his face in the second one xd

“My future self must have— along with his good looks— traded all his brains for immortality” The would-be dark lord muttered dryly. The other just raised his eyebrows. “Oh? How so?”
“He must have been extraordinarily stupid not to have realized that a part of his own soul was staring him right in the face!”
Harry had to fight hard to keep the growing smirk off his face. Voldemort insulting Voldemort was definitely one thing he’d never thought he’d hear. Then again, talking to Tom Riddle again after his second year wasn’t exactly what he’d expected to happen ever again, either.
“Well, chances are high that he was just in denial.”
“Denial my ass. Stupidity! A piece of his… OUR own soul right under his NOSE and… Merlin… I knew immortality had its price but this is just ridiculous”
Right. Harry had yet to tell him about his nose…

-Tomarry [Aesthetic + text]

I’m not the only one who had pointed out how much these two panels from ch. 77. and ch. 78 are alike, but the main thing here is not the fact that their facial expressions, sweating are similar, but the motivation behind their words are exactly the same as well. 

Both of them had to LIE. Annie definitely never considered Marco a piece of shit, but she had no choice in front of Reiner and Bertolt, she had to act like a cruel person. Armin never beleived his race “devil”, but it was a way to manipulate Bertolt. In ch. 78. he also tried to bring up Annie once more, like in ch. 49, but he didn’t succeed with it for the second time. (But she mentined Annie,that’s all what matters. XD)

Let’s just admit it, Annie and Armin both SUCK AT LYING. :D :P 

Finally, look at their faces, they are under a huge amount of distress, and their gestures perfectly match their words, which are statements functionally, not questions. Annie held her head up, to show Marco she’s the one in the higher position, and Armin lowered his gaze as if he’d surrender to Bertolt. Not to mention they all were on rooftops in both situations. (Isayama is “very original” idk… :P)

Honestly, I’m a huge Aruani trash , and I don’t mind overanalizing these two. XD At least we can’t deny they are quite similar in many ways. ;) 

Manipulative blondies.

Fly me to the Moon

A/N: IM text and second to last part! xD 
Summary: It’s Christmas Time and Johan discovers the joys of instant messenger and unexpected surprises (Ft. Johnson Fam)
WordCount: 3313
Taggies: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships 
Warning: Panic attack/ Depressing thoughts

“Bow have you seen my watch?” Dre grumbled, rubbing his empty wrist as he crossed the large, open kitchen. He gently placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder and kissed the side of her face. “I just had it…”

“You mean this one?” She motioned to a black Rolex watch sitting on the counter right next to her cup of coffee. “Or that one.” She pointed, across the kitchen to the living room where another expensive watch sat folded neatly on the coffee table. “Or–”

“No it’s the gold one, the one I wear for my ‘Drop em like it’s hot’ meetings.” Dre smiled cockly, Rainbow arched an eyebrow not sure what he was talking about. “For the meetings where I drop some big news, big news mean a big watch. I gotta assert my dominance in that room.”

“Because your CEO title means nothing if you’re not waving around big, shiny things on your wrist?” She shook her head, sometimes her husband made her wonder what she got herself into. “The point is you leave your watches around all over the house I’m surprised you haven’t lost any until now.”

“No see, that watch is my lunch watch, swap it out when I’m going on lunch outs with the crew. Can’t flash anything too nice but I can’t be watchless.” He scoffed as pointed to the other one across the room. “That’s my, I’m reading don’t bother me watch.” Dre nodded, then motioned to his empty wrist. “I need my ‘Drop em like it’s hot’ watch.”

After a moment of silence Rainbow shook her head and pulled the only conclusion she could think of. “Did you leave it in the bathroom?”

A lightbulb went off in Dre’s head and he pointed at the hallway. “And this is why I married you, we are a team.” He kissed her cheek and bounced up the stairs to retrieve his watch. There were few things in his life which he thought were sacred. His kicks, his watches, and his personal space. Which was why when he bought and designed the house, he had in mind an oasis like master bedroom. Far away from most of the rooms, a little corner of his personal space. So imagine his outrage when he found his master on suite bathroom was crowded with his children and his not-so-welcomed brother in-law. “What are you doing in my bathroom?!”

Junior popped his head out of the many bodies crowding around the vanity and smiled. “Uncle Johan is signing up for facebook and we’re helping him get the best quality profile picture around.” He gave his father an ‘ok’ sign before diving back in. Andre stood there, somewhat bewildered before shaking his head.

“No, no why does it have to be my in bathroom!?” He yelled, another child coming out from the herd and placed her small hand on her hip. Andre casted his eyes down to the youngest daughter of his family.

“Zoey said that the best lightening comes from bathrooms and your bathroom has the best lightening.” Diane shrugged a bit. “Zoey is on a roll in here, you do.not. Want to get in. We’ll call when we’re done.” She smiled and went back to the hustle and bustle.
“No, we need the light in your eyes–wait! And, fluff his hair a little. Ok now hold the phone like, yes!” Zoey’s voice was high and cheerful. “I think we did it…” She pulled away and noticed her father was standing there with his arms wide open in exasperation. “Oh hey daddy.” Zoey smirked, still beaming from her handy work.

