his face in the background tho

Suicide Squad: we have that one crocodile guy.

Star Trek: we have over 50 different alien designs that were created with makeup and prosthetics. Krall had different stages of his face makeup. The aliens took 2-7 hours each. We detailed each one and took hours on each one even if they were just in the background. Look at the dozens of our intricate designs.

Oscars: damn….. I like crocodiles tho


ok, everything the last panel looks wonky BUT 

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oh yeah, bonus: 

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What analysis are you talking about with them being in a hotel room? I've never heard of that one, why would kookminworld take that down?

another anon also asked

what was the analysis of jikook being in a hotel room together? i feel like i missed something big here, sorry for bothering you!

it’s basically about jimin hiding in jungkook’s room during this vlive , the person who originally made the analysis before kookminworld (who has already taken it down as well) pointed out some very accurate evidence 

so  taehyung was originally doing the vlive alone then he decided to go and visit jungkook’s room [jungkook was supposed to be alone there which wasn’t the case] ,

 the first thing that was suspicious was jungkook taking a little too long to open the door for taehyung, when he was supposed to be only “throwing a robe on”,which by the way he was still not fully done with putting on after he opened the door , so maybe that wasn’t why he took so long to open the door, maybe he was taking care of some other stuff like hiding jimin in the bathroom maybe ?

after he opened the door, you can see that the lights were dimmed with some soft music playing,let’s leave that alone for now okay

jimin’s hoodie was on the couch_jimin’s shoes were on the carpet (which were the second pair of shoes on the carpet) _jimin’s phone was there too (how did they know that it was indeed jimin’s ? it’s because jimin’s phone is white with a black cover

what makes one believe for sure that “someone” was indeed in the bathroom is , after taehyung layed on the bed you can see that jungkook was taking care of something on the bedside table and at that exact moment you hear the bathroom door closing  , so there is that , also after that jungkook went into the corridor and said :”you scared me” honestly that sounded like jungkook to me but some people think it’s jimin’s voice, in both cases it means that jeon wasn’t  alone in that room , plus if you look close enough you can notice that at the beginning the bathroom lights were turned off then suddenly when jungkook was singing you can see the light coming out from that same bathroom and we all know that jimin doesn’t like being in the dark so there that as well . plus when jungkook was singing he kept glancing at the bathroom over and over again  (he was so distracted lol ) and you can hear the doorknob turning right before that ……

jungkook looked more disturbed than usual , because he usually doesn’t mind being included in broadcasts which wasn’t the case for that vlive maybe it’s because he was interrupted in the middle of something ? 

after taehyung decided to leave the room he suddenly said that he wanted to go to jimin’s room when he obviously didn’t intend to , because after he left at the end of the vlive he went directly back to his room and not jimin’s so maybe he texted him and intentionally read the text out loud because jimin didn’t have his phone remember? “jimin we’re coming”  it’s for jimin who happen to be hiding in the bathroom to “hide” and to be ready because he was going out , that’s the only logical explanation for me tbh jungkook panicked as soon as jimin was mentioned,  but still managed to control himself

the person who made this analysis even counted how long it took the door to close after taehyung entered the room vs when he left , it literally closed 3times quicker after tae left than when he came in , they even counted how long it would take jungkook to get to the door and close it and it was longer than it took the door to close which means that it wasn’t jungkook who closed it and it didn’t close on its own, but it was the person who was in the bathroom who was eager to close it, who happen to be jimin, because after the door closed you can clearly hear his voice from inside the room :) after tae went back to his room and found out that he was locked out by jin i think , you can literally hear jimin and jungkook talking [agreeing to kill v for trolling them so hard]

in conclusion jimin and jungkook were in jungkook’s room with the lights dimmed and some soft music playing in the background , with jungkook “naked” , and his make up “smeared all over his face” doing something … i’ll let you guess . i’ll give you a hint tho ,it’s anything but platonic 

the analysis was made by kookminworld on youtube and they took the right decision by taking it down ,which was for the safety of the boys’ careers only .

BTS: Ideal Dates

• Probably at home w/ candles and music
• He’d cook for you
• You’d spend your whole night talking and telling jokes
• Him and his dumb Dad Jokes™
• Holding hands while eating
• Light little kisses every now and then
• “Jin, y'know who’s really pretty?” “Who?” “You.” “I know.”

