his face in that last one!!

Yuuri pranced across the deck, little tiny steps on the tips of his toes. He thrust his left wing out, then drew it back, only to put it out again and shake it all about. Victor bit his lower lip, hard, trying not to laugh as Yuuri repeated the actions with his right wing.

Each of Yuuri’s dance moves was more ridiculous than the last. At one point, Yuuri had sprouted a tail, feathers as colorful as a peacock’s, which he ruffled in Victor’s face. The siren leapt in itty bitty jumps, flapping his wings, swiping at Victor’s cheek with the tip of his feathers before tip-toeing in a circle while waving his hands in the air like a queen on parade.

Victor clutched onto his side, pain splitting through it as he shook with silent laughter. 

Yuuri bent over, folding himself in half with palms flat on the wood below him. Victor might have found the sight of Yuuri’s tush quite appealing if the siren did not immediately proceed to shake his tail feathers with such rapid force that the ship rocked. 

Snickers finally escaped Victor when Yuuri squawked and dabbed, wings and all. The captain fell back into the nest of bedding, laughing freely in sheer delight. Yuuri appeared over him, blocking out the sun with his wings, scowling at the reaction.

Victor reached up, caressing Yuuri’s face between his hands, brushing his thumbs along Yuuri’s cheeks to his ear markings. “You’re incredible. I loved it. The most fantastic dance that I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t be happier.”

Yuuri’s scowl cracked and he burst into gleeful giggles, nuzzling into Victor’s hands. 


We’re Not All Bad - Sweet Pea

Prompt - after finding out Reggie cheated on you with Josie you leave a party meeting a handsome South side serpent
A/n this kind of came from a dream the start and end was a dream the middle kind of just happened when I stared writing hope you all enjoy :)
Warnings - anguish, cheating, swearing under age drinking and drug use
Pairing - Sweet Pea x reader

It was the party nick st Claire was throwing, everyone expect for Betty was having a good time especially when nick started passing round straws of jj. You was already really drunk and the added drugs didn’t help.
Dancing with Veronica it had been one of the best nights you had in ages, but quickly became one of the worst. You went to find your boyfriend Reggie Mantle not seeing him on the couch where he was before. You walked out of the living room and heard his voice come from the bedroom. When you open the door your saw Reggie sleeping with Josie. Your ran out of the hotel room crying wanting to be anywhere but here and to get the image of them out of your head.
You had cried and ran the far you didn’t really know where you was, somewhere on the south side was about all you knew. You also didn’t realise how drunk you was until the fresh air hit you, sitting down on a bench before you fell , you tried to calm down and sober up.

A wolf whistle made you look up to see a tall dark haired boy in a leather jacket walking towards you. “save the whistles and comments I’m not in the mood for dickheads” you say looking back at the ground, tears filling your eyes again at the thought of Reggie.

The boy sat next to you “good job I’m not a dickhead then” he said mimicking the nasty way you had said it. You turn and look at him annoyed, the alcohol fuelling your anger. “look I’ve had a bad night who are you and what do you want” you snap hoping he’d leave you alone on the bench to cry in peace.

“my name is sweet pea but everyone calls me sweets or pea, and I live round here I was going home until I saw a beautiful girl crying” he said giving you a kind smile.
“oh scary gang name” you mocked at him, “don’t let the name fool you, I’m not always sweet” he laughed. You roll your eyes standing up to leave, sweet pea stood up following you. you turned round almost falling, “why are you following me” you scream at him. “I’m not following you princess, I’m going home, its not my fault I live the same way your walking” he says. you wasn’t listening to him, you felt dizzy since standing and now you had spots in your vision. Blinking you try a few deep breaths, although you wasn’t moving you could feel you body swaying. the last thing you remember was saying “I don’t feel to good” and seeing sweet pea run to you.

Sweet saw you swaying and ran forward, being part of south side he’d seen people on jingle jangle before and knew she was about to collapse. he managed to catch you before you hit the ground picking you up bridle style thinking what should he do. 

You woke in a room and a bed you’d never seen before. your head was hurting thanks to the drinks from the party but right now you need to work out where you was and how you got here. getting out the bed you see your shoes on the floor, you see your still fully dressed you get you heels putting them on before working the courage to walk out the room.