“Does anyone mind telling me why the four of you are crowded around in my bathroom like there is a concert going on?” Dre got a glimpse of Johan who wordlessly, walked out of the bathroom and climbed on his bed with his sandals still on. “WOAH WOAH now, not the shoes, JOHAN.” He yelled at him and usually Johan would prattle about something but…he was quiet his eyes glued to his phone more than usual. “…O-K, what’s wrong with him, wait no he’s quiet I don’t want to know.” Dre motioned his children away and retrieved the watch in question from the bathroom. When he returned they were all huddled behind Johan, looking over his shoulder at his phone. “No Dre. Don’t ask. It’s not worth it…”

“Why isn’t he accepting the friend request yet?” Junior frowned, “you think he’s not online yet?”

“No way, I checked his facebook he made a status this morning.” Zoey had thoroughly stalked the guy in question. Johan came back doe eyed and with a sudden interest in social media. Of course she needed the details. “…maybe he’s blinded by how amazing you look with the flower crown filter.”

“Or maybe he doesn’t like you.” Diana crossed her arms and felt a nudge from her twin brother.

“Excuse her, uncle Johan, someone didn’t have their cereal this morning.” He mumbled, “I told you’d be cranky if you didn’t eat first.”

Clearly all his children were invested so Dre was swayed, he was going to pry and pray it wasn’t something he’d regret. “Alright, what are you all talking about?”

“Dad, Johan is trying to slid into the DMs with the guy he met in New York” Andre Jr. wiggled his eyebrow gaining only facepalms and groans from his siblings. “What?”

“What he is trying to say in a less…cringey way, is Johan likes a guy and he doesn’t know how to go about social media flirting.” Zoey smiled, “so we helped him out.”

“Social Media….flirting? Uh huh.” Dre shook his head and his children felt a lecture coming. “You know back in my day, we didn’t ‘slide’ into anyone’s Ims.”


“Whatever” Dre held up his hand, ignoring the fact he was corrected in the slang. “If you liked someone you called them, wrote them letters, took them out on dates. And you did not date someone you didn’t visit. Long distance only worked when you’re dating someone who’s going out to war or if you’re starring in a B rated Hallmark romcom movie.”

His children exchanged looks, “that’s not how romance works now dad. You can date anyone anywhere in the world with a click.”

“HA” Dre sarcastically laughed and clapped his hands together. “I’d hardly call that romantic.”

“Oh coming from the guy who got mom a blender for their anniversary?” Andre Junior shook his head disapprovingly.

Dre dramatically placed a hand to his chest and backed off a bit, “your mother had been dropping hints she was into juicing, my gift was thoughtful and expensive! I am plenty romantic.” There was a silence that came over his children and he felt nothing but judgment. “Don’t you have to be at school, BEAT IT” He shoo’d them out of his room until the only person who remained in his room wasn’t even someone he was legally required to take care of. Dre had some choice words for his annoying brother in-law but something about Johan’s face stopped him. He jumped a bit when Johan suddenly gasped.

“…he’s talking to me… “ Suddenly Johan’s entire world muted and the only thing that mattered was this Facebook messenger.

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Get Well Soon (Edward Nygma x Reader x Oswald Cobblepot Fluff One-Shot)

Reader is sick and Edward and Oswald are taking care of her.

Gender of reader: Female

Set S2 when Oswald was residing in Edward’s home.

For @andyandnormski I hope you’ll like it <3 

Warnings: None, Fluff, Ed and Os taking care of you (though Oswald is a bit grumpy and an ass at first xD), Can be read as friendship or blooming romance 

Originally posted by kingsofgotham

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Tousute Extra: Marshmallows (May 19, 2016)

Tsurumaru may have started this experiment, but let’s face it― Mikazuki’s the one who you should really be wary of here! Because I have this feeling that wasn’t what Hasebe meant when he held up his hand… XD This is actually the second time Hasebe ate marshmallows in the war council scene. It wasn’t included in the DVD, but the first time they did this, he was only able to take 4 marshmallows, so Wada (Hasebe’s actor) was quite proud that he improved. ^^

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Lmao 2D and Murdoc's reaction to their partners wanting to give them makeovers XD

2D: 2D has to ask you why you want to give him one, but he’s rather compliant when it comes to giving in to your requests. He would do just about anything to make you smile and be happy, so he sits still and only occasionally questions you as you make his face up. He admires himself in the mirror after, asking you if this should be his new look. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc stares at you questioningly for a few seconds, wondering exactly why you were giving him a makeover when he looked perfect the way he is. He decides to agree to your request and almost immediately regrets it, but he’s not a man who wants to go back on his word or look like he’s chickening out while you work on his face. 

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For that artist ask meme, maybe number 12? (I've done that one before and 15-second doodles are kinda fun) ^_^

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

DID I MENTION THAT I AM A SLOW BEAN AND I CAN’T DRAW MORE AS A FACE IN 15 seconds… the freckles were also added afterwards… but there isn’t a lance without freckles with me xD

You know when I was watching this episode in Digimon Adventure Tri 17:

And then they have both Agumon and Gabumon coming down the water to where both Taichi & Yamato is, reaching out for them:

I have a sneaky suspicion that they will digivolve here:


Especially when both Agumon and Gabumon said they wanted to get stronger

And then, I’m feeling ecstactic, like, really ecstatic, like my mind was like, they’ll digivolve to their Mega’s? (and if that’s the case I will BE SO HAPPY!!! Especially since Wargreymon is my absolute favourite), but I’m like “Could this be for real? Is this going to really happen, like right to their Mega just after they are born”? It’s too good to be true T_T

And then the next scenes confirmed what I wanted to see THE MOST!


