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Tom Holland Imagine: All Too Well

Summary: This is based off of the song All Too Well by Taylor Swift. So be ready for a sad ending… Im sowwy…

A/N: Idk why I wrote this tbh I didn’t need this sadness in my life…

Warnings: None


“I walked through the door with you, the air was cold… but something bout it felt like home somehow…” 

 "Come on, love, you’re going to freeze to death!“ Tom called.

 I smiled at him and ran up the sidewalk to join him at the door of his parents’ house. Tom sat my bags on the ground and reached into his pocket to pull out his key. As soon as the door was open, the loud scream of Tom’s name filled both of our ears as his family came running around the corner to take in the rare sight of Tom Holland standing inside their home. 

Tom hugged all of them before turning to introduce me. 

 "Guys, this is Y/N. The love of my life.” Tom said with a wide smile across his face. 

 Tom’s mother smiled at me before pulling me into a loving hug. 

 "Oh, I can just tell you’re going to fit right in with us! Tom, take her bags up to her room! We’re going to give her a tour really fast!“ 

 I smiled at Tom before following his mother down the hallway. 

 "I told you they’d love you.” Tom whispered in my ear as he pressed a kiss to my temple.

 "Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place and I can picture it after all these days…“ 

 Tom’s hand held mine as we walked down the path. His other hand held the leash that Tessa was on. I pressed myself into his side as another cold strike of the wind hit us. 

 "I told you to bring your coat, love." 

 "I know, but it’s not that bad when the wind isn’t blowing. And besides, I have you beside me to keep me warm." 

 Tom smiled down at me and kissed my forehead as we continued our walk through the woods. Tom let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around me as I hugged his torso. We both walked in silence as the leaves began to fall around us. 

 "This is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s so beautiful, I could just stay out here and watch it all day.” I said. 

 Tom hummed in agreement. 

 "Well, as great as that would be, cuddling up by a warm fire with some hot chocolate is pretty great too.“ 

 I laughed and hugged Tom even tighter. Tom then stopped walking and turned to face me. 

 "I have to tell you something, Y/N…" 

 "Okay… what is it?" 

 "I-I love you." 

 I stared up at Tom in shock. Neither one of us had said those three words yet. I could tell Tom was growing anxious by my silence. 

 "I love you, too, Tom." 

 Tom’s smile grew huge and he pulled me into a kiss as the leaves continued to fall around us. 

 "Cause there we are again on that little town street, you almost ran the red cause you were looking over at me…" 

 "Why does Harrison have to live so far away from you?” I whined as we continued on the long drive towards our friend’s house. 

 "Because that’s the house his mum and dad bought.“ Tom whined back. 

 I giggled and reached over to turn the music up. I began to quietly sing the song that was playing in the radio. My feet were placed on his dashboard. Even though he hated when I did that, he had given up on trying to keep me from doing. Because I always did it. 

 "Uh, Tom? Why aren’t you slowing down? Tom! That’s a red light! Slow down!" 

Tom then hit the breaks as hard as he could so that we wouldn’t fly out and get hit by other cars. 

 "What was that all about?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips. 

 "Sorry, love. You’re just really beautiful. The wind was blowing through your hair and you’re voice, God your voice. I just couldn’t look away…“ he said as he began to blush. 

 "Alright, lover boy. Just pay attention to the road.” I said, causing us both to laugh. 

 “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks are turning red…" 

 Tom groaned as his mother continued to flip through the old photo album.

 "And here’s Tom after he lost his first tooth. He got so scared and thought he was dying! He woke up and screamed at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious!”

 Tom then stood up and grabbed the photo album from his mother. 

 "Please mum, not now!“ 

 Tom’s cheeks were bright red which made me and his mother laugh even harder. 

 "Well, I think you were very adorable, Tom.” I said as I leaned across and kissed his cheek. 

 The action only made his cheeks turn redder. 

 "Oh! I have to show you the one of him from the time he put my make up on himself!“ Nikki said as she raced off towards her room. 

 "NO!” Tom screamed as he chased his mom down the hallway. 

 "Cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light…“ 

 I had woken him up after I had a bad dream. Tom immediately took me to the kitchen to heat me up a glass of warm milk to help me go back to sleep. As we waited for the milk to warm on the stove, Tom pulled me into his chest and began to dance with me around the kitchen. 

 "And you can tell everybody that this is your song…” Tom quietly sang as he twirled me around. 

 Tom knew how much I loved this song solely from the fact that Ewan McGregor sounds like an absolute angel when he sings it in Moulin Rouge! Tom immediately became jealous the first time I expressed my crush on Ewan McGregor because he had played his son in The Impossible. Although Tom wasn’t as talented in Ewan, I loved his version a million times more because it was coming from him. 

 "Maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much… but maybe this thing was a masterpiece till you tore it all up…“ 

 "Tom, I’m not comfortable with this… I want you to follow your dreams, but this is too much. Please, just be honest with me. Is it true?" 

 Tom stared at me. His silence was all I needed. I slid out from the booth in the coffee shop and began to walk towards the exit. As I reached the door, I turned to face Tom one last time. He had his head placed in his hands. 

 "I just wanted you to love me.” I said to him before I walked out. 

 “You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest…“ 

 I hadn’t left my house in days. The thought of seeing Tom was too much for me to handle. I still love him. I think I always will. I felt my phone ring beside me and I answered it stupidly without looking at the caller ID. 


 "Y/N? Thank god…" 

 "Oh.. hi, Tom." 

 "Listen love, I know I hurt you but she meant nothing to me. I love you. I will always love you. You’re the only girl I’ve ever wanted! I was drunk and I hadn’t seen you in weeks and I was so lonely and she looked so much like you. I love you. I only want you. Please give me a second chance, I won’t let you down." 

 I felt a single tear fall down my cheeks as I heard his pleas. My heart was pounding against my chest, begging my brain to just forgive him so that it’s suffering could end, but I knew I had to stay strong and stick to my morales, because if I didn’t, I would lose who I am. 

 "Tom, never call me again." 

 And with that, I hung up. 

 "Time won’t fly its like I’m paralyzed by it, I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it…” 

 I spent what felt like years trying to fall back into my old life, but Tom was everywhere. His new success with Spider-Man had his face plastered on every magazine. I knew it had only been a few weeks since the phone call, but it felt like centuries. Tom had invaded my heart and I knew he would never truly leave it. I walked down the path that I had walked many times with him and Tessa. The same path where we first told each other “I love you”. I felt more tears slip from my eyes. I felt my heart break a million times more as I saw the leaves fall around me. Memories of the time I spent with him were constantly running through my mind, reminding me of what I had lost. I wish I had taken him back. What he had done was wrong, but if I hadn’t have been so stubborn I know we could’ve overcome it, but now I’ve ruined it. He’s probably already got another girl wrapped up in his arms, whispering all the sweet things that used to be for my ears only. He probably took her down this very path to tell her he loved her. He probably dances with her in the middle of the night and sings to her now. These thoughts ran through my mind as a constant reminder that Tom Holland was no longer mine.

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 2 :)

a/n: ok im super nervous about this one. i was requested to do a daddy smut w joker so ill try :) and let me tell you what this joker is like, he’s passionate here about.. making love sooo yeah AND he’s not 100000% maniacal, just a little bit of a maniac. here it goes 

a/n: update - im eating a banana rn :D

characters: Jared Leto!Joker, Reader

warnings: smut, swearing, daddy kink

Ever since the encounter with Mr. J two weeks ago, he was the only thing on my mind. How unfair, I get him as my only thought subject while he gets to have other things on his mind. Like… His business, Batman, police, his henchmen and other problems. I bet he doesn’t think about me at all. But God do I hope he does. What am I to him? A maid? A fuck toy? No thanks. He said he had a liking in me, does that mean I mean something more to him than just sex? I hope. 

Well, I can’t hope for that. We can’t have feelings for each other, that would be wrong - he’s my boss. If he uses me just for sex - that would partly be acceptable. No, no that wouldn’t be. Jesus, what’s gotten into me lately? Have I caught feelings for him? Him? 

If we could keep it as just sex, it would save heartbreak for everyone. I wouldn’t be complaining. I’m not complaining, the sex was just… wow. The best I’ve had. And, it was the only time for me and him. Did he not like me in bed? What if I was bad at it? Oh my God, I hope not.

Every day I was longing for his touch, but the only thing I received was looks and orders. This was really frustrating me. He was so complicated, I couldn’t figure him out in any way. I guess that was his goal. To be mysterious and unpredictable, closed to everyone around. Mr. J was giving me a hard time.

I was cleaning the boss’s own bedroom - which didn’t need much cleaning, but I cleaned it anyway cause there was nothing else to do - when I heard an echo of a door being shut. He must have come back from business. I heard shouts that seemed like happy ones echoing through the house, but just kept cleaning. Guess Mr. J had successful business today. 

