his face in the last one tho

So Jerome is probably one of my favorite Jokers out there just saying


You Were Beautiful Project DAY5

Yoon Dowoon ❤️: Dowoonie’s face when he’s focused on his drumming is really beautiful. You can see how much he loves it and how much passion he puts into his drumming. The way he just gets into the song and moves his head according to the beat is really adorable to watch. Sometimes he frowns or smiles during a song and even tho his fancams are rare, when you find one you can’t help but be captivated by this handsome maknae~


Heeey! So this is really random but it’s a part of the Jack imagine series so enjoy! There will be no imagine tomorrow because I’m heading over to my best friend’s house to spend New Years Eve with me mates haha, I’m so sorry! LOVE YOU THO xx

WARNING : sibling fluff ( might be cringy for some people haha)

On a cold saturday morning, I shifted closer to the warm body holding me and turned to face my boyfriend, Joe. One of his jumpers was keeping me on but I only had my underwear on from last night’s actions. Our bare legs were tangled and I smiled as I felt his lips on my forehead. I buried myself in his chest as he held closer, if that was even possible. Saturdays were our favourites because they were the days where we could have our lazy routine and we loved every second of it. I took in a deep breath, inhaling his scent. “Morning,love.” Joe mumbled with his raspy sleepy voice. “Morning.” I repeated, looking up to meet his tired blue eyes. He smiled and pressed his lips against mine softly. I let myself get lost in the moment, enjoying the start of this day. I pulled away when I heard my phone ring. Joe groaned as I got out of his grip and rolled over to reach for my phone on the bedside table. I frowned as I noticed that I had a few texts and missed calls from one very special person. My twin brother. The worry grew as I saw his texts. ‘Answer, please!’, 'It’s really urgent’, 'I need you’, 'help me’. I felt Joe wrap his arm around my waist, into a spooning position. “Who is it?” He mumbled against my back.  “Jack.” I said, immediately calling him back. After two ringtones, he picked up. “What’s wrong?” I said as I heard him answer. I heard him cough a few times before he finally spoke. “I’m dying and I’m all alone. Can you keep me company?” He replied, his voice was hoarse and deeper than usual. I rolled my eyes and felt the weight growing on my chest waving over. “Are you serious?” I scoffed with a small laugh. Jack started coughing again on the other side of the phone and I felt quite concerned. He was rarely sick but when he was, it was hard and long so I knew he wasn’t lying. “Yeah. Please, come over.” He asked and I sighed, not wanting to give up on my day with Joe but also not wanting to leave my brother alone. 

“Where the hell are Conor and Josh?” I asked, relaxing onto Joe as he was starting to fall back asleep.  “They’re out to some shops. Please, Y/N. I need you.” He insisted and I sighed, looking over to Joe. “Alright, I’m coming to your rescue. Give me an hour.” I said and hung up, immediately. I wasn’t mad at him for being sick, I knew he really wanted me to come but I felt bad for Joe who I promised to that we’ll always have our Saturdays. “I need to go babysit my idiot sick twin.” I said with an amused smile on my face and Joe groaned once again. “Can’t he take care of himself? He’s 23, come on!” Joe said, holding me tighter. “Apparently not.” I sighed and enjoyed  his cuddles a bit more. “Okay, let’s get ready then.” He said and quickly let got of me and got up from the bed. I frowned in confusion, looking at him making his way towards the bathroom. “Wait, you don’t mind coming?” I asked, surprised by his reaction. “Of course not!” He yelled from the bathroom and I smiled to myself. A few minutes later when I was still sitting on the bed, checking a few things on my phone. I heard Joe come back in the room. “What are you doing? Don’t we have a shower to take?” He said, casually and I let out a small chuckle. “Oh, do we?” Joe smirked and walked back to the following room. “Yes! Now, come on!” He replied and I shook my head before joining him.

A while later, after getting dressed and showered, Joe and I drove towards my brother’s place. Once we parked, we walked towards the front door and I opened it with the spare key I had to their house. I quickly spotted Jack laying on the couch, eyes closed, absolutely knackered. I felt bad watching him so tired and sick. Joe closed the door behind him as I made my way towards Jack. I bend down putting a hand on his forehead, feeling his body heat. He was boiling. I brushed a piece of his hair out of his face and he shifted, groaning. “Hello, sleepyhead.” I spoke softly and watched him rub his eyes like a child. “Hey.” He said, just above a whisper and gave me a very tiny little smile before he started coughing. I sighed watching him.

 It was always like that, we both needed each other so much. Maybe it was because we were used to cry in each other’s arms while our parents where yelling and throwing stuff at each other while our older brother, Conor, was trying to calm them down. Or maybe it was simply because we were twins. But it didn’t matter at all because we were siblings after all. 