Now, I can just pretend the ‘reboot’ didn’t happen, because they seem to maintain their Digi-personality like before, and was able to regain their bond (like before), except for the most painful one to watch is Sora & Biyomon which made me feel sorry for her on my end (even though she isn’t my favourite character), because that must have been hard for her… Yokomon (as Biyomon) was also really cold towards her… that’s sad… ;_;

I actually think that how they made Agumon and Gabumon reach their Mega in this scene to be played out nicely, I mean, it’s really similar to how they first reach their Mega forms when they were battling against Venom Myotismon. Like both Taichi & Yamato did it at the same time, except the only difference this time is, you get Biyomon, Patamon & Tentamon reaching their Mega as well (in the same episode) :P Honestly, Biyomon, I can understand, that’s to rebuild their bond and she wanted to save Sora, but do we need both Patamon and Tentamon to digivolve to their Mega as well? You don’t need 3 mega’s to defeat Machinedramon lol. Like I felt that, both Tentamon and Patamon can reserve this at another time… What I’m trying to say here is, instead of having more time to watch what happened in this episode, the last portion of this episode was (in some way) wasted on having Tentamon / Patamon reaching it’s mega, so instead of having their Digivolution to it’s Mega more meaningful as well as wasting all that time to have both Digimon digivolving to it’s Champion, then Ultimate, and then Mega… and this is BOTH digimon here, how many minutes/seconds is wasted on this? Why can’t they save the time to ‘Mega Digivolve’ all in one go like Agumon and Gabumon??  

So, the only one we have left who haven’t reached its Mega form is…. Gatomon, Palmon & Gomamon… XD 

P.S: Not sure if that’s the real Jenite or not, but I have to say that his actions really disgusts me -_- Especially the part when he licked Sora’s face, wth -_-

My Russian Spy son…(Abram Orlov)

Hes fluent in german, and obviously russian, and English. HE IS really quiet, and really relaxed all the time. Im talking even when hes angry you wouldn’t know it. He usually only speaks when its relevant or to bully Aldrik. (They aren’t on good terms) Hes very agile, chubby, and LOVES turtle necks a bunch. Do not…let him baby sit your kids they’ll come home ready to fight in the war 😂. He hides a bunch of snacks in his sweaters like all the time. And he can go from giving you a bear hug one second to chopping your hand off the next while still remaining that calm face. His eyes are usually always closed? Are they closed? He somehow sees. Cause logic. (I literally copy and pasted all this from my Instagram xD)

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I have a funny hoe story idk if I've sent it here before: so me and my S/o are both CIA and straight and we were going over our hard limits and preferences and all that and I told him "hey be careful of my face/eye area cuz I have contacts on" and so one day we are screwing in my bed and he goes to pull out as he's finishing and he thinks he's done but his dick is like "lol no" and he spurts and it spurts into my face into my eye XD whoops lol

first of all holy fuck

second of all dd you mistype “cis” or did you just want me to know that you and your s/o both work for the Central Intelligence Agency?

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Hey, could you do one with the other colors finding out Reader is Ace (asexual)? With how flirty they are, I just love the scenario!

((You’re right, most of them are very flirtatious xD I might do a post later about their different flirting styles heh–))

you: *tells a potential 2P boyfriend that you’re asexual*

2p!america: *silence for about thirty seconds* … you…  you’re… *horror finally strikes his face* aSEXUAL– *crumples to knees* babe i like you, i still like you but ugh *starts laughing and sobbing at the same time* ASEXUAL, YOU JUST HAD TO BE ASEXUAL *covers face* GOD DAMMIT

2p!china: yoU’RE WHAT *falls over* nO SEX?! AAAAAH– *rolls around, whines for the rest of the day* I AM THE BEST AT SEX

2p!england: oh? how rare. *casually leans forward* …intriguing. if you don’t mind my asking, how did you find out? what is it like, if i am not being too invasive? *sighs and smiles* in all honesty, i am very curious! may i know more about it, dearie?

2p!france: *faints*

2p!russia: then we’re almost the same. (aromantic headcanon)

2p!italy: *laughs nervously* a-are you sure, princess? *sweats* have you ever tried it? *voice shakes* I-I mean, intercourse with me could change your mind–?!

2p!japan: *blank expression changes to that of bewilderment for a moment, but it’s gone before you’re even sure if it was there* hmm, i see. now, excuse me. *walks away, turns corner, as soon as he thinks you can’t see him, he childishly stomps his foot* …damn

2p!germany: *blinks* so what’s that mean? ….*after you explain* wHAT?! NO. AH, YOU SERIOUS?! WELL, FUCK. NO BDSM TONIGHT? *snaps fingers* well then

2p!canada: whoa… that’s a first.