I spotted a gun on the floor and bent to pick it up.It was quite heavy.  I hoped my uniform didn’t go up too high because if someone walked in, there would be quite a funny situation. I reached the gun and picked it up, straightening my posture so it would be more comfortable for me to look at it. It was-

“I would prefer the other position, doll.” I heard him speak from far behind me. My body froze, not knowing what to do. I had just picked up his gun. Oh my God, I’m so dead. Had he been watching me? I was so scared I couldn’t even think of what to say, I couldn’t move an inch. Okay, whatever happens, happens.

My breathing was heavy and quiet as I heard him walk up to me from behind and put his firm hands on my hips. What was happening?

“Be a good girl for Daddy and put that thing down, baby girl.” Mr. J spoke lowly and dominantly in my ear, his breath tingling my skin. I swear, my heart almost jumped out of its cage. I was scared, but also turned on a bit. Wait, did he ask me to put it back? But that would mean bending over again. I could just put it on the night stand. Yeah, let’s go with that option. I slowly, with my body shaking, bent forward and put the small weapon on the night stand, with his grip on me tight. 

“Oh baby,” he almost moaned in my ear. “Obedient today, are we?” He said as I bent back up. He pulled me even closer to his front and I could feel his boner through the fabrics of our clothing (a/n: gOD HELP ME I HAVENT WRITTEN SMUT IN LIKE A YEAR SHBSH I FEEL LIKE IM SINNING). I sucked in a sharp breath at the realisation that he was turned on by me. Wait, was it me? Oh my God what’s happening. “Not talking, either?” He asked and laughed lowly. He was turning me on, christ.

Suddenly Mr. J turned me around to face him and pull our bodies even closer, if that was possible at this point. I finally saw him for the first time today and we were finally as close to each other as last time. He looked pretty good, his shirt was unbuttoned at the top, showing a bit of his pale chest and tattoos and he had a slight smirk on his face. My mouth unvoluntarily fell agape at the sight before me.

“Do you like what you see, doll?” He said and raised my chin up to him with his hand. His eyes were focused on my face, as if searching my features. “C'mon, talk to me. You haven’t said a word.”

“Y-yes, sir, I-”

“It’s Daddy to you now.” He butted in.

“Yes, D-daddy,” I hesitated a bit. I know I was quite young to be working here - I finished high school a year ago, and he was a few years older than me, but his ‘daddy’ fetish was a little weird. “I j-just-”

“You look like something’s bothering you, can you tell Daddy what’s wrong?”

Can I? I mean, it has to do with him. Nah, I won’t let my self-consciousness ruin this perfect moment.

“It’s n-nothing, nothing’s bothering me, Daddy.”

“Really? Are you not lying to me, baby girl?”

“No, Daddy.”

“I love how it sounds when you say it.” Joker growls at me, making me shiver. His left hand makes its way up my back and soon he’s holding the back of my neck tightly, making me gasp. 

He pulls my face closer to his and connects our lips. Oh, so that’s what’s happening. I hesitate at first, but then put my hands around his neck and kiss him back. The way he kissed me was… with power, force and lust. I loved the combination. 

I moaned when he bit down on my lower lip with his metal teeth, there was more pleasure than pain. He grunted with a smirk and untied the bow that was holding my uniform together and threw it somewhere on the floor. I kicked off my heels before he pulled down my tights, all while our lips moved in sync.

Joker pulled away abruptly, making me whine at the loss of contact. He then tightened his grip on my neck and I got it as my que to be quiet.

“Now, baby girl,” he said, moving his hands to my back, “I’m gonna lay you down.” He said and did as promised, slowly, almost teasingly, laying my back first down on his bed. The covers felt like silk against my bare thighs, they were so soft. Joker leans back up and removes his… armory. He looked great from this point of view. He looked good from every angle, actually.

“You know,” he starts speaking matter-of-factly, ”you’re lucky I’m in a good mood today. Business went really well, so I’ve got nothing to be angry about. And to come home to such a great view of baby girl cleaning up… makes my day even better.” He finished, opening the lower buttons of his shirt.

“Aren’t you lucky to have me here, all just for you, Daddy?” I asked in a sweet voice, trying to ignore the hundred questions in my mind.

“Of course I am, my dear doll.” He said before getting on the bed and situating himself above me. “But now… it’s time to play a little bit.” He said, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. “What do you say?”

“Sure, Daddy.” I said barely above a whisper. Joker showed me his wicked smile and leaned down to kiss me again. I loved how rough, but soft his lips were, I loved the feeling of them. Mr. J’s hips pressed down on mine and his hands moved up to push my dress off of me. Once it was over my head, he threw it somewhere behind us. Now he was fully clothed with his purple shirt hanging on his torso and I was in only my black matching underwear.

Joker then sat up straight and his eyes raked over my body, mine watching him intently.

“We’ve got something beautiful here.” He stated loudly with a lustful smile. “Aren’t you beautiful, my dear?” He asked rethorically and I couldn’t help but to giggle and bite my lip. I watched as his face lowered down to my neck and he started slowly leaving rough kisses on my skin. I moaned as he traced his lips down my body, the valley of my breasts and he stopped at the middle of my tummy. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said quite sternly. I opened my eyes and looked down at him staring at me, his chin resting on my stomach. “Tell me what you want.” He said. He then turned his head so his cheek was on my stomach and his hands were resting under my body. “What do you want… What do you want… What do you want… Tell me, tell me, tell me…” he said, playing with the skin of my back.

“What re the options, Daddy?” I asked, in a half-moan. This all was turning me on so badly I just wanted him to take me right there, right now.

“Well… we could always just go with the boring option… or we could play games… or I could use my fingers, lips or any toy to make you, doll, pleased.” He said with joy filled eyes. “Today’s your day, baby girl. Daddy’s already happy, and he’ll be even more happy if his doll is.” He finished and I smiled at him. “So make your choice, darling.”

“Oh, Daddy, I would love to have your fingers work wonders on me…” I moaned out. 

“Beg for it, baby girl.”

“Oh, please, please, please, Daddy, I want your fingers so bad.” I whined, shutting my eyes closed. “Daddy, please.”

“You sound desperate, doll, so…” He rose up in a sitting position, straddling the sides of my hips. “I will give you what you want.” Mr. J said, tracing his fingers all over my face, moving them just the way to arouse me. I bet my panties were so wet it was visible. Jesus Christ, the things this man made me feel… 

His fingers moved down to my neck, then to my bra covered chest, kneading and touching it perfectly. Where has he been? He knows how to please a woman so well. He ripped my bra in half and threw it away. Multiple moans left my mouth, getting louder each time.

“Yes, baby, be loud, I love to hear you.” Joker encouraged me, moving his fingers further down my body and stopping just above my underwear. “Where do you want my fingers, doll?” He teased, tracing the line of my underwear with his fingers. “Do you want them…” he said, suddenly cupping my heat and making my back arch up from his bed. “There? Would that be okay with you?” Joker leaned in close to my face, his other hand supporting my back, so we were both sitting up. I put my arms around his neck. “Speak.” He growled.

“Y-yes, Daddy,” I managed to choke out. “Right there.” I said just before Joker pressed on my underwear, beginning to trace circles after. “Daddy, that feels s-so good….” I moaned out, dipping my fingers into his skin. He teased my center before moving my underwear to the side and continuing his work without a fabric bothering. “Daddy, please….”

“What? What is it?” Joker asked. “You don’t like it if I tease you, huh? You don’t like that?” He asked with a fake pout on his lips. 

“M-more, please, Daddy…” I begged. I bet there was a satisfied smirk on his face, but I didn’t see. His finger entering me had my eyes closed shut and mouth wide open, high pitched moans leaving it. “Oh, yes…” I sighed in pleasure, only to be interrupted when he added another finger, nearly reaching my G-spot. I almost screamed when he did that, it was more of like a scream and a moan mixed together. Mr. J began to circle them both around in me, bringing me closer to my release any second.

“Are you going to cum on my fingers like the naughty girl you are?” He huskily spoke in my ear, making me near my orgasm even faster. “Go on, do it. Come all over Daddy’s fingers, baby.” He spoke and that was all it took. My body shook, if I hadn’t been holding onto his neck, I’d probably hit the bed hard. With many moans and Mr. J holding me, I finally came to my release.

“Baby, that was wonderful.” He spoke with an audible smirk. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he raised his fingers in my view and licked them clean, humming. “You taste so sweet. I wish I could taste more of you, but not tonight…” Joker said and then leaned forward and kissed me… passionately? It must be a hallucination from the mind-blowing orgasm I just had. With as much energy as I had left, I kissed him back, being laid back down on the mattress under Joker’s body. “Now, baby girl, I hope you can take one more.” 

