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what would it be like to date leonardo........ I want to kiss him...

Same anon

  • Dating Leo at first would be a bit awkward, since Leo himself isn’t too experienced with actually being in a relationship with someone
  • He’d hesitantly try to hold your hand, his face having this blush aha
  • Is the kind of person to ask how you’re doing today, and try to make some small talk (that hopefully grows into a better conversation)
  • Leo wants to do all sorts of things, such as kissing or hugging, but most of the time he’s just so shy to, along with not wanting to make you uncomfortable
  • Nearly anytime he wants to do something such as kissing, he’d ask. Just in case, of course
  • Leo would spend a few moments trying to either tell you/text you if you’d like to go somewhere, and then force himself to ask with every bit of courage he has
  • Honestly he’d have so much fun going anywhere with you, despite being a little awkward and shy, during some moments
Scope x Jean Smut!Oneshot

Oh my lord I’ve finally finished this oneshot, which I honestly didn’t really think it would take up to almost 3 weeks to finish. Well besides the fact that homework is a pain as always and that this oneshot was a lot longer then I expected it to be. I must apologize if some of the characters seem OOC and if theres any mistakes too as well ;-; also considering this is my first time typing a oneshot of these two lovely faces.

—- —- —- —-

Warning’s: Slight cursing, fluff, and obviously smut

Word Count: 7,969 ((I cri))

—- —- —- —-

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3. Lost Somewhere

The Not-Quite-Normal but Still-Totally-Awesome OTP Challenge

3. Lost Somewhere

Also, attempted mind-meld challenge! MAYBE THIS TIME IT WILL WORK! (Update, it didn’t. But andavs’ beautiful work is here. SO CUTE AND FUNNY!)


They are lost.

Derek knows it. Because he’s a werewolf and he knows for a fact that he has never been to this area of the woods before and they are supposed to be heading back to camp.

At least, that’s what Stiles had claimed some forty minutes ago.

It’s a loop trail, Derek. We are just coming around the second part of the circle. Of the… you know, the loop!


They are not coming around in a loop. Derek can’t even smell the campsite and with a campsite of six people – including three werewolves, a kitsune, and a banshee – there should be a smell. At least, there would be if there were within a mile or so.

So they are definitely lost.

He suspects Stiles knows it too, judging from the way that he has taken to squinting around at the Giant Sequoia trees and glancing every so often at the map when he thinks Derek won’t notice.

Of course, Derek notices. Stiles is many things, but subtle is not really one of them and, more importantly, there’s not much about Stiles that Derek doesn’t notice any more. He notices when Stiles blinks in just a touch of surprise every time Derek initiates a kiss and how his mouth quirks upwards when they’re fighting and Derek makes a good point. There’s literally no way he can miss Stiles’ own grin of triumph when he wins the argument anyway.

There’s no way this is getting by him either. When he suggested to Stiles that they go on a hike just the two of them and Stiles had offered to map it out, he had assumed Stiles was just going to get them out of earshot from the others and instigate sex (which, for the record, he was not at all opposed to). But Stiles had taken his job with extreme gravitas, seemed incredibly insistent that Derek not help at all (for once, Derek, c’mon, just because you’re a werewolf with a freakish sense of direction doesn’t mean that you always get to pick!) and had spent the last day and a half bragging that this was going to be the most awesome hike ever. He even made Derek promise not to try and keep track of where they were. And Stiles had also stopped periodically and spun him around to try to throw him off.

It worked. Now they’re lost.

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tzaritsa  asked:

fuck wait i need a follow up to them breaking up like yesterday pls

literally so many people asked for me to “fix it” lmao (for those who missed it, here is the first part of this) sorry i slept early yesterday BUT HERE YA GO 

p.s. if anybody needs a follow up for anything, just say so!!!!

(btw i’m writing this at 9 am it’s literally too early for this oops forgive this inevitable mess. but hey it’s in neil’s pov, so that’s something!!!!!!! ok let’s go)

Neil didn’t know why, but the days seemed to be longer, felt stretched past their limits. It’s only been three days since his “break up” (even though Neil wasn’t sure what to call it yet, it felt like a break up, so the name stays), but the hours grew into years, the minutes painfully dragging by like the slow run of chalk on blackboard. 

“Mr. Josten! Is there any reason why you’re staring into space instead of listening to my lecture?”

The teacher (whose name he’d chosen to forget a long, long time ago) was looking at him all the way from the front, eyebrows scrunched together, face carrying a stern expression. Neil didn’t really care enough about the subject, but he did care about Exy, so he needed an acceptable grade from this teacher. 

Straightening up in his seat, Neil replied, “Nothing, ma’am. All the focus is back on you.” Not his best line, and definitely not the truth, but it was enough to reassure her to turn around and continue droning on about a chemistry term’s definition.

