his face >___<

Most adorable scene ever.

Jacob: Just go away, Seth.

Seth: Is that an order, Jake? *pouting face*

Jacob: *grunts* Whatever. Do what you want.

Seth: *grins* Great! I got your back! How cool is this?! Two-man pack! Two against the world!

Jacob: You’re getting on my nerves, Seth.

Seth: I’ll shut up.

#TEAMLOUIS drawing for Soccer Aid 2016! 

Feel free to tweet this with the hashtag/use this pic for icons and stuff for the event, just make sure you don’t get rid of my signature.

In addition, 75% of the proceeds from this artwork and the shirt design on my Redbubble will get donated to Unicef - which is the organization that Soccer Aid is run for. 75% of the proceeds from the Niall artwork and his shirt design will also go to Unicef.


Now that I’m looking back at the episode with Eiichi and Otoya, I’m remembering that Eiichi siad multiple times that he’s the same as Otoya, especially when getting him to realize that he have that hidden, broken side of him. The episode was centered on Otoya’s feelings and I was really really unhappy watching Eiichi doing all that shit in the wrong way, but seriously I’m curious now, what’s with the “we’re the same” thing? After that drama Raging Otoori was all like well done son, you crushed him!! bwahaha and he didn’t joined his dad at all, he said that he didn’t want to crush him - and he looked really confused, maybe even stressed a little, I could say. What that means? Eiichi is also hiding another side, but puts on his face <sorry>a jerkish mask? Share your ideas with me, I’d really like to discuss it!