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🌺🌸🌺 headcanons for Todoroki with bff who in a wheelchair and doesn't take shit from his dad and actually wants to fight him and she has a powerful quirk that has the potential to beat endeavor?

Yess, Endeavor, get wrecked! P.s I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, and it kind of deviated from my usual headcanons >< But I had fun writing this, so I hope you have fun reading this!

Todoroki Shouto

  • For Todoroki to meet someone with similar interests and then become good friends with them, is definitely not something easy. He is, after all, still quite unsociable.
  • So when he found his bff, we can safely say that he was really happy.
  • Though he doesn’t really show his happiness and how much he cherishes his bff, but his bff being his bff, just knows how he feels.
  • Has never been bothered by the fact that his bff is wheelchair bound - what matters to him is their personality, not the external appearance.
  • But that being said, he understands that there are some inconveniences brought about by being wheelchair bound, so he tries his best to help them with things they have difficulty doing.
  • The first time his bff met Endeavor was during the Sports Festival; they had ran into him after he had spoken to Todoroki, and Endeavor recognized them instantly, despite having never met before.
  • Endeavor was intimidating, and his strong presence hadn’t helped ease the tension between the two of them. Though, that’s not to say that they were afraid of Endeavor, in fact, it was the contrary; all they felt was annoyance at the said man.
  • This is the bad parenting 101 asshole…?
  • “You, you’re the one who’s always near Shouto. What is your name?”
  • “My name is Y/N, sir,” you lower your head respectfully.
  • Knowing Endeavor, he’s likely to be assessing them with his turquoise eyes and making a bad judgement in his head.
  • “I’d appreciate if you’d stay away from Shouto. You’re no good for him,” He gestures to their wheelchair, raising a brow, almost in contempt, as he watched them open their mouth to retort, only to snap their mouth shut, recontemplating their decision to speak.
  • …Yeah, he’s an asshole indeed.
  • What they chose to do instead, was to flick their hands upwards, and the next thing we know, Endeavor is on the ground, gasping for air.
  • “No good…? Aha, are you sure?”
  • “My name is Y/N, sir, and my quirk is air manipulation,” they state as a matter of fact, eyes narrowed in defiance.
  • “Please, do remember my name…” A mischievous smile plays on their lips as they hum.
  • “For I can take you down at any given moment.”

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Bonus: ^ That’s probably how Todoroki felt internally when he walked in on you using your quirk. He knows about your quirk and how strong it is, but is still pleasantly shocked to see you bring the no. 2 hero down to his knees.


야!해줄래? more like appreciation to mingyu’s face

Friendzoned M.C - chapter 2

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A/N: okay I said something in the first chapter about how Crystal was portrayed in this story and now I’m going to talk about Arzaylea. You will see her character further on but I don’t think of her/her and Luke’s relationship like that in real life. Just letting you know now before people eat me about how I’ve written it :)

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Michael’s pov:

I don’t like it, I didn’t like it the first time I saw him, his hands intertwined with hers. I never knew that she was interested in someone else, I only ever thought that she was interested in me but I guess I was wrong. It’s lame that I’m still holding onto the kiss but it was something special, I hope it meant as much to her as it did to me.

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Anywhere Else

My small contribution for Logic and Philosophy Week! Just a little Enjolras and Combeferre centric sick fic, featuring a visit from Joly. Warning for a lot of sappiness. 

March 1832.

“Combeferre please sit, would you?”

Enjolras puts down his book, shifting around in his chair and looking at Combeferre, who sifts through piles of papers placed haphazardly on his sitting room table—organized chaos, Combeferre insists—searching around for something. Combeferre’s hands shake, a sheen of sweat near his hairline.

“I’m fine, Enjolras, don’t worry yourself,” Combeferre says, waving off the concern. “Is it cold in here? I’m quite chilly.”

Enjolras furrows his brow, glancing over at the cheerily crackling fire. He’s already thrown off his own coat and he lit the fire mostly for Combeferre’s benefit: it’s brisk outside, but barely cold enough for a fire at all. “I’m quite warm, actually. Are you sure you’re quite well?”

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-squints- “the crows...”

Halloween Drabble Challenge

Day 15

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Universe: Criminal Minds

Y/N smiled softly as she felt Jack’s little hand in hers, pulling her along quickly, with an overwhelming sense of urgency. “Where are we going, Jack?”

