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Imagine breaking up with Chris.

A/N: Just wanted to test my limits as a writer and write some angst. 

You sat outside Chris’ house in a cab, terrified to go inside. The air inside had been thick with an impending tragedy since the morning; though the inhabitants could sense it, neither were ready to face it. Up until a few days ago, you’d never imagine you’d associate the feelings of fear and angst with Chris. It was unbeknownst to you, how a man you swore you saw the rest of your life with could bring forth such unwanted emotions. He was a good man, one of the best people you’d ever encounter in your lifetime. What you felt had nothing to do with him as a person; it wasn’t a reflection of your time together; and it didn’t tarnish the good feelings and wonderful memories you’d procured over three years. There was no explanation as to why a relationship everyone had expected to make all the way to a pretty white chapel was coming to an end. Sometimes things just didn’t work out, sometimes two people weren’t meant to be together despite how perfect they seemed for each other. It was unfair, but that was the odious reality.

Earlier, at 7:48PM, when Chris returned home from the gym to find his house without your presence, he knew you were attempting to prolong your workday in order to avoid the confrontation. He, too, wanted to avoid it; of all the things he’d give to be as far from it, his privacy was one of them. As he waited for your inevitable return, he’d found himself wishing he was on a press tour because he’d rather be with invasive journalists than in the same house with the girl he loved but had no future with. He felt terrible when he realized it was relief surging through him when he walked in to see you hadn’t returned from work yet. He didn’t understand what went wrong, he was so sure you’d been on the same path as him. And why wouldn’t he have been? You’d always been adamant about what you wanted in a relationship; how marriage and kids were part of your eventual plan. You told him when you first met him at twenty-three that twenty-six was the golden age for all of that. So why was it that when he asked you to marry him three days ago, you hesitated.

The diamond ring felt heavy on your finger as you lifted your left hand to grab your change from the cab driver. You got out of the cab and watched it drive away before you took carefully measured steps towards the front door. You felt like a soldier cautiously approaching the enemy’s base. Even with your guard up, you weren’t ready for the battle awaiting you. Your hands were as cold as the metal key you pulled out from your bag; your stomach twisted and turned like the mechanisms in the lock; and your heart skipped a beat that would’ve been as loud as the click when you successfully unlocked the front door. With a deep breath, you quietly pushed open the door and walked into the house.

Like every other night when you returned home from work, Dodger was waiting for you. However, tonight, his tail wasn’t wagging. It was almost as though he knew this was the last time he was going to get to welcome you home and it broke your heart to see his furry face so heavy with sadness. You slipped off your heels, scanning the vicinity for Chris as you gave Dodger’s head a quick pat. The house was unusually quiet, for you to come home to silence when Chris wasn’t working wasn’t something you were used to. He always had something going, whether it was the TV or music. He was definitely home because his car was in the driveway, so where was he? You wandered further into the house, turning to look down the hallway where the master bedroom waited at the end.


Your whole body flinched when you heard his voice. You turned and found him sitting in the dimly lit kitchen with a beer in his hand. He managed a small smile which you mirrored before dropping your gaze to the ground. You felt numb as your heart ached in your chest. You didn’t want to do this, you didn’t want to lose him. What was your life going to be like without him in it? What kind of misery were you going to suffer if you saw him with someone else? You didn’t want to think about it, but you had to. You were being selfish if you didn’t. You weren’t ready to live the life he wanted and if you forced yourself into it, it would only end in divorce. Right now, you weren’t married and you didn’t have kids; the collateral damage would be less if you left now.

“We need to talk, don’t we?” You asked in a voice so soft and feeble neither recognized it.

Chris’ heart ached hearing how the relationship had reduced you. Did he do that? Did he turn the strongest person he knew weak? He could feel how lost you were when he asked you to marry him. That pause you took before you utter the word “yes,” told him everything he needed to know. You didn’t say yes for yourself, you said it because of him. You loved him enough to help move his plans forward, even if that meant derailing your own. But that kind of love wasn’t going to last forever, he couldn’t have you resent him in the future because you didn’t do what was right for yourself. You were going to be better off with someone else, someone who had a plan similar to yours. The timing wasn’t right, and that was the awful thing about love- it was all about the timing. He loved you deeply and if it were his choice, he’d spend the rest of his life with you. But it wasn’t, so if you wanted to go- he was going to let you go.

