his face in the second one is like why

One of my favorite art history anecdotes has to be George Washington posing for his life mask.

The process of making a life mask was tedious and looked absolutely ridiculous, an absolute contrast to the point of catching Washington in his most dignified. The artist (Houdon) would have to lay Washington out flat, cover his hair and clothes with cloth, and then coat his face and neck in oil. To make sure he could breathe when they applied the plaster to his face, they stuck two quills up his nose. You can see why it’s so much easier to have a death mask made than a life one.

BUT— that isn’t it. I’ve read two accounts of this day. One being that Washington’s step-granddaughter came looking for him, saw him laid out like a corpse with strange men casting his features, and became so distressed she needed to be calmed.

The second account (my favorite) was an account Washington recalled of his life mask situation, stating at one point of the process, while his face was completely covered, Martha also walked in on him—and screamed. She screamed so loudly that he couldn’t help but find it funny, and says that he sees the faint imprint of a smile in his life mask from where Martha startled him.

Let me tell you, I’ve looked at the life mask and if he did smile even a teensy bit, it barely registers. But he sees some sort of smile in that dead pan, serene, life mask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dating Scott McCall would include...
  • he would ALWAYS be worried about you
  • being in his pack
  • being accidentally embrassed by him
  • laughing about him being a dork
  • Make out sessions in his car
  • just staring at him for minutes
  • you’re his anchor
  • Melisaa loves you like a daughter
  • “Why are you staring at me?”
  • “do I have something in my face?”
  • you’re his phone background/lockscreen
  • “Do you know how beautiful you are?”
  • Valentines day is for Scott your second birthday of the year
  • He would help you to study
  • Watching YouTube all day long
  • piggybacks
  • He plays with your hair all the time
  • Doing silly selfies
  • Late night cuddles
  • “I love you, Y/N”
  • “I love you too, Scott”

Authors note:
I really love to read those kinds of ‘imagines’ ,
It makes me fantasize the person/character more and more.

I’m already working on a ‘Theo raeken’ version.

Going to post it asap!!


Blood, Sweat and Tears (m)

Originally posted by ounew

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: >2k

Jimin lay you down gently on the bed. You’re obvious exhaustion had been worrying him for a while but you were way too far gone to stop insisting you were okay. There’d been tears streaming down your face since he’d found you hours ago, huddled into a ball on the windowsill. Though he was clueless as to why since you hadn’t been able to calm yourself down enough to tell him before you ran out of energy.

Naturally this was very distressing; for more than one reason. You were generally a happy person that took life as it came, also this was only the second time in five years he’d seen you cry like this. The first had been three years ago and a night that had burned itself into his memory, much to his dismay. If it was the same reason he was going to take matters out of your hands, no matter what you said.

He waited until you fell asleep, then stormed  into the kitchen to check your phone. He was going to go berserk once he found the imbecile that had caused you so much pain. Nothing would keep him at bay.

Before he looked and intruded on your privacy, he considered calling the guys. They’d be furious at whoever had done this but their collective wrath tended to get overly violent and Jimin was still of sound enough mind to know that a murder wasn’t going to be good press. Looking down at the phone he sighed and closed his eyes. This better not be Parker.

He typed in your pass code and was displeased but unsurprised to see your ex-boyfriend’s name pop up. That explained it. He was renowned for being a nasty and emotionally manipulative piece of shit. Jimin could only imagine the kind of bullshit he’d managed to fill your head with this time. But this would be the last time. He’d make damned well sure of it.

You woke to the welcoming sounds of morning traffic and relentlessly loud citizens. The apartment you shared with your boyfriend was right in the middle of the city, making it prime real estate and excessively loud. Closing your eyes, you desperately tried to prolong the wonderful dream of not waking alone. It had been weeks since Jimin had stayed over. If you thought particularly hard you could imagine you’re lover sleeping soundly next to you instead of whatever the hell he did when he wasn’t around.

Jimin had a strange tendency to just disappear for weeks at a time leaving you alone to recover from his intensity. Just being in the same room often caused you to completely lose your composure and act like a lovesick virgin. Which you certainly weren’t (he’d made sure of that years ago). It was infuriating how little control you seemed to have over yourself near him. You loved him though, and he loved you.

You took a deep breath and sat up; opening you’re tired eyes.

“Hey babe.”

You squeaked in surprise, turning your whole body instinctively. He was just laying there completely at ease and completely naked. The fact that your cheeks heated made him chuckle. His lack of modesty never failed to make you blush and he found it adorable.

“See something you want?”


“Was that a question?”

“No?”He laughed loudly.

“If you answer another question with a question I’ll just have to answer for you.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Just how would you go about that?”

“By burying myself so deep inside you that you will say whatever I tell you to without question.”

Woah…he wasn’t usually so direct. But you had to admit it was hot especially with his raspy waking voice. You weren’t going to give in that easily though.

“What makes you think that have that much power over me?”

He smirked. “What makes you think I don’t?”

“What?” You sputtered, his answer made no sense, then you realised your mistake. His smirk stretched into a wide grin. You both froze as you made eye contact, then you launched yourself towards the door. If he got his hands on you, you wouldn’t be able to make yourself pry them off.

You got the door open and were just about to escape when a band of steeled muscle wrapped around your waist and yanked you back. He had you stripped down in seconds and before you could process anything but the chilled air on your bare skin you were on the floor underneath him. It was cold and smooth against your back in contrast with the rough heat emanating from the body above you. He’d pinned your legs with his and was holding himself above you at eye level. It had all taken an unnerving amount of time and effort on his part for you to become so helpless. You gaped at him.

“Not so cocky now are you.”

You just stared at his beautiful features.

He ran a warm hand down your side flexing as he held himself up on one hand. The wandering hand ran over your collarbones then you’re stomach before finally moving to your breast. His fingers caressed your peaked nipple in frustratingly light strokes. You moved your hand to massage your other breast but stopped when he leaned back and just looked at you.

You were still for moment then slowly put it back on the ground by your shoulder. Slowly he reached forward and took your hands in both of his and pushed them above your head.

“They stay there.” He ordered before ducking his head down and sucking a nipple, biting around it whilst roughly massaging the other. You bit your lip and arched your back urging him to be harsher. He chuckled against you then moved his leg between yours to rub against your wet heat. His lips started to slowly trail south and you were so caught up in the pleasure and anticipation that you almost forgot to be self conscious. Almost.