“To the park!” The little boy shouted happily. Turning her head slightly, Y/N could see Jack’s father, Aaron walking just slightly behind them, as Jack made the woman run ahead.

Jack stopped suddenly, almost knocking Y/N over, and when she looked down at him, his little eyes were squinting as he glared ahead of himself with an almost comical anger.

“What’s wrong?” Y/N asked the boy, kneeling down next to him.

“The crows…” He muttered ominously.

Indeed, ahead of Jack were several crows, on the park where he had been planning to play, comfortably wrapped up in his thick coat.

By this point, Aaron had caught up, and he knelt down in front of his son, and squinted back, beginning a staring contest between the pair.

Y/N giggled at the pair, and the gentle sound drew Aaron’s attention. He turned to see her laugh with a look of delicate admiration and true love upon his face.

“Aha!” Jack exclaimed, before running off towards the crows shouting happily. “I win!” 

Aaron stood up to face the love of his life, and wrapped an arm around her waist. “I love you.” His voice was soft and careful as he smiled at the woman.

“I love you too.”


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Ooh, ooh, can you do either moaning the other’s name, or Pinning the other against the wall with Kamukoma? Komahina is also fine!

Gonna go with Kamukoma for this one, but if you wanna request Komahina for it too I don’t mind xP. I just like having them in separate posts.

Kamukura Izuru was supposed to be a man of infinite patience. And yet. Komaeda Nagito tested that so frequently.

It is truly remarkable.

Komaeda Nagito was predictable and boring. He scorned him, called him a broken machine of a being, a representation of false hope, of despair, of hubris - an inhuman monster who simply didn’t deserve to exist. He heard all of these insults before. But from Komaeda Nagito, they were especially common.

Despite repeated assurances that he hated him, Komaeda Nagito still followed him around an awful lot for someone who was so disdainful of him. Even more curious was that Komaeda looked at him with something like hope, just briefly, on occasion.

Komaeda Nagito…what do you truly want from me?

It’d been a day like no other. Komaeda had bumped into him around lunch hour at the school. Alone in the hallway, Komaeda tilted his head, then smiled.

“Ah. I see the False Hope of Hope’s Peak is alone again today. Geez, Kamukura-kun. Don’t you have any friends?”

Don’t you? He thought irritably, but held his tongue. 

“So meek!” Komaeda practically chirped, then giggled. “You know, when you act like this, I really do feel sorry for you. You can’t help being a broken system of false hope anymore then the untalented can help being born how they are. When you act meek instead of arrogant, you almost seem even more pitiful. Isn’t that amazing, Kamukura-kun?”

On and on the rambles went - Komaeda Nagito, it felt like, sometimes never stopped talking. Especially when the topic of Hope’s Peak came up.

He speaks with such passion and desperation.

He didn’t know what it was about today. But something within him snapped. Roughly, he pushed the other against the wall in irritation, staring down at him with cold and cruel crimson eyes.


Komaeda’s eyes were not cold and cruel like he expected - instead they looked almost resigned - taken off guard, but not really surprised.

“…Ah. Are you angry with me, Kamukura-kun?” He tilted his head, a sly smile on his face. “Aha. You know, you could have just told me to leave…I wonder why you never have?”

Komaeda’s smile was such a vapid, frail, thing. Komaeda Nagito himself was such a frail thing. Easily broken. Snapped. Like a twig.

If I break him, he will never bother me again. I know this.

And yet, faced with those eyes…

Slowly, he let go, and Komaeda blinked - this time in genuine surprise - as Kamukura turned away.

“Goodbye, Komaeda Nagito. I apologize for my disgraceful behavior.”

Komaeda was quiet, speechless really, as Kamukura Izuru walked off, then he looked down at the ground, and bit his lip.

“…You know, sometimes Kamukura-kun…even though you’re such an abhorrent creature…I really wonder…what goes on in that head of yours…”

He sighed, staring at his hands for a moment, before turning and walking the opposite way. This would change nothing, and both of them knew that.

I guess that’s just our fate…Kamukura-kun. Neither of us can escape the curses placed on us when we were brought into this world.

…What a disgusting, despairing thought.

