his face in the last one he looks so genuinely upset omg

Father IV

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Dried black ink spelled out words on lila ministry parchment. Harry stared at them, let his eyes follow the lines and if anyone would have entered his private quarters at that moment they would have thought he was reading.

But he wasn’t.

He felt like it would be a long time before he could do anything else than sit there, completely frozen. His brain was trying very hard not to let the words sink in.

Because he could not deal with the consequences of the ministry letter. His mind was blank but at the same time racing out of control. His breathing became heavier and faster as his body shut down. His hands were shaking.

Dear mr. Potter,

Below follows the statement of prisoner 394, Lucius Malfoy, who made use of the law for case revision, paragraph seven, rule nine, the right to contact witnesses when the prosecutor has reason to believe new information is of influence on the statement of said witness.

Below follows the message of prisoner 394.

Dear mr. Potter,

It has come to my attention that you have pledged in favour of the release my son during his trial ten years ago. It has also come to my attention that I never gave you my condolences for the death of your godfather, Sirius Black.

These things have in common that both involve my son. I do not ask you to withdraw your pledge for him, I am merely providing you with certain information because you have the right to know and my son will never tell you this. He only shows you the parts of him that he wants you to see.

On the night of the seventeenth of june 1996, one day before the ordeal in the ministry that cost Sirius Black his life, The Dark Lord received a letter. It was a letter written by my son, who judging by the tone of his words seemed upset with you, mr. Potter. It explained in length what your weak spot might be, and how He could benefit from that in the best way.

The biggest part of what happened that fatal night was carefully planned out by the man you have started to call your friend. Of course he will deny ever having written this letter, but I have proof. A copy of said proof can be found in the envelope in which this letter came. I do not doubt your ability to recognize the handwriting.

Draco Malfoy might have led you to believe not all Slytherins are evil, but as you can see that is a bit rich coming from him.

I leave what you will do with this information to your own judgement. I hope you make the right decision this time. I need not to remind you that lives are at stake.

Sincerely, Lucius Malfoy

This statement has been approved by the Ministry of Magic, department of Magical Law Enforcement, subdivision Prison Correspondence

Harry didn’t know how he gathered the strength to look into the envelope again but somehow he did and to his horror he indeed found another piece of parchment. The letter was unmistakably written and signed by one Draco Lucius Malfoy on the seventeenth of june 1996.

He was going to be sick.

I have told Potter what you did and left it up to him what he will do about it. As I have tried to teach you before, if you misbehave you have to deal with the consequences. It’s only fair.


your father, who raised you to do what is best for the family. Remember what you are.

It was the second line that sent a shiver down Draco’s spine and not the first, though the first shattered his last hope of a normal life and the second just reminded him of what used to be. Briefly the memory of pain came back to him, his skin feeling as if the wounds were still there.

It brought him back to his childhood, made him feel like a bad behaving kid again, who had to be punished. Or rather, like his childhood self after having been punished. Every nerve ending in his body was on fire with the memory of his past.

It was why Draco sat on top of his king size bed again, a letter clutched in his hands, silent tears streaming down his face. But Harry wouldn’t enter with a steaming mug of tea this time, wouldn’t hug him or tell him all would be okay. Because the possibility of everything being okay had never been further away than now.

He allowed his thoughts to go over his memories of Harry one last time. Their first kiss a few hours ago, the many kisses that followed. He wanted to burn the picture of Harry’s gentle smile in his mind. The look on his face when he broke their kiss, the spark in his eyes as he smiled and kissed him again, the sweet nothing he whispered in Draco’s ear when he saw his hands were shaking.

“Don’t be nervous Draco. Like I said, I’m not going anywhere.”

Another shiver went down his spine as he tried to say those words out loud. They got stuck in his throat halfway through.

He was not capable of picturing Harry’s face anymore without seeing hatred in his green eyes. The Harry in Draco’s mind despised him, as the real Harry probably did too now.

Draco couldn’t blame him, he probably hated himself even more than Harry did.

Ronald Weasley had a bad feeling about this, about all of it. He was the first one to admit he’d thought Draco might have ulterior motives for doing what he did, for turning into a good person, but these accusations were ridiculous. Draco Malfoy the evil mastermind who used torture and abuse to drive his parents into the hands of You Know Who?

He didn’t buy it. He didn’t buy it for one second.

Still, Lucius Malfoy had the right to reopen his case and as standard procedure that meant securing the suspects connected to it. For people marked as dangerous individuals such as Draco that entailed being brought in. It was why Ron was currently knocking on the door of his private quarters.

“Don’t knock on his door, just blow it out of it’s hinges. This is a death eater we’re talking about Weasley.” Ron let out an angry sigh. He got sick to his stomach when he saw how much hatred some people still felt towards Draco.

“Ex-death eater, and he’s only a suspect not a convict.”

“Whatever. In my opinion they all deserve to rot in Azkaban for the rest of their lives.” Ron’s bulky, broad shouldered auror partner threw the door open. He immediately fixated his eyes on Draco. The blond man was sitting on his bed, quickly trying to wipe away his tears.

“Crying for your mummy already ferret face? Don’t get yourself worked up too much or the dementors won’t have any happiness left to eat!” And he laughed loud and long, like he’d just made the best joke of the century.

“Get a grip on yourself Smith, it’s just a holding cell.” Ron tried not to look Draco in the eye as he walked towards the man and pulled out his prisoner binders, a variation on handcuffs. He could only imagine how awkward it must be for the man to be arrested by his former classmate and house rival. Ron’s attempt was so successful, he didn’t even notice how upset Draco was.

“I really am sorry for this Malfoy. It’s standard procedure when people with a certain history are suspect in a high profile case.” His words were genuine.

“Don’t apologize! He deserves everything that’s coming to him, that filthy…”

“Don’t make me pull rank on you Smith. One more word and you’ll be on desk duty for the next five months.” Ron glared at his partner. It wouldn’t be his first time punishing a lower ranked colleague for behaviour like this. They didn’t seem to grasp the idea that people could change and that not everything was a matter of black or white, good or evil.

Smith grumbled something and got Draco ready to floo to the ministry. Up until that moment the man had been silent, but when Smith pushed him into the green transportation flames he opened his mouth. “Could you tell Harry to think about the planning? Because it doesn’t make sense.”

Ron could hear Draco’s voice was shaking, and looking into his grey eyes he saw the man was terrified. However Draco was swallowed by the floo before Ron could ask him what this cryptic message meant.

He hoped it didn’t matter much, because his shift was nearly over and he wouldn’t be back at work for at least a week. He and Hermione were in dire need of some personal time together.

Before stepping into the floo himself he saw a scrap of parchment on the floor. Curiously he picked it up.

I have told Potter what you did and left it up to him what he will do about it. As I have tried to teach you before, if you misbehave you have to deal with the consequences. It’s only fair.


your father, who raised you to do what is best for the family. Remember what you are.

“Remember what you are?” Ron muttered to himself. What the hell was that supposed to mean? And what had Lucius told Harry?

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OMG can you please write about Caryl taking care of Judith and Daryl shyly hints of wanting a child of his own

(In a world where Carol and Daryl are together) 

“Ya know it’s ‘bout time ya got off yer ass ‘n’ started pullin’ yer weight ‘round here.”

Carol snorted a laugh from where she was curled up in an arm chair, lolling her head against her hand that was propped up on her elbow.

Any stranger looking in on the scene might’ve just thought this was a happy couple playing with their giggling daughter. 

Daryl sat cross legged on the floor, holding a babbling Judith in his hands, bouncing her on the balls of her feet as he tried to make her stand. Judith giggled in defiance, curling her legs up in the air so Daryl had to support her weight. 

“Quit wigglin’ asskicker, ” he smirked, lifting her easily over his head, tilting her left and right as her chubby hands reached out for his face. Her small hands managed to grasp at a tuft of his hair tugging on it hard.

“Ow! Ya lil shit,” Daryl hissed through a chuckle, plonking her back down in his lap.

“Language,” Carol warned lightly with a quirk of her brow. 

Daryl childishly poked his tongue out at her, smiling when Judith screeched in laughter, clapping her hands together as she demanded Daryl’s attention. 

“Daa da,” Judith cooed, cupping Daryl’s face with one of her hands.

Carol’s heart just about melted at the exchange, Judith crawling up on her knees to cuddle into his chest, Daryl cradling the back of her head.

“Da-ryl,” he corrected, resting his cheek against the crown of her head.

“Daaa da,” Judith gurgled sleepily, reaching for his fingers of his free hand, her stubby fingers clutching at his second finger as she began to drift off.

“Ain’t no one’s dada, kid,” he murmured, his eyes flickering up to find Carol already watching him, the orange glow from the lit fire illuminating her face. “Weren’t meant for me I spose.”

“That something you think about, having kids?”

Daryl shrugged, the last thing he wanted to do was upset her.

“You can be honest with me Daryl.” Carol could read him like a book, knowing exactly where his mind went to. 

Daryl sighed rocking the sleeping toddler gently against his chest. “Thought ‘bout it a couple times, wanted ta prove I could be a better daddy then mine…probably wouldn’t do much better though. Wouldn’t never lay a hand on ma kid, but doubt I got what it takes.” 

“Daryl you’d make the most amazing father, look how good you are with Judith.” Carol’s heart swelled at just the thought of Daryl holding their own little girl…thoughts drifting to if Daryl had been Sophia’s daddy, how different things would’ve been. She internally shook her head, no point dwelling on what ifs. Nothing could be changed now. 

But just the prospect of having a child, a child with the man she loved, the man she knew would protect her and their child no matter what…well just that had her yearning to start a family with him. 

Nothing would ever replace her baby girl, her baby girl who left a gaping hole in her heart the day she stumbled out of that barn. But Carol had found there was still room in her heart, there had been room for Daryl and there’d be room for their own little bundle of joy if it was meant to be.

 “Different though, ain’t the one doin’ the night feed, ain’t the one changin’ her diapers or holdin’ her when she’s sick.” 

“But I know you’re more than capable of all of that,” Carol assured, “know you’d be the one who’d get up in the morning, just so I could get a couple hours more sleep; know you’d hold my hand the whole time through labour, even after the circulation cut off; know that any child would be lucky to call you their daddy, because you’re the best man I’ve ever known Daryl Dixon and you’d make the best father too.”

Daryl ducked his head a little, blushing at Carol’s genuine compliments. 

“Ya want that though? Have another baby?” He chose his words cautiously, the fear of sad her making his heart pound within the confinements of his chest.

Daryl was relieved when he saw Carol give him a wide smile, her eyes glancing between him and Judith.

“With you Daryl? Yes.”


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author’s note: hi yeah sorry for re-uploading this. switched blogs. 