“Yeah,” he felt himself nod.

There was a long, painfully deafening pause. You looked up from your feet and met his gaze; both simultaneously teared up. “Can we not?” You asked, trying your utmost best not to break down and cry. He didn’t need to see you cry; likewise, you didn’t need to see him cry.

“Yeah,” he felt himself nod again. “Have you had dinner?” He asked and you shook your head. “You good with spaghetti?” He asked and you nodded. It was like you couldn’t speak because you knew if you did, your voice would shake and you’d break down crying. “I made it while I was waiting for you, I was hoping we could have dinner together.” It was unsaid: “for the last time,” but it was there.

You sat in the bar stool adjacent to his and brushed your thumb over the diamond ring that wouldn’t be there in the morning while he plated. Neither really saw the point of pretending like you had an appetite, but it was a charade that helped slow the painful realization that it was over from reaching your hearts. “Thanks,” you mumbled when Chris placed a plate of spaghetti down in front of you. He placed his down in front of him then grabbed cutlery to distribute between the two of you before taking his seat.

The two of you managed a few mouthfuls- Chris one more than you, before reducing to just poking at the food. Chris didn’t know what to say. This was easily one of the hardest breakups he’d ever endured, mainly because he was so sure about you being the one. What if he offered to wait? Would you stay if he took back his proposal until you were ready? He couldn’t lose you, just the idea of waking up tomorrow to find that ring on your bedside table and his house emptied of your things stopped him from breathing.

“If I take it back,” Chris began and you looked up from your plate, “will you stay?” Your eyes quickly filled with tears, falling over the edge and rolling down your cheeks. Chris started to weep himself, “if you’re not ready to get married, I can take it back.” His tone was started to get frantic because he was afraid he’d never see you again after tonight. “We don’t have to get married, okay? I don’t need to have kids right now, I can wait. Please just-” He reached across and caressed your face in his hand. “Don’t quit me, Y/N.”

“I don’t want to,” you admitted as you started to cry. “I don’t want to, Chris.” You wrapped your hand around his wrist and he got off his chair to wrap you into a tight hug. He could tell from your tone that you’d made a decision he couldn’t sway you from. “But I might never be ready.” He closed his eyes, squeezing the tears from his corners as he pressed his lips to the top of your head. “I’m so sorry.” It was over, there was nothing up for negotiation; what was shattered was unfixable. You weren’t the girl for him, the run was over.

“Me too,” he whispered into your hair then drew back, brushing your tears with the back of his hand. “Will you at least stay the night? I don’t want to sleep alone tonight,” he admitted, earning a nod from you. “No,” he shook his head when he saw you’d started to take off the engagement ring he’d bought for you. “That’s- I got it because I believed it belonged on your finger.” You left it, getting to your feet and wrapping both arms tight around his neck. You started to sob the second he hugged you back. “It’s okay, we’re going to be okay.”

“I love you so much, Chris,” you choked out, cupping his face in your hands.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he managed a smile through his tears. “I just wish that wasn’t the only thing we had in common.” You buried your face back in his chest, hugging him tightly. “Promise me something,” he began then continued when he felt you nod, “don’t settle for less than you deserve.”

“Only if you promise me the same thing.”

That night, you slept in Chris’ arms for the last time. And in the morning, before the sun reached its peak, you pressed a soft goodbye kiss on his lips. You slipped downstairs and kissed Dodger goodbye too before leaving the house you’d called a home for two years. Your things would be retrieved later, on a day he’d promised he wouldn’t be home for. You hoped he’d keep to his promise after he woke and saw what you’d left on his bedside table.

Chris woke a few minutes after your cab pulled out of his driveway. “Y/N?” He rubbed his bleary eyes as he propped himself up on his elbows. “Y/N, are you-” He was cut off by the glistened of your diamond ring, sitting on top of a small notecard; they patiently waited for his attention. He had expected this, but he was still unprepared. His tired, puffy eyes started to weep again when he saw that one simple word in your handwriting: “Goodbye.”

