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Fantastic photos from ‘Rose Fes’!

Chapter Four ~Make Cameron Jealous~

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*Addis’ PoV*

“Douche bag, her eyes are up here.” Cameron says walking up putting his arm on my shoulders. “Sorry man.” he says, looking at Cameron, backing up half a step, I let out a sigh as he takes the money and I close the door while Cameron walks over to the table with the pizza.

“Asshole.” Cameron mutters under his breath. “It’s okay Cameron.” I say walking up next to him to put the paper plates down next to the pizza boxes. “No, it’s not. He only said sorry because he thought you were mine or something.” he says in an annoyed tone. “Cameron, it’s fine really. I say, it was something I had to gotten used to.

I put some pizza on a plate and I walk over to the couch and sit down as I start to eat the pizza. Jaxx puts his head in my lap while he sits on the floor. "You aren’t getting this.” I say to him. He gets the idea and lays down by my feet.

“This was a interesting movie to watch.” Shawn says.

“That’s what Addi would have been like had she gone to college.” Gilinsky says. “Shut up! No I wouldn’t have.” I say, throwing a pillow at him from across the room.

“A little bit you would have.” Sam says. “No.” I say while laughing.

“She says that but we all know she’s a good girl gone bad.” Nash says. I playfully push him over to the other side of the couch. “Don’t push me.” he says, playfully pushing me farther over onto Cameron. “Never.” I say, as I grab a pillow and hit him on the back of the head. This was like when you were 14 and liked someone, this is what you did.

After that went on for a while we all decided that we wold go to bed since it was nearly 2 am.

They all get up and head to their beds. “Aren’t you getting up?” Nash asks me. “There’s not a place for me to sleep.” I say.

“That’s never stopped you from sleeping in my bed before.” Cameron says putting his hands on the back of the couch I was sitting on still.

“Yeah, or you could sleep in my bed, I don’t care.” Nash says, trying to play up the flirt only slightly at first though. Don’t want to make it to obvious. I see Cameron side eye Nash due to his comment, I smile to myself. It was already working.

“I’ll just sleep with Cameron. Thanks though Nash. Next time.” I say smiling to him. “Deal.” he says going into his room.

“Is it bad that I would rather sleep with you then with Kylie?” Cameron asks as we get into his room, I have my bag in hand. He slips of his shorts before getting into the bed.

“Nah. Not really.” I say.

“Did you think what Nash said was weird?” he murmers turning around to face me while I lay in his large bed surrounded by white sheets and a gray blanket.

“No, not really. Maybe he just wanted to give you the option of sleeping alone if you wanted to.” I suggest, “Maybe.”


It was the next morning and I was awoken by Jaxx jumping up onto the bed. He laid down next to me. I looked around and I was laying with my head on Camerons chest. I smiles as I looked around the room. This is what being in a relationship with Cameron would be like.

I heard someone walking around on the other side of the wall, soon I saw Sam round the corner, his hair a mess from sleeping all night. He smiles at me, and continued to walk down the stairs.

“Cam, wake up. It’s almost 1.” I whisper trying to wake him up. I look at him and I see his eye flutter open. “Morning Addi.” he says in his sleep voice, which still to this day is the sexiest thing ever.

“We haven’t woken up like this in a while.’ he says with a smile on his lips. I smile. "Look who woke me up.” I say moving slightly so he could see Jaxx.

“He loves you too.” he says.  I loved him too.

“Where is this concert?” I ask him, thinking about what I all had to do today for the concert.

“A few hours away. Bryant knows where it is.” he says. I nod my head a little, not moving off of his chest. Not wanting to get up. Not wanting to leave the warmth.

After about 15 minutes of peaceful perfect silence Cameron starts to talk.

“We should probably get up.” he says, I get up off his chest and he gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom and I hear the water turn on in the shower.

I decided that I would shower later that day before we had to leave for the concert.


We had just gotten to the concert. We were near the front row, but not the very first row. I looked down at my outfit in the lights, my light wash short shorts and white crop top T-shirt with criss cross back looked cool in the lights.

“You can go in front of me.” Cameron says, I walk to the front of him, he was letting me do this because I was short, and couldn’t. I was next to Nash and Matt.

The concert had started a bit before we had gotten there, and now it was in full swing.

“I’ll be right back.” Cameron whispers in my ear before he leaves with the Jacks. I assume he was going to get drinks for them, they must have known someone.

Kings and Queens by Somo was being played and Nash grabbed my arm and turned me towards him. He put his hands on my waist and I put my hands around the back of his neck, we danced to the music for a while. “It’s working.” he says in my ear.

“How do you know?” I ask, making sure no one else could hear us.