The moment his lips touched your pubic bone your eyes shot open and you scrambled backwards, covering yourself in shame. He jumped back and tried to look you over from a distance, searching for some sort of injury.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay? Did I hurt you baby?” He worried as he shuffled over to you.

“No you haven’t done anything Jimin, it’s me. I just…” You looked down at yourself with tears in your eyes “I can’t give you myself like that.”

Jimin was more than confused. This wasn’t even close to the first time you two had, had sex or given each other oral. Then it hit him. The tears yesterday and your ex’s name. What the fuck had he said to you.

“Baby girl please tell me what’s wrong” he begged.

“Parker called last night. He said he was going to find me and take me back, by force if necessary. I told him I was happy with someone else and I begged him to leave me alone Jimin I swear, but he wouldn’t listen. He said if my ugly pussy had been touched when he found me he was going to beat whoever did it and make me watch.”

Jimin was seething with barely contained rage. He was going to kill him.

He stood up and walked out of the room leaving the tears to the overflow from your eyes. You curled up into a ball and just sat on the floor numbly. He’d left. He was probably too scared of Parker’s threat. Soon he’d leave and you’d find yourself back with your tormentor, this time with no way out.

You weren’t sure how long you set there but eventually Jimin came back and sat - still naked - next to you.

“You know I’m not going to leave right? I’m not scared of him.”


“I’m actually a little insulted that you’d doubt me.”

You smiled weakly at him then asked “Do you still want me?”

He looked at you incredulous for a second before responding “Of course, you’re the most beautiful girl I know.”

You nodded but didn’t really believe him. Looking in the wall to wall mirror in your room all you could see from your huddled position were flaws and ugliness next to a man that was practically shining.

He saw you frown at your reflection and quietly moved to sit behind you. He put his head on your shoulder and spread his legs out on either side of you. You looked into his reflected eyes then looked away quickly. He furrowed his brow in displeasure then got an idea.

You felt his hand curl into your hair a moment before he started planting brief sloppy kisses on the side of your face and neck. You put your hand on top of his and giggled. He took that as a sign of encouragement and licked your neck making you laugh louder and relax. Your legs uncurled and splayed out in front of you as your other hand reached up to run through his hair.

He untangled his hand from yours, placing it on top and squeezing gently, before moving it to caress your cheek lovingly.

This all kept you too distracted to notice his legs wrapping around yours and subtly moving further apart until you were pinned again. He kept lavishing you with wet kisses and licks as his hand moved down to caress your breast again. Your breathing hitched as the atmosphere changed.

“Keep your hands in my hair, love.” He whispered as he nipped your earlobe. His left arm reached over to your right breast as his right hand trailed down between your legs. You were shocked to realise you couldn’t move. You were mortified to see your ‘ugly pussy’ in the mirror and turned your head away in humiliation.

Jimin tenderly grasped your chin and turned your face to stare him in the eye. He planted another soft kiss on your cheek then whispered “You are beautiful and you know that I don’t lie to you baby.” You held the eye contact still unsure. “Please baby, just feel how even seeing you has me so hard I can barely stay coherent. I can’t think straight and we haven’t even started. If you can’t believe my words, believe my actions.”

You released the tension in your body and relaxed your body to his. He nuzzled into your neck as his arm wrapped around your chest and his fingers grazed your wet heat. He ran a finger up your slit and circled his thumb around your clit sending a pulse of pleasure through you. Continuing the motions with his thumb he used a finger to dip into your centre and teasingly rub the wetness around you’re folds.

You leaned your head back letting him suck affectionately on your neck. He pulled you tighter against him as he finally slipped a finger fully inside you, curling it slightly before pulling it out and slipping two back inside. His legs pulled apart, stretching you further. Your hands pulled and kneaded at his hair as he added another finger. He moved his other hand down to thumb your clit, now confident you wouldn’t squirm away.

He nudged your head with his and you locked eyes with him in blissful question. He glanced down and you followed his gaze enraptured by the sight of his fingers spreading you open then moving in and out of you at a faster pace. You shuddered and were surprised to feel your orgasm get closer. The sight of him manipulating your body soaking you. You shifted trying to get him deeper only to feel his prominent erection nudging at your back. You whimpered making him move faster the final straw when he bit your neck. You shuddered and clenched at his fingers which he spread eagerly drawing it out longer.

When you finally went limp he withdrew his hand from your clit to secure it around your waist. He gave the bite mark on your neck one last lick before removing his fingers from inside of you and placing them in his mouth to suck off the juices one at a time. You just remained a panting tired mess as he watched you try to regain some semblance of feeling in your limbs.

He knew you wouldn’t have the energy to move for while, not just because of the orgasm but also because of the emotional strain of the day’s and the day before’s events. Gently, he picked you up and lay you on the bed before murmuring in your ear “I’ve got to go out for a few hours but a few of the boys might come around later to check up on you. I won’t be gone for more than a day. I promise.” You moaned in acknowledgement as he set the duvet over you and got dressed.

He left your apartment with a grim scowl on his face. He had business to attend to.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: alfie allen is so underappreciated, like he's such an unbelievably good actor. like there was that one scene in game of thrones where he was trying to get those people to turn over to ramsay bolton, and he was literally playing theon greyjoy who was playing reek who was playing theon greyjoy and you could see the whole struggle in his face like you could tell that he was a second away from breaking down and you can see so much of his struggle in his eyes and his posture and even the way his lip slightly trembles in a variety of different scenes, like he conveys so much with so little, why don't people realize more of how much of a fucking great actor this man is honestly.

STEREK WEEK 2016: Day 4 - Magic Stiles

Sterek AU: It’s when Stiles’ teacher Master Deaton barges in holding a small boy covered in a dark green hood when he realizes trouble in the kingdom finally boiled over. Deaton confirms it the moment he shoves the little shivering body in Stiles arms and orders him to run. And Stiles would love to stay and ask questions like ‘what’ and ‘why’, but there are voices and screams getting louder with every minute. So he does what he never did before; shuts his mouth and do as he’s told. Not realizing he just became one of the two most wanted people in the realm. 

It’s only much later when he finally stops, breathing too hard to be able to speak when the boy uncovers his tear streaked face revealing who did Stiles just bore into the wilderness. It’s the little prince of house McCall, Scott. And Stiles realizes at that precise second that yes, he is in an indescribable heap of horse sh- erm, trouble. 