  • meet vernon, or by his korean name, hansol
  • so he was born in new york for a few years until he moved back to korea where the rest of his father’s family resided
  • unfortunately, due to his bi-racial ancestry he was often ostracized by the other kids
  • many of them called him rude slurs with little knowledge of what it all meant
  • they even made fun of his appearance
  • often questioning why he looked so different from them
  • this kind of treatment made him stand out in a way that he hated and as he grew older he developed an apathetic approach to it all
  • instead of letting them bully him, he fought back
  • often with words or fists
  • and from those altercations, he was sent to the office…. a lot
  • always reprimanded and told to do better, he really began to dislike school so he ended up ditching a lot
  • his parents weren’t quite sure what to do with him and actually considered moving back to the states and they did for a few years until vernon decided to move back for college
  • he did exceptionally well in the u.s. but still had the same indifferent attitude to anything else but his family and music
  • for him, music became an outlet
  • it allowed him to express himself freely without the backlash of others telling him what he did was wrong and that he didn’t belong bc for once he did belong
  • by the time he reached college, he dyed his hair black bc he was sick of the blond jokes and eventually he discovered the underground rap battle scene thanks to his classmate mingyu who later introduced him to his bff wonwoo and then seungcheol
  • the four of them hung out a LOT bc of their love for music and formed a mini rap group after they composed and wrote a song together
  • it was a mini cypher about their hardships and it turned out so effin’ good that seungcheol managed to get them a slot at the underground rap showcase
  • (this differs only bc you show what you got then participate in battles lw like an audition bc the people decide)
  • and well they made it
  • everyone thought the cypher was a hit and a bop
  • for once…. vernon felt accepted
  • he’s happier now with his friends but his reputation still speaks for him sometimes and on those occasions he’s grown not to care so much
  • a lot of the times he’ll stay in the music practice room just jamming out
  • especially if he’s created something that he really wants to share with the rest of the guys
  • bc you see he’s still trying to get comfortable with everyone else
  • trying to keep his place among them
  • bc he’s developed this idea that if he isn’t good enough then they’ll leave or forget about him or something cuz he’s not fully korean or fully american he’s in an odd in between where he has no other place to go other than that middle
  • bc he practices a lot in the music room, he’s there a lot
  • you notice this the times you’re passing between the music wing
  • of course, you don’t say anything or attempt to go inside since you really have no reason to but there’s something about him that really catches your eye
  • maybe it’s the way his eyes are close and he’s spewing words that you can’t hear
  • but the way he mouths come flows so smoothly and eloquently, you’re really tempted to listen
  • and plus he’s so freaking beautiful like jfc
  • the strong jawline and beautifully smooth features
  • once you saw his eyes open and they looked like so sad… so somber and so deeply filled with unspoken emotion that you actually wished to get to know him
  • but again too scared
  • so ur friend needs to use the practice room but she’s wayyyyy too scared to talk to vernon and ask
  • so she’s asks you to do it bc you’re usually brave and courageous
  • like you’re no stranger to calling someone out when they’re being an asshole
  • or how you kneed someone in the groin when that person got a lil (ok a lot) and then you ran off with the rest of your friends after that
  • so overall you’re a badass ok
  • and she needs you to do her this solid
  • so you’re like ‘ok yknow what it won’t hurt whateves’
  • that day as youre approaching the practice room, you peer inside to see him at the piano and you’re like ??? bc every time you’ve seen him he’s at least on the stage or somethin
  • and you knock softly and see him stir just a lil but he kinda ignores you bc he’s jammin (in reality he’s actually working on the melody for this new song on his bi-racial ancestry)
  • and man you end up going inside bc you’re friend starts texting you and you feel hella bad about making her wait and interrupting him
  • so once you go inside, he turns to look over at you and you almost freeze
  • almost
  • because he just looks at you with curiosity and confusion bc “??? cute person why are they in here???”
  • can i just drop in that vernon’s actually really shy with girls
  • like you’d think he’s a fuckboy or somethin but NOPE
  • he’s just a lil pink in the cheeks and you kinda stutter like “u-uh hi um my friend really needs to use the practice room and it’s her time and and and yeah sorry thatsongisreallyprettybtw”
  • and he gets a lil embarrassed and omg it’s really cute bc he’s supposed to be a bad boy
  • but this bad ass is just really flustered that you actually talked to him
  • cuz ngl he’s seen you once or twice in passing but he’s never been brave enough to wave or smile at you and it’s just- wow he never thought he’d have the chance to
  • and it kinda registers in his brain that you liked his playing and he goes “oh -um- thank you!” before he just leaves and you’re not sure how to feel or to make of the whole thing but man he’s so freakin attractive with his lw rough voice and you just think about him even more than you already did
  • it isn’t until maybe another week or two when you guys interact but that’s only cuz he stopped in during your session in the practice room with your friend cuz she told you she’d teach you and thinks to himself ‘wow they’re so cute and not too bad for a beginner’
  • and then you squeak a lil seeing him bc he chuckles when you mess up a lil and he’s like “sorry but you’re time’s up” and you and ur friend get embarrassed and apologize
  • he’s look straight at u he says “it’s ok see u around”
  • indeed he does bc one day when he gets especially upset bc someone in his history class starts shitting on bi-racial people and he gets so mad that he doesn’t bother fighting him he just up and leaves
  • instead of going to the practice room, he makes it about halfway near one of your classroom buildings for like cultural studies (so you know how marginalized anyone that isn’t korean is in korea and it upsets u literally anything about cultural and systematic racism sets in a raging tizzy where you will educate anyone that tries to spew hate)
  • and you see him
  • you see how he’s on the verge of frustrated tears and he nearly punches a hole in the wall when you say ‘fuck it i’ma ask him if he’s good’ and you approach him carefully
  • “heyy, you ok?”
  • and he blinks in surprise and looks at you and he actually forgets to feel shy bc he shakes his head but he doesn’t tell you to leave so you take that as a sign to just y’know stay there and let him know that you’re there for him and if he needs to let off some venting steam then you’re all open ears like you dont care if you’re missing philosophy rn this guy needs someone
  • so he tells you everything and he seemingly lets you in on what that dude said and you get so upset WITH him and it make you really mad and you go on a hude tangent about how the inequality of others and systematic racism needs to be broken bc everyone’s a fucking human who deserves to be treated equal and he’s like… in awe
  • no one’s ever gotten that worked up on his behalf besides his parents so someone finally like acknowledging that makes him really glad that he talked to you
  • and you guys end up at a cafe, just talking about everything bc you want him to feel better and he starts to cuz you’re beginning to take his mind off his original upset and the peppermint hot cocoa you ordered for you two and he’s like
  • “i really want to repay you’
  • and you brush it off like “nah it’s no biggie”
  • but he’s like “no srsly pls like you really helped me i insist”
  • and ahhh you relent bc he’s looking at you with lw pouty puppy dog eyes and just wow you get accustomed to hanging out with vernon and eventually exchanging numbers and stuff
  • every time y’all go out he’ll be like “i got it” and ur like “but you got it last time” and he’s like “i haven’t repaid you yet”
  • and it goes on like this for some time when you’re like “verNON CMON WHEN HAVE YOU REPAID ME”
  • and he’s like ….never
  • and you huff so he laughs a lil and is like “ok how about this? i can teach you piano and we’ll call it even then”
  • and so he teaches you ho to play piano and it’s maybe the second or third session when you two are just laughing and playing notes when you both just turn to look at each other at a moment when it grows a lil quiet
  • and
  • you
  • guys
  • just
  • kiss
  • it’s so soft and chaste but it feels so nice and right and he pulls away with very pink cheeks and almost apologizes if it isn’t for you shushing him with a peck and you’re like “that… that was nice”
  • and he goes “can we… do that some more?”
  • that basically establishes your relationship bc you’re both constantly hanging around one another and it just feels right man. it just goes so well bc you understand him and that really makes him feel like he’ll never be able to repay you
  • (and he’s constantly being so supportive and sweet with you and on the occasion he can be a teasing lil shit by pretending he doesn’t hear you when he’s playing piano until you give him a kiss and just aw)
  • whenever he gets upset, he goes to you and his friends actually notice just how happy he’s been nowadays like there’s no longer this dark looming cloud over him and he’s beginning to grow more and more confident in his abilities bc of your encouragement and support
  • you should see how grateful seungcheol is for you and mingyu and wonwoo they are genuinely grateful for you supporting and lovin their homie
  • and ok so he shows you that one song that really represents the heartaches and hardships he faced growing up and you’re damn near in tears bc this man really felt ostracized from other kids and it makes you even more passionate about advocating for the tear down of systematic racism
  • and that’s when he just realizes just how much he loves you
  • gosh, he loves how whole you make him feel and he makes sure you know it
  • “i love you, you know that right?”
  • he suddenly says this during your piano lessons
  • and you blink but you casually say, “I know. i love you too”
  • and he just nuzzles your neck and his voice a lil deep and raspy and hah this leads to a lw heated make out sesh until you get kicked out by someone wanting to use the practice room next lmao
  • and so y’all go off to your room since your roommate is out
  • and y’all do some things ya feel like it’s not fast or rushed it’s quite sweet and passionate bc vernon really wants to please you and appreciate you bc a part of him is so freakin scared that you’re too good to be true and you might just disappear before his eyes
  • but you show him and make him understand that you’re there to stay
  • the moments after you do it, you kinda just lay there for a bit and cuddle bc luckily your roomie is like “i’ma be out for the night peaceeeee” and ok
  • back to laying with vernon you both just talk your lil hearts out bc it feels so right to air out any grievances and when he tells you his fears
  • you kiss his knuckles and look up at him and just say “i’m here and i will continue to be ok??”
  • and he just looks at you so lovingly and gratefully and he pulls you into a tight embrace and says “i don’t think i’ll ever be able to repay you…. ever”
  • and you smile and just KO like that
  • so remember that beautiful rap about his indifferences? well you convince him to perform it at the underground showcase
  • and for once
  • he does it
  • the crowd went WILD & the rest of the boys were like “OwO” bc it’s one of the first time they actually hear everything that’s vernon’s been stowing away and bc of you
  • oh glorious you
  • you help him open up more and find comfort in his friends and trust them bc they’re so effin supportive and so are you and gosh
  • he truly feels whole and at peace with his identity
  • and ok the swell of pride and happiness he has for you whenever someone wants to make an ignorant comment about him is always countered with your defensive lecture and sometimes he has to drag you away before you can completely annihilate their ignorant asses
  • and ahhh it’s just so effin beautiful
  • y’all are just the most supportive couple of one another and so down for each other
  • he never laughs if you mess up on a piano note and he kisses you and hugs you and keeps you safe
  • it’s so presh
  • even mingyu is like “(’’’’’’: i ship it” and i’m p sure we all do
Me Rewatching ML: Evillustrator

I guess Nath really likes Climatika and Lady Wifi’s design to dream about them. That or the ML team really liked their designs and wanted to bring them back in some way XD they are really good designs and fun villains. 

Hm, rewatching now, don’t know if the ship of Marinette/Nath appeals to me anymore. This dream sequence seems to suggest that he connects to the trope that the hero that saves the damsel must get her naturally, for he deserves it for his efforts. 

Also thinking Marinette needs to be saved; that would be quite a wake up call. Far more likely she’ll save you. She is scary. There is a solid reason why she can go solo just fine. 

Nathanael is failing science. 

Mendeleiev wipes her hand on shirt after dropping Nath’s picture. She calls his really good drawings chicken scratch. 

Juleka sits next to Nath in physics, Rose sits on the other side. Juleka and Nath are possible friends. Also Mendeleiev might’ve separated Rose and Juleka possibly from talking too much in class. 

Rose and Ivan sit alone. That is sad. 

Mendeleiev picks Nath up like some cat she’s ready to throw out. 

Marinette sees Nath’s sketchbook falls open, is confused why he drew her. 

Chloe is amused to see Nath crushing on Marinette, confirms what Marinette certainly wondered.

I saw Nath akumatized through humiliation, with Mendeleiev being the biggest instigator, Chloe’s verbal reveal about his crush in front of the class being the final snap.

And with Nath upset that Chloe revealed his crush to the class, he is definitely a very private person. Don’t know about him being shy, but definitely reserved and private. 

“Artists are so emotional. I love it.” Speaking from experience of having an artist friend? Gabriel certainly can be rather reactive when agitated. And Mama, who I do like the idea did play piano, is described to be very emotional and sensitive. You referring to both or just one? Most likely Mama though is who he might be thinking of since she seems a lot more reactive than Gabriel. 

“You tired of having your creative spirit crushed?” With this, I would definitely count Mendeleiev as the big main cause of Evillustrator, because it is only her that picks on him for his drawing, which is what his transformation resolves around. 

Alya why do you look offended to work with Nino and Adrien? Do they spew puns together? Are you and Nino still working out things? Is it kind of awkward? Or did you want alone time with Nino? Probably alone time with Nino if they are dating at this point. 

Mendeleiev officially doesn’t give two shits about making Chloe happy. 

“I hate dealing with it.” This is like the perfect summary of Chloe. 

Alya loves Marinette, but not enough to deal with Chloe and Sabrina, who she both refers to as “twosome of terror”. 

Marinette is appeased with just being mentioned to Adrien. 

Marinette used tackle. 


Alix’s locker is opposite of Chloe’s and it looks like it’s on the far left end. 

Marinette is unaware of how Chloe and Sabrina’s friendship works. 

Chloe and Sabrina have known each other since elementary (grade school in French), which is where this started. 

I find it funny that when Chloe states that Sabrina has to do what she says, Sabrina’s smile just drops right then and there and she has this “wait” expression.

I like the touch of detail that you can see Sabrina thinking this over while Chloe and Marinette argue, like you can tell she’s looking over facts and observations and considering what Marinette said to what Chloe insists. 

While Marinette is open enough to work and interact with Sabrina, Sabrina has left a bad enough impression that Marinette is a bit put off to receive a hug from Sabrina, very different from the sudden hug she received from Alya in Bubbler, which she quickly accepts despite her surprise. Here Marinette is just really put off and doesn’t seem to know how to respond. 

Despite this Marinette is open to test the waters and develop a friendship with Sabrina, though definitely still unsure.

Sabrina suggests to Marinette that they should reveal Chloe to the teacher. They do have a right to do so and should with Chloe hardly doing any work, but for Sabrina to propose this out of nowhere is very sudden and off putting; even Marinette is pretty put off and unsure about it. Kinda gives me an impression that Sabrina can be shifty with loyalties if she sees a better opportunity for a nicer friendship, at least what she grasps as friendship which is someone helping her do work. Really does make me think about the possibilities of Lila and Sabrina in s2, with Chloe’s redemption very likely resolving around her connection to Sabrina, which does need to change for both to get better. 

Day’s not over yet and Marinette is already tired. And doesn’t want to be in the middle of Chloe and Sabrina’s fight. 

Sabrina can be appeased/tempted with bribery, something Chloe has likely discovered works in getting past any fights. 

Chloe seems genuinely think that this is how friendship works, with friends that answer her whims and do what she wants. Being spoiled by the mayor and having Adrien and Sabrina as her only close friends, I can see how she thinks this is how it works. I’ll be looking forward to seeing her struggle as QB, cause LB, CN, and fox!Alya aren’t going to cave to her at all. And you have to do actual work. I am looking forward to a hard, painful redemption for Chloe. 

Chloe really cares about her hair. This is the most I hear about when she’s distressed. 

Fresh as an akuma, with a power to erase and create, and the worse Evillustrator can think of to torment Chloe is drop a bunch of hats on her and blow her with a hair dryer. 

Omg Adrien… so many puns… 

With Chloe, Chat is doing the questioning, a role LB usually does. LB though has this grossed out expression on her face. 

“Yay! Ladybug said I’m adorable!” There she goes with her crush. And is bothered that LB didn’t really smile right. She wants the perfect picture of them together. 

LB is so tired and done. 

Chat is calling out on LB for her attitude here. 

This is the first fight I’ve ever seen between LB and Chat. 

A frustrated Marinette will throw her bag when she gets home. 

Damn that’s a lot of missed phone calls. With all of this happening in the same day, it takes her a couple of minutes of travel from school, to Chloe’s, to home, and Marinette only lasted probably five minutes at most in Chloe’s company, I guess she’s about ten to fifteen minutes late to get in contact/meet up with Sabrina. And Sabrina called her constantly in that short time period, possibly suggesting that she’s a clingy friend, something that will certainly be an issue when Chloe gets her miraculous. 

Evillustrator don’t erase your crush’s window, that is not reassuring. I would’ve flipped out and thrown something at you. 

I say this crush on Marinette is pretty new since he doesn’t seem to know her very well; plus in a web episode, Marinette doesn’t list Nathanael as one of her friends (even Sabrina and Chloe got mentioned). 

Marinette a bit unsettled by infatuated akuma, and a likely reaction to someone she doesn’t know well approaching her romantically.

 Nathanael has a nervous habit of touch the back of his head. 

Pfffft, Evillustrator gives himself intense anime eyes. And of course Marinette has adorable, big eyes. It really does echo how he views them both. 

Look at my daughter go, making plans on the fly. 

And even when frustrated with Chloe, she makes sure and akuma won’t go after her. 

And she has the utmost trust in Chat to do his job well despite their little spat. I love this trust she has in him. Tikki approves of Marinette relying on Chat. 

Chat is an attentive guard cat. 

Evillustrator confirms that Adrien has physics down. 

Chat isn’t amused with Chloe’s cat pun. 

Adrien needs to learn to say no. This push over.

When LB tells him to leave Chloe, he kind sighs and looks disappointed, mostly likely thinking LB is brushing off Chloe’s danger again.

How long was Sabrina standing in that doorway waiting for Marinette? It looks like she’s been standing there for a while, no move to knock or anything. That hints that Sabrina will stand around and wait for Chloe.

Body language and expression suggest to me that Marinette is still unsure about how to handle/respond to Sabrina. 

I think most likely for both girls to develop, grow, and have healthy friendships, this current one has to broken up between each other and both willing to change and learn what a real friendship is and have a good, solid redemption. In the future if they’re up and willing, they can have a go at friendship again, but for sure, after they have developed.


With how quickly Chat arrived from Chloe to Marinette’s, through miraculouses, that’s just a couple of minutes of travel. 

Boy immediately moves to kiss her hand with his introduction. He wants to make make sure this “first” meeting goes right so much. 

Lmao, his face just screams “score!” 

There he goes, flexing and flirting and putting on a show. He wants to impress Marinette so much. 

I love this different opinion that Chat and Nath have of Marinette. In Nath’s dream, Marinette needs to be saved, to rely on him to get her out of that trouble. But here, Chat asks Marinette if she would help him, suggesting that he knows and trusts that she is capable, that she is his equal in this and can help him, not just a damsel in distress for him to impress with saving her. Even recognizes her to be a helpful Ladybug to him tonight (which understandable unnerves Marinette). 

And he’s so sad to say that LB is busy. He was probably looking forward to working with LB AND Marinette. And he rings his bell. 

Chat is pleased with Marinette’s overdramatic fangirling. 

I will say, this is a very nice date Evillustrator put together. 

Promises are important to Nathanael. Marinette it looks like appreciates this. 

Marinette does a little wave to Chat when he’s behind them, subtly telling him to wait. I love that touch of detail. 

“…you’re just like Chloe. Teasing me, mocking me, leading me on!” To make comparisons like these means that they’ve happened before, and that possibly not only has Chloe picked on Nath, but evidently lead him on too. Maybe Nath was the first one Chloe encountered to have a crush on her. Something she likely took advantage of, and sparked her finding amusement in boys confessing to her (like Kim in DC). 

Evillustrator can jump, damn. 

14, Tikki pops out of the purse where Chat could’ve seen her if he looked down by chance. 

Adrien’s first instinctive response to Marinette coming up with a smart plan is to pull her close and flirt. Marinette doesn’t respond positively to the sudden closeness. 

Chat is more than fine to back off, and Marinette is still physically comfortable with him. Bless these dorks. 

Lmao, he still wants to be impressive. 

15, Tikki floats into the open, and if Chat looked back, would’ve seen her. 

Chloe, all this effort wasted to try and appeal to Mendeleiev, who don’t give two shits; you could’ve been done a long time ago. 

Chat left first, with Marinette grumbling for a minute, yet LB is there first? Is LB hero faster than BC or did she purposely go faster? Or maybe she it’s her knowing the streets better? 

Look at these two. They’re flirting. 

“…this is known as the final showdown.” “…she’s a baddie!” This tells me that Nath bases his thinking off comics, or at least uses examples of comics with heroes. Also, declaring Chloe’s a “baddie” and deserves to be harassed, that’s a pretty black and white view to have. Also adds to why he didn’t go after Mendeleiev, he believes it was her right to call him out for drawing in her class. And yes, she is, but she doesn’t have the right to treat his work with such disrespect (reacting to his drawings in disgust, calling it chicken scratch). 