“Of course I can, Daddy.” I replied with a smile. “I can do anything for you.”



“Perfect.” He says and connects our lips again. Joker’s hands then reached down to his pants to unzip them. Soon enough the only thing he was wearing was the shirt, which barely covered anything except his arms. He pulled my panties down my legs and leant back over me. My hands slithered on his chest, reaching under the shirt and tugging it off. Mr. J quickly took it off himself, showing me the whole glory, aka his body. God, he was truly something. I ran my hands over both of his biceps, admiring how strong they were, he was. All his tattoos looked so good on his white skin, it was a total contrast

“Doll, you’ll have another time to analyze my body, but it’s not now.” Joker spoke, aligning himself with my entrance. “I believe we have something better to do now, don’t we?” He said before pushing all the way in, making me yelp out loudly. I had forgot how roughly gentle he was during sex, god… I loved it. I loved everything about him. 

“Please, faster..” I moaned out. Soon enough I got what I wanted, Joker and me both moaning in sync. He kissed down my neck while pounding into me like there was no tomorrow, totally leaving a hickey here and there.

“Are you close, baby?” He whispered lowly.

“I am now…” I said.

“Are you going to cum for the second time tonight, doll?” He teased, knowing just how to speak to get me cum sooner. “Aren’t you a naughty little slut for Daddy?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” It was so hard to speak while he was so deep in me, he was already touching my G-spot again. “Can you p-please go.. Ah! Deeper…” I asked, knowing it’d hurt a bit, but it would be worth it. Joker pushed harder, deeper into me, stretching me out a bit more than before. A string of moans came past my lips when he went probably balls deep in me, and it felt so amazing. “I’m s-so, so close, Daddy…” I moaned out, pulling him closer to me and scratching my nails against the skin of his back.

“Cum, baby, cum for me…” He said shakily, shooting his load in me just as I came undone. My legs were shaking and we were both sweating and breathing heavily. He pulled his member out of me and collapsed on the bed next to me. Now one thing I knew about him was that he couldn’t let anyone see him defeated or just… done in general. But he looked quite exhausted now, beaten down. 

J looked at me and turned my face in his direction by grabbing my chin. My eyelids were dropping close already, I could barely see him in front of me. 

“Rest, my doll.” He said. “You did amazing.” Him kissing my lips was the last thing I felt before totally blacking out.


Imagine finding out something amazing with Chris.

A/N: Part 4! Let’s call this one the calm before the storm. 😏 You can read the previous parts here: (‘Charlotte Rose’ - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3) and (‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’; 'Baby Fever’; 'Memory Lane’; and 'Little Ones’ - Masterlist) Enjoy. X

You’d entered the kitchen with your phone against your ear and a print of your completed script in your hand. You were on the phone with Alex, discussing the meetings he’d line up for you that day. You’d finally finished after months of hard work and were up to meeting with production companies and their chosen directors to make your pitch and hear theirs, as well as decide on who you wanted to trust with 'Charlotte Rose’ as it was a script that meant a lot to you. You’d already declined numerous production companies and their directors with only one company left; 'Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’. You were hoping things would work out, otherwise you were going to have to revisit or put the script aside until the right director came along.

The story was about Charlotte Rose, a blind violinist, who traveled the world inspiring those with disabilities aspiring to be musicians. You’d gotten the idea on your last day in Rome while you were on your romantic trip with your husband. You were checking out of the hotel when you heard beautifully played music coming from the hotel’s café. You’d always loved the melodies that violins offered, so you left Chris to deal with the bags while you made a detour.

It surprised you when you saw that the musician was blind, but what surprised you even more was how kind and positive she was when you spoke with her. You didn’t have a lot of time to speak with her as your cab was waiting for you, but by the end of the ten minute conversation, you’d decided Rosita’s story was one worth telling. You told her you were a screen wright and asked if she would be okay with you loosely basing a story around her. She was very touched by the offer and even gave you her contact detail if you ever needed to ask her any questions about anything. Other than you and Chris, she was the only other person who got to review your script the second you were done with it; you’d personally read the whole thing from cover to cover and recorded it like an audiobook just for her, because without her, you wouldn’t have a story to tell.

“Bud, you can’t just eat all the marshmallows and not the cereal.” You heard Chris tell your son and you looked over at them, chuckling softly while listening to Alex. “You have to eat it all,” Chris pushed the bowl back towards Jack who’d pushed it away after he claimed he was finished with.

“But Daddy, the marshmallows are the only parts I like.” Jack pouted when Chris pointed at the bowl, facials informing your son he had no choice but to finish it. “Fine,” he huffed and picked up his spoon again, passive-aggressively clinking his spoon against his plastic bowl as he ate his- most likely soggy- cereal.

You tuned back into your phone call when you heard Alex ask for your confirmation, “yeah, I’m going to head over now.” You said and Chris looked up at you with narrowed eyes; he, too, had a meeting he had to leave for now. “See you in a bit,” you bid Alex goodbye then hung up.

“Hey, babe?” Chris called from the dining table.

“Hm?” You hummed; you were too busy gathering your materials to look up at him.

“Are you headed out?” He quizzed and you looked up.

“Yeah,” you nodded as you walked over to kiss your boys goodbye. Jack giggled and squirmed away when you tried to give him a playfully loud smack on the cheek, whereas Chris turned his head to have you meet his lips instead. “I’m going to need you to drop Jack off at preschool today, I’ve got a meeting to run to.” You told him and he pressed his lips together. “What?” You felt your eyes narrow at his expression.

“I’ve got a meeting to run to too,” he answered with a wince. “We’re meeting the writer today to try and convince him or her to give us the movie rights. I told you the other night and you said…” He trailed off when he saw realization pool in your eyes and heard you cuss under your breath. “I’m meant to be leaving now, I just thought I’d help get Jack through breakfast seeing as you were still on the phone with Alex.”

“Oh my God, Chris,” you covered your mouth, “I honestly forgot.”

“You know what, it’s fine.” He chuckled and quickly tried to calm things when he saw you start to run a hand through your hair; an obvious tick when you were stressed out. “I’ll call them and tell them I’m going to be la-”

“No,” you shook your head, letting out a quick breath. “I’ll drop Jack off, you go to your meeting.” Chris tried to argue, but you didn’t give him a chance. “It’s fine, babe. You can’t be late for yours whereas I can afford to because they’re trying to win me over.” You chuckled when he did. “Just go, I’ll see you later.”

“I love you,” he quickly pecked you on the cheek as he got to his feet.

“I love you too,” you smiled and gave him a small wave as he rushed for the front door, disappearing around the corner and down the hallway. “Good luck, Captain,” you called, “you’re going to nail it!”

“You too, sweetheart!” You heard him call back then the front door slam shut.

• • • • • • • •

You spotted Alex waiting outside the restaurant as you pulled into the parking lot. You winced when you saw him tap at his watch and quickly mouthed a “sorry” even though he probably couldn’t see what you were saying. You got out of the car, grabbing your bag and files as you did, and made your way over to him.

“I am so sorry, Alex,” you told him and he chuckled softly; he knew you had a hectic schedule so he couldn’t be too mad at you. “Chris had a meeting to get to and I had to drop Jack off at preschool and there was a huge-”

“Don’t worry about it,” Alex cut you off with a smile. “They’re surprisingly understanding at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Most of them are parents themselves, so they understand what life is like with kids. Plus they’re all so interested in working with you that you could’ve left them waiting an extra hour and they’d still bend over backwards to get you to sign your script over to them.” You chuckled softly at that. “You’re fine, now let’s go in.” He said and led you inside. “I think you’re going to be very happy with the director they’re offering, it’s someone you’ve been wanting to work with for a while now.”

“I think you should know by now that a name isn’t all that’s going to win me over,” you responded with a chuckle and he nodded, sighing. You’d declined a few big names over the past few days, some you’d dreamed about working with since you started in the industry. “I need to know that I can trust the person with my work, Alex. I’m passionate about telling the story right, so if the director can’t meet my vision then- I’m not going to say yes.”

“I know. But trust me,” Alex bit back his smile as he stopped in front of the door of the private room. “This director is definitely going to meet your vision. He’s got a very unique mindset, one that I believe matches yours perfectly. In fact, I’d say he is worthy of being your soulmate.” He commented and you felt your eyes narrow in confusion. You’d no clue what he was talking about, nor were you in the right mind to figure it out; pregnancy brain was kind of kicking your ass a little. “You’ll see what I mean in a second.” He pushed the door open and stepped aside, holding out an arm to gesture you in first. “After you, Y/N.”

