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She’s the Tear in my Heart (Extras Part 1)

Summary: Sometimes forever is just one second

There’s always a part of a story that never makes the final cut but still needs to be said. I felt like this was one of them. Send me an ask if you have a prompt for me.

1. She’ll Be His Wings  | 2. He’ll Be Her Anchor | FF.Net

Extras Part One: A Stellar Addition

According to Emma she wasn’t planned, no.

According to Killian-, “the stars were aligned” and all that jazz.

The she they are referring to is-, well, it starts with this.

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Request: You For You

Request: Would you mind writing a fic where Sam has been dating the reader for a while, and they start acting different because they were insecure about something. Sam finds out they’re a trans male and he just accepts it and continues to love them.

Word Count: 587

Here it is, I hope you like it! I’m so, so sorry if I used any wrong terminology or was insensitive or anything like that, I really, truly don’t want to offend anyone and just shoot me a message and I’ll change it ASAP. Thanks!<3

You stare at yourself in the mirror. You just feel wrong. Running your hands over the curves femininity has cursed you with, you bite down on your lip.

It’s not my fault I was born in the wrong kind of body.

You pull the flannel shirt back onto your shoulders, over the plain black tank top- it’s loose, belonging to your rather gargantuan boyfriend, almost makes you look figureless.

Hearing footsteps outside you spin sharply, tugging the shirt tight around you as if it’s a safety blanket.

“Y/N? Are you in here?” Sam’s voice comes from outside.

“Yeah,” You call, going over to the door, “Everything okay?”

“Sure. I was just looking for you.” He grins, bending down to pull you into a kiss. “I feel like I haven’t talked to you much lately.”

You smile, kissing him back, “I guess you’re right. I suppose I’ve just had a lot on my mind.”

Oh, shit. Shouldn’t have said that because now he’s going to worry and I’m going to end up telling him and he’s going to break up with me because who the hell would stay?

“Is that why you’ve been acting funny?” He asks. Suddenly, his face goes from concerned to apologetic, “Sorry- that came out wrong. I just… you’ve been acting kinda different?”

“Different?” You enquire softly, nervously. He shrugs.

“I totally get it if you don’t want to talk about it but maybe I could help you?”

You shake your head, “It’s not like that.” You pause, and then run a hand through your hair, “Okay, that came out totally wrong. It’s just not one of those problems that you can solve just like that, you know?”

Sam shrugs, “I know the kind you mean. Try me?” He prompts, looking down at you with those goddamn hazel eyes full of love and promises and that worry that shrieks through them whenever you’re hurting even the tiniest bit.

You sigh, sitting down on the end of the bed, “So… you promise you’ll hear me out on this?”

“Of course.”

“Alright, so… since I was little, I never quite felt right the way I was- am. I figured I just felt weird because I wasn’t like other kids what with the monsters but I just never felt comfortable in my own skin.” You begin, avoiding his gaze, “And I just… it was only kinda recently I figured it out. You ever heard of the term ‘trans’? Like, transgender or transsexual?”

“’Course I have.”

“So… yeah. That’s it, I guess. I have a female body but a male brain, if that makes sense to you.”

“Sure it does.” He smiles, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as he sits down beside you. “You’re not comfortable in the skin you’re in, you were assigned the wrong gender at birth. Okay.”

“Wait- okay? You’re okay with this?” You look at him, genuinely shocked. He shrugs, then nods.

“Sure I am. It’s not your fault, is it? It’s not a fault, nor is it a problem. It is, however, a part of you and I love every single bit of you, no matter what bits you have or what brain you have. Heart, not body.”

You just feel your insides swell with happiness at his acceptance.

Really truly?

“Yes, silly.” He presses a kiss to your temple, “I love you for you, no matter what that entails.”

You laugh, leaning into him.

“I love you, too. You’re the best boyfriend ever, you know that?”

“Sure. You, too.”

Peter Hale tasted like copper. Stiles could’ve done without that information.

It was an accident, honestly. It’s not like he meant to have murderer extraordinaire Peter Hale’s tongue down his throat. (That’s not to say that he didn’t enjoy it, but that was beside the point.)

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Beautiful To Me. ( Phan )

TITLE : Beautiful To Me
GENRE : FluFFFFF & cuddling ye
WARNINGS : Nothing , really . ( there’s a tiny bit mention of h//om/o/ph/obia but that’s it really . it’s not that big anyway so eh )

(A/N)  this is something I wrote in my spare time , I was bored nya . It’s not really the best & is really short so wahaha. based off mcr’s ‘ The World is Ugly ‘
WORD COUNT : 1,259

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