• Locking yourselves in his recording studio
• Him pulling blankets and pillows out of random places
• Cuddling up next to each other
• Having long talks about life and mental health probably
• Yoongi gives really good life advice
• Silently listen to music together
• Falling asleep in the studio (waking up to a panicked Seokjin banging on the door)

• The dork literally takes you to the practice room
• Actually challenges you to a dance off
• Let’s you win probably
• Then he attacks you with sweaty hugs
• You guys end up slow dancing for a looooooong time
Your song comes on and you may or may not start making out

• Literally reading in the middle of the aisles
• Mirgating every thirty minutes or so
• Namjoon making you read philosophical books
• Coming up w/ lyrics together
• Telling him his concentration face is cute bc it is
• “Holy fuck, I have the smartest boyfriend in the world.“

• A long walk to a coffee shop
• Holding hands on the walk and kissing each other on the nose
• Jimin already knowing your coffee order
• Secretly taking a video of him bc he’s mindlessly singing the song playing in the background
• Him looking at you w/ the actual definiton of heart eyes
• Lots of cute eye smiles
• The people who work there thinking you guys are both super cute

• Actually going to the park
• You’re both CHILDREN
• Swinging together while holding hands
• Him holding your face when he kisses you and bein’ cute
• “Tae, there are children.” “But y/n.” “The CHILDREN.”
• Having a race through all the playground equipment
• Happy, happy smiles

• Watching a movie in his room in his bed
• A chickflic thinking it would make you happy
• It doesn’t really matter tho bc you two start making out
• You’re a lot louder than you guys thought
• Namjoon banging on the door
• Probably ends w/ everyone in his room to make sure you guys don’t do anything freaky

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I just think about this now but looking past the humor and the hilarious moments, khr! is a dark anime isn't it? I mean, look at mukuro, he's gone past so much to the point where he wanted to dominate the mafia world, chrome that's been a subject of her parents neglect and even wishing her gone, then there's yamamoto that (in the manga) thinks about suicide (and he was just 13/14 years old!) so I think this anime is pretty dark itself though hidden (just my two cents tho lolol)

THIS  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IS 100000000% TRUE!!!

Seriously the actual story can be so much darker than it looks at face value. I mean, we’ve got Mukuro, Ken and Chikusa were test subjects.  Chrome’s own background.  Gokudera’s living out on his own for however long and what he went through with that. The actual training of Dino and Tsuna at Reborn’s hands.  What Skull’s invincible body means he goes through. And do people really pay attention to the teenage Varia members, and what that means for them.  Lancia.  The Choice Arc.  The Arcobaleno.  

So yes, it really is a dark  story.  

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If you look at the "Riverdale | Riverdale Season 1 Photoshoot | The CW" video at point 0.07, you can see LiliCole standing beside each other in the background looking at some device (camera?) + snacking. Also Cole (not sure about Cheryl) is the only young cast member not in the background at point 0.01, when Lili is doing her solo photo shoot, which in my shipper mind means that he is up front watching her pose. Think he may sneakily have his hand on her right shoulder or back at point 0.25.

good spotted my dude! (lol @ this pic) 

What I love most about this video tho (besides Cole putting his arm on Lilis shoulder as per usual of course) is that they are the only ones making these fugly faces! 

Boyfriend! Hansol (Vernon)

- is your best friend, basically

- sometimes comes to ur house at 6 AM and is like

- “hey u wanna go get coffee or something”

- “why are you awake rn”

- “it’s 6 isn’t it”

- will look into those double seater bike things but they are too expensive and where do you keep such things anyway

- he rented one on your birthday as a joke and the two of you rode it around town and it was kind of embarrassing but it was kind of fun???

- sends you parts of raps he’s been working on

- sometimes he raps for you so he can hear how it sounds out loud and he’s comfortable showing them to you

- lots of cotton candy dates !

- will take u on many journeys to find the best cotton candy in your area

- he likes to take it and stick it all over his face like a colorful beard

- eventually it melts tho and it gets all over his face and hair and he’s pretty sticky

- but when he kisses you he tastes like strawberry 

- even so you always have these hand wipes ready bc chwe hansol, god bless him, is messy as heck

- his mom loves u bc you make sure her son doesn’t come home tracking mud into the house

- his little sister was kind of shy towards you at first but eventually she began asking you more and more questions and talking to you more

- now she gives you hugs when she sees you

- his phone background is him with a blue cotton candy beard with you picking some off and sticking it in your mouth

- lots of back hugs

- sometimes he’ll just come and hug you from behind and lean his head on your shoulder when he’s especially tired

- when you come and hang out with him and the other members he’s always really nervous because he doesn’t know what they’ll do

- “ok u guys y/n is coming over today ok pls be cool ok for me please please please please please be cool”

- when you come over they immediately swarm around u asking if  you guys go on dates and if you are in love with hansol and things like that

- (for the record, you are ! and you tell them so which makes them go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

- hansol is turning very red in the back

- “ok that’s not what i meant when i said be cool”

- but you were fine with it and you were happy to see that he was in a place with very cool guys

- and then he took your hand and got all smiley

- “this is where i work”

- he was so excited to show you around and show you his world because he didn’t get to see you much lately because of practice

- :( when seventeen has to go on tour he cries

- you’ll take him to the airport and he’ll try to make a stupid joke to lighten the mood but it doesn’t work

- “i will make you proud y/n i promise”

- when he comes back though

- wow

- despite just coming from a very long plane ride he still musters up enough energy to shout your name across the airport and run to you and hug you will all his might

- later he shows you pictures of all the places they went

- a lot of the pictures were of him and the cotton candy beard

- “the guys didn’t have your magic towels so my face was sticky and it made me miss you thank you for your magic towels y/n i love you so much”


Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairing: Jensen x Singer!Reader

Words: 1.3k +

Warnings: RPF. Implied smut & just pure fluff, y’all. 

