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I haven’t drawn Carrot Top in forever, like years

For @sytacus who request Ichigo in 4B for the expression challenge!! Thanks for requesting Ichigo, I REALLY enjoyed drawing him all >:O Hope you enjoy!! <3


It’s my first time seeing Captain Mizuki kicking the ball.. or rather, how Captain’s face looks like when he laughs..


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

When BIGBANG has feelings for you *Chapter 10*

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*it’s been a couple of weeks since the drunken incident with Seunghyun… you’ve been trying to forget about it and so have avoided meeting up with the rest of BIGBANG… Jiyong has been very busy for the past few days with work*

*you’re on you way to meet Jiyong for a summer date by the river… you walk happily in the sun and check your phone*

[Y/N] oh shit i’m late… *you walk quickly and turn the corner*

*you see Jiyong enjoying the sunshine by himself, holding a bouquet of flowers*

[Y/N] Jiyong~ah! *you call cutely as you walk towards him*

*he hears you and starts to walk towards you with a grin on his face*

[GD] JAGI~AHHHH!  *he calls back cutely*

*you grin as he pulls you into his arms and attacks you with kisses*

[GD] how have you been? have you been sleeping okay? eating well? 

[Y/N] *laughing* yes… yes I’m perfectly fine pabo

[GD] good… i’m glad… i’ve missed you~

[Y/N] Jiyong it’s been like 2 days… *giggling*

[GD] 2 days too long! so… where are we going?

*you walk together until you find a riverside bench where you both sit down… you lean your head on his shoulder and he puts an arm around you*

[GD] …are you happy Y/N?

*you lift your head to look at him and your cheeks burn hot*

[Y/N] yes… yes of course I am happy… why would you ask that?

[GD] because i want you to be happy.. *he leans down and plants a kiss on your cheek*

*you turn back to facing the river… your heart beating fast*

*suddenly Jiyong jumps up from the bench*

[GD] Jagi… smile! 

*an hour or so passes and the two of you end up in a small hidden away cafe sharing some dessert… Jiyong is currently trying to impress you with his aegyo charms~*

[Y/N] *laughing* aigoo~ Jiyongie stop… *cringe*

*Suddenly Jiyong’s phone buzzes on the table… he looks down at the text*

[GD] oh… the rest of the members are meeting up not far from here… shall we go?

*he turns to you expectantly… you feel the blood drain from your face… you were starting to run out of excuses not to meet up with them*

[GD] come on… it’ll be fun… the boys said they miss you~ they haven’t seen you in ages

*before you know it you’re being bundled into a taxi and then suddenly you’re outside another cafe… your heart is beating fast and you feel nervous but Jiyong drags you inside*

*you take in the smell of coffee and the sleek interior design… you let Jiyong guide you up to a second floor… you notice that there is no one else in the cafe… as you reach the second floor you start to hear familiar voices and then you see them*

[DS] Oh Jiyong’s here… ahhh Y/N you came! *goofy grin* it’s been so long!

[YB] oh hello Y/N!

*you smile as Youngbae and Daesung stand up to greet you*

*you watch as Jiyong and Seungri greet each other*

*finally your eyes fall on the other figure still sat at the table… Seunghyun’s eyes meet yours before darting back to Jiyong… he looked nervous…*

[TOP] hello… Y/N…

*stay tuned for the next chapter!*

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So many things changed for him. It’s like getting back what he had lost, what could have been his all along. Like, the world might actually get better for him. Everything good felt like a dream. And deep inside I think he knows he could lose everything at once. Again.