So there they are, running from something Stiles is not really sure is about, but knows for sure would end up with both of them in pain, probably dying horribly, if they were to be caught. Not his typical evening to be sure. (His evenings are usually much more boring, mostly filled with unending amount of information he has to memorize, rarely peppered with some actual practice if Master Deaton deems him worthy enough. Which that old ferret never does!)

But Stiles can’t really ponder over their situation too much because the little prince is obviously scared, tired, and hungry and who on earth could ever think Stiles is the man who should be taking care of him?! Unless there was no one else. As an everyone else was dead. Well, that’s a disturbing image and Stiles probably should not have picked at the situation too much, because now he is scared.

It takes him about and half an hour to get some of his energy back and calm himself enough to explain to the young prince what he could, before taking his hand and heading to the North, because at least there was a chance they could hide in the Great Forest.

It would probably not surprise anyone who ever met him, that in all that Stiles forgot about one teeny tiny detail. The Grat Forest was in no way uninhabited. In fact, there was more groups, clans, and overall species in this particular part of the world than anywhere else. And only some of them weren’t deadly the first time you came across them. In the end, Stiles should probably count them as incredibly lucky it was one of the Changelings’ clans they ran into. Even if their leader wasn’t particularly friendly or even civil. But Stiles had some of the knowledge Deaton wished for him to remember and with that, they managed not to be killed right away. 

Derek, as the leader had grudgingly introduced himself after a while, proclaimed he has no love for the kingdom or humans at all, but when Stiles explained they don’t have what one would describe as a nice relationship with the kingdom either, Derek let them stay for the night. Or that was what he had planned, up until his younger sister Cora was brought in with a poisoned wound that would probably cost her her life, if Stiles as a druid didn’t use his powers to heal her. When the morning came around Stiles and Scott were no longer guests. The elders proposed that Derek would hire him as their healer because druids were not often to be found in that part of the world and any clans with one were considered fortunate indeed. 

So Stiles and his young ward Scotty (nobody needed to know about his royal blood) became part of the Hale pack, as was this particular clan known. Not that Derek seemed happy with that development, but he would not go against the elders’ wishes on this one. It should be beneficial for them after all. 

Of course, no one understood yet it was that moment when two major shards of a bigger picture came together and turned the unfavorable situation into something they may yet survive. 


“No, no, no!”

Chuck backed away from the computer, fisting his hands and resisting the overwhelming compulsion to write. His back collided with the bookshelf behind him, which shook and caused the empty beer bottle resting there to fall down to the floor, bursting into tiny shards of glass. 

The writer froze on the spot. He had just witnessed the first of three omens that had come to him in the form of a vision and foretold the death of a loved one. 


Dean. The last person Chuck wanted to see right now; the second omen.

“Why are you here!?” Chuck cried, stumbling across his living room to meet the Winchesters, who at the sight of him stiffen and went into alarm mode.

“Chuck, what’s wrong?” Sam asked. His face betrayed the calm tone of his voice. Chuck Shurley was not someone who got easily scared nowadays, not after going through something as damn scary as the Apocalypse. Whatever had him like this was definitely something to worry about.

“It’s you!” Chuck pointed an accusatory finger at Dean, who tensed up at the gesture.

“The hell did I do?” barked Dean.

“You coming here, asking for me. That’s the second sign.” Chuck looked around, his eyes wild. “Shards of brown glass, that was first. Then you calling my name, that’s the second–”

Sam walked over to Chuck and gripped his shoulders. “Chuck. Signs of what?”

“Y/N! It’s her, she’s going to die!” Chuck lamented. “Drop dead on the floor, just like that.”

Dean and Sam flinched. No, not you. Their most dear friend, a fearless and kind hunter…just dropping dead? That wasn’t possible. 

“I–I thought if I didn’t write down what I saw, I could stop it from happening,” Chuck sobbed. “Thought that–that if I acknowledged her death it would become unavoidable.”

“What can we do?” demanded Dean. “Chuck, please!”

The eerie chiming of the grandfather clock filled the air before dying and leaving an echo behind, raising goosebumps on the three men.

“Chuck?” Dean’s face went pale as he stared at the longcase clock in the living room. Sam’s hands on the writer’s shoulders dropped to his sides, his whole body shaking lightly. Without the support of Sam’s hands, Chuck fell to his knees and buried his face in his hands.

“Is she–” Dean started, gulping down the sudden knot that had formed in his throat, “Is Y/N…dead?”

“She is, in this life anyway.” Chuck took a shuddering breath. “We will never see her again.”

“What do you mean, ‘in this life’?” 

“I mean, she is in a completely parallel world that is not our own.” Chuck rose to his feet and leaned on a chair nearby to prevent his shaky knees from collapsing. “Definitely alive, and I hope happy.”

“If she’s alive then we need to get to her!” Dean said. “We just need–”

“She doesn’t remember anything from her life,” Chuck interrupted. “It’s too late.” 

“But she’s watching over us as we speak,” he said after a moment. “Well, ’reading about us’ is actually a better description for it.”

“She’s…reading about us?”

His eyes glazed over when he looked up to the ceiling, as if he could see past it and up to infinity. “At the other side of where we are, staring at a computer screen is Y/N, not knowing that the characters she reads about were once part of her life.”

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Please do Tendou Satori Imagines

finger guns
this is my second time trying to write this because i scrapped my first one

Why couldn’t you go a study session without Tendou being needy for attention? Honestly, the amount of times he’d sit behind you and rub his head on your back like a cat was too much.

It always started out like a good, simple study session, but it was quick to turn into Tendou wanting attention and becoming a cat while you did your work. “[Name]-chan!” He whined, putting his chin on your shoulder, a pout on his face.

You ignored the red head as you wrote down an answer to a question you were stuck on, the page of the maths book being flicked all the way to the back of the book to see if you had gotten it right.

“It’s wrong.”

You pressed your lips together ignoring the red head behind you, you knew he was just taking a wild guess at the answer on your sheet. It would always be like this when you would study, he’d need attention and you’d try to ignore him.

You clicked your tongue when you found out Tendou had guessed right about the answer you had written down, “If you knew that then why don’t you do your work and help me study.” You stated simply flicking the pages back to the page you were on before.

The red head let out a small hum and shrug before putting his chin on your shoulder and looked at your work, “Because studying is boring.” He stated simply, almost like it was the easiest question in the world.

