his face after he sings confession

❝ I never regretted confessing to you. ❞

Plot: BTS is on weekly idol and you are the girlfriend of RAP MONSTER. You come to surprise them. He shows skinship and the members make jokes about their leader and tell funny story about them two.

Rap Monster xReader

Words count: 1,3k+

For anon, I hope you like it! Kyu^^.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

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‘BTS imnida.’ The seven boys bowed before the camera.

They all took their seats but there was a seat extra, ‘Defconn Hyung?’

‘Yes Rap Mon-ssi?’ Said male asked

‘Why is their eight chairs?’ The leader asked, ‘There is only seven of us?’

‘Ahhh that is a surprise.’ He smiled, ‘We have an eighth guest.’

‘Eighth guest?’ The boys all repeated.

BTS had been taking over the music world by storm. With amazing albums, beautiful vocals and handsome visuals, they were not used to having others with them when they were together on a variety show. Looking around they waited in anticipation to who it may be. They were never informed about another guest. Hyeongdon smiled as he announced the person and everybody grinned with pleasure as they saw their leader shocked.

‘Come on out, Y/N’ He called out as you appeared in a pair of black jeans,a white t-shirt which was tucked in the front and checked shirt tied around your waist. Your hair was flowing naturally as you smiled while walking in with a pair of black sneakers on your feet.

‘Surprise.’ You greeted the seven boys, making an extra effort towards Rap Monster.

‘Y-Y/N’ He stuttered, ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I am a guest.’ You spoke up, ‘Why, are you not happy to see me?’

‘Nonsense.’ He stood up and grabbed your hand, placing a kiss on your knuckles, ‘My beautiful girlfriend is welcomed on any show.’

You and the infamous Rap Monster had been together since they debuted. You were an actress in the company and had been in the training program the same time as them. The two of you became close as you debuted and Rap Monster cheered you on your first drama. Few months later he debuted and the two of you were a couple.

‘This is going to be fun.’ A naughty smile spread on J-Hope’s face as you took a seat next to his leader.

‘So am I correct in saying you two have been dating since 2013?’ Defconn asked.

‘Yes,’ He place an arm around you, ‘She has been mine since June 2013.’

You lowered your head in a shy smile as you felt his hand travel down your back and settle on the lower part, ‘And he has been mine.’

‘I love you.’ Rap Monster leaned in and placed a kiss on your cheek.

‘Ahhhh they are so cute!’ Hyeongdon cringed as he looked at the skinship that the all mighty Rap Monster was showing.

‘It’s rather gross when you witness it 24/7’ Suga pitched in, ‘But it’s entertaining at the same time.’

‘Sug, don’t.’ You pleaded as you see the rapper smirk.

‘Oooo do share Suga-ssi.’ Defconn moved to the edge of his seat.

‘Hyung had taken noona out on their first date.’ Jungkook began.

‘I regret telling you this.’ Their leader rolled his eyes.

‘It was their first date ever, and she had a slight cold. They went to a nice restaurant, and while they were eating their meal, Y/N noona sneezed.’ The youngest continued as you bit your lower lip and the others tried to suppress their laughter

‘Hey it’s okay,’ Your boyfriend leaned in and whispered in your ear, using his thumb to push your lower lip away from your teeth, ‘I am never embarrassed of you, and you know what that lip biting does to me, baby.’

The others ignored what was happening as Jungkook continued, ‘A huge booger bubble came out of her nose! It was awful, and it wouldn’t go away. She jumped up as fast as she could and ran to the bathroom with her hands over her face.It was so horrible!’

The two hosts where in a fit of laughter, clutching their stomachs as they laughed, ‘But she was adorable during the whole embarrassment.’

‘You must really treasure your lover, Rap Mon-ssi.’ Hyeongdon admired as your boyfriend rubbed your back gently.

‘He loves her so much that he acts like such a baby on the phone,’ Jimin exposed, ‘He isn’t as might and badass as he puts out to be.’

‘WHAT!?’ Defconn and Hyeongdon gasped at the same time.

‘You don’t believe us?’ Jimin asked pulling out his phone, ‘We have proof.’

‘You recorded our conversations?’ You asked, looking at him with amusement.

Rap Monster had this bad boy persona out in public, but he was nothing but a big old softie. You didn’t mind the teasing. It was what came with having boys around you all the time. You yourself found this exposure very entertaining. Not once did you think that this show would be revolving around you and your love life. Jimin played the recording as it was from a conversation the couple had a few nights ago. Members fell to the floor in broken laughter as you balled your fists on your thighs.

‘You are so cute when you are embarrassed.’ Rap Monster kissed your neck.

‘Yah, Rap Moster-ssi,’ Defconn wiped a tear off his cheek, ‘I never pictured you being this way.’

‘Well little do you know that this celebrity couple has matching onesies.’ Another picture arose with you and your boyfriend in kakao character onesies.

‘You two are so cute!’ Hyeongdon looked at the picture before looking up at the two of you.

‘Wait, there is more!’ Jin tired to catch his breath, ‘They were having a date at the dorms. It was a movie one and they were sitting on the couch. Rap Mon had never experienced skinship comfortably as he is showing off now,’ He pointed at the rapper who was now holding your hand, ‘He was so awkward that he used the lame yawn-and-put-hand-around-shoulder-trick.’

‘It was so painful to watch him do such a cheesy move,’ Suga backed the story up, ‘Like we all ran to the closest room and burst into laughter.’

Story after story, the members teased the two of you. It was nothing but light fun and you could see that your boyfriend was enjoying it as well. He was enjoying the fact that the others were showing the world how normal he is. He is also goes through all the struggles of dating and being an average boy. But also showing off how dorky and adorable the two of you were. You weren’t many peoples favourite human since the two of you came out with the statement, but you didn’t care. You loved him and he sure loved you.

‘Wait their is one more!’ V chuckled.

‘I think that is enough.’ Rap Monster sighed.

‘Nonsense,’ You placed a hand on his thigh, ‘Let them get it out of their systems now.’

‘So this was before he confessed that he loved her,’ V began as Rap Monster lost all colour in his face, ‘He had written an amazing and beautiful song. He snuck out the dorm one night and went to her house. Y/N hadn’t had her own apartment at the time.’

‘Oh god,’ Rap Monster dropped his head with a shy smile, ‘Lord take me now!’

Holding his laughter, V continued, ‘He had chucked a small stone at what he thought was her window. The bedroom light came on and he began singing and rapping his emotions straight away, not even waiting for her to appear. After a few minutes he stopped and the bedroom window opened. A shoe came fly out and hit him in the head.’ V admitted as he burst out laughing, ‘He had been serenading Y/N father the entire time.’

‘WOAH!!!’ The entire studio erupted in laughter.

‘Yah, it was a mistake!’ He admitted before turning and facing you, tucking a hair behind your ear, ‘But I never regretted confessing to you eventually, Y/N, I love you…’

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Writing Request: Seung-Gil Lee has kept his eyes on Phichit Chulanont for years now. They're both about to hit 25 and at the GPF when he hears Leo de la Iglesia talk about how he's going to surprise his crush at the Four Continents Championship with a confession after his skate. Seung-Gil Lee immediately goes in to Defcon 1 mode and has precisely 10 weeks to both nail his programs and come up with a plan. ((Except he doesn't realize Leo meant GuangHong Ji.))

ELLA ILY IM SORRY THIS TOOK LIKE A MONTH <3 (takes place after Seung Gil hears Leo telling Otabek he’s gonna confess to his crush)

Seung Gil Lee is determined and his face is set into stone as he walks down the corridor with his hands shoved into his pockets. He recalls how at the Grand Prix Leo de la Iglesia was talking to Otabek Altin about how he was going to confess to his crush at Four Continents, which they would all be competing in. And then Phichit Chulanont had ran up to him, smiling as bright as the god damn sun, and Leo had turned red. 

Seung Gil was seeing red after that and had promptly turned around to head back onto the ice. He needed to practice if he was going to beat Leo, and if he was going to work up the nerve to confess to Phichit first.

Seung Gil had never seen himself as petty but hearing that Leo was going to confess to Phichit, who Seung Gil realized he had feelings for in that very moment, made his blood boil. 

Phichit was one of the friendliest skaters that Seung Gil knew, unfortunately. He always found his forwardness to be annoying and the way he had to talk to everybody repulsive. It reminded him a lot of Sara Crispino, the woman from Italy that he absolutely detested simply for the fact that she could not take no for an answer. He also didn’t like women much, but that was beside the fact. Phichit was always forcing Seung Gil out with them, Leo and Guang Hong Ji from China, whenever they were in the same competitions. Seung Gil was a wallflower by nature but Phichit made him interact.

