idea just as quickly as it had came. He was sure that a woman like you could not lead the Pierce gang. Boy, how wrong was he.

But when your father asked you to make your way into the lives of the Shelby family as a way of spying on them, you declined. You were not about to go to the nest of the hyenas. The Shelby’s were your fathers biggest rivals. Luckily not either of the sides had shed much blood on each sides. At the beginning there were some killings and kidnappings, but things calmed down when the two families made peace with each other. The two families even became allies against the Russians and the Italians who were gaining more and more power in the town.

“What do you mean you won’t do it? This wasn’t a request.” Raimond glared at you, surprised that you had refused. The two of you were in his cabinet, your uncle and your father’s closest confidant next to him.

“I mean what I said, I won’t do it. I will not be your spy.” You declared, everyone’s eyes fixated on you. Silence took over in the room as no one dared to say anything before your father. He on the other hand seemed to be at loss of words or not finding the right words to say. He simply glared at you, making you extremely uncomfortable under his watchful eye. The man was as cold as ice, not showing even you, his daughter, some affection.

Things weren’t always like that. Raimond Pierce became a cold-hearted man after the death of his wife, your mother. Caitlyn Pierce was killed in a car accident along with her lover who Raimond did not know anything about. Finding out that Caitlyn was killed and having a lover crushed him as he became colder and colder with every passing day.

“You know, there was a time when I would have killed you for you decling my command. Today is not the day. Do you have any idea how long I waited for you to grow some balls and refuse me? Let me tell you: a very long time.” Raimond declared with his usual confidence in his voice while you stood still, staring at him with a stunned expression. You glanced at your uncle, seeing him clench his jaw as he also stared at your father. Lucas, your father’s confidant, on the other hand had a smile on his face which helped you calm down a little. You and Lucas had always gotten along very well and seeing his smile helped you relax a little since you were sure that whatever was coming your way was not going to be anything awful.

“Leave us.” Your father commanded. Lucas immediately went to stand by the door while your uncle simply stood still, staring at your father.

“I think that maybe I should-” He started, but was immediately interrupted by your father.

“I said to leave us alone. That includes you too, Andre.” Raimond Pierce declared, his usual glare fixated on your uncle. Andre let out a huff before he stormed out of the room with Lucas behind him who closed the cabinet door after him.

For a moment silence filled the room as neither of you said anything. You stood awkwardly before your father motioned for you to take a seat opposite him which you silently did.

“Do you know why I’m so hard on you? Why I yell at you? Why I ask you to do things for me? For this family?” He questioned and at this point you weren’t sure whether you really knew an answer to his question. You always figured it was the death of your mother that made him like this. You didn’t answer his question, not knowing did he really want an answer.

“I do it because I don’t want you to be weak. If you’re taking over this business someday you have to have some backbone. And that is something that you lack of. Luckily, you’re not a lost cause.” Your father remarked, making you extremely confused. Take over the business? You were more than sure that you taking over was the last thing he wanted to see in this world.

“I thought you didn’t want me to take over.” You said out loud, mentally cursing yourself for saying things out loud without thinking. Running the business was something you had dreamed of for some time now, and now your father indicating that it was a possibility was like a dream come true, even if it was still a possibility. Why would you possibly want to sabotage that chance?

“I’ll be honest, I thought so too.” He started before letting out a sigh and looking into your eyes, his look not as hard as it was before.

“But you are my child. If there’s one woman who can survive in the world of men it is you. But don’t think that it’s going to be easy.” Raimond spoke out and you found yourself quickly nodding, a smile on your face. A grin appeared onto your father’s face which disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. He motioned for you to leave the room and to leave him alone. You silently stood up as you turned around to leave the room.

“Wipe that stupid smile off your face and listen to me.” He started and you turned around, your lips forming a straight line as you looked at him.

“No word to anyone at this point, especially to Andre. You understand?” He asked and you nodded as a response which was a bad idea since your father spoke to you now in a much louder voice.

“We do not nod. We say the words. Do you understand?” He questioned, his voice sounding as harsh as it always was.

“Yes, I understand.” You spoke out loudly, trying to match his harshness but failing to do so. You weren’t as tough as he was and there was no denying it. Everyone who knew your family knew it, and so did your father.

“Good. Now go find yourself a nice dress. We’re having a party tonight.”