You walked into the room and felt your jaw drop at the sight of your husband sitting amongst a small group of men and women. “Chris?” You narrowed your eyes at him; he looked up at you and felt his own jaw drop. “What is happening here?” You asked as you turned to Alex, who was trying his utmost best not to laugh at your reaction.

“This is why they wouldn’t mention names,” Chris mumbled to himself then smiled when he realized what this meant; you were the mysterious nameless writer they wanted him to work with. “Oh my God,” he slapped his knee, grinning excitedly. “I can’t believe I’m finally going to be able to work with my wife.”

“As you can see, your director will be Chris Evans if you choose to sign on with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,” Alex informed you, smiling. You chuckled with a shake of your head, smiling at Chris who could not wipe his grin from his handsome face. “I thought I’d keep things fair and keep your husband for the last meeting, otherwise you wouldn’t even give the first five a shot.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to give my husband a shot?” You quizzed, smirking at Chris who was trying hard not to laugh. “Just because he’s my husband doesn’t mean I’m just going to trust him with my work, he’s still going to have to win me over.”

“Your wife is a tough one,” you heard one of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s representatives say to Chris and you saw him chuckle and nod in response. “Here we were thinking getting you to direct meant getting her script.” Chris looked up at you, smiling as he chewed on his middle finger. “I guess we were wrong about that,” the man chuckled softly.

“Don’t worry,” Chris dropped his hand, smirking. You bit back your smile as your husband said smugly, “I’m very good at winning her over. Case in point,” he held up his hand, letting his wedding band glisten under the fluorescent light. “Getting her to have a kid was another tough one, but here we are expecting a second one.” You chuckled softly, absent-mindedly smoothing your hand over your belly. “This is going to be a piece of cake. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”

“If you say so, Captain,” you felt your own smirk appear as you took your seat opposite Chris. You slid copies of your script across the table at your husband and his employers. “Now let’s see what you’ve got to bring to the table.”

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Part 5A coming! is here!

You’ve always liked Jim

Jim Kirk x Reader

“Hey Jim!” You ran up to the blonde who was just about to leave the bar with a girl.

“Y/n! How are you?” He asked and the girl looked from Jim to you with a confused glance.

“I’m great. Anyway. Heard you may be recruiting for the Enterprise again. Some people on leave?” You paused with a grin. “And you know that my credentials haven’t been disregarded. I’m top of my class in respect of engineering. But am also a highly skilled in the other areas of scientific engineering I have been researching and my project was published in one of the top branches a cadet could get. So I therefore ask if you’d consider me for the Enterprise?” Jim grinned at you and the girl walked off with a huff.

“Well. As you seem so eager Y/n. I’ll ask Pike what he thinks and then I’ll contact you.” Kirk put a hand on your arm. “We’ve been friends for a long time haven’t we?”

“Too long even. But you were always better than me.” You smiled.

“Come on! That’s not all true. You’ve beaten me in loads of things. If anything. I only recently got better than you.”

“Lying son of a bitch.” You laughed. Seeing Uhura you looked at her and she raised an eyebrow causing you to roll your eyes.

“What’re you two looking so happy about then?” Jim looked from Uhura and back to you.

“Nothing.” You smiled.

“Well. You’ve robbed me of a date. So, would you like to heal my wounds and come back to mine?” He paused. “You don’t have too.”

“No. I want to. What are you asking me for though?” You laughed quietly.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” He grinned and opened the door for you.

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Word Count:1,500

Warnings: Daddy kink, language

Summary: Bad boy/psychopath Tyler in prison, based off of Heathens music video

Request: can u do a tyler joseph daddy smut

I looked at my reflection in one of the many metal tables around me and centered my thin silver necklace. It was a gift from Tyler and I never took it off. The necklace was just a thin chain, but where someone might put their name or a small heart charm, I instead had “Daddy” in silver, cursive letters hanging delicately around my neck.

I took a deep breath and turned to the prison guard behind me, “I’m ready.”

We walked through the gray, concrete hallway, the only noise being my black heels against the hard surface. The prison guard accompanying me remained stone-faced the whole walk to Tyler’s visiting area. I couldn’t visit Tyler like everyone else got to visit their incarcerated loved ones. He was in the isolation unit. I wasn’t even supposed to get to see him, but he was friendly with some of the guards.

I could vividly remember the moment I showed up on my mother’s doorstep, crying, telling her that Tyler had gotten arrested. She looked down at me, her lips in a tight line, her eyes cold and adamant, and said, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave him and run as far as you can.” Those were her last words to me before slamming the door in my face. I understood. Hell, I always knew Tyler would end up in prison, and if not prison he’d go somewhere worse.

Tyler had never been mentally stable. He never killed them though. That’s what he told me, even when he came home soaked to the bone in someone else’s blood, he never killed them. I believed him; even when he got sentenced to 25-life in a maximum security prison, he was still innocent to me. No one understood that. But they didn’t see the man that I did. I was his princess, he was my daddy, and I was going to visit him as much as I could.

The six foot something prison guard led me through several locked doors until we finally came to a room. There weren’t any windows, but the single fluorescent light hanging from the ceiling was enough for the teeny tiny room. It was just like a concrete box, except one wall was made up of the bars they use on prison cells. The only difference between this and an actual cell was the table and chairs in the middle.

I muttered a quick thank you as the prison guard pulled out a chair for me. It was the chair facing the bars. This was the chair I always sat in. I liked it because I could see Tyler as they brought him to me. No matter how many men, dressed in their full military uniforms, with their big guns pressed to his back, were with him, his face always lit up when he saw me.

“They’re bringing him down.” The man told me before leaving and locking the heavy metal door behind him.

I knew he was just outside the door, ready to start the clock. Thirty minutes. That’s all the time I got, and I planned on making the most of it.

Being by myself was an adjustment in more ways than one. Tyler and I had gone from having sex five or six times a week to nothing at all. It was torture; especially because Tyler looked great in his orange jumpsuit.

I knew it was wrong. I mean my boyfriend was in prison and all I could think about was sex, but I had always been attracted to the “bad boy” type. So seeing Tyler in handcuffs did something for me and there was nothing I could do about it.

My head snapped up and the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I smiled and adjusted my cleavage so just enough was spilling out to get Tyler’s attention, but it still looked effortless and natural. Me, of all people, didn’t have a problem with pushing my boobs up to my ears, but Tyler did. Every time I tried to make any sort of advance, he shot me down. I didn’t see why, he was already in here for life with no chance of parole, it’s not like he could any more trouble.

A man, dressed like the SWAT team members I saw on TV, removed the lock from the bars. Then, for the first time this week, I saw Tyler. His face looked pretty banged up, but other than that he looked the same as usual.

When he saw me, he smirked and looked me up and down before being led inside by a group of officers. Once he was inside they sat him down in the chair across from me and re-handcuffed him with the handcuffs that were connected to the table. That meant he was basically chair-bound, which was perfect for me.

After Tyler’s posse finally left us alone, I sat forward in my hard metal chair, “I miss you, daddy.”

“I miss you too babygirl.” He said smiling.

I began slowly dragging my heeled foot up Tyler’s leg, “I miss your eyes, your mouth, your hands, and most of all I miss your-”

Tyler jerked his leg away from me, “Not here (Y/N).”

I sat back and crossed my arms over my chest, “If not here then where? Your five star hotel suite?”

I knew Tyler didn’t like it when I mouthed off, but it wasn’t like he could punish me for it, unfortunately.

“Was that sarcasm I just heard?” Tyler asked, his eyes now dark with what I hopped was lust.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just been soooo long. I need something daddy.” I whined.

Tyler’s eyes flicked up to the security camera on the wall behind me, “I know, but I can’t baby.” He wiggled his handcuffs for emphasis, “You know that.”

I glanced back at the camera and smirked, “I have an idea.”

Getting up from my seat, Tyler’s brown eyes flew to the short hemline of my skirt. I traced a manicured finger along the table as I walked over to where Tyler was sitting. With a little squeezing and shifting, I finally sat in Tyler’s lap, straddling his thighs.

“We have to be quick and quiet, okay?” He told me, glancing toward the door where the prison guard was standing with his back to us.

I grabbed the sides of his face and pressed a desperate kiss to his lips. It had been so long since I’d touched Tyler, let alone kissed him. Tyler, much to his dismay, couldn’t touch me because of the handcuffs, but my hands roamed everywhere. I made sure not one spot was left untouched by my hands or my lips, but I was truly concerned about one spot in particular.

Keeping my lips on his, I lightly palmed Tyler through his boxers until I felt him grow painfully hard beneath me. Tyler attached his lips to my neck, nipping at my sweet spot.

“D-daddy,” I moaned, grinding my hips against his.

Tyler groaned against my neck, “Shit babygirl, keep doing that.”