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Pairing: Brett Talbot x Reader

Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a werewolf and is also dating Isaac and when he leaves after Allison’s death she still is heartbroken so when Brett and Liam argue when he first arrives, she stops it and Brett takes a like to the reader and you can do the rest?

Word Count: 1,542

Requested?: yes, @scaliascott

Warnings: none 



“Isaac, please. I-I can’t stay here without you. I can’t do this alone.” I cried. Tears rolled down my cheeks in thick streams as I stared into the eyes of the first boy I ever loved. His own tears threatened to spill over as he faced me.

“Y/N I promise you’ll never be alone. As long as I’m alive I’ll always be with you but I can’t be here. There’s nothing here for me anymore.” My heart broke at his words and I felt as if he’d slapped me across the face.

“Not even me?” Isaac sighed and looked down at his feet. “You loved her didn’t you?”


"Didn’t you?!” A sad expression crossed his face and I felt the last piece of my heart shatter as a realization hit me. He loved someone else. All the times he said he loved me, he was in love with Allison. Her death broke all of us and she took a piece of us all with her, but she took his heart. Which meant he had nothing left for me. “Goodbye, Isaac.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said as I walked away. I looked back and gave him a sad smile.

“It’s okay.”

*flashback ends*

“So where’s the little firecracker?” I asked as I sat next to Scott and Stiles. They gave each other a look before smiling at me.

“If you’re talking about Liam he’s probably off eating someone’s bunny.”  Stiles quipped. I chuckled at him and Scott gave me a careful look.

“How you feeling today, Y/N.” He asked softly.

“I’m fine, Scotty. Thanks for asking.” I replied sincerely. Even if I wasn’t one hundred percent fine, I was getting there. It had been quite a while since Isaac left to London with Chris but the wound on my heart still hadn’t healed. Scott checked up on me every once in a while, especially the first couple of months. My emotions were unstable and I could barely control my shifting. At times Scott would have to use alpha commands to calm me down. But even that reminded me of Isaac, the way Scott used to do the same for him. I could help most of the time if necessary in calming him down, but the only person who could succeed for me was Scott. I was grateful that he hadn’t given up on me.

“Brett!” Our heads whipped around to see Liam walking out of the school looking very tense. The rival lacrosse team climbed off of their bus and Liam stopped in front of one of them. The three of us scrambled away from our table closer to the beta just in case he blew a casket in front of everyone. Liam’s shoulders squared as he stared up at the other boy who I assumed was Brett.

“Scott.” I whispered worriedly. He gave me a look that said to wait and see what would happen and I did.

“I just wanted to say… have a good game.” Liam stated sharply, sticking his hand out for Brett to shake. I exhaled shakily in relief only to become tense again as Brett laughed in his face. The crowd that formed chuckled along with him.

“That’s cute, Liam. Is that what they told you to say in anger management? Apologize and everything’s fine?” I could hear Liam’s heart pounding in his chest as Brett looked down on him. “You demolished Coach’s car.”

“I paid for it.” Liam all but growled, his chest rose and fell heavily and I could see his jaw clenching from where I stood.

“Yeah, you’re gonna pay for it.” Before anyone could stop me I was running to Liam. I could feel that he was about to lose it but one of the Lacrosse members from their team stood in my way.

“Move it, asswipe.” I sneered. He chuckled and I glanced over to Liam.

“We’re gonna break you in half out there. And it’s gonna be all your fault.” The scent of blood hit my nose and I glanced down at Liam’s fist. I could see a drop of blood fall as his claws dug into his palm. I pushed the guy in front of me out of the way and reached him just as Scott and Stiles did. I stared up at Brett and gritted my teeth.

“Leave him alone. Or you’ll be the one who’s broken in half. Then who’s fault will that be?” I sneered. Brett looked down at me with a smirk that made my blood boil. I had to admit he was insanely attractive but his attitude was ugly as hell.

“What are you his bodyguard? Or are you his girlfriend?” Brett smiled when I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why don’t you leave him behind and come play with the big boys for a chance.” Before I could stop it my hand rose quickly and I slapped him across his face. A series of “oh’s” came from the small crowd and Brett’s jaw ticked.

“What’s wrong? You said you wanted to play.” I stated innocently. He chuckled a bit and stepped closer to me.

“That was cute. Do you always play rough?” I couldn’t help the growl that slipped past my lips and Brett narrowed his eyes at me.