Professor Pride Week 16

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Week 16

Characters: Professor!Pride x Reader, Gibbs, Dog!Tony

Word Count: 1,590

Warnings: fluff

A/N: It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! <3 <3 I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3

Series Masterlist

Pride woke up before you on Monday morning, wishing the two of you could stay in bed today.  He knew you had an important day ahead of you.  You didn’t know it, but he knew Gibbs.  He had been great friends with Gibbs for many years.  When you told him about how Gibbs told you to come back after New Year’s, he could only smile and shake his head.  It was just like Gibbs to give you a chance.

He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his lips as you shuffled into the kitchen.  You were already dressed, but your hair was still messy.  Pride still found you to be the most beautiful woman in the world.  

You walked over to the counter, grabbing the mug that Dwayne had already grabbed for you.  On your way over to the coffee pot, you rested your hand gently on Pride’s arm, leaning on your tiptoes to press a chaste kiss to his lips.

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[SUMMARY: Negan and Lucy part two.

Negan is protective of you now that he has found you, but little does he know his own former people are coming back for revenge.]

WARNING: this story involves rape.

Negan and Lucy.

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The Poker Game

Dean offers up a guitar he doesn’t own in exchange for you in a poker game.

  • Dean Winchester x Reader
  • 580ish words
  • No warnings
  • Cute drabble

Poker was a favorite hobby of Dean Winchester’s. He found games here and there to win a little extra money on the side, sometimes even cheating to get what he wanted. Cheating was fair game in his mind, knowing that in the long run, he was helping his enemy, at least in his mind.

Dean sat at the table and counted out his chips, concentrating on his hand before he dealt. This game was serious, this game, he needed the money to bail his baby brother out of jail. This time, it wasn’t going to be too easy covering their tracks.

“Hey, dollface!” The man to Dean’s right called across his shoulder, his voice very much that of a fifteen year old just growing into his balls.

Dean looked over his own shoulder, expecting to see a decently pretty girl in a tiny dress and stripper boots on, maybe supporting roots that were weeks old and blue eye makeup that had mostly come off as the night grew on. But what he wasn’t expecting was you—a beautiful, young girl with an innocent looking face. You weren’t supposed to be in the middle of all this.

“Get me a beer.” The man snapped his fingers and pointed to the rusty fridge in the corner.

Dean gave the man a look, a little lightbulb going off inside his head. He put his chips in the middle of the table after taking a long look at his hand. He cleared his throat and pointed at the guy, whose hair was so blonde, it was almost blinding. “I raise you five hundred and my brand new Gibson guitar. It’s in my trunk right now.” Dean lied, knowing full well that he would win this round. Throwing objects in the game always made it interesting.

The blond smirked and nodded, throwing in a few extra chips of his. “Alright, alright. And I think I’ll add—“

Dean stopped him right there and pointed to you. You caught sight of his finger and hesitated as you had the beer can in your hand, the top between your fingers as you tried to open it for the man you arrived with. A man you were scared of but could not leave. Dean knew all this by looking at you, looking at the way you moved around him. “Her. I want her.”

Blondie looked over at you. Your eyes grew several sizes too big and you felt your knees wobble.

He nodded and waved you over. “Cool, but I hope you realize what you’re about to lose.” He snickered.

Dean smirked and motioned for blondie to flash his cards first, knowing that he had the cards to win. He always had the cards to win. He never left anything to chance. If he needed something, Dean went for it.

Straight flush was laid down. The guy was ecstatic. He chuckled to himself and went to grab your wrist, but Dean was faster. He swiftly placed his Royal Flush on top of the straight flush and leaned back in his seat, smirking with a triumphant gleam in his eye.

“I believe your beautiful lady here belongs in my lap.” Dean motioned for you gently, giving you a soft look and a warm smile. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N…” You didn’t know what to do. Had you just been won in a game of poker?

“Well, I am the luckiest guy in the world. Ever had a ride in a 67’ Impala?” Dean smiled.


Pairing: Taron x Reader

Requested: Yup!

Pronouns: She/Her

GIF: No clue

Warnings: None. Unless you are triggered by adorableness.

Reading time: 7 Min.

Notes: I’m trying to write a little faster so I did this in just a few hours as opposed to my others which took me up to a week. So I apologize if it sucks. Ha!

Summary: You’ve been away a few weeks and are returning home to Taron at Christmas time.