Five times Nishinoya passed out in front of Asahi


The one where Asahi almost ‘killed’ Nishinoya.


The first time it happened, it wasn’t long after Karasuno had finally got their Ace and their reliable Libero back in the team. It was only a day after the practice match between Karasuno Volleyball Club VS Karasuno Neighborhood Association had ended, resulting in Asahi and Nishinoya’s official return. That day the two of them were so pumped up to catch up after a month’s absence, that they got the team fired up with them.

But it seems a month’s absence would definitely take a toll on one’s ability. More precisely, one’s accuracy.

They were on a break when it happened. Although he had left the club for a month, Asahi still has great stamina, and he was keen to get his spiking back in shape, so he had asked Suga to help him practice his spikes. The first years (mostly Hinata and Kageyama) were in awe of their senpai’s powerful spikes.

But a powerful spike can sometimes be dangerous, especially if it went flying uncontrolled. Especially if it hit someone.

And it hit against Nishinoya’s head.


“Noya-saaaaaaannn!!” Tanaka was the first one to react after everyone inside the gym stopped whatever it was they were doing when they hear the loud slam. When Nishinoya didn’t give so much as a twitch after he fell face first to the ground, the whole team quickly gathered around the young man who was now held by a crying Tanaka.

“N, nice kill, Asahi…” said Daichi to which he received a punch on the shoulder by Sugawara.

“This is no time to be joking around, Daichi!” he scolded before turning his attention to Tanaka. “Is he alright, Tanaka?”

“Is he even alive?” murmured Tsukishima.

“I don’t think so…” replied Yamaguchi without taking his eyes off the dramatic scene.

“Noooooo! Noya-senpai, don’t die!!” Hinata cried dramatically while joining Tanaka on the ground next to the unconscious Nishinoya.

Kageyama smacked him on the head, “Of course he won’t, dumbass! Now get off him so Shimizu-senpai and Coach can take a look at him” He then pulled Hinata away by the back of his shirt while the smaller man struggled, still reaching for his senpai in tears.

It turns out, Hinata and Tanaka were right to worry themselves to tears because Nishinoya wouldn’t wake up.

“Alright, Tanaka! Go carry Nishinoya to the nurse’s office, but be careful–” “YES, COACH!” As soon as he was told, Tanaka lifted the limp Libero to his back and started running without looking back.

“I SAID BE CAREFUL!” yelled the Coach, but it was unheard. The only source of comfort for them was Takeda-sensei and Kiyoko quickly running after him so they can make sure that Nishinoya was alright. After a few moments, Ukai broke the silence by assuring everyone that everything will be okay (and no, Nishinoya’s not going to die, Hinata!) and ordering them to continue the practice.

“Alright, guys, you heard the Coach! Let’s continue practice!” yelled the captain, to which they all, except Tsukishima, answered loudly before they resumed their free practice.

“Hey, Daichi…” murmured Sugawara while staring at a lone figure whom he concluded didn’t move an inch since Nishinoya was carried away.

“Yeah…” Daichi sweated mimicking Sugawara. When Daichi received a loud ‘Yes!’ from the team, he and his vice-captain didn’t really expect one of the members to answer. They slowly approached their frozen best friend, only to find his face white as sheet.


“I killed him, I killed him, I killed him… oh my God, I killed Nishinoya… I killed him, I killed him, I killed him–”  the Ace of Karasuno repeatedly murmured the same sentence over and over again, not hearing Daichi and Sugawara’s coax.

“Yep. He’s dead.”

When he opened his eyes, Nishinoya immediately felt pain on the back of his head.

The brown eyed boy slowly sat up, he placed his hand against the bed he was in to hold himself up while carefully massaging his aching head with his other hand. He vaguely remembers Daichi’s voice warning him “Watch out, Nishinoya!”, before feeling intense pain on the back of his head. After that he couldn’t remember anything.

“Augh, what the hell happened..?” he groaned.

“You got hit by a ball…” His response was so quiet, Nishinoya felt he imagined it. But then he saw a giant figure hiding behind his bed curtain.

“Uwaah! Asahi-san you scared me!”

Hearing Nishinoya’s scream, Asahi flinched. “I, I’m sorry Noya!”

“Geez…” The boy grumbled, “what are you doing here anyway? You should be at practice!” he scolded, making the older of the two flinch again.