“Woah there, Y/N.” Stiles rushed, wedging himself between me and Brett. He and I made eye contact once more before I turned to Liam. His heart pounded harshly in his chest as Stiles rambled to the team.

“Scott we have to get him out of here.” Liam’s eyes flashed back and forth between yellow and blue and I grabbed the back of his head, forcing his head down so no one noticed.

“I got it. Are you good to stay here?” I rolled my eyes but nodded as Stiles stumbled back and they ran off with Liam. I turned back to Brett who smirked at me before walking to the other locker room with his team.


“I don’t care if he’s a foot taller than me, I think I can take him.” Liam stated as Brett pulled his t-shirt over his head. I caught myself staring as his muscles flexed before they were covered. He paused for a moment before looking up at me and I looked away just as fast. When I thought it was safe I glanced back to see a small smirk on his lips. “You think he’s hot don’t you?”

“What?” I jumped and turned to Liam before I realized he wasn’t talking to me. Mason looked at his best friend and scoffed.

“What? Definitely not. No, no way…” He looked back at Brett and paused. “Maybe. Yeah, maybe a little.” I snorted.

“He wants to destroy me.” I glanced at Brett who was looking over again as he pulled his jersey over his shoulder pads. Instead of looking away I watched as he sent a wink in my direction. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the freshmen. 

“I think you could definitely take him… and then give him to me.” Mason stated making Liam and I laugh. “Hey, Y/N, maybe we could take turns.”

“What makes you think I want anything to do with Brett?” I scoffed. Mason gave me a look that said he called bullshit.

“You’ve been looking over there more than I have and I’ve said how hot I think he is out loud.” He stated. Liam rose his brow at me and I huffed before walking away from the two. I didn’t get far before I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw Brett behind me.

“Hey, Y/N right?” He smiled. I eyed him curiously trying to figure if he was messing with me beforehand.

“Yeah… hi?” I replied, cupping an elbow in each palm. “What are you doing over here?”

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about what happened this morning. Whatever goes on between me and Liam has nothing to do with you and you didn’t deserve that.” I stared up at him in shock. The last thing I expected was what felt like a sincere apology.

“Well, I really appreciate the fact that you came over to apologize. I can say it’s not what I was expecting, I figured you’d be a huge dick.” I stated with a small smile. Brett smiled back and laughed a little. 

“Yeah, I kind of have a thing for pushing people’s limits.” The referee blew his whistle and we both looked towards the field then back at each other. “Well, I have to go. Maybe we’ll see each other again sometime soon.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I smiled.

“Maybe after the game? Are you busy?” The question caught me off guard honestly. After all, this was the same guy who literally threatened to break Liam in half and didn’t look playful at all. If I hung out with Brett what would that do to my relationship with Liam?

“Umm… I’m not sure. If you try not to target Li out there maybe I’ll give you my number. Find me after.” I stated. Brett smiled and nodded.

“I can’t make any promises. Wish me luck.” He winked before pulling on his helmet and running onto the field.

“Last night was amazin’.” You couldn’t help but smile as Harry pressed a kiss to the top of your head after you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck. “Didn’t even realize yeh were tha’ flexible. Practically did the splits on my-” 

“Let’s not ruin the moment.” You muttered, reaching up to slap a hand over his mouth. 

A lot of people thought you and Harry were involved romantically, and they had a reason to! The two of you were always walking with linked arms, you always shared sweet hello and goodbye kisses (on the cheek, obviously), and, well.. It just seemed like a proper relationship. Of course, you weren’t looking for a relationship, and Harry wasn’t looking for a relationship either - So this little thing you had going on between the two of you was completely and utterly casual. Just two friends, who happened to be attracted to each other physically, getting down and dirty two or three times a week. The thing was, no one else knew of this. The rest of the boys had no idea, your own friends had no idea - You had to admit, you and Harry were really good at sneaking around. Being careful was key. 

“When are we going to get out of bed?” You asked, your finger tracing random patterns across his chest while Harry stroked your hair. “Lunch with Y/F/N is at-”

“Harry, we’re back! Brought you one o’ those green smoothies!” Your head shot up towards the door when you heard Liam, and then a couple more footsteps and voices. Uh-oh. Looks like you weren’t as careful as usual. “Are you still asleep? It’s nearly 11..” 