He didn’t like that very much.

Until he realized that Phichit had had the same affect over somebody else. Then it was a problem.

Over the next ten weeks Seung Gil thought of nothing but his free and short programs, and Phichit. He thought of the way Phichit’s dark eyes shined with mirth no matter what he was talking about and the way he laughed with his entire body. He enjoyed how Phichit was so animated when he spoke even if he was in his face while he did so. Seung Gil loved the little hair on top of Phichit’s head that rose higher than the others. He couldn’t help but think of the way his skin compared to Phichit’s dark complexion as well.

It made him shiver and then he took off into a quadruple toe loop, landing it perfectly.

Up until five years ago, Seung Gil had been the only one to land the quadruple toe loop. And then Phichit (and JJ but Seung Gil did not compare about that egotistical asshole in the slightest) had gone and taken that title from him by using it in his free skate at his first Grand Prix. Seung Gil remembers the way he had felt a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and anger.

Excitement, because now he had real competition.

Anxiety, because his coach was going to yell at him and work him to death the next day (although he did this of his own fruition).

And anger, because he was no longer the only person who could land a quadruple toe loop; he was one of three.

Seung Gil huffs and shoves his headphones into his ears once more. He has to focus. But he can’t because Leo is passing by him, talking animatedly to Otabek Altin, who Seung Gil thought for sure had retired after the GPF but he guesses the gold there wasn’t enough. Seung Gil has no doubts that Leo is discussing how he’s going to confess to Leo and that just makes the Korean walk a little faster and with more force in his steps.

“Seung Gil~!” A voice sings behind him and he turns up his music louder to drown out the noise.

A strong arm loops around his neck and he glares into JJ’s face. “Aw, don’t be like that!”

“Off.” Seung Gil commands and when JJ doesn’t let go of him he shoves him off, proceeding to quicken his pace even more.

“Nobody likes a negative Nelly, Seung Gil! I just wanted to see how you….” JJ’s voice filters out as Seung Gil turns the corner. He needs to be alone so he can not psych himself out.

Seung Gil isn’t a planner. He doesn’t usually do things quite like this ahead of time. And by this, he means that he doesn’t confess to people. He stayed up late losing sleep in order to figure out how to be more charming than Leo de la Iglesia. 

He is positive that there is no way to be more charming than Leo, especially in order to impress Phichit.

He doesn’t really know what Phichit likes aside from hamsters and his friends. His social media is no help, as he is a menace and has hundreds of posts of various things. Including selfies he’s taken with the American skater.

Seung Gil realizes that the tightness in his chest is jealousy because maybe, just maybe, he too wants to take a selfie with Phichit. Phichit had never approached him about it, knowing how Asians could be with social media and spreading themselves. Phichit knew, at least, that Seung Gil is more reserved than the other skaters, much like Otabek Altin, who rarely uses social media. Seung Gil mostly uses his to post pictures of his dog.

Seung Gil decided over the course of 10 weeks that he is going to wing it. He is going to wing confessing to Phichit this… attraction, maybe obsession, that he has for him. When you spend all hours of the day thinking about somebody and skating for them, it’s more of an obsession.

Seung Gil spends about half a hour in this silent corridor before they are corralled onto the ice for practice. His practice time is the same time as Phichit’s (and Leo’s) and he tries to avoid him.

“Good luck today, Seung Gil!” Phichit calls as he skates back. Seung Gil just ducks his head to hide the blush creeping onto his cheeks. Phichit’s voice is light and filters around Seung Gil’s heart, tugging him in all the wrong directions. He almost crashes into Leo when thinking about Phichit.

“I’m so sorry!” Leo cries as he just barely misses him.

Seung Gil just scowls and skates off with renowned fervor. It feels like forever before it is time for them to skate. He doesn’t know whether or not Leo plans on confessing today after the short program or tomorrow after the free skate. Seung Gil feels as if he should do it today, but he is unsure.

Otabek skates first, then JJ, then Phichit. He is captivating on the ice, all the energy he has going into performing for every single person in the stands. Seung Gil feels as if he’s performing just for him as he stands off to the side slack jawed and in awe.

“Brilliant, right?” Leo asks beside him. Seung Gil hadn’t even heard him approach. 

Seung Gil doesn’t respond, just bends down to tie his skates. He doesn’t look at Leo again.

Leo and Phichit high five as they switch spots on the ice. Seung Gil can’t stand to watch and fiddles with his skates a bit more. It’s him next  and then it’s Guang Hong’s turn to skate. By the end of it, JJ is in first, Phichit in second, Otabek in third, Seung Gil in fourth, Leo in fifth and Guang Hong in sixth. 

Seung Gil is not happy with his placement. How is he supposed to impress Phichit if he can’t even get a higher score than him. His coach is going to comfort him but he just storms away, biting his tongue to stop himself from crying. He can’t deal with this right now.

“You were amazing.” Leo’s voice filters from one of the dead end hallways. It makes Seung Gil stop and his heart begin to pound. Leo had beaten him; he was going to confess first. 

“There’s something I need to tell you.” Leo goes on. “Please don’t interrupt I… I’ve been waiting a long time to say this.”

Seung Gil leans against the wall in defeat. There was no way he could beat Leo. He wasn’t charming enough nor was he fast enough.

“Aren’t they cute?” A voice whispers in Seung Gil’s ear. Seung Gil freezes. That voice… It wasn’t JJ’s this time, but.

Seung Gil looks over his shoulder into the grinning face of Phichit.

“I didn’t think you were the eavesdropping type, Seung Gil.” Phichit hums and then he looks around him into the hallway. Seung Gil looks too. And what he sees is definitely not Phichit and Leo. It’s Leo, rubbing the back of his neck and laughing nervously in front of Guang Hong Ji, who is cupping his mouth in surprise.

“It was only a matter of time.” Phichit clicks his tongue and shakes his head, beginning to walk away. “Young love!”

Phichit whistles and gives Seung Gil a wink before leaving him there. Seung Gil takes one last look at Leo and Guang Hong before rushing after him, grabbing onto the Thai skater’s wrist.

“Seung Gil?” 

“So… Leo, he….” Seung Gil casts his eyes to the other end of the hall. “It’s not you.”

Phichit blinks. “What?”

“He’s not… do you have any… interest in Leo?” Seung Gil grits out.

Phichit blinks again and then he giggles. “Hm? What’s this? You’re quite blunt, aren’t you?” Phichit runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. “I don’t.”

“But… he was supposed to…. I don’t understand.”

“I’m a little lost too here.”

“He didn’t confess to you?” Seung Gil finally asks.

“Um.” Phichit grins again. “As far as I know, he has never confessed to me. Only Guang Hong. Why? Jealous that he’s not confessing to you?”

“No!” Seung Gil glares and then he lets up when he sees the surprise on Phichit’s face. “I just…”

This is not how he wanted this to go. His mind is spinning and he doesn’t have any coherent thoughts in his mind. But he knows what he has to do now and it can’t wait until after the free skate. 

So, he steals a little trick from Leo’s book.

“I… liked your short program.” Seung Gil confesses, switching gears.

“Thank you!” Phichit smiles, unsuspecting. “Yours was really great too. There’s a story there. I can tell you worked hard.”

“I… did it for you.” Seung Gil mumbles. He looks down at his sneakers.

Phichit is silent for a moment and Seung Gil realizes he is still holding onto Phichit’s wrist. He lets go. 

“For me?”

“I wanted to impress you because… because….” Seung Gil furrows his thick eyebrows, trying to form the right thoughts. “I…”

Phichit covers his mouth and laughs again. “Are you trying to ask me out or something?”

Seung Gil turns his head and scowls. Phichit is making fun of him now, perfect.

He feels hot breath on his cheeks and his skin ignites as Phichit whispers in his ear. “Meet me at the Italian restaurant down the street from the hotel at seven tonight. You should get yourself together by then.” Then he kisses his cheek, just a peck, and is walking down the hall with a little spring in his step.

Seung Gil is left feeling confused and satisfied, because he thinks he has a date with the one he’s longed for for ten weeks and even before.

Best of Wives & Best of Women Part 2

 Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part two requested by @whovianwriter  (part one here)

words: 3,006 holy crap im so sorry

warnings: a few swear words

a/n: yOU GUYS. 100+ followers, thank you so much, I love you ALL! In honor of you guys and @whovianwriter and her request, here is Best of Wives & Best of Women part two. Hope you all like it :) So sorry if this isn’t what you were expecting, I did my best sticking to your request! Don’t hate me! 