“He’s walking over here, and the look on his face is priceless.” he says. I let out a laugh. I move a little away from Nash and I do a hair flip, and he runs his hands through his hair.I know Cameron was close so I started to try and make him jealous. I start to move my hips faster to the song, getting a little closer to Nash. He drops his hands from my waist to my hips, “Damn.” he says biting his lip. I bit my bottom lip and look at him from under my lashes. I started to play with my hair, and Cameron knew it was my tell tale that I was dancing and feeling the music. I did it at all the school dances and the raves that we went to. I also knew it drove guys crazy when girls did that.

“That shirt looks good on you Nash.” I say. “That all looks good on you Addi.” Nash says back over the music. We change spots so I could see Camerons reaction. I see him looking with a different look on his face. He was getting protective and didn’t like Nash and I dancing like this.

I run my hands down my torso to my hips, I stop at Nashs hands, I see him smirk. I don’t think he was playing any more. I think he was into this, but if he was acting, it was working perfectly.

“Hey baby, how about you dance with me like that?"I hear a male voice ask from behind me. I look behind me, stopping dancing. Nash looks at me and then at the kid.

"I’m with him.” I say pointing to Nash.

“Baby girl, sexy thing, I could show you a better time then this kid.” he tells me getting closer to me. “I’m not interested. I’m with him.” I say, turning back around to try and dance again.

“Come on, just one song.” the kid says grabbing my shoulder.

“Back the fuck up! She’s with me.” Nash says, pulling me closer to his body, the kid finally gets the idea and leaves. I see Cameron looking towards the kid, looking like he wanted to punch someone. I nod my head at him to try tell him that I was all good now.

After a few more songs, I see Cameron tap on Nashs shoulder.

“My turn.” he says, gently pulling my arm to move my near him. I stand in the row in front of him, and I start to dancing again, his hands on waist, towards my back. He soon turns me around to face him.

“Nash had his turn now it’s my turn to dance with my best friend.” he says in a husky voice. I smirk. “Ok Cam.” I say.

I put my hands around the back of his neck like I had done before with Nash. I start to twist my hips about, causing Camerons hands to drop to my hands.

We continued to dance like that for a while, but then the song No Type started to go on, and I turned around without missing a beat Camerons hand grip my hips while dance, I feel him getting closer to me. I was grinding my hips in circular motions and he moving his hips a small amount. He put one hand on my waist which was exposed and the other one my hip. I smirk as I can feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. I could smell the alcohol he was drinking though.

The concert ended a about a hour later, and we all walked out. Cameron in the front talking to Bryant about something, Nash and I in the back.

“You got really into that.” I say to him, sticking my tongue on the inside of my check. “What can I say.” he says, smiling at me. “Way to go. It worked perfectly.” Sam says dropping back from the others to talk to Nash and I.

“Did he look into it?"I ask.

"Holy shit was he. He loved it.” he says. “I’ll be honest, you were looking damn hot. There’s no deny it. And I saw the way you looked at Nash while biting your lip, I saw it all. It worked perfectly.Just how you wanted it to. I wanted to dance with you, but you were busy. And you should have heard Cameron when he walked back over and saw you and Nash all over each other. He stopped by me and was like ‘what the fuck is that?’ and I just laughed and told him to deal.” Sam says. A smirk appears on my lips from hearing what he was saying.

The large crowd was all crowded in one place outside the doors, Nash wrapped his arm around me to make sure that I didn’t get lost, or get away from the group somehow.

We eventually get to the car, we had taken a car down, but a limo back, we would have someone get the car. We all get in the back of the limo. We had barely left the concert when the song Or Nah comes on.

We all start saying the words to the song. “Stop looking at while saying that.” Nashs says to Cameron. He looks around the car before his brown eyes land on me. Matt starts the song over again, since it was on his phone.

“Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?” he says to me, I smirk, “You can ride my face until you dripping cum.” he adds, a smirk appearing on his tanned features. I place my hand on his leg, only making him put his own hand way higher up my thigh. He squeezes it gently.

I continue to smirk at him, “Can you throat the dick or nah?” he says again with the words. I feel someone put their hands on my hips. I knew exactly who it was.

What do you guys think? What do you think is going to happen there? Is there something more going on?


MC x Iori

Genre: Vampire AU

Summary: You’ve hidden it so well, so well in fact you forgot about your true self. Leaving late at night, finding poor victims who wish for death. You thought you were doing the right thing. What happens when you get caught—and by him no less?

Rating: PG-13 (Violent scenes warning)

A/N: A short little drabble I’ve had in my drafts for some time. Polished it up and here you are. Eh? Enjoy!

