his face aha


야!해줄래? more like appreciation to mingyu’s face

Erri’s the type to look you right in the eye when you’re speaking to him. Unless he’s not okay.

anonymous asked:

May I get hcs of Will's s/o calling him sunshine and he gets super embarrassed? Oh! Bonus if late at night, s/o just snuggles into him before happily sighing "sunshine" and hugging him tightly

of course~

  • When his s/o calls him sunshine he’d be flustered and just surprised at how s/o called him that aha
  • Internally he’s just screaming out of embarrassment 
  • Doesn’t know what to say except continue to be more flustered and “I- Uh- thank you?????”
  • If s/o were to do that late at night and then hug him, he’d thank the dark for hiding the huge blush on his face aha
  • Will just gets so embarrassed and flustered whenever s/o calls him that aha

*Tries to get back into drawing* (*^▽^) ♥