“Hey, mate.” Joe smiled at his friend and Jack smiled back before sitting up very slowly. “We’ve bought you some stuff!” Joe spoke with a wide smile before getting everything out of the bag he was holding. I smiled at how he wanted to help, he was such a great guy.

It was around 8pm when I sat between my brother and my boyfriend on the couch, turning on one of Jack’s favourite show of all time. As soon as I sat, I felt Jack put his head on my lap and I smiled at his gesture because it reminded me about how he always did this with our mother. I smiled up to Joe as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and I leaned into him. “Thank you for helping today. You really didn’t have to.” I spoke softly, inhaling his scent. “It’s okay, I totally understand. I would have done the same if it was for Zoe.” He said, kissing the top of my head, tracing patterns along my arm. “You’re an amazing sister, you know.” He whispered and I looked up, meeting his blue eyes, pecking his lips. “I hope so.” I said and we chuckled slightly. “Nah, you’re terrible.” I heard Jack mumble and softly slammed his arm. 

We just continued on watching the show but soon enough, Joe was falling asleep and I knew Jack wouldn’t be long too. “Thank you so much.” Jack whispered, staying as quiet as possible so he wouldn’t wake Joe up. “You don’t have to thank me.” I whispered back and he looked up to me from my lap. “No but seriously, thank you for being such a great sister. I love you.” He spoke with a smile and I passed a hand through his hair. “I love you too, jerk.” I whispered as I watched focus his eyes on the TV again and we all fell asleep on the sofa pretty quickly.


We’re not ashes.

considering that the last time there was a Big Incident, Leo posted a scolding message and then deactivated his twitter, I don’t think he deleted his Instagram and locked his new twitter account outta being hurt. I think he did it as a punishment because let’s face it: we broke his trust.

VIXX always trust us. They sit down next to us and knows nothing will happen to them. They like to be close because they know no one will touch them. this tho, this was kind of a low blow, so i can see it as a punishment. we don’t deserve the looks into his private life–minyool, vacations, etc–if we can’t control our shit.

of course, not all of us are to blame for the few actions of a group of delulus, but i figured this was just something to think about in case anyone’s feeling too shitty about what’s happened.

“Benefits of running” – SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge: Week 2

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Dean x Reader

Words count: 2 300

Warnings: smut, outdoor sex, fingering, slightly dirty talk, language

Prompt: Written for the 2nd week of SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge by @one-shots-supernatural. The prompt was: “I know! Isn’t it great?”

A/N: Last time it was pretty violent and depressing, so this week I’m back with a good old smut.

Summary: Reader convinces Dean to go for a run with her. They both benefit form that decision. As simple as that :)

@iwantthedean @growleytria @d-s-winchester @ashleymalfoy @divinitycas @but-deans-back-tho @ilostmyshoe-79 @salvachester

The morning sunrays sipping through the worn out curtains in a motel room fell on Dean’s face. The hunter growled in his dream and rolled to the other side, throwing an arm across the bed in search for you. When his hand hit the mattress, he frowned in confusion and opened one eye to see, that the other side of the bed was empty. Still half asleep, he lifted on one arm to look around the room.

The bathroom door opened and you walked out, smiling, as you saw a sleepy face of your man. He stared at you unconsciously, his hair, ruffled from the last night, sticking in all directions.

“Good morning, sunshine ” you greeted him happily, walking over to the window and pushing ugly yellow material aside to let the sun in.

“Morning” Dean mumbled, falling back on the mattress with a heavy sigh. He blindly patted the top of a nightstand, looking for his phone. “It’s five in the freaking morning ” he groaned into the pillow.

“It’s also a beautiful, summer day starting. Perfect weather for a morning run.”  you said, reaching for your duffel bag to change for the exercise.

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THERE WAS AN ANON that asked if i used any references for drawing Dante and like man idk what the fuck happened to the ask after i published it so i`ll just answer it here

so i actually posted this before x  and but say if you’re referring to the latest drawing 

this one i actually referenced some of my old drawings from last year as well as Noah Centineo [for his general face and nose] and Ezra Miller [for his eyes and a little of his mouth]bc up until now i’ve still only got a very abstract image of Dante’s face, its somewhat consistent but I don’t have a solid idea like i do with Ari’s

the glasses tho the glasses are bc @andiree [i always cant mention her url]


People asked for Burgerpants.  So have 6 of him.

You’re welcome (◕‿◕)♡ (the door’s on your left)

A surprising amount of people asked for Burgerpants and Grillby.  Like, specifically.  In the same sentence.  To my knowledge, they don’t know each other??? Is there something I’m missing here????  I say as I decorate the edges wall to wall with burgerpants’ face  ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭

Also no more icon requests please, the next set is my last one.

I kinda wanna move on and just draw stupid comics about my dumb headcannons while spiralling deeper into hell (ノ´з`)ノ

Group 1, Group 2, Gaster, Asriel Boss, Group 3


That one time the world ended and Lee was busy snarking at his dad instead.