On the other side for the door you see sweet sat watching telly. “hello princess, how was the beauty sleep” he greats you with a smile. “What happened? how did I get here? where is here?” you demand. sweets stood giving a chuckle “calm down” he said going into the room you had just left. “your at my house, you passed out in the middle of the street, drunk and upset” he shouted from the room. he came out holding a pair of thick sweat pants and a tee-shirt. “I didn’t know where you lived princess, and I wasn’t leaving you in the street all night so I brought you here thinking you could safely sleep off the alcohol” he finished.

“oh” you said not knowing what to say, feeling embarrassed sweets handed you the clothes, “you must be cold, you can put these on if you want.” he told you. Taking the clothes from him, you didn’t notice how cold you really was until sweet pea said it. after putting sweets clothes on you can back out the bathroom, “thanks” you mumble to him. Sweet Pea stood up pointing for you sit “its still late so you can stay here I’ll take you home in the morning” he said, “why what time is it how long have i been asleep” you say holding your head the pain coming back. “not long 3 hours tops its only 4am” he said walking into the kitchen quickly returning with water and a painkiller. “here for your head” he said.
you sat for the next 20 minuets in silence, fiddling with the hem of the top you was wearing as sweets watched a movie playing on the telly, looking at you every now and then. “so you going to tell me why you was so upset last night” he asked, you felt your heart break as you remembered what Reggie had done. “nothing” you said trying not to let yourself cry.

“well whoever he is, he’s stupid letting you go” sweets said without looking away from the telly. your turned to face him “excuse me what” you say. Pea smirks at you “well it has to be a boy, to make a girl like you cry, and I’m guessing he’s one of those footballers” he said rolling his eyes at the last part. you looked at him sad “okay your right his name is Reggie was have been dating for six months and I found his sleeping with some other girl” you say as you try but fail to stop your voice braking “and yes he’s a bulldog” you finish.

sweet turns to face you, “that’s the problem princess, he’s a dog! You could do better” he said flirty. “what, with a snake like you, you mean” you laughed meaning it as a joke “and stop calling me princess” you add. “Serpent” he corrected you “but yes a serpent is better then a dog we live by loyalty, where as your bulldogs just look for the next best thing, something bigger, better. They can be holding a diamond and give it up for cheap gold all because its shiny and new” he said gently touching your hand “and I’m calling you princess because you haven’t told me your name” he said back making you blush,  “my name is y/n”. For the next 5 hours you both laughed and talked getting alone like you had been friends for years.

it was 10am and the hours flew with sweet pea, sweets offered you a ride home you felt a bit nervous at first getting on his bike but soon loved it once he started going. As you got to the top of your road you saw Reggie’s car outside your house. Sweets pulled over at the top of the road when he felt you grab him tighter, as you saw you ex boyfriend knocking on your door. you didn’t realize how tight your grip on sweet pea was until he turned to you “hey y/n its okay we can get out of here if you don’t want to see him” he says, you nod yes loosening your grip a little as he started the bike up again.

you wasn’t sure where he was taking you but it was back on the south side. you pulled up back other motorbikes and a few cars. “where are we?” you asked nervous. sweet smiled “the quarry, see my friends I want to show you we’re not all bad! or at least not in the way most of the north siders think we are” he smirked helping you get off.

he walked over to his friends a massive smile on his face, you noticed how it made you smile too, he then introduced you to a few people “y/n this is Topaz, Fangs, Fogarty and the girl over their is Lesley” he told you. You and Toni became friends fast both having a mutual friend in Jughead, you sat at the quarry with them all day enjoying the sun watching Sweet Pea and the other boys play fight, race bikes and just genuinely having fun. you laughed and joked with the girls joining in with some of the boys games and fights.

at one point you found yourself stirring at SP, biting your lip admiring hot and sexy he looked. how his dark eyes sparkled in the light or how full and soft his lips looked, you found yourself bushing when he looked at you giving you a cheek wink. finally you had butterflies when he came over to you and the other serpent’s you was sat with and put his arm around your shoulder and stayed like that as you all chatted about randomness.

