his face does look great

SO THIS ONE HAS A GREAT STORY BECAUSE. The photo op was supposed to be the first and only time I saw Mark during the weekend, but, that didn’t quite end up happening. See, I was a little late to his panel because I was still in Misha ops, and at the exact moment I walked in, Mark was walking up the aisle that I was walking down, and we meet exactly halfway. Mark is obviously well known for affectionately insulting anyone who DARES come to his panel dressed as Castiel, and this costume is Castiel and a half, with the pink trench, leather pants, rainbow wings and ‘Property of Dean Winchester’ sign right over my crotch. So Mark stares at me, looks me up and down, and his eyes just freeze starring at the sign for a few seconds - and then, wordlessly, he points for me to go on. So I run away to my seat quickly and sit down, enjoy the panel, and then go off to ops. Now with most people he’s just running through quickly with a hug and a smile, but when I get there, we have this interaction…

Me: “Can we look like we hate each other?”
Mark: “Well, that’ll be easy with what you’re wearing.”

Me, every time I minimize my browser: I have made a terrible mistake.

Sybbie and George in the Christmas Special.