Maybe he was feeling guilty. Yeah, maybe it was just guilt, and nothing more. Because if it were something more, then Neil was in deep shit.

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Ticklish Preference 4/4

Request; Nope. This is just another old one from my other blog. -Gabby


 I stood in the kitchen looking up at the top shelf where my favorite mug was currently sitting. It was moments like this one that I hated living with a 6 ft giant noodle boy. As much as I loved Luke, I hated that he put everything where I couldn’t reach it.

With a sigh I stood up on my tip toes in hopes of retrieving my mug but failed.

Just as I was looking around the kitchen to find something I could stand on Luke appeared in the doorway in nothing but his boxers.

“Luuuuuuuke” I whined out, giving him my best pouty face.

“Huh?” he yawned and reached up to cover his mouth.

Without saying anything I turned to reach for the cup and pouted again. This is how I got him to do things for me. He couldn’t resist my pouty face  and we both knew it. Plus, it was his fault in the first place for putting things where I couldn’t reach them.

“Alright, alright. I’ll get it for you” he said, making his way across the kitchen to where I was standing.

Instead of moving me to the side so he could reach, he just placed his hand on my hip and grabbed the cup. No effort was needed for him to accomplish this.

Placing the cup on the counter he stepped back slightly and put his other hand on my waist and pulled me into his chest.

“Thank you for getting my mug for me” I breathed out while snuggling closer into him.

“Mhm” he sighed, moving his hands up under my shirt to my waist and giving a little squeeze, causing me to let out a tiny giggle.

It was in this moment Luke discovered my weakness.

Pulling back from me just a little he looked down at me and smiled, raising one of his eyebrows.

“Oh? Is my little girl ticklish right there?” his grin got bigger as he said it and he got an evil look in his eyes.

“No!” I squeaked out, trying to pull away from him but in doing so it only made his grip tighten, earning him another giggle “Lucas don’t even think about it!” I half shouted, but it was no use.

He pulled me into him again and began tickling me. Sending me into a fit of laughter with tears coming out.

“Luke! Stop!” I yelled “You’re gonna kill me!” I couldn’t stop laughing as I struggled to pull free of his grip.

“Never!’ he laughed out “I finally found your weakness!”

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I managed to get free and ran from the kitchen.

As I rounded the corner into the living room I could hear his footsteps right behind me so I ran and climbed over the couch. Putting it in between us so he couldn’t get me.

“Stop right there mister!” I pointed at him with my eyebrows both raised up. “If you come any closer I will bite you” I tried to sound menacing but he just laughed at me.

“Oh? Is that a promise?” he wiggled his eyebrows at me, and slowly made his way to the couch, climbing over it with more ease than I had.

I cursed him and his long legs. The second he was in front of me he grabbed my waist again and pulled me towards him as he walked us back, making us fall onto to the couch with me on top of him.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the surprise of falling on the couch.

“You’re a child Luke” I giggled, leaning in to kiss his cheek.

“I believe I was promised more than a kiss if I came any closer”

“You dork” I laughed again and bit his exposed shoulder “there you big baby”

“That’s not what I was hoping for” he pouted at me, sticking his bottom lip out, and tickling me once again.

“Hey! No fair!” I said trying to pull away, but he just pulled me in closer, throwing both of us sideways so we were now laying across the couch, face to face. Which is how we spent the rest of the day.


 “Babe!” Calum shouted from the kitchen “Do you want a drink?”

“No! I’m fine!” I yelled back.

“Yes you are” he said as he walked into the living room, plopping down on the end of the couch with a drink in his hand.

“Oh you’re so smooth Hood” I gave him a smile and a wink before stretching out along the couch and placing my feet in his lap.

“Shut up you love it” he said picking up the remote to change the channel from the show I had been watching.  

“Hey!” I said, as I lightly nudged his stomach with my foot “I was watching that you dick!”

“Not anymore!” he dropped the remote and grabbed my foot so he could keep me from kicking him again, which resulted in me pulling my foot away.

“Hey that’s mine now” he said grabbing me by my ankle and putting my foot back on his lap, holding it there so I couldn’t move it. “My foot” he whispered lightly tickling the bottom of it, making me scream and try to pull it away.

“Calum! Don’t!” I struggled to pull my foot free but he only held onto it tighter, getting an evil look in his eyes. “Don’t you dare” I said glaring at him.

This seemed to only encourage  him though as he began tickling my foot again, not stopping till I was gasping for breath, my face bright red.

“Haha! You should see your face! You look like you’re gonna pass out!” he laughed as he continued to hold my foot.

“Stop! It hurts!” I cried out, holding my sides from laughing so hard.

“Aw! Does y/n want me to kiss it better?” he said with a smirk across his face.

“No! I don’t want your kisses you big bully!”