 (I don’t own any of the music lyrics mentioned here, all lyrics belong to the one and only!)

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Seventeen Reactions: Duet with you for a grade

Request: Can you do svt reacting to them having to do a duet with their crush for a test grade?? :) thank you

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He would most definitely be the most chill about it, but he’d still be super hyped to be partnered with you. He would plan out a step-by-step program on how to get closer to you every day in class, and knowing him, it would totally work. BOOM Y’ALL ARE DATING because hello it’s Choi Smooth-cheol we’re talking about here

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Jeonghan would be very calm about it, but then would get progressively more controlling day by day and it would begin to frustrate you. Eventually you would call him out on it only to have him confess to you, saying that he just wanted everything to go right so you would be impressed by him (AWWW).

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Lord Jisoo would turn absolutely paper white in the face when he heard your name called out with his to be partnered for the duet. He would be super awkward and stiff the first few times you practiced, but after you told him how much you admired his singing he would lighten up and your duet would end up perfect (as per usual).

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(lil frickin greaseball smh) ANYWAYS Junhui would be all like “HECK yeah she’s gonna fall for me so hard” but then,,, you started singing the beginning of the song and all of a sudden everything is in slow motion and cherry blossoms are falling from the sky and all he can see is you until WHOOPS IT’S HIS PART. You’d have to wake him up from his daydreams about you literally every day but you’d find it so cute that you can’t get mad at him for it. You’d totally bomb the duet, but it was worth it bc you got a cute bf out of it.

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HA this guy…. ok so Soonyoung would be so worried about you the whole time. Like he would bring you daily gifts at practice and insist on driving you there and back every day because “you might get mugged!!1!1!!!” even though you live like 3 minutes away from school. He ends up overworking himself just so you would get a good grade on his behalf so he has no voice when your evaluation day comes and he keeps apologizing (and probably cries) but you’re like “um!!! it’s ok this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me lol” and you give him a lil peck as thanks and then he promptly passes out lmao WEAK

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He would remain completely stoic the entire time your names were called and stay that way during your rehearsals until one day, you would be going over your part and you turn around to find him literally crying and he’s all like “UM NO i wasn’t crying it’s just…… you sound like a literal angel hahahaha WOW that was cheesy i’m sorry i-” but you’re just like “omg shut up you cute tree branch i like you too”

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He would immediately get controlling like Jeonghan, but eventually you’d be like “that’s it just let mE SHOW YOU MY IDEA CHRIST” and you would run through the song just how you planned and after you finished he would just be sitting at the piano bench completely floored. Then he would just be like “ok um that was BRILLIANT WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING I LOVE YOU I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW” and you’d just be like “1. I tried to tell you and 2. I think you do owe me something so yeah I’ll take that kiss now” and he would turn into a big blushy mess before planting a smooch on your cheek and the rest is history

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Seokmin would be so HECKIN excited he probably wouldn’t be able to speak in front of you in fear of literally screaming instead. At first you’d be like “this is a disaster” but then he actually opens his mouth to sing and you’re like “…..o shit we got this in the bag”. You would compliment him every day even though he’s still not able to speak to you so you make it through evaluation day without a word from him but then he hands you a paper afterwards that just says “I meant every word that I sang to you.” and you’re like “UM OK HI DATE ME?????”

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HAHAHAHA (I’m sorry I just don’t even know where to start with this one) ok so the whole time he’d try to act all high and mighty like “lol peasant” to cover up the fact that he literally screams for 5 minutes straight in his car after every practice but then one day you walk past his car and you’re just like “um?????? what r u doin m8″ and long story short he has to confess bc like, how are you going to cover that up ANYWAYS  that’s like the cutest thing ever to you so you ask him out bc why the heck not

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Minghao my baby!!! ok Minghao would be so sweet and considerate the whole time, letting you take the best singing parts and watching you like a proud boyfriend (even tho he isn’t (YET)). You just kinda end up slowly falling for him because he’s perfect boyfriend material and he’s so nice to you and doesn’t expect literally anything in return so (here comes the twist :0) YOU end up confessing to HIM first and he’s just like “no way i’ve been in love with you for like three years this is the best day of my life” and it just breaks your heart even more if that’s possible

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SQUISHIE SASS BOY so Seungkwan would be super excited to work with you bc, you’re, like, the love of his life so when you ask him to help you with all your parts so you can get up to his level, he’s so proud and he’s like “of course!! you’re voice is already as pretty as your face, but i can try!!” and that makes you blush so much bc vocal god Boo Seungkwan just complimented YOU of all people and one thing leads to the next and you’re now the vocal power couple of the entire school no biggie

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Hansol was actually hoping he didn’t get paired with you bc he just wanted to fail this assignment in peace without letting you know how terrible he was at singing so when he heard your name, he literally said “shit” in the middle of class. You overheard so you were like “I’m sorry if you don’t want to work with me we can try and switch partners maybe…” and he’s all like “NO NO NO it’s not you it’s just, well uh I’m terrible at singing and I don’t want you to hear me singing because you’re so talented and pretty and amazing and I’ll just hold you back. I’m sorry” but you’re just like “I honestly could care less about the grade but that’s really cute. Wanna get ice cream instead of practice??” and he’s just like “omg i am in love”

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aw lil Chan would be so embarrassed to be working with you bc you’re his idol for real and the whole time he would just put himself down bc he thinks he deserves it and it breaks your heart so you make it your daily mission to improve his confidence by complimenting him and helping him with his vocals and whatnot and you kinda just fall for him bc it’s lowkey so sweet to you that he looks up to you so much and you just want to tell him how great of a person he is every day so the practices slowly turn into dates bc you just end up talking to each other about literally everything under the sun and the rest is history

Lights On

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A/N: I don’t usually write about Shawn, but I’ve been on a Mendes kick for about three months now and I had to write something about him!

     You could hear the soft strumming of a guitar come from the living room, then some humming following after. It was the only sound present in your apartment and the one thing that made you stop working on your essay and rip the headphones from out your ear. You looked around in confusion. Eyebrows furrowing as the strumming and humming grew louder. It took you less than five seconds to make your way out your room and into the living room. A sigh of relief left your lips when you spotted the familiar head of brown hair. It had slipped your mind that Shawn was still in your home. You both were suppose to go on a date, but plans changed because you failed to remember an essay you had to do. You opted on rescheduling, but Shawn decided that just being around you was enough for the date. This being the first time he’s ever been in your apartment. The situation felt somewhat intimate even if you both were in separate rooms doing whatever.  

Shawn was sat in the middle of your couch. Body hunched over a guitar and a pen tucked behind his ear. From what it seemed like he was stuck in his own world. You smiled at the sight and wondered what had brought him into a song writing mood. You leaned against the door frame and just watched him work. He was currently working on a second album and you had yet to hear anything he’s made. That was until you heard his humming turn into singing. “I can’t deny I want your body, but I’m a gentleman so I’ll be the one who takes it slowly,” he sang, stopping for a second as he thought of a line. “Cause girl you’re so beautiful,” he said, writing down the lyrics. Shawn cleared his throat once, then started to strum his guitar and sing the line again, but with the new lyric added. 

“That sounds nice,” you said making Shawn jump in his spot. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at you. 

“You weren’t suppose to hear that,” he playfully scolded. Your head tilted to the side and you pouted at his words. 

“And why is that?” you questioned, pushing off the door frame so that you could take a seat next to him. You rose your eyebrows in question. Shawn scratched at the back of his neck and bit onto his bottom lip. You could see a pinkish tint rise against his cheeks and it only made you even more curious as to why he didn’t want you to hear the song. “Tell me,” you smiled, poking him in the side. 

“Because I was writing the song about you,” Shawn admitted. Your lips parted in surprise and a smile embraced your face at the news. 

“You’re writing a song about me?” you whispered in question, feeling butterflies erupt in your stomach. Shawn nodded once and you shifted in your spot to rest your head against his shoulder. 

“It’s not quite finished yet… I still have to write the first verse, but I have the chorus down,” he told you. 

“Can I hear some of it?” you quickly asked. The words made a tingle run down his spine and Shawn eagerly nodded. “Not the whole thing because I want to be surprised when the song comes out, but just a bit,” you added. Shawn reached out for his notepad and flipped through a few pages until he got to the one he wanted to show you. He sat upright then began to play the guitar. 

I wanna love you with the lights on, keep you up all night long. Darling I wanna see every inch of you I get lost in the way you move. I wanna love you with the lights on and hold you ‘till the nights gone. Darling I wanna see every inch of you, I get lost in the way you move.” He stopped singing and played the tune out a bit more. Once the sound stopped Shawn looked over to you in question. You were grinning from ear to ear.