You casually flipped through your journal pages, trying to find some spark for inspiration from past songs as you gnawed on the top of your pen.

“Orange breath?”

Scratching your head you flipped through the pages again, irritated that nothing popped out to you. Maybe it was time to start all over. Again.


“Ahh!” You squeak, turning around to find Iori glaring at you in full force.

“I’ve been calling you for a while now,” He said, flicking your forehead.


“Dinner’s on the table already, let’s go.” He said, turing and leaving the room and you behind.

You sighed, chucking your pen on your desk and closing your journal. Not a single word down and you were already stumped as to what to write. What was even worse was that you were starving, but not for human food.

Years you’ve lived this life, and have yet to find someone with decent enough information, and trustworthy enough, to help you.

You were tired of the restless nights. Leaving in the middle of the night to only survive for a few more hours and having to hide yourself from everyone around you. You couldn’t come clean to anyone, it would mean your death. 

Sighing you sat down at the table and engrossed yourself in the small chit chat. Eating slowly, it only hurt your stomach more as the smells of everyone around you grew stronger. Shit was it hard…

And getting through dinner wasn’t the hardest part, it was escaping after that that left you nearly on lockdown.

“Where are you going again?” Iori asked, arms folded as he blocked the doorway.

“A walk, why?” You asked, trying to cover the obvious reason as to why you were leaving.

“This has been going on since—” He paused, thinking of a number to throw out before it dawned on him how often it truly was, “Since I’ve met you.”

“And it helps me think this way.” You said, ducking under him and scurrying outside to fresh sweet sweet smelling air.

He was enough to drive you wild. 

Not because he was a member of Revence or because he was the heir to Enjo group. It wasn’t his sadistic teasing or his complete blindness without his glasses or how he called you orange breath. It wasn’t about any of that. It was his smell. The amount of times you caught yourself before taking the fatal plunge in devouring his sweet sweet blood was one too many, and after your stash of food went dry due to your source getting caught—you were left to fend for yourself for food. And to fend for yourself meant to drink someones blood. That someone being alive.

It was rough at first. You didn’t know how to suppress the mans screams in pain and pleasure as he twitched and squirmed underneath you, but your thirst was to great and before you knew it you sucked him dry, surprising yourself. 

You really had it in you to kill someone, just like the rest of them.

And before you knew it you couldn’t stop.

You were watching to path you were slowly falling down. Finding victims, drinking their blood, it was going to get you killed. And strangely enough, you didn’t mind the thought. Living the life you lived, 100 years, 200 years, you lost count. It wasn’t fun. Nothing was new. 

He was your only relief. Iori Enjo—the sadist king himself.

The times he comforted you when you were in tears about what to do. All the times you were so close to drinking his blood he somehow told you just what you needed to hear, held you just the right way, kiss you so sweetly when you needed the touch and never pushed you to tell him what was wrong. You weren’t sure what would hurt more: outliving him, killing him yourself or telling him the truth?

“N-No please! Is it money you want!? I-I know a guy I swear!” The man yelled underneath you, crying and moving about like a mad man trying to get free.

“That won’t do.” You said, almost monotone as you sunk your teeth into his pale, fleshy neck. It tasted so sweet, so exciting, to drink straight from a human before you knew it he was limp in your arms. 

“Tsk.” You could never stop yourself in time.


Fear ran through your body as you didn’t dare turn around. You knew that stern voice anywhere. 

“Why?” You asked, not having the strength left to face him.

“Yumi are you—”

“Am I what?” You asked, griping the mans shirt in front of you, shaking his body some, “A murderer? A damn vampire?” You asked, turning around so he could see your face. Your red eyes, blood falling from your mouth and running down your chin, fangs exposed and protruding, “What do you see?” 

The shock in his face was priceless. Here he was, the prince in everyones eyes, deceived and lied to by you, a small but powerful murderer. How people would kill to get their hands on you. To experiment on you and to rip you apart for science.

“Let’s go home.” He said, holding out his hand to you.

“Didn’t—” You were so shocked, so mad even, didn’t he just see you kill a man? “I am a vampire Iori!” You yelled, getting off the man and point a finger at him, “Are you stupid?” 

“I must be.” He answered, laughing a little, “Your stupid must have rubbed off on me.” He said, shaking his hand in the air, “Let’s go home.”

Anger boiled inside of you, but…wasn’t this what you wanted?

You wanted someone to accept you for all your flaws. Surly he knew what you did every night now. Going out, killing people to survive, all while keeping on the act of Yumi you perfected oh so well. 

Why did it make you so mad?