I brought his face up to mine and connected our lips. I started grinding down on  him as fast and as hard as I could. It was obvious that neither of us were going to last very long. Even though we were both fully clothed, it had been months since anything but my own fingers had touched me down there.

“You’re so fucking beautiful babygirl.” Tyler moaned.

“Oh god daddy, I-I’m gonna-” I tried to warn Tyler before my orgasm washed over me in waves, making my whole body feel tingly in the best way.

I felt Tyler come shortly after me, letting out a long groan and a string of curses.

He placed his forehead against mine, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry daddy, I made a mess on you.” I said, already feeling the moisture drip down my thighs.

Tyler laughed, “God I missed you.”

I laughed too and pressed a quick kiss to his chapped, swollen lips. Tyler turned his head and deepened the kiss, making me moan involuntarily. I was just about to work on Tyler’s neck, when I heard the harsh banging on the door that signalled that our time was up.

I pulled away from Tyler, lightly biting down on his bottom lip before wiggling out of his lap.

Back in my chair, I fixed my hair and the lipstick that had mostly rubbed off on Tyler’s mouth. As if on cue, the prison guard swung open the door and told me it was time to go. But before leaving, I discreetly traced a line up my cilt with my index finger and cleaned it off in my mouth, keeping eye contact with Tyler.

I saw his jaw clench and I smiled, innocently blowing him a kiss before prancing out of the room.


Honestly I’ve seen a lot of Heathens theories but my favorite is that Tyler went crazy and killed Josh so that’s basically what I went with here and idk but I think I might be in love with incarcerated Tyler??????

Also P.S. I kind of based this off of the Harley Quinn and Joker vibes I got from the Suicide Squad trailers 

Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B 😊 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Enjoy. X

Chris’ eyes scanned across the array of gelato flavors, making soft sounds with his lips as he tried to decide; a splitting image of Jack when he had to decide over an array of cereals. You wrapped your arm around Chris’, chuckling softly. “You know I thought leaving Jack behind meant not having to go through this, but you are just the same.”

“Okay,” he chuckled. “I don’t see you with gelato,” he retorted, “have you decided?”

“Yeah,” you laughed and pointed at the register where your two scoops were waiting patiently in a cup; you’d decided on ‘Pistachio’ and 'Dark Chocolate’ wanting to stray away from your go-to flavors 'Cookies & Cream’ and 'Salted Caramel’. “And it’s melting, so hurry it up.” You pulled away from him and walked over to the register so you could start eating while Chris decided.

“Your husband hasn’t changed, has he?” Lorenzo, the owner, laughed softly as the two of you watched Chris. You’d met and befriended Lorenzo on your honeymoon four years ago. He’d loved you and Chris, saying the two of you reminded him of him and his late wife when they were young and knee-deep in-love.

“Nope,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Can I try the tiramisu, please?” He asked the attendant then looked over at you, smiling when you chuckled at him. You both already knew what flavors he was going to walk out with; 'Cookies and Cream’ and 'Coffee’. He stuck with what he knew and loved, but he also liked trying everything else first which made the process grueling. “Oh, this is nice. What’s that one in the back like?” He quizzed, getting another small taste test.

You were almost halfway through yours when he finally ordered his usual after tasting another four flavors. He was lucky he was Captain America and the owner was a friend, otherwise they’d kick him out for trying almost every flavor in their display case. After Chris paid for the gelato with a massive tip, you both thanked Lorenzo for his hospitality and made your way out of their store and onto the streets of the beautiful city of Rome which hadn’t changed since your last visit. Rome was always going to hold a special place in both your hearts as it was where you’d spent your honeymoon, and so far- this trip was proving to be just as magical.

“What would you like to do today?” Chris asked, draping an arm around you; he’d squish you every time he tried to spoon ice-cream into his mouth, making you laugh. “Sorry,” he chuckled and you smiled, kissing his jaw. “Anyway, what would you like to do today? We can hit up all the spots we did when we honeymooned, redo Rome?”

“I don’t mind as long as I’m redoing Rome with you.”

“You’re sweeter than my gelato, you know that?” He smiled and kissed the side of your head. “Okay then, I’ll tour guide the trip. First stop…” He trailed off, taking a moment to ponder. “Oh, yes. What do you say we go recreate our kiss photo on the Spanish Steps?”

“That’s really cheesy, Chris,” you made a face, trying not to laugh as you teased him.

“Yeah,” his face fell slightly as he tried to make his case, “but that’s one of my favorite pic-”

“I’m kidding,” you giggled and he smiled, “I’d love to.” You tip-toed and pecked him on the lips.

“Guess I’m not the only one who hasn’t changed,” he chuckled, squishing you again as he nursed his gelato. “You’re still as cheeky as ever.” He scooped the tiniest bit of gelato onto his spoon. “But then again, so am I.” He poked you in the nose with his gelato then pulled away from you, laughing when you scoffed. “You’ve got a bit of-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left pec. “Hey, no!” He dodged your attempt to get back at him, still bellowing with laughter as he jogged a small distance away from you.

“I’m going to get you back,” you warned playfully, trying not to smile.

Despite the fact that you’d been together for nine years and were parents now, things between the two of you were still exciting and lively, fun and playful. It didn’t matter how many more years were yet to come, you and Chris both knew that you wouldn’t become one of those boring, old married couples with nothing to do and nothing to talk about. There was a promise made to always keep the romance alive, it didn’t matter how big or small the gesture was- it was the thought and the effort that counted. You’d both lived up to it so far- Chris going above and beyond with this trip- and you’d continue to live up to it as long as you were together.

“Aw, baby,” he cooed, pouting mockingly, “I am sure you will.” You tried not to laugh as you pursed your lips tightly. “C'mere, you messy girl.” He walked back over to you, using the back of his hand to wipe the gelato from your nose. “There we go,” he wiped his hand on his jeans, “back to perfection.”

“But now your jeans are sticky.”

“Yeah, but what’s new around you?” He smirked and you burst into laughter; he laughed as you playfully shoved him. “Wow, that was so crude,” he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued towards the Spanish Steps. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. It’s like I just have a constant stream of bad jokes in my head,” he chuckled.

“I can’t say that was your worst though,” you said; he chuckled when you did. “Aren’t you lucky I married you anyway?” You teased, looking up and smiling at him. Believe it or not, you lived for his terrible jokes; just like he lived for your perfectionism. Those things were part of who you were, part of the reason why one fell for the other. It may have been annoying to others, but it was adorable to you and Chris.

“Incredibly,” he smiled.

You found the Spanish Steps like you did the last trip, around the corner from Lorenzo’s gelato store. There were many tourists like the two of you taking photos and eating gelato on the steps, it was one of the must-see places when one visited Rome. You and Chris finished your gelato and tossed the paper cups away before you went in search of the spot you’d taken your kiss photo four years ago. It wasn’t that hard to find, Chris had it seared in his mind; it was his favorite photo after all. It was his phone’s background up until the birth of Jack, then he’d changed it to the photo that Jimmy Fallon showed at the interview; the one of the four of you. Chris looked around for someone to help take the photo, American tourists found you first.

“Oh my God, it’s Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N,” a girl in her twenties and her friends lit up at the sight of the two of you. “This is amazing! We’re such huge fans!” You and Chris smiled. “Do you want us to help you guys take a photo?”

“That’d be awesome,” Chris nodded and passed them his phone before rejoining you. “What?” He chuckled when you chuckled, burying your face in his chest. “Are you embarrassed?” He teased, poking your side as he wrapped his arms around you like he did the last time.

“Aren’t you, Mr. I-hate-the-limelight?”

“Never when I’m with you,” he told you, smiling. “When you’re around, you’re all I see. Why do you think I do red carpet events so well around you? It’s 'cause you’re the only thing I think about, I focus on you and everything else just fades away.”

“Aw,” you smiled. “Okay then, let’s take this photo and give your fans a story to tell.” He chuckled and looked over at the girls, nodding at them before drawing you in for a passionate kiss. You could hear them squealing as the camera flash went off. You wanted to laugh at their reaction but Chris’ kiss just took you to another dimension, giving the 'everything else just fades away’ experience. “Okay,” you giggled, breaking the kiss. “I think they got it.”

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled, giving you another quick kiss before pulling away to take his phone back from the girls. “Thank you, ladies. Y/N and I really appreciate the help,” he told them and they smiled at him before smiling at you. “Do you want a group photo before we go?” He asked, holding out his hand for you to take.

“Yes, please!”

Chris pulled you to his side, you both shared a smile before turning your attentions to one of the girls’ phones. The camera shutter went off and they thanked both of you before leaving you to your peace. Chris took your hand, leading you away from the Spanish Steps and onto your next destination. You chuckled softly when he entwined his fingers with yours.