“Once I have them all in my grasp, I will have absolute power!” So HM wants all miraculouses. Or at least for sure, the ones he knows about. 

“…they only made matters worse.” Chloe you tsundere, that’s not what I saw earlier. This is a public front, you still adore LB. 

Alya is more than happy to put aside her personal feelings for Chloe for an interview. 

I stand that Adrien was totally waiting for Marinette in the locker next to hers. He was not there before.

Marinette’s locker is the 2nd from the last on the far right of the row next to the wall. And Chloe and Marinette share the same locker row. 

Sabrina is back to being happy to work for Chloe again, Marinette is baffled. 

Hi Adrien. Just out of nowhere, he totally had to come out of that locker. This nerd. Being a cat. Hiding in spaces and waiting to pop out. 

And Adrien, wanting to make sure Chat left a good impression on Marinette. He really cares that Chat left a good impression. 

Marinette states that Adrien is far more awesome than Chat, Adrien isn’t bothered at all. He is pleased enough that Marinette has deemed Chat awesome. 

16, it’s a school day, people coming in to gather their stuff for the morning, and Tikki’s just hanging out in the open on Marinette’s shoulder where she can be seen.

I RECOGINZE THAT. That is like one of the earliest concepts of ML that Thomas Astruc did, isn’t it? 

Also it seems Nath’s crush on Marinette is over, hinting that he possibly has some memory of what happened, though probably fleeting. If he does have a crush now, most likely for LB. 

Non-Romantic Affection pt. 2

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Part 1 / Part 2

Genre: angsty fluff

Characters: Kim Jongin (a.k.a. Kai) x Reader

Summary: Still devastated by yesterday’s encounter with Jongin, you stay at home. He wakes up hungover but heads to your house because he wants to make things right. He doesn’t want to lose you.

Why wake up if you don’t have the strength to? Why even bother getting up if you know nothing is going to go back to what it was? You couldn’t just let him in again and pretend last night didn’t happen at all. It would damage you mentally and you weren’t exactly sure that if you’re prepared to see him again anytime soon.

He probably didn’t even remember what happened or that he even saw you. He’s probably waking up in the girl’s house. He might not know what he did and you’d have to tell him at sometime you want to stop what you both had going and make up some excuse explaining why. You weren’t about to confess to him, especially when he made it clear you don’t have a chance with him so why even bother. He wont know the truth about how you feel if you don’t tell him.

In the morning you received a couple of texts and calls from your friends. You were planning to go out with them around to chat and have a good time since you haven’t seen each other in a long time. But keeping in mind you saw the guy you so deeply were attached to, you ditched them. Not because you didn’t want to spend time with them or see them again, but because you didn’t want to explain what happened that made you look so dull today. They did know about your relationship and they never like the idea but they didn’t judge you either. 

And you know that as soon as you tell them they will lecture you saying “I told you so” and more.So you had nothing more to do than turn off your phone and lay in bed, hoping that you’ll sleep for months to later wake up and not remember anything about Jongin.

After hours upon hours of laying in your bed wide awake, not eating and grieving you heard a distant knocking on your door. You figure that if you stayed silent long enough, without opening the person on the other side would eventually leave. 

Fifteen minutes passed and the knocking still prevails there. You are now very annoyed and obligate yourself to get up and answer to such persistent person. You assumed it was one of your friends who got worried because you wouldn’t respond to their messages and came here to see you. As you walked to the door, you said “I’ll talk with you guys tomorrow, I’m very busy to-” you stopped as you opened the door and saw who it was on the other side.

You were surprised to see it wasn’t any of your friends, instead it was the guy who had made feel so damn awful since yesterday. There he stood, drenched in water because of the rain outside, with the same clothes that you saw him last night in, hair covering his face and heavy breathing. You didn’t know what to say at all, not expecting to see him again and specially now. 

He looked at you and said “Y-you didn’t answer my phone calls” he was trembling in the cold and you said “I um, I’ll get some towels” and went to quickly find some before he freezes. You came back to see him shirtless with his hands over the kitchen sink, rinsing the water off his shirt that was previously clung to his upper body. He turned to you as you handed him a towel. He said “Thank you” and started to dry off his chest and torso.

Eyes currently fixated on the movements of his hand over his body, now remembering times you both had in this house of heated and passion filled emotions. But your memories shortly were interrupted as he spoke “You still haven’t told me, why didn’t you at least return my calls?” you looked at his eyes with worry and replied “I just wanted sometime alone Jongin”. He looked at you and said “Y/N, by your red cheeks and glossy eyes I can tell you’re not alright”. You forgot the fact that he knew you so well, that he would eventually find out.

Trying to avoid talking about last night and how you felt, you asked him “Jongin, why are you here?” he threw the towel on the counter and said to you “You think I’m that oblivious don’t you? That I can’t figure out why you didn’t answer was because of last night?”. Caught you off guard, you never really thought he would remember at all. You found yourself in loss of words, speechless. “I know what happened, you saw me kissing with this… girl I don’t even know from the club. I want you to hear me out here, okay” he said, you maintained silence but listened him and nodded for him to continue.

“I never intended for this to happen. I-I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing, I don’t even know why I told you I was busy at the time when I clearly wasn’t. I know this all sounds like I’m just making up excuses but I’m not, just listen” he said, getting closer to you and softly grabbing your hands “Since we started this between us, I’ve felt so much fear that one of us would fall with the other and it destroying our friendship and all. And I always tried to see you as nothing more than my lover but… I’m sorry. Yesterday was a mistake but in a way it wasn’t, if yesterday wouldn’t have happened, i wouldn’t have realized how scared I am to lose you”

Your heart raced as he got closer and his words continued on “Y/N, I think I’ve fallen deeply in love with you” he ended as he stared into your eyes. You couldn’t believe the words you heard coming from his mouth. You were more shocked that ever, some how found a way to speak again and ask him “Wait… what did you s-say?”. He stepped back, thinking what he said made you upset and tried saying “I’m sorry if makes you feel uncomfortable, i can’t control it or-” you interrupted him, taking a step forward to him “You’re in love with me?”

Your lips grew into a smile, he saw your expression and asked “You’re not mad?”. You giggled in utter joy and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. “Why would I be mad at figuring we both have a new thing in common?” you said to him. He realized what you said and meant by that, and a smile couldn’t help but to find its way onto his face too.

He grabbed you waist and the place between you two was now nonexistent. Nose touching and warmth spreading through you both, you stood there holding each other, savoring the moment. Jongin caressed your torso as he whispered to you in your ear “ I can’t believe I was so blind that I never knew that what I was looking for this whole time, has always been in front of me” and with that, one of his hands cupped your face and your lips collided.

This kiss was nothing like the ones you shared before. It was full of love and everything you have ever wanted. You felt everything, sparks, butterflies and it felt absolutely amazing. There was no feeling in the world that would feel better that pure and genuine love.

A/N : Omg I got so many feels writing this, I really like how the ending turned out to be. I hope you guys liked it too. P.s. writing the word collide now has triggered my brain and I have Demi Lovato’s Two Worlds Collide song stuck in my head, wtf. If you have any thoughts or questions about this story or anything in general, you can leave me a message or a question on my inbox! Have a good day darling *sends kisses*


HELLO MY LOVELY READERS! And that one patient anon! I can’t believe it took me weeks to finish this fic, but I still hope you enjoy it! :-D This is seriously a very underrated relationship, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to throw my stick into the fire. :-D Thank you for waiting!

Paul Blofis, with his salt and pepper hair, his easy smile and nicely pressed collared shirts, was a terrible househusband. Or at least that was what Sally often said. With his inability to cook, clean, repair and do all those parental things, he most definitely agreed. 

On the weekdays, Paul’s teaching job was usually normal enough for him to get home at exactly 6 o’clock sharp. If everything was going well with her publisher, Sally would also be home by that time, and the smell of nice homely dinners would get Paul’s stomach grumbling and happy. Unfortunately for him, this particular day wasn’t going to fit in with the rest.

As soon as Paul hung his coat soundlessly at the door, it was not Sally’s cooking that greeted him by the hallway, but rather a harsh but soft moan. His heart thumped in his chest. Could that be a robber? No, it couldn’t be. All the windows in the apartment were shut tighter than the safe in the upstairs bedroom, and the lock of the front door didn’t seem tampered with. Blinking as his eyebrows soared to his receding hairline and his pulse gnawed at his hyper-tension prone veins, he swiftly turned around as another moan made him jump. He needed to be quiet. If this was some dangerous criminal… surprise was his only weapon. At least, that’s what he always heard on those night time survival shows on Discovery Channel. 

He grabbed the house keys and stuck one of the jagged edges out of his fist (like how all those self-defense lessons had taught him) and made sure his feet were planted firmly on the ground. Paul tried to survey the area but came up with little blobs of black. His eyes were already terrible even with glasses, but in the dim darkness, they were impossible! Instead, he opted to flick the light switch open at lightning speed. Once the living room was illuminated–

Percy?” He choked, dropping his bags in horror. Not even the audible crack of his laptop brought him out of the panicked frenzy he was slowly falling into. “PERCY?“ 

“Hey Paul,” Percy said nonchalantly.  To Paul’s horror, it was a horrible mash of words because HIS SIDE WAS BLEEDING AND THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE AND THE COUCH IS STAINED AND IS MY STEP SON DYING? Paul liked to believe that he thought that instead of shouting it out loud.   

“Oh dear, oh dear,” he mumbled. What was he supposed to do? Being a teacher, he was well trained in first-aid, but he wasn’t sure if his experience covered gaping wounds and monster venom. His eyes glanced over Percy’s supine form on the sofa before he felt his throat close up. “Oh dear, ohdearohdear.“ 

“Paul?” Percy called out, wincing as he tried to reach out to his panicked stepfather. “Paul? Earth to Paul?“ 

“Oh dear—What do I do?” Immediately, Paul  ran to the kitchen to grab an armful of paper towels to mop up Percy’s blood— “Oh dear, this is blood. Oh dear. This is bad. Do I call your mother? Should I do that? Will Sally think this is my fault? How about 911? Aren’t you supposed to be in college? DO I TAKE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? WHERE IS ANNABETH?

On his hands and knees, Paul’s attention was focused on trying to keep his step son from dying and trying to wipe up the brown stains from the rug.


Paul, still in his terrible haze, remembered something about stopping the bleeding with a tourniquet. With this knowledge, he undid his belt and began to wag it around Percy’s body, which was draped over the couch. With his lunch coming up and his palms sweating, he realised that in order to tie a tourniquet, he would have to haul Percy up and remove his shirt to catch a glimpse of the wound. He didn’t think he was ready for that.


“Oh dear, oh dear,” he repeated again. His voice was becoming an octave higher after each dear, and it would’ve been hilarious if “PERCY WHAT DO I DO? Do I remove your shirt? Do I cut something? OH DEAR I’VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO STITCH– 


Paul grabbed his phone and began dialing 911 but dropped it when he saw bloody fingerprints grace the screen. 




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How RFA+V+Saeran react to...

Coming home to see MC fallen asleep while waiting for them. Because all of the ideas in my head somehow revolve around sleep and, let’s face it, they’re all super busy and aren’t likely to come home at a reasonable hour.


- He had to stay late at school for make up exams and tutoring sessions.

- You knew ahead of time that he would be home late, so you made sure to cook dinner later than usual so that it would be ready by the time he got home. But he didn’t seem to be coming home anytime soon, so you ate your food and put the rest away in the fridge.

- You sit on the couch waiting for him to come home as it gets later and later at night. You log into the messenger and scroll through the Internet for a while, trying to stay awake, but eventually you nod off.

- Yoosung comes home, takeout for the both of you in his hands, beat from his long day.

- When he sees you asleep on the couch he feels so guilty for being out so late (even if it was to better understand his classes…)

- Legit tears up a bit, because a) he’s over-tired and super emotional and b) you are just so nice and kind and beautiful and he loves you so much???

- He’s more tired than hungry so he puts the takeout away (and when he sees the food you had made for him he may or may not full on cry)

- Gently adjusts your sleeping position, careful not to wake you, grabs a blanket, and then collapses on top of you. He always sleeps best cuddled up to you.

- Is dead asleep in seconds.

- Neither of you have class the next morning so you both get to sleep in. He makes you breakfast as a thank you.

- Lots of sleepy cuddles and kisses


- He’s usually home from practice around the same time, but that particular night his director invites the whole crew out for dinner and drinks

-  wants to go home to you, but that’s not something he can really turn down. He decides to stay for a bit to be polite then leave.

- unfortunately this director is very determined (and pushy) that the crew acts like a family and ropes them all into these weird team bonding exercises.

- he gets home way later than anticipated.

- finds you at the kitchen table asleep with two (now cold) plates of dinner. His heart breaks when he thinks of you waiting for him all alone.

- checks his phone to see it had accidentally turned off and that he has several missed calls and messages from you. Gulp. Oops…

- Gently carries you to bed. Falls asleep holding you and stroking your hair.

- “MC, I’m so sorry!!!” Is determined to make it up to you. Honestly, you were pretty upset the night before but this is the first time something like this has happened and he’s so genuinely sorry that you can’t feel too mad at him.

- Takes you out on a date the next night so you don’t have to cook and promises to always call first the next time something comes up so you’ll know what’s going on.

- The next time the director tries to hold him back he pulls out the picture of you two he carries in his wallet and says, “Sorry, but I have a lovely date at home and I just can’t leave them waiting~”

- The director nearly melts (”Oh, you should invite them along too, that way we can get to know them too!” Wait wat)


- Honestly, she pretty much always gets home late

- You’re usually waiting for her with coffee or some baked treats so the two of you can talk about your days together.

- She really appreciates you being there for her when she gets home, but doesn’t quite realize that not everyone can live off of the same amount of sleep she does.

-So one day she comes home to see you asleep at the kitchen table. There’s a plate of sweets on the counter and a bit of flour on your cheek (which she cleans off for you)

-Realizes how much work you’ve been putting into the relationship and feels like it’s not fair to you.

- Carefully wakes you up. “MC, have you eaten dinner yet?”

- You sleepily nod and rub your eyes, “Yeah…Welcome home, Jaehee…” (She nearly loses it, omg that was so cute)

- Stern Jaehee activated! “Okay, MC. Bed.” Will not listen to your protests, you are getting your rest!

- Later she tells you that you don’t have to wait up for her every night. “MC, as much as I enjoy your company, your health and wellbeing is more important to me.”

- You both decide on which days of the week you will wait for her. They become your special nights and you both look forward to it so much.

But if you try to stay up for her on any other night, she will definitely give you a good lecture and make you go to bed. (Do not mess with Mama Jaehee).


- He really likes coming home to you waiting for him. It makes him so happy to hear you say, “Welcome back!”

-But sometimes he comes home really late.

- And you’ll have your head laid down on the coffee table, snoring slightly, with Elizabeth the 3rd curled up in your lap and it’s the best thing he’s ever seen in his life.

- WILL take (blurry) pictures for his phone background

- Drapes his jacket over your shoulders then sits down across from you to watch you sleeping. Your sleeping face is so cute to him and he can (and will) watch it for hours until you wake up.

- If you shiver or seem uncomfortable in your sleeping position he will immediately move you to the bed (preferably with his jacket still on).

- After a few times, though, he’ll worry about how well you’re sleeping or about how late you’re staying up because of waiting for him.

- The next morning he takes the day off of the work and makes pancakes for you (he tries to make them heart shaped but they end up looking like blobs). “It seemed like you missed me last night,  so I’m going to spend all day with you so you can get the attention you need.”