2p!romano: *jaw drops* …girl, have you ever tried a dildo at least? nah? *squeaks* er, l-let’s talk about something else, like. OMG. THOSE SHOES DON’T GO WITH THAT TOP. HONEY, I THOUGHT I TAUGHT YOU BETTER

2p!prussia: oh *blushes heavily* i… um… well, i’m a virgin and i think i’m okay with staying that way too *shyly tries to smile at you*

Ashton Irwin- Drumsticks

Request: can you make an ashton smut where you use his drumsticks please?

Hope you like it! :)


His back muscles flexed as I watched him bang the drums with so much passion and power. His hair shook back and forth and his eyes squeezed shut as he whacked away. I leaned against the door frame and listened to the beat of a song I didn’t recognize. When he was done, I clapped and he spun around with shock spread across his face. But then he smiled when he realized it was me and stood and walked over to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held me around my waist.

“Hey, love. I didn’t know you were coming over.” He kissed my cheek.

“I texted you.” I smiled up at him.

He let go of my waist and felt around his pockets until he pulled out his phone. His thumb roamed around his screen until he chuckled, “Oh yeah, sorry.” He put his phone back in his pocket.

“It’s okay. Where is everyone?”

“Lauren and Harry are at friend’s houses and my mom is out with some of her friends. So I thought I would practice drumming. But I’d rather spend time with you.” He leaned down and kissed my neck.

I chuckled, “I could watch you practice.”

“Wouldn’t that be boring for you?”

I laughed, “You sweaty banging on drums? That’s the best show I could ever ask for.”

He smirked, “Alright then.” He took my hand and we walked over to his drum kit. I pulled up a chair next to him and he pulled his drum stick out from his back pocket. He sat himself upright in his chair and banged on one drum just to get himself started. But then he started to drum a slow beat which quickly turned into a quick beat. The sweat started to form on the top of his forehead as his muscles flexed. I squeezed my legs together and physically had to fight off the urge to moan. After he was done with whatever song he was playing, he pushed his hair out of his face and he looked at me. I swallowed hard not breaking eye contact with him. “How’d I do?” He asked.

I stood up from my chair and walked over to him. I stepped in front of him and sat on his lap. He dropped his drum sticks and held onto my waist. I gripped the hair on the back of his head and smashed his lips against mine. He was taken back a bit, but he kissed my back. His hand roamed up my back and he rubbed it up and down. I grinded myself onto his lap and he groaned into my mouth. I didn’t stop my actions and I pressed harder against him. I moaned onto his lips as the rough material of my jeans pressed against my aching core. Suddenly Ashton picked me up by my waist and set me down on one of his drums. He reached down and grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it off of my body. I did the same with his shirt, leaving us both shirtless. I reached behind his head and pushed his lips against mine again and he reached behind me and unclipped my bra. I fumbled with his belt and then pulled them down to his ankles along with his boxers. I grabbed hold of his member and he groaned. I pumped him a few times and swiped my thumb over his tip. I reached around him and pushed him closer to me while still pumping him. I bent down more and took him into my mouth.

“Ah, shit.” He moaned and threw his head back.

I swirled my tongue around and sucked him hard and he placed his hand on the back of my head. He pushed me closer to him, causing me to gag a bit. I didn’t mind though, it made him feel good so I dealt with it. He moaned in pleasure which caused me to squeeze my legs together in order to create some type of friction. I bobbed my head up and down, hollowing my cheeks in the process. I massaged his balls knowing that this action drove him crazy. I felt his grip tighten on my hair which he now turned into a makeshift ponytail. I thought he was going to push me further onto him, but instead he pulled me back. I gave him a confused look, but he reassured me by placing his lips on mine. He reached down and pulled my pants off my legs along with my panties and threw them somewhere on the floor. He reached behind me and grabbed something I never thought we’d ever use during sex: a drumstick. My eyes widened as he slowly dragged it down my body. He circled my breasts and my lower torso until he got to my aching core. He got down on his knees so he was level with my sex before he moved his drumstick between my folds. I moaned and tilted my head back in pleasure at the foreign feeling.

“If it gets to be too much, remember the safe word is pineapples.” He reminded me.

I nodded, “Just do something.”

He smirked before placing his lips around my clit. I yelped out in pleasure while his drumstick worked its wonders by him pushing it in and out of me. He lapped his tongue around my sensitive nub which brought be closer and closer to my edge. The feeling of pure bliss rose in the pit of my stomach and my breathing became uneven. He hummed against me which caused me to arch my back off the drum. He pushed my hips back down and I groaned, but then I quickly moaned out his name. But before I came close to my orgasm, Ashton pulled away. I glared at him and he smirked at me before throwing his drumstick somewhere on the ground as he stood up. He grabbed my leg and wrapped his around his hip while his other hand traced a line on my cheek. I smiled against his touch. “Are you ready?” He asked.

I nodded, “Yes.”