“That’s beautiful, but also so dirty,” you chuckled. He laughed along with you and his face scrunched up in amusement. 

“I may have written the song after our first time together,” he slowly confessed. You let out a squeal of amusement, covering your face in embarrassment. It was sweet that he wrote a song about you, but the meaning behind it made you weary about it behind published for the world to hear. 

“I like it,” you stated, kissing his cheek. Shawn smiled at your words, his hand reaching out to squeeze at your knee.

“How’d your essay go?’” he questioned, placing his guitar on the ground and putting his attention on you. 

“Good, I just have the conclusion to write,” you told him. You let out a deep sigh and then yawned. “I say we both take a break. Order some food and watch a movie?” you suggested. 

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Shawn smiled. The rest of the evening being spent with each other and just lounging about.  

Chick Flick

Title: Chick Flick

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: 956

Warnings: all dat fluff man

Summary: Anon requested: “Hey I wanted to request a Mick Davies x reader fic. After Mick talks about how he joined the BMoL in 12x17, reader comforts him and gives him hugs and to cheer him up they do normal stuff Mick never had in his youth like baking, singing, dancing and they end up just cuddling in bed at the end and confess le feelings. Sorry if this request sucks I’ve never really done this! 😓”

A/N: Helloo again and Happy Easter (is my title an Easter pun?)! I’m planning to just stuff my face with candy today and that’s it.
This was my first request so I fluffed it up real good and I hope you enjoy! :)


Tears welled in yours eyes and you sat up to tug Mick into a warm embrace.

“That’s horrible,” was all you could say.

He held you back, nestling into the crook of your neck, his stubble tickling your collar bone. He breathed in your scent deeply, as if it bought some sort of comfort to his ruined childhood.

You thought about the burden of remorse Mick carried with him everyday. He was goddamn forced to take a life. One like his, and he knew it was wrong, but what choice did he have? Back to the streets? Death, even?

“Can I do anything to help?” you asked, running your hands through his dark hair.

“You can be here with me,” he replied. “But I also am a little hungry…”

A small laugh bubbled from inside you and you pulled back and held his face in your hands. His eyes stared back at you, sad but laced with a bit of amusement.

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Dating Jaebum would be like:

-being pretty confident when asking you out and you actually asking him how he managed not to blush while saying those cheesy words

-a lot of back hugs

-he’s the type to hold your hand all the time

-like if he needs to do something he would try to do it without letting go of your hand if possible -‘’Jaebum, I’m not going anywhere…’’- ‘’Shhhh’’

-making you wear his shirts just so he can take them off you after few minutes  seconds actually

-you two laying on the couch cuddled up to each other doing literally nothing the whole day, just enjoying each other’s company

-you planting small kisses on his jawline and him kissing your forehead

-heated make out session while you’re straddling him

-him singing ‘’Confession song’’ and you having to either run away or hug him so he doesn’t see your face because you’re blushing so hard

-taking long walks but stopping every few minutes to take a pictures

-having movie nights every week and somehow it always ends up with him choosing the movie and you don’t mind that since you always enjoy it and sometimes you don’t even get to the movie

-you wearing his black hoodies and going around the dorm pretending you’re him

-’’(Y/N), what are you doing?’’

-’’What do you mean? I’m sexy and confident leader of GOT7.’’

-other boys are probably filming this let’s be honest

-you two going to restaurants together and you having to ignore the stares of other women  you’re not blaming them…who wouldn’t stare at him

-but you can’t help it sometimes and your jealousy probably shows on your face because after your come home he always makes sure to show you that you’re the only one he cares about

-talking about jealousy…he’s type to glare at every guy who’s talking to you and he doesn’t like you hanging with any guy if he’s not there

-it’s not like he doesn’t trust you, it’s that he doesn’t trust them

-his group members are an exception because he knows they only see you as a sister or more likely as a mother  since you’re with their father of course you’re going to take care of them

-catching him staring at you lovingly while you’re doing something random like washing the dishes

-he will never admit it but he caught himself thinking about how your married life would look

-him being very dominant in bed

-waking up to realize you can’t move an inch because he’s hugging you tightly

-he likes to snuggle his face into your hair so he’s always the big spoon

-promising each other to act normal before you go out but in the end everyone is looking at you two anyway since you’re either laughing too loud or being extremely touchy-feely

-him kissing you in front of the boys not embarrassed at all and completely ignoring their whistles- ‘’You guys seriously need a girlfriend…’’

-long conversations on the phone when he’s away on tour and he needs to know every single detail of your day before he finally answers your questions about his

-him making you breakfast and then laying in bed with you and trying to feed you while ignoring your protests

-you encouraging him and helping him to calm down whenever he’s under stress and questioning his own decisions as a leader

-pulling you into a hug when he comes back from practice and you shouting that he’s sweaty but still snuggling your face into his chest

-although he’s pretty confident he would probably become a stuttering mess in front of you from time to time especially whenever you tell him you love him and he would definitely make sure to tell you the same every single day

Phantom of the Opera AU Idea:

Christine is on display at a freak show, because of the horrific burns she suffered in the fire that killed her father as a child. Erik frees her and steals her away to the Opera Populaire, where he teaches her his ways. Because her face forbids her from going on stage, Christine begins teaching the chorus girls how to improve their voices, and the myth of the Siren is born when Christine’s singing is heard echoing through the theatre. Erik has fallen in love with Christine, but like in the original, she is unaware of this at the beginning. She simply sees him as a friend. When she sees Raoul after a show, Christine begins watching him and eventually confesses to Erik that she’s fallen in love with Raoul from afar. Thus, the classic love triangle ensues, but with a fresh spin that makes it unique and interesting.

You like? Feel free to use.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Peter Parker x Reader) (Requested)

Request: Hi. Yesterday while listening to a couple songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, I got the notion that Peter Park - given his taste in movies - must be a fan of the film. Can you write up a one-shot/imagine of Peter and the Reader going to a midnight screening of the film?

A/N: Since in the request the person didn’t specify if they wanted the reader and Peter to be a couple or not, I just put them both as friends!

You couldn’t believe it. After months and months of wanting to go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you finally were there, at the theatre, waiting in line. And you were there with Peter. It was amazing.
You remembered telling him when you two had just met how that show was your guilty pleasure, and him confessing how it was his too. After that moment, you would meet at his house or yours, lying together in bed and listening and singing to the soundtrack.
When you were surfing the internet and you found the tickets for 40$ each, you couldn’t believe it was true. It was a bargain; you had to get them. And you did. You knew it was completely worth the money after seeing Peter’s face lit up when you told him the news, and he had been counting the days until that moment.
‘Can you believe it? We are watching it together, [Y/N]! Together!’ Peter screamed like a child. A few people turned to look at him and rolled their eyes at the excited teenager.
‘Yes, Peter, I know. I got the tickets, remember?’ You tried to act cool, but you were screaming inside. You were wearing your The Rocky Horror Picture Show t-shirt, and Peter was wearing his. He knew you were just acting like that to look like the mature one, so he decided to keep on rambling for the both of you.
When they finally let you in and guided you to your sits, you were both trying to keep calm but failing. You kept moving your leg and Peter kept touching his web shooter, something he did when he was nervous or excited. When the lights turned off, Peter took your hand, squeezing it as if saying thank you.
During the show you screamed, you laughed and you sang. It was the most amazing experience you had ever lived. You just wanted to buy another pair of tickets and see it again.
‘It was so good! Oh my God, [Y/N], I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend!’ Peter said. He was smiling so big that it made it impossible for you not to smile back. Holding your hand, Peter started to push through the crowd. He walked you home, not letting go of your hand.
When you finally reached your house, he let it go, just to give you a kiss on the cheek and a big hug, resting his chin on your head. ‘You are the best person in this whole world. Thank you so much for this.’
You smiled, your face pressed into his neck. ‘This is what friends are made for, Pete.’

Love Declaration on Quidditch Pitch

Pairing: Lee Jordan/Pansy Parkinson, Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood

for: @hprarepairnet and @slytherdornet‘s Be Mine challenge

word count: 935

warning: fluff and silliness

(FFN link) (AO3 link)

Minerva McGonagall was having a headache.

Marcus Flint was feeling murderous.

Oliver Wood, on the other hand, was kind of, well, flabbergasted.