“Umm… I came to check on you. Then the nurse told me to stay here because she had to run for some errand. She, umm, she said she wouldn’t be long, but it’s been a while since she left…” Nishinoya raised an eyebrow when he noticed Asahi avoiding his eyes. After a few seconds of awkward silence, the Libero let out a sigh while laying back on the bed, his movement made the older man look at him.

“So you stayed with me to be my bodyguard huh, Asahi-san? My hero~” Despite his pounding head, Nishinoya couldn’t help but to tease his friend.

“More like your doer…” mumbled Asahi.

“Huh? What was that?” asked Nishinoya with one eye opened. “I couldn’t hear you from all the way there Asahi-san, come closer!” He could see Asahi biting his lips, his face contemplating if he should even be near Nishinoya right now.

‘I’ve rejected him more than enough,’ Asahi thought back on how he turned his back on Nishinoya of all people, so he moved to open the curtains wider before closing them again and stepping forward to sit on the chair next to the younger man’s bed.

“So I got hit by a ball?”

“You got hit by my ball.”

“Ah… so that’s why you sound so guilty.” Asahi flinched for the third time.

“I’m sorry.” He stuttered, making Nishinoya laugh.

“Why are you apologizing? It was an accident, Asahi-san, it’s not like you intended to hit me, right?” At that, Asahi shook his head hard.

“Never! But… I’m still sorry.” Nishinoya felt a tick on his already pounding head.

“Seriously, Asahi-san, if I hear another apology coming out of you…”

“Sor–” “Asahi-san!”

“Yes! Al, alright. I’m sor–” Asahi tensed. “I mean, it’s just impulse…” The bearded man looked down, he suddenly find the blanket covering Nishinoya very interesting.

Nishinoya sighed. “Man, I seriously don’t know what to do with you.” He then gave a small smile. “You and your glass heart…” The boy said, not unkindly. Staring at his kouhai’s smile, Asahi felt his face hot. “Well anyway, I think I’m going to sleep again.” Normally, Nishinoya would never let an injury keep him from practicing volleyball, but his head was pounding so hard and he felt nauseated. So to avoid coming back to practice only to throw up and getting scolded by Daichi and Coach, he would focus on getting better.

Before he could close his eyes, Asahi gave him a glass of water and a pill (the nurse had told Asahi to give that to Nishinoya if he’d waken up before the nurse was back) to ease his pain. After he complied, he expected Asahi to stand up and leave, but the bigger man didn’t move.

“Asahi-san, you should get back to practice.” Asahi shook his head.

“I… I don’t want to leave you.” Nishinoya frowned in annoyance.

“I may be smaller than you, Asahi-san, but I’m okay if you leave me alone. I’m not a baby you know” Asahi shook his head even harder, not wanting to offend Nishinoya in any way.

“No, no! That’s not what I meant!”

“Then what?” Nishinoya sat up again, not tearing his gaze from his senpai’s distressed face. “Aha! You’re tired aren’t you? That’s what you get for skipping practice for a month, Asahi-san!” he then crossed him arms while shaking his head with his eyes closed as if thinking. “But you shouldn’t skip anymore practice just ‘cause you’re tired you know, or Daichi-san will have your head.”

“That– that’s not it either…” The man with the bun murmured, making the boy with the tuft open his eyes and said, “Then what? Well, it’s nothing new, but…” at Nishinoya’s change of tone, Asahi looked up to meet his eyes. The boy sighed before continuing, “why are you being like this, Asahi-san?”

“I thought everything’s okay again. I thought we’re okay. Are you alright? Are you having doubts about the team again? If so then what can I do to fix it?” Asahi swore he could hear Nishinoya asking those question in his mind. Before he could stop himself, he grabbed Nishinoya’s hands and squeeze them. He could see the boy’s expression turned from worry to shock, his eyes wide with a hint of vulnerability.

Nishinoya who is so strong and independent, who is so energized and confident, and who is so sacrificial and reliable. How could a person like Asahi cause the boy so much suffering because of his own weaknesses and cowardice. Asahi doesn’t deserve a friend like him.

But yesterday at the practice match Nishinoya had encourage him again. He had helped him gain the courage he needs to move forward.

“Call out for a toss once more, ace!”  