He lined himself up with my entrance and he pushed himself in. I opened my mouth, but no sounds came out. The feeling was indescribable, especially in this position. He slid out of me completely before slamming back into me. He did this repeatedly until he started slowing down at bit, knowing it would tease me. All of the sudden, Ashton picked me up and placed me on the ground, throwing my leg over his shoulder. He rammed into me again and I screamed out. I reached up gripped onto his biceps and my other hand went up to his hair. I push it out of his face and then I gripped the back of his head and pushed his face down to mine. His lips were rough against me as he thrust in and out of me. His tip brushed against my g-spot with every movement which brought me closer to my orgasm. But suddenly he stilled inside of me. His head fell backwards and his legs shook as he emptied himself inside of me. My breathing was still rapid and I subconsciously grinded myself onto him. “Aha, shit.” He moaned.

He pulled out of me and crawled further down my body until his face was directly in front of my heat. He didn’t hesitate wrapping his mouth around my clit. “Fuck, Ash.” I moaned out.

I reached down and tangled my fingers in his curls. His tongue darted in and out of me as he moved his face around my clit. His stubble making it feel intense; I was so close. My moans became higher and higher and I bucked my hips onto his face.  His arms hooked around the back of my thighs which brought me closer to his face. He hummed inside me which sent me over the edge. I cried out Ashton’s name and grinded my hips onto his face. He rode out my orgasm with his tongue until he pulled away and laid next to me. I was still breathing heavily when he turned his head to face me. I looked over at him and he kissed me quickly, “We should use my drumsticks more often.”

I nodded, “Absolutely.”

- Brooke XD

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Can you make an imagine with Paul being furious after finding out another wolf accidentally hurt his girlfriend? Thank you. :)

Title: Had A Bad Day

“Why can’t you just give me a quick kiss? Please, I need to know how to kiss for when I find my imprint!” Collin whines, begging you.

“No, Collin,” you growl for the millionth time, swatting his face away.

“Why not?” Collin demands, crossing his arms angrily.

“Because you’re just a kid, Collin! And, besides, I am Paul’s imprint. I love him and only him, and kissing you would make me feel like the worst girlfriend and imprint in the world. I can’t help you, i’m sorry. But, hey, Leah’s single,” you grin cheekily at him to lighten the mood and to get back to how everything was before he became desperate, but Collin grits his teeth, beginning to breathe in and out deeply. Your eyes widen in fear; you know this exact act. It’s when the wolves get angry and are about to burst into their wolf. And you’re the only one around. “Collin, don’t. Just calm down, okay?” You back away quickly, gulping harshly as your throat dries up in fear. You’ve never known Collin to be so… like this. He was normally nonchalant and all that, but now, it was like he was a whole different person. Collin lets out an angry scream before it turns into a loud snarl. You let out a squeal as he lands a few feet in front of you. And, before you know it, you let out an ear-piercing scream as Collin knocks you to the ground, his paws pinning your arms down to the floor. Kicking him would do nothing, anyways. His claws dig into your skin, causing whimpers to fall out of your mouth, “Collin, please… stop,” you beg him.

“Get off of her!” Paul’s voice erupts loudly, causing both of you to turn to find Paul stalking towards the two of you, Paul huffing like Collin did a minute ago.

“Paul, don’t hurt him-” you start, but he already morphs into his wolf, tackling Collin off of you. As his claws are ripped out from your skin with Collin being forced to the side, you scream out in pain as blood pours out of your arms.

“Come here,” Emily tells you, holding out her arms as she watches the fight between Paul and Collin. It sounds terrifying as they both nip and bite and scratch at each other,  “we need to clean your wounds and dress them before they scar,” Emily states.

“Collin is going to die!” you exclaim, “and I know he hurt me and that’s completely against pack rules, but I will not live with the fact that my boyfriend has killed some young kid who just wanted to know how to kiss for when he finds his soul mate!” you painfully rip your arm out of Emily’s grip, starting to stalk towards the wolf fight. Collin whimpers in pain as Paul bites into his front leg.

“(Y/N), don’t!” the pack exclaims, but no one dares to try and come in between Paul and Collin.

“Paul. I know you’re overwhelmed with rage right now, but I need you right now. Please… stop,” you whisper, letting a tear fall down your cheeks as Collin flips Paul over onto his back. With ease, Paul rolls over and lunges for Collin, “Paul, I need your help and you’re more focused on Collin? I thought imprints were more important than that!” you scream at him, trying to guilt him into stopping the fight. And, with your luck, Paul stops, panting and turning his head over to you.

“That… worked? But-” you cut Emily off, slowly making your way towards Paul. He shoves Collin off of him and trots over to you, wrapping you around in his body, cuddling his head into yours. You can’t help but giggle as he shows his protection and love for you.

“I know that it’s pack law to not hurt someone else’s imprint, but he’s just a kid. All he wanted was to know how to kiss for when he finds his soul mate. I told him no and he attacked me. He doesn’t deserve to die for being horny, or something. Might I remind you, that before you met me, you were a big player,” you remind him, “so, please, break the law and don’t kill him. If anyone is killing anyone, it’ll be me killing Collin. Well, getting revenge,” you clarify, shrugging. Paul lets out a sigh, nodding his wolf head and resting it on your shoulder to signify that he’s going to listen to you.

“You had more guts than me,” Emily mumbles. Paul runs off into the woods to get changed, so you turn to Emily with an amused smile on your face.