The common causes for their headache and urge for murder and confusion were now sitting at the Quidditch commentator’s booth, sharing one megaphone and more than one kisses, occasionally advertising Potter’s Firebolt and more than occasionally complimenting on Oliver Wood’s ‘panther-like grace when saving a goal’ and ‘visible six-packs’. But worse of all, between the compliments every now and then one of them would toss in – “Do you reckon he’ll be willing to join a threesome with us?”

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REQUEST: “you end up walking in on credence singing, and hot diggity dog, you want him to sing more”

Warnings: None!! Mention of his scars once, but that’s all.

Word Count: 1,112

A/N: The song I had in mind was the acoustic version of “Knuckles” by Moose Blood. Also, this didn’t go through a vigorous editing session, so sorry for any and all typos.

You had been Newt’s assistant for about a year now, handling the people part of things as well as caring for his creatures when he went to fetch a new one. For the last few months, it had been particularly nice because Credence had joined you. Newt was very happy to have him along, and so were you. It was nice to have someone around who seemed to appreciate the company. Not that you didn’t adore Newt and cherish his friendship, but you could tell that he could live without people altogether if they were to up and leave one day. Credence, however, may not have talked too much, but he was always lingering in your peripherals and attentively listened to you when you spoke. Months went on like that, with Credence hovering mostly silently around you while you did things around the suitcase and babbled at him, and for months, you harbored a silent crush on him.

You were looking forward to a day spent talking to (mostly at) Credence while Newt was out, so you headed down quietly into the suitcase earlier than usual, which is why you caught something you probably weren’t supposed to—Credence, standing by the window of the shed, looking out at everything and…singing. You stood completely still, just listening because his voice was…ragged, and scratchy, and absolutely beautiful. “It wasn’t hard to fall for you. You had it all planned out, didn’t you? You turned up late, but I would have waited days, days for you, for you…”

Your ears were ringing, and you were breathless, watching him there. His hair was swooping in loose curls around the base of his neck, and his hands were pressed to the glass. You wondered what his face looked like when he was singing like this. “I thought I said I wasn’t good at this. I couldn’t tell you that I wanted you, but I wanted to. It took so long; you made me wait. You had it all planned out, didn’t you? Didn’t you?”

You couldn’t help but wish that those words were meant for you because they were breathtaking but also relevant to you in some deeply personal way, which may be why you couldn’t stifle your gasp in time. So, in a rush, you expelled a loud gust of air, and Credence’s voice stopped immediately as he went completely rigid before turning to see you standing precariously on the ladder between reality and suitcase. “I—” You came up with nothing, stuttering over your own words and feeling terrible at seeing the embarrassment all over Credence’s face.

“I’m s-sorry, Y/N, I didn’t know you were d-down here,” he whispered, seeming to retreat back into his silence.

You climbed the rest of the way down to him and cautiously approached. “No, I’m sorry, Credence, I should have let you know I was down here.” He glanced up at you for a moment before returning his gaze to the creaking floor of the shed. “But Credence?” Again, a quick glance up at you. “Please, keep singing. Your voice is…so beautiful. I loved listening to you. That’s why I didn’t say anything.”

Now you both were blushing, him at the flattery and you at the boldness of your confession. “I—You really think so, Y/N?”

You reached forward slowly to take his hand in your gently, brushing over the scars there with your thumb and leaning into him at his soft shudder. “Yes, Credence.” Your voice was barely above the whisper.

When he looked up this time, he didn’t look away. He bit at his bottom lip softly and then—“That thing you said, ‘Stay beautiful,’ even though that I know it’s second-hand. I’d have you say it in the same way. That thing you said, ‘Stay beautiful,’ even though that I know it’s second-hand. I’d have you say it in the same way.”

Credence’s voice had only shaken for a second before he picked right back up. You got to look at his face when he sang like that after all—everything about him softened and you could tell all of the emotions he had went into it, finally able to release them from inside of him. His eyelids had fluttered closed, and his eyelashes brushed the tops of his cheeks. His lips moved smoothly from word to word, like they were coming straight from inside of him, and you were struck by this staggering beauty that he was emitting. “I walked you back so you didn’t feel alone. I know that you’re stuck with him, I know…” He seemed to need to stop there, lips pressing together but eyes staying closed.

You reached a tentative hand to his face and moved your finger to trace around his mouth gently. His eyes fluttered back open as he watched your movements with hawk-like focus. His Adam’s apple bobbed when you traced your finger down the expanse of his long, smooth neck, wondering where that voice originated. “So beautiful, Credence,” was all you could manage to say.

“That song…makes me think of you. I’m always thinking of you, especially when I sing in the mornings.” He was shocked by his own words, but the tenderness of the moment had gone straight to his head and now so was the embarrassment. His entire face flushed red under your hand after his confession, and he was beginning to pull away.

You hooked a finger under his chin before smoothing it around the back of his neck as you brought him down to you for a kiss. It was short and sweet, just pressing your lips on his with enough force that he understood how flattered you were and how much you cared for him and everything he had to say. You had wanted to swallow his words as soon as he’d said them, honestly.

When you pulled away, his wide, shocked eyes stared right back at you. “I’m always thinking of you too, Credence.” He ducked his head a little sheepishly before you continued. “And I’d love to be here every morning when you sing. Would you mind singing with me around, Credence?”

He looked up to you, taken by the adoration and openness in your eyes, and was struck with a sudden surge of confidence that you could hear even though his voice was barely above a whisper when he said, “Only if you don’t mind that I’m singing for you.”

You smiled brightly up at him before pressing your mouth against his one more time and got to work, Credence still in your peripherals, something new swimming between the two of you that sounded a little bit like music.

All I want

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Jimin X reader.

Gender: Male x Female

Genre: Angst?

Warning: -

Words: 1984 words.

A/N:  Okay, this was based on Kodaline - All I want.
You will clearly see it through out the story, so yep, just in case if you where wondering.

Also, this is by far not the best I have ever written so my apologies.


The trunk shut with a bang, silencing the early chirping birds for a second before they chimed their tunes once more.“Why won’t I leave you two for a while?” The elder man said, knowing well enough that the two young teens he was referring too had postponed this happening for the longest time.
The teens didn’t even have time to argue as the man left the packed car and the two teens in an uncomfortable silence.

“So…” The snap back wearing boy almost whispered out.

“So…” She repeated.

“It’s finally here, huh?” That must have been the most force chuckle the female had ever let out, and the boy felt motions weighing down even more almost to the point he would back track his decisions and call it off.
“Yeah…” The boy said as he did not dared to give a single glance at the female standing before him, afraid he would see sadness in her eyes and down her cheeks or that he himself would cry.This day had come by so fast, it had not given a single chance for Jimin to prepare his farewell speech.
No, actually it did, but Jimin kept shoving it away thinking he still had some time left.

Scrap that, scrap all of it, Jimin goddamn knew how much time he had left yet he didn’t prepare anything, why? Because he only wanted to surround himself with the good.
Jimin only wanted to see those final months through pink sunglasses and he damn well knew he was going to regret all of it.

“Hey, we keep in touch right?” The female broke the silence, hoping it would thin out the uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Sorry, what?” Jimin said, being completely lost in his own thoughts.

“I asked if we will be in touch.” The female laughed, and that was all it took for Jimin to step forward and wrap his arms around her body.
This was why he didn’t want to prepare anything, this is why he didn’t do anything.
He would miss all of it, all of her, his best friend and her warm hugs and blinding smile.
His first crush and maybe his one true love, he didn’t want to be reminded of it, afraid he might call everything off and stay with the female till the end of time. But she had her own plans.

“oh!” The female breathed out in surprise, her mind slowly processing what was happening but before it could her hands had already wrapped themselves around the boy.

[Y/N] also didn’t want to say goodbye, to leave him and everything behind.
[Y/N] wanted to be selfish and runaway with him to their own neverland, but kids grow up to be adults and [Y/N] knew that.
She knew that she couldn’t love Jimin forever or stay by his side till the ends of time, just like kids feelings would grow up and perhaps find someone else.
But she didn’t want someone else, [Y/N] wanted Jimin.

“Jimin?” [Y/N] mumbled, but the boy only held her tighter.

“Are you crying?” the female almost said in a chuckle.

“Maybe, are you?” Jimin said as he buried his face further in the crook of [Y/N]’s neck.
They had known one another for far too long, they knew everything about one another even things their parents didn’t know about them.
Jimin and [Y/N] where an inseparable duo, as if they couldn’t breath without the other by their side, which was probably true.
If [Y/N] was sick Jimin would also skip school, and vice versa.
The two teens where often referred as lost soulmates finally reuniting with one another and refusing to let go, but eventually it would happen and that would was now.