You let out a sigh and scribbled the next equation out, “Well, yeah.” You agreed, “But we still have to do it.” You added, not even bothering to look at the red head male behind you while you wrote. “Besides if you were helping me it would get done quicker.” You muttered with a small shrug, though you knew that wouldn’t make him move.

Tendou hardly ever moved when he was like this; arms wrapped around your waist, chin on your shoulder, chest against your back.

Did you say hardly?

You meant never. Tendou would never move from this position once he was in it there was no way you’d get out of it and make him move away from you, and this happened almost every time when you two studied; a lot of the time you’d cave in to and ditch your school work which only led you to studying the night before and cramming all your work into your head for that important test and other work.

Though this time, you really tried to not cave in to Tendou’s need to cuddle, you really tried to not do that. But it was really hard not too, Tendou was super warm and it wasn’t helping that he was sitting behind you and distracting you like it was his job.

“But it’s so boring, [Name]-chan.” He whined with a pout, you let out a small sigh and nod in agreement, of course you knew that school work was boring.

Who didn’t?

Sometimes you thought that your teachers were actually trying to kill you with how much studying and work they wanted you to do… It was such a damn pain.

“[Name]-chan if we stop studying now I promise we’ll do it tomorrow.” That made your attention perk slightly as you stopped writing you work, your eyes glancing over at the red head, there was a grin on his face as he said those words.

“Do you promise?” You asked making sure that Tendou would be completely sure about it, “Promise.” He nodded, you looked at him fully and narrowed your eyes.

“Pinky promise?” You asked holding out your pinky making the red head chuckle and nod before bringing up his own pinky and wrapping it around yours. “Pinky promise.”

“Cross your hea– Satori! Put me down!”

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I saw your post about the force eating away the body and there is two things I can not wrap my head around if that is true. One. Isnt the emperor ugly because he got screwed over with his own lightning? And two. If the force eats away the body. Why is Darth maul so hot? Every sense he was first revealed in episode 1 threw comics and tv shows they started depicting him with out a shirt and just like.... Damn dude. He actually looks better with less clothes then more clothes.

apparently this face is a disguise:

And this is his real form:

So his lightning basically just fried his mask or w/e (that’s also why Luke doesn’t get all Twisted when he gets hit w/ the lightning)

In answer to ur second query…I notice Sith in Star Wars (KotOR II notwithstanding) tend to come in one of two flavors: Angry Guy With A Red Lightsaber (aka Evil Jedi) and Withered Twisted Magic Man (aka Evil Sorcerer archetype) (Vader is like… a mix of those two- Cyborg Occult Samurai) ((this is the same kind of weakass worldbuilding that goes into the alien races- Every hutt is an Evil Gangster, every wookie is a Fierce Noble True Companion, etc., or the reason every Jedi dressed in boring brown robes bc Obi-wan wore em in the OT)). Maul def. falls into that former category. The dude‘s force usage basically extends to Angry Telekinesis (tho in Rebels, he’s branching out a bit with like… Dark Side MacGuffins). Palpatine and his eldritch-alchemist ilk positively revel in warping, twisted magicks. Maul’s just here to fight and chew gum (and there’s NO GUM IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY)

re: Maul’s hotness… ur absolutely RIGHT. 

and on top of the abs, from time 2 time they see fit 2 give him some hotass Digitrade Cyborg Legs


Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,661


Some guy had been following you for a few blocks now and you were starting to get a little creeped out. In front of you stood four guys laughing and joking with each other then you got an idea to throw the creep off you. Three of the guys headed into a restaurant the while one wearing a black beanie scrolled through his mobile. You approach him and tap him cautiously on the shoulder; he turns to face you with a confused look on your face.

‘Can I help you?’

You nod your head quickly.

‘Play along.’

You attach your lips to his and feel his body stiffen then relax after a couple of seconds. You pull back and he smiles.

‘Now I don’t mind a pretty girl coming up and kissing me on the street but I’d like to know why.’

You motion over your shoulder to where the creepy guy leans against a nearby lamppost.

‘That guy has been following me for a few blocks. He keeps wolf whistling and saying inappropriate things and it’s scaring me. I tried to tell him I was meeting my boyfriend but he didn’t believe me, then I saw you and your friends and thought maybe you could fake be my boyfriend until he leaves me alone.’

The guy follows your motion and his lips turn into a scowl before he looks back at you and takes your hand in his and squeezes it. You feel safe around this guy despite not even knowing his name.

‘I’ll be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had…err…

‘y/n, my name is y/n.’

He smirks before kissing you again taking you by surprise, though it was a nice surprise.

‘I’m Vic. Now how about you join me and my band mates for a bite to eat?’

You shake your head and bite the inside of your mouth.

‘I couldn’t intrude Vic.’

He scoffs and waves you off before wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

‘Please what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take my girl out? Come on they don’t bite.’

Before you can protest Vic opens the restaurant door and the two of you enter. The place is relatively empty and you feel three sets of eyes on you from a nearby booth and you tense up.

‘Relax y/n.’

‘Who’s the lovely lady we saw you lock lips with outside Vic?’

You don’t know any of their names so you have no clue who asked the question. Vic slides into the booth and I you follow him.

‘This is y/n. Now y/n the idiot opposite us with the funny hair is Jaime, sitting next to him is Tony but we all call him turtle and this is Mike my brother.’

All the guys mutter a hello before they turn their attention to Vic. You drown out their twenty questions and scan the restaurant and nearly curse seeing the creepy guy sitting at the bar ordering a drink. He really couldn’t take no for an answer.

‘Err Vic I think we have a problem. Look who’s sitting at the bar.’

You tug on Vic’s sleeve and point at the bar, something flashes behind Vic’s eyes and both you and Mike have to stop him from getting up.

‘Woah chill Vic. Who’s the guy?’

Vic clenched his fist on the table before facing his brother.

‘That’s the creep who’s been stalking y/n.’

‘He really is dedicated. Normally they’d give up by now and find someone else. Do you know him y/n?’

You shake your head at Jaime’s question.

‘No, I haven’t really been here long enough to know anyone. I’m visiting an old friend who moved out here after college.’

‘Wait a second y/n. You told him you were meeting your boyfriend right?’

You nod at Tony confused at where he was going.

‘Yeah why?’

Tony shrugs his shoulders.