- Sets a bedtime for you. If he’s not home by a certain hour you aren’t allowed to stay up and wait for him anymore, you have to go to bed.

- Tries to get back by a more reasonable and consistent time as well.


- He hardly ever leaves the house, to be honest. If he’s really busy, sometimes he hardly ever leaves his computer room.

- It was one of those days when he was swamped with work. You had made dinner, but you didn’t want to interrupt his work to tell him.

- Dinner was still in the oven so it would stay warm, so you sat down across from his door with your back against the wall. He had been in there for the entire day, it shouldn’t take too much longer. You’d wait for him to get out and then you could eat together.

- You fell asleep.

- s e v e r a l  h o u r s  l a t e r

- Saeyoung comes out to see you sitting outside his work room, head tilted to the side and drooling slightly.  

-He sighs a bit, then wraps you up in his hoodie and carries you to bed. You wake up slightly on the way there and sleepily blink up at him, but he gently pushes your head back onto his shoulder and you fall asleep again, cuddling into him. (He almost dies, that was illegally cute!!)

- He is #blessed

- The next morning he is not letting you get out of bed. Holds you close and sleeps nearly the whole day.

- “MC, next time you should tell me. Even if I can’t come out right away, I at least want to know if you’re waiting for me.”


- He gets home late from a gallery showing of his photographs. You went to the opening one and Jumin had gone to assist V that night.

- You ended up falling asleep on the couch while waiting for him to get back.

- Doesn’t really notice until he gets into the bed and you’re not there????

- Immediately gets up and starts stumbling around the house looking for you.

- “M-MC, Are you here…?”

- He gets really worried for a moment. He hadn’t looked for you when he had first come home because it was late and he hadn’t wanted to wake you but what if something seriously bad has happened?!

- “I’m coming, V. It’s okay.”

- All of the muscles in his body relax when he hears your voice. He hadn’t even realized he was tensed up.

- You apologize for scaring him but he’s totally fine now that he can hear your voice. “It’s nothing to be sorry for, MC, as long as there’s nothing wrong then I’m fine.”

- Wraps his arms a little tighter around you as he sleeps, though.

- You decide to go with him to every event after this. He doesn’t ask you to, you just decide that you’d rather be with him than wait at home all by yourself (and possibly give V a heart attack).


-He tends to come home late at night from his job.

-You usually will sit on the couch waiting for him to come home. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep sometimes you won’t.

- He gets really grumpy and embarrassed when he comes home to you waiting up for him.  "I told you you don’t have to wait on me…if you’re going to sleep, just go to bed!“ 

- He actually is really happy seeing you waiting for him when he gets home, it’s what help him get through the day. (If you aren’t there waiting for him he’ll get really worried that something happened.)

- One night he comes home to see you asleep sitting up on the couch. He ruffles your hair slightly and smiles softly at your sleeping face.

- When you wake up you’re stretched out, using his lap as a pillow. Saeran’s arms are crossed, his sleeping face bent over yours.

- You quickly plant a kiss on his lips before he wakes up.

- He pretends to be really grumpy about it.

- "Aghk, MC, I got a crick in my neck because of you! You have to give me a shoulder massage as payment!” Will give you a kiss after you rub his shoulders, though.

- He’s not really all that mad.

- Is lowkey happy that first thing you both saw when you woke up was the other’s face. (He would never admit it, though. He doesn’t do cheesy crap like that!!)

Episode 27 is a ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTION, people! Kaiba vs Pegasus. Having gone to great lengths to make Kaiba seem as unsympathetic as a devoted older brother trying desperately to rescue the light of his life can possibly be, this motherfucking _cartoon_ now uses him to tear my heart out and stamp on it.

But that comes later. First up, Pegasus gets down to business.

Welp. There goes the neighbourhood.

Toon World is almost as much of a cheat as using an Ancient Egyptian artifact to read minds is, and that’s saying something! None of the spectators but Yugi have even _heard_ of the Toon cards and Yugi tells them that they’re all one-of-a-kind and were never made available to the public. They’re Pegasus-only cards, and massively overpowered, since they can’t be directly attacked but appear to have no weakness to balance that. Or weakness at all?

And Kaiba is FURIOUS when Pegasus toonifies the Blue Eyes he took from him.

Kaiba realises he’s going to have to step things up to face off against someone with unbeatable monsters who can also obviously read his mind. His solution? Dump his hand since Pegasus knows it, and just play from the deck! He’s TRUSTING IN THE HEART OF THE CARDS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

He just draws and plays without even looking at it, into Attack Mode, and man would he have looked foolish if it was a Magic Card, but of course…

I’m not going to lie to you, Tumblr, I genuinely got emotional at this point. Kaiba might be an asshole, and overly skeptical, and rude, and stubborn as a really obsessive and angry mule, but his relationship with his dragons is beautiful. Also his relationship with his brother. I guess.

Speaking of which…


And with imaginary!Mokuba and his weirdly loyal trading cards helping him out, he defeats the “monstrosity” of the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, or, as he says, he “puts it out of its misery”.

Really was quite tempted to just turn it off at this point and imagine him winning and taking Mokuba home and emotionally healing BUT NO.

Pegasus once again uses one of his own cards against him - this time his Virus card that destroys all high-attack monsters. This leaves Kaiba with one card. ONE CARD.

(Pegasus knows this because mind reading.) Kaiba’s weakness is strength (omg irony!) because he dismisses useful but “weak” monsters like Kuriboh and surrounds himself with the monsters with the highest attack possible, leaving him wide open to his own strategy. You’d think someone who was _this_ smart and _this_ good at Duel Monsters would look at his _own_ Virus card and think “Hmm, if anyone else had this card, or if someone used one of the _many_ stratagems to use an opponent’s card against them, I would be totally boned.” but no. I’d like to say between basically losing to Yami because of Kuriboh except for threatened suicide and now this, he might learn to pop in a few lower attack Monsters with special effects but I’m not actually convinced he does. We’ll chalk it down to all the emotional trauma making him forget these valuable life lessons.

Kaiba is staring his defeat in the face and he says, aloud.

I’m crying.

… I’m prideshipping.

I believe he means Yami here, not Yugi. He’s actually had very little interaction with Yugi at this point. Yami takes over pretty quickly whenever Kaiba starts talking smack, which is basically always. They duelled twice, which was all Yami, and Yami came out to talk to him when he came by their campsite and beat Joey. He saw Yugi obviously at the end of the duel on the castle, but Yugi was way too upset to talk, or even look at him. Yugi has been cheering him on for this duel, but Kaiba’s attention has been on Pegasus. Kaiba knows Pegasus is going to do something awful, he may at this point accept that Mokuba’s soul has been stolen and guess that Pegasus means to do the same to him. And the only two people he wants to say goodbye to are Mokuba, and Yami.

#theyareveryveryimportanttooneanother #eventhisearlyon

So then Pegasus steals his soul and locks it into another card. And then he gets reeeeeeeeal creepy even by Pegasus standards.

#theresaficthere #orseveral #creepyones #alsokinkyones #toonshippinghasalotofverydisturbingpotential 

The spectators are appalled. They’ve been really supportive of Kaiba the whole time. Honda and Jou intended to root for Pegasus, but Kaiba’s strength of spirit and devotion to Mokuba won everyone over really quickly. Every one of them has had someone good to say about him. Even Pegasus complimented him for playing his last card rather than forfeiting when it was obvious it was over. And now he’s lost, and lost his soul, Yugi gets really upset. And Yami isn’t going to stand for this.

Dramatic lighting and poses! He calls Pegasus out and Pegasus recognises him as “other Yugi”. He reminds him that he’ll only duel the winner of the tournament, and Yami tells him he knows that, but he’s coming for him.

No one fucks with Yami’s boyfriend friend rival and gets away with it.

Game of Chess(P.12)

Title: Game of Chess(P.12)
Pairing: Reader x many pairings(But seriously, many, like…the reader is so bad xD)(Dylan O’Brien mainly in the end)
Warnings: Smut, Age difference, Boss-employee relationship, cussing, murder, drug mentions, dark themes.
Summary: O’Brien’s is a large banking company that is overtaking the credit card industries. Their rival Pan Banking has been hitting the company hard with different tactics, taking their employees, lowering their costs to consume more customers. Y/N gets a job as Mr. O’Brien’s new assistant and he’s quite impressed with her, but there is a lot more to her past and Pan banking then Dylan had expected. But even in the twists and turns of this dangerous game, he might not care about the past she has.

Originally posted by 1-800-yvngthot

He had only visited a few times since Y/N started staying at Dylan’s house. He wasn’t sure she wanted to see him. Thomas had to admit though, since the secrets of Y/N being with Robbie and his plan to use her to bring down O’Brien’s, things seemed to get easier, even as they got worse.

He hadn’t been upset, at least that’s what Dylan told Thomas when he told him what happened. Dylan explained to him that he understood why she did it, Thomas did too. Even he knew how terrifying and manipulative Robbie could be. Of course he hadn’t mentioned that to Dylan and he was glad that Y/N hadn’t either. 

The truth of her relationship and Robbie’s plan being out on the table made the tension lessen and the fear that trickled in the back of Thomas’ mind disappear. Thing didn’t get better from there, however. 

Dylan had called Thomas the next day to explain what happened and both of them agreed that Robbie was to big of an influence to use the police in the situation. 

It was Dylan’s idea to pull Y/N from the company. Not because he didn’t trust her, but because he didn’t trust Robbie. He knew that eventually the Brit would come looking for her or send someone too. 

Dylan didn’t hire another assistant, any tasks that could be done over the phone or online he brought to the house for Y/N to do, but anything else he left to Thomas.

Because of this, he worked a lot longer hours then he normally did, but that didn’t bother him, not if it kept Y/N safe. It did bother Phoenix.

“You’re not coming home for dinner?” She said quietly on the phone. Her voice seemed sincere, but Thomas could detect that animosity behind it. 

He was tired. The last thing he wanted to do was go home to another argument, he wondered if he could visit Y/N and Dylan for a few hours, at least until she was asleep. “I can’t, Phoenix. I have a list piled on my desk, I have to get some of it done tonight.”

She stifled a scoff. “I just don’t understand why you are doing all this extra work for him.”

“He’s my boss, love.”

“He has an assistant.” She said and Thomas could hear her distaste of Y/N through the words. If only she knew what really happened, she might dislike her even more. 

Thomas sighed. “She’s no longer with the company, I told you that. Listen, Nyx, I’ll be home as soon as I can, I promise.” 

She lost her resolve and sighed into the phone. “I understand. I’ll put a plate in the microwave for you.”

He smiled softly. “Thanks, hun. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

There was no way that he knew she was hoping to tell him the good news when he came home for dinner. No way he could have seen the two lines on the test through the phone.

When he hung up, he pondered the list of things on his desk and decided to go grab a cup of coffee beforehand. He’d need it.

He was a bit surprised to see Y/N standing behind him when he turned around. “Y/N?” 

“Hey.” She said softly, her eyes lit up a bit with her smile. Thomas felt the tug at his heart again. The one he always felt when she smiled. 

“What are you doing here?” He was genuinely concerned. Did Dylan know she was here? 

She walked around him, heading over to the desk. “Dylan brought me. It’s dark enough out and we’re closed anyways. I wanted to get out of the house for a little.”

He nodded quietly and then she turned back towards him. “You should go home, Tommy. She sounded pretty upset.”

“I have work, Y/N.” Thomas replied, giving her a smile. “Thanks though.”

Her hand waved. “I’ll start it, get done with what I can. You need a break anyways.”

“I can’t have you do that.”

She moved to the other side of the desk and sat down. “Can’t talk me out of it, besides, I could use the distraction.”

Thomas hesitated for a moment more before smiling and grabbing his coat from the hanger. “I really appreciate it, Y/N.” 

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She nodded, smiling up at him before pulling a stack of papers in front of her. He took that as his cue to leave. He stopped at the door, turning back towards her. “I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

Her eyes caught his. “You don’t need to apologize to me.”

Again, his heart tugged before he nodded and headed out of his office. 

It was only ten minutes after Thomas left the room that my phone vibrated on the table. I pulled it over to me and opened the message. 

Can you save him this time, love?

A surge of panic flew through my body, catapulting me over the desk and out of the office. I hit the elevator button several times until opting for the stairs. Flying down them two at a time, I rushed from floor to floor, desperate to get to the parking garage. 

I flew through the doors and ran across the concreted parking lot, my eyes searched the area until I saw Thomas almost to his car. 

“Tommy!!” I screamed, hoping to get his attention, to bring him back inside. The blond stopped walking and turned towards me, just as the black car pulled in over the entrance ramp.

I screamed when the window rolled down, my feet pushing me as fast I could towards Thomas. His eyes widened when he turned to face the intruding vehicle. 

The flash from the gun was fast and loud. My ears were ringing and my eyes were brimming with tears. 

His body hit the ground moments before I got to him. “What have you done?!” I cried, but the noise fell on deaf ears as the car sped away.

I fell to his side, placing my hands over the bleeding wound. “Tommy?!” I sobbed, brushing the blood splattered hair from his face. He choked out a whimper before reaching a hand to touch my face.

“Stay awake, Tommy!” I whimpered, fishing my phone from my pocket. I dialed 911 and looked around, praying someone would find us. “Please help me! My friends been shot! Please, we’re at O’Brien’s…I-In the parking garage. Hurry!”

When I hung up, I dropped the phone and put pressure back on the gunshot. “Tommy…Oh god…I’m so sorry.”

His thumb swiped across my cheek. “I’m okay. Don’t cry.”

I cried. My head fell to his chest as I sobbed into it, listening to his heartbeat until it slowed, until it stopped.

The Wicca/Sweep series by Cate Tiernan and why you should read it


I’ve just reread the Wicca books by Cate Tiernan (the series is called Sweep in the US). Mostly as something soothing (rereading is always soothing, it’s like reading with your eyes closed. kind of.) and because I’d been eyeing it for a while. And I’ve gotten a big rush of how much I like it, and I wish it had a bigger fandom (what is it with me and tiny fandoms lately, srsly). So here is the breakdown of what it is and why you should check it out. 

The Plot

So I’ve recced this to a few people irl, and unfortunately as we live in a post-twilight literary world, there are a few things I need to make clear straight away. First, though you could legit describe this series as “like twilight but good”, it actually predates Twilight easily. Second, I’m gonna spoil a plot twist because if you don’t know this is going to happen there is no reason to keep reading - or, like, there was when I was a teenager and didn’t make Twilight-ish assumptions about what was going on, but I can very easily see people junking the books without getting past this first bit. So here we go:

Meet Morgan! Morgan is our protagonist. She’s a tad stereotypical - she’s not traditionally pretty, kind of awkward, sixteen years old, and a maths nerd. Her family is catholic, and so is she, though she doesn’t seem particularly intense about it. Her best friend is Bree, and Bree is one of those automatically stunning girls. Morgan is cool with this, everything is fine. Except this year at school, there is a Hot New Mysterious Boy called Cal. Morgan gets a super crush on him, but assumes there is No Hope.

Cal organises a party, and it turns out he’s a witch. They do a circle, and Morgan basically feels like the whole world just opened up inside her brain. To cut a long story short, it turns out she’s actually got a super-awesome magical inheritance. Also, Cal kisses her and they start dating.

At this point, if you’re reading her and Cal with an eye on the relationship dynamics, it doesn’t look great. Cal never reaches Cullenish levels of unsettling behaviour (at least, not while they’re actually still dating), but there are a few red flags, particularly as Morgan becomes more isolated from her family and friends. But Morgan thinks everything is very romantic. Cal is her rock. And what did she do to deserve this? She is very lucky. Uh huh. Some of you are probably shaking your heads now, and thinking H, why are you telling me I should read fifteen books of this relationship?