The next couple of seconds consisted of you and Harry freaking the fuck out. 

“What do I do?! Where do I go?!” 

“I don’ know! The washroom?” 

“I’m naked, Harry!” 


“I’m naked, Harry!”

“Well, jus-” You immediately ducked under the blankets when the door swung open, Harry positioning himself to make it look like he had just gotten up. “Mornin’.” 

“Good morning.” Liam chirped, tilting his head curiously. “Why’ve you got your clothes on the floor?” 

“I was tired last night, so I kinda just stripped and hopped into bed.” Harry shrugged, pulling the covers up a little in an attempt to hide the lump in his bed. (That was you.) 

“Here’s yer smoot’ie, ya health nut.” Niall popped into the room, setting the cup down on Harry’s bedside counter. He paused for a second, lifting his head and sniffing the air. “Kinda smells like.. Hm.. Oh! Smells like Y/N’s shampoo! T’at vanilla-coconut one.” Niall raised a brow when Harry shot him a sheepish smile and a shrug. 

“We’ll just leave you alone to get ready. We’re going out for lunch with Y/N and Y/F/N..” Liam trailed off, watching as Niall padded back to the door. 

“A’right, cool.” Harry cleared his throat, adjusting the sheets once again. 

“Oh, by t’e way-” Niall whipped around before he left, walking into the room once again and patting the top of your head through the sheets. “Good mornin’ t’ ya, Y/N.” 


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Turn back the time for me - Part 6

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Imagine: You have to comfort Björn before his raid to Paris because Þorunn’s mental state is going downwards and he is losing his strenghth to take care for her and Siggi.


Timeline: Situated around S03E06

Tags: @archer-whovian-violinist

You heard branches cracking and a few moments later Björn stood in front of you. With your eyes wide open you looked at him, rocked Siggi softly in your arms. “What are you doing?” Björn whispered to you in an urgent way. He looked left and right to made sure no one saw him before he stepped forward, into the safety of bushed where you stood. Carefully you took a step backwards. Your eyes were still pinned to his face and it felt like you couldn’t breath. Nor answer to his question. “Y/n?” Shivery you released your breath when Björn spoke your name. “I thought you wanted to see your daughter one last time. I didn’t saw Þorunn on the decks so I figured..” - “Hush.” He interrupted you and frowned his eyebrows. “Did you really think I would sail of with my father without saying goodbye to my daughter?” Björn laughed sarcastically and shook his head in a disapproving way. “I might not be the best father a child could have, but I’m not a monster, y/n. When you were loading the boats I was with her.” You pressed your lips firmly together and felt your cheeks turning red. “It hurts knowing you think this way of me.” Suddenly you felt embarrassed for what you had done. “I only meant it well, Björn.” You saw him biting his lip out of frustration. Where did his mood swings came from? This wasn’t the first time he treated you this way. “Maybe you should stop caring for me. You told me not to ask things of you ever again, and look at you. Standing here with my daughter in your arms.”
“I can’t help it. The urge to help you is just too big.” A worried look appeared on your face. You clammed your jaws on each other and did a step forward. Siggi looked up to her father and held out her arms. But Björn didn’t take her over from you. He ignored her as he was deep in conversation with you. “Is that why you asked me never to command you again?” Björn straightened his back, became in that way even taller then he already was. “It is different. This I do out of free will. Last night you forced me.” The serious mask on his face broke and again he laughed sarcastically. “You didn’t hesitate much from what I remember.” He was right, last night when he asked you to make him forget his problems you gladly did so. But you wouldn’t had done it if he didn’t asked it from you. After all you were just a servant, you weren’t allowed to make such moves out of yourself. And you already saw how it could end, he and Þorunn were a not so great example. “I felt sorry for you, for how Þorunn treated you.”
“Then stop caring! I don’t need your pity.” Björn raised his voice, but not too much because he didn’t wanted to get caught with you. Not there, not with you carrying his daughter. An angry look appeared on your face. It felt as if Björn was playing with you. It was a game from attraction and repulsion, a game you didn’t wanted to participate in. And you had to make him that clear. After all you were the brutal servant, he told you that himself multiple times. “You want me to stop caring? Then who will you have left except from your mother?” For a few seconds it was quiet, except from Siggi’s soft mumbling. The frustrated look on Björn’s face softened and made place for a tormented one. Indirectly you also pointed to his father, which he had a hard time trying to make him proud. “Be careful now.” He warned you whispering. A deep sigh came out of your mouth and you closed your eyes for a second. “You are leaving Björn, we don’t have much time left.” There was so much you wanted to talk to him about. Things changed when you saw Þorunn leave. It was as if her spot beside Björn was available again. “Is this the way you want to say goodbye? This might be goodbye for a while, but it can also be goodbye forever.” You reminded him and he looked back up at you. “You are driving me insane, you know that? I don’t know what you want from me, y/n. Apparently there is nothing I can offer you.”
“Maybe there is.” You shrugged your shoulders when you saw the confused look on his face. “What do you mean?” - “Björn.” The both of you looked in the direction of the bay. Multiple people were calling out for Björn, it would only be a matter of time before they would start searching for him. “Tell me, what do you mean? What are you not telling me?” Again you heard people shouting his name. “There is no time to explain.” Björn wobbled nervously on his feet and looked at you in an intimidating way. “I hope this is something positive.” It was almost as is he warned you in a certain way, as if he forbid it to be bad news. “I hope so too, Björn.” He bit his lip out of frustration for having so little time left. “I have to go now.” He whispered and leaned slightly towards you. “Promise to come back to me. Then we’ll talk about it again.” He sighed, stroke gently over the head of his daughter before he founded himself to you. “I promise.” And with those words he kissed you yet again. The desirous, almost famished way he kissed you made your head spin. You felt his on your back, with his fingers he fumbled your skirt upwards until you felt the cold wind against your bare legs. “You have to go.” You whispered and ended the kiss, but you pressed your forehead against his. Björn brought his hand between your legs and tried to please you for the little time there was left. “Stop.” You moaned softly and took a step back. In your eyes there was fire and you regretted there wasn’t more time left for the both of you. “Think of me, y/n.” - “Always.” He pressed a last soft kiss against your lips and stroke trough your hair before he left. The only thing you could hope for was that he returned safely, because who knew what the gods would have in mind for the both of you.

