his face ;a;

ok listen, i’m all for Luffy growing stronger and reaching new limits after every fight… however, with that said, i can’t help but find it completely unrealistic if he somehow manages to beat Katakuri before the end of this arc, especially after having seen what Katakuri is capable of. besides, Luffy wasn’t able to take Doffy down, at least not without Law’s help. neither was he able to defeat Cracker, if it weren’t for Nami’s assist. so there’s no logical explanation as to how he could possibly hope to defeat the likes of Katakuri all on his own, at least not at this point.

also, what ever happened to learning to pick your battles?? Luffy doesn’t have to win this fight against Katakuri to win the war. like c’mon, the stakes are obviously much higher than ever before now that the yonkos are involved, so it’s only natural if he loses or resorts to escaping from this one fight! in fact, anything else just wouldn’t make much sense. and i think this should clearly serve as a lesson to never underestimate the yonkos.

PLUS, they’ve achieved everything (and perhaps even more) that they’ve set out to accomplish on the island. get Sanji back? ✓check. get the rubbings of the poneglyphs in Big Mom’s possession? ✓check. literally all that’s left is for Luffy & Sanji to meet up with the rest on the Sunny-go and GET👏THE👏HELL👏OUT👏OF👏THE👏ISLAND!