“Of course I am.” [Y/N] admitted, her voice quivering, scaring Jimin who immediately retreated his eyes glazed with sadness and worry and his cheeks glistening with the salt tears he had shed and still is.

“Why wouldn’t I be crying, Jimin?” [Y/N] sobbed.
“I am going to leave my hometown, my country, my best friend!” [Y/N] had by now created her person waterfall that did not showed any signs of stopping, no matter how many times the now soaked sleeves of her sweater went across her eyes.

Jimin had always dreamt about becoming an idol, standing proudly on stage while millions of people screamed his name.
He fantasized about interviews he would have or being on his favourite TV shows, how he would hand out signatures and release album after album.
It was only a year ago when Jimin had seen an opportunity to possibly make his dream come true, it also was the same year [Y/N] had taken her own opportunity for a college aboard.

In that same year the two friends had gotten their answers rather quickly, both accepted and both over flown with joy. Until someone made the notice that it meant they weren’t going to with one another for a long time, and everything came crashing down or maybe it went up?
Because in that year the two had been closer, if possible, than ever.
Staying out way past curfew, going to every movie possible and where almost everyday somewhere else. It was no surprise either when Jimin took the leap of fate and placed his lips onto [Y/N] who happily reproached his feelings.
If only they had told their feelings earlier, or maybe not at all.

“More than friends.” Is what [Y/N] told Jimin one night, when he asked her what they exactly are.
They had broke into one of the city buildings and had set up camp for the evening, bodies entangled with one another as eyes focused on the stars and more than often to the person besides them.
Jimin immediately understood the answer, he himself was not sure if he wanted to have [Y/N] has his girlfriend right now, afraid he might not handle the pain of a long distance relationship or maybe even the possible chance of a break up.

“More than friends.” Jimin mumbled, his lips planting on the crown of [Y/N]’s forehead, letting out a content sigh Jimin answered with:

“I like that.”

“Yeah, it’s a pretty good lyric Jimin.” Yoongi, his band member and friend said as he smiled.
His eyes skimming of the lyric his younger member had written down.

                             When you said your last goodbye
                                      I died a little bit inside
                                 I lay in tears in bed all night

                              Alone without you by my side

How did you come up with that?“ Namjoon, his leader asked, Jimin simply shrugged, his face hidden behind a hand due to the sudden burst of compliments from his band members.It was by no doubt a cheesy lyric, but when his manager suggested for Jimin to have his own moment on stage the members immediately told him to write a song.Surprisingly writing a song with a certain feeling was easy and within a week Jimin finished his first solo song. Yet, he could not point his finger on how he got or why he got this feeling along with the lyrics.

"Okay, let’s record this! ” Namjoon suggested and all cheered in favor, anticipating the solo song of their beloved member.

“Jimin, are you alright?” Jin, the eldest of the popular boy group asked.
No make up artist could cover up the beaten and tired face of Jimin, restless nights where evident on his face yet Jimin denied it.

“I am fine.” Jimin mumbled, not wanting to talk any further or wanting to worry his members a few minutes before their performance.

The boy had missed a great amount of sleep, his mind and body began to doubt the song he had written, the song that he declared as finished now became unfinished.
It was missing something and Jimin couldn’t figure out what.

“We’ll keep in touch, promise?” [Y/N] asked as her pinky was out and waiting for Jimin to interlock his.

“Promise.” Jimin spoke as he interlocked his pinky with [Y/N]’s.
Never in his life had he broken a pinky promise, but eventually it would happen.
Jimin had expected it to happen, but he did not expect it to happen with [Y/N].

In the first half of Jimin’s trainee years he kept in contact with [Y/N], but near the end of it all it was as if she never even existed.
[Y/N] had become incredibly busy and Jimin had to put all of his focus on his dream.

“Ah, a song release in a different country, what an extraordinary experience.” Namjoon sighed as he ruffled through Jimin’s hair, who looked dazed out.
But instead of saying something, the members decided to leave it.
Everyone had their off days, and besides, Jimin had to put on a smile on stage so let him be dazed for now.

“Everyone, I have a special gift for you.” Jimin announced as he could hear the sea of fans screaming their lungs out.

“At first I thought it was finished, but now it feels unfinished.” Jimin confessed.
“But that doesn’t matter, as long as you like it right?” With another wave of cheers Jimin slowly began his song.
That feeling once more emerging and after four years a face popped up in his head, causing him to widen his eyes and almost be caught off guard.
Yet the talented boy kept on singing as if nothing was wrong.

“Damn Jimin, that was really good!” Jungkook and the rest of BTS cheered as they had made their way backstage.
Jimin couldn’t do anything more than give a weak but thankful smile, his body suddenly feeling incredibly heavy with negativity.
After the face of [Y/N] suddenly popped up in his head Jimin couldn’t help but feel sadness and guilt, lucky for him that his song was before the ending song of the show.
Snippets of memories flashed in Jimin’s mind, [Y/N]’s bright smiles and melodic laughter to even the day her face as tear stained, also the day she said her last goodbye.

“I am going to grab some water.” Jimin mumbled as he left the changing room, his mind running wild as he could only think about [Y/N].
If only he kept his promise and kept in touch, maybe he wouldn’t feel so much anger.
After passing by some faces, the white halls became empty and Jimin found himself alone and lost.
One of the staff had told him where the nearest vending machine was, but due to the clouded feelings Jimin must have by passed it and walked somewhere else.
Instead of turning back Jimin kept on walking further, hoping he might meet someone.

Silent prayers had been heard as Jimin picked up the sound of a soft muffled voice up ahead.
Slowly Jimin began to follow the sound that became clearer and clearer and before he knew it Jimin was looking directly at a body sitting next to a vending machine, body hunched and focused on a writing blog placed between crossed legs.
Jimin gasped as he felt a feeling he could not pin point as he looked at what must have been an angel.

Her mouth parted slightly and soon melodic words tumbled out:

                                   But if you loved me
                                  Why’d you leave me?
                                      Take my body
                                      Take my body
                                        All I want is,
                                     And all I need is
                                   To find somebody.

                            I’ll find somebody like you.  

That was it, that was the piece of lyric that was missing from Jimin’s song.“Ah, excuse me?” Jimin called out, scaring the young female who looked at him with wide eyes, eyes that looked familiar.

“That song you where singing, is-”

“Jimin?” A third person called out and from behind the idol emerged on of the staff members.
“We where looking for you, could you come with me? The others are almost done.”

Jimin opened his mouth, but words where denied when another strange voice called out, this time not for him.

“[Y/N], shall we go?” A man asked, eyeing at the female who sat next to a vending machine.
Her eyes slowly moved away from Jimin who’s world paused for a moment.
Mouth a gape, Jimin couldn’t do anything else other than watch has [Y/N] got up, eyes quickly glancing back at the idol who was lightly being dragged away by one of the staff.

It couldn’t be, could it?

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Fools: a Mark fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3

Chapter 4

“You don’t even know me.”

“You don’t know me either.”

“No, but I want to.”

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Length: this chapter has 1301 words

A SnowBaz fic.

An AU where Baz and Simon never got together, and Simon kept his magic, and they meet after a few years and Baz is doing ballet. Simon thinks it’s hilarious, and stays just to torment Baz. 

Written for a prompt from @basiltxnpitch told ya I would do it :P

Pretty sure I don’t need and t/w’s for this. Angst, dancing, swearing (of course there is swearing. if you are advers to swearing you wouldn’t have read Carry On).

A/N: This is the first fic I have ever posted anywhere, and for a publshed author i am extremely self-consious about my writing. Please be kind and bear in mind that I’ve never done this before. Enjoy! Later chapters posted when I’ve written them.

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6]  [Chapter 7]  [Chapter 8]  [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10]  [Chapter 11]  [Chapter 12]  [Chapter 13]  [Chapter 14]  [Chapter 15]   [Chapter 16]  [Chapter 17]  [Chapter 18]  [Chapter 19]  [Chapter 20]


Chapter One: Simon

I strode through the streets of London, as lost as a bloody curtain in a rug shop. I’d thought Penny said left, left, right, but apparently she had said something else. Or maybe I had missed a turn. I don’t know. To make matters worse, I had left my phone… somewhere. Maybe at home. Dunno. But I was getting flustered, and frustrated, and I couldn’t find the damn bookshop that Penny was working at.

Crowley, where is it?

I crossed another road, and just as I was stepping up onto the curb a red convertible sped by, almost hitting me.

“Slow the fuck down you fucking idiot!” I shouted, but the car was already turning the next corner. A few people were shooting me strange looks. A woman wearing an olive green pantsuit with a dyed blonde bob cut and crow’s-feet approached me, a snide sneer on her face. I rolled my eyes inwardly and sighed quietly.