Sweet and the boys left to get some food, Toni and another two girls all looked at you, “so you and sweets how long has that been going on for” one of them asked making you go a bright shade of red. “no! no no the is no me and sweet pea” you tell them. “well he likes you, he’s never this happy” Toni says smiling, “okay well if not together how did you meet, why have we never seen you before” a different girl asked. “well we only met last night” you say a little embarrassed “I was drunk and couldn’t stand never mind walk home so he” you didn’t finish as you heard sweets voice “she was literally falling for me the second she saw me” he joked looking at his friends, only saying it to keep his reputation. “falling in laughter at you” you tease back but the look in both your eyes told everyone there the was something between you and the serpent, even if nether of you saw it yourselves yet.

after it started to get dark sweet pea took you home, you both stood on your doorstep neither of you wanting to part ways from each other yet. “thank you” you said, he frowned his brows “what for?” he asked back. “everything, looking after me last night ,taking me out today it’s been amazing and your friends are not the monsters the papers say” you laugh sweet looking smug. “I told you we’re not all bad” he says as you kiss him. you didn’t know where the kiss came from but you knew if you didn’t do it, you’d would regret it later.

sweets kissed you back wrapping his arm around you bringing you closer, when you stopped “well that’s something I can get used to” he said kissing you again. As he finally left you arranged to meet him the next day, going to bed daydreaming of sweet pea, feeling happier then anytime you had during your relationship with Reggie.

You and sweets spent the whole Sunday and everyday for the next week together, mainly chilling in his trailer watching movies or hanging with the serpent’s, during the school break. On the last day before you both went back to different schools, sweets got up the courage to tell you he liked you and asked if you wanted to ditch your dog for snake. you liked sweet pea and told him you would, spending the rest of the night kissing and cuddling up.

Monday morning after the holidays finished, sweets dropped you off at school. “cant you transfer to south side” he asked with puppy dog eyes. Hearing Jodie’s voice “I wish I could” you smile at sweets kissing him. the day had been boring Kevin and veronica constantly asking where you had been during the half term break, you told them you’d met a guy being chilling with his friends, and he’s amazing before changing the subject to what they did, so they didn’t ask who your new friend was. 

Josie came in the common room her eyes went wide when she saw you. “y/n look I’m sorry I don’t know what made me do it the Al…” she stopped talking as you stood up holding put your hand for her to shut up. “don’t insult me and blame the drink we both know the was flirting with you and Reggie before the party” you tell her. Josie looked down feeling ashamed “but anyway you can keep him I’ve found someone better then him, someone who knows the meaning of loyalty” you tell them walking out the room.

During last lesson sweet pea texted you saying he’d finished school early did you want him to pick you up when you was finished. You quickly replied yes then sent the next dew minutes texting back and forth with him, a cheeky smile on you face as you did. You felt a tap on your shoulder turning to see Betty “Reggie keeps stirring at you” she says as you looked over to the other side of the classroom Reggie had a face like thunder. 

Sweet pea pulled up outside Riverdale high getting off his bike but leaned against it, he had his jacket over his shoulder hanging down his back as he watched you walk down the steps typing away on your phone not even seeing him yet. Sweets was about to shout her when he saw Reggie one of the bulldogs he’d fought with before run after her.

Reggie grabbed your shoulder “y/n wait” he said his voice leased with anger “so you going to tell me where you’ve been and why half of the school are saying your seeing some other guy” his arms folded over his chest as he spoke. You looked at him dead in the eye speaking slightly slower so he got the message “Reggie where over, we was the second you slept with Josie and yes the rumours are true” at the point out the corner of your eye, you saw sweet pea walking toward you. now Cheryl, Veronica, Kevin and the others all stood round listening to you and Reggie arguing.

you feel sweet pea put his serpent jacket round your shoulders hugging and kissing your cheek from behind, everything okay princess" sweets asks you, smirking at Reggie, “yes I was just telling Reggie that I traded an old dog for someone better” you answer. Reggie and the rest if the Riverdale high students all looked in shock gasping and gossiping. Reggie looked at you “really y/n your revenge plan was good but we both know you belong to me” he said grabbing your arm. Sweet pea knocked his arm from you “touch her like that again and watch what I do to you” sweet pea started in a chillingly calm voice “y/n doesn’t belong to you, you lost her when you when you made her feel like shit, don’t get mad when someone else shows her she’s a princess she is” he says gripping your hand bringing it to his lips for a light kiss, smiling at you.

You smile and blush back at sweet “let’s get out of here” you say as you walked with sweet pea back to his motorcycle. “y/n, stop you can’t just leave me” you heard Reggie shouting but ignored it driving off with your serpent prince.

anonymous asked:

Any blurb on going grocery shopping with harry!!!! And just being super domestic

Sitting at the dining table, the both of you sat in a comfortable silence – only the flipping of the newspaper every so often or the gentle “thud” of a coffee mug being set back down to be heard. 