“Babe, what’s all this?”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she edged through the doorway into the flat they shared. The weight of the suitcases in her hands forced her to turn sideways but she could see he had decorated for the holiday. Taron grabbed a bag from her as he held the door open.

“Merry Christmas love.” He said. Her chest brushed against his and he puckered his lips. She placed a tiny kiss on them and set her bags down in the entryway.

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Imagine being a thief trying to break into Peter’s house to steal his Spiderman technology but he catches you in the act…

“So you wanna start by explaining why you’re sneaking around my house wearing all black and a mask?” Peter asks you curiously. “I would guess cat burglar but that almost seems too easy.”

You drop the web shooters in your hands in surprise as you jump around to face him. “Oh! Aren’t you supposed to be at school or something?”

“We had the day off…” Peter glances over to his Spider suit that’s on the ground before looking back up at you. “Find what you’re looking for?”

You shrug, deciding to play along with this little game. “Nah… I might have to come back later. You free after seven?”

Peter huffs a laugh at the response. “I should be done with homework by then.”

“It’s a date then.” You shoot him a grin before quickly slipping past him and through the window you came in through.

A Little Too Late Part 23

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 23

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar

Word Count: 1,075

Warnings: angst

A/N: I hope you’re all ready for the next part of this series!! I may have had an awful heart wrenching idea on where to take this story next (from where I am). I’m gonna say sorry now for what I’m about to do lol

You can find the masterlist to this series HERE!! That way if you need to catch up, you can!

It was now a few days later, and as usual things seemed to go back to normal.  Of course Sam wasn’t done finding the spell your fake parents used to help the vampires.  Sam wasn’t done helping you find a way out of your true test either.  However there was a case, and he had people to save.  Turns out it was only a vampire nest.  They would be back in no time.

You stretched your limbs as you got out of your bed.  You got a text from both Sam and Dean telling you to relax today.  Late last night you were reading away at some of the book that told you about yourself.  You thought it would be better if you kept reading it.  You figured it might help them find something, but that it would also help you understand yourself a little more.  You had stayed up until two in the morning last night, but here you were at nine in the morning; awake.  

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Dave Lizewski Imagine: Prom?

From the pink frilly posters around school and the excitement on all the popular girls’ faces, it was easy to tell prom was coming up. You had never been a dress kind of girl, much rather jeans and a hoodie and until the day you could go to prom in that, you would refuse to go.

Your friends Marty and Todd both agreed with you on this, Marty wouldn’t go because he would be away from his comics too long and Todd would only go if he could stare at the girls so you decided for him to stay at home with you. Dave however never said anything about going to prom other than “maybe I don’t know” which was weird because Dave always had an opinion on everything like this.

That was until tonight, at about 6pm, when Dave clambered through your window with two boxes in his hands. “Y/n,” he breathed. “Come to prom with me?” he questioned catching his breaths lightly before opening the top box to find the world most beautiful dress, Dave had known you long enough to know your size and had picked the most beautiful light pink dress. “Dave, I hate-“but he cut you off. “You hate prom I know, but I want to show you that it’s not all bad” he whispered putting down the other box and handing you the dress. Smiling at the dress you sighed as Dave gave you his best puppy dog look before whining and agreeing running into your bathroom to put on the beautiful dress before straightening your hair quickly and applying some mascara and lipstick. “What do you think?” you asked nervously as Dave’s face lit up when he saw you. “Y/n, you look amazing” he replied fixing his tie making you notice he had changed into a suit himself. “Oh and I have shoes too” he laughed reaching further into the box and pulling out a pair of white heels. Slipping them on you giggled before kissing his cheek.

“You look pretty handsome y’know” you chuckled making him blush. You had to sneak back out the window with him because the day your parents caught you in a dress is not a day you want to happen soon. Slowly you clambered down cautiously due to your heels before getting into Dave’s borrowed car and letting him drive to prom.

Let’s just say prom was perfect. All your initial thoughts of how bad it was going to be just slipped away and now all you could think was how much you wished it didn’t have to end. Dave drove back to your house and you both threw yourselves through the window, you could have sworn you used the window more than the door.  

Putting your shoes onto your bed you slowly walked over to Dave and hugged him loosely, “Thank you for tonight it was awesome” you whispered. “Anything for you y/n, anything”

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