Hinata, Kageyama, Daichi and Suga had helped him realized how much he loved and wanted to play volleyball again. But it was Nishinoya who encouraged him to move, to pick himself up and spike that ball. It was thanks to Nishinoya’s save that he could spike Suga’s toss again.

Nishinoya has helped him in so many ways, and despite Asahi doesn’t deserve any of it, he wanted nothing more than to repay him.

He wanted to be the man capable to support and encourage Nishinoya too.

“Asahi-san…?” Asahi snapped out of his thoughts but he didn’t dare tear his eyes away from Nishinoya’s gaze. Staring at Nishinoya’s eyes, Asahi made a commitment.

“I don’t want to leave you again. I will never leave you again.”

The older man watched as the younger man’s eyes widen in realization. He watched as Nishinoya began to understood why Asahi was so adamant about his refusal to leave him. And he watched as tears began to form in Nishinoya’s wide, unblinking eyes.

Asahi felt Nishinoya’s hands squeezing his as the latter hid his face in Asahi’s chest, lightly knocking his head against it. His could feel his heart breaking when he heard his kouhai sniffed softly, but he stayed quiet.

“Asahi-san…” Nishinoya let go of one of Asahi’s hand to grip lightly on the latter’s shirt, as if holding it can keep him from going anywhere.

“Yes, Noya?”

“Stay with me.” Asahi’s eyes widen for a moment before he relaxed again. He then put his hand on Nishinoya’s back, rubbing it slowly as a sign of comfort while his other hand still holding the boy’s.

“Of course.”

“Ukai-kun, I’m going to check on Nishinoya-kun again if you don’t mind.” said the messy haired man.

“Sure, Sensei. Give me an update, yeah?” the blond received a smile and a nod as a response. ‘He’s smiling, but he’s clearly worried about the kid.’  thought Ukai as he watched the older man walked away. He was about to focus back on the team when he heard Hinata’s loud voice.

“Sensei! Takeda-sensei!” At Hinata’s call, Takeda stopped. “Hinata-kun? What’s wrong?”

“You want to check on Noya-senpai don’t you? Can I come? Please!” Takeda held his up his hands, he was caught off guard when the boy suddenly bowed in front of him. He was about to reply but the captain of the volleyball club beat him to it. “Oi Hinata! We’re in the middle of practice!”

Hinata tensed and started to sweat much. Kageyama scoffed. “You dumbass.”

“Shut up, Kageyama!” He turned to Daichi. “I’m– I’m just worried about Noya-senpai, and… and we’re not having a practice match anyway, so…” Hinata mumbled the last part. Daichi seemed annoyed, but he can understand the middle blocker’s worry. Takeda-sensei, Tanaka and Kiyoko had told them that according to the nurse, Nishinoya was going to be okay, just that he would be having a hell of a headache when he woke up. He himself was also wondering why Asahi hasn’t come back after seeking his permission to check up on the boy.

“So I can focus on practice more, Daichi! You know I can’t calm down without seeing him alright for myself…” Asahi had said about half an hour ago.

“Maa, maa. How about we all see him for a bit?” Takeda looked at Ukai for approval.

The blond gave a sigh while scratching the back of his neck. “Fine. You guys haven’t been focusing for the last hour anyway. Maybe seeing your teammate alright can get you back in gear.” At that, the team let out a whoop.

When they all reached the nurse’s office, Sugawara opened the door. “I’m sure Nishinoya will be happy.”

Tsukishima’s mind went back to remembering how loud and hard his small senpai has received that blow to the head. “If he’s even alive.” though he commented quietly, it was still heard by Tanaka.

“What’s was that, Tsukishima!?”

“Tsukki…” Yamaguchi sweatdropped.

“Oi, keep it down!” bristled Daichi.

The team crowded at the door only to find a missing nurse and that one curtain was closed while the others remain opened. They all kept themselves quiet, even Hinata. Again, Sugawara was the first person to reach their destination and when he opens the curtain, they were greeted by a surprising sight.

Nishinoya was sleeping on his back with his hand on his stomach while the other was being held in Asahi’s. The latter was in a chair, his position slouched against the bed while his free arm was being used to hold his head as a makeshift pillow. He was also sleeping.

“Nice one, Noya-san” Tanaka grinned while taking a picture on his phone.