A pad of paper with a small floral border lay in front of you, the beginnings of a grocery list scribbled out in black ink. Harry sat across from you and flipped through the newspaper, searching for each item as you called it off, trying to determine what was on sale, what you’d need a coupon for, and to double check you wouldn’t forget anything for Thanksgiving dinner that you’d promised Anne you’d bring.

“Sweet potatoes?”

“3 pound bags are on sale.”


A few pages turned, “Don’t see any…”

“That’s alright,” you noted it on your list, “Didn’t think they would be.”

Harry waited as you read down your list, scanning over the pages of flashy sales and “save more! spend less!” graphics. 

“Oh! One more thing – what about pecans? I wanted to try my hand at a pie this year.”

He looked up at you, a quirky look on his face, “Are you–.”

“Yes, yes, ‘even after last year’,” you mocked, “There’s always room for growth.”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head, “There’s a 14 ounce bag for three dollars, that’ll be enough?”

“Think so.”

“As long as you don’t set it on fire again…” he mumbled under his breath. 

You flipped your pen at him, playfully smacking him in the arm and quickly dropping to the floor. 

“Oi! Watch it, Miss,” he pouted, rubbing at his arm. 

“I think you’ll be just fine, Mister,” you stood from your chair, “Ready?”

Harry craned his neck to look behind you at the clock on the stove, “Hm, s’a little early, but I supposed we should leave now if you’re expecting to attempt a pie again…”

You hastily picked up the pad of paper sitting in front of you and Harry ducked just as quick, shielding his face.

“I’m jus’ kidding, love,” he said through a fit of laughter, “Only do it because I love you.”

“You’re lucky I love you, too.”

GOT7 / College AU - Fake dating turns into real dating 2/2


Hiiii can a request a got7 fake dating to real dating au?

Hiii if you are up to it, would you be open to doing a got7 fake dating college au? With maybe like u guys make out for show but realize you have feelings for each other?

Hi Can I request a got7 fake dating au?            

PART ONE (Mark, JB, Jackson) IS HERE

WARNING: sexual themes & some strong language.

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the art of chasing ♔ billy hargrove [three]

concept: steve has a female best friend and billy has taken it upon himself to flirt with her just to piss steve off. that’s it. that’s the plot. [vol. 3]

a/n: still blown away by the response on this! i’m glad you all liked the last part and i hope you like this one just as much! early happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it xoxo

[part two]

they say you’re basic,

they say you’re easy

you’re always ridin’ in the backseat


“You think I should apologize to her?”

Annie paused, loosening her grip on the pencil in her hand.

She glanced over at Steve who was sprawled out over her bed, pulling at the loose threads in one of her old knitted sweaters with an absent look on his face. She sighed and put her pencil down, pushing her homework to the side before turning fully in her chair to face him.

“Do you have anything to be sorry for?”

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Helping my son out

Im a 48 yr old mom. My son is 18 yr old and is paralyzed from the neck down from a car accident. He has surface feeling meaning he can feel on his skin but cant move his arms or legs. A few months after his accident i became aware of an problem he was having. Although he cant move his arms or legs he can still get aroused and have full erections. I noticed one day as i was washing him that he was staring down my shirt and a large swell had formed in his shorts. I asked him if he wanted me to make him more comfertable, i was nodding down at his cock at the time. He said yes. I was worried and shy so i kept my face down as i slide his boxers down. I took some lotion and started to give my own son a hand job. It was amazing but he didnt last long. He soon was shooting cum. I was so turned on i had to get him dressed

The Darling Buds of May

Summary: Royal AU. King Bill Istvan Günther Skarsgård the III has been in love with you his whole life, but can’t marry you because of a peace treaty. He tries to hold his tongue as you enter an abusive, loveless marriage. One night, however, he can no longer stand idly by.  

Words: 3132

Paring: King! Bill x Reader

Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING. There are mentions of abuse in this. There are no scenes of direct abuse, but it’s very much present in this. Please do not read if you are triggered by mentions of domestic abuse. Violence, mentions of blood and injuries. SMUT. Do NOT read if you are under 18. Unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal sex. Name calling. Verbal abuse. Asshole husband of Reader. Death. Yucky blood. Alcoholism. Belittling of women. Some men are so gross. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything. 

So @supersoldierslover and I saw that super sexy picture of Bill as King Phillip. Taw came up with the entire plot and I decided to write it. This is dedicated to her and her awesomeness. I seriously owe her so much. I would not be writing again if it wasn’t for her. This is a little harsher than most of my stuff but still very fluffy with a happy ending. 

Picture credit: @pennyismymanny thank you for sharing this with us! 