Before I knew what was happening he was getting up and climbing on top of me, pressing me into the couch.

“You love my kisses and you know it” he growled and crushed his mouth to mine, catching me off guard. “Admit it!” he said before kissing me again. “Or I won’t stop”

“Fine! I love your kisses!” I laughed as he kissed me again but didn’t get off of me. He just stayed there.

“Are you going to get up anytime soon? You’re crushing me”

“Nope. I have found my new favorite spot” he said pressing himself into me more, and nuzzling his face into my neck, giving it a small kiss.


 “Luke!” I screamed as I ran towards him, and away from my best friend Michael “Save me!’ I said as I hid behind him, holding onto his shoulders hoping to use him as my human shield.

“Save you from what?” he laughed.

“Michael!” I said “he has discovered my ticklish spot and is trying to catch me. If he does he said he’s gonna tickle me till I pee myself ” I stood up on my tip toes to look over Luke as I said this. Spotting Michael coming towards us.

“I found you! Ha! He can’t save you from me!’ Michael yelled as he got closer to us.

“Run away Y/n! Run away!” Luke yelled, moving away from me leaving me on my own.

“You traitor!” I shouted as I took off down the hall again.

“You can run but you can’t hide! I will find you Y/n!’ Michael yelled in a sing song voice.

Fearing getting caught I turned the corner and hid in a dark hallway of the venue they were supposed to be playing tonight. I was starting to regret agreeing to come visit them while on tour. As much as I missed my best friends, it was hard because Michael found every chance he could to torture me.

“Here kitty kitty! Come out and play!” He sang as he got closer.

I put my hand up to my mouth in hopes that he wouldn’t hear me and in turn, find me. But it was no use.

He rounded the corner and saw me, his eyes getting big and a chesire cat grin spread across his face.

“Aha! I  found you!” he laughed, coming towards me with his hands out.

“No! Michael don’t!” I let out a sound that was a mix between a laugh and a scream while backing away from him until my back hit the wall and I had nowhere to run.

“I’ll only stop if you admit that I am the greatest of all the greatest best friends” he said as he stepped in front of me and began tickling my sides making me laugh and scream at the same time.

“Never! I will never say it!” I yelled in between laughs.

“Then your fate is sealed.” he laughed and continued his attack to my sides.

Deciding I couldn’t take it anymore I caved.

“Alright Alright!” I said holding my hands up “You win! You’re the greatest of all the greatest best friends! Just please stop!”

“Yes! I win! You have admitted defeat!” He said, throwing both hands up into the air and smiling.

That was what I was waiting for. As soon as he moved his hands I pushed myself off of the wall and started running again.

“Haha! I was lying! You are the worst of the worst best friends!” I shouted behind me and kept running.

“Oh you are so dead when I catch you y/n!” Michael yelled as he started chasing me again.

“You have to catch me first though!” I laughed, continuing down the hall, praying he gave up before he actually caught up to me.


 “Good morning princess” I felt Ashton breathe against my neck from behind me, and wrap his arm around my waist pulling me against his chest.

“Mmmm” was the only response I gave, not wanting to leave the warmth of the bed.

“Come on, it’s time to get up” He said kissing my cheek and tickling my waist, causing me to yelp and roll forward.

“Nooooo. Too early” I whined back at him.

I loved my boyfriend, but I did not love how early he woke up. I just was not a morning person. Yet every morning he tried his hardest to get me up at the same time as him.

“Nuh uh. We have stuff to do today babe” Ashton chuckled, rolling towards me and giving my side another tickle, this time earning a laugh and a scream.

“Ash don’t! That tickles!” I pouted, rolling over to face him only to be greeted by his devil smile.

“Uh uh! No way! Don’t you dare!” I half yelled as he attached his hand to my side and began tickling me.

“I think I’ve found the best way to wake you up y/n!” he laughed as he tickled me.

I thrashed around the bed in hopes he would stop but only succeeding in moving myself closer to the edge of the bed and falling. Taking half the blankets with me.

“OW!” I shouted “Look what you did butt head!” as I said this his head popped up over the side of the bed, his long hair falling in his eyes.

“Hey! At least I got you out of bed!” He smiled.

“Yeah but as punishment I’m not going to kiss you all day!” I said wrapping the blankets around me and walking to our bathroom to get ready.

I could hear Ashton scrambling from the bed and following me “You don’t meant that do you?” he said in a somewhat panicked voice, but I just kept walking.

“Come on Y/n! I didn’t mean to make you fall!” He whined as I shut the bathroom door and started laughing.

“You’re so mean!” he yelled through the door, so I opened it, laughing at his pout and reaching my hand out to pull him to me.

“Come here!” I said and gave him a kiss while laughing.

*Tries to get back into drawing* (*^▽^) ♥