“How cool, Noya-senpai!”

“What’s so cool about that?”

“Pfft” laughed Yamaguchi.

“Why you, Tsukishima! Yamaguchi!”

“Oi, you’re too loud, idiot!”

“They look cute…”

“Kiyoko-san thinks they’re cute!?”

“Oi, pipe down!”

“We should really keep it down guys” said Kinoshita.

“Minna-san, we should go back to practice now–”

“But sensei, what about Asahi-san?” Narita asked.


“They’re back…”

At Sugawara’s comment, everyone went quiet.

“Suga-san?” It wasn’t just Sugawara. The first years could see that after realizing the meaning of their vice-captain’s words, their senpais have a certain look on their faces; a nostalgic one.

“I remember the expression on their faces a month ago…” The mother hen of the team started again. Daichi nodded.

“Both of them were so angry at themselves, it’s downright frustrating.”

Tanaka hummed. “I thought Noya-san looked like he wanted to cry.”

“We all wanted to cry, really.” Ennoshita said.

“Why aren’t you berating me!?”  

“Don’t you DARE give up on the shots I’ve worked so hard to receive!!”  

“But to just accept defeat so selfishly… That’s something I cannot forgive!”  

Staring at the peaceful expression on a sleeping Asahi and Nishinoya, while comparing this scene to the scene that happened a month before… they don’t ever want to see them make an expression like that again.

In their quietness, the team seemed to make a mutual agreement in their minds.

“We won’t let that happen again.” Daichi said with conviction. Around him, his teammates nodded.

They now have their reliable Ace and Libero back.

And they will definitely go to the nationals.

Scope x Jean Smut!Oneshot

Oh my lord I’ve finally finished this oneshot, which I honestly didn’t really think it would take up to almost 3 weeks to finish. Well besides the fact that homework is a pain as always and that this oneshot was a lot longer then I expected it to be. I must apologize if some of the characters seem OOC and if theres any mistakes too as well ;-; also considering this is my first time typing a oneshot of these two lovely faces.

—- —- —- —-

Warning’s: Slight cursing, fluff, and obviously smut

Word Count: 7,969 ((I cri))

—- —- —- —-

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3. Lost Somewhere

The Not-Quite-Normal but Still-Totally-Awesome OTP Challenge

3. Lost Somewhere

Also, attempted mind-meld challenge! MAYBE THIS TIME IT WILL WORK! (Update, it didn’t. But andavs’ beautiful work is here. SO CUTE AND FUNNY!)


They are lost.

Derek knows it. Because he’s a werewolf and he knows for a fact that he has never been to this area of the woods before and they are supposed to be heading back to camp.

At least, that’s what Stiles had claimed some forty minutes ago.

It’s a loop trail, Derek. We are just coming around the second part of the circle. Of the… you know, the loop!


They are not coming around in a loop. Derek can’t even smell the campsite and with a campsite of six people – including three werewolves, a kitsune, and a banshee – there should be a smell. At least, there would be if there were within a mile or so.

So they are definitely lost.

He suspects Stiles knows it too, judging from the way that he has taken to squinting around at the Giant Sequoia trees and glancing every so often at the map when he thinks Derek won’t notice.

Of course, Derek notices. Stiles is many things, but subtle is not really one of them and, more importantly, there’s not much about Stiles that Derek doesn’t notice any more. He notices when Stiles blinks in just a touch of surprise every time Derek initiates a kiss and how his mouth quirks upwards when they’re fighting and Derek makes a good point. There’s literally no way he can miss Stiles’ own grin of triumph when he wins the argument anyway.

There’s no way this is getting by him either. When he suggested to Stiles that they go on a hike just the two of them and Stiles had offered to map it out, he had assumed Stiles was just going to get them out of earshot from the others and instigate sex (which, for the record, he was not at all opposed to). But Stiles had taken his job with extreme gravitas, seemed incredibly insistent that Derek not help at all (for once, Derek, c’mon, just because you’re a werewolf with a freakish sense of direction doesn’t mean that you always get to pick!) and had spent the last day and a half bragging that this was going to be the most awesome hike ever. He even made Derek promise not to try and keep track of where they were. And Stiles had also stopped periodically and spun him around to try to throw him off.

It worked. Now they’re lost.

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