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A noona fan called in, not telling who she was a fan of at first. As she described the member she likes, one of the things she mentioned was “his dad ran a bakery”. While the other members didn’t know who, Sehun was the only one who immediately looked at Jongin and knew who she was referring to (and that tiny smirk on his face as the other members wonder who bYE). x


#[crying on the floor] i love him so much i just want to protect him

“The bud of our love will swell up during the summer wind, and blossom into a beautiful flower next time we meet.”

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Some little things I noticed after watching Into the Bunker again

Dipper’s getting taller than Mabel. Remember in s1 how he was shorter?

Well check it out:

See how he has to look down a little now to meet Mabel’s eyes and she in return has to look up! There’s an obvious gap between their heads that you can see in this gif:

Dude! When Mabel looks at him here, she’s isn't meeting his eyes! She’d have to look up a little more to like in the other pic! I wondered if this was true for the rest of s2 and:

in Not What He Seems the height difference is even more pronounced! Dip has that extra inch on her, maybe even a little more! It looks like both of the twins have grown taller! They’re a little closer to Soos’s shoulders now as compared to s1!

Another thing I noticed is that Dipper’s strength has increased. Remember in Dreamscapers when he was struggling to chop wood in Stan’s flashback?


he picks up Wendy’s ax in Into the Bunker with one hand. It’s got a shorter handle, but the blade probably carries about the same weight since they seem to be similar in design (probably not a coincidence). Axes are pretty heavy man, but when Dip goes to slice the shapeshifter:

he’s not even struggling to hold it up, and he’s holding it the right way! Looks like Stan’s methods to strengthen Dipper are workin out; his noodle arms are getting some more muscle!

I just love the little details like this that the GF team throws into their show! It’s so great watching Dipper and Mabel grow up over the summer!!