“You really should watch your language young man. That is an inappropriate way to –”

Fuck off.” I growled.

She stepped back, shocked, as I pushed past her and scanned the streets, looking for any sign of the Let Nothing Separate Us Bookshop.

“I beg your pardon?”

“That prick nearly ran me over, I’m allowed to swear.”

The woman spluttered and reached out for my arm, but I pulled away from her catlike nails and jogged along the pavement.

Right, I thought, that’s it. I’m done. Time to ask for directions.

I wasn’t against asking for directions, I didn’t feel like I was above it or anything stupid, I just preferred to try and sort things out my way first. (It rarely panned out that way.)

I turned to my right into a tall building. I didn’t read the sign on the door; it was in an area full of shops and such, so it had to be something like that. I knew that at least I wasn’t walking into someone’s house. (I had done that before.) (A few times.)

There was a marble desk on the wooden floor, but nobody was attending it. I checked out a business card on the desk: Beat’s School of Dance.

Of course I had wandered into a dance school. I didn’t have anything against dance, but I was hoping against hope that nobody I knew had seen me come in here, especially nobody I knew from Watford. I could just imagine someone like Dev, or Niall or Baz seeing me come in here, and spreading it around all our old schoolmates: Simon Snow does ballet! The Greatest Mage, the guy who saved the world, the guy who used to date Agatha Wellbelove, dancing!

That would be embarrassing. But I was here now, so I figured I would be best to find someone to ask for directions, then get out of there. I jogged up a narrow staircase lightly, and followed my ears towards a room overflowing with ballet-type music. I peered in through a window, expecting to see a bunch of kids leaning on a bar. Instead, it appeared to be an adult’s class. That didn’t bother me either, I just didn’t expect it.

I was about to go in and ask the instructor for some directions, but then I stopped. The class was full of probably nineteen women and one man, who I had briefly mistaken for a woman. His hair was tied up in a tight ponytail, and he was quite slender and graceful, which is what led me to believe he was a woman. But then the dancers all stopped dancing and he stood up straight, and I saw some recognisable traits.

He was a man, definitely. Despite being relatively slender, he was still a little bit broader than your average female ballerina, and his arms were bulging with muscles. (I mean, imagine how much strength it would take to be a male ballerina. They get all the lifting parts, where they’ve got to support a woman on one hand and tiptoe across a stage. It’s almost scary how strong they would have to be.)

And then I saw his face. (Don’t sing I’m a Believer. Don’t do it.)(Fairly strong love spell.)(Well, it makes you confess your love, anyway. It only works if you’re already in love.)

His long black hair was doused with sweat, loose strands sticking to his face. His pointy, regal (slightly crooked) nose. Blue-grey eyes like the ocean after a storm. And he was three inches taller than me.

Baz. Basil. Basilton.

Tyrannus Basilton fucking Grimm-Pitch.

The guy who made my life hell for the entire time I was at Watford. The vampire who tried to kill me too many times to count.

Doing ballet.

Baz Pitch does ballet and he looks graceful as fuck, damn the pompous prick. He would manage to look graceful falling off a fucking cliff.

He was wearing black tights that didn’t leave much to the imagination (oh Crowley, Simon, look away!), and a loose-fitting black shirt. Even his ballet shoes were black. The guy was basically darkness incarnate, and here he was doing ballet.

It was almost enough to make a grown man cry. (I giggled instead. Try telling me you wouldn’t.)

He was stretching his arms up above his head, joking with one of the women, and his shirt lifted up slightly, exposing his belly. Holy shit he’s ripped. Was he like that when we shared a room? 

It was almost entrancing to watch him drift around, grinning at people, laughing softly. It was like another world.

Then the instructor saw me peering in through the window and bounded lightly over to the door.


She opened the door.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit sh-

She beckoned me inside without a word.


I followed her sombrely into the studio, eyes on the floor.

“It seems we have a new recruit!” she announced to the class, auburn ponytail forming a dead straight line down to her shoulder blades. Damn, even her hair was disciplined.

“No,” I insisted, “I was just-”

“Staring into a room full of women in skin-tight clothes?” She asked sternly.

I felt blood rush to my cheeks. “No I wasn’t watching them, I just-”

“Oh, so you were watching Basil? Watching a man in skin-tight clothes is as poor an excuse as watching women.”

I could feel Baz’s eyes burning into the side of my head, but I didn’t dare look. Oh, it would be fucking glorious to be able to bask in the joy of having this over his head, but I was blushing far too furiously to even consider smirking at him to be a viable option.

“No, I wasn’t doing that either I was just-”

“Looking for directions?” She asked, giving me a sharp look.

“Yes!” I insisted.

“And you thought you were going to find them by peering in the window did you?”

No. I was staring at Baz, but only because this is so weird.

“No, of course not, but the dancing and interactions of the dancers were so entrancing, and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

She raised an appraising eyebrow, but I was certain she didn’t believe me.

“Right. Well, if you want directions from here you will wait until the end of class. You can either join in or sit in the lobby. Or you can leave, and find them somewhere else. Your choice.”
I’ll go. I’ll leave. I need to find Penny’s bookshop.

I felt Baz’s eyes as hot as flames on the side of my head.

I should go. I thought.

“I’ll stay.” I said. “I’ll learn how to dance.”

I glanced at Baz out of the corner of my eye and it looked like he was going to burst into flames.

Oh yeah, this would be worth it.

gruvia drabble

prompt:“we take the same bus to go to work every morning and you get really into your music and dance and sing to it without a care in the world and i think it’s the cutest thing" (w/ a little bit of tweaking due to me being too lazy to thoroughly read the whole thing lmao)

pairing: gruvia/gray x juvia

type: one-shot, au

rating: k

author’s note: wow this ended up being cheesy & stupid but im posting it anyway lolllllll!! also if you don’t know the song Build me up Buttercup by The Foundation, you should listen to it before u read this lol. (ok but if u dont know that song im lowkey judging u bc thats a classic) anyway, enjoy!(:


The first day, it was Someone Saved my Life Tonight by Elton John. It took Gray a little bit to identify the song, because at that time, it was just a low hum. The second day, it was You and I by Lady Gaga. On that day, she sang a few random words, still softly, though. The third day, it was Energy by Drake. Gray even gave a chuckle when he noticed she was actually singing, or rapping, the words but there was a small moment of silence when a bad word came up. The next day was a song he didn’t recognize, and the day after that was Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots, which was his personal favorite out of her other song choices at the moment.

It had been a little over a week since the blue-haired girl started taking Gray’s bus. Every night at 3:00, she stepped onto the bus, sat down, put her earphones in, and always ended up singing and dancing to whatever she was listening to. Gray got done work around 2:30, and by the way it looked, the girl must’ve gotten done whatever she was doing around that time as well. She only rode the bus for a little bit (about a song or two’s length), but when she was on the bus, Gray knew. Lucky for her, Gray was the only other person on the bus at that time.

Still, Gray couldn’t tell if she was really just that confident or she had no idea he could hear her.

She didn’t have the best voice, nor was she the most coordinated person, but something about seeing her full of such enthusiasm so late at night made his night just a smidge better

Her dance moves were nothing extraordinary. Her most common moves were the foot tapping, head bobbing, and small hand movements.

Gray had to admit though, she had a pretty wide variety of music genres that she listened to. When the first week was over, he had a feeling her favorite must’ve been oldies.

This night was just the same as others. Gray sat in the seat right next to the door. The girl stepped on about five minutes into Gray being on the bus, like usual.

Every time she swooped past him, he took note of the faint coconut scent that came from her. Her blue waves were bouncy and voluminous, like they had always been. On top of her head was a grey beanie. Her hair was usually accompanied by some head piece.

She sat somewhere around the middle, put her ear buds in, closed her eyes, and tilted her head up a bit.

Gray was in the middle of a rather intense game of solitaire on his phone when a sudden singing immediately caught his attention.

“Why do you build me up (build me up)” Gray’s eyes widened. She was practically singing at full volume.

“Buttercup baby just to let me down (let me down)?” Gray snickered when he noticed she was echoing her own words like the song went. She was a one-woman band.

“And mess me around and then worst of all (worst of all).” At this point, her subtle dance moves were kicking in. Her boot tapped the ground as her head nodded back and forth to the upbeat tone of the song.

“You never call, baby, when you say you will-” This time Gray gave a soft reply to the lyrics. “(Say you will)”

“But I love you still. I need you-” Gray echoed the song again with a soft “(I need you).” The girl, of course, was way too focused to hear Gray’s echoes.