‘You and Vic aren’t exactly coming across as boyfriend and girlfriend material. Anyone from a mile off could see that there’s something fake going on between you. Maybe if you made your ‘fake’ relationship look more real the guy would take a hint.’

You and Vic look at each other when Jaime snaps his fingers together.

‘Vic put your arm back around her shoulder and y/n get closer to Vic…’

‘Maybe rest your head on his shoulder…’

‘Are you guys enjoying this?’

Mike, Jaime and Tony all nod their heads in sync grinning like mad men at Vic’s question.

‘I’ve always wanted to tell my big brother how to act around girls, plus this just made our night ten times more fun.’

Mike reached over and pinched Vic’s cheek which got him a playful slap back. The two of you do as they say and in the corner of your eye you notice the creep looking uncomfortable. Was this plan really working?

‘Whisper things in her ear Vic and y/n smile and laugh as if he’s said something funny, which is rare may I just add.’

Vic shot Tony the middle finger who raised his hands in mock surrender.


The guys continued giving y/n and I advice on how to actually look like a couple and I found myself becoming more and more relaxed around this girl I hardly knew. I didn’t want to imagine what would have happened to her if she hadn’t seen us, what would that creep have done to her? Just the mere thought of anyone laying a finger on her made my blood boil.

‘Err hello earth to Vic…your staring went from lovely to darn right creepy.’

y/n snapped her fingers in front of my face and I shook my head not realising that I’d zoned out. y/n high-fived Mike across the table and I felt my cheeks redden, how long had I been staring at her?

We ordered food and drinks and as the night went on if anyone saw y/n and I then they’d assume we were a couple. She laughed at my dumb jokes and we learnt a lot about each other. It was also nice to see the guys warming up to her, after my last girlfriend they weren’t happy to see me around girls in case they used me again. But they all seemed pretty taken with y/n.

‘Guys I think he finally took the hint.’

Both y/n and I glance over at the bar and notice the creepy guy leaving; a wave of relief washes over y/n’s face as the rest of the guys high-five each other. I should have been happy but I knew this would be the end of us, yes y/n wanted a fake boyfriend and now the creep was gone why would she need me around. I really wanted to see her again after tonight but once she walked out of that door she’d be out of my life.

‘Shoot it’s my friend I really should take this, I messaged her earlier and she didn’t respond and now she’s freaking out.’

y/n removes herself from my arm and heads outside to answer her phone.

‘I never thought I’d say this so soon Vic but y/n is alright. She seems genuine and I don’t think any of us have seen you this happy since the breakup.’

Mike slaps me on the back and Tony and Jaime nod in agreement.

‘Plus we like her which must be a good sign.’

‘What are you going to do now Vic? I mean the creep has gone so there’s no need to continue your ‘fake’ relationship anymore. Unless you like her.’

Why did Tony have to be the voice of reason? I’d known y/n less than three hours but I knew there was a connection between us and from her blushing and little gestures I knew y/n saw and felt the connection to.

‘What do I do guys?’

‘Go out there and kiss her, then tell her that you like her and ask her out on a real date.’

Jaime was right; I couldn’t just let y/n walk out of my life for good. I decided to take his advice and slid out of the booth. Behind me I heard Mike speak to Jaime.

‘You spurt out that romantic crap and yet you can’t get yourself a chic.’

I grinned as I made my way towards the door. When I pushed it open y/n was just finishing her phone call.

‘Oh hi Vic, I was just going to come back in and say thank you for everything. My best friend wants me back because she’s freaking out. It was nice meeting you and the rest of the guys; I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. Thank you for being the best fake boyfriend Vic…’

I cut her off midsentence by crashing my lips against hers, she jolted slightly before relaxing into the kiss. I now knew the feelings were mutual.

‘What was that for Vic?’

I shuffled on the spot before locking eyes with her.

‘I don’t want to just be your fake boyfriend y/n. I’m not going to ask you to be my real girlfriend right now, but I’d like to take you on a real date because I like you and think there’s a connection between us.’

y/n blushed madly before smiling.

‘I’m so glad you just said that Vic. I didn’t want to say anything in case I misread the signs. I’d love to go on a real date with you, but now I have to get home.’

‘Let me walk you back, the guys can pick me up from your friends address. I don’t want you walking alone especially if that creep is lurking somewhere.’

y/n wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pecked me on the lips before pulling back.

‘Thank you Vic. I’m so glad I forced myself on you and made you be my fake boyfriend.’

I couldn’t help but laugh; this would be a story to tell the children one day. 


Do you see how much detail is in this one little scene??

Magnus walks in, and everyone is shocked. Alec is surprised Magnus showed up. Lydia is looking at him like, ‘what’s going on? why aren’t you shocked about this?” 

Once he laid eyes on Magnus I’m pretty sure his mind went fuzzy and only saw Magnus and forgot about everyone else for a second. He is staring at Magnus with disbelief and internally happiness.

Maryse see’s this and she isn’t happy. She takes action and starts a small scene. I think she recognizes that look on Alec’s face, because it’s love. Alec may not realize it yet but he LOVES Magnus. (I think Maryse maybe heard something earlier in the episode to make her act so rude to Magnus showing up)

In the 3rd gif, Lydia is still looking at Alec like she is realizing maybe Alec has feelings for Magnus. Alec hasn’t looked away yet, not even to look at his siblings. Izzy drops her pillow thing to her side cause she is relieved and shocked Magnus showed up, Jace is just confused like always.

Alec does not break eye contact with Magnus through the whole clip. Vise Versa with Magnus. 

Magnus shuts down Maryse because he is upset, and a little angry Alec is still going through with this. (Honestly if Magnus didn’t pop up the wedding would have carried on..)

Magnus has love and hurt in his expression but also determination. He is looking at Alec like, ‘I dare you go through with this while I’m right here.’ He does not want Alec to ruin his own life by being unhappy with a girl. 

Maryse see’s Alec and Magnus staring at eachother and Maryse is looking at Alec like ‘what are you looking at get back on with it.’ or ‘tell him to leave Alec’ and we all know Alec won’t be able to do that. Maryse is recognizing Alec’s expression tooo well, that why she is looking back at him like that. She knows right then and there, I think, that Alec really doesn’t want to go through with this, but also maybe a hint of love from him in that expression.