Originally posted by roseydoux

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A Wish Come True

A/N: This is my third entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Season of Love - Colors of Fall challenge. This will be a four part mini series, one part per season. Feedback is highly appreciated, especially now that tumblr are trying to screw us over with these new updates. I consider this to be an AU, Jensen is not an actor in this one, and he only has one daughter, and he’s single. I mean no harm to him, or his beautiful family, this is purely fiction. Also, thank you to my awesome beta @thorne93, you rock.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Maddie and Joy (OC’s)

Warnings: None for this, maybe one F’bomb. Some fluff

Wordcount: 3667

Prompt: gif



It was a late August afternoon in New York city. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky and there was a warm breeze fanning over the secluded spot in a small corner of the huge Central Park. This was your daughter’s favorite spot, the small playground they had set up in  the massive park. You were on a bench, watching your four year old running from the swings and to the slide, only to go back to the swings a second later. A warm smile spread across your lips as it seemed like she had made a friend, a girl her age with strawberry blonde hair and a cute flowery dress.

Being a single mom was hard sometimes, especially in a new city. You had moved here a couple of months ago when your ex husband, your daughter’s father, had been relocated here by his company. Uprooting your life to follow your ex might sound like a crazy thing to do, and you knew most people wouldn’t have, but the two of you had ended on good terms, and you were adamant that your child grew up around both parents. He had been moved here, you were unemployed, so it made sense for you to go after him, or, with him.

You laughed to yourself as you saw the two girls run around, laughing and playing. At least your daughter seemed to be adjusting to this new city just fine.

“Excuse me?” A deep voice interrupted your thoughts.

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By the Dim and Flaring Lamps: Part One, Chapter Four

Previous: One | Two | Three

JULY 4, 1863

When Mulder wakes, late on the morning of July the fourth, the first thing that he sees, when he rolls over, is Private Scully, curled tightly into a ball on the ground, less than a foot away from him. He’s momentarily confused- Scully hadn’t been in his tent when he’d gone to sleep last night- but then there’s a fuzzy memory, suddenly, of Scully coming in sometime in the middle of the night, his face ashen and his hands shaking, and asking Mulder (who hadn’t even woken up fully) whether he might sleep in here with him. Mulder had agreed readily, and had gone back to sleep at once.

Now, watching the slight, red-haired man sleep, curled in on himself as though in protection from the world around him, Mulder is reminded just how young his friend really is. No one has had a spare minute, over the past three or four days, to sit in front of a mirror and shave, and yet, Scully’s face is perfectly smooth, not a shadow of stubble on his pale freckled skin. He could, Mulder realizes with a start, be as young as thirteen or fourteen.

Most of the time, Mulder gives little thought to figuring out just how young Scully truly is, mainly because he always seems so mature and capable- more so, frequently, than most of the much older men under Mulder’s command. But after the past few days… after the ferocity of the fighting on Little Round Top, after the bloody slaughter that they had witnessed together from the branches of the oak tree above Cemetery Ridge, and especially after the hour following last night’s dinner that Scully had spent copying the late Private Halsey’s final letter to his family onto a fresh, blood-free piece of paper… Mulder wonders if maybe the best thing that he could do for his friend would be to blow the whistle on him, to have him sent home… or, at the very least, placed in the fife and drum corps.

He knows that he probably should… but, selfishly, shamefully, he doesn’t want to. And not just because Scully’s shooting is invaluable in a fight, either. Everything just seems to be so much more tolerable when he’s got Scully around to talk to, to laugh with, to share a comfortable silence with, and Mulder, ashamed as he is to admit it, is loath to give up his sole source of happiness and comfort.

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“Can we read this one?” Max asks, thrusting the book into Alec’s grip.

“Oh, well.” Alec’s hesitancy is evident in his voice, no matter how he tries to hold it back. “Are you sure you don’t want Hansel and Gretel?”

Max shakes his head.

“What about the Princess and the Pea?”

This only earns him a silent glare.

“Or Beauty and the Beast? I know that’s your favourite.”

Max pouts in an obvious sulk and Alec can sense the beginning of a headache just behind his eyes.

“Why won’t you ever read me this one?” There’s a shimmer of tears in his eyes now. “Everyone else gets to hear it. James says it’s the best one.”

Alec should have known. Max and James had become fast friends over the past few weeks and whatever James does Max will copy, whatever James likes Max now likes too. Sighing he settles down onto the bed beside Max, resting the book on the sheets between them.