Disclaimer: No h8 towards Danneel. 

A/N: The idea of writing this came up to me when I went to pick up my mother at the airport. I saw this very sweet couple reuniting after what it seemed a long time. It was such a cute and adorable scene. This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad challenge. Hope y’all like. Please don’t forget to leave feedback? Love y’all. This is not beta’d so sorry if it has some typo’s.

Prompt Song: All I Want for Christmas

Summary: You’ve been dating Jensen for two years. After wrapping off Supernatural for the year, Jensen flies to LA to spend Christmas with you.  


Today wasn’t going to be boring or lonely. You were going to see him after weeks of really wanting and waiting to do so. He’s an actor and you’re a singer, he lives in Vancouver while you reside in Los Angeles. Having a long-distance relationship with Jensen Ackles wasn’t easy but damn was it worth it. Your friend Geneveive and her boyfriend Jared set up a blind date for you and Jensen. At first you were a bit skeptical about the situation, blind dates weren’t usually your thing and it turned out wasn’t Jensen’s either.

Both of you had a blast that night and decided to go out for a second one. Aside from his good looks, what drew you in were his charm and how humble he is for a well-known actor. Shortly after the second date, you and Jensen would see each other every time he had a break from filming and it stayed that way.

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Mark as a boyfriend 🍦💕

• a total sweetheart most of the time

• love love loves holding hands especially in public

• surprise back hugs

• kisses all over ur face when u do something he finds rlly cute

• says weird things only the two of u understand on broadcast lol

• shy kisses on the cheek when u first started dating (now he does it constantly)

• okay but Mark’s smile is one of the prettiest ones ever (is comparable to Youngjae’s lolol) and it’s always directed at you

• whispers silly things to u and u both laugh and everyone’s like???? whats so funny

• may or may not tickle u just to hear ur laugh

• makes silly faces when taking selfies with you

• selfies with u and coco

• was incredibly nervous about kissing u for the first time

• loves taking u out to his favorite restaurants

• gets embarrassed when u ask him to do aegyo in english

• u and mama Jinyoung (lol) probably talking about him and he comes in and is like ??? What’s this meeting for

• his laugh

• always joking around with you

• flirty hand kisses bc lol markkk

• probably pretended to bite u once in front of Jinyoung and got smacked lol

• when he sees u looking discouraged or down he makes a point to compliment u on how well ur doing at certain things, or ur improvement, or how proud he is of u

• probably squishes ur cheeks sometimes

• lots of hugs where he squeezes u real tight and kisses ur cheek

• massages ur hands

• impressions of the other members to make u laugh

• makes extra eye contact with the camera when he knows ur watching

• watches scary movies with u so he can hold u close

• tried the “movie move” at Jackson’s suggestion and u laughed at him

• comes up and covers ur eyes from behind

• “i got u something” (bc he sees something he knows you’ll like and waits until the right time to get it for you)

• likes to get tea/coffee with you and talk (about anything really)

• jackson telling u Mark seems so much brighter and more talkative when he’s around you

• Mark telling u all his concerns while his head’s rested in ur lap and u play with his hair

• kissy face snaps to each other (that he saves for his phone background)

• gives u piggyback rides all the time

• loves sharing food with u in restaurants and lowkey loves when u feed him (he wont admit that last part tho lol)
• loves ice cream dates for those same reasons

• loves when u compliment his performances bc sometimes he feels a little unsure about how he’s doing

• honestly everyone thinks u guys are adorable bc ur just such a sweet playful couple

• kisses ur nose and then gives this huge grin

• sticks his tongue out at u like a child
• loves when u wear his shirts and sweaters cuz like how cute

• loves giving u hugs where ur head is on his chest and his chin is on ur head

• does flips to impress u

• ((one time he fell and was all embarrassed but u kissed his cheek and he went all pink and smiled))
• Mark has so much love in general

• just loves u so much and is so so bright around u it’s adorable

Zesty Snapchats!

He’d totally send another one like this to Rose saying ‘My bf is cuter than yours’

Rose grabs Alisha and sends one back saying ‘oH YEAH? LOOK AT THIS CUTIE’

It turns into an entire snap war-

Please don’t repost or edit