his face is bootiful


I just love this illustration so much but then I noticed that Ciel was holding a contract and Sebby has a quill pen. 

So then I started thinking, “Oh shit he’s gonna make a deal with him?”

Then I saw the amused expression the demon had and this is practically what’s written on his face.

“Make a deal for the booty, hm?”


min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: *watching hope on the street*
  • Jimin: *shows up*
  • Yoongi: yeeesssss
  • Jimin: *does the booty dance*
  • Yoongi: worK
  • Jimin: *squishes his face*
  • Yoongi: baBE
  • Jimin: *drops into a perfect split*
  • Yoongi: loRD HELP ME
  • Yoongi: oh he better do that in bed tomorrow night
Fabled IX (and last)

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//Sehun x you ❤️

Word count: 5,281 (seriously)

Summary: Where Sehun is pro swimmer and a stripper. And less of a fuckboi that you’d think.

Guys, I proudly end another series. I’m so happy. It’s sad when getting to finish seems so hard to me. At least in my works a girl always gets to finish.

Part I

You find it surprising that you don’t blush, even if you are asking guy for sex. In the middle of crowded corridor. And you know Sehun long enough to sense his amusement, even if his face is as blank as always.

“Do I seem like a booty call to you?”

It’s not an answer you’d like to hear. Is it even an answer?

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I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face when I came downstairs wearing fishnets and also the look on my father’s face when I showed up to his work wearing thigh highs and booty shorts


Sorry for the long wait, i hope you like it. 



Baek: Bae, you cant move your booty like that. Learn with the best. *Butt Power activated*


Suho will keep his eye’s on you, to make sure that his “kids” don’t gonna look at yours curves.


He wil talk with his hyungs.

Sehun: And Luhan says that she is hot, like… C'mon, no one can win of Sebooty.


When Kai keep talking about how hot you was in that jeans.


When yours walked by the street, he doesn’t gonna understand why all the guys are looking at you with malicious smiles. At the moment that you explain he why, his reaction will be something like:


Kai: She is hot, just like me. We was mean to be.


Chan: Oh my Gard, her ass is bigger that Sehun’s booty.

You throw one pillow on his face.

Chan: Did i say that too loud? 


“C'mon, let’s go for the bedroom” This is something that Kris will always say just to teases you and make you blush.


Lulu can’t control his face when sees you wearing shorts.


Chen: I bet you can not shake like that.


Luhan: Tao, please. Tao, keep calm. TAO!


Xiumin: Daaam. She looks fine ~

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Annyeong guys o/ Make any request here. The nexts reactions are from wonderrwomaann and callmebabyxoxo88

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Hedwig & The Angry Inch Car Wash Seat Feels

First of all, what the actual FUCK is life? Going into the Hedwig performance, I knew the seats were stellar because I was spoiled and got told Hedwig comes into the audience during the show. Despite being extremely prepared for that, I got caught up in the show that it slipped my mind. So during the song, my oblivious self was rocking out while these little stairs appeared on the side of the stage (I was in seat A1). Before I could even piece together what the flying fuck was happening, I saw those suddenly too familiar gold heels step onto my chair, one at a time, and the rest was a blur. A good blur, but a blur all the same.

Hedwig, in all her glory, was straddling me on my seat and getting her car wash treatment on. All the while, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that DARREN CRISS HAS HIS JUNK IN MY FACE WHILE WEARING BOOTY SHORTS. Considering my high, very intense levels of shock…I didn’t even know what to do, except want to grab his thighs and totally go with the entire act. Unfortunately (I know, I’m kicking myself for this one), I did not grab his perfectly sculpted thighs, even though I could have. At one point, he had his hand on my head and it was like a faux blowjob motion happening. My hair was a mess after the fact and I was laughing because I would cry if I didn’t.

All in all, it was a delight on top of the actual show. The show was beautifully done and had the feels at an all time high. If you go see this production with Darren as Hedwig, put the fangirl feels on the back burner during the show and honestly enjoy the story. Darren completely becomes Hedwig and only during the curtain call do you see Darren’s
mannerisms, not at all during the show. It’s so wonderful and well worth any money you spend. There is not a terrible seat in the house considering how fantastic the performances are. If you happen to get in the two front rows or around where I sat, you get lucky. In so many ways. Wink, wink. Though, just being in that audience to witness his performance is the best shit in the world.

I will definitely be going to another performance during his run so if anyone else is doing the same, let me know! We can fangirl during the stage door together.

Oh and mama & papa Criss are so fucking cute and I want to keep them in my pockets. The entire clan went into this cute little restaurant after the show. I have fallen off the Darren stalkmobile in the last six months so WHEN DID MIA GO BLONDE?! ALL THAT ASIDE, GO WATCH THE SHOW AND ENJOY THE 100% TRANSFORMATION.