his face after he sings confession

Dating Jaebum would be like:

-being pretty confident when asking you out and you actually asking him how he managed not to blush while saying those cheesy words

-a lot of back hugs

-he’s the type to hold your hand all the time

-like if he needs to do something he would try to do it without letting go of your hand if possible -‘’Jaebum, I’m not going anywhere…’’- ‘’Shhhh’’

-making you wear his shirts just so he can take them off you after few minutes  seconds actually

-you two laying on the couch cuddled up to each other doing literally nothing the whole day, just enjoying each other’s company

-you planting small kisses on his jawline and him kissing your forehead

-heated make out session while you’re straddling him

-him singing ‘’Confession song’’ and you having to either run away or hug him so he doesn’t see your face because you’re blushing so hard

-taking long walks but stopping every few minutes to take a pictures

-having movie nights every week and somehow it always ends up with him choosing the movie and you don’t mind that since you always enjoy it and sometimes you don’t even get to the movie

-you wearing his black hoodies and going around the dorm pretending you’re him

-’’(Y/N), what are you doing?’’

-’’What do you mean? I’m sexy and confident leader of GOT7.’’

-other boys are probably filming this let’s be honest

-you two going to restaurants together and you having to ignore the stares of other women  you’re not blaming them…who wouldn’t stare at him

-but you can’t help it sometimes and your jealousy probably shows on your face because after your come home he always makes sure to show you that you’re the only one he cares about

-talking about jealousy…he’s type to glare at every guy who’s talking to you and he doesn’t like you hanging with any guy if he’s not there

-it’s not like he doesn’t trust you, it’s that he doesn’t trust them

-his group members are an exception because he knows they only see you as a sister or more likely as a mother  since you’re with their father of course you’re going to take care of them

-catching him staring at you lovingly while you’re doing something random like washing the dishes

-he will never admit it but he caught himself thinking about how your married life would look

-him being very dominant in bed

-waking up to realize you can’t move an inch because he’s hugging you tightly

-he likes to snuggle his face into your hair so he’s always the big spoon

-promising each other to act normal before you go out but in the end everyone is looking at you two anyway since you’re either laughing too loud or being extremely touchy-feely

-him kissing you in front of the boys not embarrassed at all and completely ignoring their whistles- ‘’You guys seriously need a girlfriend…’’

-long conversations on the phone when he’s away on tour and he needs to know every single detail of your day before he finally answers your questions about his

-him making you breakfast and then laying in bed with you and trying to feed you while ignoring your protests

-you encouraging him and helping him to calm down whenever he’s under stress and questioning his own decisions as a leader

-pulling you into a hug when he comes back from practice and you shouting that he’s sweaty but still snuggling your face into his chest

-although he’s pretty confident he would probably become a stuttering mess in front of you from time to time especially whenever you tell him you love him and he would definitely make sure to tell you the same every single day

Phantom of the Opera AU Idea:

Christine is on display at a freak show, because of the horrific burns she suffered in the fire that killed her father as a child. Erik frees her and steals her away to the Opera Populaire, where he teaches her his ways. Because her face forbids her from going on stage, Christine begins teaching the chorus girls how to improve their voices, and the myth of the Siren is born when Christine’s singing is heard echoing through the theatre. Erik has fallen in love with Christine, but like in the original, she is unaware of this at the beginning. She simply sees him as a friend. When she sees Raoul after a show, Christine begins watching him and eventually confesses to Erik that she’s fallen in love with Raoul from afar. Thus, the classic love triangle ensues, but with a fresh spin that makes it unique and interesting.

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One thing I noticed in Strange Magic is how the goblins and fairies treat singing.

For the fairies it’s pretty straightforward. Whatever strong emotion they feel they sing about it.

Goblins, on the other hand, seem to use singing for intimidation. Really, the only time Bog sings otherwise is because Marianne started it. I.E Straight On and Strange Magic.

Side note Dawn could probably hands down use song to intimidate most of the goblins. Hell, even Bog. I loved when she was first brought in after being kidnapped and he tried to intimidate her. ..and it didn’t work. His face was so confused. Like why is this not working it always works.

What I love most about the singing differences between fairies and goblins is that when Bog is confessing his feelings he tried doing it the fairy way. He was really unsure and really nervous but he tried. Marianne sees this and decides to take it to in a more goblin fashion.