“Once upon a time there were hunters blessed by angels that protected the world from monsters.” Alec begins.

Max is terrible listener, but for Alec it’s the best part of telling him a story. He’s always been this way, constantly interrupting and asking questions.

“Like Dad?” He asks when Alec introduces a warlock.

“Why doesn’t he marry the Warlock?” He demands when Alec tells him the Hunter has proposed to the new leader.

“This story is dumb.” He complains, arms crossed in frustration, when Alec begins to describe the wedding ceremony.

“What happened to them?” Max queries, as Alec finishes the last page.

“They lived happily ever after.” A voice from the doorway has both their heads turning, and there stands Magnus, leaning against the doorjamb a wistful look on his face.

“Forever?” Max yawns as Alec shifts off the bed to tuck him.

“Forever and ever.” Alec whispers, smoothing the hair from his forehead and placing a kiss there, he’s asleep before Alec finishes the words.

He walks over to Magnus, into the arm that’s outstretched and waiting for him. With one final glance back at Max he switches the light off.

“That’s my favourite fairy tale.” Magnus tells him.

“Mine too.”

For @asexualalexanderlightwood 

As soon as Niylah catches a glimpse of a fluorescent hi-vis vest and the woman wearing it striding towards the stall with a determined gait and a face like thunder, she panics.

“Tell me you got rid of the last of the jobi nut special tea?” Niylah asks her sister, Miylah, who’s currently picking barbecued panther meat kebob out of her teeth with a dagger.

Miylah’s unibrow furrows and Niylah heaves an enormous, put-upon sigh. “You had one job.”

At the last TonDC bi-monthly Farmers’ Market they got into trouble for incorrectly labelling the hallucinogenic homebrew as having medicinal properties. (“Gives you silky, lustrous hair! Unblocks pores! Powerful aphrodisiac! Also works a treat on stubborn household stains!”)

Indra had confiscated the lot and spent the next twenty minutes reeling off trading standards regulations about false advertising and misleading descriptions of goods. It wasn’t an experience Niylah was eager to replicate, not least because it seriously ate into her time for flirting with pretty girls.

She plasters a charming smile on her face and greets, “Indra! What can I interest you in today? We have some fine—“

Indra cuts her off, all business. “I’ve heard reports that you, trading as Niylah’s Nik Naks, are selling unlicensed merchandise that bears Heda’s likeness.” She glances at the clipboard in her hand and her glower deepens. “With the slogan ‘eat more pussy.’”

In the background Miylah snorts.

“Well… it’s all part of my five year business plan to grow the customer base of the trading post and increase the sales of fresh panther meat,” Niylah explains smoothly, blocking Indra’s view of the t-shirts in question. “Eat more panther, eat more pussy… cat. As killed by Wanheda herself. See?”

“So it’s not, in fact, a commentary on The Commander’s sexual proclivities?”

“I would never disrespect Heda in such a way.” Niylah lowers her voice to a conspiratorial tone and wiggles her eyebrows. “Not that us ladies couldn’t stand to have a little more pussy action ourselves, am I right?”

Indra only stares at her stonily.

A moment passes, during which Niylah silently prays that the spirits of the past Commanders will take pity on her. She’s only trying to earn a crust so she can pimp out her bachelorette shack for the ladies.

“I’ll take two Relickru tote bags and a What Would Kassie Do pin.”

Indra stalks away looking like she just won the Polis Powerball.

The combined pussy power of Heda and Wanheda starts a ripple effect throughout the marketplace and before they know it, Niylah and Miylah are inundated with customers clamouring for their wares.


If you want to get your hands on the goods that tickled Indra’s sour pickle then follow us here at Niylah’s Nik Naks where we’ll be releasing sneak peeks of some of the quality merchandise we will have for sale at ClexaCon.

All of your favourite Clexa/Relickru/Hunner Podcast/DWBYG and more banter will be covered and converted into a whole host of ridiculously good products for you to take home and gaze at with hearteyes. Our designs are so fresh even S3 Clarke couldn’t dirty them up.

There will be the opportunity to pre-order and we’ll be doing some exciting giveaways in the run up to ClexaCon, so you know you won’t miss out.

So get on board the Nik Nak crazybus - next stop ClexaCon!


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How about a scenario where Steven teaches s/o to dance?


I’ll assume that s/o wants to learn how to dance as a couple with Steven~

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when a shem show up and tells you the only way to cure your illness is to join his stupid shem club and leave your clan forever

(pt. 2)