“Well, your boyfriend is the alpha, and he’s the scariest and the biggest. I would rather throw myself into a mine field than face Sam,” you tell her. laughing, “however, that’s just me. And I thank you for trying to stop me, but you already got hurt. You don’t need any more scars.”

“You don’t need any,” Emily protests.

“Well, I saved a kid’s life, so, I think scars would be worth it. Even if they were from him,” you chuckle, “let’s go back  to the house, my wounds are beginning to sting.”


“I’m fine, Paul,” you huff for the fifth time, rolling your eyes, “besides, you were the one in a fight.”

“Yeah, but he’s new. I am much stronger than him. And he hurt you… however, I will not kill him, no matter how much I want to, just for you. But, if he touches you ever again, I will not stop,” he warns you.

“I guess that’s fair,” you nod in agreement, pecking him on the cheek. Slowly, the door creeks open, causing all of your heads to spin towards the door. Collin walks in, eyes widening and his body freezing as if he was a deer caught in headlights.

“Oh, I-I thought you’d all be… somewhere else,” he gulps, “I’ll go,” he turns to leave, so you stand up quickly.

“Wait,” you call out, stopping him in his tracks. Collin lets out a sigh, turning towards you with a sad expression.

“Why did you stop him?” he whispers, head hung low in shame, “I deserved to die! I-I hurt you, all because I was having a really bad day. I took my anger out on you, another pack member’s soul mate. It’s against the rules, and I should be dead right now! That’s how it works; when someone hurts the soul mate of another pack member, it is a fight to the death. The pack member’s soul mate who was hurt normally wins because of their hatred for the other member. I wasn’t going to go down without looking cool in a fight, but I was ready to die, and then you stop him. And, of course, bugging him before he could fully listen to you didn’t work, so now i’m still alive and the guilt is eating at me,” Collin rants, turning towards the rest of the pack, tears tracing down his cheek.

“Collin…” you chuckle lightly, slowly making your way towards him. He freezes again as you come near, but you grab a hold of his hands, looking directly into his eyes, “say that I did let Paul kill you,” you start, shrugging, “then, I wouldn’t see the man that I love, I would see a killer. And I don’t want to see that, nor do I want to see you dead because you weren’t having a good day. I get that, being extremely irritable when I don’t have a good day. So, yeah, I stopped Paul and endangered my life to make sure he didn’t snap your goddamn neck or tortured you until you begged for him to kill you. I did it for you, and for me. I did it for everyone’s sake, since no one was going to interfere.”

“Can…Can I see what I did to you?” Collin whispers. You nod, letting go of his hands and twisting your arms so he can see the two bandages on your arms. He closes his eyes, looking down in shame, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. They’re… battle scars,” You grin, “now, come on. If you two are in the same pack, you can’t ignore each other, so come in and join us.”

“Uh, okay…” Collin nods lightly, biting down on his lip as he sits down beside Brady.

“So… how scary was it to fight Paul?” Brady ends the awkward silence with a huge, childish excitement.

“I’d much rather attempt to snap Sam’s paw and face the consequences,” Collin sucks in his lips, trying to hold in his chuckles.

“Wow, thanks,” Sam rolls his eyes, “but you’re lucky that you’re alive. If you faced me, you’d be dead the second I got to you.”

“Yeah. I know,” Collin replies, nodding.

“Well, enough of this conversation… Emily, do you want any help for dinner?”

A/N: Sorry it was really long. I got carried away because this was such a great imagine! Thank you for sending this! I really loved making this xD I didn’t really want to kill off one of the pack members, even though that’s how it goes, so, uh, I improvised? lol I hope you liked it! <3

Mistakes o-O

Disclaimer : If you just for some random reason want to read this and know you will start to hate for no f x x king reason, your presence is dismissed :3 Thank you

Hai :3 Um I was a little hesitant on posting a story because I usually just like reading others experiences because they are goals af XD but since I enjoy reading stories as well as others…I might as well go ahead and share my own weird, painful, but very enjoyable moment I have went through.

Okay, so I go to a school where we have a volleyball team mostly full of Asian guys- not to mention idol look-alike Asian guys XD- and I happened to share a the same P.E. period as them. On this glorious day of P.E., it was just free time, meaning we could do whatever we wanted XD

Me being lazy af, ended up just leaning on a wall with two of my other good friends of mine. The volleyball team was playing volleyball (lmao) on the left of me.

Now, the volleyball team is notorious for not giving a single f x x k on how hard they play or where they may hit the ball and my dumb a x x just decided to chill right next to where they were playing. Mistake #1.

One of my friends needed help with a math formula for her to remember and she wanted me to show her how to do a certain problem on her phone. My whole peripheral vision of the volleyball team- which I was watching for the majority of the time- was blocked, due to my focus on solving a math problem in P.E., next to where the volleyball team were playing. Mistake #2.

Out of no f x x king where, a volleyball hits me straight on my left eye. I was surprised I didn’t even drop my friends phone because I immediately covered my face due to my eye feeling like it touched my brain XD It really was bad to the point I almost cried and I don’t usually cry at all when exposed to pain.