Magnus is in the institute, Izzy invited him to the wedding which no one knew about, of course everyone is shocked on why a downworlder is there. (but Simon?? maybe they don’t know about him yet idk)

Magnus and Alec only has eyes for each other and people are recognizing it, which ISN’T OUTING ALEC. Alec is still playing it cool, his feelings are internal. 

and does anyone else notice how Hodge is standing up???? like sit the fuck down this doesn’t concern you…maybe an attack is about to happen…hmm..

So much detail in one little scene I can’t wait for the episode. These details are so beautifully done, so well put together. I love it. 

Scorpius and Ron

The first day Scorpius shows up to a family dinner, Ron stays away from him like the plague. Hopefully this is just a one time thing, he thinks.

The second time he comes, Ron is eating, and almost chokes upon seeing his face. Why is Malfoy’s son here again!?! He subtly moves to make sure Rose stays away from him.

Soon, Scorpius seems to be coming to every family gathering and Ron simply cannot understand why.

By 5th year, Scorpius and Albus announce that they are dating. Ron is not too excited because this means a Malfoy will be coming over more often and could even become part of the family. A Malfoy in his family. Bloody hell 

On one of these dreadful days, as Ron is sitting on the couch, and pretending Scorpius isn’t across the room, he comes over with a chess set. They don’t say much. They just play and by the end of it, Ron finds himself smiling. He has someone in his family to play chess with now.

Scorpius is a regular at family dinners. From then on, so are chess games. 


Can we just talk about this clip right here?

Look at Sam. He is so used to using his wits to get out of scary situations. This is just another act for him. You can see his smirk in the first and second photo.

But he realizes, as Eveyln isn’t going to put her gun down. Sam’s face turns to actual terror and he is purely scared for him and Nathan in the third and fourth photo.

Sam is starting to realize that he might be in actual trouble. He could get shot. Nathan could get shot.

I feel like the thought of having Nathan be in trouble is one of the worst things Sam could witness, and couldn’t bear to watch Nathan suffer the consequences of what was to happen which is why he asked for Nathan to be let go.

Sam is such a good big brother g o D i m n o t c r y i n g

Cup Of Tea

Thorin lying in bed watching his consort eat breakfast. Bilbo’s in the armchair nearby, because while hobbits love their food, he’s not a fan of crumbs in the bed, thank-you-very-much, and Thorin just smiles as he watches his hobbit pull his feet up onto the seat to keep them off the cold stone floor.

He always has two teapots, one much bigger than the other, but they’re both for Bilbo. The second is his favourite blend, something to be savoured, but it’s the first that puzzles Thorin, because Bilbo has it in a tiny cup and pulls the most awful face when he swallows it, like Dwarflings being given medicine.

‘Why do you drink it?’ he asks, voice still low with sleep, ‘if you hate it so?’

And Bilbo just looks at him doubtfully and shrugs a shoulder.’You said you didn’t want any more heirs.’

(It takes far too long for Thorin’s sleep-fogged brain to figure out what Bilbo might mean, and even then he’s not sure, and there is a very stuttered, confusing conversation that follows, full of half-finished sentences and bafflement as Bilbo explains that hobbits are different from other-folk in many ways, and the fact that some of the men, like him, can get with child is one of them.)

((And after some time passes, and some questions are answered, Thorin takes Bilbo in his arms and asks, softly, if he’d mind not drinking the horrible tea any more))

So with apologies to those reading my current Lucius and Hermione fanfic, you won’t be getting a second helping this weekend, as I am turning my attention to a maybe naughty little one shot for my other favourite pairing, Rafael Barba and Olivia Benson. I really do think Liv should have taken Barba up on his offer of a drink at the end of Motherly Love, no reason why she couldn’t have combined spending time with him and Noah……….thinking it might start something like this……..

Olivia Benson watched ADA Rafael Barba leave the silent, empty courtroom, as ever, his handsome face had given nothing away. A gentle, sad smile lifted her lips, yes it was a handsome face and one which had been in constant in her life over the last four or so years. One she couldn’t imagine not seeing, be it for the good days or the bad.


“That was a good show. Except for the part in the middle when you started the same song again,” Dan said, teasing, as he pulled his coat on in the radio studio. 

“You threw me off when you changed your seven second challenge song,” Phil said with a laugh. “Why did you pick that one anyway? I didn’t know you even liked that band.”

“I don’t know. No reason, I guess,” Dan said, but he could feel Phil’s eyes on him as they headed down the hallway. 

“How about that one at the end? Isn’t that the song you and Y/N start singing obnoxiously loud every time it comes on?”

As if by magic, a smile appeared on Dan’s face at the mention of your name, and he laughed with a nod.

“Yeah. She always does that middle bit in a funny voice and it’s just…” he trailed off, shaking his head, lost in thought.

It wasn’t until Phil questioned him again about another song he’d played, not a particularly new one, that Dan turned to him with eyebrows raised.

“What are you on about, Phil?”

“Nothing. It’s not a big deal,” Phil said as they neared the doors leading outside. “I’ve just noticed that a lot of the songs you play are because of Y/N.”

“No, they’re not!”

Phil looked at him and laughed a bit, waiting silently, watching the wheels click in Dan’s head and the color rise to his cheeks as he replayed tonight’s radio show in his head.

“Not all of them. Maybe a few songs. I just…jesus. I did play a lot of songs because of Y/N,” Dan said, half talking to himself. Phil nodded, satisfied, and opened the front doors to the building for him.

“I just have one more question for you.”

“What?” Dan asked, mostly a sigh.

“When are you going to ask her out?”

“Shut up,” Dan said, pointing a finger at Phil and eliciting a laugh from him, but he couldn’t deny now as he stepped into the evening air that your smile, your voice, your laugh, were all circling round in his head like a melody stuck on repeat.

x x x



I’m not sure why I love these gifs so much. Alex is just so smiley in the first one and he’s just so happy. Not because they are kissing (mostly that) but because Norma is actually happily with him in that moment. He’s holding her in such a casual yet passionate way. They’re just so comfortable with each other.

Then in the second one Norma looks like she could just kiss all over his face. Like this is the first time she’s actually been happy with someone (other than Norman). We’ve never seen Norma want to be with someone in this way. She’s giggly and that’s never happened. Every time she’s kissed someone it’s been for one main purpose, to get back at, or help Norman for some reason. This time she didn’t have that.