But NO, dear reader. Because in BOOK THREE, Cal tries to kill Morgan (that escalated quickly) and then becomes, basically, a villain for the rest of the series. Because it turns out all those red flags were written in as red flags and not as “romance”. And then we get Morgan dealing with this and steadily becoming a stronger person and it is AWESOME.


Okay, it’s not the most perfect book series in the world. It gets kind of purple-prosey in places, and there are definitely places where I noticed that virtually every chapter ends with either a ^gasp^ cliffhanger or with “omg magic love hearts hearts my soul”. So there’s that. To be honest, to me it mostly reads fairly realistically - ie, “I am sixteen and I genuinely feel this intensely about this” - but I would totally get that as a stylistic thing that’s gonna put some people off. Also, it has the “Friends” problem - I enjoy all the relationship stuff, that’s done really well, but the logistics of how the fuck half of these people are actually paying rent (and international airfare) are kind of out the window. 



1. MORGAN. Morgan’s a great protagonist. She starts out a bit snippy, a little too keen to compare herself to other girls, and kind of insecure. Across the series she slowly develops her confidence - and although one of the last scenes involves her getting kind of dressed up, it’s not ever really made out to be about her appearance. It’s all about how she feels about herself. And she’s a great balance between scared-as-shit by everything that’s going on and confident enough to put her foot down when she needs to.

2. Hunter Niall. So Hunter is (spoiler) Morgan’s second and more-permanent boyfriend. Hunter’s great. The series is set in America, and Hunter is British, somewhat ambiguously (which I find mildly hilarious lol). My favourite thing about Hunter is probably that Morgan, externally, takes a while to warm up to him - he’s a bit reserved, a bit intense, and she’s not quite sure what he thinks about her to start with, but you get a lot of gush from Morgan about how she feels about him. And then, suddenly, in book ten, you get Hunter’s Po. And you are hit in the face with a page and a half of “so that’s morgan. she’s my girlfriend. she’s so great. she’s so badass. oh god I made my hair stick up funny. oh god. she’s smilling look at that smile isn’t she incredible wow. okay okay I’ve got this. I’m cool. hey morgan. hi. I love you. omg she’s so amazing” because Hunter is a GINORMOUS DORK and he just loves her SO MUCH. And idk, I found that really refreshing to read as a teen? Which brings me on to:

3. Morgan and Hunter’s relationship. They screw up a lot, they upset each other, but they always talk it out and figure it out. And I’m so convinced by their relationship? Like, because it’s such a slow burn, it feels more realistic to me. There’s no “our eyes met and BAM” even though this universe does include the concept of soulmates. They’re both absolutely smitten with each other, and it’s not subtle, and they have to do quite a lot of negotiation to get their dynamic the way they’re both happy with it, and idk you folks it just makes me so happy. Because it feels real, purple-prose and all.

4. Alisa! Alisa is one of the only other characters who gets narration. She’s a younger girl who finds out something about her own family, and she gets a whole book to herself (and splits one other book half and half with Morgan). She has a very similar story to Morgan’s in some ways, but she’s still great to read, and I really enjoy her books when I get to them. She’s also half-Latina, I think. 

5. CONSENT IS A THING IN THIS UNIVERSE. LIKE, PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT AND IT’S A THING THAT IS DISCUSSED AND THAT IT CAN GET MESSY WHEN PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED AND FEEL PRESSURED AND PRESSURE IS BAD and also if you’re morgan’s little sister and someone is pressuring you to have sex she will literally hit them with a baseball bat so there’s that too

6. LGBT rep - it’s not central, there aren’t main characters who are LGBT. But Morgan has an aunt who has a girlfriend, and they feature fairly regularly; and another two female members of Morgan and Hunter’s coven end up dating at one point. Unfortunate incident of “the b-word” being clearly avoided, as it’s likely that Sky and Raven are both bisexual, but it’s never absolutely written on the page. It’s not a whole lot, but I really liked that this was actually in here, and it’s just a normal part of the world? Like, this is a het romance story, but that didn’t mean that EVERYTHING ELSE had to be het. Which I appreciate.

And as a bonus to all of this stuff, you’ve got battles against the forces of evil, world-saving, and the logistical problems of trying to do those two things while keeping your grades up. A few bum notes, but all around a great little series that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves, and is a lot funnier and takes itself less seriously than the tag for it on tumblr might suggest (sorry folks, but it’s literally two-thirds full of melodramatic quotes. bring out the humour!). 

So yeah. Magic, Actually Decent Relationships, Romance, Teen Angst, Fun. One of my favourite teen series. 


The 5 Best Dolenzmith episodes of The Monkees

- as requested by Anon

This is honestly really really hard!! It doesn’t help that it’s been so long since I sat down to properly watch The Monkees, so I’m probably missing loads of little moments that occur throughout loads of episodes. Mike and Micky getting super close is a really common occurance, which is why it’s hard to sort of whittle them down. Like there are some episodes that are littered with Dolenzmith moments, and other’s that’ll just have one or two really big Dolenzmith scenes.

This is more going by moments, as opposed to full-episodes, if that makes sense. Because I’m having to base it off memory, but I’m hoping these will sort of cover Mike and Micky’s relationship quite well.

In no particular order….

1. The Chaperone

This episode features probably the most iconic Dolenzmith moment, which is their near-“kiss”. Like under no circumstances would two people ever need to be that close unless they were about to bump uglies, you dig?

Originally posted by pippielongstocking

But that isn’t the only moment. The moment when Micky first reveals himself as Mrs Arcadian, Mike certainly looks more shocked than anyone else… shocked because he LOVEs IT

2. Hillbilly Honeymoon

This episode has a few seriously cute M&M moments.

Look at them getting ridiculously close here

And then there’s this whole sequence where they’re basically a man (Mike) and wife (Micky) with a (pig) baby


3. Alias Micky Dolenz

This is an often forgotten Dolenzmithy ep, mainly for the whole beginning sequence. Mike man-handles Micky a fair bit at the start of this episode when he’s trying to get Mick to report his “attack”.

And then there’s the bit in the station where they’re super-close (duh), lots of touching, and the moment when Mike just stares at Micky while Mick describes himself as “handsome”

And then when they recoil in shock and basically hold hands

And then there’s Mike shaking his head when the detective guy suggests Micky impersonates Babyface, telling Micky it’s a bad idea and basically wanting to protect him. And then after that when Mike just randomly decides to pet Micky’s face?????????

There are waaaaay too many examples of M&M being touchy-feely with each other, and it certainly seems like Mike especially can’t keep his hands off Mickles. I don’t blame him because WHAT A CUTIE.

4. Monstrous Monkee Mash

First up you have the moment where Micky freaks the-fuck-out when he thinks that that book wants him to be a vampire, and Mike just stays perfectly calm and explains to Mick that that’s not the case; “it’s not you, it’s everbody.” I like to think this is how they roll: Micky freaks out and Mike remains completely calm and unfazed by Micky’s moment of madness and quietly and calmly reassures him until Micky manages to calm down.

But here they are being rather close while reading the book

Then there’s the bit where they’re left just the two of them and Micky is really scared

I mean are these two even real??????

Here’s them looking like they’re about to make out again

Can they not for like 5 seconds???

Also is it just me who LOVES the way Mike calls Micky’s name? Like there are a few episodes where he calls “Miiick, Miiiick” and I just…I fucking love it bYE

Oh and here’s a bonus pic of Mike touching Micky while Micky appears to be holding his crotch?????

ALSO. Although this scene didn’t make the episode, the “Save the Texas Prairie Chicken” outtake from this ep (that appeared at the end of Monkees on the Wheel) is probably my most favourite Micky and Mike moment;

gifs courtesy of heycarrieanne <3

These two just crack each other up the moment they look at each other and it is the cutest and funniest thing in the world ever, it makes my heart so happy whenever I watch it

5. ???????

Honestly, I’m stuck with the last one, purely because I’m torn between several episodes! So instead I’m going to just sort of do a little compilation of some great Dolenzmith moments…

Son of a Gypsy

This is a prime example how well these two work together and bounce off of each other - and their chemistry is just undeniable, and some of the greatest highlights of The Monkees is when Micky and Mike work together like this! And again…not only is it funny and cute and charming, but they’re SUPER TOUCHY FEELY and once again decide to hold hands. Blessss.

The Case of the Missing Monkee

If this doesn’t prove that Mike can’t keep his hands off Micky, I don’t know what does. He does give Davy a helping hand up the ladder too, but not by grabbing Davy’s arse?! If you watch this scene closely it looks like Mike hesitates for a milisecond before thinking “bugger it” and then just copping a major feel of Micky’s backside. Again, I ain’t judging. Micky has a good bum.

Monkees on the Wheel

To be fair, both Peter and Davy are touching Micky here, comforting him as he’s upset that he doesn’t have “magic fingers”. Mike, however, is the only one who pets Micky’s head/face.

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Because this is normal behaviour, isn’t it?????

(gif by alternate-title)

Micky is doing his werewolf impression (as you do), and Mike is not only completely unfazed by it, but he salts his hand so Micky can eat it ???????? And he doesn’t even care, as if this is an every day occurance????!! He almost looks happy to see that Micky is tucking into his hand????!!!!!

Also BONUS for this moment, which I seriously don’t think was scripted because of Mike’s genuine look of WTF/concern

(gif also by alternate-title)

I’m triggering my memory/getting inspiration from coolcherrycream’s website (where most of these screen shots in this post come from!), clicking on random episodes to see all the pictures and honestly…pretty much every ep I click on has at least one scene where Micky and Mike get really really close. So I’m sort of spoilt for choice really!! Like I said, I haven’t sat down and watched many episodes of The Monkees in so long, so honestly my memory is pretty scetchy.

Monkees in the Ring

This is quite a brief scene, but it’s another example of M&M putting their heads together and working as their own little team - all the while getting freakishly close (#STANDARD). There’s also the perfect moment of them trying to climb into the boxing ring!

The Monkees Paw

This whole scene is another favourite of mine, as even though they’re playing other characters here (sort of?!) they’re still bouncing off each other and just generally being hilarious and weird <333

Honestly, I could go on and on and on, so I think I need to wrap this up now! Last year I did plan on documenting every single Dolenzmithy moment from the show, when I started my episode reviews, but that was actually so so hard because there was literally just SO MANY.

But anyway, feel free to browse my #dolenzmith tag on my blog because I’ve written extensively about these two before!

Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  

Chapter o9.  Chicken Feet  

“When you said you were going to make a scene, I didn’t know you were actually going to faint,” Jongin laughed through the phone. 

You made me faint, Oppa!  Man up and take responsibility,” you replied, thrashing your legs around in bed. 

“That was hilarious,” he continued to laugh.

“It was mortifying!  It’s going to be all over the newspapers in the morning!” you whined, only making him laugh louder. 

“Oppaaaaaaaa,” you wailed. 

“Go to bed,” he said and you could still hear hints of chuckling. 

“I am in bed,” you spoke, pouting. 

“Then go to sleep.  I’ll pick you up in the morning,” Jongin said.

“By morning you really mean afternoon, right?” you asked and he succumbed to another fit of laughter.  Were you really that funny?

“I’ll see you tomorrow.  Good night,” he said.

“Good night,” you replied and hung up. 

You rolled around bed, in your pjs, trying so very hard to fall asleep but insomnia was taking you captive.  Why did he kiss you?  He probably didn’t hear me tell him to kiss me on the cheek.  I mean, the crowd was pretty loud.  But the thumping of your heart told you otherwise.  Pabo.  Jongin, Pabo!  But his lips were so soft and sexy and sweet and…NO ________ah, staph.  Staph.    

Despite not getting an ounce of sleep, you got up from bed completely energized.  Giddily, you dug through your wardrobe to pick the prettiest and cutest dress of the bunch.  You slipped on the mint green flowy dress and braided your hair so it looked like a cascading waterfall.  As you bid your mother farewell, you threw on some tall stilettos.  You know…just in case you wanted to kiss him, you didn’t have to tiptoe.


The moment you walked out of the house, Jongin was already there, leaning against his car with crossed arms.  Oh you, stop looking so handsome. #^$T##%^%^ 

As always, he opened the passenger door for you and you got in. 

“So, what’s the occasion?  Why are you so dressed up?” he asked, amused. 

Oh, just a date with the world’s most handsome man a.k.a. my fiancé.  Biotches, step aside.


“Oh, nothing.  I just felt like it,” you half-lied, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see…” he teased and you pouted. 

Now that you finally observed, Jongin was quite dressed down today compared to his regular suit and tie.  He had on a gray sweater and his hair appeared soft, his bangs covering his forehead.  I still want to run my fingers through it. 

While you were busy gawking at him, he had already parked the car.

“_______ah, we’re here.  You can stop staring at me now,” Jongin said, turning off the engine of the car. 

Omg.  You hid your face behind your hair.  Laughing, he got out of the car and opened the door for you to get out.  With a face of puzzlement, you looked around to guess where your destination was.  The area was populated with street stalls and small cafés.  You turned to him questionably.  He slipped his hand into yours and pulled you to follow him.  And even though your stilettos allowed you to see Jongin from a new height, they were starting to hurt like crazy.  You hid your grimace from your fiancé. 

He stopped in front of a fried chicken stall. 

“Here?” you asked.

“Yep,” he replied, pulling out a seat for you to sit on. 

The waiters were very friendly and generous.  They laughed and talked with the two of you, even offering to gift you guys extra wings.  Your gaze fell on Jongin as he smiled genuinely at the waiter’s words.  Unknowingly, you found yourself grinning as well. 

“Does your girlfriend not like you eating fried chicken?” you asked him while gobbling down a wing.

“I don’t know.  Do you not like me eating fried chicken?” he replied also digging into his meal. 

“No.  I love fried chicken,” you responded, confused.

“Then why did you ask me?” he spoke with food in his mouth. 

“Because I thought she must not like it so that’s why you brought me here.  You know, since I apparently have a diet of a child,” you answered. 

He laughed, “I’m glad you’re actually admitting it”. 

You pouted and pointed at your attire, “But I’m starting to regret wearing this”.  

“Nah, you look beautiful as always,” he casually complimented.  Argh.  You flirt, you don’t understand the feels I get when you say things like this. 

Staring at him, you sighed and placed your unfinished chicken back onto the plate.  He probably doesn’t even see you as a girl because he’s treating you like some guy friend, eating fried chicken with him while watching a football game.  Jongin would never do that in front of his little girlfriend. 

“Are you full already?” he asked.

You nodded and pushed your plate over to him.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom,” you mumbled. 

At the bathroom, you immediately took your shoes off.  A streak of red lined your Achilles heel.  You touched it and instantly winced in pain.  What a great way to add salt to my wound. 

“What’s the point?  We’re not real anyway,” you said to your reflection in the mirror. 

Cinderella will have to wake up one day and give back her Prince Charming to another girl. 


Sluggishly, you walked back out to reunite with your fiancé.  You discovered him with two plates of bones as he rubbed his stomach in satisfaction.

“Let’s go, I’m done,” he said.

You waited patiently as he went into the bathroom to wash his oily hands.  A teenage girl walked passed and stopped in front of you.

“Hey, are you _______ _______?” she asked. 

“Mmhm…” you replied.

“Omgosh, your fiancé is so hot,” she confessed. 

You clenched your fist under the table. 

Faking a smile, you replied, “Thanks, I’ll tell him you said that”. 

“You guys don’t match at all.  He should marry someone prettier,” she quipped. 

Omg, what did this little biotch just say?  You clawed at the bottom of the table to prevent yourself from clawing at her face. 

“That’s good to know,” you tried to calmly reply. 