So while I’m holding my face, all of the sudden, I feel arms wrap around me and rock me back and forth and repeating sorry the whole time. I’m so in shock, I freeze for a second and he doesn’t let go of me until I actually hug back 0/////0 As soon as I do hug back though- and laughing off the pain-, he moves one of his hands to my cheek, f x x king caresses it and is still holding me from the small of my back. He’s examining my eye the whole time and I don’t even try to look back at him. Mistake #3 XD

Need I remind you, my friends are still beside me and I wish I saw the look on their faces because as soon as I left the gym with them to get a bag of ice, they were telling me how taken aback they were that he ran to hug me, let alone, actually put his hand on my face XD 

I was a wreck after that for the whole day and til now I don’t like to be around the volleyball team while they are playing a game, because it really was traumatizing for me tbh XD

Like a day or two after that incident, I talk to one of my friends who also saw what went down and she told me, usually he doesn’t really comfort people who get hurt during one of their games when it wasn’t him who caused it- which he didn’t when I was hit. 

Lmao I feel special (0// w /////O ) >…<

Lord, I’m so sorry this was long but I hope you guys enjoyed this :3

Have a good day fellow lovers not haters <3


Honestly, I can’t take Ieyasu seriously with these facial expressions.I laughed everytime I see that expression. I used to take it seriously but now I don’t xD

As you can see those two pictures, he is making a different expression, you can see that the one with Keiji, he puts emotion into it unlike the one without Keiji, his face just says “ lol ”. His eyebrows are straighter in the second one, and he’s squinting just a tiny bit.

Michael Clifford- Submissive

Request: I really need Mikey sub please please please. Like maybe you’re teasing him in public and then you get home and he tries to be dom but you put him on his place omg this would be the best ever tysm x

Hope you like it :)


My hand has been on Michael’s thigh all night. It was his mother’s birthday and we had been at her house for hours. We were either sitting on the couch talking with people or we were sitting in the dining room talking with more people. Right now, we’re on the couch. Either way, my hand has been in the same spot: on Michael’s upper thigh. My goal was to get him rattled up so that we can have a fun night. It’s been a couple months since we’ve done anything intimate and I’m itching for a release. He hasn’t noticed my hints all through the past week. I’d drop a pencil in front of him and bend over to pick it up, but he didn’t even look up at me. When we’re getting into bed, I’d inch my fingers down to his boxers, but he thought I was going to hold his hand. I’d join him in the shower, but instead of fucking me against the wall, he hands me a shampoo bottle. It’s driving me crazy. I glanced at the clock on the wall; it was just approaching eleven o'clock at night. We need to get home now or he’s going to be too tired.

“Hey, Michael?” I leaned over and whispered.


“I think we should get going.” I pointed up at the clock with the hand that wasn’t on his leg.

He nodded in agreement and stood up while grabbing my hand. We walked into the kitchen where his mom was.

“Mum!” He called out and his mother looked up at us and smiled. “We’re going to get going. It’s getting late.”

She glanced down at her watch and laughed, “My goodness, I didn’t even realize how late it was. I guess the party was too good to quit.”

“Yeah it’s not every day you turn fifty.” Michael joked which earned him a slap on the shoulder.

She leaned over and kissed his cheek, “I’ll see you next week. Bye, Y/N, I’ll see you soon!”

I smiled and waved back as Michael started dragging me out, “Bye!”

We walked outside and got into the car and drove off towards our house. It was only a fifteen minute drive, but I don’t know how much longer I can wait. I reached over and put my hand back on Michael’s thigh, but he just reached down and intertwined our fingers. I groaned in annoyance and looked out the window.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked, but I ignored him.

I pulled my hand away from his rested it my own lap.

“Y/N?” He asked again.

I ignored him and glared out the window. I’m just so frustrated; mentally and sexually. He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the ride home. When we parked in our garage, I got out and slammed the door. I heard him mumble something, but I couldn’t understand him. I walked into the house and took my shoes off.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Michael asked.

I turned around and glared at him, “You seriously don’t know?”

“Clearly not! Why are you so pissed at me?”

“When was the last time we had sex?” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I don’t know, last week?” He asked.

I scoffed and shook my head, “It’s been two months, Michael. Two months!”

He seemed shocked, “Two months? Really? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m 100% sure. So what is it? Are you not sexually attracted to me anymore?”

He walked over to me and gripped his hands into my waist, “Of course I am!”

“I’ve been dropping hints all week! Grabbing your thigh and joining you in the shower. How did you not catch any of them?”

“I’m sorry,” he dropped his head, “I just…I don’t have a reason. I honestly didn’t pick up on the hints.”

I pushed him away from me, “I’m going to bed.” I walked upstairs and into our room and shut the door. I reached behind me and unzipped my dress, letting it fall to the ground. I grabbed my hairbrush and brushed it through my hair a few times before putting it back. I heard Michael clear his throat behind me and I spun around, “What?”


I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and threw it at him and then slammed the door shut. I don’t know why I’m so mad at him, I’m just fed up and sex deprived. I shut the light off and hopped in bed, feeling alone without Michael next to me.

I woke up at around the morning alone. I sighed and got out of bed. I shouldn’t have been so hard on him, it’s not like he did this on purpose. I wrapped a blanket around me and trudged downstairs to see Michael curled up on the couch. I knelt down to his level and put my hand on his cheek, rubbing my thumb under his eye. His eyes fluttered open and he sat up, “Y/N?”