And I just love that Alex looks like he wanted to go in for that last kiss but needed to be serious.

anonymous asked:

colin farrell's face is the most amazing. when his expression is neutral he looks all hot and smokey and intimidating, i would be too scared to talk to him tbh, but when he smiles is like he's different person. it's amazing from badass to ray of sunshine in one second. and he has those wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles with all his teeth. dude why are you so cute?! aren't you fucking tired already?

listen, oh god I didn’t expect to end my 20s by falling for him and he has a very, very beautiful yet cheeky smile and I love it when he talks esp. when he flirts (that one video of him responding to “I’ll be your yoga mat”) like fuk u you motherfucker I’m already in love with you esp when HE GRINS AND HIS FACE GOES SOFT SMUSH LIKE LEMME KISS YA SOFT AND HARD and oh god you’re a cutie forever in my book I canNOT believe how much I like this guy help me

Her Protector

Sherlock ascended the stairs of Baker Street slowly, trying to determine what was off. He had rushed into the foyer, as usual, but froze at the foot of the staircase as something triggered his defenses. Grabbing one of the umbrella’s he’d stolen from Mycroft, most likely the one with the hidden taser, he continued quietly upstairs, trying to find any evidence for why he felt disconcerted.

The doors were closed, as he had left them. No sounds came from inside the flat and he carefully turned the doorknob and stepped into the lounge. The moonlight and streetlights from outside cast eerie shadows in the chaos of 221b and his eyes immediately landed on the man sitting in his chair, dressed in a tailored suit and his face hidden in shadow.

‘Mr Holmes,’ the man’s gravelly voice greeted him.

For seven seconds, Sherlock deduced the man, before leaning the brolly against the wall and taking the armchair across from the intruder. ‘I’d offer tea, but I’m afraid I wasn’t expecting company,’ he quipped.

The man turned his face and Sherlock caught a glimpse of brilliantly blue eyes, lined with stories and sorrows. ‘Time is precious to both of us, so let us skip the pleasantries and quibbling neither of us care for.’

Sherlock quirked an eyebrow. ‘Very well. Tell me, what have I done to warrant a visit from MI6? Surely Mycroft wouldn’t send one of his best on an errand to fetch me.’

‘M is unaware of my presence here. I made sure of that,’ the man replied.

‘I have no doubt of that. But you have not answered my question. Why are you here?’ Sherlock was beginning to lose patience, though his interest was piqued as much as it had ever been.

The man leaned forward, the bands of light running across his white-blond hair. A strip of light rested across his eyes and Sherlock fought against the unsettling desire to put distance between himself and the intensity of those eyes. ‘You, Mr Holmes. You have been on my radar for some time, always on the very edge, but now you have become an issue. One I’d like to see… resolved.’

Sherlock frowned, ignoring the shiver that ran up his spine at the gleeful lilt with which the man spoke. ‘I fail to see how I have been an issue; none of my current cases have any ties, however remotely, to MI6.’

‘Not a case, Mr Holmes.’ If possible, the man’s stare darkened further. ‘This is a family matter.’

Sherlock quirked an eyebrow. ‘You have no family. The only recruits are those without emotional ties, thus reducing significantly complications in the field and the government’s responsibility when you are inevitably killed in action.’

The man didn’t respond. Sherlock glanced down at the unconscious twitch in the man’s fingers and he smirked.

‘You lied.’

The man hesitated and clenched his fists. ‘Yes.’

Sherlock looked at him carefully. ‘A sibling… sister.’

The blonde nodded once. ‘Annie and I were born eleven years apart. When our parents died, she was only 8. It was the hardest decision of my life, not to be her guardian. But I would have destroyed her.’ He closed his eyes and refocused himself into the hardened agent he was. ‘She was adopted by a barren couple and given the love she deserved; she had everything I ever wanted for her. Knowing that she was safe made it easier for me to cut myself from her life and work my way into MI6. She believes that I was killed in an ambush twelve years ago in Afghanistan. I adopted a pseudonym and had my past wiped clear of family; to the government I am an only child, an orphan, and alone. Her history, as well. There is nothing to possibly tie me to her.’

Suddenly, the man reached into his jacket and pulled out a Beretta 418, the muzzle flashing ominously in the light as he pointed it directly between Sherlock’s eyes.

‘Until you.’

Sherlock swallowed, the sound lost as the man pulled the hammer back. He recognized the gun from the files he’d stolen from Mycroft and it wasn’t difficult to put it together with the rest to determine who exactly was sitting across from him. And it shook him to his core.

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Ante Meridiem (Vernon)

type: oneshot

genre: crack/fluff

synopsis: You’re not moving and neither is Hansol

a/n: Hope you like this one!! ^^

7:31 a.m.

You squint. Why is it so bright?

Something warm shifts next to you. You stop for a second, slightly panicked, before remembering you slept over at his place. Taking note of the messy bedroom (there’s like clothing everywhere) and the vague sound of a muffled alarm, you decide it’s probably early in the morning. With an empty sigh, you roll over, burying yourself in the covers. 

Your elbow meets someone’s face. You hear the person next to you groan. “Sorry,” you mumble. 

8:00 a.m.


You shift. Did someone say something?

“What time is it?” The voice vibrates through your body, low and rough with sleep. 

“Too early.”


8:15 a.m.


“Stop talking to me.” You can’t describe the ridiculous amount of comfort and warmth you’re feeling in your current position and it makes you want to cry. “Let me sleep, please.”

Somewhere outside, a bird trills a short tune. 

You feel a hand slide over your waist. The heat burns through the blanket and into your skin, but it’s kind of nice. You drift back to sleep as the person next to you scoots closer. 

9:02 a.m.

You hear the shower running in the background and a strong singing voice, amplified by bathroom acoustics.

You moan. “Who–”

“Seungkwan.” Hansol mumbles into your hair. You can smell his shampoo and it’s pleasant. 

You find yourself leaning back into his chest, letting yourself indulge in the surge of heat and green apple. “Make him stop.”

“What, you want me to walk in on him?” He drawls groggily. “That’s kind of rude.”

“Please don’t be sarcastic. It’s too early for that.”


10:24 a.m.


You feel someone exhale warmly onto your exposed neck. Your shirt slightly slides down your shoulder, exposing more skin to the morning air. Hansol’s hair tickles your heavy eyes. You close them, breathing through your nose as you try to fall asleep again, ignoring the beckoning call of sunshine and the boy next to you.

“Hey. Hello.”

You resist the urge to answer, pursing your lips together.