This was the last past of this series. My very first finished series actually. I was and still am kind of uncertain about this writing because it is the first time I do something like this (writing imagines/fanfiction on tumblr).
But I brought it to an end, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
If you guys have some comments, concerns or advice for me, please let me know! I would love to hear what you all thought about, positive of negative. Feedback is very welcome, so I can take it with me into future writings.

Also don’t be afraid to make a request if you want to, I would really appreciate it.

And at last a special shoutout to my dear friend @lordavanti. She introduced me to this type of writing here on Tumblr and I’m very thankful for that. She is a very talented writer herself and I feel honoured to have her as a friend :)

Wow, this is a first.

I want to talk about this gif. (yes, it is a gif, and the scene actually appeared in one of the Japanese Trailers).

I want to talk about how it never appeared in the movie, and the only scene of Tadashi’s funeral (at the grave site)was this: 

They animated Hiro up close.

It never made the cut and never squeezed its way into the movie though.

They let us in on how physically lost and undesirable Hiro felt.

They showed us the hurt as he had to finally say goodbye to Tadashi one last time, and could you imagine what was going through his head? He looks so… So physically dead, so defeated and lost. Who’s to say he isn’t? Numbness is what his face reminds me of. His mouth slightly ajar as he stares down at what I’m assuming is a blank slate coffin. He feels and looks numb. He just lost his best friend, his brother. And he just can’t stop himself from feeling completely and utterly responsible for it.

Why couldn’t I have stopped Tadashi?
Wasn’t I strong enough to stop him?
Why didn’t he listen to me?
Wasn’t I worth it?

I wasn’t…

Everything in this gif is out of focus. Except for Hiro, the rain and the hand on his shoulder. I bet you Hiro was acting during this scene, trying to keep himself slightly put together without falling apart and crying into Cass’ shoulder. That’s why it’s raining and why the rain is so evidently animated.

Hiro Hamada refused to accept that Tadashi is gone, refused to cry in front of so many people who all loved Tadashi, all accepted and admired his older brother, so the sky cried for him.

