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ok so victor is totally the type to ask "why are you laughing" while he's tickling yuuri at home and like obviously yuuri gets really embarrassed but like victor is the master of teasing so he keeps doing it and starts telling yuuri awful jokes and yuuri laughing hysterically bc his ribs are being ATTACKED with tickles but victor is like "aw you think I'm funny thanks babe" and yuuri is helpless but he's just squealing and shrieking things like "ur not funny vitya" and ahhh this two make me WEAK


and hes like “wow!! u never though my jokes were funny before!!” and yuuri is giggling and squirming and shaking his head back and forth all “your jokes AREN’T F-FUNNY!” and victor claws at his stomach and yuuri shrieks and victor is like “why are you laughing so hard then?? its because im hilarious right?”

and yuuri is gettin all blushy and he shoves his face in victor’s neck just “n-NO!” but he cant stop laughin and victor is mean and i love it

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Yeah i saw the post about parent au's and since my life destroying otp is eruri i wanted to ask for answers to this post. So.. long story short: ~eruri~ please? (By the way: great blog congrats ouo/)

  • Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time:

Erwin duh like he’d cry until Levi just gets really pissed off and just “shut your shitty snivelling or I’ll plonk the ugly brats (eren and armin) in your office room” and then he’s ok but he’s still like surprised af like wow i deserve this wow holy crap wow these r my children then they’ll go show the kids every room in the house although they’re 4 months old and don’t really give a shit other than how much of Lev’s hair they can yank off in one go

  • Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid(s):

definitley levi ok levi has a serious insomnia problem anyway so he’ll sit by their crib watching eren toss and turn and armin suck his thumb and just  watch them until it’s morning and the kids start screaming for their bottles

  • Who changes the kid(s) diapers:

ERWIN for sure because levi loves his brats but he doesn’t want to touch their shit and erwin is super lame and doesn’t give a shit about getting peed on or pooped on by accident so he’s super casual and changes the kids - “ERWIN NOT ON THE FUCKING KITCHEN COUNTER TAKE ARMINS BABY ASS OFF THE KITCHEN COUNTER NOW”

  • Who makes the bottles:

Levi because erwin once poured in goats milk or some shit into the bottles and when Levi freaked out he was just “…..but milk is milk, Levi…..” and yeah he just doesn’t understand feeding so Levi does it

  • Who stays up late at night to rock the kid(s) to sleep and sing them lullabys:

The only way Erwin ever wakes up before six is if he snores himself awake so it’s always Levi who hears Eren (its usually him) bawling his ass off and he gets up and sings him old songs he remembers or sometimes even patriotic songs or whatever 

  • Who is guilty of spoiling the kid(s):

Erwin when he was a kid was brought up with the best of the best bc his dad was a teacher in Sina and he wants the same for his kids as well so he buys them the best food, clothes, toys everything they ask for literally. Levi is secretly very pleased too, because he had absolutely nothing, so when the kids are gifted extravagant gadgets and toys, he doesn’t say anything. But Levi’s still the disciplinarian tho and doesnt hesitate to punish the kids by taking away the toys etc for a week or whateve

  • Who would give the kid(s) cookies in the middle of the night:

BOTH but for different reasons!!! levi brings them cookies because they’re sad, or because they had a bad day in school, or maybe because they fell down and is upset over skinning their knees (usually armin because eren’s life is a skinned knee) so he brings them milk and cookies and tells them this is a one off. Erwin ruins this by popping into their room every time he’s hungry and brings with him a bag of chocolate-double-cream-chip cookies and he’s just “who wants to share!!!!” 

  • Who always takes the kid(s) side:

this is often erwin because levi likes to bring up his kids according to good ideals aka no fighting no teasing no pulling hair etc etc but erwin is incapable of understanding this and he’s like “…boys will be boys!” but erwins ‘taking the kids side’ often goes too far and he once nearly got into a fistfight with a dad because his kid knocked armin down from the slide and this time levi doesn’t mind, he just covers armin’s eyes (eren would probaby drown himself if he weren’t allowed to watch) and is just “SOCK HIM IN THE NOSE YOU WEAK SHIT ERWIN” 

  • Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school:

LEVI ok because erwin burns more than he cooks anyway Levi actually loves making the food. For the kids he loves making a healthy breakfast, especially if he’s packing treats for their school lunches so its usually cornflakes and honey, or porridge and toast, or apple pie, its always sweet and healthy

but for erwin who pretends to get food poisoning every time he’s faced with “rabbit muck” Levi makes him rashers of bacon, ham sausages fried eggs, beans, and hot chocolate. and as erwin sneaks some of his food to the kids levi is just judgementally drinking his kale smoothie like ‘y’alls gon die early’ 

  • Who gets the kid(s) ready for school in the morning:

BOTH because erwin has to get up early to get to the office anyway. So Erwin supervises the bathroom routine like 

“EREN brush your teeth properly!”

“Armin you don’’t NEED to condition your hair”

“Eren if you don’t poop I’m gonna take you to scary Dr. Hange!

“Armin can you put the straightening iron DOWN” 

and Levi would check their bag packing and stuff

“Eren…you need more than one damn pen.”

“Armin you don’t need all your books, follow the schedule!”

“EREN is this from lastwek? Do you have a damn expired yogurt in your bag from last week ?”


  • Who takes the kid(s) to school:

Usually Levi! the kids prefer Levi anyway because he’s either tactful or lazy and drops the kids off outside school where all the cool kids get off. Erwin drops them off when he’s running early and he drops them off inside, AND gets out of the car to hand them their bags and lunchpacks AND demands kisses like wow dad stop

  • Who goes to parent teacher conferences:

depends whose free! when Levi goes he’s usually nitpicky and rude AF to the teachers like “NO MY SON IS PERFECT WTF R U DOING” and like “armin got an A- on his report card and its ur fault not his how dare you” and talks about hygiene issues of the other kids


so suffice it to say the teacher hates both the dads

  • Who will be the first to suggest to have ‘the talk’ with the kid(s):

Levi blushes and gets really awkward liek HOW DO WE EXPLAIN GAY AND LESBIAN SEX WTF and erwin just brings an assortment of bananas and donuts like ok let me tell u a thing kids

  • Who would choose their child(s) prom outfit:

Levi helps out Eren because Eren needs firm handling and he’d go in a dirty T-shirts and slacks if he could ok so Levi drags him around the store and makes him choose a nice tux and glares at him until he admits he looks nice. 

Erwin helps out Armin and when he sees Armin glance longingly at a flowery, pastel-purple floral tux he IMMEDIATELY buys it and doesnt listen to armins whines about how he loves to dress like that but the others would tease him. 

so during graduation when armin gets up to make his speech he’s nervous and blushing and so beautiful in his cute outfit but he’s starting to stutter and FUCKING EMBARASSING ERWIN AND LEVI stand and wave from the stands wearing the exact same outfit

and every time Armin gets an award for academics or Eren accepts his sports trophies both the dads just stand up and start whooping and whistling because theyre fricking embarassments and eren just hides his face like “i know not of these two” 

  • Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college:

HE who do you think its obviously both ok like Levi cries when he sends them off and gives thema  long list of what not to do and he’s just “pls behave” but he’s crying and UGHHGSH Erwin as usual only cries when he fucking gets there and makes a scene SIGH EMBARASSING DADS FTW

also i love ur url bc nasi means rice in malay im laughin so hard