Just as you were about to explode, Jongin returned from his bathroom break.  You watched helplessly as the fangirl rubbed her hands all over your fiancé.  Dammit, biotch.  I haven’t even touched those places before, how dare you.  You narrowed your eyes as Jongin semi-flirted with her. 

Angry, you grabbed your purse and headed out.  You threw on a pair of sunglasses and stalked off, ignoring the painful sensation of your heels getting sliced more and more with every step you took.  Warm liquid dripped down your shaded eyes and you roughly wiped them away with your hands.  You don’t even understand why you were so upset.  It’s not like she said anything but the truth. 

“_________ah!” Jongin called, chasing after you. 

As soon as he caught up, he grabbed you by the arm.  You flung him off angrily. 

“Hey, hey.  Why are you so angry?” he asked. 

You don’t respond.   

“Why do you have sunglasses on?  It’s winter,” he questioned, laughing at your fashion sense. 

You ignored him again, running over to the street corner to hail a taxi. 

“Hey.  What’s wrong?” Jongin asked, his tone desperate. 

He slammed the taxi door shut and waved for the driver to leave.  Still, you ignored him, walking over to another street corner.  Suddenly, he scooped you off your feet and threw you over his shoulder.  You thrashed around childishly but he doesn’t let you down until he was at his car.  Gently, he placed you down onto the passenger seat. 

“Wait for me right here,” he said and ran off. 

You crossed your arms and cried in the car.  Why were you crying?  You had no idea why you were crying but you were.  Angrily, you kicked the car seat and buried your face into your inner elbow. 

Jongin returned with a plastic bag in his hand.  He took the contents out and threw the rest into the backseat.  You stubbornly continued to ignore him, until he lifted your leg onto his lap.  Gently, he took off your heels.  You hissed and finally looked up.  In his hands was a box of bandages.  Leaning down to your feet, he blew on your cut a few times before sealing it with a band-aid.  He patted his lap and you obediently lifted your other leg for him to examine. 

“Don’t ever wear those shoes ever again.  I’m going to bring them home and burn them,” he said angrily as he wrapped up the other cut. 

You let out a soft giggle.  Jongin looked up at you, relieved that you were happier. 

“Then how am I supposed to walk?” you asked, sniffling back your tears. 

“I’ll carry you,” he immediately responded.

Butterflies flutter in your stomach and you burst out in a fit of laughter, already forgetting why you were mad in the first place.    


a/n: I can imagine you guys narrowing your eyes at the screen and thinking, “The longer she writes about them being fluffy and lovey-dovey that means the obstacle is going to be super angsty”.  (╯ಊ╰) MUHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA maybe…maybe not  #trollchenpossessed

Soo glad you guys liked the last chapter :D It’s my favorite along with a few of the later ones hehe. 

Hamilton LIVE Details! (1/20/16 Matinee)

Act One: Part 2/2

Act One Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2]
Act Two Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Right Hand Man

  • Okay so before Washington comes out or the song starts or anything, there is a redcoat who is marching around the turntable, tapping an invisible snare drum to the beat of the snare and a flute rendition of seabury’s part of “farmer refuted” that the orchestra is playing 
  • as another ensemble member walks by, and the readcoat snaps her neck and the music drops. Cue “ British Admiral Howe’s got troops on the waterrrrr
  • hamilton and hamilsquad are center stage doing ‘rise up’
  • burr introduces washington to the entire crowd and he is SO AMPED 
  • washington has a sword when he first comes out, and he’s with a whole group of dancers and ensemble members 
  • ((also it was Sydney Harcourt on for Washington and he was AMAZING.. I hadn’t realized it wasnt chris until i heard his voice right here and was like ‘woah his voice is way deeper than chris’))
  • he does his solo bit in center stage with a spotlight on him, the ensemble frozen (if im remembering correctly) around him
  • as the song progresses, more and more ensemble members ‘die’ and their numbers diminish 
  • hamilsquad is walking across the stage toward the front stage right oak is right behind ham doing these big aggressive “BRAH!”s and its just way cool 
  • then ham’s like LIKE STEAL THE CANONS and shit get’s REAL
  • at every “BOOM!” the entire ensemble reacts
  • “ARE THESE THE MEN WITH WHICH I AM TO DEFEND AMERICA?!” is the first time you really see washington lose his cool on stage. he quickly collects himself for “we ride at midnight”
  • washington sits down at a desk and is reading through some pamphlets and writing some stuff
  • enter arron burr, who is looking at the audience with his hand on his forehead in a salute as asks for permission to speak and he introduces himself 
  • wash literally does not look up at burr one time, he just kinda continues about his business as burr is talking. he only looks up at burr after he says “i admire how you keep firing on the british from a distance”
  • and then of course hamilton comes in, hand on forehead in salute as well and at “we keep meeting” burr flashes hamilton a super fake smile and then continues right along with washington
  • washington is like “burr!” and burr perks up a bit and turns to him and then washington is like “close the door on your way out” and the whole crowd was like OOOOOOOHH
  • at “hamitlon, how come no one wan get you on their staff?” ham gives the most indigent sounding “SIR!” and then again at “now why are you upset? “im not…” and he sounds like a kid who’s trying to hold back tears and try not to sound upset. and as he says it, he cant even look at washington, he just looks down at his feet and shuffles them a bit
  • at “i am not throwing away my shot” he very reluctantly takes a pen from washington and takes his desk and starts writing 
  • he walks up stage with a parchment and pen in hand as he does “ill write to congress and tell ‘em we need supplies”
  • sorry this was so long but i LOVE this song 

A Winter’s Ball

  • “watch this obnoxious, arrogent, loud-mouth bother” made the crowd crack up
  • at “we’re reliable with the LADIES!” the crowd died and all of hamilsquad in the back join in for burr’s “LADIES!”
  • burr is like front stage and hamilsquad is behind them and there are some ensemble members dancing around
  • at “martha washington named her feral tomcat after him” alex runs up behind burr and like peeks over his shoulder and says to the crowd “thats true!” all excitedly its so cute
  • at the “heys” they’re on the turntable like shuffling from stage right to stage left and hamilsquad is like winking and making finger guns at the crowd its great 
  • also on hamilton’s first “hey” the crowd DIED


  • enter schyler sisters, angelica is center stage with ham and he kisses her hand and they go off to the staircase together
  • when she introduces eliza to hamilton she says “my sister!” in the most giddy, proud sounding voice ever it was so cute they are so cute i just UGH
  • eliza at center stage with everyone around her. the part from the video was p much the same  
  • at “one week later” the sisters go to the front of the stage all together and eliza is between peggy and angelica
  • “im just saying if you really loved me you would share him” eliza shoves a letter into angelica’s chest and yells “HA!” 
  • at the back of the turntable is hamilton facing phillip (played by andrew for my performance!) like very gently and earnestly talking to him with his hands behind his back
  • they shake hands and hamilton smiles the most genuine, excited smile and runs over to eliza. they share a kiss. he goes to angelica and embraces her, he hugs peggy and then turns to the audience and DOES THE STANKY LEG TO CELEBRATE. 
  • then he turns around and sees phillip offering him a drink and he takes it and shares a drink with his soon to be father in law
  • he is standing center-stage looking right into eliza’s eyes at “i dont have a dollar to my name”
  • at “angelica tried to take a bite of me” eliza like turns around and looks for angelica so ham spins her around and is like “no stress, my lovefor you”
  • i think lafayette and angelica walk together, then laurens and peggy, and then MULLIGAN COMES OUT AND HE’S THE FUCKING FLOWER GIRL AND EVERYONE DIED
  • they walk down the aisle together and share a kiss at front stage and its so!!! cute!!!


  • eliza and hamilton are front stage left and angelica and peggy are center stage, with ensemble members all around them. they all raise a glass 
  • the sisters are like always kissing each other on the cheek and hugging and being so lovely in general
  • TO THE REVOLUTION hamilsquad goes IN they are so hyped
  • ALSO FOR THOSE OF YOU WONDERING HOW THEY DO THIS PART ON STAGE: renee stops singing from the first “rewind” until the last “I remember that night i just might” and a track plays as the entire ensemble goes through abbreviated dances from “helpless” and “sisters” in fucking reverse. like, lifts in reverse. it’s amazing i couldnt contain myself 
  • ham and angelica are center stage at “you strike me as a women who has never been satisfied” looking right at each other and they keep getting closer to each other and at “where’s your family from” their like practically touching noses theyre so close to each other and its this very intimate, tender moment and then “unimportant” he sorta pulls away a bit but then pulls himself back in close again 
  • at the 3 fundamental truths im pretty sure everyone else on stage freezes whenever she is speaking 
  • “but when i fantasize at night it’s alexander’s eyes” she like looks longingly at him as he stands frozen with eliza and looks so sad and the whole audience goes like dead quiet and it was reALLY SAD
  • then back to the wedding and she just looks so sad and i cry 

Story of Tonight (Reprise)

  • they are. SO DRUNK.
  • like stumbling across the stage and grabbing on to each other for support and it’s so great omg 
  • they get to stage left and the guys are singing and its wonderful
  • “there’s hope for OUR ASS, AFTER ALL!” laurens like points at himself and looks around at the guys and they all laugh and join in singing
  • “to the newly not poor of us!” mulligan like busts a move center stage. he’s like thrusting and the rest of the guys join in itS HYSTERICAL
  • burr comes in and hamilsquad is like “god not this guy” and tell him to spit and burr is like “nah” and lafayette’s like “you are the worst, burr”
  • “i wish i had your command instead of manning george’s journal” “no you dont” “YES, I DO” hamilton like stands on his toes and gives the most annoyed look its great
  • laurens keeps getting closer and closer to burr at “well i head you got a special someone” and keeps getting closer until he’s like almost up his nose at “what are you trying to hide, burr?” 
  • burr looks so uncomfortable and he’s like trying to back away but laurens just keeps drawing in closer with the biggest dopey grin on his face and then finally ham’s like “gooDBYE GUYS”
  • “she’s married” the little old lady behind me goes “mmm and her friend goes “oooh” and then “she’s married to a british officer” “oh, shit…” the crowd DIES
  • “congrats again alexander, smile more” he just sounds so genuine like “pls alex slow down and take a moment to just be happy and satisfied with what you have. you are so blessed to be where you are right now just take a minute to let it all in and smile about it” and hamilton’s like “i will never understand you” and i SOB BECAUSE HE NEVER WILL UNDERSTAND. HE DOESNT UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S OKAY TO STOP MOVING FORWARD EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE AND JUST TAKE IN WHAT’S AROUND YOU AND SMILE ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF BEING LIKE ‘GOGOGOGOGOGO’ ALL THE TIME AND BECAUSE HE NEVER TAKES A MOMENT TO SEE WHAT HE HAS HE MISSES OUT ON SO MUCH OF THE JOY IN LIFE AND I CRY FOR THE 13TH TIME THAT DAY
  • i’ll see you on the other side of the war i cry again and the lady behind me goes “oh…” gently and sadly to herself because on the other side of the war theYE ENEMIES I CRY

Wait for It

  • it’s just leslie center stage, standing totally still. the entire ensemble is watching him from the perimeter of the stage. all eyes on him. it was amazing
  • it was the most surreal moment tbh because the music is so light and delicate comparitively speaking to the songs that preceed it and so the whole crowd is like hanging on his every word
  • plus his voice is so soft and contained at the beginning of the song and we’re all hanging on his every word, everyone watching him and it’s literally as though the entire world is watching him to see what he’s gonna do
  • ensemble is around him to join in and harmonize for the second verse, but like all attention is still on him
  • “but if there’s a reason im still alive when everyone who loves me has died, im willing to wait for it” the lady behind me gasped 
  • the pause before the big WAIT FOR IT i like grasped my armrests and at “I AM INIMITABLE, I AM AN ORIGINAL” i like fistpumped
  • he looks right up at the upper mezzanine at that line and he legit looks right at me and i almost DIED
  • “what is it like in his shoes?” 
  • when everything comes down for “hamilton doesnt hesitate, he exhibits no restraint” and the delicate piano is playing the whole crowd is back hanging on his every word (the woman behind me sniffled at this point)
  • i cried
  • the crowd clapped and cheered for so long

Stay Alive

  • hamilton is sitting center stage left at a desk, writing with his glasses on 
  • eliza is on a balcony singing “stay aliiiiive”
  • and a redcoat is front stage right with a musket. a women is dancing behind him as he lays aim at hamilton, and she portrays a slow-moving bullet which passes right over him 
  • washington like storms in and is pacing around and ham is standing still
  • “i ask for french aid” lafayette is like all worried
  • “i stay at work with hamilton” he like walks over to hamilton and its super gay and just. listen. they are so gay at this point i would seriously hope no one is trying to deny it
  • washington is holding a pamphlet out for hamilton to sign at “and everyday ‘sir entrust me with a command’ and at “No.” sydeny goes to roll up the paper and almost drops it so he had to quickly recover 
  • “instead of me, he promotes *charles lee*” and lee like basically skips out and stands at front stage right for ‘im a general, wheeeEEEEE!!!” and the crowd is hysterical
  • washington is up on the stage right balcony and lee is at center stage at battle of monmouth and washington is literally like “what the actual fuck are you doing?!” he looks so annoyed omg
  • there is a bigger pause between “have lafayette take the lead” and hamilton’s “yes, sir!” in the show and you can actually see his shoulders drop a bit before he stands at attention and agrees to washington’s request
  • lee goes up to the center balcony and starts ranting and a spotlight is on him and he gets so annoyed and leans over the balcony railing and basically spits at washington at “go back to planting tobacco at mt. vernon”
  • sydney delivered his next line with an emphasis on “history” rather than the way jackson emphasizes “wrong” and i just really liked that subtlety. i feel like sydney plays a different washington and i quite love it tbh
  • ((like: “dont do a thing. history will prove him wrong” rather than: “dont do a thing, history will prove him wrong”)) i just thought it was really nice 
  • laurens like embraces hamilton at the end of the song it’s so wonderful

Ten Duel Commandments 

Meet Me Inside

  • lee throws his pistol aside and falls and is clutching his side and burr is like “yes he yields????” like almost as if to say ‘what the actual fuck did you think??”
  • laurens is like so HYPED UP and he goes over to hamilton and is like jumping up and down like a boxer who’s just won a match and is ready for more 
  • “im satisfied” he delivers so strongly and aggressively i LOVE
  • lee is like staggering around stage 
  • washington is so angry
  • at “meet me inside” the lady behind me went “oooooh” 
  • from this point on it was different from how i had the scene storyboarded out in my head but it was so much better omg 
  • hamilton and washington are standing front stage left and both looking out at the audience, not at each other. washington is on hamilton’s left (audience’s right)
  • “son-”  “dont call me son” hamilton looks at the ground in annoyance, washington is still looking at the audience
  • hamilton looks back up at the audience”this war is hard enough without infighting” 
  • “lee called you out, we called his bluff…” he still isnt looking at washington. 
  • “you solve nothing!” washington turns to look at hamilton “you aggrevate our allies to the south!” hamilton still cant look at him, he’s still looking at the audience when he says “youre absolutely right, john shoulda shot him in the mouth, that would’ve shut him up”
  • wash walks around behind and paces until he is standing on hamilton’s right (audience’s left) 
  • “son-” “im notcha son” ham is still standing upright and looking out at the crowd, but you can see in his body language he’s getting more and more angry with each second. like closer to exploding. his shoulders draw in ever so slightly and his fists clench a bit
  • he interrupts washington and yells to the crowd “charles lee! thomas conway! these men take your name, and they rake it through the mud”
  • “my name’s been through a lot, i can take it” - sydney’s emphasis is different here than jackson’s version. i loVE IT
  • “well i dont have you name, i dont have your titles” - the live version of this is so much better than the original cast recording tbh because you can hear how much it’s killing hamilton. he’s like almost pleading with him and his voice breaks at one point and it sounds like he’s almost about to cry
  • at “but if you–” “no!” sydney like drags out the “no!” so it sounds more like he’s saying “no, are you kidding me?!” rather than how jackson plays it very short and to the point
  • he finally snaps out of standing still and facing forward at “i am more than willing to die!” by turning to look at washington, who is still pacing around him. washington stop and pleads with him, and for the first time in this song since “meet me inside” they are looking at one another as they speak
  • as washington keeps talking alex is getting more and more tense until finally “CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME!” he legit gets right up in washington’s face and presses his forehead again his and you can see him holding back a punch. like, his fists are clenched behind him and he’s standing on his toes to seem taller and breathing so heavily that even from the rear mezz i could see his chest rising and falling 
  • gently and calmly washington goes “go home, alexander” while alex is still right up in his face. and alex falls back onto his feet from standing on his toes and just looks at him “that’s an order from your commander” alex unclenches his fists and drops his shoulders, looks up at him and whispers “sir…” and sydeny bellows out a great big “GO. HOME!” and alex looks so sad and im just like :’((((
  • it was all just so intense and so well played and i love it so much holy shit (i just really like when characters who have been bottling up their temper let loose and have that one thing that pushes them over the edge and they explode and its intense i just love it)