Before you knew it you already grabbed his hand, pulling him towards yourself and to the ground where you hovered over him. He didn’t struggle, just stared. And before you knew it you were already drinking his blood. The sweet sweet blood you desired for so long. 

It was good.

“A-arg,” He panted under you, gripping your shoulders but not pushing you away, not fighting you. Why was he like this, after everything he went through, he was prepared to die like this?

Were you prepared to kill him?

You already knew the answer to that.

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Exo gif reaction when their girlfriend "magically" appears while they are in the showers and she hugs them from behind. Nude (pervy Anon strikes again)

Kris: bohemian rhapsody playing in the background “So this is what you want to play tonight?”

External image

Xiumin: This man right here would love it "You sure you want to do this to me?“

External image

Luhan: The look he’d give you oh lord! "Finally I thought I was going to have to do this myself”

Yixing: He’d be confused, then he’d understand. “Come and join me then Jagi”

Chen: Master troll over here would say something like “Hey get out of here!" 

But then he’d be like "Baby~ I’m just kidding get your ass in here!”

External image

Tao: The look on his face would be priceless now that his shower bud is here. “This is what you wanted right babe?”

External image

Suho: I think he’d be so turned on. “You couldn’t resist spying on me eh? I guess I’ll have to let you in”

Chanyeol: This is something he’d of been thinking about through out the day. “praise the lord for her has answered my prayers”

External image

Baekhyun: This is his style, the positions would be swapped strauight away though he’d be the one kissing you. “Is this what you were waiting for baby?”

External image

Kyungsoo: He knows what’s going down tonight. “You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that Jagi am I going to have to punish you tonight?”

External image

Kai: Just as he’s washing his hair “Took you long enough babe”

External image

Sehun: He’d hear you creepin’ in the background. “You’ll have to try a bit harder next time babe”

saharawarez: Stefan only looks at her when she is talking about HERSELF, his eyes drift away constantly but when she says “Me” or refers to herself his eyes always snap back to her. ( X )

Literally searched the shit out of your blog to find this post lol Though it was like travelling in a steroline heaven

This scene is just a masterpiece, aside from the heartbreak. I’m literally torturing myself with this scene. Paul and Candice are so good at showing their emotions.

To put it simple imo it’s like a huge battle, Stefan is like standing there all his walls up, keeping it strong and resisting and Caroline is like throwing big bombs on him. The more Stefan resists the stronger her emotional response *aka her bombs* gets.

In that whole scene Stefan was supposed to hide his emotions, keep his cold face so Paul’s acting is priceless here I guess *cuz he even fooled some Stefan stans"

So Stefan’s eyes drifting away in whole speech but just when she mentions herself, his eyes are getting back on her again and not once the same thing keeps happening while Caroline always looks Stefan in the eye. She never loses eye contact. Okay this post will get somewhere so I’m getting there.

“I was fooling myself, I was using her as an escape? Yeah, I know what
you think, Caroline”

This is not what Caroline thinks this is Stefan talking to himself, this is what’s in his mind, that part of his mind keeps repeating this. He knew he wasn’t happy, he knew it wasn’t working, he knew he couldn’t move on that’s the part of his brain giving him the warning “you are fooling yourself Stefan” but he’s stuck and ignoring this warning. Of course all in my opinion.

And then Caroline starts throwing big bombs on him (that was hell of speech) and all he can do is avoid. He avoids avoids and avoids just until she mentions herself

then we got this, his eyes are back back on her and he’s gulping

then he avoids avoids and avoids just when she mentions herself

“If even just a small, little part of you came back to check on me…”

Then we got this

and she continues

I mean that’s the nucleer, she just dropped the big bomb on him and his walls are cracking up, he feels it. Now he’s not sure how much longer he can keep this cold face of his. Or poker face how you’d like to call it. This is not the first time Stefan is acting like this, so even if Stefan is sometimes hard to read not to Stefan stans like us.

When she says stay Stefan’s reaction pretty much tells it. (i couldn’t put it into one gif *tumblr size issues*)

takes his last deep breath

just look at his eyes, that’s mirroring his mind searching for something and then look at his nose. Paul is so great at this kind of stuff. That mimic he does with his nose gives it away

then he leaves *wish he stayed* but this leaving doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her it’s the opposite. He’s determined to move on in his own way but Caroline is in front of him and cracking up his walls, getting beneath the surface, getting under his skin, unlike the voice in his head keeps repeating “you are fooling yourself, you are using Ivy as an escape” which he could easily ignore.

btw we have one week ahead of us without steroline, It seems like Caroline is not in 6x04 which is a shame. I hope somehow we can get through this steroline hiatus. Especially threadsandspiderwebs I hope you don’t miss this hiatus and write some metas about them! Give it to us!