“What?” He quizzed, chuckling softly.

“Nothing,” you shook your head. “I’m just wondering how long it’ll take for the guys to call when that photo goes viral,” you told him and he laughed. “They all know you very well, there’s no doubt that they’ll figure out the real reason for this trip.”

“There’s no real reason, there’s just one reason and that’s work.” He said and you laughed. “Work for my job of being the best husband ever,” he added, chuckling. “But what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

“I love you,” you chuckled.

“I love you too,” he smiled.

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Part 5C coming soon.

Anonymous said:I was hoping you’d do “Being Isaac’s best friend would include” please?

A/N: Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes, yes ,yes yes, yes! Isaac is my baby, I love him sooooooooo soooo soooo sooo sooooooooo much, okay? I totally need an intervention on my obsession with him. Haha! 😜 Oh gosh! I should stop gushing about him every time someone requests an imagine for him! Haha! Well, sweetie: I’m honoured to make this imagine, because who the hecky wouldn’t want to be Isaac Lahey’s best friend? He’s adorable and pretty hilarious. So please enjoy, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Isaac Lahey’s best friend would include:

- Both of you being relatively shy.

- Isaac being turned into a werewolf gave the two of you sudden confidence.

- Isaac beating up any guy that hits on you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

- “I’d tell you to put him down, but he’s a creep.

- “Good, because I wasn’t looking to negotiate anyway, (Y/N).

- Both of you being clumsy and not very coordinated, as in you tend to not have the best of luck?

- Isaac thinking he can take on anyone and you pulling him away and the two of you running for dear life.

- “Isaac, if we go to hell for this can we play ‘Highway To Hell’ while we make our way there? Just for our last comical sake?”  you’d pout.

- “I was just going to ask you that too.” he’d laugh in reply.

- Teasing each other relentlessly because you’re both pretty playful.

- Isaac still having his shy moments.

- “Awe you’re blushing!” you’d say, pinching his cheek.

- “Ow! Stop that!” he’d snap.

-”But your little cheek is red because you’re blushing.” you’d coo to him.

- “Actually, it’s from you pinching it and prying it off my face! OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!” he’d scream like a little girl.

- ”Haha sorry, sometimes I forget…” you’d look down shamefully.

- Sliding on wooden of tile floors with fluffy socks until one of you would get hurt.

- “Ow!

- “Ow!”

- “Why did we do this again? It turned out painful, Isaac!

- “I don’t know, it was your idea, (Y/N)!

- “Yeah, okay! Blame the one who came up with the idea!

- Walking into Mexican restaurants with Isaac and pretending you don’t know him because he pretends to be some macho dude.

- “Oh my gosh Isaac, stop it!” you hiss.

- “Why?

- “Don’t talk back to me! These people will think I know you!

- “But you do! Don’t bail on me now.” he’d pout.

- “Then stop acting like an idiot!

- “But you love it because we’re both idiots.” he’d pout and give you the blue puppy dog eyes.

- “You’re right, but just walk ahead of me and sit two seats down from me.

- Both of you getting caught by one of the pack members awkwardly hip thrusting to ‘Uptown Funk’ because you guys always make bets of who has better hip action.

- “Stop dancing! It’s weird!” Derek yells.

- “Not until someone says who’s better at the hip thrusting?” Isaac replies, continuing to hip thrust.

- “I’m demolishing you!” you’d scream.

- “That sounds very sexual.” Stiles would comment.

- “I didn’t mean it like that!” you’d snap.

- “Just pick already!” Isaac shouts.

- “Isaac!” “(Y/N)!” each half of the pack would cry.

- “God dammit, Jackson Rod Stuart, it’s a tie again!” you’d shout.

- “Who the hell is Jackson Rod Stuart?” Isaac wuould inquire suddenly, stopping altogether and looking at you awkwardly.

- “(Y/N) you haven’t been watching Hannah Montana again, have you?” Stiles would ask slowly.

- “No! I just remembered the name, okay? Sheesh!” you’d snap.

- “Something is seriously wrong with you two.” Derek would grumble.

- Being the best friends anyone could every ask for.

- “You’re my best buddy, you know that, Isaac?”

- “Yeah, I love you, (Y/N)…

- “I love you too.

- Lot’s of fluffy moments because you’re both sweet cute puppies.

- Karoake night.


- “Oh my god! Isaac stop singing you’re making my ears bleed!

- “Don’t hate, babe!


- “I meant it in a banter way! OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO DIE!

- Isaac running and screaming down the street as you chase him.

- When Isaac cries, you’re his shoulder to cry on.

- “Don’t worry, Isaac, I’m always here for you. I love you, okay? You’re my best friend and everything’s going to be okay. I’ll make sure of it.

- Isaac squeezing you when you cry.

- “I love you, okay? You’re my best friend and you have to pull through, okay? I can’t lose you. Not to them.

- Isaac sneaking in through your bedroom window to have deep late night talks until the two of you have the giggle fits and fall asleep curled up on your bed together.

- Unlimited piggy packs.

- “You’re so light, (Y/N).

- “Oh my gosh, Isaac. You’re so heavy! How much Mexican food do you eat??

- Holding hands and skipping down the street.

- Threatening Allison Argent.

- “You hurt him and you’re dead meat, you got that?

- “You can’t hurt me.

- “Oh don’t get cocky now, Allison. I can hand your ass to hell any day.”

- Crying your eyes out when he tells you when he’s leaving for France.

- “No! You can’t, Isaac! You’re my best friend and I can’t make it without you in my life.” you sobbed hysterically.

- “I’m sorry, (Y/N), but I have to go.

- “As much as I didn’t like her, I wish she never died so you wouldn’t leave me.” you blubber, squeezing your best friend to you until neither of you could breathe.

- “It doesn’t have to be this way, (Y/N). Come with me and we can still be best friends.

- You look up at him with joyful tears, unable to speak as you nod.

- Isaac helping you pack for France.

- Being boss ass bitches in France and annoying the fuck out of Chris Argent.

- “If you two weren’t kids or people I trust, I would shoot you two.”

- “That’s not nice to say!” you two say in unison.

- Isaac beating the crap out of your ex boyfriend who hurt you.

- You going psycho on any girl that hurts him.

- Always having each others backs and fighting along side each other.

- You treat each other like the siblings you both never had.

- “I’ve got your back, (Y/N).

- “And I’ve got yours.

- “We fight together and die together, okay?

- “Okay.

- “Forever best friends?”

- “Forever best friends.

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[SUMMARY: Negan and his wife both believe the other is dead until one day Negan comes to Alexandria. Negan finds his wife only to learn she now has a daughter and he thinks it’s with another man.]


Negan and Nora.

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**Sequel to “Imagine being Bruce Wayne’s daughter and Batman saves you from some thugs.” [x]**


You pulled up short as you entered your father’s room to find him shirtless, just finishing stitching up an ugly gash across his arm. His expression changed as he saw you, turning from shock to a strange sort of tension and then to uncertainty as he quickly turned so you couldn’t see the wound.

“What is it, [f/n]?” He asked, voice tense and flat as he grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his shoulders but not before you caught sight of the myriad of other injuries in all stages of healing. There were ugly bruises, nasty scars of all types and even a half-healed gouge that looked suspiciously like a knife wound. You just stood there, staring, unable to look away. A thousand thoughts raced through your mind until only one remained.

“You’re Batman, aren’t you, dad?” You whispered quietly, unsure of how to react. It didn’t seem possible but it also made sense in its own strange way.

You father turned slowly to face you, his expression unreadable as he finished buttoning his shirt. He swallowed, staring at your shocked, confused face. He couldn’t lie to you, not anymore. At last, he forced himself to nod stiffly, praying that telling you wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, he just had no idea how you would react.

What he didn’t expect was for you to run up to him and throw your arms around his waist. He grunted, more in surprise than in pain as you clung to him, tears leaking down your cheeks.

“You saved my life.” You whispered, your voice cracking. “Oh my God, Dad.”

He carefully returned the embrace, trying to speak past the lump of emotion in his throat, “I love you, [f/n].”

“I love you too, daddy.”

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I was rewatching the last scene of 3x11 just now *because of reasons* and, look: the ghost-overlaying of Hannibal’s reflection over Will’s face is so close that when Hannibal speaks the reflection of his mouth is over Will’s lips (for a second I thought Will was about to speak). 

So technically, right, technically: we have seen Hannibal’s lips on Will’s.

Imagine: Teasing Stiles about the kiss in front of everyone (Part 2 of 3)

The day after the kiss, you were standing in the middle of a park while coach Finstock tried to fix the bus with the bus driver. You had your arm looped through Stiles - having refused his sweater for the third time - and was pressing your face against the back of his shoulder when Lydia, Allison, and Scott walked over.