You feel lips graze your ear. A singsong voice. “Good morning.”


He hums in response, a triumphant smile spreading on his lips as he stares at your profile, happy you’re finally responding.

“It’s too early to get up.” 

“You do realize it’s around ten in the morning right?”

Dang. You blink at the white ceiling of Hansol’s room before gripping the blankets and hastily rolling over, your elbow knocking into someone’s sharp jaw. You hear a yell and you hold back a laugh as Hansol smacks your shoulder. “What was that for?”

“For not letting me sleep.” You smile into your pillow.

It’s silent. After a while, drowsiness replaces your earlier ecstasy. You can see a peek of golden sunlight from the corner of your eye. Your ears pick up the quiet but insistent ticking of your leather watch on the nightstand, the sound crisp against the still air. It’s actually a really nice morning to wake up to, but your body refuses to move. The warmth of the covers and Hansol’s body heat has you trapped.

With a sigh, you turn around. You jump back, surprised at the close proximity of Hansol’s honey eyes and fluttering lashes. He’s been staring at your back for the longest time until you turned around. 

“Jeez, don’t do that.” You breathe, closing your eyes and snuggling deeper in your blankets. 

Vaguely, you feel Hansol’s gaze on you, inspecting every detail, every line, on your face. A finger is brushing against your cheek, causing you to tense at the contact. You think he’s smiling. 



“Are you gonna get up?”

“Are you gonna get up?”


“Then no.”

You open your eyes. He’s laying next to you, his pupils unbelievably deep. Gleaming, swirling blackholes. Your heart starts to do that thing it does everytime you’re around him. You can’t really breathe. 

11:06 a.m.


“So.” You breathe out. 

“Are we just gonna stay in bed all day?”

“What if we get hungry?”

Hansol blinks once before reaching for his phone on the nightstand behind him. Thumbs move quickly across a glowing screen before he locks his phone and places it back on the nightstand. “We got a servant now.” 

He smiles. You’re confused.

Then you hear someone walking up the hallway, clothed footsteps increasing in volume. Someone’s at the door and pushing it open. Seungkwan’s hair is still damp from his shower, but he’s already dressed for the day. He looks between the two of you before focusing on Hansol, a scarily calm smile on his face. 

“Hansol.” Seungkwan starts, raising his phone up. “What the heck is this text?”

“I’m just asking for breakfast.”

“Hansol, you called me your bit–” He stops. He can’t even say it. “Your servant.

“Please? For me?” Hansol presses his palms together. “Just this once?”

Hansol smiles. Seungkwan furrows his eyebrows and throws up his hands before closing (read: slamming) the door. You look over your shoulder at Hansol, who looks back at you. 

“Guess we’re gonna die of starvation.” You say, patting his cheek with your right hand. 

He shakes his head before throwing the covers, effectively cocooning you before wrapping himself around your clothed frame. “Hansol!” You scream, voice muffled. You can hear the timbre of his laugh through the thick comforter, the sound crawling up your spine. When you start to get a little too warm, you kick and thrash until he lets go. 

“Your hair is so messy.” He giggles, pointing at your bedhead.

“Thanks. Thank you.”

There’s a nice moment where his laugh settles and turns into a softened smile, with the sunlight filtering through his irises and lighting them into a honey glow. You watch as his long lashes flutter as he blinks slowly, rubbing his sleepy eyes. 

“Hansol.” You say lowly, leaning in.

He stops, transfixed on you as you shuffle closer. Your faces are really close and you can see the smooth surface of his pale skin, the tender curl of his eyelashes, the cock of his eyebrow. His hand reaches to graze your forearm.

“Hard to resist me?” He whispers lowly.

You throw a pillow at him. 

12:12 p.m.

“We’re not getting up, are we?”

Your grip tightens around his torso. You can hear his heartbeat in your ear, a constant thrum that echoes through your head. After the intense pillow fight between the two of you, you literally had no energy left to do anything but lay in bed and cuddle. Hansol has an arm thrown around you, his fingers lightly grazing your forearm. You wish you could stay like this forever, glued to a bed and attached to him. 

“Never planned to, anyway.” You mumble.

You can hear him smile. “Okay.”

Crazy with a capital K

“What are you in for sweetheart?” A purr emitted from the green haired psychopath, in the cell across from yours.

He hadn’t been in there for 15 minutes and yet he was already bored.

“Fun!” you shouted to him over your shoulder, not bothering to turn around.

You were sitting cross legged eyes staring straight ahead at the cement wall.

“What can you see that’s so interesting over there dolly?”

“Everything.” you shouted once again.

You could hear his growl and knew he was already getting annoyed with your broad one word answers.

“Why don’t you turn around and let me see that pretty little face of yours?”

“Cause i’m comfy,”

Goddamnit he had been talking to this girl for two seconds and she was already the most vexing creature he had ever come encounter with. She was just setting in her cell across from his, staring at the wall like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Even though he was standing behind her. Her long Y/HC, cascaded down her back, he tried to imagine what it’d smell like. Probably crazy if she was sanctioned to this section of Arkham.

“You’d be comfy if you turned around too.” He said now ready to play her games.

“How do you know?”

“Because I just do.”

“But how?”

“Nevermind the how, daddy just wants to see yer pretty little face.”


“Cause I want too.”

“But why?”

“GOD DAMMIT! Would you just turn around?”

After his out burst you couldn’t help but feel bad for how riled up you were getting him. That’s just how you were though, you couldn’t help it. So slowly you maneuvered your body to face him, still sitting crossed legged on the floor.

“Patience isn’t your strong suit huh?”

When she turned around J had to admit he was a little taken aback. He thought see might have a nice face to look at. But he never imagined she would look so… so… beautiful. Especially in this hell hole. He stalked to the glass wall and sat as close as he could to the wall. He mimicked her position on the ground. His hands folded neatly in his lap.

“Not by a long shot,” He laughed in response

“My, my, my, you are something to behold. Tell me dolly, what’s a pretty face like yours doing tucked away in here.”

“I already told you. Fun.”

“Yes, I know you said that, but I want the truth.”


“So.. won’t you tell daddy why you are here?”


He slammed his hands against the glass wall, but she didn’t even flinch. Infact she smiled.

“Well aren’t you crazy with a capital K.”

A smiled formed on his face as he let out his famous laugh. Fun? Fun is exactly what he was going to have with her.