“I’m sorry.” I said.

He shook his head and pulled me onto his lap, “No, I’m sorry. I didn’t even realize that it was this big of a deal to you.”

“I don’t understand how it’s not driving you crazy.”

“Well I don’t just think about sex with you, Y/N. I think about other things.”

I smiled and leaned down, placing my lips on his, “Please come back upstairs.”

He nodded and I hopped off his lap. We walked upstairs in silence and I dropped the blanket on the ground. As soon as I did that, Michael wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissing my shoulder blade.

I chuckled, “Mikey, what are you doing?”

“Giving you what you want.” He whispered and his hand inched down my stomach towards my sex. My breathing hitched when his fingers went under my underwear and to the spot I’ve been needing him most. I sighed of relief and leaned my head back on his shoulder. He rubbed hard and fast circles and I bucked my hips forward.

“Shit, Michael.” I moaned.

He kissed the skin under my ear, sending a new wave of pleasure through my body. If he doesn’t stop now, I’m going to release myself in my underwear. I pushed myself away from him and he gave me a confused look.

“What are-”

“Get on the bed.” I said.


“You heard me. Get on the bed.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, but then got on the bed. I crawled on top of him so my legs were on either side of his body.


“Shhh.” I whispered and leaned down, planting my lips on his. It started of as a slow, passionate kiss. But then it turned into a hungry kiss, needing more and more. I ground my hips into his, causing him to whimper. Such a beautiful sound. I moved my lips from his to his neck. And then to his collarbone. And then to his chest. And then down his stomach. All the way down until I got to his boxers. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed, but his mouth was open and his eyebrows were pushed together. I smirked and pulled his boxers down. He wasn’t fully hard, but he was getting there. I ran my fingers up and down him and he hissed. I slowly started to pump him and I felt him harden under my touch. Pre-cum started to drop out of him, but I licked it up.

“Oh God.” He moaned.

I pumped him faster and he reached down, grabbing the back of my head. I started to suck him off, but only on his tip. I looked up at him to see him looking down at me with pleading eyes. He sat up and pushed me further down onto him, but that just angered me more. I pulled back and placed my hands on his chest, pushing him down.

“What are you doing? I wasn’t finished.”

“You’re not in charge.” I said and moved further up him.

“And what makes you in charge?”

“Because I’ve been sex deprived for eight weeks, Michael. So now you’re going to fix that.”


“Don’t argue with me.” I crawled further up him until my heat was directly over his face.

He place his hands right on my ass and pulled me closer to his face. I felt his tongue slide between my folds and I shuddered and grabbed onto the headboard for support. He licked up and down over and over again, going over my clit. I’ve been so antsy all week, I know I’m going to cum soon. I started to move my hips along with his tongue. He circled my clit before he started to such harshly on it. I moaned loudly and moved my hips in a circular motion. God I’m so close; he knows all the right places. He sucked harder and pushed me closer to his face and I cried out as my orgasm washed over me. My screams came out shaky as he licked me clean; my whole body was shaking. It felt so good to have this amount of pleasure because of Michael. He’s the only one who knows how to pleasure me in the right way. I crawled down from him and placed my sex over his. I wasted no time aligning himself up with my entrance and sinking down on him. I just had an orgasm, but I need more. I need more from him because I just can’t ever get enough. I bounced up and down on him quickly, wanting to have another orgasm as fast as possible.

“God, Y/N, what has gotten into you?” He said, followed by a moan.

“Not you, in a while” I mumbled to myself and went faster. I leaned back rested my hand on the bed and swiveled my hips around.

“Oh, fuck.” He moaned and threw his head back.

I leaned up again and so did he. He wrapped his arms around my body and held me close to him. He kissed my shoulder and I reached up and gripped my fingers in his hair. He whimpered into my ear and I felt him twitch inside of me. He close, just as I am. One of his hands traveled to my lower back and he pushed me closer to him.

“I’m so close.” He whispered.

“I know.” I said and bucked my hips forward. I slid up and down on him a few more times before he cried out and bit down on my shoulder. Him spilling his load inside of me sent me over the edge and I screamed out and threw my head back. I moved my hips a few more times riding out my orgasm. We both stopped moving and the only sound heard was our rapid breathing. I rested my head on his shoulder and he moved the hair away from my face. I lifted my head up and looked at him. He kissed me quickly, “I love you.”

I smiled, “I love you, too.”

- Brooke XD

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Somebody needs to bring back the golden yoonmin moments from "NOW2", remember when they were picking top 3 members they want on their photoshoot team and when they revealed who later, and suga said he chose jimin for 2nd and suga asked jimin who were his 1st, 2nd and 3rd (jimin didnt hear him so he asked like three times lol) and the look on his face (he was so disappointed xD) when jimin didn't choose him omg, BRING THIS BACK ITS GOLD and they ended up in the same team gahhhh

it was like he tried to play it cool by making jimin his second choice just to ~help motivate him~ and after prying the answer out of him he was so bitter that he wasn’t one of jimin’s choices that he changed it to ‘i chose them to make me look good’. and then !!! he was just happy that they were on the same team


Abby cupping Marcus’ face: 3x06//3x09