“So, are you two officially a thing now?” Lydia asked, wiggling her eyebrows at you and Stiles.

You looked up at Stiles. After kissing him, you had told him it was his choice if he wanted to date you because the kiss didn’t just confirm it and you didn’t want to make a mistake and tell people yes when it was no. Stiles nodded and wrapped an arm around your hip.

“Yeah, we’re a thing,” he said, doing the thing you loved when he stuck out his neck and made a face. You snickered and watched as Allison grinned.

“Well, you two are a very cute thing,” Allison commented.

You smirked and shifted from foot to foot. “Stiles thought I was a very cute thing last night after we kissed.”

Now it was Scott’s turn to comment. “Kissed? Whoa, you kissed?”

“Well yeah…Couples do that…right?” Stiles asked, a confused look on his face.

“Yeah, Stilinski, they do,” coach piped in while he passed you to head to the bus. “Idiot.”

Stiles slouched slightly and you laughed. “He said I was pretending not to be cold so he could be warm and then found a quick solution to our problem.”

“A kiss?” Scott continued.

“Yup.” You patted Stiles’ shoulder. “He said my lips were soft.”

“Oh God, Y/n, stooop!” Stiles whined.

You laughed and hugged him, shivering. Stiles sighed and unzipped his sweater, handing it to you without any words. You accepted it and put it on, leaning into Stiles for more warmth.

Stiles grinned, and for the first time in a long time, he looked genuinly happy.

“Give me Love” Part 2!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Pair : Jensen x Reader
A/N : a lot of people have asked for a second part to this, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it (:


The alarm went off, making me shoot up in bed. My head began pounding profusely.

The taste of bitter acid stitched in my mouth.
What happened last night?
All I could remember was being at the bar then-
I looked over to the side of my bed, and looked at my clothes thrown on the floor.

There was a knock at my door.
“Hey, are you coming to the carnival with us? JJ really wants you to go.” Danneel muttered, standing in front of my door way.

“Uh s-sure.” I exhaled.

“Great! She’s going to be so happy.” She smiled. “Hurry up and get ready!”

I nodded and watched her leave my room, closing the door behind her.

I sat in my bed for a moment, going over the weird dream I had.
Jensen helped me to bed and somehow, we kissed. It felt so real, but I know it’s just nothing more than a figment of my imagination, right?

I traced my fingers over my lips.
“It was just a dream.” I whispered.


The day was absolutely beautiful. The warm rays tingled my skin, as a warm breeze blew through my hair. It was relaxing.

Jensen was being extremely quiet today. Avoiding me and ignoring all of my inside jokes.

Did he have a similar dream?
No. That’s just too weird.

Danneel and JJ went on a ride, leaving both jensen and I alone.
“Hey!” I nudged him with my elbow.

Though he spoke no words, he nodded and flashed a faint smile.

“Are you ok? Because all day you’ve been quiet.” I stammered.

He looked at me quizzically and crossed his arms over his chest.
“What?” He murmured.

“I said, are you ok? Did I do something?”

He stared for a moment, eyes never leaving mine before dropping his head and chuckling to himself.
“You must’ve been pretty smashed last night.” He cackled.

I felt my body stiffen and my breath hitched to the back of my throat.
“Oh god, please tell me I didn’t say anything stupid, or do anything stupid!” I belted out, feeling embarrassed at the thought.

Jensen pulled his face up to mine and stared intently at me. “You didn’t do anything stupid, I promise.” You felt a weight lift off your shoulders. “I did.”

Before you could speak, you heard a faint voice from behind.

“Did you see me daddy? I was so tall!” JJ squealed.

Jensen swung her over his side. “I did. Was it fun?” He muttered as they walked toward another ride.

I froze in my stance. His words echoing in my head.

What in the hell did he mean when he said he did? What the hell happened.

All I could remember was the damn dream that- wait. The dream.
Did that really happen?

“Y/N.” Danneel stammered, snapping me back to reality.

“What?” I exhaled, feeling a lump begin to form in my throat.

“I was saying that I got the role!” She squealed, her face lighting up.

“O-oh the role. T-that’s great sis!” I tried to sound enthusiastic.

“Thank you. I leave in two weeks! I don’t know what to tell Jensen.” She muttered.

“W-wait, you haven’t told him yet?”

“No. I don’t know what to say. And he’s been acting weird all day.” She implied as she pointed toward her husband and daughter. “I mean, you could always help him with JJ right?”

“I-I can’t Danneel. I have work and-”

“Please! This is something I have wanted for so long! I am begging you.” She pleaded.

I nodded in agreement though I wasn’t sure it was a great idea.


The day turned into night. Our legs growing tired from walking around. JJ wanted to go on one last ride before we left.

The Ferris wheel.

Danneel sat with her while jensen and I sat together behind them.

My heart was pounding profusely, sweat beginning to cover my palms.

It was quiet for a moment. Not looking at one another.

Until our hands gently grazed over each other. Feeling a small shock vibrate through my body.

“S-sorry.” I hesitated.

“No need to be sorry.” He chuckled.

Damn he is handsome. The way his eyes crinkle when he smiled was beyond the most adorable thing.

“C-can I ask you something?” I exhaled, my stomach churned as each word spilled out from my mouth.

“What’s up?” His eyes locked with mine and damn, I could get lost just looking in them.

I took in a deep breath.
“What did you mean when you said you did something stupid?”

I noticed his grip tighten and his body stiffen as I laid out the question.

I wish I could of just kept my mouth shut, but then, I really wanted to know what happened.

The Ferris wheel came to a stop, and we were at the very top.

“Last night, you came home drunk.” He grunted. “And I helped you to your room.”

Oh no, so it wasn’t a dream? He was the one that got me out of my clothes?

“You started to- um.” He paused, motioning to my body. “Well undress.”

My body mirrored his and stiffened quickly. My breath hitched the back of my throat.

Jensen saw me in nothing but my underwear.

“And you were about to fall and well I tried to help you but we ended up on your bed.” His eyes left mine, looking out into the sky.

He pursed his lips and let out a soft sigh.

“What happened?” I croaked. My heart beating extremely fast.

“I kissed you.” He blurted out.

I felt my breath hitch to the back of my throat.

He kissed me?

The ride began to move again, causing us both to jump.

I looked ahead, his words replaying as the images flooded into my head.

“Y/N, say something.” He muttered. “I think I’m in love with you.”

His eyes filled with worry, as he clutched onto my hand.
I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. Nothing but the air I held onto for quite a while.

We came to a stop once again, but now we were hopping off to meet up with Danneel and JJ who got off before us.

“Wasn’t that fun? I love Ferris wheels.” Danneel stammered.

“Me too.” Jensen yelped. “Come on, let’s take princess home now.” He pulled JJ up into his arms, gently caressing her into his warm embrace.

I watched as they walked ahead of me, my mind swirling with different emotions.

Danneel intertwined her hands with Jensen, making me freeze in my steps.

“I think I’m in love with you too.” I whispered.


Dave Lizewski Imagine: Hurt

You knew about Dave being kick-ass and had known for a very long time, that boy was terrible at keeping secrets from you, however he had no idea. You figured it out back when you came over one time and you saw the edge of his costume peeking out from behind his bed so when he left room to get drinks you pulled it out further and your thoughts were confirmed.  Dave was kick-ass.

Ever since you found out you would constantly worry over him and fuss over him every time he looked even the slightest bit in pain. Dave didn’t really think anything of it apart from you trying to be a good friend. But in reality every time you heard about kick-ass on the news getting into fights you were overcome with fear.

You truly loved your best friend, he was your rock you turned to him for advice, every big decision you make, he guides you through them, and you couldn’t imagine him not being there.

It was a rainy cold night so you had decided that coffee and a film would be the best way to deal with it, as you couldn’t get in touch with Dave and your other friend had gone out together. You were invited but it was raining heavily and inside was so warm. You had just decided on Marley and Me before there was a loud knock at your window before Dave clambered through, his mask gone, his curls stuck to his forehead and most importantly stood in his blood soaked kick ass costume.

“Y/n, don’t freak okay? Yes I’m kick ass and I really need your help I cannot go home like this” he spoke pleadingly as he tried to wipe some blood off of his knuckles. “Dave I know you’re kick ass” you said grabbing a wet towel from your bathroom that you had just ran under the tap and ran back over to him, starting by dabbing his hands to remove the blood as he hissed. “Do you have my hoodie and shorts here from the last time I stayed?” he asked as you nodded pulling them out o a old drawer waiting patiently as he got changed. Dave changed the shorts quickly but when it came to the shirt you noticed a cut along his collarbone. “Dave wait” you ordered your best friend to stop before you dabbed the towel against the smaller now looking cut. The tricky part was removing all the blood so you found yourself inches from his face.