That Would Be Enough

  • eliza walks up and is holding her belly and looking tenderly at it as she speaks to hamilton
  • they go over to a bench and hamilton sits down and eliza is walking around him and hamiton’s crying and im soBBING
  • “will you relish being a poor man’s wife, unable to provide for your life?” his voice breaks twice during this and it kILLS ME
  • eliza sits next to him and he kisses her hand. he’s still crying and she’s like holding his shoulder and arm and trying to comfort him and it is so cUTE GOD
  • also phillipa’s VOICE LIKE GODDAMN

Guns and Ships

  • burr is up on the stage left balcony 
  • and at LAFAYETTE he jumps up onto a high table and is rapping up there and i was like ‘WHOOOO!!!” and it’s amazing omg   
  • at “guns, and ships” he jumps down on the “guns” and washington walks on stage 
  • the lady behind me went “whoa!”
  • “we can end this war at yorktown” he’s looking right as washington, and the rest of his part is delivered like “c’mon dude, get real. you know this is what we need”
  • when washington goes “i know” sydney plays it like super defeated sounding, like “i know, i know…”
  • washington writes his letter to hamilton and all the ensemble members are lined up from the bottom of the stairs up the stairs and around the balcony, and during washington’s solo part they pass it from member to member until it reaches hamilton 

History Has Its Eyes On You

  • he’s talking right to hamilton and ham like tears up 
  • its really intense
  • ham and washington are facing each other and saluting each other on the final ‘history has it’s eyes on you/me’ and its v heartfelt


  • i know that we have the video im gonna try to make this super brief so but HOLY SHIT IT IS SO FUCKING AMAZING 
  • the song opens and lafayetter and ham are standing front stage right talking to each other 
  • “immigrants, we get the job done” they high-five and the lady behind me goes “yeah, they do!” and people cheer and it’S SO GREAT OMG
  • “when you knock me down i get the FUCK back up again!” the crowd was like YAAASS
  • after the music drops the crowd starts cheering so loudly and then they continue with “after a week of fighting”
  • “wonder if this really means freedom” “not yet” the lady behind me went “ohhh”
  • the whole staging of everything was so good. it was my favorite number and the choreo and staging is just so fucking GOOD. 
  • B Y E 

What Comes Next

  • he comes out, wearing fewer robes and instead of walking out from the rear stage entrance and just looks more annoyed in general and the crowd is hysterical again even though he hasnt even said anything yet
  • his spotlight is red and on “im so blue” he stomps his foot and the spotlight changes to blue and everyone flipped out it was so amazing
  • the lady behind me with the infectious laugh was eating it up and was hysterical thoughout the whole song and it just made the whole thing even funnier for me it was amazing
  • after “you’re on your owwwwwnnnnnn” on the very last note he like throws his arms up in the air like “what the fuck i dont even care anymore” and i DIED

Dear Theodosia

  • its just two chairs in the front left and right of the stage and burr goes over and stands behind his chair and starts singing out toward the audience and itS SO BEAUTIFUL
  • hamilton comes out for his part and as he starts singing burr sits down in his chair, hamilton standing behind his
  • hamilton is SO PROUD
  • like he looks like he’s about to cry and his voice breaks a few times and he’s just so happy and im soBBING
  • at “ill do whatever it takes” “i’ll make a million mistakes” i LOST MY SHIT and started actually sobbing and the lady next to me just looked at me with the most considerate eyes and i was like “oh dont mind me im just having a moment here”
  • at the end of the song, hamilton sits in his chair and is looking out at the audience (his son) with the happiest most gentle face you could possibly imagine 

Lauren’s Death Scene 

  • okay so dear theo immediately transitions into laurens coming and standing on the far right side of the stage and sings “i may not live to see our glory” and im hystericAL
  • burr leaves and hamilton is sitting looking out at the crowd with that same pride-glowing expression and eliza walks in behind him a letter in hand and is like “alexander you have a letter”
  • he’s like “its from john laurens, ill read it later”
  • she’s like “no, its from his father”
  • and he goes “his father? will you read it to me?” and im like NO
  • and she reads it and says how laurens was killed in a small fight by retreating british troops. the war was already over. john dreamed to emancipate and recruit 3000 men for the first black military regiment. his dream of freedom for these men will never be realized and hamilton like throws his face into his hands and looks so sad and im like NO.
  • and laurens goes “tomorrow they’ll be more of usssss” and it’s so sad and beautiful and I LOSE MY SHIT
  • she goes “alexander, are you alright?” and he just goes “i have so much work to do” and i SOB


  • hamilton immediately goes into ‘non-stop’ and im like NO PLEASE JUST STOP AND GRIEVE FOR LIKE 5 SECONDS 
  • “burr worked next door” the crowd laughs
  • there is a table and one chair and across from them is the jury and theyre all spinning on the turntable
  • hamilton starts “gentlemen of the jury, im curious” and burr is standing sort of next to him and behind him and levi weeks is next to burr
  • burr grabs his shoulders and is like “hamilton sit down” and he sits and burr is like “that’s all you had to say” like “god, hamilton! just shut up for like five seconds!” and then “okay, ONE MORE THING!” and burr is like wtf bruh
  • hamilton stands on the table center stage and starts his solo bit and at “i practiced the law i practically perfected it and he kicks his leg in front of his other leg and it was so funny to me 
  • ‘i was chosen for the constitutional convention!” the whole ensemble is clapping quickly along with the beat of the song and hamilton jumps off the table he was on and is so giddy and child-like and it is SO CUTE
  • “who the eff is this?” the guy throws his arms up
  • he talks to burr and burr is like “wtf its the middle of the night pls go” and keeps looking back at his door as if to sorta cue hamilton to leave but ham’s like ‘NOPE I HAVE STUFF TO SAY’ 
  • at “the new US constitution” he like looks to the audience and gestures as if presenting a billboards kinda like how he ‘spells out his name’ in ‘my shot’ its v cute
  • angelica walks him around the turntable as she’s leaving for london
  • burr goes to front center stage and there are 3 chairs making a triangle behind him. the front 2 are empty and the back one is facing backwards and ham is sitting in it. spotlights on each of them and on burr
  • “in the end, the wrote 85 essays in the span of 6 months” - one lady behind me whispered “oh my god” and another one hummed in disbelief i loved it
  • when he says who wrote each number he turns the chair around and the spotlight drops on each of them
  • HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER 51!!! he like practically screams and the audience was like OH MY GOD like you could hear the general disbelief in the audience it was so cool
  • washington is up on the right side balcony and hamilton is on lower center stage and its almost like he’s asking himself “treasury or state?” and washington is like “treasury” and ham goes “lez go” with the most adorABLE SMILE YOU CAN IMAGINE 
  • then all the songs overlap and it’s basically like the most incredible feeling in the world like the heaven have been opened for you or youve reached nirvana is it just this moment of pure euphoria and bliss i cant even explain it but its even better in person than on the sountrack if you can believe that
  • he is standing front center stage, and the staircase has been moved so it’s behind him, center stage. angelica is holding his left hand and eliza is holding his right
  • on each of his two “i am not throwing away my shot”s, he aggressively pulls away from angelica and eliza and then runs up the stairs, and turns around for his final “I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!” and im like HOLY SHIT

END ACT ONE (part one of act one is here!)

((also i noticed that in the playbill they dont list ‘aaron burr, sir’, ‘story (reprise)’, ‘what comes next’, or ‘meet me inside’ as their own songs))


Act One Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2]
Act Two Recap: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Okay, so at a request from padawankorra I have decided to dissect anidala in a similar treatment regarding Season 2 Episode 4: Senate Spy, in which the council asks Padmé to spy on Senator Clovis cause they think he’s a separatist. 

first let me say MATT LANTER WAS SO STANDOUT IN THIS ugh (Catherine Taber too of course was wonderful as usual but omg he blows my mind every time) The banter at the beginning was amazing.  Just all the voice actors on this show unf.

Disclaimer: I’m looking through… I dunno, green tinted glasses? (whatever the opposite of rose is) here, since this post’s being kind of a response to the last post would mar these observations a bit. I’ll try to remain neutral lol. I will also give a bit of a synopsis in case you forgot what happened (it’d been a while for me since my last watch lol) so bear with me if it’s been a recent watch for you.

The first picture is Anakin surprising Padmé  because he thinks he has a day off. When Anakin is summoned back to the Jedi temple, Padmé appears somewhat disappointed. Anakin says, “Padmé, you can’t take this personally. Duty comes first, especially in wartime.” (me: uh huh yeah anakin you hear that?)

Back at the temple, Anakin tries to keep it casual when Mace Windu explains that they chose Padmé for the mission because she and Clovis have a history.

My fave part of this episode is when Obi Wan silently calls Anakin’s bullshit poker sabacc face. 

Jedi master? More like judgment face master. 

Anyway, so in this episode Anakin is tasked with convincing Padmé to accept the assignment, since she initially declined. Anakin, of course, sees this as trying to make her associate with an old flame, and walk directly into danger. Obv he ain’t wild about this. 

Fast forward to the next day where Anakin so delicately asks, “are you still mad about last night?” Padmé’s response: “Mad? I’m not mad.”  (see bitchface above in figure 4.)

The first anidala red flag I noticed in this ep (of course, I’m also looking for them and what you look for you often find) was that Padmé seems reluctant to talk about being upset with Anakin or feeling wronged by him (or regarding him, at least). I think this is an early example of how she may end up either forgiving Anakin quickly with a handwave or even convincing herself that she’s the one at fault. This kind of language, even though she might not mean it now, I think might be influencing her thought patterns until she believes those words.

Anakin tells Padmé he needs to ask her about Clovis to brief someone else he chooses for the mission, instead of her. He tells her it’s too dangerous. Her response: “I’ve been in tough situations before. It never seemed to bother you. I’ve never stopped you from facing danger!”

He says he won’t LET her go, even when she assures her own capability. Huge communication gap if you ask me. Padmé changes her mind, I think, from a spiteful place. She throws the “don’t take it personally” line back at him. Ooo burn. Not mad, huh? 

Before the council, Anakin shows he already has judged Clovis to be a huge danger, even though it hasn’t been proven yet. He’s using it to cover up his jealousy at C/P’s old relationship, I  think. 

Clovis invites Padmé to Cato Neimodia on business (also to “”“rekindle their “”””friendship”””””””). He obviously has one thing on his mind. I suppose Anakin is right to see right through this. Clovis is acting like a gross pig lol. When he kisses Padmé on the cheek before departure, we see her looking to Anakin, who returns a cute little snarl. (And where do we se this happen later. I’ll tell you. Season 6. Gold star.)

But really I have to call Anakin out on this. They have a secret marriage. What is Padmé supposed to do? Anakin’s little growl is just going to call attention to this. I mean, what does he expect? I think this could be interpreted as distrusting others with Padmé (which kind of objectifies her in a way by putting her on this pedestal). However, I’m willing to write this off as Clovis being a creep and making him uncomfortable. 

I think Anakin might say he’s trying to protect Padmé, but what I think he’s really more concerned about is protecting his monopoly on her. (again, being a slave fucks people up and he should’ve gotten therapy a long time ago)

Anakin’s childish response is to, on the shuttle, break the middle seat so they can’t sit next to each other (even though there’s a whole nother row on the other side? jeez). And he flies like an asshole to make Clovis fall over. Cute, Anakin.

Fast forward to after the Neimoidian senator poisons Padmé to get Clovis to submit to him (note that Clovis’ computer passcode is Padmé. He also seems actually hurt that Padmé simply renewed their friendship to spy on and steal from him. I think Clovis really does have genuine feelings for her. Anakin is right. Sucks to be you Anakin).

I think that Anakin being right this time conditions him to think that he’s right all the time. Not at this one particular instance. It’s one among a pattern. I think he begins to form the idea in his head that he knew all along and Padme was wrong to not trust him and she should defer to his judgment on things because he’s the chosen one and he’s always right. (Even if he is lol).

Then, Padmé again apologizes. In contrast to the next time this happens (regarding Clovis), Anakin says “For what?/// Your mission was a success.” He seems to not hold her at fault at all. Padme says, “No. I made you doubt me.” Like any of this was her fault at all?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think Padme kind of established accidentally in his mind that Anakin can get away with doubting her.  She placed herself below him. 

Anakin’s response: “Never.” (lie? does he have a bad memory or something?)  Nevertheless this is how it should happen every time. He should be validating her always. Sigh.

But next time it comes to Clovis, Anakin doesn’t react this way. Padmé fell at his feet when she didn’t have to. She was too insecure, I think. Bottom line, Anakin is her weakness, and she’ll do anything to keep him in her life and stay in his good favor. Her being so self-sacrificing for the relationship only fed Anakin’s power complex, I think.

I don’t think that this episode would cause a lot of raised eyebrows if you’re watching it for the first time. But after watching the season 6 arc, the parallels are pretty stark, and I really realize you kind of can see it coming. 

These could arguably be the seeds of an abusive relationship: Anakin’s possessiveness and power complex, Anakin’s jealousy and immaturity, Padmé’s need to prove others wrong when she’s in the right (her own spite nettled Anakin even more), Padmé’s self-sacrificing view of greater good (which differs from Anakin’s), etc. Padmé plays right into Anakin’s sort of god complex as much as he does, I think. She glosses over his misdeeds and faults just so things will be smooth sailing again. (I’m generalizing; she doesn’t always do this, but it seems to me that she does do it here. And I think this is a key point in their relationship.) 

Now, I don’t mean to be blaming Padmé for this at all. It’s just an unfortunate mishap and communication gap. It’s tragic, you know?

Your thoughts?

anonymous asked:

What about a fluffy nygmobblepot, where they were arguing and Oswald confesses his feelings in the middle of the argument? Thank you! :)

Oh, anon, you are more than welcome!! Hmmm…let’s see. Okay, so this is a fluffier take on what should have happened the day after Oswald sees Ed and Isabella kissing at the end of 3x07.

It had been hours since Ed left the mansion and this time Oswald knew better than to assume that some sort of harm had befallen Ed. No, it was something even worse - he was out with Isabella. As he tapped his cane in agitation and let the sound reverberate through the empty halls of the great house, he admonished himself silently for his own stupidity. If he had just confessed his feelings to Ed sooner, none of this would have happened. But he had to go and pick the worst moment of all time to freeze up. Stupid, stupid Oswald.

