his face here is priceless ok

ok so today i was in public and i had earbuds in which is nothing unusual right
but then this old white dude comes up to me and goes “young people these days are so uneducated, i bet you’re listening to that stupid crap they call pop, get good taste and listen to classical music”
i’ve actually never had anything like this happen to me here in canada so it was super jarring like???????? ok chill??????????????
so i had the pleasure of informing him i’m classically trained in the piano and violin, listen to almost exclusively classical music, and in fact am listening to poulenc’s clarinet sonata
literally the look on his face was priceless. ah, sweet sweet victory
but this whole thing makes me angry bc, like, him! he’s the type of person who pushes people away from classical music and reinforces the stereotype that classical musicians are stuffy, pretentious, old white dudes who need to get off their high horses
gosh i love the smell of elitism in the mornings