“Y/n” he whispered making you look up, your eyes locking with his. Placing your hands on his face you kissed him softly, him whimpering as your tongue ran over a cut on him lip. This was wrong. You were best friends and right now you had his lips onto yours. Pulling back you focused your attention to the blood on his face. “How long had you known” he questioned regarding the kick-ass situation. “3 months I think” you replied his eyes widening. It was obvious that you both wanted to talk about what had just happened but neither of you could find the words. Placing the towel against his blood covered forehead a clap of thunder made you practically jump into his arms. At this point his arms were wrapped around you tightly and your hands were on his face still. That’s when it happened again you lips were onto his this time more passionately and for much longer. The kiss lasted for about 2 solid minutes before your mum walked in. “Oh my god, my eyes, not looking not looking” she exclaimed shutting the door before running back down the stairs making you and Dave both giggle.

“Why haven’t we done that before?” he chuckled making you smile into his chest, “I have no idea”

Imagine an old friend of Scott and Stiles’ comes back into town; only she’s not the girl they remembered. 

Getting out on the field, Scott thought it was going to be a stress free day of no supernatural drama. But as he threw his stuff on the ground, he noticed that there was a girl talking to coach.

Her back was turned to him, her long brunette hair hiding any features he could possibly see. 

Scott studied her closely, interested in who she was now; forgetting that Stiles was talking to him about something unimportant. 

“I’m as good as any of the players on the field and you know it!” She argued with Coach Finstock, turning around as he tried to walk away from her.

It was like a tons of bricks just got dropped on him… Scott couldn’t believe his eyes. She had the same blue steel eyes and fair skin from when they were children… She grew into her baby fat and it suited her well. But there was something off about her… Scott didn’t know what but there was defiantly something. 

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Supernatural: Castiel x Reader

Sorry I haven’t posted! I was really busy.. This is a semi-long one for you guys! If you like long reads, I really hope you enjoy this.

- The boys put you in time out for following a dangerous case on your own. Left alone in the bunker, (with no pads left) Mother Nature decides to visit. -


You try to open the bunker door, but it’s locked from the outside. “Are you kidding me? They were serious about the time out?” You grip your stomach and run to your room.

“Ugh! Of course this had to happen now!” You turn the room upside down, in search of something to keep your pain at bay. Nothing. You can’t find a single damn thing. And you already used your last pad a few hours ago.

“Looks like I’ll just have to call someone…” You decide to call Sam first. You type his number in. It’s ringing… Still ringing… You hear a pause. “Sam I-”

“We’re sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. Please check the number or try your call again later. Thank you. Good bye.” Fuck.

“Okay… Let me try Dean…” You dial his number and wait for him to answer. “Pick up, pick up, pick up…” You hear the pause, “Dean? Please tell m-”

“We’re sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. Please check the number or try your call again later. Thank you. Good bye.” Double fuck. 

“Holy hell. Alrighty! Castiel better pick up…” You hear the pause and wait a few seconds. When you don’t hear anything you decide to hang up, not wanting to hear that stupid message again. Just before you hit the “end call” button you hear him.

“Hello? Y/N?” 

“Cas! Hi! Where the hell are Sam and Dean? I’ve been trying to reach them!”

“They went off to finish the case that you were-”

You cut him off, “Actually you know what, I don’t care. I have you. I need your help.” 

“They said that I’m not allowed to talk to you because you’re in a time out… What is a ‘time out’?”

“It’s exactly what it sounds like Cas. But that doesn’t matter right now, I need you to… Wait, what do you mean you’re not allowed to talk to me?”

“Dean said I can’t talk to you because you’re-”

“In a time out, I got it!” Frustrated you pinch the bridge of your nose. “That’s a bit over the top.” You mumble.


“Nothing.. it’s too late anyway, you’re already talking to me and I need your help.” You hear him sigh. “Cas, please? It’s important…”

“…Fine. What’s wrong?”

“Mother Nature decided to visit, and I don’t have any pads or tampons. I need you to get me some.”

“I… Don’t understand that reference… Mother Nature? What is she doing? I don’t know what-”

“Oh my… Castiel! Please… please pick me up! I promise you, you will not get in trouble.” You tap your foot waiting for an answer.

He takes a moment to think about it, “I’m not sure…”

Though the pain doesn’t amount to the many times you and the boys have been tortured, but on a normal day like today, it does. You can’t hold it in anymore. “Castiel, I am bleeding. I am pissed off. Pick. Me. Up. Now!”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“I love you so much right now! See you in ten!” You hang up the phone and get ready. 


You hear the door open. Castiel’s voice slightly echoes, “Y/N?”

He leans over the railing and looks down at you. You run up the stairs and hug him, “Thank you so much! Okay let’s go!” You let him go and just as you were about to run out the door, he grabs your arm.

“Wait, wait. What did you say about bleeding?”

“Were you… Are you actually confused about that?” You ask him, he gives you a genuine look. You glance down at your shoes, “It’s my time of the month…”  

“So… your menstrual cycle?” You nod your head. He still looks confused though.

“What’s wrong? Why do you still have that look on your face?” 

“What does your menstrual cycle have to do with Mother Nature?”

You giggle, “Oh my lovely Castiel, never change. It’s just a phrase some girls say. Now, let’s go.” You grab his hand and speed walk out the door.


Once you two arrive to the store, you head straight to the “feminine care” section. As you quickly browse the items, you remember you need pain killers. 

“Oh shit. Cas do you think you can handle picking one or two out? I just need to grab something real fast. Meet me at the register!” He nods his head as you rush to the medicine aisle.

How hard can it be? They’re all the same thing. He’ll be fine. 

You remember that there are actually a few things you had to buy. So you go back and pick up a basket and hastily grab the pain killers, some snacks, drinks, and toilet paper. 

Looking over at the cashier, he has a few customers, but none of them are Castiel. Confused, you head over to the last place you left him. 

“Cas?” You call, on the way to the feminine aisle. You see him squatting down in front of the lowest shelf holding two different brands in both of his hands.

“There’s so many different ones.” He holds up his left hand, “This one is extra absorbent… But this one…” Castiel gently shakes the box in his right hand, and stands up, “This one is very flexible, so you’ll have no discomfort.” He then looks up and scans the whole shelf, “I don’t understand. Why are there so many?”

Setting your heavy basket down next to him, you look at him in disbelief. Castiel, the “all-powerful”, badass angel, spent half an hour debating on which pad or tampon he should get you, so that you’re not uncomfortable. 

Castiel turns to you and holds them out. You stare at him and think, ‘He’s too fucking cute to be doing this. I can’t…’ 

In the spur of the moment you grab his face and kiss him, causing him to drop one box with a loud thump.

You let go and realize what you did. It was his turn to stare at you, “Cas… I’m… So sorry. I didn’t mean too. I get really… I’m on my period so I don-”

He drops the other box and tangles his fingers into your hair, while smashing his lips onto yours. You hesitantly put your arms around his waist as he deepens the kiss. 

When he finally let’s go, you take a breath. His face is flustered. “You don’t have to be.” Slightly disheveled, you look at him confused. “Sorry. About the kiss… You don’t have to be sorry about the kiss.” he said.

You blink a few times trying to comprehend what just happened, “I just… I uh… What?” As he’s about to speak, you remember that you two are still in the store. You clear your throat, “Wait, we’ll talk about this later. Let’s uh.. let’s pay.”

You grab the two boxes on the floor and shove them back onto the shelf. You quickly pick up a few small boxes of tampons for yourself, as Castiel carries the basket to the counter.

You pay for the stuff and walk back to the car. He pops the trunk for you, and then gets into the driver’s seat. It was a quiet ride back to the bunker.

Castiel follows you to the kitchen and watches as you put the food away.

 “Y/N, I’m sorry if I made the situation awkward. I… it just felt right…” 

You stay silent, for just a moment, before saying, “It won’t be awkward as long as that wasn’t the last time.”

He gives you a small smile, “I’m going to assume that means you liked it.”

“Give me another one and we’ll find out.” 

He gently holds the back of your head in one hand and places his other on your lower back. He kisses you softly and sweetly with his chapped lips. When he moves his head back, you crinkle your nose, “Actually it wasn’t that great.”

He’s still holding you but looks mortified. You burst out laughing, “Cas, oh my God! I’m kidding! Don’t make that face. I feel so bad!“ You smile as you kiss him until both of your lips swell up.

“Oh come on! She was in a time out!” shouted Dean, staring at you two from the doorway.

You let go of Castiel and roll your eyes, “Oh shut up… But I mean hey, he was using his mouth for something other than talking.”

Dean sighed, “Gross.”


Colonel William De Lancey (part two)
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