The only time we see Hiro cry is when he finally accepted that Tadashi is gone, and that revenge isn’t going to solve anything. He accepts that Tadashi is here, not physically but in spirit and within Baymax’s programming. 
He accepts clearly and fully, only then.

I bet you he didn’t even notice Cass’ hand on his shoulder. He probably accepted it after a while but there was only one person he wanted to hold his shoulder and tell him that things were going to be okay. Tell him to ‘look up knucklehead, thing will get better, I promise.’

And that was Tadashi.

and I wish they’d have shown the small scene in the movie.

Joshua x Suicidal Reader

This one shot will include things like suicide and depression. Please don’t read if you don think you can handle it.

“Hey Joshua,” you and Joshua were relaxing in his shared room at the dorm. He hummed in response. “Remember the time I ran away and tried to kill my self?” He visually stiffened.
“Y-Yeah why?” You shrugged. After your brother died you broke, he was what kept you stable. “Why’d you do that anyways?” He asked hesitantly.
“You know how my family is…” Joshua knew how hard it was for you, he did everything he could to help, but there was only so much he alone could do. You’ve known him for such a long time, the two of you were inseparable, you went to the same church, played guitar together, sang together. That was always the case….

That was it…
Not even a day later you, [Y/n] [L/n] hung yourself. After that conversation, after that evening, you took your own life, leaving everyone and everything, including Joshua.


Joshua was in his room, shut in after he found out. Naturally all of the guys wanted to help. They knew how he must’ve felt, they all loved you, we’re really good friends with you, even thought of you as a sister….but they didn’t know about what was really going on in your life like Joshua did. “Hey Joshy…….how ya holdin’ up?” Jeonghan asked while sitting down on the bed beside him.
“She’s gone.” He said quietly with his head down.
Jeonghan’s heart broke “I know…” Joshua just lost his best friend, he misses you. Everyone misses you.
“The uh, the day before she..you know…I talked to her,” Jeonghan stayed silent. “She talked about the time when she tried to kill her self…do you, do you think she was trying to tell me? I-If I just knew what she was trying to tell me she would still be alive, she wouldn’t be gone…she would’ve still been here, with me.” He let out a shaky breath “I feel like it’s my fault she’s gone, I should’ve noticed before it was too late…” By this point Joshua had hot tears running down his face.
“Joshua, no one could’ve known what she was talking about and no one could’ve stopped her. You know what she was going through more than anyone else, when someone wants to end their life it’s cause they have a reason, and when they really go through with it they wouldn’t dare let anyone find out.”
He shook his head. “I still should’ve noticed.”
Jeonghan sighed, “Think of it like this, you were the last person she talked to. That’s how important you are to her. She didn’t come to me, Vernon, Dino, Jihoon, or Seugkwan. She said goodbye to you. Something we all wish we could’ve done.“
Joshua wiped away his tears before looking up at Jeonghan revealing his puffy red eyes. “Jeonghan I-I was gonna marry her one day.”

Once again his heart broke.

Imagine: Seeing Obi Wan for the first time after joining the Dark Side

For anon… Enjoy!

Obi Wan walked with you through the Jedi Temple hallways, laughing at a joke that he had just told. It was about Darth Sideous but no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t remember what he had said. 

The young Jedi was twirling his lightsaber’s silver hilt in his hand, a smirk on his face. You smiled back at him, Force-pulling the lightsaber from his fingers and examining it. The elegant weapon’s handle was slightly worn from years of use, fingerprints smothered all over it. 

“I wonder what a Sith’s lightsaber looks like.” You said, handing Obi Wan’s saber back to him. Obi Wan squinted his eyes as he thought for a moment. 

“I know they’re not as efficient as a Jedi’s because of the lack of an actual crystal in it. I don’t know for certain, but there’s a Sith-made, artificial crystal that is put in lightsabers to make them red.” He pondered.

You arched an eyebrow at him. 

“How is an artificial crystal even possible?” 

Obi Wan shook his head.

“I don’t know. Just be thankful we’re not stuck with only red lightsabers.” 

You laughed at this, half-heartedly. You hadn’t even known why at the time. 