“More than anyone, darlin’. You know that I have from the start.” While Gray continued to echo, he kept his head down, still playing solitaire.

“So build me up-”

“(Build me up).”

“Buttercup, don’t-”

And the singing stopped.

“Did you say something?” Gray’s head shot up. This was his first time hearing her voice when she wasn’t singing.

“Huh?” He bluntly replied.

“When Juvia opened her eyes, she saw your lips were moving. Juvia didn’t know if you were talking to her or-” Gray was trying his best not to laugh. Here she was, seeing Gray mumble a few words to himself and questioning him. Meanwhile, she was singing like it was nobody’s business.

“Oh, no. Just talking to myself.” He lied. He contemplated whether or not he should tell her he can hear every word she’s singing.

“Oh. Okay.” She simply said and went back to put her ear buds in.

“Buttercup, don’t break my heart.” Gray weakly sang the last part before Juvia could put her music back in. He just couldn’t help himself.

Her head slowly turned to meet his gaze. Gray had a devilish smirk on his face as her eyes widened with horror. Just then, everything seemed to click in her mind.

“Did… did you-” Her voice was almost hard to hear.

“Hear every word you’ve been singing for the past week? Yeah.” Gray laughed.

Juvia’s hands cupped over her mouth. “You’ve heard me singing?”

“Well, it’s kinda’ hard not to when you sing at the top of your lungs. Oh, your dancing is great, by the way.”

“You’ve been able to hear Juvia this whole time and you didn’t say anything?!” Her face was as red as a tomato. At this point, Gray made the assumption she really didn’t know he coukd hear her.

“It was entertaining.” Gray shrugged. “A little annoying, but entertaining, nonetheless.”

“Oh my god!” She turned away from Gray and sunk in her seat. “Juvia is so embarrassed!” She ran her hands over her face.

“Yeah, I would be too if I were you. You’re singing needs a bit of improvement if you ask me.” Gray joked.

“Good thing I wasn’t asking you.” Juvia gave a scowl which Gray found to be undeniably cute.

“Hey, don’t let my critiques stop you from singing your heart out. Like I said, it makes my bus ride a hell of a lot more interesting.” He went back to the solitaire on his phone. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her give him a pout before putting her ear buds again.

After about a minute or so, Gray noticed that her singing had stopped, much to his dismay. He decided that the silence was bothering him, so he tried to get the girl’s attention.

“Hey.” He called.

No reply.

“Hey!” He called a little louder.

Juvia took out one of the buds and quickly spun her head at him. “What?”

“You can keep singing, ya know. I really don’t mind.” He confessed.

Her expression softened. “Are you sure?”

“Mhm.” He nodded.

Juvia smiled at him and faced the window across from her again

“Why do you fill me up-” Her voice was noticeably louder. She spun to Gray and pointed to him with a smirk on her face.

Gray was confused at first, but he then realized she was cueing him to echo her.

“No.” He instantly said once he realized.

“Buttercup baby just to let me down-” She smiled and pointed to him again.

“I said no.” He repeated.

“Oh, come on!” Juvia whined, quickly, before her next part came up.

“And mess me around and then worst of all-”

“–(Worst of all).” He rolled his eyes.

“You never call, baby, when you say you will-” Juvia smiled wide.

“(Say you will).” His voice was still a murmur.

“But I love you still. I need you-”

“(I need you).” While his voice was still monotone, he at least clearly said the words.

“More than anyone, darlin’, you know that I have from the start. So, build me up-”

“(Build me up).”

“Buttercup, don’t break my heart.” Juvia dramatically pressed her hands up to her heart and held out the last note. Gray couldn’t believe he was actually amused with her goofy singing.

Just as they ended their song, the bus came to a stop. They both looked to the side and saw they were at a stop.

“Perfect timing.” Juvia smiled, gathering her things.

Before she stepped of the bus, she turned to Gray. “See you tomorrow for our encore.” She playfully smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“We’ll see.” Juvia finally said and hopped off the bus.

Gray rolled his eyes as she scurried away. He then went back to his game of solitaire as he waited for his stop.

“We’ll see.” Gray repeated after a short while with a hopeful smirk on his face.

Their reaction to their crush confessing:
  • Makoto: He'd be wide-eyed and speechless for a moment. He might not respond immediately due to the shock,and that might lead his crush to think he's rejecting them. Once he processes what just happened he'd snap out of his stupor and actually react and nervously reassure that he isn't rejecting them.
  • Haruka: He wouldn't really understand what they are saying and might mix it up with more of an 'I appreciate your friendship' therefore he'd respond with a 'ah, me too'. It'd be quite awkward for him and his crush since in the end both of them would just be confused. He'd need a very clearly phrased confession to actually get it.
  • Rin: He'd need a minute to process what they'd said, and even then he'd need them to say it again just to make sure. He doesn't seem like someone who would actually believe a love confession for him, he might think of it as a joke so he would need to be reassured that it's true. When he's convinced that they do love him he'd still be a bit dazed about it but he'd be feeling very light and happy.
  • Nagisa: His face would light up so much the instant he hears the last word and the smile grazing his face might just split it in half. He wouldn't be able to contain his happiness, he'd start singing victory and telling everyone how amazing life is. You can bet that he wouldn't even want to wait for the first date and just take them somewhere right then.
  • Rei: He'd be quite skeptical about it all, after all he doesn't really believe in such a silly thing such as love, but the moment those words leave their lips he'd feel so flattered and strangely happy that he might reconsider his views on it. He might accept the confession, after all, love might not be so bad, and it might actually be quite beautiful.
  • Nitori: He wouldn't believe the confession is for him, he might ask his crush if they're sure that they have the right person or even if they're sick. He wouldn't believe they're actually confessing to him at first. Once he figures out that it's him they want he'd feel so overwhelmingly happy that his eyes might water a bit and he'd have the biggest, sweetest smile on his face.
  • Seijuro: He'd feel like he'd just won the lottery, he'd even pick up his crush in a bone-crushing, twirl them in the air hug with how happy he is. He wouldn't hesitate to start planning out dates and he'd be just so excited about his new relationship that if it were for him the whole world would now about it.
  • Momotarou: The moment he hears those magic words he might as well be hearing wedding bells in the distance. If he's so dedicated and intense while his feelings are one-sided, it'd increase ten-fold when they are returned. He'd swear that he's the happiest guy alive and it'd definitely seem that way.
  • Sosuke: He'd feel a sense of accomplishment, since he must have done something right. When his crush confesses he'd be both relieved and happy that his feelings aren't one-sided, He might be caught off-guard though, since he wouldn't expect them to confess first, as he'd probably imagined confessing first.
  • Kou: She'd feel really shocked at first since she wouldn't expect that to happen, but when the realization that her crush has just confessed to her snaps her out of her shock she'd feel ecstatic. Her joy would be very noticeable and she might just give her crush a quick flustered hug at how happy she is.

One thing I noticed in Strange Magic is how the goblins and fairies treat singing.

For the fairies it’s pretty straightforward. Whatever strong emotion they feel they sing about it.

Goblins, on the other hand, seem to use singing for intimidation. Really, the only time Bog sings otherwise is because Marianne started it. I.E Straight On and Strange Magic.

Side note Dawn could probably hands down use song to intimidate most of the goblins. Hell, even Bog. I loved when she was first brought in after being kidnapped and he tried to intimidate her. ..and it didn’t work. His face was so confused. Like why is this not working it always works.

What I love most about the singing differences between fairies and goblins is that when Bog is confessing his feelings he tried doing it the fairy way. He was really unsure and really nervous but he tried. Marianne sees this and decides to take it to in a more goblin fashion.

Seventeen just debuted recently and already they are being treated like utter shit by their company. List of their abuse and mistreatment towards the boys:

- discriminating and putting the members down harshly on a regular basis
- banning the members from doing any fanservice or engaging with their fans (not even take a picture with them, look at them, wave to them, etc)
- road managers curse, hit, and talk (bad) behind the members
- stealing fan gifts to the members
- scolding members in front of fans
- forcing them to spend their own money to buy their own stage equipment i.e. earphones. One of the members had to practically beg his parents for money to buy earphones because the company would not provide them any
- punishing them for something as trivial as speaking a dialect. According to a Knetizen, “there’s a video of Wonwoo introducing a song that he’s going to sing. At the end of the sentence, he used a dialect tone. A staff said with a cold face, “what did we tell you if you speak a dialect? Come and see me after.” I hate to know what happened next.

The boys don’t deserve this abuse at all.