But much to his great shock, another sound cut through the chaos of his mind beyond just the feverish tapping. It was the sound of the door opening. Just by the sound of the footsteps, Oswald could tell these hasty, long strides belonged to none other than Edward Nygma. He sighed, hating that fact that he simultaneously wanted nothing more than to stand and bask in Ed’s glow and yet also wanted nothing to do with him.

Ed entered the room humming silently to himself, shifting papers back and forth in his hands from a massive pile he had tucked under his arm. He looked up and stopped humming abruptly at the sight of Oswald, taking a step back in surprise.

“Oh, Oswald. You startled me there. Hello.” Ed smiled, regaining his composure.

“Hello to you too.” Oswald hissed.

“Something wrong? You seem tense.”

“Just thinking about last night.”

“About the Founder’s Dinner, right.” Ed said. A small shadow of shame crossed his face, “I read about it this morning. Just terrible.”

“Mmm.” Was Oswald’s only reply, his mouth pursing into a hard, angry line.

“Wait a moment. You seem angry with me. Why are you upset with me, I didn’t do anything?”

Oswald leaned forward and knitted his hands together, shocked by the wave of sudden emotion his Chief of Staff’s words elicited.

“And you know, Ed, that’s precisely why I’m mad at you!” he barked, “You did nothing. Because you weren’t there! No, you had a date with your little harlot!”

“Oswald, this is Gotham. You’re mad at me because a lunatic appeared in Gotham? What could I have done?”

“You could have been there to support me! You could have been there to protect me! You said you would do anything for me, but apparently that offer expires when a pretty face comes along! How is Miss Isabella anyway? Well, I hope.” Oswald’s tone cut with a biting mockery and hurt he had been trying to hide.

“I wouldn’t know,” Ed snapped, eyes wide in astonishment, “We’re not seeing each other anymore.”

“Oh really? Then where were you just now?”

“Preparing press releases, Oswald!” Ed remarked tersely, slamming down his burden of papers with a loud thump, “Doing my duty as Chief of Staff! Isabella may have turned my head for a moment - she reminded me of the past, of a different time in my life, I’ll admit that. But I know she’s playing me. No one could accept that part of me. Only you did that. I came to my senses this morning and ended it. Not that it’s any of your business.”

“It’s very much my business, you are my employee! You work for me now, Ed!”

“Funny, and here I thought we had more of a relationship than that.” Ed scoffed.

“We could have had more of a relationship than that if you had come back home on time!”

“What are you talking about?” for once Ed look genuinely befuddled, which only irritated Oswald further.

“What do you think I’m talking about, you oblivious giraffe?! The thing I wanted to tell you at that dinner is that I love you!”

Oswald realized what he had said the moment the words escaped his lips. He gasped and slapped a hand over his mouth as if that could force the words back inside, but of course it couldn’t. Ed had frozen stock still like an animal caught in a snare and merely stared at Oswald with huge eyes.

“Say that again.“ Ed breathed at last.

“Uh, uh…I uh…what I meant to say, of course, is that I love your sense of loyalty to me and I…”

But Ed put an end to Oswald's stammering, cupping the smaller man’s face in both of his hands.

“No, no. Say what you said before exactly as you said it. I want to hear it again.”

“I love you…” Oswald whispered, feeling relieved and terrified all at once. It wasn’t how he had wanted this to go, but it was said.

Ed blinked for a second as if gazing into a light. Then, very slowly, a smile crossed his face.

“I knew it!” he said and pressed his mouth against Oswald’s with a grin of triumph, the heat of their argument forgotten.

Title: Misunderstandings 

Rating: G

Summary: Kashima’s usual confidence falters when she see’s something that makes her worry about the way she looks. 

A/N: Its my first horishima fic, oh lord what have i gotten myself into. I hope you guys like it! (Also let me know if you want some smut heh)

 She didn’t know why she was in the girl’s bathroom, alone. It was already 20 minutes past time for the drama club to start, and no doubt Hori-senpai was already looking for her but she couldn’t face him right now.

Kashima had always known what she looked like, it was obvious to everyone including her. She knew she was attractive and she used that to her advantage all the time but she wasn’t very feminine and she had always been fine with that.

Until right now.

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And here is a super salty post about the way a lot of this fandom treats Tobin

That’s what this post is. See look ^^^^^ – it’s right up there in the post title. So if you’re looking for humor or anything but salt, scroll on. You shall not find it here, nope. And while I will be a C@ryl (look at me censoring my own ship tag!) shipper until the end of time, but this is not remotely a shippy post. Okay, good talk.

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About a year ago, I was running a personal blog on Tumblr when I came across these three Kingdom Hearts RP blogs (askthefiremaster, foxyroxy813 and disorganizedkhlooser) and I followed them out of curiosity. I ended up interacting with both the muses and the muns simply because of how much fun it looked. Eventually, it led me to starting up an RP blog of my own, and thus, ask-the-cloaked-schemer-06 was born.

In the last four months, I’ve somehow managed to get over 300 followers. Now, I know there are a lot of blogs out there that have double, triple, probably even four times as many followers. But for me? This is a huge deal. And it truly means a lot to me that any of you actually care enough about my little trash baby, and about myself, to interact and follow me.

So without further ado, I present my follow forevers.

♥  M y  S o u l  ♥
(*The people with whom I regularly interact, the ones who tend to attack my askbox or vice versa, the ones who will always always make me smile. Or cry, because some of you like to really tug those heartstrings*)

askthenewlyinfected - A truly writer who’s created not just one, but three different OC’s and managed to blend perfectly into whatever fandom she chooses. I love everything that’s developed between our muses. While they’ve recently… done the do… prior to that, it was just a very antagonistic relationship, with poor Andiax constantly at a loss to deal with Zexion’s (literal) mind games. I haven’t had much interaction with the mun, but she just seems so smart and awesome and squee! <3
bloodrosesandgrace - Not only is the mun a total sweetheart, but this Marluxia has my fucking heart. Her drag!verse will have you in tears, though whether its in pain or in laughter… depends on the mood of the mun. Marly is so different in her hands than he is in canon, and I love it. Because Marluxia drives me up a damn wall, but in her blog, I just want to hold him close and love him forever. Most of the time, I want to do the same thing with the mun too because she’s a precious cinnamon roll that is too precious for this world.
divinus-crepusculum - Listen, in all seriousness, if you aren’t following this blog, you need to. If you like Isa, you will love what she’s done for him. If you don’t like Isa, you will love what she’s done for him. Not only is the mun a phenomenal artist, but she’s so imaginative and she’s so brilliant. It would seriously be in your best interest to follow her.
hopesradiance - Oh, I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love this Kairi and the mun. I’ve seen norted Kairi’s (although none do it as well as corruptedseventh), and I’ve seen canon-Kairi’s. This is easily the first Kairi that falls between the two. She’s not quite evil, but she’s also not the sweet, precious, always-kind “princess” that some people have come to expect. Kairi’s got a streak of fire going through her, and for the record, so does the mun.
ixthemelodiousnocturneix - There are few people I’ve met in my lifetime whose writing style matches mine, and that’s a wonderful thing. Because everyone writes differently, and that’s what makes reading so amazing. But the way this mun and I managed to connect with our writing… it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Truly, she is marvelous, and if you want a truly amazing Demyx/Emyd blog to follow, do not hesitate to follow her. She’s got talent beyond anything you’ll ever see.
liberumcaelum - So many words come to mind, both for Sora and Cole. The interactions between Sora and Ienzo have literally resulted in me getting messages saying that this was the last ship they would have ever pictured, but due to our threads, SoraxIenzo have practically become their OTP. Cole though… is easily one of the most amazing people you could ever know in your entire life. He’s friendly and sweet, he’s smart and funny, and overall, he’s just a genuinely good person. I build up a lot of walls, and he came crashing through all of them. If you’re ever presented with an opportunity to get to know him, and you pass it by, you may very well be passing on the chance to get to know one of the best people in the entire world. No matter what the future holds, my heart will forever be his.
lxndwyrm - I’ve actually, by my own nerves, had very little interaction, muse-to-muse, with this blog. However, from what I’ve seen, they encompass the character perfectly. Moreover, the mun in-and-of-themselves is truly a gift to this world. They’re always one of the first people to comment or message me whenever I seem even vaguely upset or distressed about something. And really, they’re like that with everyone. You don’t find a lot of people in the world that are so kind-hearted, and I’m so lucky to know them because I really don’t deserve to have such an awesome person that cares about me.
marik-luzil - Ah, Marik. Another OC that’s managed to blend into their chosen fandom with almost unnatural ease. It actually took me quite some time to realize that Marik was an OC, because the backstory seemed so… perfect that I seriously doubted by own Final Fantasy memory and had to rack my brain for a few hours before I realized he was an OC. The mun, as well, has always been so enthusiastic and interactive, and I love the relationship that’s built not only between the muses, but between us as well. They’re so wonderful to talk to and they actually live a couple of states away, so it’s always nice to have someone who understands the complexities of New England weather.
melodious-mullet-number-nine - One of the first Demyx blogs I followed and gah! Most of my interactions, with anyone, have been fluffy or smutty or just pure hatred (again, looking at you corruptedseventh). This is one of very few muses who’ve interacted with my trash baby in so many different situations: fluffy, platonic, angry, smutty, playful, cute… it’s really helped bring a lot of character development to Zexion that I don’t often get, because I tend to RP with Ienzo mostly. PLUS THE MUN IS SUCH A SWEET MARSHMALLOW AND I WANT TO SQUISH THEIR FACE! OMG!
oriturlux - Us cuties will always have to stick together, and I am so so so amazed by the fucking talent behind this Riku! From the amount of effort they put into their M!A’s, to their writing style, to the backstory given, to the way they interact with everyone and anyone who pops up. THIS IS A CLASS ACT RIKU AND YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THEM! Not to mention, the mun is wondrous, and even if they get a little goofy when they’re overtired, like I said before, us cuties have to stick together! <3
sensualroxas - Oh Roxas… if only I could bring Ienzo in to say what he thinks. A lot of my ships, with any muse, were either prediscussed or they were just thrown into a relationship in our first thread. But these two… Ienzo and Roxas were at each others throats so badly until one day, the mun and I realized that somewhere along the way, THESE TWO FUCKING MORONS SOMEHOW FELL FOR EACH OTHER?! As for the mun, oh shemakesmesmilesomuchandsheissuchasenpai! <3 Seriously, she checks in when I’m upset, she sends me pictures and songs to cheer me up and I’m so very very lucky to have such a beautiful, wonderful and amazing person in my life!
thecreepygunsman - I wish she and I were able to interact more often, but there’s a pretty massive time difference. But she’s easily one of my best friends, and she’s so… perfect in every way. When I’m down, or feeling bad about myself in general, she knows what to say to cheer me up, and she’s just so loving. She’s so polar opposite from her muse, which makes her portrayal of him that much more amazing. I think anyone who can write their muse is talented, but when you have nothing in common with them… it just truly shows how in touch with their muse they are. Rose, I do adore you, my dear. <3
thenameiscrow - I was always so afraid to interact with them at first because everything I saw from them was pure gold, and I was just so not worthy of them. Until I got to know the mun, and Ienzo got to know Crow, and now the two are just… inseperable. Crow is easily one of the most developed ships I’ve started with Ienzo, and for that, I will be forever grateful. The mun’s portrayal in its entirety makes me want to go out and buy the game, and I’ve been bribing my friend Jaden to hide the next copy that comes into his store so I can get it. The mun too… she’s great. She’s always open to plotting, she geeks over headcanons with me, and she lets me obsess over her muse, especially when he’s got glasses on. Everything about this entire blog is just so amazing.
unoraptormon - I started off with my little blurb about an OC, and I’ve come full circle back to another one. Ah, Harley. Ienzo’s feelings toward this particular muse tend to sway. On the one hand, he’s crazy about Harley. On another, he is horrified of Uno. Such a well-developed character, the amount of detail she’s put into their backstory, the amount of research and everything. The day she makes it big and gets famous, I’m gonna be at the front of the line to get her autograph. Their mun is just so wonderful, and so sweet, and she’s always available if you need someone to talk to. She’s got such a big heart. I count my lucky stars every day that I know such a beautiful person.

♥  M y  H e a r t  ♥
(*The people who I’ve most likely interacted with at some point, whether through RP or just harassing them in general. Also the people whose blogs I like to stalk read a lot*)

acadxmic | angelicroxas | artist-of-hyrule | askkairikingdomhurts | askthefiremaster | asktheprinceofdarkness | askxigbar | ask-demyx-blog | ask-number-four | ask-the-savage-nymph | aspiringparasyte | bluekeyblademaster | cloaked–schemer | clocking-out-early | corruptedseventh | demyxsdancingwaters | disorganizedkhlooser | eclecticdemdem | foxyroxy813 | fromzeroesandones | goldeneyedsniper | highchanceofwhirlwinds | illusionarymagic | isa-tope | keybladewielder13 | khrikuroleplay | kuromiyakun | littlelostglitch | melodixus | ninjaprincessofthieves | nocturnal-requiem | nothingnesstome | purelightsprincess | quick-silver-style | scarletwingedwarrior | spicydragonreno | spinejackel | taciturn-stalwart | thatstheway-aqua | thecrystalizeddemongirl | thedarkshadowyknight | thedemonkingganon | thehighclassbadass | thelightningsomebody | theoutgoingpinkettevampire thesunshineandthesea | vxidxgear | wavegxgs | welcome-to-nerd-school

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anonymous asked:

What were your thoughts on the eye exchange between Barry and iris in the final scene of the finale? Each time I watch it all the feels flood in haha


(I just watched it on a loop right now just btw. I’d blame you for that, anon, but there’s really nothing to blame you for. I love WestAllen)

Okay. Anyway. I love the set-up. The angel lighting up. Iris jumping up and down and clapping was the most adorable thing ever. I do the same thing all the time, so I just love how bubbly Iris is. And Barry looks over at Cisco, who has both his hands in the air, and Barry laughs a little with a wide grin on his face. But then his eyes land on Iris and his grin drops. And it hurts because Iris usually makes his grin wider, but things are a little precarious for them right now.

And Iris— Iris looks back. Barry hasn’t been looking at her for a long time, but she can still feel his gaze, and she returns it. She doesn’t have her usual wide magical smile, but there is a small smile on her face and she doesn’t drop it when she looks at him. She doesn’t look upset or angry. It’s not the same expressions as when he confesses or the same uncertainty when he first arrives at the West residence. Other people have said it looked like a gesture of reassurance and I agree. She probably feels a million different things about the confession, but Barry’s genuine congratulations on her and Eddie moving in together probably reassured her. Barry’s not the “Nice Guy” and she knows that. She knows that no matter what happens, Barry will still be her friend and will still only want her happiness.

And Barry, oh goodness, Barry’s face. His expression kind of falls and he looks down — he’s the first one to break the gaze. He keeps looking down and then back up at her, like he’s really worried about what her face will express. He’s still not all that reassured. Remember when he told Felicity he was scared telling Iris might change things? He really doesn’t know how this confession is going to change their relationship. But now it’s out there. He can’t take it back. Things are going to change and he doesn’t know in what direction. He kind of gulps (you can see him swallow) and he takes in this deep breath like he’s trying to ease some of his worry.

Then Iris breaks the gaze. She bows her head a little and looks down before turning away. It’s a very soft gesture. She’s still processing. She still doesn’t really know how to respond to all of this yet. It’s understandable. And that’s when Barry lets out that breath. People take a deep breath to calm themselves when faced with a situation, but they also tend to unconsciously hold it when they’re worried (because holding it can stop panic attacks). He holds that breath because he’s worried about how she’ll respond, he’s waiting for the ball to drop. And he lets it out because it didn’t. And that last close up of his face. And—

I really cannot wait for this hiatus to end so we see how Iris will respond to all of this!!!!!!!!!