Your red lightsaber stabbed effortlessly through the abdomen of a Rebel solider, it’s monotone drone drowning out the low gasp of pain the soldier wheezed as he fell at your feet. 

You sheathed your lightsaber, pulling your dark hood over your eyes. It was raining. The raindrops cascaded off of your robes, creating tiny waterfalls as they rolled down the black fabric. You started to stride towards the looming building of the famous Jedi Temple, slightly overwhelmed from the vastness of it. You hadn’t been in here in over five years. You barely remember what it had looked like inside. 

Suddenly, a shape moved quickly at the edge of your vision and you turned on your heel, igniting your lightsaber. The shape was a hooded man, an icy blue lightsaber held firmly in both of his hands. You narrowed your eyes at him, taking a dangerous step forward. Something about him was oddly familiar. The Jedi jerked backwards, hoarsely snarling a warning at you. 

You merely laughed. 

“I’m only toying with you, Jedi. Apparently, you don’t like to have fun. Let me guess, entertainment of any kind is an immediate path to the Dark Side.” 

The Jedi tensed, his grip on his lightsaber tightening. His knuckles turned white. 

“How dare you mock our Code, filth!” He spat, ripping his hood from his head and unveiling a short mop of dirty blonde hair. It was soaked and covering his eyes. There was a friendly, familiar twinkle in his blue eyes. His blue eyes…

“Obi Wan?” You whispered, lowering your lightsaber lightly. Your hands started to shake. 

Obi Wan stared at you for a second, his eyes widening. 

“How do you know my name?” He growled, studying the only part of your face not masked by the hood. 

You felt your heart sink. 

Slowly, your hand travelled up and pulled the hood off of your head. Rain started to spatter into your eyes and you blinked them profusely, trying to not break eye contact with Obi Wan. 

The Jedi stared at you, his mouth parted slightly. 

“Y/N?” He breathed, his own lightsaber lowering. You watched as the blue light that lit up his face disappeared, replaced by the darkness of the cloudy, stormy sky. 

You backed away from him, raking your eyes away from his. 

“It’s been a long time, Kenobi.” You muttered, ignoring the growing knot of sorrow in your throat. 

You felt Obi Wan’s shock.

“Kenobi? You’re calling me Kenobi now?” He almost yelled, his voice shaking. You couldn’t tell if it was from anger or sadness. 

You looked at him again, darkening your expression.

“What am I supposed to call you?” 

Obi Wan stared at you as if you were a stranger. His eyes were unreadable. 

“What happened to you, Y/N?” He whispered, sheathing his lightsaber.

The scene instantly became darker, lightning the only form of light illuminating your surroundings.

You avoided his dumbfounded stare, clenching your fists. 

“I’ve changed,” You muttered. “I’m stronger, smarter. I’m more than anything a Jedi could ever be. And I’m ruling the galaxy, alongside one of the most powerful Force-users in history. I’ve changed. For the better.”

You could feel Obi Wan’s appalled stare. 

“How could you say such a thing?” He snarled, advancing on you suddenly. You leaped away from him, igniting your lightsaber as you did so. You jabbed it in his direction, baring your teeth. 

“Leave.” You snarled menacingly, your mind a blur. This was all so surreal. Never did you think you would have Obi Wan, one of your childhood best friends, at the tip of your lightsaber, centimeters from his neck.

Obi Wan stared at you, a certain sadness masking his face. 

“You can’t kill me.” He murmured. 

“I won’t. Leave now and I won’t.” You growled, inching the lightsaber closer to the Jedi’s throat. 

Obi Wan was unaffected by your threat. Instead, he looked at you, one last time, his eyes sad. He sighed deeply.

“Goodbye, Y/N. T-Take care of yourself.” He muttered, his voice small. You forced your face to remain hard and unfeeling but inside, your gut was ripping itself apart and a huge rock planted itself in your throat. 

You didn’t say anything as the Jedi turned slowly, lifting his hood over his head. You watched as he strode away from you, his brown robes dragging across the wet ground. The last you ever saw of Obi Wan was his soaking Jedi Robes and the exhausted slump of his shoulders. 

You don’t know how long you stood there. It could’ve been hours before you were ripped from your thoughts, the sound of Darth Sideous’s shuttle whirring in the distance.